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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ilegal leader tries to spook womens lobby

As he is today ..and below as the Fiji Sun have portrayed him.
He's in China for a trade symposium but continues to try to steer the Constitution process, putting the boot in particular into the Womens Forum which is trying to unite women under one submission.

From the 14th meeting of China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium in Ningbo (one of China's oldest cities), Voreqe Bainimarama has tried to spook the Womens Forum, describing it as 'limited' and unrepresentative of women in Fiji.

Under the headline PM to Women: All to speak up in the Fiji Sun today, Bainimarama claims the Womens Forum is 'only for those in city and town areas', and that it's trying to use women from rural areas.

Bainimarama dislikes most the way the Forum has rallied  women to present a united voice to the Constitution Commission.

He would have us believe such an act of solidarity is a crime: “For the first time, everyone will have a voice. This is a fundamental part of the constitutional formulation process that cannot and must not be compromised.” 

According to Bainimarama (pictured about the time he seized control of the country in 2006), the Constitution process is for 'ordinary Fijians, not just the elite or the well-connected.'

In another attempt at showing control, the regime has today also taken on one of the world's most gung-ho environmental protest group, the Sea Shepherd.

In a statement titled 'Radical Groups that disrupt legitimate environmental conservation not welcomed by Fiji,' the Ministry of Defense, National Security and Immigration says the global group, which is known for its skirmishes with Japanese whaling ships in the Southern Ocean, is radical and not welcome in Fiji.

Sea Shepherd boat Steve Irwin takes on a Japanese whalers.
The satement says: 'Fiji takes very seriously the protection of its pristine environment, specifically with regard to the sustainable preservation of its waters and fisheries.'

It concludes: 'Radical international groups, such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, any similar organisation or any other related party, which seek to sensationalise esoteric fishing practices, including on so-called "reality television," do so for purposes of self-promotion at the expense of disrupting legitimate conservation work. 

"These groups are not welcome in Fiji and will not be tolerated by Government."


Anonymous said...

Very sad, Frank is now scared of a bunch of women talking to each other. What would happen if he was confronted by real men, and they don't even have guns. He has all the guns and still big kalamu.

This is idiot is probably genuinely surprised other groups of people have opposing viewpoints. Wake up arsehole, you have been wrong all this time and now the people can hear each other talk. Is that the reason you are so scared?

My of My said...

He is fighting for his life so to be expected

Anonymous said...

Call to criminilise Australians who support Fiji regime
Posted 12 June 2012, 16:27 AEST

There has been a call for Australia and New Zealand to make it illegal for its citizens to work overseas in support of undemocratic regimes.

The call comes from prominent Fiji academic, Professor Wadan Narsey, who says several Australians and and New Zealanders are working in prominent positions in the coup installed military government in Fiji.

Professor Narsey told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program that both countries already criminalise their citizens who travel offshore to engage in paedophilia or terrorist activities, and supporting what he says are illegal governments should be treated the same way.

"I mean I have no problems with those people who are trying to do positive and constructive things, you know, to try and get the country back to a lawful and democratic government," he said.

"But where I have a problem is where quite a few people have gone there and justified illegal things such as the overthrow of a lawful government, or they have taken part in processes which have compromised the judiciary or have compromised the ministerial portfolios."

"If somebody goes and engages in paedophilia or engages in activities which encourage terrorism, such as what happened in September 11, you have laws over here which allows the Australian and New Zealand Governments to prosecute them," said Professor Narsey.

"There is no laws which they can use to discredit this unlawful behaviour abroad, and to me this strikes me as double standards."

He says the lack of legislation available to prosecute such actions is a double standard, made more glaring by the fact that Australia has imposed travel bans on not only those taking part in the coup in Fiji, but their relatives as well.

"That infringes on their basic human rights," he said.

"I mean you are not responsible for your relatives, you are responsible for your own actions."

Professor Narsey says that with huge financial interests at play in areas like PNG and East Timor, there is the very real danger that the assistance of well-trained New Zealanders and Australians can be used to further weaken the fragile political and judicial institutions in these places.

Anonymous said...

well the government has staked its reputation on one man one vote

mark manning said...

Sounds as if the Nashat Shameem has written objections to any group which opposes plundering the oceans riches.
As for being environmentally responsible, Fiji's illegal Regime is in the throws of selling off mining and mineral rights to china, without regard to the degradation this might do to the surrounding Oceans and fisheries.
what's the point in having qoliqoli when there is just no fish !

Anonymous said...

Narsey has valid points but how do you decide which action is legal or illegal - suppose the three Australian judges who sat on the Fiji Court of Appeal in the Qarase v Bainimarama case had ruled that the 1997 Constitution was no longer valid and the illegal regime was legal (like Austrialian CJ Tony Gates) did in his first ruling, than what - ban the three Australian judges from returning to Australia for having sat on the Fiji Court of Appeal and declaring the Bainimarama regime was legal - a sticky point - the best is for Fijians of Australian citizenship and other vicitms of the coup now living in Australia to file civil suits against the likes of Sharon Smith when she next visits Australia.

Stroke Expert said...

Look closely at the photo - he is hiding his hands - to conceal that he suffered minor stroke - the curse of our ancesters on the boci

Anonymous said...

The picture herein is a FAKE this was a picture taken in 2010 or 2011
at the Chinese Ambassy in Suva.Obviously, the Military leadership and Khaiyum are scared to death and are trying to manipulate the general public into thinking that the story about Bai's Stroke& Heart Attack was not true? Khaiyum your trick is pathetic just get ready to migrate or spend the rest of your time in Naboro under George Speight supervision.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's game is becoming quite tiresome. He's always claiming he wants to give a voice to the voiceless, even while he's downplaying, belittling, or trying to suppress altogether the voices of those who don't agree with him. Is this the kind of man who should lead Fiji -- a pigheaded, misogynistic fascist goon?

Professor Narsey's proposal for other countries to criminalise the actions of their citizens in support of illegal governments is an interesting one, though fraught with many problems pertaining to definition and enforcement. It does strike at the hypocrisy behind Canberra's policy.

Australia places travel sanctions on Fijians whose only 'crime' is that their father serves on the board of a Fijian parastatal; meanwhile, Australian citizens like Tony Gates travel freely while they work to prop up the regime. Canberra foolishly and self-righteously demarches other capitals to do more to isolate the regime, while doing nothing about the fact that Australian tourists continue to be the regime's main source of foreign exchange earnings. Canberra could quickly bring down Baininmarama's regime through trade sanctions, but it doesn't because Fiji is too profitable a market for Australian exporters.

Narsey's proposal is somewhat similar to one I've floated, which is to urge the law societies of other Commonwealth countries to consider disbarring members who take up appointments in Fiji, and in any regime suspended from the Commonwealth, if they adjudge those members' actions prejudicial to the independent functioning of that nation's judiciary. Aussie and Kiwi attorneys have had a particularly pernicious role in undermining Fiji's rule of law, haven't they, Tony Gates? Wouldn't you agree, Christopher Pryde?

Banning Sea Shepherd is perhaps the best thing Bainimarama has ever done. Sea Shepherd is an irresponsible and extremist group. Its founder was expelled from Greenpeace as being too radical, if you can imagine that. After agreeing to let Sea Shepherd monitor Palau's EEZ, a chastened and embarrassed President Toribiong reversed his decision within days, duly mortified by what he had learned about the tactics of that organisation.

The organisation that should patrol Fiji's EEZ is the Fijian Navy. It's quite proper for the commodore to be expelling Sea Shepherd from Fijian waters, but he should be doing so from his flagship, not from a hijacked office.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

The spinn doctor is working hard to keep the Fiji general public guessing.The picture was taken at the Chinese Club in Nasese last year.Keep it up guys and just get ready to spend your free time in Naboro prison!The picture was taken 2 years ago.

Frank the coward said...

Take your valium frank. You are becoming increasingly irrational and fearful. Face what is coming to you like a man and remember what you did to the CRW. You will get the same.

Anonymous said...

Is Green Peace also not welcome here?

Anonymous said...

frank is a mad man from quiva.sent him back to the island.
we dont need mad man running the govt.
why you scared of the womens ?wait when fijian freedom fighter take you and the army head on.
he is a looser and trying to hold on power with the army groons support.
we wait for the day frank dies than we see where this mf khaiyum,aziz,nazhat.bano and cronies will run for cover.
the lovo pit is waiting for this cronies.
we will have big in fighting in military for power and commander post.

Anonymous said...

we have lot of people commenting but scared to put their name.
come on guys be a man put your name .
why be a lamusona?
no guts no glory.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.51am ...how about you put your name or should i do this for you ASK?

Anonymous said...

frank just be honest once for all.
do you really want fiji to have a free and fair election?
if not stop wasting tax payers and oversea tax payers funds.
we dont trust you and your ag ,cronies any more liar liar.
why you so scared and act like a mad vuka from quiva?
all dictators are falling just wait for your time .
when you will see your family be shot and your cronies will be put in lovo pit.

Anonymous said...

when the chiefs/church/union /political leaders will be ready to lead the march?
we are ready to march and fight for democracy.

A-Z said...

How did Sangam Village[temple] got burnt down.Patrons keep an eye on this story.

Anonymous said...

fiji first party leaders santa maharaj,anit singh,nick naidu,nikit legal advisor nazahat.
people of fiji vote fiji first .dont vote frank/khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:08 AM

Wake up and smell the Java!!! All these fools santa maharaj,anit singh,nick naidu,nikit legal advisor nazahat. Here on verge of mental break down. They had a dream or a nightmare. Their party was doomed even before their birth. Their eulogy has been read. Now Santa stop using this blog to make yourself look important. You have been nobody and will remain nobody as far as Fiji Politics go.

Anonymous said...

This site had reported about 2 weeks ago that Bai had suffered a stroke. Now we find out that Bai is in China meeting with possible investors. What a fast recovery!!!!

Maybe it would bring some resemblance of creditability to this blog if they verify news items before starting rumors.

Anonymous said...

@9.28pm What curse? That comes with age, and working environment. u superstitious nut..

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga should shut his big mouth and stop threatening the women.
First of all he should pay up maintenance to the girl he made pregnant.
Why you not paying?
Bloody irresponsible bothy.

Anonymous said...

Is the bastard Voceke still alive? Hope the Chinese poison the asshole and let him die slowly.

Anonymous said...

fiji army should be sent to syria for peace keeping .
we dont need this idiots in fiji.
let frank/khaiyum and aziz lead the army to syria and get the taste from the democracy freedom fighters in syria.
why we waste tax payers money to this army thugs.
let them go and fight in syria and earn money.

Kaiyum and Bai Hater said...

Frank, go and stick you dirty face in Chinese asshole since you love them so much you fucking idiotic asshole.

Can someone just put Frank to rest for his entire life in China. Next, send Kaiyum and his gang to lifetime prison. Bunch of mother fuckers.

Kaiyum, you do not fucking own Fiji. Is this well understood. If not, let me come over to your house and make it well known to you fucking Muslim terrorist. Fucking mother fucking asshole Kaiyum. You ugly egotistical asshole. Go fuck your prostitutes in Europe you dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Fiji military's role in reforms causing continued concern
Updated 13 June 2012, 10:55 AEST
Fiji Women's Forum is concerned the security forces involvement in the nation's constitutional and electoral reform processes will have unintended negative impacts.

Fiji's Interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama unveiled the public consultation process for the country's new constitution in March. [Reuters] .The forum's co-convenor, Virisila Buadromo has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program that under the military's supervision, people will not be able to participate freely in the process.

"Because of the military's current role in the coup in 2006 and in the previous coups their presence in the democratisation process is just going to create a presence of fear," she said.

"People may not want to participate in the process and they also may feel the process is being tampered with."

Military says it should be involved
Fiji's military says it won't be swayed by the criticism of it interfering in the constitutional and electoral reform processes.

Fiji's local media is reporting Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga is continuing to insist that the military will, and should, be part of the election process.

Fiji's interim government unveiled its public consultation process for the country's new constitution in March.

A civil education program on developing a new constitution began in May and runs until July.

Public consultations will also begin in July, and the five member Constitutional Commission will draw up a draft by January next year.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is very sick, I can confirm also that he now has to wear diapers 24 hours a day as he no longer has control of his bladder as his kidneys are shot!!

Anonymous said...

With all the weees an woos going n so far nothing has happened to Frank! Question is how much more writing , ideas and bull artists we going to get from Fiji before anything really happens? I think its a big fat ZERO! The more people come up with ideas, the less sensible the ideas becomes. How the hell are we going to stop someone from working in Fiji if they Australian Citizens. Will former Fiji Residents etc in included if not why? Prosecute them for what-working when they return? I don't mind ideas that could work but now we really scaping the bottom of the balck pot! Are we going to also include those business people setting up Business in Fiji-they could be seen as supporting the Regime more than a guy/girl who is earning a wage. I some how believe that Frank will run his full "term" then elections will be called by then he will have fully enshrined his will on the people by that i mean the iTaukei, who will be more than happy with him. If something has to happen its those who are living in Fiji that will have to make the move, everything else is t be honest irrelvent.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is toast, as sure as i am of waking up tomorrow morning,the thug is totally done.Bai is currently under-going therapy in the University hospital in China.Although he is a fighter,but from the looks of things Bai does not looks too well?
He is been looked after by the best
hospital& Doctors in the world and last night the doctors decided to conduct an exploitory brain operation?Doctors at the University hospital were totally amazed after opening-up Bai's head
that it was empty?They immediately closed it up and now are awaiting his recovery!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@ 8.50am You would have a semblance of credibility yourself Davis if you and Croz Walsh blogged under your real names instead of Anonymously. You too hilarious

Corrupt Goons said...

Is iPM Bai still alive?

Tikoitoga, palari big mouth you! Attend to your neglected babies from your LTs at once, you insufferable scoundrel!

Anonymous said...

The Surgery on Bais head was a failure,the Doc said that it was empty and nothing much can be done with an empty skull?Not sure if there is going to be a recovery,since he hasn't comes around as we speak? Khaiyum is scared to death, since he knows that since Bai's stroke, traffic to Delai Nabua has been increased.
Even RUM has been seen around Laqere during the week. Mosese Tikoitoga is expected to make an announcement real soon, as to who would replaced Bai on an interim bases and whether Khaiyum position
is required or not?

Anonymous said...

@ 6.12am

Hahahaha....that was a gud....