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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Death of senior Kubuna chief as confederacy prepares to name new Vunivalu

Adi Samanunu with Ratu Tu'uakitau Cokanauto. pic Fiji Times
The eldest daughter of Fiji's first governor general has died at the age of 72 after being ill for some time. Adi Samanunu Cakobau Talakuli died at her home in Nakelo on Monday and will be buried next Friday.

First governor general. pic Fiji Treasures and Fiji Museum
Like her predecessors, including the very first Cakobau to assume a political role, Fiji's self-styled King Seru Epanisa Cakobau, she wielded political influence: she was Minister for Fijian Affairs in 1994 and 1995 and a candidate for the Vice-Presidency in 1997.

Samanunu was Fiji's High Commissioner to Malaysia and Ambassador to Thailand and was on the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific in 1999. 

She was also appointed to the Fijian Senate in 2006 and was made a minister outside Cabinet.

As the eldest child of the last Vunivalu of Bau, she was senior chief of the Kubuna Confederacy, but was not a member of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga.

A cousin, Adi Finau Tabacaucoro, has told Fiji Live Samununu had been sick for some time and may have had liver problems.
Epinisa Cakobau

Samanunu’s death comes as the Bau moves to appoint a Vunivalu, the position having been vacant 21 years, since November 1989 when Ratu Sir George Cakobau died.

Her brothers, Ratu George Cakobau Jr and and Ratu Epenisa Seru Cakobau, are both vying for the powerful role. It is reported a decision has been made but not yet announced.


Anonymous said...

My condolence to the family.
ADI was a great person and friend.
Her soul may rest in peace.
May our good god bless the family in time of need.
Rajesh Singh

Ratu Lailai said...

Cakobau was never king of Fiji and for that matter there was and there is no king of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

If any of the incumbents to the Vunivalu are reading this, please declare war on Chief War War when you are installed.

If trough mutiny and strggle the people of Fiji regain democracy you will go down in history if you do so as the chief who brought sanity back in Fiji.

If you do not you will start your term on a sour unpopular note

Satini Koki Tikoitoga said...

R.I.P Adi Samanunu.

Bauans cant make Decisions said...

What the fuks wrong with these bauans that they cant make a decision, as it has taken more than 21 years to appoint a replacement.

Does that mean the position is in significant?

Who cares these days?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rajesh for been the first to
offer your condolences.Yes-Adi thanks for been a true Fijian Royality. May our forefather keeps you & care for you in your next journey to Paradise?

Anonymous said...

Thanks God we finally have a new KING? Thank you Ratu Veiwili for doing a fantastic job in making this appointment possible!

Anonymous said...

Well My condolence to the family. Adi Samanunu Cakobau was a good leader for her community. needless to say she was a racist and a divider.

May her soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Fiji should become the kingdom of the Cakobau again better than this khaiyum and frank butako govt.
Fiji belongs to the Chiefs of Fiji Not to this Muslim and frank.

Anonymous said...

Adi should be given the state and chiefly burial.
She was elected Hon senator.

Tui Viti said...

Cakobau was a self styled king of Fiji but no such title exist nor recognised by kai vitis.

Anonymous said...

The new constitution will allow brilliant leaders like our AG Khaiyum to be appointed as Vunivalu under doctrine of neccessity as Fijian traditional leaders are not smart like khaiyum.

Anonymous said...


Fiji Sun reinforcing media thuggery.

The Attorney-General and Acting Minister for Information Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has said that the media code of ethics and practice must be adhered to at all times.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum was responding to reports about the conditions allegedly set out for the renewal of Fiji Television’s broadcast licence.
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its partner the Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF) had stated that the Fijian Government had stopped Fiji TV from covering members of the “opposition”.
According to a PFF report, the order was not to broadcast comments or pictures of people including Laisenia Qarase, Mahendra Chaudhry and Felix Anthony.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said he had met with Fiji TV chairman Isoa Kaloumaira on May 25 regarding the issue.
“At this meeting, the Attorney-General emphasised that as far as news reporting was concerned, Fiji TV, like all other media organisations, needed to adhere to the media code of ethics and practice and be balanced and fair, not just in form but in substance,” a statement from the A-G’s office said last night.
n Licence renewal – Page 6

Anonymous said...

Sa na donu vakavinaka kina na namuna nei Binivore ena new constitution. Sa na kau laivi kina na racial based thinking e tu ena vei matanitu sa oti...Therefore Aiarss Kaykub is eligible and qualified for the Vunivalu and leader of Kubuna Conf...Koya beka ya koya e dredre tiko kina na decision mai na vanua o Kubuna...Time right mahn....Coz Bainimagana will now be his puppet...Anyway Bainivore is a qalomai to be honest as Aiarsss..

Ex Navy...


Koi Burotukula said...

Moce Adi...........

Vinaka saka valalevu ki vei kemunu saka na Turaga na Vunivalu ena i rogorogo lagilagi nu sa biuta saka tu ka rogo kina na noda vanua vakaturaga.

Nu sa kerei saka ga me da lomani vaka tautauvata na lewe saka ni vanua, taukei kei na vulagi.

Ni sa moce saka ka sa kerei saka a nomunu veivakadonui me keitou sa soko tale mada i Burotukula......

Me kalougata saka tiko nai Tutu Vakaturaga, na Nomunu i tutu saka na Gone turaga Bale na Vunivalu na tui Kaba.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7: 48 AM

Samununu was not elected but was nominated. All senators according to 1997 constitution were nominated by political parties and GCC.

Anonymous said...

Like all other chiefs(thieves) she was just for herself

RIP, but no sympathy can be offered.

I am being practical and say things the way it is.

Anonymous said...

As we are all Fijians, so Aiyaz Khaiyum is now legible for Vunivalu of Bau.

Anonymous said...

RIP Adi Samanunu. A lady of honor and integrity. A very humble lady and always have time to chat with anyone who knows her. @anon 10.19a.m., what Rt. Veiwili has to do with this?? I know definitely for sure he was being selective on who should hold be the next Vunivalu.

Wilson Tamanikaira said...

May I strongly suggest to some bloggers to please have respect for the deceased Adi Samanunu.What you say will hurt family members, the Vanua and many other decent citizens of Fiji. We may disagree with some people but there is a time and place for everything. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

Lots of dalits in the house tonight
we don't need your two bits and pollution? Leave us ITAUKEI to pay our Queen our last respect and morn
her sudden departure.King Seru Cakobau would have been proud? For she was an excellent defenders of our Fijian culture and our ways of life.

Taukei. said...

Lest you forgot?

"The chiefs of Bau install the chief of the Yavusa Ratu clan to be their principle chief and he is the Roko Tui Bau: the high chief second in rank is the head of the Tui Kaba clan: his installation title is Vunivalu or Tui Levuka".

History Of Fiji. Kim Gravelle.

Anonymous said...

Sa vinaka for that little Vanua title history Kim Grovelling. And the Yavusa Windsors claim the Monarch of England and the Yavusa Caucus, the PM...kaiKubuna

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Oilei regional media at its worse...they saying 'alleged' threats against Fiji TV because of its coverage of SDL and FLP. When will these supposed purveyors of the fourth estate admit to the oppression, media and otherwise, in Fiji. They'll be the ones to watch as well after the return of democracy. What reasoned arguments will they use to cover their fear to report the truth?

Fiji Labour Party concerned about media landscape

Posted at 03:22 on 14 June, 2012 UTC

The Fiji Labour Party says it intends to raise alleged threats against Fiji TV with the Constitutional Commission, saying the process of taking Fiji back to democratic rule via elections is not taking place in a free and fair environment.

This comes after the regime reportedly warned Fiji TV that its licence would not be renewed because the regime was displeased with the coverage given to politicians like the Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, and the ousted prime minister, Laisenia Qarase.

The Labour Party says the interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum must confirm or deny these reports.

According to the Fijivillage website, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum says he met the Fiji TV chair last month to emphasise that Fiji TV needed to be fair and balanced.

Fiji TV has not responded to the allegation of threats but issued a statement to say that Fiji TV was given a formal assurance last year that its licence would be renewed for another 12-year term.

The Fiji Labour Party says local media organisations are still not giving fair and balanced coverage to elected political leaders perceived as opposition by the regime.

Anonymous said...

@10:19 PM

Kua ni o dau vosa vaka viavialevu. Qarauna tiko na nomu i lakolako ena vei siga. Ni o sa moce mada ga me na wadra tiko edua na matamu.

E sa na tekivu cemuri iko edai na i sau ni nomu vosa...kaisi!!

Bloggrs Phere said...

Vunivalu question
June 14, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

By Leone cabenatabua
Is the Fiji Sun trying to be a blog?

Word from the grapevine is that the dispute in the installation of the Turaga na Vunivalu has reached those in higher authority.
And the clan responsible for the installation of the Vunivalu is said to have refused to do their traditional duty because they are not happy with the chosen way.
What happens next is anybody’s guess. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Adi Samanau could easily walk with the "ordinary" people. I recall a day she and her cousin were sitting having lunch at one of the Chinese takeaway shop in the Harbour Centre the Lady had class but had no hassels sitting with ordinary folkes. May God bless her in her journey home to her fore-fathers. Kubuna has lost Marama ni Vanua who always carried herself with diginity. Moce Adi.

Anonymous said...

Don't be too surprised if the regime tries to engineer who is picked to be the Vunivalu. The Chinese government is trying to usurp the selection of the next Dalai Lama, and we all know Beijing is advising this regime.

Kai Bau said...

Please Coup 4.5 I always respect this site for the contribution you have made about our freedom from this forceful regime but Iam totally against your site for allowing degrading comments on such topic.Ke dou turaga i taukei se marama i taukei dina dou bau rokova na mata vuvale na Cakobau baleta e a sega ni nodratou lewa me mai kau tani na marama lailai mai mateiwelagi se me mai tadre tu nai tutu vaka vunivalu.Vei kemuni na wilika tiko na blog na vuni mai tadre tiko ni tutu vaka turaga oqo e sega ni baleti ratou na gone mai mateiwelagi e bale tiko vaka tabaki dua vei so na viavia turaga mai Bau kora vaka vereya tiko na kena i lakolako dina vaka turaga.Na vuna levu talega ni sara mai yali ko ira eso na turaga koya era dau vosa vaka dodonu ka kilai Bau vinaka sara ka ra sa basika eso ka ra sega ni dodonu mera vaka tulewa ena so na veika bibi me vaka nai tutu vaka vunivalu.Meu kauta lesu tale na leqa oqo ea tekivu tiko mai ena gauna ni vakamau nei Rt Apenisa ka qai mai kaburaki ena dela vuvu ni vale ena gauna sa mai leqa kina na gone turga na Vunivalu.E sega beka ni na kilai na leqa qori ena vei kemuni na vei yasai Viti ia vei keimami na kila tu na veika e baleta na matanitu vaka turaga o Bau e matata vinaka tu vei keimami.
Au sa kerekere meda kakua ni tauca tu eso na vosa vakalialia tawa kilikili ena vuku ni o ni rarawa e bika tiko na vanua vaka turaga mai Kubuna.
Au nuitaka ni ratou na wilika talega na turaga lalai kora vaka vereya tiko nai tutu oqo nai tukutuku oqo ka dou sa kilai kemudou tiko.
Vinaka vakalevu
Kai Bau

Anonymous said...

Don't blame C4.5 for printing the comments it receives. This does not in any way imply its endorsement of those statements. That's simply the way a free press operates.

On the other hand, I do agree with the comment that there is a time and place for everything. Simple humanity demands that we show due respect for the family of the newly departed.

Anonymous said...

@ Kai Bau

A ba kei Bau e dei vinaka tu.

Dou lea kalougata tiko a Turaga wekaqu.


Anonymous said...

isa RIP Adi. Keimami sa raici kemunu cake jiko na vuvale vaka turaga mai Bau ka nuitakina jiko niko ni na kauti kemimami na kawai taukei kina dua na Viti vinaka. kalougata saka jiko na Yanuyanu kei na yavusa vakaturaga

Gone ni Totoya

Kai Bau said...

Annon June 14 2012,6.31.I can feel the pain of discussing subjects that affect the Vanua and the Chiefs because Iam an indgenous Fijian.Sega ni i tovo dina vaka i Taukei meda mai wasea tu va qo na ka me baleti keda vaka bibi na noda veika vaka turaga.Baleta gona ni sa curumi wai tu na noda bula vaka vanua sa doudou kina eso na tamata ni lovo mera vosa baleta yani eso na ka e dodonu mera vosa ga kina na dodonu mera vosa.Vuqa na gauna ko ira saraga na tamata ni lovo kei ira na sega ni tu na nodra dodonu mera vosa mai na nodra dela ni yavu era dau mai gusu sika tiko ena so na mataqali vanua va ka oqo baleta qo ga na vanua ena rawa ni ra vunitaki ira kina ka ra vosa mai me vaka taki Voreqe.Ka mada me mate e dua na wekamu mera qai mai vosa tiko vaka lialia na tamata.Sa ratou rarawa tiko mada qai caka tale tiko na vosa viavia levu mai vei ira na so qo.Ke o kai dia e sega toka ni dua na ka ia ke ni kai viti sa qai dua na vanua totosobu sa da naulu tiko kina na kawa i Taukei.Sa rauta me caka tiko na coup ena vukui ni kocokoco ni tamata.

Anonymous said...

Kai Viti i Malevani
@ wilson tamanikaira-I really dont give a shit whether samanunu is living or dead what have you got to say to the families who suffered in the 2000 coup that she personally returned from malaysia to support. she with her sister and brothers including the supposely the yet to be announced newly appointed vunivalu unashamedly unequivocally supported speight turning it into a tailevu, kubuna and mataiwelagi cause. you tell me why should I a native fijian show sympathy to someone who helped tear all that generations before me help build.
@kai burotukula-vaka golea na veivakaturagataki ki vua e sau turaga dina ie "ROKO TUI BAU". Turaga ena kena vakasama taucoko itovo, valavala ka liga kaukauwa ena rawa ka.
Chiefs we would all agree are now a dieing breed. This passage of change is only now being hastened by bainimarama. But it was always coming. Their relevance in todays changing world is the challenge time has thrown at their feet. How long they last I fear may already be a foregone conclusion. At best theyre ceremonial figures reduced to their villages where even their supposed tradtional powers play second fiddle to the supreme law of the land.
We were all created equal lest we forget.
@ kai bau - sa sau ga ni valavala ca na ca. O tagica tiko qori va vei veretaki e caka tiko mai bau belata na digitaki ni sosomi ni vunivalu. rauta vinaka na ka era a bobula taki kina na lewe ni vanua mai vei kemudou qori. me yaco tiko yacova sara ni dou rusa.

Fijian said...

Isa RIP Adi.

Very interesting piece of history from Kim Gravelle.

Great work C4.5 in updating us with the latest news from home.

@ KaiBau, whilst we all feel for the passing of your chief, please watch your mouth when calling others 'kaisi' and 'tamata ni lovo'.... as if you're any better!

Anonymous said...

Anon@5:49pm...Why try to muscle c4.5 you can take your idea and shove it up franks backside!If you
don't appreciate democracy than go
join Khaiyum & Frank.How the he'll are we supposed to know the opinion
of our general population?If we start throwing out opinion we don't like, how can the future leaders of out nation, learn and devised a future program, that would be fair to us all? Thanks c4.5 for printing all opinion sent to your website-keep up the good work?

Anonymous said...

@Kai Bau. Na tamata ni lovo ga o koya na boci liutaki ira tiko na mataivalu ni solisona. Dou lako sara mai Kubuna dou lai vosa vei koya na kaisi kalawaci kemudou tiko.
Vakaveiau dou sa lamutaki koya tiko mada ga mai Bau.
Vakacava mada me dua na kaibau dina me vidika mada na daliga i Voreqe. Dua ga na mawi matau lailai , vanua ga drau sota kina.

Anonymous said...

Ni gole ena vakacegu Adi and it was an honour to have met you.

Anonymous said...

Sa sega ni dua na Kaidia, sa Fijians taucoko tiko qo Tamana, kauta laivi sara na vosa nai Kaidia -ni rogoci iko o Khaiyum kei Bai o sa rarawa-da veitokoni tu mada ga-se cava e rawa nida cakava-na vosa walega.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as a King or Queen of Fiji. Only ppl from Bau claim this.. What if no British to save that murderous Cakobau, Tongans cud have whooped their asses!!

Hihghlanders said...

Yes ..self proclaimed King.Even in the Highlands dont even recognised them..

Kai Bau said...

@Fijian sorry if I did offend you but if it doesnt effect you in any way than relax....if you are not in that category.....than I did not mean it for you.Iam commenting to those Fijian VKB who are degrading the Cakobaus in this trying times.
@Kai Viti i Malevani...bula vinaka,taciqu, au vakabauta ni dua na leqa levu e tiko vei kemuni ka vaka mo sa vosa ni cudru ka ko sa bilitaki ira na bulia na vunivalu.Taciqu qarauna de dua o na labata ke o tagane dina; ena vuku ni tautau ni vosa ni cudru qori.Council sara vaka totolo taciqu sa tu qori na kena vanua de ka e tauvi iko tiko na mate vata nei Voreqe mo via vakawaboko taka tiko na yavu ni kawa i Taukei.
Vei kemuni koni bilitaki ira tiko na Kai Bau ni ra lamu ..gonei e sega walega ni lamu o Bau e lamu o Viti taucoko wili kina o iko kei au baleta ni daru sega ni tucake me daru valuti koya na kawa ni kaisi qo o Bainimarama.
I will still call an Indian a Kai Dia and a Fijian a Taukei....wheather its from Bainimarama o Kaiyum its the fact and it will remain that way...gonei teri rawa ni dua me uluuluwai tu la mai ulu kabi...sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Keda na kai VT dina da kua mada na veidusi vaka caka tiko mai cake qori. sa levu ga na viavia Turaga. Na nodratou leqa mai mataiwelagi me nodratou ga. O Bainimarama ga e F.O e kaisi.
De dua sa via taura tale jiko ga nai tutu nei Roko Tui Bau, Vunivalu na Tui Kaba. ca gona ni ra sa sakivaka jiko ga mai na dakai ra kauta tiko.
@kai Vt Malevani..sa rauta mada..sivia na vosa vaviavia levu..ruru mai sana qori..LOL

Anonymous said...

@8.49pm..who said Tongan s could have taken ovr Bau...cala valevu nomu facts..dou veicai kei ira na kai Tongans.

Anonymous said...

If the British hadn't stepped in, the Americans would have pressed their indemnity claim. By now, we'd be an American state, with a republican form of government -- enjoying free speech, equality and due process under law, an advanced, tourism-based economy, and all of the blessings of liberty. We would never have come close to sinking to our current state, pleading with the Americans to bomb Delainabua.

Anonymous said...

Aid Samanunu Talakuli Cakobau was a lady of wisdom and had great respect for all race, creed and culture! She and the entire Cakobau family are a fine example of individuals who are selfless and respectful. They have no barriers and welcome everyone with open arms!!! Lass Ratu George Cakobau was the Governor in 1987, there would be no coup culture!!!! I have visited Bau as an Indo Fijian and have had close ties with the Bau and it is sad the we have lost two great ladies in Mrs. Cakobau and Adi Samanunu in a short span of time. Ratu Epenisa our prayers and thoughts to you, your family and the People of Bau! We pray for their souls and will be in Bau to offer my condolence!!! God bless Fiji and save this nation from the evil and conniving individuals who are not God fearing!!


Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:23PM
Truth be told Bau was small fry for the Tongans. I agree with anon @8:49pm if the tongans wanted Bau they would have raised it to the ground. In the journal accounts of Mrs Cross (wife of Rev William Cross) she noted how widespread tongans had settled around coastal vitilevu and as well as on Bau. They were an unrully lot that refused to follow various traditional observance on Bau. Their groupings were at best battalion strong by modern standards and revered of these lot were brothers Tupou and Toutai. Ratu Seru Cakobau it would seem never made a move for fear of reprisal from the kingdom.
Sa dri yani

*Truth hurts aye

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:23

Katuba makawa i Tonga. O Siaosi na Tui Kanokupolu ka qai Tui Tonga e dra vaka Tonga, vaka Samoa ka vaka Viti. E kaukauwa sara vei iratou na dra vaka Viti mai vei Baleisasa na kawa i Kubunavanua.

Sega ni ka vou na nodratou gole mai ka mai vakaitavi e Kaba. Qori na sala makawa ni vewekani.

Eratou a vakaitavi Mai Kedekede e Lakeba ko iratou mai Yasayasa kei iratou na wekadratou na Ha'a Ngata Tupu e na i valu ka vakadeitaki kina nai tutu ni Tui Nayau ki vei rau na veitacini ko Roko Malani (tinana ma Yasayasa), kei Roko Taliai. E rau a kere i valu ki veiratou na wekadrau mai Yasayasa ko irau na veitacini dra turaga oqori, ka a ciqomi na i kere valu ka mani kau i valu yani kina ki Lakeba na i mataivalu mai Yasayasa vata kei iratou na wekadratou na Ha'a Ngata Tupu mai Tonga.

Oya na i valu ni "puaka loa" ka dau tukuni tu mai Lakeba, se kilai raraba me i "Valu mai Kedekede". E cabe mai Lakeba nai mataivalu veiwekani ni Yasayasa/Ha'a Ngata Tupu ena i udu udu ena matasawa nodratou na Turaga wekadratou voleka sara mai Nasaqalau.

O iratou na Ha'a Ngata Tupu, ni soqo ko Tonga, eratou qarava na yaqona nei Tui Tonga. Eratou liga ni wau nei Tui Tonga ena kena yadravi na yalofi kei na i tikotiko tabu ni Tui Tonga.

Ko Rt Seru Cakabou e a sucu mai Lakeba.

E a susu mai Yasayasa ena veika vakaivalu. E veiwekani voleka sara talega na Turaga koya ki Tonga. E sega ni ratou basika tu ga mai vakailoa ko iratou na veiwekani mai Tonga. Eratou gole mai ena kena matanikatuba.

Ko Rt Mara Kapaiwai (ka qai mai vakayacani kina na Turaga Peresitedi sa bale) e Turaga i valu kilai raraba, Viti kei Tonga. E veiwekani voleka talega ki Tonga na Turaga koya, dina ni a qai vuki e muri me valuti ira na wekana Tonga e Viti ka mani laki vuna kina na kena yaco na veilecavi mai Kaba.

Sa dei tu ga na vei i yatu kei na matanikatuba e dodonu me muri.

E vinaka me maroroi baleta ena maroroi keda.

Maroroya na noda matata, kei na noda sautu.

Era sega ni vola na noda "history" ko ira na tani. Eda matata vinaka.

Eda veiwekani taucoko tikoga.

Kalougata Tiko....

Fijian said...

@ Anon 7.37am, sa vaka era sega ni kila na lawakica na kaiviti me ra sega ni kila na veisautaka vakalawakica na i tukutuku eso me baleti keda.

Outsiders's observations and perspectives about the past are equally valid if not more objective.

It's always the victors that rewrite history.

@ kai bau, relax bro, you are in the category of kaisi bakola!

Anonymous said...

@ Kai bau, take your bulsh!t complaint and go jump.

Anonymous said...

I agree Truth hurts, Ma'afu could have taken over Fiji had it not for the British. Yes another sense we cud have been an American State, pity the itaukei then!!! Any pure Hawaiians left??

Anonymous said...

@ Fijian 10:28

E donu beka na tikina qori, ia na dina e dina tu ga.

Ko Ma'afu a qai laki vakacegu ena dela ni soso nodratou na wekana mai Yasayasa. A vanua ga ka a gole taumada yani kina na turaga tubudra ko Baleisasa ki Tonga. Na vanua nei wekana voleka sara ko Roko Sau. E a bale ena nona vakacegu ka vakacagicagi gade voli mai Vanuavatu.

E sa maroroi koto yani mai Lakeba nikua. Erau davo veitikivi toka kei na Turaga talai sa bale, ko Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna na i karua ni Tui Lau ka dra Turaga ena mataqali Tui Kaba. E dua e qaqa ni Tonga, ka dua e qaqa mai Kubuna tabu saka yani. Ka rau laki davo koto no e na Yanuyanu Turaga mai Lakeba.

E sega ni ka wale se vakacalaka na vei i tuvatuva era koto qori. E sa muria toka ga na sala veiwekani ka sa tu dede sara tu kara sega ni ra cilava rawa na kena titobu ko ira era vola i vola taka vaka "historian" na vei tikina oqori baleti keimami/keda.

E ra dau kaya na qase, a magimagi e ta cila ki tuba.

Anonymous said...

Correction @ anon 7:37am
Na i valu ni puaka loa mai kedekede eratou a vakaitavi kina mai Ra. And for your info na i valu mai kedekede ni kaya tiko qori was well well before the Tui Nayau even set foot on Lakeba. Ena gauna ni valu ya e a se sau voli tiko kina mai lakeba na "sau mai kedekede" having overlordship of Lakeba kei na kena vakataukata (matanitu o lakeba) pre-cursor to the lau you now know today thanks to ma'afu who consolidated it for you.
Ni oti nai valu qo ka vakadeitaki kina nona i tutu nona na Sau mai Kedekede solia kina na luvena yalewa o moqei. Nona kawa era sa bula tu ni kua.

Kai Bau said...

Fijiana your wish bro...wheather you take it in or spew it out Kai bau will always relax....Coup 4.5 this is where we will end up talking about the 'daku ni kuila' assumption and mind reader will comes in like Fijiana...ke o sega ni duavata kei nai tukutuku makawa baleti keda ko tu ena veitarogi vanua muria na kena gaunisala vaka vanua ka valalawa ka kaciva e dua na bose kei iratou kei iratou mai nomudou koro...Fijian na ka eratou na cakava na veitarogi vanua ena wiliki tale vei iko na i tukutuku ga ko tukuna tiko qori ni cala.... Na cava e a sega ni complained kina o ratou na nomu qase ena 1930 na gauna ni veitarogi vanua oya?Tarogi iko lesu o rawa ni kila?sega Fijiana: o keda na kawa i taukei sa da bula donuya na gauna qo eda sa vuli ka sa dodonu meda vaka muria ga na lawa...ke o kawa ni lovo se o kaisi ena sega ni rawa mo tukuna tiko ni o Vunivalu baleta tiko nai vola kara soli tukutuku kina ena 1930 na noda qase,O iko Fijian o mai sucu tu ga ena dua na gauna ga qo qai o mai vaka cala nai tukutuku....qori saraga na ka sa vakaleqai keda tiko na kai Viti ni da sa kaya sa cala nai tukutuku.Ke o turga mai nomu koro kua ni leqa taka noqu i vola cava e milamila tiko kina vei iko na vosa na 'lovo' kei na 'kaisi'????...I wonder...oh boy.You are saying it.Judge for your self Fijian.

Anonymous said...

Some pure Hawaiians, yes, especially on the big island, many of whom wrestle with poverty and diabetes in their communities. But many others have married howlies, Japanese, Filipinos, or other islanders and moved to condos on Maui or suburban life on the Mainland. Yes, pity them their freedom and prosperity living under a freely elected, constitutional government. How much better for Fiji's iTaukei -- in hock to the Indians, Chinese and Australians, deprived of all civil and property rights, and hostages under a dictatorship. Aloha.

Anonymous said...

Anonymos june 13 at 7:37. Yes very true what you say about Fiji & Tonga. At the batle in Kedekede there was also a group from Ra who also lend their hand in battle with Ratu Tanoa from Bau. The Ra warriors also were remembered for their role in "puka loa" battle and were given wifes after the battle. The warriors from Ra who were there came because of their connection to the Nayau their ancestral home in Liku.

Anonymous said...

BS, there are no more pure Hawaiians, they're extinct..thanks in part to the Yanks, Asians n what hv u. At least in Fiji you can spot a pure native from miles away and in their tens of thousands!! Isa valoloma ko ira na kai Hawaii...sa boko na nodra kawa..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:22

Vosota keu vosa cavubaleta eso na i tikotiko Vakaturaga. E sega ni a noqui naki me vaka kina. Ka au sa mani vosa toka ga kina ena yalava ni vanua e rawa niu vosa/vakamacala/ cavu yaca kina.

Ia e dina na tikina ko ni vakaraitaka mai oqori. Eratou ka vakaitavi talega ena cakacaka koya na Turaga na Gonesau mai Ra. Au kerea meu vosoti ena noqu sa mai cavu yaca vakaturaga saka eke.

Ia e dina na tikina ko ni sa vakaraitaka mai oqori.

E a mani kau talega kina e dua na yaca me i vakananumi ka i vakadei ni tavi ka a qaravi kei na kena vakadeitaki nai sema ni veiwekani ka mai vakadeitaki ena kena qaravi na cakacaka ya.

Malanivosa Tuiketei.

Dua ga na noqu vakamacala lekaleka sara me baleta na tikina bibi oqo au nanuma meu mai cau tu kina e na vetitalanoa e caka tiko eke.

E dina ni da veiwekani taucoko tikoga.

Noqu nanuma ga, ni yaga meda tu vakamalua ka vakaraica vakayalomatua ka vakatitobu sara na sala era muria mai ko ira era sa liu.

Kalougata tiko....

Fijian said...

kai bau! Eda kila kece tu ni dua ga na lawa ni VANUA meda muria, oya na noda lawa cecere tau dua, na Constitution.

Your attempt to label others (due to some imagined slight) as either 'kaisi or tamata ni lovo' says it all about you instead, a kaisi bakola! That's the point I was making!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:09 E dina na tikina qori me baleta na vakaitavi ni nodra mataivalu na Turaga Gonesau mai Ra ena i tavi mai Kedekede.

E dina talega ni ra sa dabe toka qori mai Lakeba ena mataqali Vatuwaqa ko ira na mataivalu era a gole yani mai Yasayasa ena kena laki qaravi nai tavi mai Kedekede.

Ka ratou i vakadei no mai Onewai ko iratou a veiwekani Tonga.

Ko Katubalevu a mataivalu levu. A Mataivalu ni Yasayasa karatou sa i vakadei koto no qori ni Vanua. Ai takele ni Duruvesi e Vatuwaqa.

Dei vinaka tu a kena matata.

Kalougata tiko...

Kai Bau said...

Hey Fijian yes the constitution Im with you on that. I did not labelled or called anyone "kaisi".Read my comments again bro...na dua tale e mai mate ni uto ena ka qo gonei.Tauri iko vakamalua, na ka au tukuna qo;vei keda na kawa i taukei tabu saka yani Fijian; ko ira ga na tamata ni lovo ena gauna qo era dau 'vakaseuta na bure ni kadi' mai na noda vei korokoro.Rai lesu tale mada i na koro qai raici ira na vaka verea tiko na vanua,so era luve ni sala.kawa ni veiqaravi mai vale levu,ira era sega ni dau dua tu na nodra dodonu me ra vosa ena bose VANUA.Ko ira na mataqali tamata vaqo sa ra mai gusu sika tiko ena so na noda vanua e Viti baleta ni ra sega ni ra cakava rawa mai nodra koro.E dua na kena i vakaraitaki vei ira na mataqali kawa qo o Bainimara sa mai cakava tu vei keda taucoko na kai viti.Sa taura rawa ya Fijiana?.Vosoti au sara ke o nanuma niu sa kacivi iko cala ena tamata ni lovo.Gonei na 'kaisi tale mai vei o sa kauta mai qori.Keu tamata ni lovo o au fijian vinaka baleta 'Iam proud of that because that is my duty to my chief and to my Vanua if im using my position accordingly as a tamata ni lovo'.Qai ca ga Fijiana ni o tamata ni lovo qai o gusu sika taka na veika vaka turaga ko sega ni dodonu mo cakava.Keu tamata ni lovo seu tamata ni veiqaravi niu kai viti sa dodonu meu dokadoka taka baleta qori na noqui tavi ki na vanua ki vua talega na noqu turaga.Cava kena ca keu caka va tiko vaka vinaka na noqu i tavi? Ke sega o au ena sega talega na noqu turaga.Sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Malo a Talaga.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, dude! But I suggest you actually visit Hawaii some time before you go on your lecture tour.

Yes, you can spot native Fijians from far away. They're the ones slumped beside a tanoa, talking trash about kaidia, Samoans, and Tongans, arguing over chiefly titles, and pretending to be bati but never lifting a finger while traitors push them around and sell out the country.

What's happening here in Fiji is much worse than anything going on in the United States, much less Hawaii. Don't pity the Hawaiians before you pity yourself. No Hawaiian wishes he were Fijian instead, I assure you.

Anonymous said...

@1.15pm Mate, no Fijian wud want to be a Hawaiian anyways coz they're a gonna!! Did u check the latest murder rate in the US of A? I guess not, I wudn't wanna be there either!!! Peace out..

Anonymous said...

Well said Anonymous 1.15pm.

Too many wannabe-chiefs, and not enough 'indians' methinks. hah.

Minimum tertiary education should be a mandatory for ALL citizens and respect for the rule of law. These two things are far more important than propping up a system that has lost its purpose except for its usual beneficiaries (culprits).

Anonymous said...

"At the time of Captain Cook's arrival, native Hawaiians may have numbered some 250,000 to 800,000; there has been debate over such estimates. Over the span of the first century after first contact, the native Hawaiians were nearly wiped out by new diseases introduced to the islands.... Native Hawaiians did not have resistance to influenza, smallpox, measles, and whooping cough, among others. The 1900 U.S. Census identified 37,656 residents of full or partial native Hawaiian ancestry. The 2000 U.S. Census identified 283,430 residents of Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander ancestry, showing a dramatic growth trend since annexation by the U.S. in 1898."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Native_Hawaiians

Fiji for Fijians! said...

@ kai bau wakakau, you know fully well what u've said and it's too late to withdraw your insults which is a part of you anyway...

Io, tubera vinaka na nomu i tavi, which btw does not include using modern gadgets or wasting space in blog-sphere.

At least you now know that you can't impose your prejudices on those who do not care for a feudal system that has no place of authority in a modern society.

Kai Bau said...

Fiji for Fijians...Why you kept on targeting me yeah the pleasure is yours and as you wish . Ive mentioned above take it in if you wish and spew it out if you dont...I will rest my case .Bro tu qori o Voreqe drau veitauri liga mada drau qai wavokiti Suva koya meda coqa qai mai o vaka otia tiko nomui cegu vei au.Qai tani velavela.

Anonymous said...

So, under British and Native Hawaiian administration, the indigenous Hawaiian population was decimated by up to 95 percent, but under the Americans, the native Hawaiian population has increased nearly 900 percent.

The British introduced the girmit system to Fiji that is at the root of so many of Fiji's political and social problems today, whereas, had Fiji chosen to become a U.S. protectorate, Fiji today would likely be an independent, sovereign country in Free Association with the United States, like Palau, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands.

Were that the case, Fijians wouldn't even need visas to visit, work in and live in the United States. Qualified Fijians would be free to join the U.S. Armed Forces. And best of all, Fiji's defence would be guaranteed by the United States, eliminating the need for Fiji to maintain an army.

Fiji would likely have evolved into a stable, constitutional, republican form of government, with no military to support or to hold it hostage, and with a flourishing tourism-based economy.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.47pm Like your explanation, maybe you can ask FB to ceede Fiji now to the USA. I doubt they'd want us now aye??

WISE.T said...

Ok why is it when someone dies, people have to be so negative about their life? Is that what your parents taught you when you were a child to run, judge, and disgrace others. Why can't we let them be at peace!!!

I new Adi(Nau) Samanunu, and she told me a true leader doesn't sit down and watch the show go on, in fact a true leader goes out the to the people, supports, help, communicates, and loves to them for who they are! That is something i always recognised Adi Samanunu as. plus she didn't want to be known by her title when she was alive. Look at other leaders who just sat up on their throne waiting to have the finger cut, their shoes polished and ass wiped!!! Hello we are Fijian and known to be the Friendliest people on eath or what ever happened to that. Have a nice evening Beautiful people and may we remeber a Lady who represented Fiji in many ways God bless and stay blessed...

Anonymous said...

Hey Wise.T decrieing someone in life is no different to doing the same in death. Why should we be forced to say something nice about a person who contributed little if not nothing at all. Being chief never made a better politician, being cakobau didnt entrust her with scholastic wisdom. She does not deserve respect even in death for the part she played in the 2000 coup. It was her choice so should she take with her to her grave that shame. In life she didnt unite she desecrated fijian unity.

Anonymous said...

Tongans were slaughter Waikiki when they tried to take over cakaudrove!.King George never tried to conquer the fiji group because he knew it was impossible

Anonymous said...

Fuck the tongans. If they went up the highlands they would be slaughtered and eaten

Unknown said...

Bau never conquered the whole of fiji and not even verata. Their chief warrior Gavidi was killed by warrior of Yatu Nasau in verata. Cakobau family are offspring of adult and they are descended of Niumataiwalu from Lau. Christianity and white man influence alleviated them but they are not royal blood.