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Monday, June 18, 2012

Beddoes strikes back at self-infliced 'crisis' claim

Beddoes.pic Fiji Times

The president of the United Peoples Party, Mick Beddoes, has labeled as ridiculous claims by the regime & Fiji Sun propagandist Graham Davis that a statement made by him in response to threats from the military has sparked a 'self-nflicted row’


Responding to the front page headline of the Fiji Sun (June 17), Beddoes says Davis is obviously a desktop journalist whose opinions are based largely on impressions gathered from people in Fiji who share his and the Fiji Sun’s prejudices and bias.


Beddoes says their collective reaction with three consecutive days of front page headlines in the Fiji Sun (Fri 15, Sat 16 and Sun 17) arose from a single question he raised in response to the initial threat by Moses Tikoitoga which Beddoes reminded Davis was actually the ‘first stone cast’ when he threatened political leaders and the Women’s Forum.

Beddoes says the ‘disproportionate response’, to use Graham Davis’s own words, suggests Davis and the Fiji Sun are either ill prepared for, or simply afraid to engage in, any real and balanced debate on all of the issues that will arise as we start the journey back to constitutional governance.

He says Davis and the Fiji Sun must now realise that they and those they support will have to muster the courage to step away from the ‘kaji’ league, where like kids, no one was expected to answer back or challenge anything they did or said.  

"They need to understand that they are now entering ‘the major league’ where all issues are up for discussion.  Everyone should be able to have their say without being threatened by the military or anyone else directly or indirectly. Beddoes said that’s what a free and open debate is supposed to be all about."

Beddoes says he is preparing a detailed opinion piece for the Fiji Sun and will invite it to publish this in the interests of balance, diversity and fairness.  If it does not the Fiji Sun will once again be in breach of the law.

We pick up the Davis story from here:

Yet by any reasoned analysis, this is a crisis that has been self-inflicted.

The original spark was lit by Mr Beddoes when he publicly raised the spectre of life-long jail sentences for the country’s military leaders for having staged the 2006 takeover.

Unsurprisingly in a febrile political environment after five and a half years of military-led rule, the taunt prompted a furious response from Commodore Bainimarama.

In an interview with the Fiji Sun headlined “PM Warns Critics”, Commodore Bainimarama was quoted as having said that “the day that the military will be taken to prison, that will be the end of those who are behind it”. He did not elaborate.

Yet having cast the first stone, Mr Beddoes is now playing the injured party and has enlisted the support of Mr Qarase and Mr Chaudhry – the two former foes-turned-allies. Mr Beddoes has been discussing with them a joint submission to the Constitutional Commission pressing for the restoration of the abrogated 1997 constitution.

A statement signed by the three leaders said Commodore Bainimarama’s comments represented “ a very real and grave threat”, especially to Mr Beddoes.

“We call on Commodore Bainimarama to explain what he means by the words ‘that will be the end of those behind it’.
“We also call on him to say whether such a statement will contribute to the creation of the open and free atmosphere he has promised for the talks about Fiji’s constitutional future. All topics are up for consideration, including the role of the military”, the statement said.

The three political leaders went on to say that “in view of the threats and warnings” from the Prime Minister and the military’s Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, they were “reviewing their stance on the constitutional consultations” because “the spreading of fear” was “not consistent with the Prime Minister’s pledge for wide ranging, free and  inclusive discussions” and was “also not in the national interest”.

They did not elaborate on precisely what action they planned.

In what Commodore Bainimarama will doubtless see as a further provocation, the three leaders said they were taking advice on whether any laws had been breached and that “the Prime Minister needs to understand that nobody is above the law”.

They took exception to his comment in the Fiji Sun interview that “the electoral process and its outcomes would not be influenced by Mahendra Chaudhry, Laisenia Qarase and women’s forums.” The Prime Minister had said the voices of all Fijians should be heard and taken into account.

The statement said some of the Prime Minister’s reported remarks were “undemocratic and unhelpful. It is for the people to decide on such issues, not Commodore Bainimarama”, the statement said, adding that “ it is disturbing that he appears to be planning a controlling role for the army in the constitutional process”.

Many Fijians will be hoping that the steady escalation of rhetoric in recent days  between the Bainimarama Government and its opponents doesn’t develop much further.

Because far more disturbing is any prospect of the constitutional review being derailed in an atmosphere of heightened crisis.
The rest of the story can be found via the link below


Paula said...

I have a strong sense of 'déjà vu' . The escalation of spats by Bainimarama just before the 2006 coup were very similar to what we see now. We all know how it ended in 2006: A military coup, six years of oppression human rights violations, corruption and stagnation. How will it end now? For the record, here is my guess: If opposition against continued military rule persists, Bainimarama will cancel the elections saying that 'dirty politicians' have destabilized the country and highjacked the constitutional process and the elections. New date for the second round: the year 2025.

God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

This whole affair is becoming like a bitching session in an all girls school playground.

Things are starting to return to the continual bitching we saw in the media pre 2006 where politics consisted of one politician slagging another. Nothing of use or substance concerning moving the country forward.

Come on you politicians lets start hearing what you and your parties are going to do to move Fiji ahead and not just what you indaviduals think someone has done wrong previously.

As politicians it is your duty to the electorate to inform them of how 'YOU' and your 'PARTY' will run this country in the future.

Anonymous said...

Mick is so boring. Who cares what Davis said? Anyone who threatens to jail the military is just stupid. One, it will never happen. Two, why would you say it? Mick is just upset that Davis called him the attack dog for the three amigos. But that's what he is. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, yeah go back to your kennel Mick. You gotta be barking mad to make these threats in the first place. Why hide behind Lai and Mahen's skirts now? Mummy's boy and lamusona.

mark manning said...

Let's give Graham Davis' reporting the attention it deserves.
None !

The Oracle said...

It appears that Beddoes' latest responses have "stung" Graham Davis back into "reality" where he now "fears" that there is "real opposition" to the interim government and that this opposition comes no less from the leaders of the three political parties who were "ousted" by the coup despite their representation in parliament of the overwhelming majority of Fiji's citizens.
Davis' has now taken on a personal venedetta against Fiji's politicians, likening them to dogs. His cowardly attacks which are being given undue prominence by the Fiji Sun which he appears to be "dictating" to from afar causes one to wonder whether he now fears for his own safety should legal proceedings be instituted in the future against the "2006 coupists and their supporters".
Davis, like his hero - Bainimarama - appears to have (deliberately) "misjudged" the situation in Fiji. He and his hero, with their pea-brains had mistakenly thought that the PER had silenced critics into submission. Now that they find there's been no real change and the spectre of "jail time" is resurrected, they're now threatening to "derail" the Constitutional talks. None of the three former parliamentary political heads have referred to any attempt to "derail" the talks - only Davis. What they've said is they were "reviewing" their approach to the talks.
I have no sympathy for the three political leaders as the time to show "bravery" has long passed. However, I would have to question Davis' continuing interference in Fiji's internal affairs from behind the safty of his Australian passport. So much so, that I am beginning to wonder about the value of the so-called "awards" he has won. It is only logical that in winning an award, one would strive to go on and maintain that "excellence" in journalism. However, in Davis' case, he's reached the pinnacle of his career in Australia and now prefes to be a Bainimarama propagandist in this time of his "professional decline" and surprisingly, he thinks we are so "ignorant" in Fiji as to not see him for what he really is -- a racist, has-been journalist trying to make a name for himself by "influencing" the outcome of Fiji's political future and probably being paid by Qorvis for his eforts to continuously embarass himself. His poor attempts at promoting multi-racialism in Fiji sticks out like a sore thumb with his reference to "Others" whose forefathers saw fit to settle in Fiji. Unlike the Davis family which saw fit to "preach" to us "natives" while sheltering in the safety of their secure dwelling, feeding off the generosity of the "natives" and "Others" who fed the "soli" bowl every Sunday. So sad Bro ... your lack of understanding of Fijian domestic politics is becoming "embarassing" to say the least. Why don't you just go sit by the fire and watch real politicians at play? Both, you and Qorvis might then be able to share your immature thoughts on just how complicated Fijian politics can be. You could always rope in Frank Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum because, collectively, you all seem to be in great need for some "reality checks".

Anonymous said...

Graham is what they call in Australia a "Shit-stirrer"
ie someone who jumps in to the middle of an argument just to provoke people but whose motive is actually not to win the argument but to try and win favour ( Masipolo) one of the protagonists. In this case Bainivuaka.
Yes Graham wants to be in Vuaka's good books because in his perveted sense of the world, that will give him recognition as a "journalist" in Australia.
He actually doesn't care about Fiji of the Fijians.

So I say to Beddoes, Keep your cool, Reply to Mr Davies because this is an excellent opportunity for you to be heard.
But remember Shit Stirrers will do this all day long.

Tomorrow, Graham will find more shit to stir, because like the dog that he is , he's got a good nose for it.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Can we have this fellas on debate on FijiTv's CloseUp or similar program? Would be nice to see..

Koi Namaka said...

Chaudary, Qarase and Beddoes are fearful of having an election because they now know that new leaders will be elected and they will disappear into thin air, where they rightly belong. They still want the 1997 constitution because that will legitimise they position.
Sorry, their days are gone. Let’s have new blood.

Koi Namaka

Anonymous said...

Round one to Beddoes on points.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bedoess bro,don't worry about
the so-called warning it's not from
the stupid PM for he's still in a China Hospital possibly Dead? As far as we know he is undergoing a
exploitory operation to try and get
his hand & mouth moving? As far as we can tell and or know he could already be dead & his body is been frozen in a mortuary until requested by the Government of Fiji
for it's returns? As far as we know
Khaiyum, is the only person been contacted, and he's given the order
to keep Bai's body over there, in China until further notices?

Anonymous said...

Except for the reprintings in the Fiji Sun and C4.5, who reads Graham Davis' writings anymore? What used to be a useful counter-perspective has long since plunged into a death spiral of dishonest spin. The guy actually seems to take pride in serving as the shill for an illegal, despotic regime that daily suppresses fellow journalists. That's pretty despicable. Calamity can bask now in his notoriety, but it will hang around his neck like an albatross for the rest of his life.

Beddoes is twice the man Davis is. I can easily imagine how Davis would twist this observation into a wisecrack about Mick's girth, because that is the kind of shallow person Davis is, as if Davis couldn't afford to shed a few pounds himself. The real measure is their comparative probity, integrity and morality.

Beddoes stands up to and challenges the illegal dictator. Davis stands up for and apologises for the tyrant. For all his flaws, the former is the example of a man of courage. The latter is an example of a quisling.

Davis characterises the political atmosphere in Fiji as 'febrile'. Well, if Fiji is febrile after five years of dictatorship under Bainimarama, it is because of the Commodore's tyrannical and corrupt mismanagement.

Davis obviously wants to see a deal cut that would grant Bainimarama and co-treasonists amnesty and probably perpetuate their power. Mick's approach is moderate and honorable. It rejects such a deal, recognising that Fiji can never return to the rule of law so long as a thug like Bainimarama holds a gun to its head. Bear in mind that Beddoes is only discussing life in prison, which is normally the minimum sentence for treason. Death by hanging is more the standard.

Beddoes' remarks were hardly a taunt, but a signal that amnesty for Bainimarama's treason is far from a foregone conclusion. And we would do well to support Beddoes in clinging to this principled position. Why concede to Bainimarama at the outset of discussions the chief object of his desire? Amnesty for Bainimarama only invites greater arrogance and intransigence on his part and encourages more treasonous coups in the future.

And what's this nonsense about Beddoes' remarks having prompted Bainimarama's reaction? Beddoes' remarks did not 'prompt' anything. Bainimarama has long sought a convenient excuse with which to 'postpone' the elections. He doesn't want an election, and he certainly doesn't want a referendum on his failed leadership.

The fact that Bainimarama is ready to grasp at any pretext should not deter the opposition from holding the regime's feet to the fire. A coward like Bainimarama will do anything to escape from accountability, but men of courage should follow Beddoes' example by insisting on justice.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Coup 4.5 said...

The citizen who did that write up did a first class job. the mob in power and their cronies - the whole bank lot - are such pathetic liars.
but there are citizens - like the author of this article - who can see through all their bulshit and let the world know.
you do the country and its oppressed people a great service.
best regards,

Anonymous said...

FYO, Davies is a dual Australian-Fijian national. So this idea that he's pushing buttons with an australian passport isn't the full story. You guys don't like him because he cuts to the chase. Big Mick. The attack dog of the three amigos. Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

frank will use all the excuse under the sun to cancel the election.
he is so scared to end up in prison with his ministers.
khaiyum told them they should rule for 20 years.
so what all this bs about election/others .

Anonymous said...

I have been doing some quiet research amongst ordinary people on my return.100% of Fijians against this regime if it comes to a vote, 50% of Indians against it and 100% local Europeans for the regime.

If I was Voreqe I would use this 'spat' with Beddoes as an excuse to delay the elections again. The Aussies and Kiwis will not do anything as they are spineless.

Anonymous said...

C4.5...and which rajen would this be? Surely not he who's related to the crook with millions sitting in his Aussie account? Millions meant for the poor people of Fiji.

some clarification please?

Anonymous said...

Round 2. Davis knocked down but will he survive the count? Is he down and out?

Fiji News Monitor said...

Fiji SUN has gone one step further- while giving undue prominence to crap written by Graham Davis, it has disabled its archives site which contained scores of articles written by Victor Lal before Russell Hunter's deportation from Fiji. Most of the articles removed were highly informative, balanced but critical of the present regime since the 2006 coup. I know they were removed for I went into the Fiji SUN archive site lately to look for a series of articles which Victor had written detailing how and why dictator had carried out the coup. Please Victor can you load them up on another site. We are tired of seeing Graham Davis name in the Fiji SUN - indulging in prostitution journalism - a nobody on the Fijian scene of journalism until he began singing dictator's praise in the regime propaganda sheet Fiji SUN

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis has been getting it in the rear end in the miltary barrack everytime he visits Fiji

Micky Mouse Beddos said...

Micky Mouse Beddos there is no room for race based communal voting full stop.

now you will have to compete along all voters to get elected.

By the way you have gone past of your used by date so there is no need for you stand for elections again.

Anonymous said...

bisini ni taukei says..

Fiji Sun is an idiot/puppet paper.

davies here in Oz is a nobody, he is what we regard as a Fiji Donkey".

People like Mosese Tikoitoga are examples of these donkeys...

and so are the editors of Fiji sun..

pls do yourself justice...I wonder what you guys pray about everyday if you ever....ask God to forgive you from lying....

Fiji Sun, Davies you all are shameful.

Coup 4.5 said...

" Journalism of Courage" is what we are about the premier Indian daily newspaper the Indian Express proudly proclaims on its masthead.
That's what every independent, self-respecting, non state owned news media should be about .
I am sure the Fiji Times is a newspaper that aspires to do that : deliver journalism of courage notwithstanding the constraints of a post coup regime.
Yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Coup 4.5 said...

For her commitment to the struggle for democracy, human rights and freedom Aung San Sui Kyi has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize . The award was actually given to her in 1991 but the military junta in her home country Burma had denied her the right to travel to Oslo, Norway to receive it - until last night (16 June,2012) - when she finally collected her award with a heart rendering speech exalting the virtues of democracy, human rights and peace for the whole of humanity.
Try as I might I can't imagine Fiji's Frank Bainimarama receiving such an award for his commitment to the cause of democracy, human rights, peace and freedom.
I wonder why?
yours sincerely,
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

My sympathy to the family and note that this is now delaying the naming of the new Vunivalu.

The naming of Fiji’s new Vunivalu of Bau will be on hold for now until further notice. The Vunivalu Ni Bau title is one of the country’s highest chiefly titles which had been left vacant for 23 years after the death of the last Vunivalu, Ratu Sir George Cakobau. Tunitoga Ratu Veiwili Komaitai told FijiLive everything has been placed on hold after the recent death of Adi Samanunu Cakobau Talakuli, the eldest daughter of the last Vunivalu of Bau. “Right now we are still mourning the death of Adi Samanunu,” said Komaitai. “Until all traditional ceremony have been held on behalf of Adi Samanunu’s passing away then the clan will see where we will go from there,” he said. He said they will be informing the Vanua of Tailevu and the Kubuna confederacy of their plans when everything is finalised. He also said that out of the four candidates that had been announced in the past, only two names were considered. The Turaga Na Vunivalu Ni Bau (warlord of Bau or root of war) is also the paramount chief of the Kubuna Confederacy. Ratu George had announced on June 9, 2005, that the chiefs of Matanitu o Bau (the traditional chiefly government of Bau, which includes the districts of Dravo, Namata, Nausori, and Nuku), had selected the four chiefly candidates, to be submitted to the Tui Kaba clan, to choose one of them. A second meeting a week later tentatively proposed Senator Ratu George Cakobau as the new Vunivalu, but his appointment was not finalised and is not without controversy. The Vunivalu when installed takes the title of Tui Levuka, as he is the traditional leader of the Levuka people of Lakeba, Lau. The wife of the Vunivalu is titled Radi Levuka. The head of the Tovata confederacy is the Tui Cakau, currently Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, and the head of the Burebasaga confederacy is the Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa. Traditionally, the heads of the three confederacies are regarded as the highest ranking chiefs in Fiji.

Read more at: http://www.fijilive.com/news/2012/06/naming-of-new-vunivalu-put-on-hold/44561.Fijilive
Copyright 2012 © Fijilive.com

Kai Bau said...

There will be no election 2014,new decree to stop politician from speaking out like Mike,military itself will sabotage and damage properties around the country,those who are speaking up will be intimidate.Thats my views on what happed next.Naboro is coming near Vore wheather its election or no election we the people of Fiji will throw you in there.There is no other way out its either Voreqe keep on his leadership until someone put a bullet in his head or do the honourable thing give your self in and go to Naboro.

Anonymous said...

Koi Namaka, correction: the Constitution has already legitimised the positions of Qarase, Chaudhry, and Beddoes. Want new blood? I suggest Bainikhaiyum's -- all over the floor for the dogs to lap up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:29, I hope what you say about Graham Davis being a dual national is true, because if he has Fijian citizenship, we can now hang him for treason.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:27, don't you dare tell Beddoes he cannot stand for election. Whether he is electable or not is up to the people of Fiji to decide.

For that matter, Bainikhaiyum also should stand for election. Let the people decide. After all, isn't that what the regime wants? Riding its tremendous popularity, the regime is now preparing to submit its record to the people of Fiji, in the firm expectation that its reluctant seizure of power will now be legitimised with a landslide election victory -- isn't that the regime's line?

On the other hand, I suppose there's always that sneaking suspicion that the same parties that received 98 percent of the vote the last time might somehow cobble together another majority. I suppose that could lead to their being hanged for treason by a popular new government or strung up in the streets by a lynch mob. Even if they plan to have another coup in such a case, I suppose there's the possibility that regional powers might decide to support the newly elected government by intervening militarily.

But if the regime is so certain of its tremendous popularity, it will gladly face Beddoes, etc., in an open election, because it has no need to fear those alternative scenarios, right? That kinda leads me to wonder why it's having such a nervous reaction now, so long before the election campaigning is due to begin in earnest? And why types like you urge Beddoes not to run, if you have no fear of his being elected?

Don't worry, mate, if you're not a regime collaborator, you can't be hanged for treason. But if you ARE a regime collaborator, perhaps you'd better pray that Beddoes does run and is elected, so that your sentence can be reduced to life in prison.

Anonymous said...

To whomever said Davis is getting it in the rear end up at the camp. I think it's pretty clear that he's been the one doing the giving. Just ask Big Mick. Woof woof!

You can't complain about Davis getting it wrong and then devote a whole posting to him. Tends to suggest he is causing some grief. Come to think of it, not just some but a lot.

If you think about it, he is by far the regime's biggest media asset. As I've said he before, which of you other journos will tackle him head-on? Mick is saying he want to write his own opinion piece but it's obvious Davis will eat him for breakfast. Is it too much to expect that someone else can come forward to land counter punches where it hurts?

Anonymous said...

@June 18, 2012 5:29 PM
Do you know for a fact that Davis is Duel national and if so what are his business interest in Fiji???

Oddball said...

I trod to the cornerstore, pick my Saturday papers and lo and behold. The front page of the Sun, a spot always regarded as prime media real estate so to speak is actually an opinion piece.

I've decided that last Saturday, 16 June was the last Sun I ever will buy unless I'm told this madness has stopped. For the record, I feel Davis was doing reasonable blogging until late, that Mick Beddoes is clutching at straws to revive a dead career (it died the day he jumped to be the Opposition leader showing how desperate he can be). Thus, I have no dog in this race. Just a tired reader in Fiji, who certainly will not be spending any more money to sustain a pathetic rag like the Sun.

If anyone from the Sun is reading this, it may not make any difference to you. Yet. Remember though, the first revolt, populous or commercial always begins with a lone dissenter. Maybe I am it.


Anonymous said...

If Graham Davis is a dual Australia-Fiji national, that might explain why he doesn't seem very loyal to either country.

The Oracle said...

@Anon5.29pm: Reality check. Davis' Fiji citizenship is a handy get-in, get-out of Fiji document. His real passport is Australian. So, in effect he can escape to the sanctuary of Australia whenever he wants, unlike the rest of us ordinary Fijians. His part-time, token Fiji citizenship does not give him the right to attempt to dictate our future, which he appears hell-bent on doing with his unbalanced reporting and unashamed promotion of the illegal government in Fiji. Either come here, live in Fiji as a true-blue Fiji citizen, write as you do but without the security of an armed guard outside your front gate and contribute meaningfully or SHUT UP, go stir shit in your own backyard while enjoying the financial crumbs thrown your way by the Bainimarama regime and Qorvis. Davis is a "moonshiner".... he's living off the misery of ordinary Fijians, just like his family did off the "soli bowl" from well-intentioned ordinary Fijians.

Anonymous said...

we need to update the regime shamelist. Please add names and reguest Coup 4.5 to print a master list after the input from readers:
Frank Bainimara
Aiyaz khaiyum
Nazhat Shameem
Anthony Gates
Dewan Chand
Nur & Zarin Ali Bano
Riaz Khaiyum
Kalpesh Solanki
Dixon Seeto
Kanti Tappoo Clan
Fiaz Ali
Faiz Khan
Mahendra Reddy
Ben Naliva
Aseri Rokorua
Sitiveni Qilihio
A Jan Group Clan
Daniel Gounder
Francis Kean
Sharon Jones Smith
Aslam Khan
Pradeep Lal

Anonymous said...

Thank you Beddoes for your forthright responses to 'award winnning' journalist Davis. As a Fijian, I have always respected you as a leader. Please continue your good work as we take courage from you and know that all is not lost.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a crap about this Vunivalu title? Welcome to the 21st century!!

Doc said...

Don't forget to include that thieving prick, what an excuse for an officer, Moh'd Aziz. Oh, lest I forget, qauri qase, graham davis.....in that list

Fourth Estate said...

Mick is right all of the parties should be allowed to have their say and media especially the Fiji Sun because it gives so much time to the government should give right of reply.

Anonymous said...

The previous communal voting system was a hindrance to Mick's political aspirations as it narrowed his electorate to the General Voters only which make up less than 10% of the population.
With a one man, one vote system in place it is quite likely Mick will emerge the victorious PM of Fiji following elections.
It is this fact that scares the regime and Graham Davis the most. We should all support Mick, he's the man who will stand up for everyone's rights in Fiji. Go Micky Go!

Mahen Chaudry said...

Nazhat Shameem and Aslam Khan hiding money in Australian Bank--source .....his brother in Liverpool.
Father before money lender, son now money launderer

Anonymous said...

i take exception to the comment that local Europeans are 100% behind this regime. Believe you me a lot are against them. maybe the majority.

Anonymous said...

The Oracle, when you talk about Davis's Fiji citizenship not being as "real" as his Australian one, couldn't you be saying that about any Fijian ( i'taukei) living in Australia? You tell him to come back here. What about them? The Daunitutus and Kaitanis of the world? Your argument has no logic.

If Davis was born in Fiji and is Fijian, I'd say that makes him more Fijian than Australian, just like those in the Freedom and Democracy Movement who live in Canberra and Melbourne. I saw Davis in Suva the other day so the idea that he's not around is rubbish. If he travels between the two countries, so what? Lots of us do.

Haven't you seen the new ad with the Kaivalagi saying "I'm Fijian"? That's the new Fiji, Mr Oracle, so isn't it time you got used to it? If the i'taukei in Australia with Australian citizenship weren't recognised there, what a stink there'd be but you go for Davis? Smacks of a double standard to me.

Anonymous said...

Does someone actually read the Fiji Sun anymore. I know i don't. I find it quite silly in fact that the government actually believes that people in Fiji actually believe the crap that the Fiji Sun actually prints. What a waste of good trees.

The Fiji sun is only useful as recycled toilet rolls nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Graham Davis has his "business" all over the front page of the Fiji Sun.

Anonymous said...

What are you doing Past Leaders of Modern Fiji? You people need to take a long walk to hell and just disappear. Your days are over.

Please let us live our lives. We don't need you people to make our lives miserable. Mick, Choor dhry,and Qarese may be like good 3 Amigos just retire in Nukulau and have your party there. You people can talk about the good old days. It will enhance your lives and God will bless you for letting the rest of us the citizens a very peaceful life.

Mick it is a humble request to you to stop shooting your mouth off like a "MAD DOG".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:18, go back and read past comments in this blog. Dakuwaqa has called out Graham Davis and Croz Walsh repeatedly, but they hide from him the way Mayweather dodges Pacquiao.

Anonymous said...

The Oracle, saying that Davis's family lived off the soli bowl is pretty low. His father was a Methodist talatala so I find your suggestion that talatalas are freeloaders deeply offensive. Play the man himself and not his father, who was one of the most respected figures in the Methodist Church. He did a lot for ordinary people and also spoke better Fijian than you ever will. You might think his son is misguided but no need to visit his sins on the family. Personally sick of this kind of guilt by association in Fiji. Also sick of attacks on the Methodist Church. Leave the talatalas out of your political insults.

Anonymous said...

Now we all groan an moan about the Fiji Sun, ok i agree its articles are biased! How come no one moaned and groaned when the Fiji Post was supporting the SDL and Qarses Govt on very, racial and biased issues? In afct the Post was almost like a Governmen run paper! Seems when the balls in our court we seem to be very silent not speaking up when we should and henece when shit hits the fan we complaint like hell. No wonder the likes of Rabuka go unpunished? I ask again are we ready for democracy or is it just a case of coming back into POWER and starting the plain old stupid games again -ie them and us??

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:39 AM, Yes countless ppl read the Fiji Sun nowadays. It has more content and things you find in the Sun not in the Times. Somehow ads appear to be more in the Sun than in the Times. Why, I don't know, go figure!!

Anonymous said...

I NEVER bought a Fiji Sun...I have never seen a paper whose news are so inflated..I read at the bookshop..just flip thru the bullshit, then shove the paper away.
I have been telling everyone who care to listen, there shall be NO ELECTION full stop. Voceke will cook up a storm to give reason to the outside world, for the deferment of the election. Watch!!

The Oracle said...

@Anon 11.38am... The Kaitani's etc have PR.
There's a major difference between PR and dual citizenship. People with PR can be kicked out of Aussie ... Graham Davis can't, just as Sharon Smith cannot be denied re-entry into Australia - and she also has dual citizenship.
FACT ONE: Being born in Fiji by accident of your parents working here doesn't make you totally Fijian!!!
FACT TWO: On the issue of dual citizenship (in Fiji's case), there is a requirement that if you apply for Fiji citizenship while holding a foreign citizenship, you are required to live in Fiji for a given number of years? Has Davis done this? WHEN? (And don't argue that just because he was born here, he automatyicaly qualifies for citizenship. Dual citizenship was "outlawed" by Fiji authorities some years back and only re-introduced during the term of the current regime as a means of enticing our former citizens who have done well for themselves abroad to come back and invest in Fiji.)
Richard Naidu is an example of how the dual citizenship issue worked. He had to give up his NZ citizenship to maintain his Fiji one. Now, he can have both again. But in Richard's case, he's been in Fiji for more than the minimum required years.
I have no problems with the Kaivalagi (or the Kaitani or any one else for that matter)saying I'm Fijian ... if he/she lives and contributes by way of taxes and interacts with the community he/she lives in and demonstrates a commitment to Fiji and to its development. Can the same be said for Graham Davis? We all know of the majority of Gujerati business families who hold dual citizenship. But they choose to live here, and contribute to the overall development of Fiji - in both, good and bad times. Sure, Graham Davis comes in and out of Fiji and we've seen the results - "lovey-dovey, let me place you on a pedestal" interviews with Bainimarama. During his visits, has Davis ever tried to talk to Beddoes/Qarase/Chaudhry to get their side of the story as authentic/unbiased journalists would do? (Apparently Beddoes has already answered this question.)
As for double standards .. How many dual Fiji/Australian citizens are given the Fiji Sun limelight that Graham Davis has received? Apart from Davis being given the freedom to express his opinion on the front pages without challenge from the very people he is attacking (Beddoes, Qarase etc), how many of the Daunitutu's etc who might also have dual citizenship but who hold differeing views to Graham Davis been given the opportunity to feature as prominently in the local media? Come on, Sharon and Qorvis, we all know that logic only works if we, collectively, agree to it as a platform from which to launch our arguments. It is obvious that what is logical to you and the interim Bainimarama government/regime is not so to a great many others like me. That logic being of course, that since Frank took power illegally and has retained that power behind the barrel of the gun for the last five years, his "legitimacy" should not be questioned.

Anonymous said...

Can I add to the regime shame list, Ricketts, Winston Thompson, all ambassadors since 2006, tikoitoga, lawrence tikaram, Coca Cola Fiji, ANZ Bank( bonds given to the regime), Tui Namosi, Tui Macuata, Epeli Nailatikau, Tuakitau Cokanauto, all magistrates and judges who took the oath since 2006, all ministers since 2006, archbishop petero mataca, berenado vunibobo, dixon seeto, barry whiteside, jitoko tikolevu, felix anthony, dan urai, mahen chaudhary, siti weleilakeba, and may many more suckers. Sorry Voreqe, like it or not you are all going to NABORO lock stock and barrel. Your threats no longer hold any water.

Doc said...

I read the fiji sun.......NOT!!!!!!

AREH WAH !! said...

Mahen Chaudry....hahahaha are you revealing all the other money laundries as well? Bravo bhaiya !!Any one else you know that we can prosecute later??

Anonymous said...

The dummy who thinks Graham Davis is the regime's biggest media asset is almost right. What he should have said is that he's the regime's biggest media ass.

Anonymous said...

Better tell the indigenous Maoris that they cannot continue to have their race based seats and that they have to compete against the rest.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should stop buying Fiji Sun.

Anonymous said...

Faiaaz Ali fro Lautoka! Don't forget to add this miserable ass-licker's name to the list.

Immigration Officer said...

That is the problem. Graham Davis knows very well - if he told the truth about the regime, he wont be walking down the streets of Fiji - like Michael Fields, Russell Hunter,Victor Lal, Hannah and countless others, he would be banned from the country. In any event, he is only writing those pro-regime articles in the regime propaganda shit because he is craving to be known on the streets of Fiji, "I am Graham Davis, the writer for Fiji Sun". He is also supporting the illegal activities of the regime because he is grateful that the regime has come up with the offer of dual citizenship - if he was loyal to Fiji, he would returned to Fiji once he had finished his education in Fiji - rememember his talatala father had shipped him out to a boarding school in Australia so that he did not grow up in a multi-racial Fiji - so dont bother about this wannabee journalist. He is a masipolo for the illegal regime. Let Fiji Sun continue to re-publish his materials from Grubshit.

Anonymous said...

Why is Davis supporting illegal activity.
A coup is criminal activity isn't it?
So why is Davis supporting it?
In Australia these sort of people get thrown in jail.

Semi Meo said...

Hey ,hey..take it easy on Graham if you want a free media to exist.Davis is free to express himself and we should show Voreqe what free critism is without the lynching.

Graham is the son of Reverend Davis and given that he chose to be a man of the pen,you cannot expect him to be the man of the Cloth too. Micky too is not quite innocent given he also jumped on the Charter bandwagon after 2006.Maybe Micky should reveal how much pay and allowance he took at that time before realising Voreqe only took his own opinions seriously.

All the bothy's in here trying to criticise Fiji Sun, Voreqe and Khaiyum..get a life because these individuals are working hard to get the country going...which is something good. And all the runaway Fijians in Australia should shut up and work hard to send money home.

Anonymous said...

The comment about the soli bowl is not unfair, given all of the times Davis and his supporters see fit to raise the fact that his father was a Fiji-based talatala, as if such paternity might somehow sanctify Davis' treason. It does not, but it might explain why he is so sanctimonious.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:32, how can you argue that Voreqe and Khaiyum are working hard to get the country going while at the same time admitting that Voreqe doesn't care about others' opinions and made a sham of the Peoples Charter exercise? If you're so concerned about bringing in more overseas remittances, why aren't you concerned about the allegations that Voreqe and Khaiyum are transfering money out of the country to secret bank accounts?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:18, I object to your referring to Graham Davis as a journo. Whether he was ever a true journalist, or just a self-styled one, I don't know. But he certainly is not a journalist now. He is now merely a propagandist, a coup apologist propagandising in support of an illegal, despotic regime. And if he really does have Fijian citizenship, then he is also a traitor.

Mick Beddoes has already made Davis look silly. No need for anyone else to pile on.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use Fiji sun as toilet paper. It will be like wiping shit with shit.!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:02 That's funny. We remitting to Fiji. Bai and Khaiyum remitting it from Fiji. lol.

Graham Davis said...

Thank you to all of you in these columns for your wonderful messages of encouragement and support.

I especially treasure those from Fijians living in Australia who have abandoned their homeland for the economic opportunities afforded by the country of my parents' birth. Many of you, of course, will have become Australian citizens. And while you may not want to confer the same status on any Australian coming to Fiji, Australians fully understand that the world is full of double standards and Fijians don't necessarily recognise notions of equality of opportunity.

So I am deeply grateful to you all for allowing me the extraordinary privilege of being a citizen of my own country of birth - Fiji. This privilege is, of course, highly unusual in today's world and I can understand the feelings of those Fijians who don't feel I deserve it. Any Fijian who is born in Australia automatically becomes an Australian citizen. But this is what happens in countries that are backward and shouldn't provide any template at all for a country as advanced as Fiji.

I especially appreciate the role you have all played in making me more famous on the streets of Suva. I had no life whatsoever until the Fiji Sun very kindly offered to take my modest blog musings and plaster them all over its front pages. My new-found fame has caught me somewhat by surprise and I still can't get used to being bailed up in the street by groups of screaming schoolgirls. But I suppose I will get used to it eventually. Only in Fiji, as they say!

The Fiji Sun is now outselling the Fiji Times most days of the week and is often sold out by lunchtime. But I am far too modest to think that it has anything to do with the editorial content of the paper and certainly nothing to do with me. Some people here are suggesting that it is a good substitute for toilet paper so maybe that is part of the answer. But, of course, this carries a certain risk.

Have those of you who contemplate using the Sun in this way thought that my own image and words might end up imprinted on your nethers? I sometimes get the newsprint on my hands and that is bad enough. But just think. Graham Davis on your butt where he really belongs. To all my loyal readers, Vinaka vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to anon on update for the vunivalu title. Note though that the 3 so-called confederacies of Kubuna, Burebasaga and Tovata are not traditional but another creation of colonialism. There were 3 governments however, before 1874. The Bua under Vakawaletabua, Lau under Ma'afu and the short-lived Cakobau governments. If confederacies were indeed traditional, chiefly titles etc. would never have been disputed because either tiny chiefdom would know its role. In our case, we tried to copy the British 'serfdom' system of chief and peasant but the implications of our copy cat strategy are staring at us, over 100 years later - mai yaso!!!

The Oracle said...

@ Anon 12.35 - I concede that reference to the soli bowl was low. Just as it was un-Christian of Davis in likening Fiji politicians to dogs.
For what it's worth, I apologise to the Davis family for my reference to the soli bowl. I hope Graham will be man enough to also apologise - publicly - for referring to some of our own Fiji citizens as dogs. Furthermore, I hope Graham will be man enough to recognise and admit that he has strayed, by adopting the role of propagandist, from his "calling" as a journalist.

@ Semi Meo. The argument is clear-cut, while Davis has the freedom to express himself (and influence public thinking in Fiji), those he criticises don't have the same privilege. FACT: Mick's response here on this blogsite and copied to the Fiji Sun has yet to be published. However, the Fiji Sun has seen it fit to publicise a Davis-penned counter to Beddoe's response for public consumption (FS 20 June) without the public getting to hear Mick's side of the story. As for Voreqe, Khaiyum and their supporters "working hard to get this country going"... it was going quite well before they brought it to an abrupt halt and took it backwards. So, yes, they deserve all the criticism for taking us back. If they want us to be sympathetic to their lack of progress in "moving forward", then stop being hard-nosed nitwits and "open up". What they're doing is cursing the flies for bringing attention to the shit they've created.

Radiolucas said...

Let us not forget the chain of emails between Frank, Smith-Johns, Davies and Croz.

They have all made their particular beds together and to treat Davies as though he was an 'independent' journalist is a mistake.

Graham Davis Fan Club, Suva Chapter said...

Graham Davis, here's another letter of support and encouragement.

First, thank you for explaining to us lesser mortals about the difference between Fijian and Australian double standards. You've certainly become the expert on double standards, as you've shown by your eagerness to serve as a tool for an illegal, despotic regime, especially against real journalists, and by your blithe acceptance of the one-sided coverage the Fiji Sun accords your misguided opinion pieces.

As a Fijian and Australian dual national, you've cleqrly succeeded in learning how to be two-faced and disloyal in both cultures.

Even Suva school girls recognise you? Wow, thanks to the Fiji Sun, the biggest matinee idol since Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum! That notoriety should draw quite a crowd when you're hanged for treason in Albert Park, despite the ever-so-faint protests of the Australian government.

For the best imprint of your face on nether parts, the Fiji Sun is passably good, but it can hardly compete with Bainimarama, whose arse, after all, gets the real thing!

Well, as I say, I just wanted to write another letter of support and encouragement. Like so many others, I sincerely support your trial for treason and encourage you to keep providing more documentary evidence for use by the prosecution.

Fijiana said...

Patriotism knows no language.
Let’s come together to free our country from the prejudices that divide us...The prejudices of, race, region, religion & language
Stand up and Respect the National Anthem.

The Oracle said...

@ Graham Davis 8:06am..
Thank you for being so gracious!!You can expect more undying support and re-assuring encouragement in these columns in coming days, weeks, months and years, for your awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, illuminating and unquestionably intellectual pieces which so enlighten us about Fiji politics.
And please rest assured your bloated face, in flesh or in print, will never be disrespected by ending up anywhere near my butt. That would be tantamount to sacrilege.
I think you deserve much better --- could I, as an avid reader of your BS, humbly suggest it might be more appropriate that your image adorn Frank's butt?? Or would that be more akin to ass-licking?
And could I also offer you, with all sincerity, a piece of advice ... it's quite easy to mistakenly think that your adoring hordes are young school girls when in fact they might well be our normal every night kutus. And I'm sure you know what happens when you tango too often with kutus.. they literally grow on you and infect that portion of your anatomy where, in your paticular case, your brains seem to be concentrated.

Duhhh Davis said...

The letter writers to Calamity Davis are just too funny! Grubsheeeet author should consider getting a new photo for his byline...that look of authority he is trying to achieve is not working.

Anonymous said...

Davis is funnier and more original. You gotta hand him that. But will he still be so smug when the noose is around his neck? I say let him live. Speaking as a woman, he's not exactly handsome but at least he's interesting. Lol

Anonymous said...

Anthony Gates, aka Anonymous 8:09 PM, thank you so much for sharing your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Davis is 'funnier and more original' than what -- a case of herpes?

'Interesting'? The Boston Strangler was 'interesting'.

'Self-inflicted row'? Doesn't that curious turn of speech more aptly describe the method Bainimarama used to make himself PM -- create a crisis and then overthrow the government to 'solve' the crisis?

Anonymous said...

Bula Graham,

I am one of those who sometimes bothers to actually read the Fiji Sun because i can read it free. I don't know where you get your facts from about the Fiji Sun but here is the real truth. I am a shopkeeper and i can tell you that for every Fiji sun that is sold 10 Fiji Times is sold. The only reason the Fiji Sun gets sold out is that they supply 90% less to the store in the first place as they have to take the unsold papers back. Work into any Hot Bread shop and see the difference in quantity in the morning. That said i am one of those who does not hate for the sake of hating. I actually agree with a lot of what you say but disagree with a hell of a lot more. I do not condone the politics of the past politicians and that also includes Ratu Mara and his clan. I also want a Fiji which is not racially polarized and all that the Frank and Aiyaz combo is trying to achieve purportedly. What i have a problem with is things like this: Since 2006 the government has created artificial inflation by first increasing duty on most item from 27% to 32% (5% increase) then they devalue the dollar by 20% which has a net effect on imports of 30%, then increase vat to 15% then introduce exercise tax on all confectionery and snack items by a further 15% to protect 1 lousy manufacturer Harry Punja. The total effect of all these is about 45% give or take. To then keep the public subdued we go to the stone age policy of price controls and allow business people to just break even. All the mum and pop stores in Fiji including the supermarkets are struggling to keep their heads above water. In so far as business is concerned we are becoming a socialist state. As a local business person who goes through the coups the floods the droughts and every thing else this country throws at it you are regarded as a thief and a tax evader unless you have a Tappoo or a Punja attached to your name. The foreign investor gets to see the PM before he puts any money on the ground the local investor cant even his PS. A Fiji citizen cant go for a holiday to almost any developed nation because our currency has the value of Orchaid toilet paper but the Aussie or the Kiwi can come and have a ball here. While i appreciate the tourism dollar the point is that coups and military takeovers affect the citizens of the country negatively. The government is not looking after the interests of the Fiji citizen although they say they do and decisions are made without a broad outlook on things. We are always right and we know better is the attitude that is at play. Any voice no matter how uncontroversial if contrary to the views of government is put down with threats of violence if necessary, letters are ignored and no one listens. I know i have tried. These are the concerns of the average intellectual Fiji citizen who supports the notion of a race free society but cannot stand the other decisions that are being made in their names. I am apolitical at the moment insight nothing and would like to talk on issues that affect the long term economic and social future of this country which in most cases is blindingly obvious to all but government. I am being gagged. That is the crux of the problem. I am happy to talk to you face to face if you want to interview an average Fiji citizen on what his concerns are instead of getting the governments side of the story all the time that is if you are able to handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

You're just jealous because you're not funny at all.

Anonymous said...

i guess dakuwaqa above remarks really got to poor graham davis. when one of the oppositionists who contributes to davis' blog actually had the nerve to quote them to him, davis immediately banned him from the blog calling him a racist. see anything racist about quoting dakuwaqa?

adding to the fun, dakuwaqa has now turned davis' dog metaphor against him, comparing davis to a dog that returns to its vomit. now that's an image. woof!

as was said before, others bark but dakuwaqa bites. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

ok Mick so who are in the 'major league",just a few politicians or are you going to involve major stakeholders like the women's movement...FWRM and FWCC, who have been at the forefront .You also need to start thinking of mobilisng people in a peaceful way 'cos this f....en military needs to be tested.If we all choose to attend a peaceful meeting in a park to discuss issues dear to our hearts ,will the military open fire on civilians,or use some gas to disperse the crowd....that's the kind of leadership that is now necessary .
I think people are ready,it's you leaders who are pussyfooting.
If you need help ,get FWCC to organise 'cos they have remained steadfast in their marches to get back the streets ......

Anonymous said...

Our leaders have to find the strength to mobilise,mobilise and mobilise people,we are just waiting for you to lead us into mass demonstrations.Some will get shot at but that's the price we have to pay....otherwise the regime will have it their way...they have the guns and they think they have power but people power will overpower......

Anonymous said...

What about the chiefs? Will they be leading the marches as well? Or is all that beneath them?