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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Regime threatens Fiji TV after Qarase and Chaudhry interviews

Fiji Television has been told its 12-year business licence won't be renewed if its newsroom continues to run stories with anti- government angles.

Fiji TV's board chairman, Isoa Kaloumaira, was summoned by the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, three weeks ago after a news bulletin carried a story that had interviews with the deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase and the Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry. 

The party leaders had responded to an earlier story in which constitution commissioner,Taufa Vakatale, had blamed politicians of the past for what she said was Fiji's current state.

Isoa Kaloumaira
Illegal AG Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum
Kaloumaira was told by Sayed-Khaiyum that if Fiji TV wanted to continue its operations in Fiji, it had to make a decision on what type of stories the station ran. 

Fiji TV was also told the regime was going to monitor its bulletins in the month of June.

The threat of closure has been passed to the management at Fiji TV and an internal directive is now in place not to run any anti-government stories. 

Fiji TV, which is majority owned by all the Provincial Councils in Fiji and Rotuma, is now operating under uncertainty with its business licence being used as a carrot to intimidate the station.

The station pays out about 1.8 million dollars annually in dividends to the Provincial Councils of Fiji and Rotuma.

According to sources, Fiji TV's business licence is due to expire on June 30th.


Anonymous said...

Just a correction. Yasana holdings have only 51% of shares in Fiji Tv. And the holding company has lost effectively $14 million dollars over 2007-2011. That is, $2m in the books and approx $12 m from their Fiji One FTA which they were enjoying before the defunctional money losing Sky Pacifc kicked in.

Thank god for it's shareholders the PNG operations is making money but for how long before competition hits that country. I am told it's this year.

Now with FBC TV is full stride..it's time for Yasana holdings to run

Anonymous said...

Come on Yash Ghai earn your money and do something to get free Fiji of this power happy nobody that is filling his pockets with Fiji's wealth while crushing democracy.

Anonymous said...

isa truth will always prevail, no matter how much The current regime will try to hide it from the international community. i feel sorry for the people of Fiji. theres no freedom at all!

Anonymous said...

This megalomaniac iarse wants no other face to appear on tv news except his which we are sick in our guts to see almost everyday doing all sorts of things. I no longer look forward to news time for this very reason. I am looking forward to the days without this abominable face on tv and things get back to normal as in pre 2006 coup days.

TURUKAWA said...

keep ur threat going AG & Bai,your time will come very soon to be treated the same way..cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

This is an outright lie. ASK said nothing of the sort. So why run it?

Kanji Tappoo said...

ASKhole (pronounced as ASShole), just look at your ugly face in the mirror. With your ugly face, you should just shoot yourself and die. You are a criminal Kaiyum. You fucking sad bastard.

Anonymous said...

Why is Isoa in Fiji TV? Who is running the FHL or is he the chairman of both organizations? Well just have to play by the Military Government rules,you really have to be very careful when dealing with a Dalit like Chodo,cause he's always got a dagger to stab you with,when you're not looking-untouchable mentality! Never ever deal with a dalit-is my policy!

Anonymous said...

If this illegal AG has the balls to publicly summon Isoa, who is Frank's brother in law, then one may deduce that the illegal PM is subservient to the illegal AG...I wonder why? Any clues somebody, somewhere?...Agent Mulder uses a conspiracy theory to ascertain that "The truth is out there somewhere"

Democracy has been destroyred said...

And regime toady ghai and the junta dancing girls davis and walsh think this military intimidation led by the unelected terrorist khaiyum is taking Fiji forward. Democracy is dead and buried in Fiji under these thugs.

Anonymous said...

Can someone findout how much FBC is paying its monthly installment with the Fiji Development Bank & the interest rates please..and the approval process,term of the loans etc...Fiji TV-Fijians interest via Yasana holdings..FBC TV-Government via Khaiyum brothers under the guise of competition..the real aim is to bring Fiji TV down with its shareholders-the Fijians Yasanas being majority shareholders. Educated Fijians are used as part of the process of dismantling institutions...

mark manning said...

Aiyaz' response to a broadcast of Qarase and Chaudhry shows that he and his cronies are more fearful than Fijians are of them.

In memory of my friend, the late Pastor Jone Tui :-

Anonymous said...

The days of honouring yourself will soon come to an end...

Anonymous said...

This regime is scarring away businesses and propping overnight entities with fly by night executives.
Look at FBC since the appointment of its current CEO, with a $17 million loan from FDB, for renovations and the new tv station. Wonder where they got their security and equity from, when all FBC assets is not even a third of the loan amount.
Here we have Fiji TV, which has grown steadily over two decades being given closure threats because of airing normal media materials. Particularly if we are gearing up for a general election.
Who are these so called 'ministers' issuing warnings?, where did they come from? What have they done before assuming current positions in society? How did they get here?
Our country and it's institutions we're better off without these power hungry non-performing opportunists,losers and failures.
So much for a 'road map' for the country, when it is looking more and more like a wild unchattered 'road run'.

Anonymous said...

The Days of honouring yourself will soon come to an end...

Anonymous said...

This megalomaniac idiot Khaiyum obviously hasn't got a brain.

If he doesn't like opposing views then why call for Election?

An Election is the process where one person WILL express his or her OPINION through his or her vote.

Obviously this arsehole Khaiyum, just like the other two arseholes Bainimarama and Tikoitoga has a big problem with people expressing their opinions.

It's obvious that what we think an Election is, is very different to what these arseholes are thinking!

Secondly this reaction from Khaiyum and Tikoitoga shows that the coming "consultation" with Yash Ghai is all a bit of a wank, and a waste of time.
They obviously don't want to hear anyone elses opinion. They have already made up their minds and you Fijians will accept it whether you like it or not.

Why do people keep thinking there will be an election?

Who said there will be an election?
Was it Bainimarama?
You mean to tell me this guy who has lied to you over and over and over again and you are going to believe him?
Are you people all stupid or what?

For Gods sake people, please lobby for the Americans to bomb these arseholes.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

So what's new?

Anonymous said...

Fiji TV should call that wankers bluff and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Aiyaz. He looks like the Neanderthal he is. Not the kind of photo of him that Peter Lomas would have chosen. I guess all of that travel and his multiple portfolios are wearing on him. Or is it his food allergy? Either way, he looks like sh*t.

Anonymous said...

And they keep saying the media is free to talk to anyone! Overseas media should get a response from the Government, straight from AG or PM - not from Sharon.

Anonymous said...

The truth is always good news and one wonders if the illegal attorney general has completely lost it..He runs the country like its his and the truth really hurts in this case..You cant run away from the truth cause it hurts so bad unless you are blinded by greed..corruption and hunger for power..Taufa on the other hand would say anything to gain favour with these illegal goons cause she desperately needs income for repayments to the bank and money for repairs for her old beaten up CRV that needs to be repaired cause its near its used by date..Do all these illegal wannabes have a concience or are they are just a bunch of too bad criminals that have fooled the the citizens of this country into thinking that what they are doing is genuine just as to fill up their pockets cause time is damn well tough and they would do anything to maintain their lifestyles..

Anonymous said...

this bastard acts as if he owns Fiji!!

Anonymous said...

Try and shut them down and see the backlash you will get from the people of Fiji from Great great Grandmothers to little toddlers = VB, aiarse & their Mataivalu Ni Solisona will be crushed by the power of the people.

Anonymous said...

For the past three or four years, computer scientists have been tampering with voting machines to prove it can be done. And they say it's actually pretty easy.

With electronic voting, the entire setup is electronic, not just the actual casting of the vote. The general process of electronic voting on the most common touchscreen models goes something like this:

The voter checks in with election personnel, who enter the voter's name into a computer database to make sure he or she has not already voted.
The voter is given a "smart card" -- basically a credit-card-type device with a microchip in it -- that activates the electronic voting machine.
The voter casts his or her vote by touching a name on the screen.
If the model includes printout capabilities (which is required by more than half of U.S. states), the voter receives a printout that verifies his or her choices before leaving the booth. If the printout is correct, the voter inserts it into voting machine before leaving the booth to complete the voting process. (If it's incorrect, different models have different remedies, but it's safe to say it starts to get messy at that point). In non-print-out models, the voter leaves the booth after cast his or her vote on the touchscreen.
Once the polling place has closed, an election official inserts a supervisor's smart card into the voting machine and enters a password to access the tally of all votes on that machine. Election officials either transmit the tallies electronically, via a network connection, to a central location for the county, or else carry the memory card by hand to the central location.

­Election officials point out that there are many safeguards in place to make sure no one tampers with the voting machines -- this is an election we're talking about, after all. Some of those safeguards include tamper-resistant tape over the machine's memory card slot, a lock over the memory card slot and the machine's battery, and the process of comparing the total votes on the memory card to the number of voters at polling place and to a voting record stored on the machine's hard disk (and to physical printouts if available). Machines are password protected and require special access cards for anyone to get to the memory card, and most polling places conduct background checks of election workers. Finally, the software on these machines automatically encrypts every vote that is cast. So, where does the problem come in?

Experts point out lots of areas that need improvement, but as you can probably tell from the list of safeguards above, the memory card is considered to be the weakest point in the system.

Anonymous said...

who the f*#k is aiyaz anyways?

Game changer said...

Bai's government a tad slow ... everyone, including Laisenia Qarase, have all done congratulating Queen Elisapeca for her Diamond Jubilee but Fiji govt just getting around to it. C'mon Bainikhaiyum lift your game.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

fijian are under the rule of the king khaiyum .
fijian have not guts to pull him down.
we have have muslim in all boards.
fiji is rules by talibans.

Anonymous said...

Fiji tv should tell f off.he is the biggest liar conamn mf


Aiyaz is a great person for implementing so many new changes to an otherwise boring,backward Fiji. You go Aiyaz !!! Don't let the turkeys get you down boy !
Changethis country into a first world haven and DON'T listen to any of the crap on blog sites.

Anonymous said...

Why is Fiji TV worried? The only reason they have to ever shut down is their lackadaisical programming on the FTA channel, and the mediocre content on Sky Pacific. The current mob has no friggin clue on how to run a pay TV station. They're bringing themselves down, so why is ASK interfering? Maybe to hasten the process?

Good advice earlier: Run Yasana, while there's time!

Anonymous said...

We need more independent 'media' even if it's FDFM

Shortwave radio carries anti-government message to Fiji
Updated 11 June 2012, 17:17 AEST

The Australia-based Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement is now broadcasting its own radio program into Fiji.
The Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement in Australia is broadcasting a progam to Fiji which aims to provide an alternative to government sponsored media. [ABC]

The Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement in Australia has leased half an hour a week on the World Radio Network, a shortwave broadcaster, to get its anti-government message across.

Tui Savu, from the Australia-based Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement told Pacific Beat that they have received positive feedback about the new program's impact.

"We have had two test broadcasts and we have had our contacts report from all over Fiji. The contacts are coming back that it is being received loud and clear," he said.

"Fijians, the way they have been raised, is that whatever comes through the media, they take it as gospel. So we are wanting to show an alternative, the other side."

"The reason why we went for the radio is because the internet is only limited. This is a heart and mind campaign, directed at Fijians staying in the villages and rural areas. These are the people whose only source of information is through the radio."

At present the program is for just 30 minutes broadcast only in Fijian. But Mr Savo says there are plans to eventually increase the program to one hour and address different groups within Fiji.

"Information is power, and that is why the Government has monopolised the media in Fiji, both the print and the spoken media," he said.

" They know very well that if people start listening to the truth and to the other versions of what is truly happening in Fiji, then the people will be able to make up their own decisions."-Radio Australia

mark manning said...

If Aiyaz' facial appearance is indicative of and are a reflection of his internal organs, then they must be shot to pieces !
I wonder how long before he begins to develop a cancerous growth from an ulcerated gut.
His mental state must be such that he has begun to realise the fruitility of his insistence to us all, that he alone is omnipotent.

Anonymous said...

Valataka na dina@5:06am...Your outburst shows the reason why you're in your current predicament?
You need to cool down,first off you didn't have the balls to stay here and do your battle here in your home land.You abandoned your partner Driti and left the country
in the dark of the night by the high sea off Kadavu, in order to save you ass! You abandoned your family,wife,kids,friends,relatives and vanua, and gave these up
for a life of constantly concealing & looking over your shoulder at your own shadow?RUM...you are pathetic and not sure
why you're too scared to return to your country?Where is the warrior in you?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:50, thanks for writing. Apart from Christopher Pryde, I didn't think ASK had any fans. I think the problem is that people just don't understand ASK's humour. He's a performance artist, the greatest put-on comedian since Andy Kaufman. It's hilarious to watch him deliver his BS speeches when you know down inside he's struggling to keep a straight face. The man's a comedic genius on a level with Jerry Lewis. Those cabinet meetings must be a laugh riot!

Anonymous said...

I know that the majority of contributers in here, are pissed-off at Khaiyum for being a straight shooter? But he's only following order from the military Government and now that Bai is under-going stroke theraphy in China, he's order is been forwarded to him, from the Landforce commander-Mosese Tikoitoga, what else the AG can do to appease everyone? Even RUM has threatened to kill him or cut off his balls if he could? Tough position to hold, when your manhood is continuesouly been threatened?

Keep The Faith said...

Brilliant! If and when Fiji TV does close shop, it will magnify the truth the shambolic farce of Prof Yash Ghai's constitution consultations.

Additionally, the illegal and treasonous regime can add yasana shareholders to the mix of FNPF pensioners, over 55 civil servants, LTA customers and general taxpayers who grow increasingly resentful of the regime's 'rule'...all of whom will have their say come 2014.

We have not forgotten that the 'Ghai in motion' (http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=2008090) promised that:

"People will be able to reach us through mechanisms we will establish to give every Fijian an opportunity to meet us, give us their views about the process, and recommendations,"

What good is that if the people are only getting a one-sided story?

Keep it up knuckleheads, you undermine yourselves more and more.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not about the defunct Fiji TV but about media freedom or the lack of it. I have been told quite reliably that the Directors of the Fiji Times were called in and threatened with closure about a story that ran a couple of weeks ago with similar context. If the pig nosed AG is confident that they are doing such a good job then why fear the media. Goes to show that all dictators the world over live in a constant state of paranoid delusions and Fiji is no different. I personally nor hate the Frank and Aiyaz duo nor like them. I just pity them for thinking that guns and the threat of force will solve Fiji's problems when it never has in the history of this world. Force will eventually be resisted with force and it has been proven time and time again. I don't expect much from a soldier but
Aiyaz with all his degrees should no better. Isa Viti

Anonymous said...

Spineless chairmen of provincial councils have agreed with the vuaka's directive that FHL dividends go to the Ministry of Finance now to pay RFMF salaries. Only Rewa Province Chairman Ro Teimumu Kepa the Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi opposed the directive. This is why vuaka proposes to now appoint the chairmen of all provincial councils.

tic toc tic toc said...

@ 4.27 - Worry nai kartah, AssKhaiyum is being heavily compensated in his pockets for "his troubles", a grand big thief and treasonous thug.

Can't wait to see him behind prison bars FOR LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

What the hell was the story on anyways?? Can someone put a link here? Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Now that the illegal regime is talking General Election and Constitution, what happened to Freedom of the press? Is it still there or not Aiyaz? otherwise then this whole exercise is FAKE and an ILLUSION, for the people of Fiji. Its a JOKE. Bai Khaiyum and Nailatikau wiill still lead. THERE WILL BE NO GENERAL ELECTION. WAKE UP FIJI! ITS A LIE RIGHT IN OUR FACE. Da yadra mada ka tou vuaviri taki iratou na lasutaki keda tiok qo main na loma ni ono na yabaki sa oti. SA RAUT MADA IYE!

Sympathy for the Devil said...

Anonymous 4:27, the majority of Fijians are indeed pissed-off at Khaiyum, but it's not for being a straight shooter. Far from it. Fijians are mad at Khaiyum precisely because he's one of the biggest lying sacks of shit in Fiji and also probably the most offensive traitor of all.

He's not following orders from the military government. He's running the government, sometimes in opposition to the wishes of the dimwits on the Military Council.

RUM threatening to kill him is one of the least of his problems, since RUM is a lamusona who's fled overseas. What he needs to fear is a single word from Ro Teimumu or the death of Baini. Then, hundreds if not thousands will be aiming to string him up, just like Mussolini or Ceaucescu. Too bad, so sad.

Even if Baini survives and Ro Teimumu continues to counsel non-violence, Khaiyum may not last long after 2014. If all goes according to Baini's plan, then he won't need Khaiyum so much, and we all know how insecure Baini is about any potential rivals, don't we? He's probably tired of having Khaiyum's nose stuck so far up his arse.

If Khaiyum were as smart as he is arrogant, he'd quickly carry the rest of his ill-gotten wealth overseas, claiming the need for medical treatment for his gluten intolerance, and he'd never return. But he won't do the wise thing. Like most greedy, power-crazed people, he'll hang on too long, until suddenly he finds that his purse string ends in a noose.

The end could come at any time now, but Khaiyum is too busy scheming and bloviating and lining his pockets to notice. Your 'straight-shooter' needs to get out of Dodge, but he's still too busy robbing the Wells Fargo shipment to notice the posse forming.

Anonymous said...

To Anon June 11 1.55am

- Sara Gladiator tiko vei iko!

Agree agree! Near the end..

Anonymous said...

Acting PM to comment later
Publish date/time: 12/06/2012 [17:13]

Acting Prime Minister, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is expected to comment tomorrow on certain statements and reports about the conditions allegedly set out for the renewal of Fiji Television Limited’s broadcast license.

The International Federation of Journalists and the Pacific Freedom Forum claim that the government has raised concern about the coverage given to the “opposition” by Fiji TV.

The people in the opposition lineup according to these organizations include Laisenia Qarase, Mahendra Chaudhry and others.

The international federation and the Freedom Forum say in their statements that the management of Fiji TV has been put on notice that all the station’s content will be monitored this month and will influence the decision regarding the renewal of Fiji TV’s broadcasting license, due at the end of this month.

Sayed-Khaiyum maintains he will comment to us tomorrow.

We have also sent questions to Fiji TV Chairman, Isoa Kaloumaira.

Fiji TV CEO, Tarun Patel is currently in a meeting and could not be reached for a comment.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

That's not khaiyum's picture. It's Thade from "Planet of the Apes"!

Anonymous said...

I hope someone is smart enough to secretly tape the meeting between ASK and Fiji TV CEO today. Let the truth come out.

Anonymous said...

It is getting harder and harder for ASK to fool people. Anyone who doubts the uncertainty the Fiji media live under are burying their head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

I would really loved for Kaiyum to explained to the World how was the 22million dollars loan approved by the Fiji Development Bank to setup FBC when the loan does not even meet the minimum loan criteria? Can he and his puppets in the FDB exxplained why was this loan approved without even meeting the minimum loan criteria? This government stole the government from the legitimate government with the promises of CLEANING UP THE ROT. Now its beginning to be clear- that these people are purely opportunist who can sell their own kin for power.

Its about time that KAIVITI & people who call Fiji-home to stand up and fight for wjat is right.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

And that is why media freedom will never be completely free with those two clowns in office.

Talk about restricted freedom of the press as long as its in favor of Bhaiyum.

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