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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Human rights group questions Bainimarama claim regime is rebuilding non-racial, well-governed nation

VB: Says he's keeping Fiji honest but Human Righ Watch says not .
Regime leader Voreqe Bainimarama insists he and the RFMF are 'cleaning up' as he said they would when those running the country forced his hand in 2006.

In fact, the illegal leader is so confident his motives are pure he has said: "The day when the military will be taken to prison, that will be the end of those who are behind it.”

International groups such as the Human Rights Watch are less than impressed, though, with Bainimarama's supposed record saying they do not seen evidence of the regime trying to “rebuild Fiji into a non-racial, culturally vibrant and united, well-governed, truly democratic nation.”  

The Human Rights Watch has written to Joketani Cokanasiga complaining about the police and government decision to cancel the recent Oceania Pride march to mark the international day against homophobia and transphobia.

The international watch dog says the decision has harmed the claims by the regime to build a free civil society and to “empower and uplift the lives” of all Fijians, including vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, as stated in the People’s Charter.

June 12, 2012
Acting Minister for Defence, National Security, and Immigration Joketani Cokanansiga
1st Floor
New Wing Government Buildings
Suva, Fiji

Dear Minister Cokanansiga,

I write to you on behalf of Human Rights Watch to express our concern over the cancellation of a parade in Suva by the Fiji police on May 17, 2012.

HRW is an independent organization dedicated to defending and promoting fundamental rights. We investigate and expose human rights violations in over 90 countries around the world and hold abusers accountable.

On May 17, 2012, the police cancelled a parade organized by Oceania Pride to celebrate the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia in Suva. The organizers had acquired all the necessary permits from the police department and the city council to hold the parade; however, on the day of the parade they had their permits unexpectedly revoked. When they asked for the reason of this sudden decision they were informed that the police had not been aware that the parade was of a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) nature.

The abrogated Fiji Constitution provides for freedom of assembly. After the military coup, the interim government has denied permits for marches and meetings to nongovernmental organizations, religious groups, and other civil society organizations due to the arbitrary enforcement of restrictions on gatherings and meetings, which were provided for in the Public Emergency Regulations to break up any gathering seemed unlawful.

More so, the actions taken by the police also contradict the People’s Charter for Change, Peace, & Progress, which was launched by the Interim Government in December 2008 with aims to “rebuild Fiji into a non-racial, culturally vibrant and united, well-governed, truly democratic nation.” The Charter highlights the “equality and dignity of all citizens” and it underlines the Fijian people’s desire for inclusiveness and mutual respect through, among other things, “a strong and free civil society.”

The cancellation of the parade to mark the international day against homophobia and transphobia has harmed the claims by the government to build a free civil society and to “empower and uplift the lives” of all Fijians, including vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, as stated in the People’s Charter.

Speaking on the International Day of Human Rights in December 2011, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reminded governments of their duty to respect the rights of freedom of expression and assembly, which are continuously violated as a cloak to prevent criticism and public debate. More recently—on the same day that Fiji police cancelled the parade being organized by Oceania Pride—United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay stated that these rights, which are denied to individuals due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, are universal and enshrined in international law. As a member of the United Nations, Fiji too must respect the freedom of assembly and association that is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human Rights Watch urges your government to issue a public apology for cancelling the LGBT parade, invite Oceania Pride to hold a parade on an occasion of their choice, and grant Oceania Pride permission to hold future parades. We urge you to permit civil society groups the right to hold public meetings and gatherings and cease the monthly renewal of the Public Emergency Regulations. When there are security concerns these should be dealt with in a reasonable and appropriate manner without endangering the freedom of assembly.

We look forward to learning what steps you have taken to address these concerns.

Yours sincerely,
Graeme Reid
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trangender Rights Program

Cc: Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua, Commissioner of Police


Anonymous said...

we cant trust anything frank promise?
he is a liar and con artist like his master khaiyum.
how many leaders and ministers been charged and prison.?-none.
overseas govt should warn frank. if he makes another coup than we have un or ramsi force in fiji to take care of the army groons.
fiji will never have democratic govt under this madman.

mark manning said...

Bainimarama has himself backed into a corner.
No matter what, he must keep maintaining that his illegal regime is doing the right thing.
It is interesting to note however, that he has now threatened coup instigators and in so doing, has inadvertently I suggest, differentiated himself from them and defined his own role, compared to theirs.
In other words, it's Frank the tool and his backers, except if all fails, it will be his backers who will be taken to task by Frank and his Military goons.
Does this imply that those backing the coup, are not Military and if not, then just who are these people ?

Perhaps it's time for Frank Bainimarama to expose just who these cowards are so the people of Fiji can make their own choices.

Anonymous said...

The AG should have been notified by the poofta community about their
march for what? Poofta pride,hey w're still trying to ask the Military to give us some slacks here.Maybe the AG, who is a reasonable guy, can come up with some good and sensible decrees? Maybe we could ask, the pooftas to migrates to New Zealand or Aussie and they can do they march over there without a problem?

Anonymous said...

Mr Reid just cut off ur balls as they are useless by the looks of it!!

Vasu said...

We should take note of this inhuman maniac, who forces himself on Fiji to lead, tells people to follow him and is raping the Fiji scarce money through corruption.

His threat to kill opponents is a window into his character, he is simply a common thug, inhuman no school failure who hitchhiked to leadership through the military to rape Fiji.

This is one reason why people are demanding the elimination, disestablishment and abolishment of the military as it has only brought thugs like VB and misery to people.

As the Samoan PM has rightly said it is only Fijians who should and must bring Chief War War down. His threat should encourage us to get rid of the bugger even through assasination,

Anonymous said...

Pathetic the way Khaiyum & his treasonous group are trying to dupe the General public to think that Bai is in Fiji? Has anyone seen Bai personally with your own two eyes? No, cause the man is in the hospital fighting for his life?
Did you notice that the picture is always with Khaiyum-hey guys you better change the pictures before we the public may noticed your tricks? Khaiyum has threatened all the Medias that they must print exactly as directed or their licence will not be renewed?

Anonymous said...

Chief goon has confirmed by his threatening statement that he is a murderer. He said by the time the military is taken to prison, all those behind it will be no more which means there will be mass elimination of people against the regime. It confirms this man is a killer and supports allegations that he was the one that ordered the kiling of CRW soldiers in 2000 and all the deaths of civillians after 2006 coup.

Anonymous said...

trust the muslim and they will plant a bomb in the army's arse but than it will be to late yeah. No way out for everyone involved Naboro waiting and with inside knowledge having Naivalurua ship them to Nukulau the Fiji Alcatraz. Pay for the deeds of 1987 you were the fair looking musked guy with Rabuka so the musk is coming off slowly.

Aiyaz Sayed-Kaiyum, Fiji Reichsminister for Justice said...

Dear Mr. Graeme Reid,

Please allow me to respond to your letter to Minister Cokanasiga of 12 June.

First, let me assure you that the Fijian government is uncategorically committed to building a free civil society and to empowering and uplifting the lives of all Fijians, including vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, as stated in the People’s Charter. This certainly includes lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender types. We only intervened to cancel the parade at the last moment when it became apparent to us that the LGBT community might be in physical danger because of the infiltration of the parade by some who planned to publically agitate for tolerance and equal rights. Such actions must, of course, must be met firmly by the state's legitimate police powers, in fulfillment of our solemn responsibility to protect the people of Fiji, even if it means protecting them from themselves.

We certainly near no malice towards the LGBT community. Some of our favorite people are queer. In fact, the community is well and ably represented in our current government by Chief Justice Anthony Gates. Moreover, the Fijian Armed Forces have a proud tradition that protects the right of prisoners to commit sodamy with rifle barrels and other objects. 

In fact, recognising that our military personnel are themselves amongst our most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, we are taking decisive steps to elevate their living standards and to improve their working conditions, especially through the provision of civil service positions in air-conditioned offices.

Fiji is a civilian run workers democracy with civil liberties for all. Just because nobody criticises the Der Führer and Reich Chancellor does not mean that the press and radio are somehow censored or otherwise controlled. Are we to be faulted if all Fijians want to unite under a single party, the National Socialist FIjian Workers Party, aka One Fiji Party, and if everyone is contented, because the people enjoy true democracy, with more participation, and more ownership by all our people? 

Comments made about the restrictions of human rights are misplaced. Free speech is completely allowed. Under Der Führer, Fiji is a model of civil liberties where the rule of law applies to all citizens, full stop.

Comments on alleged restrictions on Lesbians, Bisexuals, Gays, Transgendered, Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses are completely unfounded. We have even set aside, at government expense, places very much like summer camps, where not only can these honoured guests safely assemble to practice their religion and/or buggery, but they can enjoy full employment as well. Anyone criticising us on this is simply being obtuse. In coming days, I will invite them to visit Club Auschwitz and other new recreational attractions to see for themselves. 

I trust this reply will allay all of your concerns.

Anonymous said...

Look at the fruit and you'll know the Tree.
Vuaka's army is 99% indigenous Fijian so its obvious "the Tree" does not believe in racial equality.

Anyone who still thinks and says that Bainimarama will bring about Racial Equality must be a moron.

Bainimara's speech is obviously straight from Khaiyum's megalomaniac mouth.
Forever threatening people everywhere.

The funny thing is the army including Tikoitoga are so dumb they can't see what's happening right under their nose.

Just as God confused the Egyptian army that was chasing Moses, HE HAS ALSO CONFUSED THESE IDIOTS.

To answer Mark Manning " No it's not the army that is backing the coup. Those foot-soldiers are so BRAIN-DEAD they don't know what is RIGHT and what is WRONG anymore. They're are too stupid."
No such thing as the "Military Council" That entity only exists in the imagination of Bainimarama and Khaiyum. There is no such thing.
There is only two people running the show Bainivuaka and the Vuaka himself and their backers ( Shameem, Gates and certain Indo-fijian businessmen)

The soldiers are devoid of Wisdom, they do not know that they are following the orders of a Psychopath

If you follow a Psychopath you too will become a psychopath. Just look at Ben Naliva, Tikoitoga, Khaiyum. All devoid of empathy and just look at their psycopathic ranting and ravings,

As someone wrote here on C4.5 many moons ago "Bad men takeover when Good men do nothing"

Its time to bomb the ant-hill Delainabua and get rid of these arseholes

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Not sure who the culprint is,the above picture with a white cheapline shirt,Bai is wearing was shot last year at Denarau during a
party-he was later caught drinking
whisky under the coconut tree? Boy,
these thugs are extremely under pressure and are doing all they can to dupe the general public into
thinking that Bai is here at home?
All we know Bai could have been dead already in China and Khaiyum is trying his best to deceived us
by putting out Bai's old pictures,with faked Bainimarama alleged declarations? The so-called statement does not sound genuine and has no Bainimarama foot-prints!Has anyone seing Mary anywhere in Suva? I don't think so, shes been kept out of sight by these thugs.They don't want Mary to make a statement to the Medias,which might jepordized their life& position without Bai!

Anonymous said...

All you people supporting the coup better start running.
Bai is about to eliminate you.
Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Where is all the methodist church supporters gay rights, why are they so quite!!!
Fiji must flushout the gays, on this one I stand with the Govt's directives.

Anonymous said...

fiji will never have democratic govt until this mad army groons are disbanded or put behind bars.
who will put them behind bars?
people power can do it.
if we have 20,000 people march at fmf barrack and arrest kahiyum/frank and his illegal ministers that will be the end of this juntas.
who can lead this march?
political leaders/church/chiefs/students?
no army officer will have guts to shoot its own people and they will join the public and arrest this idiot army commanders/ministers.
we have seen that in overseas .
let try it out.
how long we will live in fear of this army thugs and get poor and suffer in our own land.
they are filling the bank account and putting fiji in more debt.
wake up and raise up lets fight for our country.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Army is cursed.
I did not curse them.
They just brought it on themselves.
The Bible says :
Cursed is the man who walks in the counsel of the wicked.
ie Cursed is the man who follows the orders of a Psychopath. That includes all you people that are still in the army and following the Vuaka's orders.

Cursed is the man who stands innocently obeying stupid orders.
Cursed is the man sitting and threatening people.

For they will be like the chaff that the wind blows away.
Their end is destruction.

(All the above is from Psalms 1)

Have you soldiers wondered why, with all that money you got paid since 2006,it all seems to have disappeared.
Nothing to show for it.
That car you bought is now a lemon. etc etc etc
Ever wonder , my brother!
Ever wonder why the soldier next to you has suddenly developed asthma or heart attack or cancer. And even you yourself aren't feeling so well either.
Ever wonder why?
Ever wonder why your children are struggling, at school etc?
Ever wonder why things seem to have gotten worse for you?

I'll tell you why.
Because God is not stupid like you.

If you bothered to read Psalms 1 you might have found BLESSINGS.
But instead you chose to obey the orders of the wicked.
And guess what?
Yes you will reap.
Now you're reaping and you wonder why.Duuuuhhhh!

If you are still breathing ( yes by that I mean YOU soldier) then you still have the chance to follow a different path and reap all the blessings.

Do the RIGHT thing. Gather all your friends and march up to Commander's office and tell him that he is wrong. Either he steps down or you will forcibly remove him. If he sacks you then so be it.

Better to live with a clear conscience and free then be paid all that money but all torn up inside.

God bless you all.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Fiji’s discussion stopped at ILO summit June 16, 2012 11:02:27 AM A+ A- | print | email | mobile Bookmark and Share Tweet 0 inShare Follow @fanclubfijilivecom Follow @ Twitter The International Labour Organization (ILO) conference in Geneva has been stopped from discussing alleged violations against trade unionists and matters relating to Fiji’s labour laws. This was revealed by Fiji’s Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, Jone Usamate, the Head of the Fiji delegation at the ILO Conference. Fiji was not able to appear at the ILO Standards Committee meeting in Geneva because the International Organisation of Employers prevented the discussion about Fiji and allegations of workers’ rights violations in 24 other countries. A government statement says the International Council of Free Trade Union, the Australian Council of Trade Unions and Fiji Trade Union Congress general secretary Felix Anthony were utterly gutted and mystified with this unprecedented twist, since it has not occurred in ILO’s history. However, the Usamate said that the “Fijian Government wants to get on with the process since we are well prepared to defend our case and Government’s comprehensive report was deposited at the ILO three weeks ago.” Usamate confirmed the Employers group refused to allow any cases to come before the ILO Standards Committee during the Conference because they are challenging the ILO, a respected UN body of over 90 years, to have any supervisory powers and to actually hold governments to account for any violations of ILO Conventions, both in law and practice. Further, they assert the observations of the ILO Committee of Experts against governments are not “gospel truth” but to be finally determined by the tripartite annual International Labour Conference, which is the law making body for ILO instruments. The employers and of course government are questioning, in particular, the trade union ‘absolute right to strike’ interpretation by the ILO Committee of Experts. The Minister advised the ILO Governing Body is meeting tomorrow to resolve this impasse and recommend an improved supervisory governance system to be adopted at next year’s annual Conference. In the meantime, Fiji has found retrieve and awaiting the recommendation of the Governing Body.

Read more at: http://www.fijilive.com/news/2012/06/fijis-discussion-stopped-at-ilo-summit/44494.Fijilive
Copyright 2012 © Fijilive.com

Anonymous said...

Cokanasiga is just the fall guy real culprits were Khaiyum and Naivalurua on behalf of Bai. No one will ever be allowed to march in Fiji while these hungry monngrels are aive and running the country.

Anonymous said...

Old photo. Frank does not look like this at the moment. Another illusion.

Anonymous said...

Selective memory by this treasonous regime.

Anonymous said...

Smary bastards defenind the indfnsible

Coup 4.5 said...

" Journalism of Courage" is what we are about the premier Indian daily newspaper the Indian Express proudly proclaims on its masthead.
That's what every independent, self-respecting, non state owned news media should be about .
I am sure the Fiji Times is a newspaper that aspires to do that : deliver journalism of courage notwithstanding the constraints of a post coup regime.
Yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu
36 atlantic blvd
glenfield 2167
ph - 0298227398

Anonymous said...

3 leader should file a police complain and see if police will investigate and charge baini/mosese.

Anonymous said...

I take a good laugh at the comments from the religious guys make me vomit, where where you and the methodist church in 1987 when Rabuka cracked the virgin. Hallaluiya or hellaluiya u decide. This same vorege, naivalurua,taleni mossese and all the fuckwit were part of it but you guys justified through reading the bible that it was the right thing. than 2000 result was okay but the means not, cursed is the army and the kawa taukei. sa rauta ye sigani killa tiko na halleluiya kei na HELLeluiya sa gai lega kece na LOTU, NA VANUA ke NA MATANITU. I remmember asking a cousin and a good friend why he was assaulting the old Indian man in 2000 he said he was the enemy. I took him to his house in a taxi and was called a poofta and other things but I knew he was an innocent hard working man who supported me and my family till his death and told me to be religious. He made sure I was in church every sunday and spoiled me more than his sons saying that I was a god sent son at the time to save him. REPENT and ask for forgiveness no use writing about the army guys and the police guys cause 90 % have no internet and 95% of the I taukei dont know about this site. REPENT and LOTU GA VA KAUKAUA.

Ko Namaka said...

At the triennial meeting in January 2001 of regional political leaders organized by the Pacific Islands Development Program (PIDP) at the East-West Center,University of Hawaii, Fiji’s interim prime minister, Laisenia Qarase,singled out democracy as part of the problem, arguing that island states were finding it difficult to preserve their cultures in the process of moving from communal forms of rule to debate-driven democratic systems.

Implicit in this statement is the notion that ‘Western’ democratic forms of politics and government are culturally inappropriate in Pacific island states – a notion that has been much debated in recent years.

Do you still standby what you said.......

Anonymous said...

Hi rajend naidu,

Pls give your fiji address when in town next.

Anonymous said...

Anon@5:56...and your point is?????????
Anon@9:56pm...i'm sure Qarase would have told you that he still stand by that statement.Fijian society have our communal democratic system as well? Indian is the largest democratic nation in the world today but the democracy is tailored to Indian
society.The problem with Trying to Tailor western model to a Fijian model was he-Qarase- hesitated to pull the trigger, & gave Bainimarama the time he needed to disarm him,hence led to where we are today? The question is;are you going to allow him and or Chodory to run your life again? Why not try a VASU, like Beddoes or someone else?

Anonymous said...

The argument that island states are finding it difficult to preserve their cultures in the process of moving from communal forms of rule to debate-driven democratic systems does not necessarily imply that democratic forms of governance are culturally inappropriate in Pacific Island states. Another possible interpretation, for example, is that the two different systems are antithetical in some respects but compatible in others, and that the transition to a system of democratic governance is actually an evolutionary adaptation mechanism helping to ensure the continued propagation of the culture. Democracy might indeed be a foreign flower, but rather than treated as an invasive species, it should be welcomed for its remarkable medicinal qualities.

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