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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bollywood pyschological horror thriller

Fijiwood’s own director Khaiyum on the set of G3 with Sonal Chauhan and her co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh.

“Our names are Khans: Mohammed Afzal and Lailun Khan”

By Victor Lal

Bollywood stars, Khaiyum and Vikram Rajani and family. pic Fiji Sun
Indian film producer Vikram Rajani told the Fiji media in March that Eros International in conjunction with his own company Next Gen Films Pvt Limited will be shooting three Bollywood movies in Fiji because he liked the regime’s attractive tax incentives for movie-makers. The total cost of the three movie projects was worth $21million, he said.

Rajani met with Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama. The film producer said he first discovered Fiji while on holiday last year. He was accompanied by Lailun Khan, the former Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau CEO, when he visited the relevant Fijian authorities.

We may recall that in July 2008 Lailun had tendered her resignation to FTIB, to be effective from August of the same year. The short-lived regime lackey and former FTIB chairman Francis Narayan had confirmed receiving the resignation letter but would not disclose the reasons and claimed that he did not know of her future plans.

What were her future plans?

Pacific Investment Consultancy Ltd
It seems that she and her lawyer husband and former FLP senator Mohammed Afzal Khan were planning to set up a joint business venture, which they did on 20 August 2008. As Mohammed Afzal, in his capacity as Barrister and Solicitor (Messrs Khan and Co, Suva) informed the Registrar of Companies: 


“PACIFIC INVESTMENT CONSULTANCY LTD hereby gives you notice, in accordance with Section 110 of the Companies Act, that the Registered Office of the Company is situated at Suite No.9 Queensland Insurance Centre, Victoria Parade c/o Khan & Co, solicitors, Suva, Fiji, P. O. Box 549, Suva, Fiji.”

The Particulars of Directors were as follows: Lainun (instead of Lailun) Nahar Khatoon Khan, f/n Hassan Raza and Mohammed Afzal Khan, f/n Mohammed Yakub Khan. Both stated they were Fiji citizens. Postal address: P. O. Box 549, Suva. Their home address: 11 Deovji Street, Tamavua, Suva, Fiji. While Mohammed Afzal listed his occupation as solicitor, Lainun (Lailun) stated hers as Chief Executive Officer.

The objects for which the Company was established, among others, was “to acquire, establish and carry on any trade industry or business of Investment and Management Consultants of whatsoever kind or nature in the Pacific Region, Fiji and elsewhere” and also “relating to or associated with the Tourist industry and Tourism in Fiji and elsewhere”.

The share capital of the Company was listed as $100,000 (One hundred thousand dollars) Fiji currency divided into 100,000 shares of $1 (one dollar) each with power to divide the shares in the capital. The Memorandum of Association was witnessed by Leena Goundar, who was admitted to the Fiji Bar in 2007 by the then acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates.

In August 2011, the Pacific Investment Consultancy Ltd (PICL) had a substantial fixed and floating mortgage of $4,299,000 (Four Million Two Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Dollars) with the Bank of South Pacific Ltd, Suva. It was collateral security, the prime security was Deed of Charge dated 31 January 2005. Property specifically charged was stated as follows: “The Whole of the Company’s Assets and Undertaking including Called and Unpaid and Uncalled Capital.”

Plot thickens: PICL and Next Gen Film Production (Fiji) Ltd
In May of this year, the Fiji Ministry of Information, the Fiji Sun and other media outlets reported that “Eros International of Mumbai, India, has formed a local company in Fiji called Next Gen Film Productions (Fiji) Limited for the duration of its film production project here”.

Oh, really? My investigation reveals that Next Gen (Fiji) was formed as long ago as December 2011 and not May 2012. It was none other than Mohammed Afzal Khan (Messrs Khan & Co) who was engaged in its formation, as he informed the Registrar of Companies on 14 December 2011:

“I, Mohammed Afzal Khan of Suva, Fiji, Solicitor, do solemnly and sincerely declare that I am the Barrister & Solicitor engaged in the formation of the above Company and state that all the requirements of the Companies Act, in respect of matters precedent to the registration of the said Company and incidental thereto have been completed with, AND I make this declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and according to the Statutory Declarations Act.”

Next Gen (Fiji) is a private company limited by shares, with members’ rights of pre-emption. The two directors listed are Vikram Rajani and Vasudev Teckchand Rajani, of Mumbai, India.

The registered office of Next Gen (Fiji) is listed as Pacific Consultancy Ltd, 1st Floor, Suites 8&9, Queensland Insurance Centre, Victoria Parade, Suva. The same address for PICL also features on the Fiji Audio Visual Commission’s website, including “Mrs Lailun Khan’s” e-mail contact address.

Khaiyum’s warning bell to locals
The Fiji media had reported that Khaiyum, after giving the inaugural clap for the shooting of 3G movie, had issued a warning on the need to provide fair treatment to production houses. He revealed there were instances when some people had tried to rip off film-makers by demanding very high and unreasonable money for their services or locations.

He stressed the need for locals associated with the film production to be honest when dealing with the film-makers. 

“We have seen stories where various people providing ancillary services – as soon as they know it is a movie production – they start quadrupling their fees. So I think we need to be very mindful and honest in our approach and not rip-off these people. Only then we will be able to position Fiji in a very prominent place as a film shoot location.”

Khaiyum also had a word of caution against some hotels which were not very eager to allow their locations to be used for film shooting.
He said they obviously did not understand the benefits of having their locations used in a film.

“What they should understand is if they give their locations for shoot, whoever sees the movie, when they come to Fiji, they will want to come and stay at the particular hotel. Recently I heard a hotel wanted to charge them $2500 an hour just to come and shoot a few scenes in the hotel. That is out of this world- they should see this realistically and think about the economic benefits of this.”

The press quoted him as saying that everybody can benefit from film production in Fiji–both economically and financially. “But also at the same time we need to ensure that the quality of location and the manner in which we deal with these people is transparent,” he said.

We wonder if Khaiyum had The Khans in mind? Is he aware that Mohammed Afzal’s law firm was engaged in the registration of the film company in Fiji while the couple’s consultancy firm was deeply involved with Next Gen Fiji?

In what capacity or who Lailun (Lainun) was representing when she accompanied producer Rajani to meet Khaiyum, Bainimarama and other relevant Fijian authorities?

The above narrative or “script” is real – there is no escaping from it. It is not, like 3G, manufactured by Bollywood for three or four hour of escapist consumption. It reeks of corruption! Both, Mohammed Afzal and Lailun have so far declined to reply to my e-mails enquiring about their roles in the formation of the film company.

And neither has Florence Swamy, acting CEO of Film Fiji, formerly known as the Fiji Audio Visual Commission, clarified questions regarding Lailun’s connection with Film Fiji.
Was Next Gen Film Productions (Fiji) registered in May 2012 or December 2011?

Fiji has become the hot spot for Indian movie makers – from the shooting of Supermodel to Warning, whose producer Anubhan Sinha now says he wishes to build a small house on an island in Fiji and do some pearl farming.

In the meantime, Lailun (Lainun) can be seen enjoying the trappings of Bollywood on the set of 3G, posted by actress Sonal Chauhan on her Facebook from “Beautiful Fiji”.

Namaste and Bula, Bollywood!
Welcome to the shifty scripts of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum’s post coup Fijiwood!

EDITOR'S NOTE: 3G final shoot at TappooCity-owners of Khaiyum’s blood money brothers in arms
In early June the producers of 3G shot the final scenes at TappooCity in Suva, with one of the executive directors of the arcade Remal Tappoo saying they were delighted that the film directors had chosen TappooCity as a location for their shoot.

“TappooCity is an iconic building, one of its kind in the region, and a pride of the Pacific. It will be great for our tourism industry to showcase a building like this to the world through the medium of a Bollywood movie,” he said.

3G movie director Sheershak Anand said they had chosen TappooCity because of its structure and modern look which would enhance the film further.

Of course, director Anand is oblivious about the backhand dealings of Khaiyum in the TappoCity Project and how he (Khaiyum) blocked the Ernst and Young Report of 2007 titled “FNFP Special Investigation - Internal Report” from being made public because a section of it is highly critical of the Tappoos, to whom Khaiyum, through his private company Latifa Investments Ltd, had sold his Berry Road property at a grossly obscene price.


Fiji film fan said...

Fijiwood’s own director Khaiyum on the set of G3 with Sonal Chauhan and her co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Indeed - instead of 3G - Fijiwoods G3 - Khaiyum, Afzal and Lailun - Gang of Three Thieves! I hope Yash Ghai is taking a note of all these scams - will Nandan's mango chutney novels be the next movies shot in Fiji. I wonder if Afzal has broken Fiji Law Society's Code of Ethics - for I am not a lawyer. No wonder Afzal, Lailun and Swammy didnt reply to Victor - yes,indeed, when was Gen Fiji formed - May 2012 or December 2011 for the "duration of its film production here". It is clear it was formed in 2011, for in June the final shot was finished at Tappocity. God help Fiji from these mafia - although I am reluctant to say Muslim mafia - for they are mostly in key positions supporting Khaiyum and dictator Frank, who will be hoping to be cast in a Bollywood thriller Marathon Cassava Patch Runner

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum..is a thief and con artist..Stop fooling the people of this country you dirty corrupt moron..Do you have a concience or your greed for materialistic wealth..power and money has overtook your faculties of thinking capabilities.. bloody Muslim thief..Allah will punish you for your sins you artificial scum bag..If I were you I would be ashamed of myself and will go hang..You disgusting piece of shit..

Anonymous said...

Fiji TV news has RBF saying there's positive GDP growth of 2.9%

If thats really the case then where are the wage rises ?

Surely if the economy is doing so well we should all be getting wage rises ?

How cme these guys are going on about growth whilst wages are declining and there are no values across the economy ?

Anonymous said...

Our own Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, starring in the newest Bollywood blockbuster "Scumdog Millionaire!"

The Heckler said...

Remember the movie "The Blue Lagoon," starring Brooke Shields?

Well, I hear they're filming a remake of "Blue Lagoon" out at Turtle Island, only this time it's starring Nazhat Shameem and is titled "Bula, Goons!"

Anonymous said...

Afzal khan owns 38 properties as a lawyer has never attended court but colluded with kyum when he was at colonial he bought all repod colonial property as he called all tender for bank also got all govt land by getting develop ment lease at less than peanut prices cos wifes brother was boss at lands dept

We tax payers have paid more than Ten million so far for 3grade Bollywood movies and it's bociwood not fijiwood cos we awe corned by kyum and bolly wood

Last film 3G claimed to have spent in Fiji 7 million lol
we tax payer pad out more than 3 million when they even bring in they own cook from India how can it cost so much
Kyum in his desperation to fix the economy is being ripped of by bociwood
I taukei sotia pls wake up kyum is spoilg our children's future I am Kai dia and feel the pain cos I love my Fiji

God bless Fiji


Anonymous said...

Lailun and afzal providing all logistic for film crew big scam

Anonymous said...

3G supermodel table21
Are names for scams not third grade bociwood movie

Anonymous said...

what more can i say. some muslim is ripping fiji.
fijian still sleeping and army is blinded and been used by the muslim brotherhood/sisterhoods.
baini/mosese and army are khaiyums puppets.
fiji is full of corruption under regime.
i feel sorry for some good muslim friends.
why the fijian been ripped.
the revenge of koya is coming to bite the fijians now.
khaiyum is the most corrupt bastard like his dad was taking bribe and using young medical students during his time in ministry of health.
its time fijian wake up and fight and take control now before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Yes . the industry should benefit all and not privileged few.

It is well known that Florence and Lailun are close friends . but it should be kept professional .

In fiji everyone knows everyone else but when it comes to serving Fiji - Fiji comes first .

chines loli and hax said...


A long article, but you fail to mention any crime?

Is it just jealousy that some people are making money?

Anonymous said...

Victor .
Where is your cousin Renne Lal .
Can you expose her corrupt practice with Dalip Jamadas.
What happen to her case at ficac .
Freeman been conned by renne and Ben.
Khaiyun saved her.

Anonymous said...

no wonder all other reputable consulting agencies are going out of business becasue Khaiyum ensures that only Muslims get the jobs ( Nur Bano & Lailun Khan for example). How can the prime minister and military sees these and turn a blind eye to it. its common knowledge that Khaiyum only gives preferences and appointments to those associated with his close muslim associates. he refuses appointments from anyone else. his diary is open to muslim brethens but for a reputable consultancy firms he will frustrate them until the clinets decide to drop the consultant and move on to Nur Bano or Lailum Khan. Your days will come!

Watching your progress said...

Bitch-ary Lainun...and bitch-ara Afzal....such nice people .Why is everybody complaining about the not so level playing field? Afzal has crossed floors to every government there ever was in Fiji ,all so that he could make as much money as he could in his short life on Earth. Poor bugger won't be taking any possessions with him enroute to HADES.
Hey bro Afzal ,watch out for Lainun as she will get a 21 yr old toyboy and enjoy all your ill gotten gains as soon as you're 6 foot under !!

Anonymous said...

The real question here is why would this Victor Lal produce the article refering to a specific Law firm and mentioning names. There is absolutely no content within it that suggests any wrongdoing by anyone.

Another example of the pathetic ramblings of someone that has nothing better to do than trawl through legal docs that are easily available to the entire public and attempt (very poorly) to produce a story.

Any half decent journalist or investigator wanting to assasinate someones character need facts not garbage.

Looks to me like Victor Lal has a personal vendetta here and by publishing crap in which he mentions his enemy he's hopefull that others will do the work for him by uncovering something.

A favourite method of the gutter journalist.

Anonymous said...

More disjointed drivel from Victor Lal. Why can't Afzal and Lailun act as go betweens for the movies industry and make their money. If they saw the opportunity and made use of it is it a bad thing? Your drivel about Tappoos is also getting a bit tired. Notice how folks don't take you seriously anymore? You are a tabloid journo (actually couldn't make the cut as a journo) who uses blogs to discredit people. Useless sod!!

Namela said...

Grim story of a corrupt illegal regime.

Thanks Victor for exposing these crooks,

People, we must unite in coming election to ensure this illegal regine is decimated. Your votes and participation in the process for election are vitally important.

Radiolucas said...

So Aiyaz is complaining about people overcharging for films in Fiji??

Noone complained before for the movie industry before - remember Anaconda and Castaway?

I would have thought that the tax break alone made Fiji attractive - so why is Aiyaz going around with a begging bowl for 3G?

I smell a payoff. How can a supposed "leader" of a nation run around on behalf of a piddly little movie company - how embarrassing.

You first Aiyaz - if you want everyone to charge nothing for movies, why don't you tell Aunty Nur to release the figures for your annual pay? I biggest thieves in the country are the ones who try to keep everything hidden...

Fiji film fan said...

Renee Lal is no relation to Victor Lal, and what has that case to do with the bociwood saga? what we have here is serious corruption and possibly thousands of dollars in kickbacks to G3 - Khaiyum, Frank and The Khans. How the hell her PICL is worth over $4million? Why dont you ask FICAC and also ask them to investigate the Khans

Anonymous said...

FICAC is there to look for scape goats.
Langman is lamu with khaiyum .
ficac is toothless tiger like the police and army are.
They all say yes sir khaiyum.
khaiyun truied to buy propery from chinaman in lovoni road.
but china man sold it to mr prasad .
his loan was approved by colonial and khaiyum was working there than he put a caviet on the property.
khaiyum f crook from the days at colonial.
the case was in court finally he gave it up chor.

kite flyer said...

these India movie making mob know how to play the corruption game big time. that's how the game is played in India. the Fiji gang they are linking up to do film making BUSINESS in Fiji - Afzal lailun khaiyum - they are small fries but convenient under the local situation. But it shows like in India Corruption is now pretty much a part of the social fabric in Fiji. So much for all the "cleaning up"!!

mark manning said...

Aiyaz is directing everybody in Fiji these days, the Military, the Judiciary, the Civilians !

Varo said...

Am sure this profit turnaround by Air Pathetic is doctored/false accounting.

Can a an expert accountant comment on this shady propaganda accounts report....below


Anonymous said...

Yes profit at last for Air Pacific..thank God for that..now when we expect some FNPF loan money back!!!

Anonymous said...

Record loss 90 million 2years ago and now profit even though fuel costs still rocket high??????

Anonymous said...

strongly recommend you view this doco on Channel 4 UK. This the Sri Lankan government that ASK in bed with.


Anonymous said...

The short story writer Dr/Professor Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap None-done has abandoned Saweni Uni and fled back to Aust to rot there.His book on mangoe chutney is an insult to every mango tree in Meigunyah and all the good women from Legalega who make mango chutney for their husbands-something Jyoti never does.Hari Om Prabhu !!

Saten nandan the great said...

Saten nandan is warming his 'qase' balls in canberra. good riddance of bad rubbish.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Air pac's profited is wholly doctored creative accounting. have you flown with them lately? Cold stale rolls with miniaturised meals.When will they start breathlysing the pilots? One of the only airlines around that doesn't do this. You should see the pilots boozing at Ed's in Nadi before next day flights. One female pilot comes to mind..

Anonymous said...

First the Khaiyums, then Aiz, Shameems, Sahu Khans, Hafiz Khan,Musa's and now LAILUN Khan; who else are milking and bleeding the country thru their illegal dealings. Shame on all; They say there is delay but Justice will be served to all these scumbugs; Its high time FICAC carry out investigation into all these thugs..

Anonymous said...

With clapper-board, starring in his own bollywood horror movie.

Anonymous said...

The final episode of the movie will be shot within the walls of Naboro and will be directed by George Speight and Silatolu. Lailun, Shameem and Bano will be in their bikinis.

Afzal said...

Kemudou kaibiti sa levu rere. Time Rabuka sa coup, kemudou sa levu marau tiko. Oqo na time keitou Musuloman sa boso na matanitu. Sa sauma kece sotia kaibiti me basu kece i ra na vanua sa tiko kemudou na kaukauwa tautaubata GCC, NLTB, Qoliqoli, Stop na lisi koratou sa taura tiko na raja kei na Turaga Ni Yabusa. Keitou sa sauma tiko lavo levu koratou kaibiti sa tiko na camp me basu kece qo. Oti qo sa qai biu kece dakai kemudou na muaimuri qai biu kece vakadua na dela ni cakau kaibiti kece. Oqo ga na power na Muslaman brotherhood and sisterhood. Kemudou sa kitaka bakaca kitou 1987 bata 2000 nikua raica mada kitou na power. Walega na lavo sa vosa tiko..Bainimarama kei na sotia kece keitou sa voli oti.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article ... but I dont blame the Bollywood guys shooting their movie in Tappoo City ... its the ONLY decent building Fiji has to show the world ... it will give a very good impact and view of Fiji ... tourism is also important guys ... so do keep this in mind !

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, why does the business community have to be dragged in this mess? Cut them some slack and give them some credit. I recently visited Suva and took my family and they were really happy. My kids told me they thought they were in a Westfield in Sydney. Credit to those guys. I follow this blog site. every time the business community gets dragged in, I feel really sad because thanks to these guys, at least something is in Fiji.

The Heckler said...

Sure, but with Aiyaz directing the elections, it will be 'lights, camera, INACTION!'

Anonymous said...

"Frank and Aiyaz does Fiji" that's a nice title to a Bollywood Block buster.

Anonymous said...

@ Afzal

Sa dina sara. Oqo kabiti sa moku na sona. Sa leqa lebu baleta sa sona levu. Sa bolitaki na sona, sa sona kedekedega, Turaga, tawavanua tautaubata oqo taucoko liumuri gata ruarua for sale lutusobu people reh.....areh wavy hair yaar. no straight, sa crooked kedekede ga.

Anonymous said...

Watched that Sri Lankan video, horrific and tragic that war.. and the military there looks as if they have gotten away with war crimes..

Anonymous said...

Ko au sa guileca so tale kemudou na kabani tautaubata na Fijian Holdings, oqo ko au sa biosa Kaiyum me vesu talega Fiji TV sa tiko ikeri 51 per cent sea ni kaibiti Yasana Holdings. Kemudou talega na lotu wesele sa bia basu kece sa bia kitaka oqo na banua Viti me musoloman. Kece sa via basu kemudou na kaukauwa kaibiti, levu lialia kemudou levu ga gunu tiko niqona, moce tiko sigalevu sega ni tei na kasera. Malua kemudou raica keitou na power nikua. Kemudou army walega kitou sa voli na lavo sa tubu cake nai sau koratou sa vakarorogo kitou.

Lanka Girl said...

Isa sobo lei.. who is responsible for the mess that Fiji's in today? Isn't it the Fijian peacekeeping military, leaders, the politicians, you - the people..

Let's not look elsewhere to divert the mess that has been the Fijians' own undoing.

Anonymous said...

The root cause of the problem has been the in-fighting amongst fijians, their politicans, their chiefs and even their church leaders. Just look around and see the number of different churches.

Had fijian been united, they would never need indian votea and would have been in power.

We like tro blame others for our own short comings.

Anonymous said...

This mess is because of MANY people. But for crying out loud, stop accusing the business people! I am a business owner as well and comments by people like Victor Lal drags all of us down. Victor, maybe you should buy Tappoos, Jacks, Prouds, Gokals, Vinod Patel, RC Manubhai and the rest of the Guju business and see what you can do with it? These business plus small business owners like myself are doing all that we can for our country. It's not a crime to make money. Our food comes from there brother and despite all the problems, all of us are sticking to Fiji and we have faith in the country and that one day, democracy will prevail. God bless Fiji!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous (12:21am):

Well said! I agree that the business owners should not be dragged into it. They are the lifeline of the Economy and I think they are putting their money where their mouth is and at least they have BALLS by still investing in the country, as opposed to everyone else who is fleeing.

Lets support the businesses guys!

Anonymous said...

See Victor Lal’s disclosures about the TappooCity project:

Ancestry said...

Why blame Victor Lal? I believe one of his niece is married to one of the sons of Jacks of Fiji in Suva! We must be always vigilant when Khaiyum is involved in any shady deals. He is not attacking the Gujeratis!

Anonymous said...

Victor's constant attack of the Tappoos is actually quite sad. The entire risk of the Tappoo City project is on Tappoos and not on FNPF. Can I also add that its the best investment that FNPF have made. How about write about the other investment goof ups. I am not defending anyone here but stating facts.

Anonymous said...

The main thrust of the story is how Afzal and Lailun used Khaiyum's contacts as Minister for Tourism to position themselves with the Bollywood producers and how the regime lied when the movie company was formed - December and not May of this year. The Tappoocity story is incidental to the Bollywood scam

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous (June 28, 2012 10:53 PM)

Absolutely agree. But why the hell does the business community have to get dragged into their crap! Please keep business community separate from Politics. Businesses in Fiji have all had enough of getting slammed and battered and made scapegoats of. Focus on what the real issues are rather than sidetracking!

Anonymous said...

As long as members of the business community remain separate from politics, they've nothing to fear from us. But if they connive with the regime, donate to the regime, advertise primarily in the Fiji Sun, voice support for the regime, etc., there must of course be retribution.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous - July 1, 2012 12:57 AM
"they've nothing to fear from us":

seems like you are some sort of mafia hahahaha.

Grow some balls and tell this forum who is "us" ?!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the FAVC have changed their name to FilmFiji when there is already a company registered in Fiji called Film[fiji] Limited. Whats going on there? They have a beautiful website though...

Na Qase said...

@ Varo.........

Bro Pfilger used the refund from the deposit to Boeing for the 777 to cook the books. Once the audit was finished, they gave the money again to Airbus...all about timing, in all Air Pathetic is still in the red....