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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Challenge to Chaudhry: disclose the businessmen who forced you to join regime

By Victor Lal

Among the litany of LIES Mahendra Pal Chaudhry claims I have made up in the article about his 40 page treasonous document that he supplied to Frank Bainimarama in the overthrow the SDL-FLP government in 2006, he claims that he was pressured into accepting the Finance Minister's post by certain prominent members of the business community who were anxious to have the economy put back on track.

I have dealt with Chaudhry for over a decade, first as a defender of his human and political rights (calling him a “political saint in 2001) when he was deposed after the Speight coup in 2000. But in recent years I have become one of his bitterest critics after having found out that he was hiding millions in Australian and New Zealand bank accounts from his Indo-Fijian supporters and FLP parliamentary colleagues. He fought two general elections, in 2001 and 2006, without disclosing his millions.

Heroic welcome but where's the $2million?
Like the exposure of his $2million hoard, be rest assured, that one of these days I will be providing documentary evidence to support my claims that he prepared that treasonous 40 page document to help overthrow the democratically elected multi-party government.

In his reply, also posted on his official FLP website but not bearing his famous signature, Chaudhry claims that my article about his links to the 2006 coup is “an outrageous pack of lies, sheer mischief making timed, no doubt, to sow discord between Mr Chaudhry and Mr Qarase”. 

Well, that is his standard model reply. When, in 2008, I had called on the Military Council to ignore his call for media legislation, he replied that I was a conspirator by publishing his tax affairs because I was trying to foster a division between the interim administration and the military council. He was then the illegal Finance Minister in dictator's Cabinet. Now, he is accusing me of trying to sow discord between him and the deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

For my reply, which was reproduced from the Fiji SUN, see the following website:
Qarase and Andrews. pic Fiji Times
It is curious that Chaudhry has chosen not to comment on the contents of former US ambassador Larry Dinger and his successor Steven McGaan's cables to Washington, especially Dinger's where he claimed that Chaudhry was leaning towards the overthrow of the Qarase government if SDL won the 2006 general elections. Was Dinger lying?

We may recall that in another posting recently, I had recalled the former Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes meetings with Bainimarama, as relayed by Dinger to Washington: “In late February 2006, Hughes had a private meeting with Bainimarama where he tried to dissuade him from carrying out a coup, warning that it would be catastrophic for Fiji. Bainimarama rejected Hughes’ view suggesting that unnamed Indo-Fijian businessmen had told him Fiji could bounce back from another coup in 18 months.” 

Meanwhile, in January 2008, in one of my regular columns in the Fiji SUN (then edited by Russell Hunter whom the Chaudhrys had helped the regime to deport after his Taxgate affair; we were even informed by his own moles that Hunter would be out of the country by tomorrow morning), I had written under the heading “Re-igniting Old Spat:
“Ever since his release from the clutches of George Speight and the elite Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit, Mahendra Chaudhry has maintained, without adducing any shred of evidence, that the 2000 coup was heavily financed by Indo-Fijian businessmen opposed to the socio-economic reform programmes of his People’s Coalition Government and its determination to stamp out official corruption. A number of these firms, the Fiji Labour Party claimed, were being investigated by the Chaudhry government for over-pricing goods brought under price control, for engaging in corrupt practices, and for tax evasion.

We, in the London-based Movement for Democracy in Fiji, were supplied by the FLP with a list containing the names of about 30 prominent companies and people who allegedly financed the overthrow and subsequent imprisonment for 56 days in Parliament of Mr Chaudhry and 42 members of his government. The list was meant to guide us in drawing up “smart sanctions” and punishing some of the country’s top business houses, defeated politicians, transport companies, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers who had allegedly, according to the FLP, committed the heinous crime of treason by aiding or abetting Speight’s coup.
The list of names of the country’s leading businessmen as being implicated in the destabilisation process that led to the coup, we were assured, was the same names that Mr Chaudhry had forwarded to the Fiji police after the coup. We were later reassured of the identities of the alleged coup financiers when we personally met Mr Chaudhry and his entourage in an upmarket London hotel where he urged us to fight for the restoration of democracy, constitutionalism, human rights, and for him to be re-appointed as the rightful prime minister of Fiji.” 
His Peoples Coalition Government website had alleged that businessmen Hari Punja, Sir James Ah Koy and then banker Laisenia Qarase were behind the 2000 coup. All three denied the allegations levelled against them. 

Chaudhry had also told Parliament: “The public needs to be assured that the rich, the influential, and the powerful in our society will not escape the long arm of the law for their involvement, in whichever way it be – whether direct or indirect – in the heinous crime of treason.” The police had confirmed that 10 Indo-Fijian businessmen were under investigation surrounding the 2000 coup.

Now, Chaudhry is claiming that he was pressured by prominent businessmen to accept the Finance Minister's job after the 2006 coup. I call upon Chaudhry to disclose the names of these businessmen so that I can compare them with the ones who had told Bainimarama to carry out the coup because Fiji could bounce back from another coup in 18 months.
I wonder if these were the same businessmen who had Chaudhry in mind to be Bainimarama's new Finance Minister?

Please name those treasonous businessmen who enticed you into becoming the illegal Finance Minister under dictator Frank Bainimarama. Are they the same ones who also helped Bainimarama depose you in the 2000 coup?

I still have that list of Indo-Fijian businessmen from 2000 on me, which you supplied to us in the London hotel, on your way back from India, but without you telling us that you had secretly received $2million from your “Motherland”, which would end up in your Australian account, to be transferred by the Indian consulate in Sydney.

You were dubiously cleared of tax evasion because you were in charge of the nation's illegal purse strings. Now, the very treasonists Cabinet colleagues, have put you on trial on twelve counts of money laundering and tax evasion.

Swallow the fact, and stop spewing lies, as you have in your reply to that 40 page treasonous document: “LIE 6: Lal says Mr Chaudhry was “booted” out of the Cabinet as a result of his tax allegations. In fact, the inquiry set up by the Prime Minister on this very matter cleared Mr. Chaudhry of all allegations. But that would be too much for Victor Lal to swallow.

Indeed, you can do better, Chaudhry, by providing us with the names of these prominent businessmen who pressured you to become the illegal Finance Minister. They are not holding a gun at your head! 
In 2008, he had described his appointment as the new illegal Finance Minister as a “strange twist of destiny”, with the right-wing The Hindu newspaper of India, informing its readers:
Staging a coup last December, Commodore Bainimarama said he would seek to mend the "racial divide" between the majority-Melanesians and the Indian community. His invitation to Mr. Chaudhry for the Cabinet post is a sequel to this pledge. A key aspect of the "mandate" of this interim Cabinet is to restore democracy through a general election, at an unspecified time, in a "stable and conducive" political and economic situation.
After being sworn in as the Interim Minister for Finance, National Planning, Public Enterprise, and Sugar Reforms, Mr. Chaudhry described the event as "a strange twist of destiny in my case." Indicating that he was not referring to the circumstances in which he earlier ceased to be the Prime Minister, Mr. Chaudhry said: "Almost 20 years ago, the Bavadra Government, in which I was the Finance Minister, was deposed by Colonel Rabuka. [Now] I am being reinstated in the same position by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces led by Cmdr. Bainimarama.”

There was no mention of businessmen having pressured him to take charge of the economic ship of the nation. As I have already argued, he was part of the shadowy treasonists who had colluded with the military to follow in Rabuka's footsteps – to perpetuate the coup culture in Fiji. 
And, that is why he had never joined the deposed multi-party SDL-FLP government. He decided, however, to join the Devil that he knew before the coup – dictator Frank Bainimarama who, in turn, knew of the contents of the 40 page coup document.

Chaudhry set out, as former US ambassador Larry Dinger, informed Washington, to make Laisenia Qarase's post-coup life uncomfortable: 
“Fiji interim Prime Minister Bainimarama has declined a proposal to meet with deposed PM Qarase and others, under the auspices of Commonwealth Secretariat envoy Sir Paul Reeves. Bainimarama said the Military Council objected, but Reeves reportedly puts the blame on interim Finance Minister Chaudhry. 
[The] former New Zealand Governor General Sir Paul Reeves is undertaking an effort at Commonwealth Secretariat behest, to facilitate a political dialogue in Fiji.  Reeves tested the waters in December, and is now back on a March 1-9 visit.  He visited Embassy Suva March 4.  Reeves is savvy about Fiji, and he clearly recognized that the chances would be slim to get Bainimarama in a useful dialogue with Qarase and others.  However, he reported the initial soundings were reasonably positive, except for interim Finance Minister Chaudhry, who flatly opposed the effort. Reeves reportedly believes Bainimarama's real reason for saying "no" is his reliance on Chaudhry's advice.”

Dinger also noted that, “Now that Chaudhry has power again, with a degree of control over the purse,” he was engaging in “vindictiveness against his perceived opponents”.

The devil is in the details – and one of these days we will read that treasonous 40 page coup document.

Editor's note: A member of the Constitutional Review Commission and former FLPparliamentarian Satendra Nandan had made similar claims in 2000, alleging that "business interests were behind the 2000 coup". He claimed that vested business interests rather than ethnic tensions  probably fueled the armed takeover of the Fijian parliament by George Speight. Nandan said the most likely explanation for the flare-up had to do with vested interesets who felt cheated by the Chaudhry Government. He changed his tune after 2006 claiming that Laisenia Qarase's multi-party government was blatantly racist and Bainimarama's coup was "lesser of the two evils". As a reward for his public support of the coup, he is now one of the members of Professor Yash Ghai's Constitutional Review Commission. See Nandan's response to the 2000 Speight coup:


Anonymous said...

Victor pls publish the 40 page documents .
We want to read the prove now.
Its better mpc /lq join force now and get rid of evil baini/khaiyun chor.
if mpc /lq messes this time they will have to ans the voters.

mahen 'bhikari' chaudhry said...

Thank you Victor for exposing Mahen as a hypocrite, treasonist, tax evader, liar, chor and criminal.

A nepotistic man who circumvented Labour Party procedures to appoint his in-law with no qualifications, Sachida, as a senator. The only thing Sachida is fit to do in senate is clean the toilets.

Mahen has been forever condemning and advising against using one's position for personal gain.

Well, he is the master at that, making a cool $3million for his personal kitty.

Is this why we voted for him - so he can go with begging bowl in hand like a bhikari (beggar) asking for money? Did we elect him to so he can enrich himself?

mahen chaudhry will go down in history as the biggest betrayer of Indo-Fijian, especially poor Indo-Fijians.

The worst self-serving Indo-Fijian leader in history who has tarnished our entire community with his deceit and criminality.

What a shameless creep; a besaram insaan. instead of hiding in shame he keeps popping up like a bad coin.

may he rot in jail.

Anonymous said...

jim ahkoy and rabuka,kububola speight all had meeting at kelton office in walubay.

Anonymous said...

Victor pls can you find out how much money frank/khaiyum have in overseas bank account?
if you can get mpc account ,it will be easy to get frank/khaiyum account.
we wait for your response victor.

mark manning said...

I don't blame Chaudhry for being the way he is, to an extent.
I understand that he even had a gun held to his head and was threatened with death back in 2000 after enduring his illegal incarceration for such a long and protracted period of some 50 or so days and nights.
I wouldn't be surprised that he might still be suffering Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and wonder if he ever got Counselling for his ordeal in 2000.

But MR. Chaudhry must now take a step back and come clean, it's time for him to be honest, not only to the public, but also to himself. not an easy thing to do under the circumstances and it would take a real man to step up and call a spade a spade.

If he is ill, then some of his behaviour could be forgiven and I have to wonder at the same time, is Frank Bainimarama also suffering in a similar way, given the threat to his life in 2000.

If we don't at least take a look at this possibility, we will never resolve Fiji's immediate problems.
We need to find the key to extracting ourselves from this debacle called a "coup " !

Anonymous said...

Victor keeps dangling the 40 page document in front of everyone as a teaser for his forthcoming book, which he says will blow the lid on the whole shebang. What a sham! Here's an instance in which he should either put up or shut up, not subject us to a cynical exercise in self promotion. You are a total fraud, Victor, just like the guy you keep attacking.

Anonymous said...

A self-confessed masturbator on the Commission!! While Tikoitoga and Baini make a mockery of the promised free consultations, this about one of the Commissioners: Satendra Nandan who writes in his autobiography 'Requiem for a Rainbow' (2001), page 97: 'Sarka Kuto was our big and fascinating game.' There you have it folks: a self-confessed great masturbator on the Commission!! With Peni Moore and Taufa Vakatale, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel!!

Anonymous said...

The ravings of these 'I love myself and my opinions' brigade really are becoming boring.

Anonymous said...

No comments in the last 3 hours ... seems no ones interested in Victor Lal's LIES anymore

Anonymous said...

Victor - your piece, as always, is very revealing but PLEASE support it with evidence so there's no more speculation on the part of the readers. And, by the way what is your real motive in exposing MPC's evil side. I guess all anti-coup like minded people have one common goal in this forum and that is to find a way forward to a return to democratic government.

Sau said...

Thank you Victor for your detailed and as always clear and logical exposition of Chaudary's evil scheming. He is a flipflopping political imbecile whose moves and counter moves are aimed basically for personal profit.

There is no doubt that the devil Chaudery is a cruelly cunning lier, manipulator and an untrustworthy suwara.

Anonymous said...

Hi Victor Lal

Where is the 40 page Report or are you still trying to complete your concocotion before submitting them for public consumption OR are you trying to sabotage the unity of former political adversaries

JKYBNDS said...

Victol lal you are a SOB. Can you come down home and have a televised debate on this matter with Mr Rajendra Pal Chaudhry,Iam 100%sure you cant maichood Hon MPC is our hero and we will die for him u better know this Bhatiyara Lal.

ALPG said...

He cant produce 40 page report because one page is missing.

Anonymous said...

To all Kaiviti in Canberra pls note masturbation Satendra is in town. Please turn up at the National Library @ 5:30pm on 19 June...lets welcome him by throwing him in Lake Burly Griffin so he can experience REAL democracy

FLP mahajan said...

I can vouchafe on my coolie grandfather's graveyard that our esteemed FLP leader met Frank Bainimarama several times before the coup and that Asha Lakhan helped us prepare that 40 page document that our leader gave to Frank as a toolkit to carry out a coup. I should have disowned him than but he told us he will change of our lives after the 2006 coup. What difference will it make to see the actual document, our leader will never admit it even if it is revealed - remember to the last dying days as Finance Minister he was claiming that he never received a cent from India for Indo-Fijians. God help Fiji! I read the document before it was passed onto Frank Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Nurse Victor lal.
When will you stop this crepe you write.
Get a life, man

Satini Koki Tikoitoga said...

Vinaka Victor for exposing the truth. Keep up the good work.

Immigration Officer said...

JKYBNDS, your hero's son Rajendra Pal Chaudhry laundered money from his Sydney address on hehalf of your leader - wake up!

He and his father helped the illegal regime put Victor Lal and Russell Hunter on their banned list of persons from entering Fiji after the tax affair - now the chorawas are crying foul - the Chaudhrys - ask Rajendra what role he played in Hunter's deportation. I am an Indo-Fijian and I will never die for your chorwa leader

Anonymous said...

victor the ozzie t2 million is nowover six million fiji dollar take devaluti let mc or rejend enjoy the on and interest but god will not

Anonymous said...

Victor Lal, you'd have more credibility with me if you knew how to spell Ambassador Steven McGann's surname. It isn't McGaan. The guy is an American, not a Dutchman or Afrikaner.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe the above Dalit mentality? Thanks God we have someone from the high Varnas, like Victor Lal, to teach these social polluters, some manners & social etiquettes!
Your untouchable master-Chodo- is a crook I know, cause i was one of the many Fijian duped by him, to donate toward the poor indo in Fiji
during his world tour after his released by George Speight? It's absolutely astounding how stupid &
unrelenting some people can be,when
it comes to pointing out logic and or lack thereof of their choosen crook? They'd rather have a crook & liar,to hoodwink them rather than choose a honourable varna to represent their interest in our community? These idiots should be a good candidates for Mr Khaiyum to
retrained in military drills and ass kicking in Delai Nabua-QEB!

Anonymous said...

@FLP Mahajan- reveal your name otherwise jao maichodaw.

Anonymous said...

Victor, produce this purported document first you Lund.

Fiji Media Watcher said...

On August 2000 Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, an ethno-nationalist now parading as Bainimarama's Foreign Minister had condmened Victor Lal for calling for the re-appointment of Mahendra Chaudhry as Prime Minister: “Victor
Lal’s articles all have a simple, indeed simplistic stance, restore Chaudhry and impose democracy as defined by Lal and his friends. What he is advocating is an Indian supremacist doctrine, a new version of Hitlerian herrenvolk for Fiji. The racism lies in his desires, not those of us Fijians. His obsession to control Fiji
blinds him to his own ambitions.”
What Mahend did was put everybody on collusion course with the regime while enjoying the short-lived perks as Finance Minister. I hold no brief for Victor Lal but if Chaudhry could hide millions from us, why should we believe him that he had no part in the overthrow of the Qarase government. I BELIEVE Victor!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8.25, Yes we'll be there for Satendra Nandan's talk but you better not be. Because if you even say boo you will be in the one in Lake Burley Griffin. Shame on you, 4.5, for running a threat like this. But if these idiots want trouble, they will get it. We are sick of this kind of lamusona, liumuri behaviour. We will make it our life's work to have them kicked out of Australia and sent back to the boondocks of Fiji where they belong. Where the RFMF will also be waiting for them. You think we're kidding? See you on the 19th big boy.

Registrar of Names said...

What is in a name, a rose by another name - In Mahend's first reply he had spelled Vector instead of Victor - stop being pedantic

Anonymous said...

Victor has a personal issue with Mahen. On his tax matters Vic got lucky as the info was leaked to him and later used to charge MPC after he crticised regime direction. It is a dog eat dog world but MPC has the courage to take FB on. Victor is sitting pretty in London concoting more stories by the day.
Where is the "evidence of FB and ASKs paychecks as well as corrupt dealings?
I suggest you man up and come down to Fiji Victa.

Dan Singh said...

A warning to would be trouble cause's at Canberra symposium of Dr Nandan - Back off this is not fiji where you kaivitis can bully indians, or you will be given a lesson of respecting people and fuked off to your koro in fiji.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Victor! This is a permanent stain on Mahen C Chaudhary that no excuse can ever explain away. What a waste of political mileage hoarding that $2 million dollars for himself and his family. He's sure to reap the interest at the ballot box...

Anonymous said...

People seem to be blindly supporting MPC as he himself admitted to the A$3m deposits in Aust after denying it for so long. The support for MPC is because of a number of reasons:

1. He has been the most vocal indo fijian politician;

2. As a unionist, he orcestrated a number of strikes I the public service and sugar industry. These strikes had two objectives. Firstly for his own political mileage and secondly to show he was fighting for their cause.

3. Have to admit that he has vast experience and cunning ways and has been able to put wool over peoople's eyes.

4. His support for the grassroot is because he was the only one they felt would do things for him: and

5. He surrounded himself with yes man and ignorant people who saw him as "god".

The reality is this;

1. He does not practice what he preaches such as appointing family for position in Govt;

2. He took $3m plus collected for the poor for himself;

3. He supported Rabuka to become PM soon after the first election in 1992;

4: he joined the 2006 govt and lied to fB;

5. He continues to see FLP as his own personal property;

6. Is only joining LQ for his own selfish agenda I.e. To be PM.

MPC was sacked by PM when it was revealed that he did have the money. He begged not to be sacked but resign.

MPC will be in jail soon for hoarding the money. His excuse is that he did not know Fiji's exchange control policies, yes the former minister of finance's lame excuse.

Anonymous said...

Do you think for a moment that we're just going to sit by and let the authors of treason in Fiji go scot free around the world on book promotion tours and the like? We will hunt down traitors wherever we find them and make them pay. Add me to the welcome party for Nandan, and I won't be alone.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:12, at least, unlike yourself, we don't have an entire blog site, in your case one that apologises for an illegal regime!

Koi Namaka said...

This section was reporting views expressed at the triennial meeting in January 2001 of regional political leaders organized by the Pacific Islands Development Program (PIDP) at the East-West Center,
University of Hawaii.
5 Ibid., pp. 3, 6.

8.Fiji’s interim prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, singled out democracy as part of the problem, arguing that island states were finding it difficult to preserve their cultures in the process of moving from communal forms of rule to debate-driven democratic systems.6 Implicit in this statement is the notion that ‘Western’ democratic forms of politics and government are culturally inappropriate in Pacific island states – a notion that has been much debated in recent years.7 The most serious immediate issue in some countries is domestic

Anonymous said...

To say that the argument that island states are finding it difficult to preserve their cultures in the process of moving from communal forms of rule to debate-driven democratic systems implies that democratic forms of governance are culturally inappropriate in Pacific Island states is an over-reach. That is one possible interpretation, but there are others. Another possible interpretation, for example, is that the two different systems are antithetical in some respects but compatible in others, and that the transition to a system of democratic governance is actually an evolutionary adaptation mechanism helping to ensure the continued propagation of the culture.

Asha Lakhan said...

Krishna Datt told Parliament on 14 November 2006 that FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry was offered the post of Deputy Prime Minister and even Finance Minister:

Now, Mr. Speaker, Sir, my resolve to stay in the Multi-Party has become even stronger, since the revelation in the Fiji Labour Party Caucus by its leader that he was offered the Deputy Prime Minister position in this Cabinet, and when the honourable leader of the Fiji Labour Party referred to the Budget, having made it more difficult for him to take the position, the honourable Prime Minister is reported by the honourable leader of the FLP to have said to come and fix it up. Both of them presumably were talking in the context of VAT increases. Now, I have a difficulty understanding the honourable Member for Ba Open's position on this. We have been elected by the people to go and serve them in accordance with the provisions in the Constitution. Multi-Party is one such provision. If the most clear policy for the Fiji Labour Party is to keep VAT as low as possible, and the policy is so important that the party is prepared to push out its members from the Multi-Party arrangement, I cannot understand when the leader of the Fiji Labour Party is asked to join in as the second highest ranking Minister and to get rid of VAT, he declined. Mr. Speaker, Sir, at this point, I am tempted to speak in Hindi so that my people will understand, but I have been given limited time. In my mind, this raises serious questions about the motives of the leader of the Fiji Labour Party and their caucus. I am shocked, literally shocked that he refused the opportunity to do away with VAT altogether. The nine members of the Fiji Labour Party now in Cabinet are asked to become the sacrificial sheep.

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