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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Officers accused of Toorak drug theft sent home on half pay

INSIDE JOB: But who - officers or top officials?
More developments in our story about the missing drugs from the Criminal Investigations Bureau in Toorak several weeks ago.
As we reported earlier, two police officers have been singled out for the missing cocaine valued at several million dollars.

They have been named to us as Rajeshni Mala and Sakeo Ganivatu, the investigating officer mentioned in a letter sent to the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, detailing a drug ring allegedly involving the police commissioner and his two deputies.

Both officers have been sent home pending investigation - on half pay.

Rajeshni Mala has also been asked to explain how she and her husband renovated their Pilling Street home recently to a tune of $10000. 

Police moles insist the two officers are being made to take the fall for hierarchy who are being protected by officials in Bainimarama's office.


mark manning said...

Oh no, please don't say that there is corruption under Frank Bainimarama's Regime !
I find that very difficult to believe.

Anonymous said...

@ mark manning..He was more and is more corrupt then Qarase..he had to do the coup to save himself and vesumona us into thinking that he was genuinely doing a clean up..start in Jerusalem before going to dig dirt on others..now he has played a very sick joke on all citizens of this country and he thinks that he will get away with it..

Anonymous said...

Rajeshni Mala through her hard work was able to catch a Chinese Mafia hitman.
And this is how her boss rewards her?

So RIGHT is WRONG and WRONG is RIGHT in the Police Headquaters.
Mmmmm interesting.

If you have a corrupt Police Force then who can you trust.

It should not surprise us then that more and more people are taking the law into their own hands? and there is ever worsening Lawlessness in Fiji.

The question is What are we going to do about it?
Because every single day we wait , we sink ever deeper into a deeper shit-hole.
Lets cut the cancer out before it kills the whole person.
Lets ask America to neutralise these thugs. Bomb Delainabua and get rid off the army.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

they talk about 10,000 as if its a million dollars. maybe this couple have been saving for past 10 years

mark manning said...

@ anon 618 p.m.
It was meant to be sarcastic.
The only person Frank has fooled though, is himself.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, just perhaps, the renovation to Mala's home was to REPAIR the damage done to it after thugs hit it in the middle of the night and broke every window and door in the home with rocks. BTW, it was approximately 10 thugs and happened within days of Mala and her team doing a covert operation that SOMEONE didn't like.

Moreover, her partner was sent "abroad" for over one year to suddenly do "peacekeeping" duty in Liberia.

Yes, it would appear that wrong IS right here in the land of OZ. Disgusting, -- all of it.

So now suddenly we all have some limited freedom of assembly - except, of course, the unions and political parties. Did someone say we have a democratic election coming up? Yeah, RIGHT!

J. Galt

Ex police officer. said...

Police Force is corrupt when mlitary men took over the Compol office,start from Savua till today,let a carrier police officer run the force.When the man below the rank make noises its a sign of the leaders,leadership style.Come on Bainimarama open your eyes and act people act now or never.

Radiolucas said...

C4.5 is just like reading the FT when we had freedom and uncensored news to hear about.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Chief Goon on anothern trip to China. I haven't seen any rfeal benefit from this China trips by this idiot. Since taken over he has been making almost 7 to 8 trips a year to China let alone other overseas countries. No elected PM has had so many overseas trips as this goon is having. I suspect he is much on a picnic trip rather than on official business. Like every other thing, these overseas trips are becoming a joke.

SEMI MEO said...

Boy..it is not dooms day yet!!..nor even in a situation that warrants Military invasion as some inconsiderate cyber thugs have devilishly wishes..

Let’s focus on the process now in place for democratic resurrection..were we any worse than Pakistan?..goodness; NO!!..any worse that Burma??:..heavens above; NO..worse than Zimbabwe…karaik NO!!..did the UN, US invade those sovereignty??....thankfully; NO!!...then why do you ever think and wish that UN, US or Kiribati will ever invade, 300 plus dots hardly seen from a satellite?? (with all due respect to our existence as a global player)

Focus..not in denial of the obvious..but focus on the present process a probably the best means to the imminent end we all hope for as Burma, Pakistan and other have sanely achieved….

Oh…and Fiji civil society are not policephobia nor police dependent …there is enough goodwill and true citizenship around to foster self deterrent from venturing into the dark and grayish side of the law…proff is that majority of these lost exhibits were obtained from non citizens.

We are a very religious country, you know...or are we??

Anonymous said...

back to square one. i think its semi meo is a drug lord too. he is black market in oz.....me vesu ga okoya mahn....

Anonymous said...

These poor slobs are sent home with half pay because their alleged crime wasn't big enough. Had they murdered a man, like Francis Kean, maybe they'd continue to get full pay. Had they donned balaclavas and held parliament hostage, like Bainimarama's CRW patsies, then maybe they'd continue to get full pay. Had they committed treason by overthrowing the lawful government and then held the entire country hostage, like Bainimarama, maybe they'd now be making multiple salaries and receive the cash equivalent of thirty years of accrued leave!

That's because, in today's Fiji, drugs and murder pay, but not as well as treason.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

The question is, what is the South Pacific Forum waiting for? How come they were so fast in implementing the Buketawa accord in the Solomon Islands in RAMSI? Why not Fiji with a RAMFI and get rid of Bai&Company without destroying the entire way of life in Fiji? Does the South Pacific Forum secretariat need a decisive
leader who could scramble up a military mission to stop the carnage that Bainimarama military and police officers are creating in our nation? What else proof does the secretariat needs to take the necessary action? If you can't implement the baketewa accord then get rid of that bullshit accord? If you do not have the ball to show the world of your maturity than do not make up any bullshit that you cannot enforce? Better still get rid of the secretariat as he may be a Bainimarama mole in our regional organization? Wasn't he was the person who help Bainimarama pulled his coup, before
been endorsed by Bainimarama to take up the secretariate post anyway?How come the AUSSIE & NZ watchdogs allowed this crap to slipped by them?

Pat said...

Having been talking with some matured, proffesional and honest Police officer, all their stories come to the same thing. It is that they just could not do much from the militarisation type of leadership they are facing.
But at this time the first priority is their families whom they need to feed.
There is always be a saying "If you dont follow those orders then press the bell and get out of the bus" or "jump out of the wagon"

Or simply they are just flowing with the tide. Do iit first complain later.

So how can someone with no Police Career background like ComPol Naivalurua to take over the overall leadership in the Police Force.
Yet he tours around every divisions and warning them that there are rotten officers who need to be removed if they dont perform to his expectation.

Not only him alone, even his wife is like being part of the organisation too when she should seat her bum at home.

Anonymous said...

Police corruption carries high costs. First, a corrupt act is a crime. Second, police corruption detracts from the integrity of the police and tarnishes the public image of law enforcement. Third, corruption protects other criminal activity such as drug dealing and prostitution. Protected criminal activities are often lucrative sources of income for organized crime.

According to the rotten apple theory, corruption is the work of a few, dishonest, immoral police officers[ middle level to high up]. Experts dismiss this theory because it fails to explain why so many corrupt officers become concentrated in some police organizations but not others. Another explanation pinpoints this regimes & its society's use of the criminal law to enforce morality. Unenforceable laws governing moral standards promote corruption because they provide criminal organizations with a financial interest in undermining law enforcement. Narcotic corruption, for example, is an inevitable consequence of drug enforcement and the opening of Fiji's doors to countries of the orient. Aussie is facing the same issue because of illegal drug providers. Providers of these illegal goods and service use part of their profits to bribe the police in order to ensure the continuation of criminal enterprises.

Since corruption involves criminal behavior, prosecution of corrupt police officers is possible. Since prosecutors depend on the police to gather evidence and develop cases, however, they often don't want to “bite the hand that feeds them.”

Anonymous said...

serves them right...first things first - arrest the biggest Daylight Robber in Fiji's History - the man purporting to be Prime Minister of Fiji!

Only then will things go right!

Now, it's a bloody field day!

You want to do something right - start from the source! Arrest Bainimarama!

How on earth do you report a robbery to a bloody Robber and expect to be rewarded you idiots!~

Farzana Sharma said...

If the boss is choor why not the subordinate.

Anonymous said...

Villagers in Cakaudrove including the village headman, gang raped a child 2 weeks ago.

So are we Fijians better or worse than Pakistanis?

May be they just do this in religious country like Fiji.

Or is everyone just following the lawlessness of their leader.

What do you think is the solution Semi?

Do we keep waiting another 24 months while they rape and sexually abuse more children?

You yourself know that under Naivalurua the Police has become terribly corrupt.

Do you trust the police?

Do you think Bainimarama will keep his word this time?
What's the incentive for him to do so?

You have to be a morally upright and humble person inorder to aquiesce to the wishes of the people via the ballot box.
I dont think Bainimarama has a bone of honesty in his body.
Everything he has done to date is for one thing only and that is to save him from going to Jail.

Jesus said you can make a judgement of the tree by looking at its fruit.

I think you are a sad man if you cant look at the FRUITS of Bainimarama's action and still unable to judge what kind of TREE he is.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

The reason, they do not promote career cops to the Comm post becoz they lack the skills needed for the post and will only promote favoritisim..everyone knows this..it is better to have someone independent and skilled in Leadership, Management, Innovative, etc etc..

Anonymous said...

The haven't named the officers but must be the same ones. How will all of this end?

Two senior officers suspended for drugs

13:10 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Vosita Kotoiwasawasa

Two senior police officers within the CID department headquarters have been sent on leave pending investigations into the missing drugs.

This was confirmed to FBC News by Police Director Operations SSP Rusiate Tudravu.

“I can confirm that 2 officers from the Drug Unit have been sent on leave. That is the normal procedures that we follow, it does not mean they are implicated or being charged of the offense, it’s just normal because it is under their responsibility, so they are under investigation.”-FBC

Police have yet to recover the alleged cocaine.

Anonymous said...

Bai is been moved to China by Khaiyum in order to keep him out of the way.The stroke was so bad that he was not able to recognized anyone,can't give any order,can't feed himself,can't hold up a glass of water,tea cup or clean himself craping&peeing his pants?He has 8 bodyguards and 4 nurses to keep people away and to make sure he is presentable to the Cameras when required? Khaiyum came up with the idea to sent Bai back to a Mental Hospital in China where he can have mental& physical therapy and away from the watchful eyes of wannabe leaders like Mosese Tikoitoga,Neumi,Qiliho,Ketepoka and other junior officers and potential coup makers etc,etc.