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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Military Council documents link Chaudhry to 2006 coup

Once in tandem: Chaudhry and Bainimarama

Chaudhry prepared 40 page report against SDL and PM Laisenia Qarase for Bainimarama to overthrow the SDL-FLP multi-party government

By Victor Lal

Lynchpin: Chaudhry and Qarase pic Fiji Live
The two were regular visitors to each other's offices before the 2006 treasonous coup, with a common enemy in their sights – the democratically elected Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase. Mahendra Chaudhry, the leader of the Fiji Labour Party and Commodore Frank Bainimarama, the head of the Royal Fiji Military Forces, wanted Qarase's political head for self-motivated reasons.

In Bainimarama's case, he was on the verge of being charged with sedition for repeatedly threatening to overthrow the SDL-FLP multi-party Cabinet, and was also under investigation for the murders of CRW soldiers. We may recall that on 13 November 2006, he had written a letter to Qarase demanding that investigations against him (Bainimarama) and senior army officers be terminated. Bainimarama had also demanded the withdrawal of three contentious bills: the Racial Tolerance and Unity Bill, the Qoliqoli Bill and the Land Claims Tribunal Bill.

Mahendra Chaudhry, on the other hand, felt that Qarase had rigged the 2006 May general election to win political power. He had already set the tone of the general election when, a year before, he had told the FLP conference in July 2005: “If you as the voters exercise this choice then you must remain content with whatever has come your way in the past four years under the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua rule. But no, you must indeed be prepared to face even worst times because under the SDL there will be more instability and divisiveness. The economy will dip further, more and more people will be leaving our shores and the resources of the indigenous people will continue to be shamelessly exploited by bureaucrats, unscrupulous politicians and their collaborators for their own gain.”

Chaudhry also adopted Bainimarama's language when he declared,“The Government's determination to push through the controversial Amnesty Bill has created deep divisions in the nation, and leaves behind indelible impressions of an administration that backs lawless elements in society.” Fijian chiefs and the traditional way of life also came under attack from him: “It is these double standards that have and are still keeping the ordinary Fijian shackled to a now outdated system of feudal control, thus contributing to their poverty and misery, whilst certain chiefs and a large number of Fijian elites continue to substantially increase their wealth at the expense of their poorer subjects.” 

As a victim of three previous coups, Chaudhry took another swipe at the proposed Reconciliation Bill, declaring in May 2005: “This nation made a mistake the first time it granted amnesty to the perpetrators of the 1987 coup. The trust and confidence we showed then was sadly displaced. This time around, we must take a hard line attitude to those who think they can overthrow a democratically-elected government with impunity. We have to stamp out this coup-culture that has developed in Fiji." (20 May 2005)

We may recall that after the 2006 election Bainimarama, in a blatant effort to influence the result of the May 2006 election, had failed to persuade two independent MPs to join the FLP so that Chaudhry could become Fiji's prime minister instead of the newly-elected SDL government led by Qarase. Bainimarama had claimed that the military had nothing to fear from FLP or Chaudhry as Fiji's prime minister.

Now, highly confidential documents have emerged from sources inside the Military Council which reveal that Chaudhry, privately, was the political lynch-pin who swayed many wavering military officers to go along with Bainimarama in the execution of the 2006 treasonous coup.

About two months before the SDL/FLP multi-party Cabinet was set up in 2006, Bainimarma asked Chaudhry after a morning function in Parliament if he could have a briefing session with the FLP leader, who had opted to stay out of Cabinet despite Qarase having offered him the deputy prime ministership.

Meanwhile, Chaudhry welcomed Bainimarama's offer and the following week the two had their first meeting in the Leader of the Opposition's office in the parliamentary complex. Their discussions focussed on the economy and the country's finances and of course a bleak future was painted by Chaudhry who also brought up the Qoliqoli Bill of the SDL government.

Chaudhry also accused Qarase of defying the Constitution, particularly his delaying tactics to set up the multi-party cabinet. He painted Qarase as “arrogant, racist by exercising little control over his rebellious MPs and also corrupt”.

Bainimarama was keen to have another briefing session and another was set up. At their next meeting Bainimarama wanted more details of alleged corrupt practices by Qarase and the SDL so Chaudhry assured him that he would provide this information in writing.

The FLP researcher and former Fiji Times journalist Asha Lakhan was then entrusted by Chaudhry to consult Hansard and compile all allegations of corruption thrown at the SDL government by FLP Opposition members during the first and second term of the SDL government. These were then summarised under each relevant sector and condensed into a 40 page report and delivered to Bainimarama. The report gave Bainimarama and his wavering military officers the political excuse to launch the treasonous coup.

We may recall that in one of my previous articles I pointed out the former US ambassador Larry Dinger's cable to his masters in Washington that “Asha is Chaudhry’s well-known but not publicly talked about mistress”.

See my article “India and Mahendra Chaudhry’s Vindictiveness” at http://rawfijinews.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/india-and-mahendra-chaudhrys-vindictiveness/).

Meanwhile, during the run up to the election and afterwards Dinger had reported other conversations and observations to Washington. In February 2006, he told Washington that Chaudhry was leaning towards the possible overthrow of  any government led by Qarase.

Dinger reported: “One of the mystifying aspects of Commander Bainimarama is his strong advocacy of the rule of law when it comes to prosecuting those who instigated the 2000 coups, but his apparent willingness to contemplate RFMF illegal action to remove the current government if it fails to meet his expectations. He does not at all appear to crave a military government though.  He has suggested the intended outcome, if necessary, would be to install an interim civilian government pending new elections.  Leadership of the opposition FLP seems to have a similarly relativist approach. The FLP President, Mrs. Koroi, openly admitted to Fiji TV during the civil-military crisis in January that she would find it acceptable for the RFMF to remove the Qarase government and replace it with the pre-2000 Chaudhry government, to restore the previous status quo. 

Chaudhry publicly backed away from Mrs. Koroi's statement at the time; but privately he seemed to imply to the Ambassador (Dinger) and Krawitz (East Asia Pacific/Asia North Pacific (EAP/ANP) director Howard Krawitz, who was visiting Fiji) that it might be justifiable for the RFMF to remove the Qarase government and install an interim replacement, pending fair elections.”

The rest is history. Chaudhry hastily joined the illegal regime as Finance Minister and for a while behaved as if he was running the nation. He was booted out of Cabinet after I exposed his three million dollars that he had been hiding from his Indo-Fijian supporters in his Australian bank account.  (http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2010/07/mahendra-millions-unanswered-questions.html,)

In May 2009 Chaudhry ran back to the US Embassy; this time to speak out against his former pet dictator. As new US ambassador Steve McGaan informed Washington: “On May 7, I met with former prime minister and leader of the Fiji Labor Party (FLP) Mahendra Chaudhry. We discussed the situation in Fiji following the abrogation of its constitution and possible ways forward for the country. He said that the abrogation was a lost opportunity and ended any viable resolution that included the political parties. Chaudhry supports amnesty for de facto Prime Minister Bainimarama if he withdraws from the political scene and allows for a coalition government to lead the country to elections. He responded favorably to my suggestion to meet with deposed PM Laisenia Qarase but said it should be a one-on-one meeting so they could resolve their long-standing differences.”

What about the future of Bainimarama? Chaudhry told McGaan, as the ambassador reported to Washington: “...He (Chaudhry) stressed that President Iloilo's act of abrogation, instigated by Bainimarama, not only abrogated the Constitution, but abrogated the Peoples Charter as well and reaffirmed the coup culture in Fiji. 

Despite Bainimarama's declared intention to lead the country to elections in 2014, Chaudhry opined that the de facto government would be unable to promulgate a new order, call for elections or hold elections with any legitimacy without the inclusion of all political parties. 

He said that he is planning to send a letter to Bainimarama telling him that he has lost credibility with the Fijian people and has only a small window of opportunity left to find a way forward. When I mentioned that I would be meeting with Bainimarama over the weekend, Chaudhry asked me to urge him to move things forward in a constructive manner.”

McGaan continued: “Chaudhry said the way forward for Bainimarama is to immediately lift all restrictions on the press and the right to assemble. He must allow a dialogue to begin among the political parties where they can come to agreement on the most appropriate way forward for the country. The de facto government should have a representative at these talks, but he insisted that it should not be the de facto PM. Bainimarama should not try to manage the dialogue process and should concentrate on running the government. Chaudhry added that to do this more effectively, Bainimarama must shed some of his portfolios. Most importantly, said Chaudhry, Bainimarama should not interfere with the political process.  Once the political parties come to agreement on a broad framework, Chaudhry said, the UN and Commonwealth could then be brought back into the process to help with the preparations for elections and to draft appropriate changes to the Constitution. 

He suggested, as have other opposition leaders, that the new constitution could include a provision offering amnesty to Bainimarama and the RFMF on condition that they return permanently to the barracks. Once the new constitution has been agreed upon, Bainimarama and the de facto government should cede the power to a coalition government that would prepare for elections by 2011.”

His pleadings with McGaan were a far cry from his boasting to the FLP supporters when, as illegal Finance Minister, he had told them in his annual 2008 report titled “Flawed democracy”: “The year under review has seen the restoration of political stability with the interim government of Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in effective control of the nation. You will also recall that pre-December 2006 takeover, the FLP had been extremely concerned at the direction in which then Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase was leading the affairs of the nation; in particular, the fact that he was refusing to consult on key national issues with the Labour leadership as his partner in the multi-party Cabinet. Indeed, one of the FLP’s overriding national concerns since the 2001 general elections has been the flawed system of ‘democracy’ practised in Fiji under the Qarase government. Not only did Qarase refuse to honour the power sharing provisions of Section 99 of the 1997 Constitution, his government in 2001 and 2006 cheated its way into power through electoral fraud and massive vote buying schemes. FLPs repeated calls for an independent inquiry into the conduct of the two general elections were not heeded until last year when the Fiji Human Rights Commission (FHRC) on its own initiative decided to commission an inquiry into the 2006 polls to determine “whether and to what extent, the right of all people in Fiji to vote in the 2006 general elections was respected”. The findings of the inquiry, released in September last year, confirmed the FLP’s stand that the 2006 polls had not been free and fair. (see his full report to the FLP at http://www.flp.org.fj/n080723.htm).

What Chaudhry did not tell his supporters nor the nation in 2008 was that he was among a group of Indo-Fijian treasonists who helped Bainimarama overthrow the SDL-FLP government – two other notable Indo-Fijians he had joined hands with were Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz, the authors of the Doctrine of Necessity document, from which Bainimarama read excerpts on 5 December 2006.

The future dictator's major objective in seeking a meeting with Chaudhry was to prepare a political justification for his purported treasonous actions.

The 40 page report that Chaudhry prepared for Bainimarama and the  wavering senior military officers is a document which reeks of treason – from a man who should have known better that coups breed dictators.


SEMI MEO said...

Gives more sane reason why we should keep focussed on this process of constitutional reform, commission, forum or what ever you wanna call it, keep focussed on voter registration and keep focus on imminent election in 2014...keep focussed on excting exports and more remmittance from cousins overseas..

After the election..After the elections.. then be best time to get out the old spade and powered drill to dig up, for the purpose of Fiji's real sanctification process, all and sundry!

Of course, some may use as mud armour during the campaign, which will only pollute and render slimy and slippery theccampaign trail.

Or do this few cyber thugs still expect a military invasion to hose off all Mr. Bainimarama and Mr. Aiyz have alleged to commit, Mr. Qarase Gov alleged Agri scam and racial policy, Mr. Chaudry alleged property buying spree in Brisbane from alleged money intend from community benevolent means??..etc..etc..or allegation against small frys like yours truly for alleged unpaid FAB Tuition money…

Where do we start..uh…or..more, where do we want all to end and yet not loose our marbles??

Focuss...not on ourselves, but for the common good..simplistic views..of course it is..what else work??

Anonymous said...

Qarase supports 2000 coup, becomes Interim PM. Chodory supports 2006 coup, so yeah lets vote them in!!

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry, we knew all along that you are a snake you bastard. Hope you will rot in jail when you get arrested.

Anonymous said...

Speaks volume of this bitter soul in MPC. The only good Indian is the dead one. Luveni kawaca, liumuri, lasulasu, butabutako.

Hail and long live the legal Prime Minister. Mr. Qarase and doom to the illegal Prime Minister and his colleagues in Treason.

Anonymous said...

If this is the level of assumptions we have to go to to prove the act that was committed by Chaudhry by providing documents that are already in the public arean (Hansard)is treasonous God help us all!
I my be dopy but stupid i am not-what an absolute waste of time and energy & resources to think we will fall such a stupid conclusion. If we have nothing to write about please lets just "shut or trap". May be the author takes as for fools or has no idea of what treason means!If this is evidence of treason maybe we still living in the former USSR or Burma-God help us all!

Ratu Vore said...

Tu na da. Everyone knew then that Labor was in cohort with Bainimarama.

The guy has no shame but he is certainly a survivor.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show - NEVER TRUST CHAUDHARY!!! This guy is the most manipulative, cunning, backstabbing, thieving man in the history of Fijian politics. No other words for him really.

Anonymous said...

its better to be a legal govt and rule of law than thug army/police force running the govt.
lq/mpc can work for better fiji than this thugs.
both were part of coup.
so they have learned the lesson .not to support any coup .
so let forgive and forget and move forward to get rid of the regime asap.

Anonymous said...

Mara emerged to prime minister in 1977 through a coup staged by the Governor- General
Rabuka emerged to prime minister in 1987 through a coup
Qarase emerged to prime minister ship in 2001 through a coup
Chauldry emerged as Minister for Finance through a coup in 2006
Bainimarama emerged as prime minister through a coup in 2006 and after the abrogation in 2009
Please voters do not vote for the above names again. If you see their names in the ballot paper - please make an invalid vote...lol...

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.28am get your facts and head right that again Qaras e did not support the 2000 coup but Chodo supported Ramb for PM in 1992 and now (vinaka Victor) influenced scary cat Frankie in 2006. My advice to Qarase is stay from Chodo.

Chodo the Crook said...

Chodo is an extremely flexible and shrewd politician. He also knows how to look after himself financially. Very few people believe that he is clean. What distinguishes him from Bainimarama is his cunning intelligence. He is already scheming with Khaiyum on a plan to get rid of the moron Bainimarama. The next couple of months will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

It's time to get young leaders in and get rid of the old.lol

Dargee said...

where is the 40page report victor lal and nobody care's to take heed of your rubbish. LQ & Qarase will govern after the election. and please if you are brave enough then come to fiji and open your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry may have fucked up in 2006 coup BUT he is still better than NUR BANO, BITCH SHAMEEM,CHOR AZIZ AND BAJARO JOHN SAMI

Anonymous said...

This examination of Chaudhry's role in the run-up to the 2006 coup is helpful, but what it reveals, though reprehensible, is not really surprising. I think most of us had taken a measure of the man already.

Chodo and Qarase, too, for that matter, have much to account for, and they should get their chance, before a Truth & Reconciliation Commission established before the first year after the end of the Bainimarama Captivity. Both should commit now to a one-year transitional term only, after which they cannot hold office again until cleared by the T&RC.

Chaudhry, you selfish SOB, you need to work like hell for the loyal opposition now to try to make amends for your past misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

Dinger was right. A Free Fiji should expel the Indian High Commissioner to underscore its anger over New Delhi's support for the 2006 coup.

Similarly, Free Fiji should expel the PRC Ambassador to express dissatisfaction over overt and covert Chinese support to Bainimarama's clique, including the obstruction of justice --- not that we're required even to give them a reason; they know what they've been doing. Fiji should then switch its diplomatic recognition to Taiwan.

Fijians should repudiate all loans originated by Bainimarama's unlawful regime. That will hit these assh*les where it hurts and make them think twice before making loans to other unlawful regimes.

Anonymous said...

Military goon....

The whole world knows that Chodo is capable of what he has done to the people and country - simply he is a BIG SNAKE.

But for our sake....lets put that behind and encourage Chod and Lai + all political leaders to unite and take us to freedom and democracy rule.

Military has no place in politics - this needs to be understaood by idiots at the camp plus their master Frank.

If Fiji is to have a law equal for all citizens, than first Frank and his goons need to take it head on and stand trial. Aiyaz, nazhaat & her sister, gates, Pryde etc.

As for Chodo....this sanke needs to be killed once and for all for the sake of poor indian farmers suffering today and for taking away their livelihood from the canefields.

PARAIMINISTA 2014 said...

Imagine if Victor Lal were PM of Fiji and how uncorrupt and lovely this country would be......well dreams are free. Victor thou doest complaineth too much bro !!

Mahen '$3milion man' Chor_dhry said...

Chaudhry is both a 'chor' and a treasonist. This greedy, self-serving, nepotistic, tax-evading, unethical, opportunistic, immoral politician must never be allowed to return to power. He should be jailed.

'Gali, gali me shor hai chaudhry khandan barka chor hai'

(hear ye hear all, chaudhry clan is big crook, butako levu).

Anonymous said...


mark manning said...

Chaudhry needs to stop living in the past, face his peers and Justice for any criminal act such as Sedition and stop being a maniacal narcissistic bastard.
He should never be allowed to hold public Office, ever again. Any Fijian who votes for him, is as stupid as he himself is.

Anonymous said...

Semi sounds like you already lost all your marbles.

Mahen '$3milion dollarman' Chor_dhry said...

Chaudhry is both a 'chor' and a treasonist. This greedy, thieving, self-serving, nepotistic, tax-evading, unethical, opportunistic, immoral politician must never be allowed to return to power. He should be jailed.

'Gali, gali me shor hai chaudhry khandan barka chor hai'

(hear ye hear all, chaudhry clan is big crook, butako levu).

Puf-Military said...

Throw Chodo in jail. This man is the devil incarnate. Evades tax, plots coups, election loser, adulterer. Also a murderer - years ago he bumped a Fijian pedestrian while DUI then fled the scene when he realised what happened. How he got off without doing any time I'll never know. He and Voceke deserve each other - both losers, block heads without qualifications and want to run country which has no use for them.
Why must Fiji mortgage its future and that of our children in humungous debt so they, Kaiyum, Nur Bano choro and squad can party on our tab. Even Nur Bano choro;s son is in on the act. He recently opened a niteclub in sydney's King's Cross. Luveniyali!!
Vacavi o kemuni na sotia, ni na qai yavala mai e na gauna cava??!? Dou yavu macawa, ulu kau, dau vacu yalewa, one siding cowards. You are also enslaving your own children you uneducated vermin

Anonymous said...

Let’s look at Mahendra Pal Chaudhry’s record:

1)Chaudhry is dead against the 1997 constitution. One of Rabuka’s demands with Jai Ram Reddy was that Mr. Reddy to convince Indian Government to support readmission Fiji to Commonwealth. Mr. Reddy flies to Delhi, meets with the Indian officials, convinces them that the proposed constitution was better than all the previous constitutions. Indian government accepts Mr. Reddy’s suggestion and agrees to back Fiji’s readmission. No sooner Mr. Reddy leaves Delhi, Chaudhry arrives in Delhi and tells the Indian officials that this was the worst constitution and asks not to support. This is the same constitution under which Chaudhry was Prime Minister for one year. Now in 2012 Chaudhry says that 1997 constitution should not be scrapped. Come on Chaudhry make up your mind.

2)Appoints his son Rajendra Chaudhry as his personal secretary. This is a civil servant position. No application was called for.

3)Mahendra refuses to move into PM’s official residence. Reason given was that he would not stay in the same residence that Rabuka lived in.

4)Proceeds to renovate his personal residence at the expense of the tax payers of Fiji. The renovation costs in neighborhood of $170,000. In Fiji one could have a mansion built for that amount.

5)Upon complication of renovation, Chaudhry decides that there should be a new PM’s official residence build.

6)Chaudhry gets caught with his pants down (literally) with one Asha Lakhan in the PM’s office by the TEA LADY.

7)Chaudhry deviates from the list of nominated Senators passed by the FLP board. Puts the names of his family members and friends, submits the list to the President on a late Friday afternoon and flies off to China.

8)When the board members find out of the substituted list, board members approach the President and submit the nomination list passed by the board. Chaudhry returns from China and suspends all those board members that went to see the President.

9)Chaudhry refuses to accept the Opposition Party Leader’s position in 2006. Refuses to move out of the Opposition Party office. After a long bickering and being a cry baby.

will you trust this man to be associated with our government?

Anonymous said...

lq and mpc will save the country.
army thugs run fiji to bankrupt.
so let give the elected pm a chance guys.
i give my support to the 2 elected pm now.
mpc can pay his tax and face the court of law .let the court decide .
pm lq and pm mpc are facing the court as a brave man but ask/frank are lamu to face the court.hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Chodo is the cunning fox who potrays to be the leader for the poor and under previledged but stole millions on behalf of them.
Now he is popping his head out again to become the mouth piece of the people. Only idiots will support him.
How innocent he is trying to be a man who can never be trusted. He will do anything to come into power.A gutless and coward leader. He had survived on lies and smear campaigns. That name chor khandhan fits him well. now he can go and chodaw his khandhan.

Anonymous said...

Qarase is an ineffective leader. I don't know why he wants to get back into govt at nearly 70 years of age? While Chaudhry was hitting Voreqe with allegations of SDL corruption that today largely remain unproven, on the Fijian airways week after week an idiotic wannabe historian, Kali Batibasaga was accusing the SDL govt of massive corruption in the Fijian language program tat was attracting some following among Fijian itaukei audiences that the Military was monitoring. All this helped to build up a picture of a corrupt ADL and Qarase had his head tucked in the sand all the time. What a jerk, actually both he and Chaudhry have a lot to answer for

Anonymous said...

Where is that guy Kalivati Batibasaga? He was the one manouvering the lies...pre coup period.

Anonymous said...

We are the best: Fiji Sun

The Fiji Sun was the receiver of the Robert Keith-Reid Award for outstanding journalism

Below is the citation.

“This year’s Robert Keith-Reid Award for Outstanding Journalism is multi-faceted. It goes to two people who are not present tonight, and involves more than one publication.

The main recipients are Russell Hunter, former editor-in-chief and publisher of the Fiji Sun, and Victor Lal, the newspaper’s UK-based investigative reporter.

“To them and the Fiji Sun goes a joint and well-earned accolade. They receive this for reportage on highly controversial taxation, and other matters associated with overseas bank accounts of the former interim finance minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

Mr Hunter’s leadership and support for Mr Lal and the Sun’s editorial team provided the professional context for what is arguably the best example of investigative journalism in the history of the Fiji media.

“Mr Hunter knew that in the current climate he was putting himself at risk. But this did not deter him from pursuing the great cause of the public’s right to know,

“Along with Mr Lal, he acted in the best traditions of crusading journalism. Mr Hunter and his newspaper paid a heavy price when he was virtually abducted from his home at night and summarily deported.

“Victor Lal displayed extraordinary persistence and skill in developing and uncovering the story in a series of articles over several months. His was a fine example of research and analysis based on documentation made available to him by sources who were also prepared to take a risk. The topic was complex requiring meticulous attention to detail in accomplishing and presenting the facts.

Anonymous said...

I dont care about Chaudhry,Qarase or Bainimarama.I want to know where is ASHA LAKHAN--"wife" of Vidya Lakhan--and daughter of the Father of fiji soccer.--where is she.I want to know and the Tea Lady wants to know !!--Vir Mati does not want to know.

Anonymous said...

Well done Victor. Chaudhry is a spent force and is using SDL to revive its faltering fortune

Anonymous said...

Kalivati Basaga had the lower portion of one of his legs amputated and lives somewhere in Nasinu, unkempt, unemployed and helpless. He has ditched his scholarly facade and is masquerading now as a seer and spiritualist who through his bull shit powers of an all seeing eye he tells anyon stupid enough to take him grogk cigarette and a little money the causes of their problems Yet he could not foresee the amputation of his leg. What a cracckpot an Qarase's inept SDL govt gave him full reign to vent his distored theories on a gullible audient on the state sponsored Radio Fiji

SEMI MEO said...

Anon..June 5, your opinion of the Fijian Indians, which is evil, degrading and racist cannot go unchallenged!! How dare you !!..how dare you insult the hundreds of I Taukei men and women with Fijian Indian partner…how dare you insult and demean all their children..

If you are a real i Taukei with balls then go and vent your anger at Laucala bay home of your friend MPC…opps…rerebaka tiko na kaidia!!..lol…lol..

Anonymous said...


Fiji Sun are suckers of Aiyaz khaiyum and Franks two cherrries....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:28's litany of Chaudhry's crimes and abuses is only partial and doesn't even include MPC's acts of treason. Recall that just the day before the Abrogation, he had Vayeshnoi continue to represent the FLP participate in Bainimarama's phony Leaders of Political Parties meeting, even though the regime had just acted in bad faith by disinviting the SDL and others. How shameless!

And his closing question is something we should ponder carefully -- are we to trust this man's association with the government?

I would say clearly not. The man needs to answer for many crimes, not the least of which was conspiring with Bainimarama in the overthrow of the duly elected government.

But MPC could yet play a vital role in ending Bainimarama's dictatorship. As bad as they are, his crimes and abuses are nothing compared to those of Bainimarama, Khaiyum and the others. By working in concert with Qarase and all loyal patriots to restore Fiji to the democratic path, Chaudhry could do much to atone for his many sins.

Is MPC to be trusted? Absolutely not.

Is he to be used? Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

At the time of these incidents mentioned by Victor Lal, Fiji's economic picture did look pretty bleak.

But of course, NOT anywhere near as bleak as they look now!!

I hope there are two lessons drawn from this.

The first is a lesson that anyone could have learned by reading Mary Shelley's 200-y-o classic, "Frankenstein". Horror thrills aside, one moral of the Frankenstein story is that if you create a powerful monster, how can you be sure that you'll always be able to control that monster?

The second is if you decide to cheat the political process by using a monster against your enemy (1987, 2000), what is to stop your enemy using that same monster back against you later (2006)?

If people have weak morals and principles themselves, then there's nothing to stop this. The purported "problem" with the 1997 Constitution (or even the 1970 one) is not that they "don't work" or "need to improve".

The problem simply that people with political agendas and guns refuse to submit to them.

Anonymous said...

There is no place for either Choor dhry or Qarese in future Fijian Politics. Both of these man are scums balls belong in Naboro. They ruined Fiji. But unfortunately the average Joe blow n Fiji won't see that. Fiji is on verge of bankruptcy. We need new leaders that have better vision for Fiji. It might even take someone that has migrated overseas. If someone has Fiji in heart, should return home and show a true leadership. He/she need to be open minded. Have a clear vision for better Fiji. We need someone that will truly rid Fiji of corruption, nepotism, racialism and steer Fiji in new direction.

Anonymous said...

Lai you gotta be out of you mind trying to make a deal with the devil himself-Chodo? You cannot mixed rotten & good eggs together cause you can tell which is which?If the bad egg cracked it will stink up the whole eggs'carton and it's not smart to mix it up?Lai although your major mistakes was in not personally taking charge of
the Bainimarama sedition charge and act swiftly&decisively in taking him out of the military before be has time to do anything?hence our current problem.But you still clean and Fijians can and might give you another chance to prove yourself? So don't try to dirty your linen by trying to bring in a rotten egg? You have Beddoes to partner-up with and there are the NFP and other party& NGO,UNION etc to get their supports
you don't need Chodohry.I supported you throughout your political carreer but if you side with the assole Chodohry during the consultation process, you can rest assured that my family votes
12 votes will be redirected toward a reliable Fijian party?

Anonymous said...

And now, instead of Russell Hunter and Victor Lal, the Fiji Sun has Peter Lomas and Leone Cabenatabua. How far the great have fallen!

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Chor Singh in NZ needs to know that neither MPC or Lai are supporting him and neither want him back in any form - so stop drumming support for them on this blog and stick with your invisible Ratu Mara.
Rajesh is the only person that noboby wants - Lai, Mahen or Bani -Toxic in all forms.

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry in May 2005:

“This nation made a mistake the first time it granted amnesty to the perpetrators of the 1987 coup. The trust and confidence we showed then was sadly displaced. This time around, we must take a hard line attitude to those who think they can overthrow a democratically-elected government with impunity. We have to stamp out this coup-culture that has developed in Fiji."

May 2009 to US Ambassador:

He suggested, as have other opposition leaders, that the new constitution could include a provision offering amnesty to Bainimarama and the RFMF on condition that they return permanently to the barracks.

Anonymous said...

FLP welcomes Qarase court ruling

[posted 9 October 2008, 1400]

The Fiji Labour Party welcomes the court ruling in the Qarase v Bainimarama case.

“The decision reaffirms FLP’s stand that elected government’s must adhere to the principles of good governance and be held accountable to the people,” said Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

In some ways, the judgment alludes to the fact that Mr. Qarase may have been responsible for inviting this predicament on himself. He could have averted the takeover had he chosen to engage with, and respond to, the military on issues of governance raised by the RFMF.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning there is such a thing as "PROOF", I can understand when our people get carried away with the emotions of the written article, you i can't understand? One thinks your comments would be one to bring some surge of common sense to the discussion, appears you just as bad or a bit more dopy than the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

SDL should just stay away clean and clear from Chaudary and FLP. They do not need FLP or any FLP support and endorsement. SDL has more support now than in 2006. The same support that was there in 2001, 2006 will be here in 2012, 2013 and even 2014.
Stand up on your own SDL! You don't need opportunists, coup supporters, losers, failures, non- performers, un-qualified, and shadow dancers.
The FLP leader was offered to be part of the government of national unity ( GONU ) in 2006, but he stayed away while he committed his party members, and he instead joined the regime as Minister of Finance. He actually wasn't for unity but leadership. He was power hungry!. He was hoping that he may get a chance to be the regime's PM or something like the current AG.
Don' t trust these kinds of politicians! . He should be asked to lead his party and like minded politicians in to retirement as his politics is too outdated to be bought by current and future electorates.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:09pm...there you said it right for Laisenia and the SDL keep your distances from the likes of Chodohry and don't breath the same air? He's like a poisoned shark, unable to focus on where and who to run with,he'd strike at anything & something that cross anywhere close to him! A dangerous fish to swim with, cause you never know when he'd feel threatened and get the wrong signal to strike?So best advise and thing to do is to keep as far away as possible. Let him be by himself,ignore the fool, he'll know that he's been ignored and than may die of boredom and can't hurt anybody???

Skirt journalism said...

Under Russell Hunter's watch Fiji Times practiced skirt journalism - well known in fact in Fiji. Let's not spoil C4.5 reputation by glorifying this badly tainted journalist.

Anonymous said...

Skirt journalism - I presume you are none other than the Indo-Fijian racist Thakur Ranjit Singh - get lot from this site

Anonymous said...

Show me a journalist in Fiji today who is of a higher calibre than Russell Hunter. Anybody.

Anonymous said...

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