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Monday, June 18, 2012

Citizen to Bainimarama: your legacy is a broken country

Rising poverty. file pic
A citizen's reply to interim prime minister's warning on politicains

Voreqe Bainimarama's comments in the Fiji Sun of 15th June 2012, warning  politicians cannot go unchallenged.  I have used Coup 4.5 as the Fiji Sun  told me they will not run my letter and the Fiji Times told me that they do  not run responses to stories in other newspapers. 

Mr Bainimarama says past  and current political leaders were corrupt. What about Mr Bainimarama's  regime? Is it pure as the driven snow? Is it what Mr Bainimarama would like us to believe?

Before I dwell on the subject matter proper, I think it is inappropriate to address Mr Bainimarama as Prime Minister as he is only an interim appointee and holds no legitimate mandate from the people in this regard. The same goes for the attorney general and other ministers. The regime is an interim  regime and no amount of top dressing or embellishment by the regime will change this fact.

I am no politician but believe that I do possess the necessary cognitive abilities to analyse the comments made by the interim prime minister yesterday in the context of the 2006 coup and thereafter. It is time people speak out.

The promise in 2006 was a clean up campaign. So what has been cleaned up? From my point of view the treasury has been cleaned up, FNPF member funds have been cleaned up and the rights of citizens to expression and opinion  has been muzzled.

The media has been castrated by the Media Decree and journalists like Maika Bolatiki write articles which are hardly facts in substance but opinions with larges doses of pro regime embellishment to curry favour with the regime so as to get more advertising revenue from the interim regime. Other journalists merely comply for reasons of job security or threats from the goons at the military camp.

Fiji Television has been advised that its broadcasting license will not be renewed for running political stories where views contrary to that of the interim regime were reported. Reporters and staff are worried about their future as many have mortgages and other financial commitments. Where is the commitment to freedom of expression? Why muzzle dissenting views? Are you afraid of being exposed for the fraud that you are Mr Bainimarama?

The economy is stagnant or more likely is recording negative growth. Wadan Narsey has written on this subject comprehensively on several occasions  recently. University graduates are working for as little as $60 per week and many of their fellow graduates remain unemployed.

The agriculture sector has been neglected and there has been no fresh impetus to resuscitate the industry. The sugar industry is virtually dead in Sigatoka and in parts of the northern division. Farmers and their families from the North are migrating to Viti Levu and many end up squatting in the  Suva – Nausori corridor. Agriculture officials and civil servants in general are too afraid to suggest anything to the regime for fear of losing their  jobs so basically do anything to placate their current masters. 

Corruption  in the civil service is rife as civil servants, with poor pay and little  training or supervision take advantage of the situation by accepting a little extra from certain members of the public to get the job done faster.

They call it the incentive allowance. This Mr Bainimarama is the legacy of your clean up campaign. Valuable State land, which should be reserved for housing or government projects have been given to foreign investors often at fire sale prices without being advertised. Look at the Tengy Cement Factory site at Lami – given free and the land next to Garden City – given to Chinese investors.

Mangroves are been destroyed and hundreds and thousands of marine life and their ecosystems are being lost perhaps forever. Environmental impact assessment reports are disregarded and for the Namosi Mine the interim prime minister said no such report was necessary. 

Why? Because his palms had been greased. Is this the clean up campaign you were talking about Mr Bainimarama? Chinese investors wine and dine and give gifts to the interim prime minister in exchange for services and favours which locals would only dream of. Has Mr Bainimarama ever declared in the official gift register how many and the value of such gifts by Chines investors?

Police officers have to pay for stationery used by them and often work long hours without  any extra pay or benefits. To top it off, their commissioner  takes every opportunity to lash out at them in the media. It is thus little wonder that morale in this law enforcement agency is at its lowest ebb.

Police officers have been charged for breaking into the exhibits rooms and stealing narcotics. Police have been charged for assault and theft. Is this the clean up you were talking about Mr Bainimarama? 

The civil service is totally demoralised and not focused on work as the whole civil service culture and processes have been bastardised and prostituted by the interim regime. Droves of civil servants are leaving for  the private sector or going abroad. The alarming concern is that Fijians also leaving in large numbers. To fill the void untrained, unqualified and  family members and friends of the interim regime are recruited. 

Francis Kean  – a convicted felon who received his full pay and benefits whilst imprisoned for murder/manslaughter – has somehow been made a permanent secretary  despite have an adverse criminal record. Would any other person charged for  murder and convicted for manslaughter be considered for such a senior civil service position? Yet Mr Bainimarama's brother in law Francis Kean was. Is this the clean up you were talking about Mr Bainimarama?

Regime supporters continue to benefit in the absence of proper accountability and transparency mechanisms. One legal person Nazhat Shameem has secured all State contracts, none of which were ever advertised. She is legal consultant to the Police, the DPP, FICAC, and a host of other government entities. 

She appears to have easier access to judges, some of whom are all too willing to attend and speak at workshops facilitated by her. Judges should not have such close interaction with a legal practitioner for very clear and ethical reasons but continue to do so. 

Why? Because they fear losing their contracts if they don’t grease up to Shameem – who for some warped reason refers to herself as Madam. She has now been allocated space in the prime minister’s office and is paid for consultancy services.

No advertisement was placed for this position and the terms and conditions of engagement remain a secret. Is this the clean up you were talking about Mr Bainimarama?

Interference in the judiciary is unprecedented and departing Sri Lankan judicial and legal officers have confirmed what everyone was suspecting all along in the judiciary in that it was subservient to the wishes of the  interim attorney general. One such lackey Daniel Goundar booked a one way ticket to Sydney on 6th June 2012. Many former magistrates and judges now openly talk about the interference by the illegal attorney general. 

The Qaranivalu conviction by Paul Madigan was celebrated by a cocktail hosted by Mr Bainimarama. All DPP staff were in attendance led by the former DPP and then regime stooge, Aca Rayawa. Judges like Daniel Goundar, Thurairaja, Madigan and Salesi Temo all have direct conversations with the DPP and in effect act as their agents in Court. Can anyone then be assured of a fair trial? Is this your idea of a clean up campaign Mr Bainimarama?

Cabinet minister’s salaries are not paid by the Cabinet office or the Finance Ministry but by a consultant firm headed by Nur Bano Ali. These salaries and benefits paid from the public purse have never been made available to the tax payers? Why? Is this the clean up campaign you were  talking about Mr Bainimarama?

Many in the military loathe Bainimarama but say nothing for fear of losing  their  commissions. Rank and file officers have had no raises and for the  most part eat eggplant and tin fish whilst the top officials have nothing but the best. 

For them bank loans, credit applications and personal favours are done at the drop of a hat. Senior military officers like Mosese  Tikoitoga and Sitiveni Qiliho have had extra marital affairs with children being born out of wedlock and yet nothing is done to them. Lower ranked officers are sacked for much lesser indiscretions. Is this the clean up that  you were talking about Mr Bainimarama?

Poverty is rampant and food prices have soared. Salaries and wages have been put on hold by employers who know that the current state of affairs will mean that workers will work for anything as employment is hard to find.

Labour ministry officials are bought out by employers and hardly do time and  wage audits, preferring to cast a blind eye to such glaring breaches of labour laws. Is this the clean up campaign you were talking about Mr  Bainimarama?

This is just a snap shot of Fiji under Mr Bainimarama. The country is in the abyss of poverty, moral turpitude and cultural and social de-fragmentation.

This is your legacy Mr Bainimarama. The clean up campaign was to clean out  the murder investigation and charges against you and for your complicity in mishandling the military regimental funds where millions of dollars remain unaccounted for and from which a sum of $470,000 was used by Mohammed Aziz for his law studies at Bond University in Australia.

Accept it Mr Bainimarama, the so called clean up campaign was self-serving. No amount of spin, threats or deceit will change this fact. The fact remains that your own senior officers have by their statements impeached your credibilityand exposed you as a liar, a women basher and a drunkard. You have no political support or respect from anyone except the hangers on who are only using you for their personal gain.

Politicians despite all their criticisms are elected by the people and it is the people that remove politicians – not by the barrel of a gun but through  the civilised means of a ballot. This is my and the civilised world’s accepted mode of government. It should also be the same for Fiji.


Anonymous said...

The citizen forgot the one billion dollar waila city development scam-this will bankrupt fiji cos it will run into many billions and buildings will collapse.

Tikosuva and despot are the crooks who are cleaning up fiji gov coffers dry.

Tikosuva is HA chairman-mainboy for scam why he barks in media with threats.

These two junta thugs must have their day in an open court then naboro one way ticket.

There is no clean up campign only clean up of gov coffers to fill junta pockets.

there is no reforms only deform of fiji.

Nothing is moving Fiji gone back 30 years.

Why FICAKE not charging despot for $200,000 illegal corrupt leave payment??????

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Bainimarama is dead and his carcass is been frozen and kept in a mortuary in China, under order of the AG?All media statements purported to be of Bainimarama is deception by the AG
to keep tricking the public into believing that Bai is still in the country when he's not? Some one should shoot this bastard and get it over with, or he'd be having a big laugh for having the guts&balls to trick a whole nation?

Anonymous said...

we looking forward to hear from the regime.
frank and khaiyum pls ans the public on this asap.
if you are clean and transparent .
i bet my life no ans will be given.
regime is not clean .we have read army audit report .
clean your house first before you clean the elected govt .
god bless.

Anonymous said...

How come Bai wasn't in this picture? Why was he missing from this important meet? Is it because he's laying in a hospital in China?
Come on Khaiyum tell the truth,Mosese will soon know and he'd pull his own coup against you?
The game is over? Just a matter of time before someone in the military
will pick this up and make his personal decision? PM Tikoitoga-sound pretty good?

Anonymous said...

Spot on..its the greatest letter ever written by a taxpaying citizen of this country to a maniac illegal wannabe Pm that really belongs in Naboro maximum prison for life..High treason..

sheetal said...

Many many thanks to this courageous writer,well done and keep on hitting this group of thugs.

unprecedented corruption said...

The corruption under the dictator khaiyum and his running dog bainimarama has been unprecedented in Fiji's history. Aunty Nur and the khaiyum clan including the corrupt shameems and the thief aziz have made a fortune. When this scum go down they will take a lot of other pigs with them. The window of opportunity for scumbags to distance themselves from the unelected military junta is closing. Without a doubt the biggest losers will be ordinary i-taukei soldiers (their reputations and futures ruined) unless they have the courage to stand up now and destroy these terrorists.

Anonymous said...

You have hit the nail on the head with this article I hope others are able to read this and wake up to the reality that we are facing.

Molbi Ishaaq Shah [haji] said...

In addition this very well said article,please allow me to highlight some appointments which is contrary to the clean up campaign.
Aiyaz Khaiyum
Mohammed Aziz
Nur Bano Ali
Nazhat Shameem
Riyaz Khaiyum
Afzal Khan
Hafiz Khan
Iqbal Janif
Saukat Ali
Abbaut Dean
Irfan Ali
Mohammed Rafiq
Robert Khan
Irshaad Ali
Roshan Ali
Imtyaaz Khan
Naushaad Khan
and the list goes on. My plea to the TAUKEI brothers and sisters please open your eyes and take action now as the country is on the verge of becoming a muslim state.I am a true muslim which compels me to inform my other brothers and sisters that Quran does not preach this,its only some selfish elements who are letting the entire muslim community down.TAUKEI brothers its time for action.

Molbi Ishaaq Shah [haji] said...

Fiji Live story today "Mosque Committee taken for questioning".Some honest muslims sincere to the Quran has been targeted by pro Khaiyum supporters.Actually they are totally against in converting Fiji into a muslim state.Their meetings take place in the mosque in the pretend to having prayer sessions. As a haji and molbi I have to reveal the truth.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. This person should have a name. What's the point of running this kind of anonymous BS? You guys have lost the plot.

Anonymous said...

While Fijians are drinking grog the Chinese are takng over their country.
You have so much government debt you will become slaves in your own country.
If you think,you'll still have your grandfather's land, you better talk to the Tibetans and see what the Chinese did to them when they tried to protest in 2008.

Like I said "If Good men do nothing then Bad men will happily take over".

It's time to band together and take back our government and our country from these thieves.

-Valataka na Dina.

paula raqeukai said...

well said and I hope the interim government take these comments on board and return the country to the people of Fiji so that we can all rebuild our country to the concept of the way the world should be...if only VB can humble himself before the Lord and seek His forgiveness and also seek the people's forgiveness...surely we can find a way out as an exit strategy to him and his believers...but most importantly I personally believe that for the sake of moving our country forward Fiji MUST set-up a TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION as a platform for a new beginning...

Anonymous said...

Mr Bainimarama I will print this and send it off out into the world so they can see what kind of a PUFTER LEADER YOU REALLY ARE!!

Anonymous said...

Another one sided story from racist one sided commentators. ! Where were these commentators during 2000 coup ? I tell u where! Drinking grog at the parliament.

ex Fiji tourist said...


This simple letter sums up the total incompetence of this illegal military junta.

It should be printed off an distributed in every town and village in Fiji.

School teachers and public servants; print this letter out and if you have a photocopier, churn out copies and distribute them.

Spread the word about the military morons' malaise.

Anonymous said...

@ Anomymous 9:54 AM

You have rightly highlighted the Asian problem in Fiji that is quietly festering in the background that most seem completely oblivious to.

Last week we heard of the 'illegal' dental surgery run by Chinese operating in Suva. The following day we heard that there was going to be further Chinese small business investment.

So this illegal business was not known about by the authorities of which the consequences are obvious;

a) Tax on its income not going to the goverment for the good of Fiji and Fijians.
b) Income and business stolen from legitimate Fijian practicioners.
c) Loopholes in system allowing uncontrolled drugs and equipment coming into Fiji.

Just look around Suva area at the amount of Asians here now and ask yourself how many legitimate business's you see them running.

Just look around the Suva area and note the number of resedential properties being purchased by Asians where business's are being run from such as homestays/boarding houses to storage of comercial equipment and chemicals.
The Asian owners and operators having no respect or concern as to inconvenience to the Fijian resedential community.

Investment into Fiji should be welcomed but it's pretty obvious that much Chinese investment coming in only steals from the Fijian and remains in Chinese pockets.

Paula said...

Fully agree. Let us spread this letter, submit it to EU, UN, to the regional organizations and the governments in the region. Let us mail it to our friends, put it on facebook, print it translate it into Fijian and Hindi and make sure that everybody has access to it. Radio Free Fiji should broadcast it and we should make sure that none can later say..'I did not know'.

Anonymous said...

The writer should write another letter, but this time use very simple language so that the fucking dumb shit voceke can understand it.

father george bro said...

Aiyaz khaiyum has converted into Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Baby Flying Fijian lose to Samoa
Taken from/By: irb.com
Report by: Milika Malaka
The focus is now on beating Italy and getting the placing says the Baby Flying Fijian coach Sale Sorovaki.

The Fiji Under 20 lost to Samoa this morning 29-20.

Fiji now faces Italy in do-or die game on this Friday to see which teams gets relegated for the Junior World Cup.

Italy lost 34-17 to Scotland this morning.

Ireland beat England 27-12 Ireland head into the fifth place –off against France.

France beat Australia 19-17, so Australia will play England for the seventh and Scotland beat Italy 34-17 to ensure to 10 finishes.

"SOROVAKI PLEASE RESIGN ASAP" irrespective whether you are Frank's son in law.

Concerned former helper said...

This coup startedoff asa clean up to get rid of Adolf Hitler and friends...rightfully so just like the real deal in WW2, but hiden behind this coup were oportunists like AG,Nazhat and few others who used the primary overthrow and used it to get into power themselves. A lot of good people threw their weight behind this coup initially only to find them used and thrown out for the benefit of the current powerful people.The current dissenters are also with people hidden behind for their own benefits and are not entirely honest about their blogging.
It is time for the PM to wake up ...really bro wake up and smell the SEMAI....The so called advisors will run away when it gets hot in he kitchen and leave you to disappear into the woodwork with their ill gotten gains.

reejan said...

very illuminating .all these happening under the reign of the military man who said he was obliged to takeover control of the country to "clean up" the corruption and bad governance which had become rampant in the country. and, remember he told us no military gang will benefit from the takeover because this was all being done for the good of the country.one has to be stupid - very stupid - to believe this is the case in today's fiji .

mark manning said...

Now we're learning !

Anonymous said...

All the people implicated as having benefitted from this regime advised chief goon to do coup in 2006. They knew they were dealing with a man who was living in fear and rode on that fear advising him to take over government if he wants to escape Naboro as then COMPOL no-nonsense Andrew Hughes was hot on his heels wrapping up investigations into circumstances surrounding the murder of CRW. There is no other reason for the 2006 coup, nothing to do with corruption or anything else. These advisers who are the main actors on the national stage now knew the takeover by this frightened man would create an ideal opportunity to make money through the government system and they have been doing exactly that for the pasy six years.

Anonymous said...

an excellent piece and a 100% correct

The Oracle said...

WELL WRITTEN. Couldn't have said it any better. Now, let's wait for the Qorvis/Graham Davis response.. or is this anonymous truth teller not in their league?
If everyone prints several copies of this and leaves the pile (accidentally) in public places like bus stands, Sukuna Park etc for anyone to pick up, then the story will have been well told. And, propagandists, Qorvis/Davis/Khaiyum will know the real wrath of "a woman scorned" when Frank Bainimarama goes truly bananas(God forbid)in his Chinese-made pajamas!!

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent letter but actually understates the rampant corruption in the regime. For example, it doesn't mention the multiple cabinet salaries received by both Bainimarama and Khaiyum. It doesn't mention the unprecedented cash payout Bainimarama received that was upposedly on the basis of accrued leave. It doesn't touch upon the public auditor reports squelched by Bainimarama over the past several years. It doesn't mention Khaiyum's uncle and the regime play against FIJI Water. No mention is made of the red envelopes packed with cash that officers of the Chinese Embassy pass under the table to the police and probably others. Or Bainimarama's cozy relationship with Fulluck, the top (Chinese) human trafficker in the country. Or Khaiyum's sweetheart property deals. Or the sweetheart deals with Chinese Railway Construction No. 5. And the list could go on and on.

Still, an excellent letter. Of course, the Fiji Sun won't print it, because it has long since abandoned all journalistic ethics. And the Fiji Times is too vulnerable/craven. For all their claims of printing adverse letters, the pro-regime blog sites also will not print anything too powerful in opposition, because they can offer no adequate rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

this article shows signs of a cry baby
keep on crying till Baini gives you some female horse milk

Anonymous said...

An excellent factual piece................ Well done Mate!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece...it details things well...distribute it to everyone...
God is watching and history is about to repeat itself..no dictator lasts forever..Keep it up guys!

Anonymous said...

Attention everybody..Does anyone really know why Mason Smith the PS for agriculture suddenly resigned..well the truth is that he stole 4 million dollars and hid it in the wifes account..He had not resigned but dismissed..now its every man for himself..how stupid fools cant help themselves when they are put in a position overnight..corrrupt..corrupt corrupt..

Anonymous said...

the time is coming soon for the regime to fall.
young educated army officers will get rid of the old farts that been using them for power and money.

Anonymous said...

Employees of FICAC fear for their lives on the basis of what they know about this present regime.

This is the truth.

They sweat at work and can't sleep well at night, not knowing when they may become a target.

Their lips are sealed, but they still fear for just having this knowledge with them.

Anonymous said...

Not to difficult to tell who wrote this article seems to me its a Lawyer, who also studied at Bond University with Aziz! Come on guys get the author to put their name down as someone has already said.

Inoke Magaitinamu caused havoc in 2000. said...

Put your name to the article if you have the balls otherwise shut up.

The Qaranivalu conviction by Paul Madigan was celebrated by a cocktail hosted by Mr Bainimarama.

so whts wrong with that. IT was the same Inoke magaitinamu who caused havoc and mayhem during the 2000 coup in Fiji.

The magatinamu Inoke deserves what he got afterall he was the one who ordered his kaicolo villagers of Naitasiri to looting and burning of indian farmers houses and stealing their livestock for a party at the parliament house for the thugs holding elected members as hostage.

Kai Bau said...

Coup 4.5 whats wrong with that nice lean to on the photo.Does that shows poverty...no...its better than people slleping on the streets in India or the war torn countries around the world.Nice house very posh.

Save Vaka said...

Add $85m borrowed from the FDB to finance the new FBC's TV station.Not one cent has been paid back and by all accounts,no profit has been made sosfar.

Investors have taken flight because the TV station is right up Vore's backside reporting on all the shit flowing out.

Big time corruption going on here!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent letter. Keep exposing them all.

Nazat and Aiyaz are both shameless and corrupt. "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first set out to deceive!"

Anonymous said...

To coupsters (the traumatised from coup of 2000) - whatever sympathy there was for you guys are gone. Simply vanished into thin air!

It's true the farmers who were trashed did not deserve it and they still have our sympathy, not you gangsters who use them as an excuse to enrich yourselves via BaiAiz's coup..

Have you thieving rats seen the scale of what you're complaining about in other parts of the world?Violence is never the answer!And certainly not a tit-for-tat coup. So to hell with your Muaniweni excuses, you're no victims..

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much letter writer for the info & great insights into the corrupt regime.

Keep it coming : factual, detailed and as objective as you can possibly muster. God bless you and Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Shameless Mason Smith, a pimp, prostitute and thief. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

pride than comes the fall of a man.
khaiyum ,mosese and frank your pride and corrupt practice is a talking point in this article.
prove fiji public now that you are cleaning up or covering up and taking the govt funds as your own personal assets.
time will come when you will ans to your people and god.
if not the sin will pass on to your children and families.gods word will be true for ever.
god bless the meek and poor and pure in heart.
truth will set fiji people free from the evil regime one day.
people have been freed in middle east.

Anonymous said...

If Inoke Magatinamu deserves prison for feeding the thugs who held parliament hostage in 2000, then how much more severe should the sentence be for Bainimarama, for inciting the hostage taking, arming the hostage takers, and seeing to it that the thugs continued to receive full pay during the takeover?

Anonymous said...

@ June 28..9.17pm..why dont you post up your name first so the kaicolos can come and cook you for dinner..luveni kawa ca..It was your ass giving grandfather Bainimarama was the one that instigated the year 200 coup but backed out in the last minute..Now all we are waiting fo is for him to face a full court of law for treason..year 2000 and 2006..Good on Ratu Inoke he is a man and is now facing jail time but for your ass giving grandfather he likes to be fucked by the chineese and is running around in circles not knowing what to do cause the time will come when he has to face a court of justice..than jail time..ia..katia..katia na papai..luveni BOCI..

Anonymous said...

Very good article and applauded by calm right thinking citizens of Fiji for it logical, articulate presentation of FACTS. It seems its rubbed deranged, illegal-regime supporters the wrong way as shown by their emotional, irrational comments.

We, who love our beloved country must distribute this piece to all equally right thinking people of this country - who can see the rot clearly and not easily fooled by the Fiji Sun Bullshit and the illegal regime propaganda machine. I say Return the country to its legal govt!!!

Anonymous said...

If Baini is dead and his body lies in a freezer in China, like some have suggested on this blog, then who the fark was that at the rugby match in Churchill park against the Scots on Saturday, i-arse's hand-puppet?

Anonymous said...

@11.09AM, that was his double or backup, don't you know PM's and President's have backups now. Look properly, it might be your uncle Tutu Joji!!

Anonymous said...

dont kill voreqe he needs to suffer slowly in a maximum prison and whither away painfully like the people of fiji suffered when he took over.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to correct you, 9:00 AM, but as I've pointed out before in comment to this blog, Bainimarama is committing treason every day he illegally holds power. Not only do we now know that he committed treason in 2000 and, of course, in 2006, but he's been committing treason every day since.

Treason has no statute of limitations and is customarily punishable through death by hanging.

Bainimarama and co-treasonist Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum seem to think they can continue to hold power illegally forever. Their constitutional 'dialogue' and elections ruses are just more of the same temporising tactics they've been using to try to postpone their date with the gallows indefinitely.

What they should now be doing is negotiating for their lives. They may never get a better chance.

I say keep the idea of amnesty off the table. Traitors they are, and as traitors should they be remembered. We need to stop coddling traitors. No amnesty for treason.

s/ Dakuwaqa

@dot.com said...

An acceptable letter under the circumstances as it highlights, summarizes and consolidates the various incidents, situations, breaches etc of the interim govt. Unfortunately the people who are suppose to be reading them, particularly the civil servants, will not be able to do so simply because all Internet Service Providers in Fiji particularly in government are denied access to blogsites unless it is from a personal PC. Any suggestions as to how we can disseminate far and wide so that the grassroots can have access to info making the rounds in C4.5?

Anonymous said...

Do not forget the members of the security council - Paul Manueli, Dixon Seeto etc. Spare one cell for all of them in Naboro and let them stink each other out while they wait for their turn to be tried.

"Vengeance is Mine, I will recompense", says the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Is that why that goon Mohammed Aziz cried his crocodile tears and said he would never leave Bainimarama, NOT because of some sense of loyalty to the illegal pm BUT because he (Mohammed Aziz) had used up $470,000 from the army and regimental funds for his studies at private Bond University in Australia?!! Corrupt to the core.

Anonymous said...

A member from the Judicial Dept, has spill the bean,

Illegal Chief Registrar Irani has got her name included in the practitioners list.

For the last few months she had been away from office and utilizing tax payers money.

What will be her next move?

has the illegal AG who visits her during night promised her some top post? DPP OR SG ????

God save Fiji

Go Citizen Fiji said...

Citizen Fiji should get a reply from Bainimarama. C'mom Bai - front up! If as you say yur govt responds to democracy, then answer Citizen Fiji.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice vila right there!!

Anonymous said...

Recent Travel Programme on NZ TV shown in prime time "Radar Across the Pacific" showed the wonderful friendly Fijian People but all them were too scared to speak on camera about Political Situation in Fiji. Shows every one around the world there is no freedom of speech in Fiji.

The Heckler said...

Pure as the driven snow? No, Banimarama's regime is as pure as the driven slush.