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Saturday, June 16, 2012

More officers arrested over drug thefts but still nothing on Toorak break-in

Investigations underway but insiders say the rot is from the bottom up
No end in sight on the mess over police officers being linked and arrested for stealing or selling drugs.
Coupfourpointfive understands three more officers have been pinged. 

Insiders say they are the boys from the special police unit based in Nabua called the 'Strike Back Unit' who work for SSP Luke Navela, the officer who was earlier accused of being involved in police scams with other senior officers.

Insiders say the latest arrests is just the tip of the investigations and that 'it's slowly going from junior officers to senior officers.'

And they say this is just the Nabua case - nothing has emerged from the CID Toorak case where a huge amount of cocaine went missing in an inside job, the one that blew open theft of drugs that have been held as exhibits.

Fiji police have officially acknowledged both thefts in Toorak and Nabua were inside jobs.

Officers getting caught out or stealing and selling drugs have renewed talk of the former police commissioner Esala Teleni being brought back to investigate and make arrests.

The first civilian has, meanwhile, been charged over the missing exhibits from Nabua and has appeared at the Suva Magistrates Court.

Nasir Hussein pleaded guilty to one count of interfering with evidence and one of unlawful supply of illicit drugs admitting he interfered on May 18 and 20 with evidence.

Four people - three of them officers - have now been charged with theft of drugs.


Anonymous said...

we need overseas person as commander fmf and compol.
we dont trust this idiots in fiji now.
crook bastards running the forces and govt.
we had oversea person before 1987 coup they did well for fiji forces.

mark manning said...

When the Leadership is the consequence of an illegal appointment by an illegal entity, any wonder the rule of Law which Police Officers are sworn to uphold, is abandoned.
Only in Fiji ! Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Egypt, Libya, China etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

Strike Back Unit? It's more like Strike Back Thieving Assholes.

Anonymous said...

Strike back unit, CRW! what next?

Anonymous said...

strike back unit.....A.K.A...



police said...

Bring back teleni - we police officers ready to testify against compol, lageri, brown and navela.

Bloody made our lives hell in police, good that commissioner post is advertised in the FRO.


Anonymous said...

These are the pet boys of the pet boy system just like Naivalurua he even doesnt know that the drugs from CID HQ was taken by a big guy from his group and no one arrested he is with the suspect everyday. A fool wants to be Commissioner this is not army you dealing with Senior CID who will be charging you guys when 2014 comes for your part in 2 coup. Tiko Ikeri, waraka na gauna me caka vei iko na red ribbon.

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua, it's time to take action, Bainimarama may be dead already in China. So as the senior
Military officer in Fiji,it's time
for you to move over to Delainabua
and arrest Mosese Tikoitoga and who
ever attempts to step over your way? You can stop this insenity and return the Government to the people.

Anonymous said...

we dont have faith in fiji govt /police/army.
enough of army crooks /thugs leading us in fiji.
i will not pay my tax anymore to funds this illegal groons.
people of fiji should stop paying tax to this illegal govt.

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning

So what was the story about Queensland police some years ago, and NSW Police........London Met and it goes on..seriuos corruption all the way to the top.

What about white anglo saxon males who have brought about world financial crisis that has brought about millions upon millions loosing jobs due to their utter greed and corruption of the finacial system....grand destruction of jobs and buisinesses.

Enough of your white man shit don't stink.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:59, here you go again with your obsession, jumping all over everything Mark Manning ever writes. He criticises the regime's disregard for the rule of law, but you want to make the issue instead about alleged white supremacy? Wow, mate, you've got a major chip on your shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:59, why do you obsess over Mark Manning? Is it because you know or presume he's white? Is it your anti-white racism that drives this? It seems like quite a chip on your shoulder, mate -- ever directed at white people and Mark Manning.

Poofta Bainimarama said...

Where is Naivalurua at the moment? And when is Frank going to do something about this - when it gets closer to the election so he can claim to have 'cleaned up?'

Folow the Money said...

Police constable asks for bail
Publish date/time: 18/06/2012 [16:59]

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A police constable who allegedly stole exhibits from the Nabua Police Station earlier this month claimed in the Suva Magistrates Court today that he was sworn at by the Suva Prison inmates on the first day he entered the prison compound.

Kaipati Bakoa appeared before Magistrate Yohan Liyange this morning charged with theft and interfering with evidence.

It is alleged that he had stolen the marijuana with two others.

DPP lawyer Lisiate Fotofili told the court that they do not have any objection to the bail with reasonable condition.

Magistrate Liyange then said that the earlier ground for objection of bail was that the police officer could interfere with witnesses.

However, Fotofili said that if they receive any information or report that Bakoa has interfered with the witnesses, they will have the bail revoked.

Bakoa’s lawyer Kalisito Maisamoa told the court that his client’s life is in danger as he was the one who had investigated most of the inmates who are in prison now.

The magistrate then asked Bakoa whether any threat was made to him in prison.

Bakoa alleged that he was threatened by the inmates on the very first day and that he had thick salt and flies in his food.

The magistrate has ordered additional security for Bakoa in prison while he will make a ruling on the bail on the 25th of June.-FBC

Story by: Praneeta Prakash

Anonymous said...

Everything is an inside job!


The Suva Magistrates Court has ordered additional security for police officer Kaipati Bakoa who is being held at the Suva Remand Centre pending his trial.
Bakoa denied one count of theft of exhibit from Nabua Police Station and one count of interfering with evidence.
Additional security was ordered by Magistrate Yohan Liyanage after Bakoa informed the court that he was threatened at the remand centre.
He told the court that on the first day when he arrived at the remand centre, other remand prisoners verbally abused him, adding that a lot of salt was put in his food.
Bakoa said while he has been given a separate sleeping area, he has to eat with the rest of the remand prisoners. His lawyer Kalisto Maisamoa further informed the court that Bakoa was instrumental in investigations against a number of the remand prisoners and that his safety was at stake if he continued to stay at the remand centre.
Mr Maisamoa applied for bail for his client.
State prosecutor Lisiate Fotofili did not object to bail as long as a surety was given.
He said given the good character of Bakoa, he would give Bakoa the opportunity to be released on bail.
Magistrate Liyanage will make a ruling on Bakoa’s bail application on Monday, June 25th
He has also ordered that a security report be presented in court on the same day.
Bakoa’s charges relate to missing marijuana from the Nabua Police Station exhibit.