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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FLP stung into replying to 'detractors'

Chaudhry denying coup involvement
The Fiji Labour Party has responded to our story Military Council documents link Chaudhry to the 2006 coup

In an email titled 'Reply to Victor Lal crap,' the FLP says there is no truth to the claim Mahendra Chaudhry prepared a 40-page report against SDL and PM Laisenia Qarase for Bainimarama to overthrow the SDL-FLP multi-party government.

We have printed the statement unedited: 
Lal is known for being a Chaudhry-basher. He carries a chip on his shoulder because some time back he had rendered political advice which had been ignored. He is known as a cut and paste ‘journalist’ who takes up things from here and there and paints a distorted picture."   

In this instance, Lal bases his claims on some “Military Council documents” but provides absolutely no evidence of any such document and certainly nothing that links Mr Chaudhry to the 2006 coup – no shred of evidence to back his claim.

Secondly, his article is an outrageous pack of lies, sheer mischief making timed, no doubt, to sow discord between Mr Chaudhry and Mr Qarase. 


LIE 1: No 40-page document. Lal claims Mr Chaudhry prepared a 40-page document against Qarase for Bainimarama. He never prepared any such thing document. 


LIE 2 : No pre-2006 coup meetings with Commodore Bainimarama. Mr Chaudhry never met with Bainimarama at the Opposition Office in Parliament as claimed or anywhere else for that matter. The claim that “the two were regular visitors to each other’s offices before the 2006 treasonous coup” – is preposterous and sheer concoction; a fabrication of Lal’s imagination. There were NO meetings with Bainimarama preceding the 2006 coup

LIE 3:  He infers that the so-called 40-page report influenced the “wavering senior military officers” to support the coup. How can this be when there was no such document?

LIE 4: Let alone conspiring with Khaiyyum and Major Aziz to stage the 2006 coup as Lal claims, Mr Chaudhry did not even know them then. The first time he met these two was after he joined the interim administration.

LIE 5: “Chaudhry hastily joined the illegal regime as Finance Minister …” This is not true. He was offered the portfolio but hesitated. It will be remembered that the FLP had put out a media statement denouncing the extra constitutional takeover of power. At a specially convened meeting of the FLP National Council it was decided that the Party should participate with the purpose of pushing for an early return to democratic rule, within the Constitution. Mr Chaudhry was also pressured into accepting by certain prominent members of our business community who were anxious to have the economy put back on track.

LIE 6: Lal says Mr Chaudhry was “booted” out of the Cabinet as a result of his tax allegations. In fact, the inquiry set up by the Prime Minister on this very matter cleared Mr. Chaudhry of all allegations. But that would be too much for Victor Lal to swallow.

 LIE 7: Mr Chaudhry was never offered the deputy prime ministership by Qarase. In fact, Qarase had stated quite explicitly that he would not prefer to have Chaudhry and Poseci Bune in his Cabinet.

The FLP’s differences with Mr. Qarase pre-2006 coup, are no secret. The FLP was extremely dissatisfied with the way the Prime Minister was running the country. Our strong opposition to his policies and actions are on record. We opposed the Qoliqoli Bill as being divisive, we opposed the PRTU Bill as merely an artifice to get George Speight and his co-conspirators released from jail.

As partners in the multi-party government, the FLP could not support these Bills and Mr Chaudhry conveyed this to Mr Qarase.   

We were unhappy that he was not consulting with the FLP, its partner in the multi-party government, on key issues such as the Bills already mentioned, and in particular the hike in VAT to 15%. We were worried at the precarious state of government finances and the sharp decline in key export sectors.

But none of these make Mr Chaudhry a party to the 2006 coup – and neither Victor Lal nor other detractors can provide any shred of evidence to prove what is not true! 

Indeed, you will have to do better than this, Vector!


Anonymous said...

LIE 6: Lal says Mr Chaudhry was “booted” out of the Cabinet as a result of his tax allegations. In fact, the inquiry set up by the Prime Minister on this very matter cleared Mr. Chaudhry of all allegations. But that would be too much for Victor Lal to swallow.

Former Fiji PM Mahendra Chaudhry faces court on tax and money laundering charges

From: AAP
July 23, 2010 3:18PM

FORMER Fiji prime minister Mahendra Pal Chaudhry has appeared in court in Suva, charged with crimes relating to money laundering and tax evasion.

Fiji police say Mr Chaudhry, who was held hostage for 56 days before being deposed as Fiji's leader in a nationalist coup in 2000, was arrested yesterday morning.

Fiji police spokeswoman Ema Mua said Chaudhry appeared in Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon and was granted bail.

“He's out on bail and he's got bail condition and he's to appear in the High Court next month,” Ms Mua said, later correcting the next court date to July 30.

“He's to surrender his travel documents, passport, and he's to report in to the nearest police post to his home every Thursday.”

Mr Chaudhry, who was Fiji's first ethnic Indian prime minister, was charged with 12 offences relating to tax evasion and money laundering, Ms Mua said.

The 68-year-old former Fiji Labour Party leader and former trade union leader did not enter any pleas, according to the fijivillage news website.

The 12 charges date back to just after the 2000 coup and include providing false information to the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority.

Mr Chaudhry was briefly finance minister in the current military-led government of Frank Bainimarama, during which time an independent audit cleared him of any wrongdoing in relation to his overseas

Anonymous said...

If this crook was cleared, than why the very illegal government dragged him into the High Court:

FBC News - 30 July 2010

Lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry today entered a not guilty plea in the Suva High Court on behalf of his client Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

Rajendra Chaudhry entered the plea while objecting to the 12 charges of money laundering and tax evasion against his client.

Chaudhry told the Court the objection is based on the provisions of the new Crimes Decree.

He also made an application for bail variation for Mahendra Chaudhry saying the former Prime Minister needed to travel overseas for medical treatment. Justice Daniel Goundar will rule on the bail application next Friday.

Mahendra Chaudhry is alleged to have deposited $400,000 in a Commonwealth Bank of Australia account and transferred $50,000 to his daughter in Australia without following proper procedures.


Chaudhry charged with in High Court

Former Prime Minister and Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry appeared in the Suva High Court this afternoon charged with 12 counts of alleged money laundering, tax evasion and not declaring foreign currency.

High Court Judge, Justice Daniel Goundar has adjourned the case after Chaudhry's lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry informed the court that they had just received full disclosures in relation to the case at 1.15pm this afternoon and the matter was set for mention in Court at 2pm.

Chaudhry's lawyer told Justice Goundar that both him and the accused needed time to go over the disclosures and due to the complexity of the case, they need time as they would be objecting to certain particulars in the charges.

Justice Goundar has deferred the matter to next Friday to give the accused and his lawyer time to go over the disclosures before entering a plea.

Justice Goundar also told Chaudhry=s lawyer that he will not take into account the not guilty plea of the accused until they have gone through the disclosures.

Meanwhile, Justice Goundar also informed Chaudhry's lawyer that the application for bail variation would not be considered as a proper plea has not been entered.

Chaudhry is seeking a bail variation as he needs to travel to Sydney on the 21st of September.

Part of his bail conditions is that he report once a week at the Suva Point Police Post and surrender his passport.

It is alleged that Chaudhry between 1st November 2000 to 23rd July this year failed to follow procedures when investing in certain institutions overseas, also not declaring that he had Australian currency with him and also allegedly giving false statement in his tax return forms.

The amount alleged in the case is $1.5 million Australian.

Chaudhry will appear in Court on the 6th of next month.

Anonymous said...

As an observer, I am inclined to believe Victor than MPC for 2 simple reasons.

One, MPC lied for years about the millions and even avoided tax on it.

Two, I remember that the late FLP president, Jokapeci Koroi had made a public statement of a coup against the SDL and later retracted.

You decide for yourelf.

Anonymous said...

Oh hahaa..who does chaudary think he's fooling..it was too obvious from pre coup days that he together with that old loud bitch Jokapeci Koroi were the ones forever accussing Qarase government of corruption..we are not little kids and anything he says to justify his stupid actions and giving Bai his full support was done cause of his greed for power..Give it up chorowa..we wont vote for any party youre in cause your days in politics is well and truly over..

Anonymous said...

Mahendra Chaudhry has short memory - he has been caught out, once again - go back to India!

Fiji SUN - 2008:

There is no personal agenda against Chaudary – Victor Lal in the Fiji Sun

The Military Council must not be swayed into supporting any media legislation just because the interim Finance Minister and Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Pal Chaudhry claims that by publishing his tax affairs the media was trying to foster a division between the interim administration and the military council.

They must come to an independent decision on the documentary evidence that Mr Chaudhry had secretly hid $2million in his Australian bank account from FIRCA, Parliament, the military, and the people of Fiji

In 2005, he had claimed that he had not received a cent from his ancestral homeland in Haryana.

And the council must not easily swallow Mr Chaudhry’s claim that the news media and Fiji Sun’s deported publisher Russell Hunter had a personal agenda against him.

If Mr Hunter had a personal agenda, why didn’t Mr Chaudhry make his (Mr Hunter’s) removal from Fiji a pre-condition for FLP MPs joining the Qarase-led multi-party Cabinet after the 2006 election?

Why is he raising the issue now? Is it because of the publication of the $2million Haryana story?

Mr Chaudhry has also accused me of conspiracy, an allegation that I have dispelled in a previous column.

What was Mr Chaudhry doing when he was criss-crossing the globe, calling upon us, and the various governments, to impose sanctions against the Bainimarama-installed interim Laisenia Qarase government after the 2000 coup?

Mr Chaudhry has no right to complain or accuse Mr Hunter and I over the tax stories. As I pointed out previously, he had every opportunity to end the speculation when the tax story first broke in August 2007.

But, no, he chose to remain silent, and only went on the offensive when the Fiji Times took up his challenge and named him as the minister concerned.

What Mr Chaudhry was, perhaps, unaware of was that I had a far more explosive story than the tax story, and that is, that he was hiding $2million in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry is a traitor, Vector (sorry VICTOR), even to his own, as you pointed out long ago:

The sorry tale of Ravindra Chaudhry : A Crime against Humanity by Mahendra Chaudhry and others!

with 2 comments


The leader of the Fiji Labour Party and the so-called champion of Indo-Fijian rights, Mahendra Chaudhry, gave $50,000 to his daughter, bought a house in a leafy suburb of Sydney, shopped at domestic and international airport lounges in Australia and New Zealand – all from the $2million that he was given by the Government of India to be passed onto the Indo-Fijians after the 2000 coup but which he had hidden in a secret Sydney bank account.

And yet when I exposed the greatest robbery of the century, he ensured that the Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter was deported out of Fiji, with the tacit connivance of Adolf Sayed Khaiyum and Shaista Shameem.

One protected the thief by exonerating the $2million swindler through a dubious tax inquiry and the other – through the Fiji Inhuman Rights Commission, with the claim that it was time Hunter was sent out of Fiji because we were violating Chaudhry’s human right – the right to steal.

Now, that the sorry tale of Chaudhry’s brother Ravindra Chaudhry has finally emerged, I wonder if Khaiyum, Shameem, and Mahendra Chaudhry and others, could be charged with cruelty and neglect of Ravindra Chaudhry.

Was Shaista Shameem aware that the $2million thief was lying when he denied knowing Ravindra or that they were blood brothers? Did she conspire in denying the late Ravindra his human right – the right to live in dignity?

Adolf Sayed Khaiyum and Shaista Shameem have been claiming since 2006 coup that Indo-Fijians have been victims of racism in Fiji because of affirmative action policies and that the electoral system was racially oriented.

What is a greater crime of humanity – one race allegedly denying another race the right to equality or a leader of the so-called persecuted race – the Indo-Fijians – disowning his own blood brother right up to the bitter and tragic end?

Anonymous said...

FLP your and your LIAR & DECEIVER does not work anymore in FIJI, it is known fact that the people of Fiji from every corner far and wide in the whole Fiji knows that you mahen chodo and your whole FLP crony are just a bullshit party and thieving party,just uttering in the name of the poor farmers and poor Indians,FLP stop making your self looking like an idiot,i suggest who ever wrote this to coup 4.5 to please stop making FLP looks like a fool who do not even know what is 1+1 equals to !! because everything you FLP says stinks like your master mahen choodo potty..

From my point of view Victor Lal has just press their soft spot?no wonder they reply immediately after victor Lal reveal the truth and expose mahen chodo treasonous act to coup 4.5,it has to be said truth hurts huh..

Keep up the good work Victor Lal,expose them to their knees,as for mahen chodo,you will be charge for treason for taking illegal oath,thats is pure source everyone seen it on tv,plus tax evasion,and the money you fool hide it in australia bank in the name of poor indians farmers collected in india,what a same an indian thiefing his fellow indian brothers,when the dust settle you shall be in naboro that is for sure..

Anonymous said...


It seems, when it came to his own brother, Mahendra Chaudhry forgot the teachings of the Hindu scriptures – but who can blame Chaudhry, he forgot to tell his own people – Khaiyum and Shameem’s people that he was hiding $2million in Australia – the so-called neo-colonial empire in the South Pacific.

Please, STOP talking about the electoral system and racism Khaiyum – get hold of Chaudhry for neglect and lies – and hopefully we will join you and Shaista Shameem to the charge sheet when we bring you to justice.

May Ravindra Chaudhry’s soul rest in peace!!!!!!! We will never forgot you – those who neglected you will ROT IN HELL, as the Hindu scriptures tell us.

Anonymous said...

Between Chodo-vs-Lal, the balance of probability, and history sides with LAL.

Chodo is a known Lier, CHOR, and whatnot and whatnot?? Please bloggers oblige to enlighten Chodo's short and worsening memory! Can we relist Chodo's crimes for all and sundry once again!!


Anonymous said...

It was 42 pages actually!

Anonymous said...

With names like; CHODO and CHORO; we rest our case!!

Anonymous said...

By Anit Singh

Interesting questions as a result of the admission from the former Fiji prime minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, that he had told Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum about the money he is accused of hiding in an Australian bank account.

With Justice Daniel Gounder failing to object to the disclosure by Chaudhry's lawyer, Peter Williams QC, and because Chaudhry confirmed to FIRCA the money belonged to the public, does this mean that he does not need to produce documentary evidence in Court that the money is purportedly still in his bank account, because he has purportedly informed Bainimarama and Khaiyum?

Is this why the judge has said the judgment will be made on notice, as he may have to take purported directions from Khaiyum?

Was Chaudhry trying to tell the judge that his court is not independent and that he has to take direction from Khaiyum before passing judgment? Or was Chaudhry making deals with Khaiyum?

Why did Chaudhry visit Khaiyum at all to discuss his case and money and then inform the Court of his reported visit to AG and PM? What is Chaudhry or his QC really trying to tell the Judge? Is there an element of further corruption here?

And who is Bainimarama in the scheme of things to tell Chaudhry he can keep the money?

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry,please, tell us, who these businesmen are, who pressured you into salvaging the economy; in 2000 you claimed Indo-Fijian businessmen were behind your overthrow but you never named them to this day - Bainimarama told Dinger that Indo-Fijian businessmen told him (Bainimarama) that Fiji will bounce back in 18 months after the coup - so tell us the names, Chaudhry, or you are blaming others now for committing treason:
Mr Chaudhry was also pressured into accepting by certain prominent members of our business community who were anxious to have the economy put back on track.

SEMI MEO said...

Well, where are you..Vector..uh..Victor..the FLP has pong, now we all await for your credible ping..

But, in spite of the vector plague..all we wanna know is whether SDL/FLP are still an item??..you now..as in marriage till 2014 and get the rolling pin and vokete after elections?..oh, as either of the partners may just be frozenly mesmerized when the Bainimarama/Aiyaz Party wink their way and break up the marriage of convenience….oh..boy, the divorce courts will be busy and us children may again back to square one …..looking for who's new and credible to pin our hope for Fiji’s future..or shall we just all play ping..pong…ping …pong…or kisi mai au kisi yani and prolong the marriage...

Anonymous said...

This reads more credible than Victor Lal's rubbish. This Victor is indeed a FLP/Chaudhry basher. Go the FLP . You are the only party that people believe in. Chaudhry is the only person who can take this country out of its problems

Anonymous said...

CHODO is on record lying in the Parliament about his Bank Accounts in Australia. Lets not forget that it was Victor Lal who exposed CHODO's CHORI to the world. SO CHODO is a Lair. Victor Lal is a HERO.

Chodo is a LAIR at again when you read LIE 5 in this story. He justifies his treasonous act of participating in the 2006 COUP by saying it was for the "purpose of pushing for an early return to democratic rule.."

CHODO / CHORO conveniently forgets his statement that "2 years is not enough to CLEAN up the mess that Qarase's govt. had made" and it was CHODO / CHOOR who suggested FIVE years thus prolonging the lifespan of this DICTATORSHIP!

Come On CHODO, people of FIJI are sick and tired of your *&^^%%$&^$ LIES.., LIES..and nothing but LIES.

CHOOROA CHODO please JUST retire

Anonymous said...

It is rumored Bainimarama had a mild stroke that has affected his speech and his left leg is very weak. He has not made any speech for the last week whilst in bed. So how can he attend a symposium when you are that sick? Why are his people hiding his illness?

Mason Smith Resigns said...

Colonel Mason Smith has resigned as PS for Agriculture and it has been accepted by the Chairman of the PSC. Sometimes last month sources at QEB revealed that Dictator Bainimarama was talking to Officers about the election and telling them to stand with him.

Two Officers made it known that they are reluctant to stand for the Election namely:
Brigadier Iowane NAIVALURUA; and
Colonel Mason SMITH.
Let us wait and see who else of the military officers now illegally holding civil service posts well beyond their qualifications and competence, will join the Dictator in his quest to extend his repressive hold on power over the people of Fiji!
It may not be long to see some illegal Ministers also resigning before the illegal regime falls over as their leader's health worsens.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that the health of someone supposedly leading a nation is subject to such clandestine treatment. It just goes to show the fear the regime has if the dictator's life is put in peril by an illness. We all know the regime's grip on power hangs tentatively on the grave health of its illegal leader. Therefor they will go to extreme length just to hide the real truth about it. Even to the point of lying about it and making up a totally false story of his attending a Trade symposium.

That is just the true nature of the illegal regime running Fiji at the moment. They will lie just to hang on to power and conduct itself under false pretenses as it has no mandate from the people of Fiji for its illegitimate rule.

Anonymous said...

Chodo you Chor of a CRAP!

Anonymous said...

The reply is true. I may not be supporter of Chaudhry but can't ever remember there was ever an offer of Deputy PM to him, not in the newspaper or Tv news.In fact this was a point we were discussing in 2006 amongst friends, some thought that was what Chaudary was after but we never did hear of it unless Victor Lal had inside information from the SDL crew?

Anonymous said...

Media accused of having an agenda'

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

INTERIM Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry says media organisations in Fiji should take a critical look at the manner in which they are abusing the freedom of the media in pursuit of what is clearly a political agenda to discredit the interim administration.

In a media release issued yesterday, Mr Chaudhry said the local media had conspired to defame him and have him removed from office.

The statement came after the announcement by the interim Government that an independent inquiry team had cleared Mr Chaudhry of any taxation breaches,

Mr Chaudhry said he welcomed the findings of the inquiry team which cleared him of all allegations of having breached Fiji's tax laws.

He said he was not surprised, however, that the same elements were now trying to discredit members of the team.

"I have always maintained that the initial Victor Lal articles (published in the Fiji Sun) were motivated by spite, malice and outsized ego. The articles were the product of a conspiracy hatched between Lal and certain media people here, including the departed publisher of the Fiji Sun, to not only defame me and have me removed from office but also to divide and weaken the interim Government," said Mr Chaudhry.

"There was clearly a conspiracy by elements in the media to collude and connive with certain individuals and politicians to discredit, malign and defame me," he said.

Mr Chaudhry said his lawyers have filed legal papers against 0 and all those who were associated with it as part of the conspiracy to defame him.

"Defamation action against other media organisations and individuals will follow in due course," he said.

Anonymous said...

There is so much venom and hatred towards Chaudhry - for who he is and what he stands for and alot of the allegations have always been sheer LIES to defame him.

Shame on you Victor Lal and the rest of the haters!!!

As if you are all so perfect!!

Anonymous said...

we should move from this blame game.
we have to find common ground and move fiji forward.
we had enough of coup in fiji.
fiji biggest problem is the army thugs.
we have to dismantle the army asap.
no guns no coup in fiji.
fiji will progress under elected govt.
put fiji first in our heart than our own personal interest and desires..
let all be united to move fiji forward .
army go back to your barrack and villages.
you had done enough harm to your people that you were entrusted to protect.
army is there for fiji people not for personal guards of frank/khaiyum.
pm mpc and pm lq are uniting to move fiji forward.
lets support the elected leaders and get fiji back to democracy and rule of law.
united we stand divided we fall..
god bless.

Anonymous said...

Choor dhry ruined this country. He drove Garment Industry to ground. He was in process of driving Fiji Water companies right out of business. Tell me one thing that Choodu did good for Fiji!!! ZERO! nothing! All his contribution to Fiji has been negative. Choor also put Indo Fijians way back not only to Girmit days but way beyond that. Choodu has been known as a Choor. He was and will be. He has nothing to contribute to Fiji. Maybe he needs to go back to Haryana and die there.

With all that George Speight did, the worst thing that he did was when he intervened and put a stop to Choodu being bashed up. Speight should have let those fellows finish the job. Fiji would have been much better off without this fool.


Mr Chaudhry you have never opted a policy of hiding and I salute you for the timely response to this victor lal chicken shit.This MF has some unreliable informers who operate through some failed politicians and unreliable undercover personnel's. we don't need your rubbish and lengthy written policies instead we need people are physically present on the ground and face the situation.THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR MR CHAUDHRY IN THIS REGARD. Victor Lal you are a sick person don't waste your time you will achieve NOTHING.

Carawai pani said...

Whatever Dude! @ Chodory.

Anonymous said...

Crappy family feud once again rears its ugly head. They are too good in turning lies into truth like father like son all of them should be charged and taken to court.

The FLP chor party and ghutta politics.
Bunch of liars just want to come back in power must have lost a lot of money and no lase tuba because they are under watch.

Anonymous said...

It took eight months for chor Mahend to admit the existence of the money in his Aussie bank accounts - when he knew Victor Lal was on the verge of revealing the Minister's identity - claiming the money was for his resettlement in Australia. What is the chor doing in Fiji then? It didnt take him 8 hours to reply to Lal - Chor is a chor!

Sher Khan said...

Victor Lal why are you not talking about THE BIGGEST CHOOR OF FIJI the one and only Y P REDDY. Can you through some light as to what is happening on file number: CID/HQ/PEP/126.

Anonymous said...

Rajendra Chodo you can throw dust in many people's eye but you can't fool everyone. Keep trying to justify, but there is no justification for choors.

Victor you are a gentleman and a scholar. I wish there were journalists of your caliber here in Fiji. You have really exposed this Choro family to the max. Keep up the good job Victor Lal.

KVSVKS said...

This is in response to the person who is using the word Chodo for Mr Chaudhry. This guy witnessed the live show when Mr Chaudhry use to.....his mum.He is fucken traumatized.

Anonymous said...

Reply to few bloggers above :
1. MPC needs his day in court, not on a blog site.
2. Bani and Ass know that Lai and Mahen arent a "spent" force
3. Opportunist like Rajesh Singh should stop playing the unity game for his gain - come back to Fiji and suffer like us rather than hiding under your boyfriend Francis skirt - feel the real pain in fiji.
4. Victor Lal is a great investigative journalist but his agenda needs to be questioned especially his links with NFP.
5. Victor Lal should start giving some Tv and Radio interviews instead of hiding behind a blog site - does he really exist?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

FLP welcomes Qarase court ruling

[posted 9 October 2008, 1400]

The Fiji Labour Party welcomes the court ruling in the Qarase v Bainimarama case.

“The decision reaffirms FLP’s stand that elected government’s must adhere to the principles of good governance and be held accountable to the people,” said Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

In some ways, the judgment alludes to the fact that Mr. Qarase may have been responsible for inviting this predicament on himself. He could have averted the takeover had he chosen to engage with, and respond to, the military on issues of governance raised by the RFMF.

Chor was endorsing Tony Gates biased judgment

Anonymous said...

Fiji biggest Chor are
Frank,Atama Maharaj,Khaiyum,Robert Khan,John Samy,Sada Reddy,Y P Reddy,Nick Naidu,John Prasad,Sada Reddy Nur Bano,Nazhat ,Aslam,List goes on

Anonymous said...

Does Baini suffering a minor stroke means he is not having an erection in 2014???..

Anonymous said...

It seems some SDL people LOVE the FLP too MUCH, Now.. Whow what a miracle! GOD does work in mysterious ways!

Who would have thought.. So One Love... Lets get together and be alright..yeh..

Anonymous said...

Remember when one of the first things the Illegal government did in 2006, was to Retrospectively give immunity to those who hadn't paid TAX from 2003 to 2006.
I believe this was specifically made to stop Chaudry from going to jail.
I remember at the time I was flabergasted that they could bring in a Bill that affects 800,000 people just for the sake of preventing one man (Chaudry) from going to jail.

A total disregard for the people of Fiji just as he disregarded the Indo-Fijians.

Will Chaudry have regard for us this time around?
I don't think so.
First let him face a proper judicial system. Not the present wankers running the illegal racket they call The Fiji Judiciary.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

What shame has Chodo brought to Fiji Indians, going down as a CHOOR leader -is really very bad -

AD Patel did not do that; SM Koya was nearly bankrupt due to public service and politics;JR Reddy never-mind his petty hindu/muslim racism and power-hungry greed was NOT a CHOOR!

But the shame and crime of CHODO is unforgivable - He stole from the 'down-trodden poor'- The very people CHODO was supposedly protecting, representing and blah..blah...

KGHZJ said...

That confirms Santa Patel is a product of Hon MPC....

Just Saying said...

I think most people know who they will vote for in 2014 (if it happens) so these kind of revelations only help those aong us who will say 'I always knew it' or "I told you so.' Probaly will also help Lal reputation's but I myself wouldlike to see more current stories. Bring it on C4.5.

Thief said...

Chaudhry never lied, always told the truth was never arrogant, never vindictive, always a fair and open politician, transparent accountable, in a nutshell a saint. Now, once again a seditious critic publishes things that cannot be true. Chaudarhry's involvement in the 2006 coup is as much a lie as the disclosures of his secret bank accounts. Perhaps we should wake up?

Anonymous said...

i read this blog and see only few people write their name in comments that have guts.
rajesh put his name .
why dont you put your name .
rajesh still helping people in fiji.
whom you have helped.
so shut the f up.
rajesh is getting the people to gather.
what did you do .

Anonymous said...

Vector, Hon. Mr.Chaudhary has always maintained that the money from India that he deposited in his Australian account was donated to HIM and HIS FAMILY ONLY!

Now whats wrong with that?? The money is as Mr. Chaudhary says "is for ME and MY FAMILY" to settle in Australia if and when Fiji becomes too hot politically. Now whats wrong with that?? Let it be!

Stop maligning our leader who has done so much for us people in Fiji - when all other so called leaders just deserted and migrated from Fiji - Chaudhary alone remained!

So stop your overseas CRAP. You are not in Fiji so you do not know nothing.

Anonymous said...

well i have said it earlier on Mahen is is hypocrite - he will do anything to come back in power - all i can say we dont want him - He is the biggest lair and changes side which suits him - for a record on Fiji TV , Rajen chaudary was saying FICAC is a good insitution ie when is dad was in the interim govt - he changed is tune when his dad was kicked out - Fiji media needs to learn the skills of comparing statements given in the media - if that is done everything will be crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

Always follow the MONEY....

Where is CHODO'S Millions..???

Where is Justice Goundar..???

See the connection.. Justice for sale!!

Anonymous said...

Is FLP a personal property of the CHODO CLAN?? Why cant the members of FLP KICK CHODO OUT!! How can you allow a CHOR as your Leader??

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear, love the drama going on here! more, more!!

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

I hate Chaudhary more then i have
hated any men in my life.I blame him more then Qarase for the mess we are in now.
If i could get away with it i would seriously like to physically harm this guy. However at this stage i am finding that i am starting to hate those who love this guy even more then him despite his unmasking as a wolf in sheep's skin. This 1st class con men has lied stolen hoodwinked his way into power and he has been exposed despite which some people still stand by him. These are the Fijians i hate. Their brains have been replaced by pig fecal matter. I am an Indo Fijian and this conman does not represent me or my family. The only thing i have not forgiven George for is the fact that he did not end this miserable fools life when he had the chance. He is after all still serving a life sentence. Mark my words his son will be the next leader of the Labor Party and fools like some of the comm enters on this site will kiss his backside just like they do his fathers although he appears to be a big a..hole and more arrogant version of his father.

Anonymous said...

The story of Ravindra Pal Chaudhry is so so SAD.......I wonder if relatives in Haryana, India ever knew of his sorry plight.... Poor , Poor Ravindra Pal Chaudhry May his soul Rest In Peace.

Anonymous said...

The stink of Chodo..........or chodowao has surfaced again because he can not stay without power and the farmers levy.He will bend down to anyone for power the whole party is full of idiots ha barka. barks will say niuhro they will all niuhro.The chor chandal clan Full of crap.

Anonymous said...

The point of Victor Lal's article, it seems to me, is that here is a man who has been condemning coups which affected him and his political career, and yet had no hesitation to conspire with Frank to get rid of Qarase, perhaps he was hoping to lead an interim government - who knows about this chowora - he also got $2million after the Speight coup and never told his Indo-Fijian (and Fijian and other FLP supporters) that "well, if things go bad in Fiji, mates, I and my family will relocate to Australia), for I am hiding from all of you fools millions which, THANKS to Speight, I got from India. I hold no brief for Victor Lal, but on balance, I believe Victor that this chowora provided that document to help military get rid of Qarase - if chowora had not joined Frank as his Interim Finance Minister, I might have given him the benefit of doubt - or unless when he heard Frank saying he was to clean up corruption, he jumped into bed to hide his millions - anyone who takes millions and doesnt tell his political colleagues and supporters does not deserve to be defended - as for Rajendra Chaudhry - he knew his father had this millions - for he and his sister were then living in Australia and enjoying the fruits of that secret millions - even chowora bought a house for Rajend, and used the Sydney address to launder money and evade tax evasion in Fiji - which could have gone towards helping his own people - GOOD on Victor for exposing his millions - instead of keeping it away from us in the name of not bringing shame to the Indo-Fijian community. Chowora is a LIAR - so ignore his reply. He had denied receiving a cent from India! Victor cant have made it up about the document - it exists - as someone pointed out, it was in fact 42 pages - two blank pages - front and back covers to hide chowora's treachery.

Anonymous said...

Those accusing Victor Lal of being pro-NFP and a Chaudhry basher should read his article on NFP, which the Chowora and his supporters had published on their Peoples Coalition Government website in 2001. It must have been published in one of Lal's columns in Fiji The link is as follows:


The NFP has trapped Indo-Fijians into a Bottomless Past

By Victor Lal

The great Indian poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore once wrote that, ‘The bond of kingship that prevails within the community not only protects it from wanton cruelty and injustice from inside but is the natural nerve channel through which we directly feel our own race in its entirety. But the stranger from outside can easily be unjust, owing to the fact that he has not to pay for his conduct in his own feeling and be checked by that deeper sensibility which goes directly beyond the miscellany of facts into the heart of living unity. And for the sake of his own benefit and other’s safety he must bring with him his inner light of imagination, so that he may feel truth and not merely know facts’.

Read the whole article. I implore you all to do so - only Victor Lal can explain why he turned against Mahend - was it the $2million?

Anonymous said...

So here's the scenario for Fiji moving forward as I see it ....

1) A new constitution is written

2) Elections are called

3) Election promises are forgotton and cabinet ministers start filling their own pockets

4) Certain chiefs are unhappy because election results don't go their way and they can't benefit

5) Chiefs incite hatred in commoners and overthrow government with the help of some disgruntled soldiers

6) Constitution is abrogated

7) There is anarchy on the streets

8) Military takes over running of the country

9) Country goes back 10 years.

10) Another decade is lost

... and the mistrust and hatred continues.

Lagesh sing(Rajesh Singh in chinese) said...

Anonymous 11.52am yesterday.....heeehhehhhheeeeeeeehh
your inglis vely funny ,you imature little plick (chinese for your little ...you know)
Vector rar vely good boy and Mahen chaudly another vely little plick. Galase got smarrest plick !!@!
rong riv the chair min Meow !!!!
You want more dorations for your loads..vely bad..your queens load to Nadi flom Sewer(sua)(suva)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bainimarama, for pulling the coup! Whether we like it or not the Coup was the best thing that has ever happen for Fiji, at that point in time?Had Bainimarama not pulled the coup, the
Fiji Government would have gone bankrupt or we'd have to mortgage the lives of our unborn child to the EU,Aussie,NZ,Brittain and other country to pay for our overpaid civil servants &overpaid unionized workers! We're just a small nation with small economy and we cannot afford to match our wages with countries like Australia, New Zealand,US,UE or any of the oil rich countries of the Middle Eastern nations? Bainimarama coup has put a stop to this organized union corruption in blackmailing the Government in power, into overpaying its civil servant or else? Thank you Bainimarama for pulling the coup and putting a stop to this stupidity? As a concern citizen of Fiji, i support your action and i stand by your coup!! By the way we need to create a special commissioner for the Union, in order to ensure that they do not interfere with the economic&political development of the country? I say please put Bai in as President for life so he can keep an eye out against Union corruption and people like Anthony,Singh,Chodo and Urai

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:38
Would have been a good argument except that he is paying himself $700,000 a year via illegal channels (Nur Bano)
while 140 Fijian babies a year are admitted for malnutrition.
Very sad.

Besides, any Coup is illegal.
If you don't like a Government then vote them out in the next election.

Forget about the Presidency, Bainimarama first MUST face Court like every other normal person in Fiji. ( for murders of CRW soldiers; for Treason; for Assault and aggravated assault; Sexual assault and Murder of people in their custody; Abuse of Office etc etc)

-Valataka na Dina.

Aiyaz's Deal He Couldn't Refuse said...

Okay, Mahen. Here's the deal. A quarter for Frank, a quarter for the judge, a quarter for me, and we'll let you keep the rest instead of sending you to gaol.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:36 is a reminder that there grows no herb of help to heal a coward heart.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please put Bai in for life. I don't want my pension, and democracy and freedom are vastly overrated. I don't want to know what the government is doing, and I don't care. Let the Chinese take over. At least we won't need to worry about the unions having too much power ever again. I trust in Bai's great honesty and wisdom. He's the greatest man since Josef Stalin.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1:30am...I'm with you on the timing of the coup and it's move to restraining the Union from decades of non Governmental check&balances.Valataka na dina-as far as the PM Salaray $700.000 a year,this is about the current PM regular salary throughout the world at this point in time.
.The PM of Singapore-Lee Hsien Loong makes US$2,856,930. Also, the
sum you quoted above,it was first put out by Roko Ului Mara, after he flee to Tonga,but was denied by the PM.As far as mulnitrution is concern that is-i believe- a Parentals responsibility? I know what Bai did was illegal and morally wrong but couldn't we offer him a way out? So we can take back and straighten-out our country Governance? Maybe China or India could offer him political asylum.
Anon@12:57...You should be in the entertainment industry-your article was great&entertaining-you kill me-man!!!

Anonymous said...

OK forget Bai and go back to electing The Dalit from Haryana-Chorro- and see if his social status has improved, after he lied his way in, trying to get inducted into one of the 4 varnas?Chorro has nothing good to offer our Fijian society but pollution,contamination,defilement,poison,infection,dirty,befoul,tainted,rotten to the core!It takes about 10 generations for Dalit in Haryana to gain status to one of the 4 Varnas-i think?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:37, I offer Bainimarama a way out -- poison or a bullet. If he refuses, we fetch a rope.

Anonymous said...

ouch! no way out? We'll than it may take a wee bit longer to go back to democracy?

Anonymous said...

Au contraire. The fastest way to democracy for Fiji is with a bullet to the dictator's wee brain.