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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Police chief hires future son-in-law to help spy on Fiji citizens

Fiji's Police Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, has recruited his soon to be son-in-law to work in the National Intelligence Bureau to profile citizens with known anti-government feelings.

Josh Matau, who is engaged to Naivalurua's daughter, Nowa, started as a Research Officer in the Bureau on Monday.

One of the key job descriptions of current NIB officers is to spy on Fiji citizens known to have anti-government feelings.

Nowa Naivalurua and Josh Matau
In his new role, Matau, who recently returned to Fiji after studying at the University of New South Wales,
will be required to profile these citizens and maintain updated files on them.

An insider says: "Matau will be tasked with keeping information on these people right at his fingertips."

Naivalurua has already been criticised for allowing his wife, Kesa, to be involved in police and Fiji Corrections Service business. 

A former FCS deputy commissioner has also publicly stated he thinks Naivalurua is a corrupt opportunist and  others have accused him of taking backhanders from Chinese nationals and being caught up in a drug ring.

Information obtained by Coupfourpointfive now shows that at a time when the Fiji Police Force is strapped for cash and officers are revolting over wages and conditions, Naivalurua ordered his HR Director to find a job to match his son-in-law's academic qualification.

Matau, who will report directly to the Director of National Intelligence Bureau, has a salary of
The NIB role is the second job Naivalurua has created for his daughter's partner. When he was Commissioner of Prisons, he organised for Matau to be an assistant media officer for the Prisons Department.


Anonymous said...

If the Police want to identify Fijians with anti-government feelings,they need go no farther than the regime. These traitors overthrew Fiji's elected government. Naivalurua, do your duty and arrest them, you coward!

Anonymous said...

Yeah and I got my job too through back doors..who hasn't.. ask anyone in Fiji..most will tell you the same..my uncle or aunty or friend's friend is the HR Manager or CEO there..so no problems.. will give them a call for you..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shows how paranoid him and his cohorts are..atupid and dumb fools that cant take criticism cause all they are good at is covering up dirty deals and corrupt behaviour ...haahaaa..

kite flyer said...

sa toso tiko na "clean up"! everything same same. corruption, nepotism, favouratism . in the police dept, in the prison dept and god knows where else . possibly every other institution of government. soon we will arrive at a better fiji ...with good governance and all that stuff promised by the clean up gang.but not too soon at the going rate - if at all. once ghai writes it in the constitution then all the corruption,nepotism and bad governance practices will disappear - magically!!

Booooo said...

And they said they wanted to clean up Fiji from this kind of practice. It looks like they looking out for themselves

Anonymous said...

Is this not nepotism or favouritism or whatever one would like to call it. It is in fact corruption and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Ironic that Josh has been employed to build profiles on cigizens with well-known anti government views> who is on their list.

SEMI MEO said...

..lol...lol...waraka na list gore!!

...maybe it is opportune time to reinstate the Police Special Branch.

But would vugona be mandated with IT hacking powers to snoop into all our IP addresses?..uh…with the help of our Chinese IT gurus so proficient to “excess” any server on earth and roving satellite station?

..lol...then, all of us are definitely in the list!!..so why not we all just take off our cyber persona , tell the world who we individually are and what we believe in!!...maybe, just may be coming out of our conform zones will herald in the real beginning of rebuilding by helping out in the process..all hand on deck...all hands!!

...we definitely cannot do it, as we now do, when some tenaciously hides while others paid to seek..hide and seek…aren’t you tired of hiding!

…may be someone will start another list under Mr. Sefanaia Sukanaivalu and Mr. Labalaba..!!..may be,…do not think any of us is worthy enough to be in THAT list of the brave!!!!

..or may be in the third list of passengers of the old Nur bus’s from Taveuni…

Anonymous said...

Oh Haha..this is a joke..Sa kua na viavia CIA..Boidada..smells of shit..and this guy looks like a total looser..one of those Uni dropouts from UNSW who could not find a better job then ask momo tu vakawawa to fix him one..so PATHETIC..Sa mai vakaboidada taki na institution ni Ovisa e da dau raica cake i liu..CORRUPTIO and NEPOTISM is here..welcomt to the illegal world..

Anonymous said...

Please Comm i have a double degree and no Job and i am a native from Tailevu,any more daughters ?? i need a job and i will be a good husband and am good at screwing good civilised people and have an idea how to accept bribes,Please give me a job even if it means driving for you???

mark manning said...

I thought there was no nepotism under the new Regime and didn't Hitler have his henchmen spying on his own Citizens ?
If the Regime is so right for Fiji, why do they feel the need to spy on anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Sa qai toso cake tikoga na lawaki ca, o cei okoya na ovisa oqo me mai lewai ira na lewe ni vanua, me ra dikevi lo tu. O koya ga me qarauni koya. Sa viribaiti koya tiko oqori, tamata butabutako !!!

Anonymous said...

Ho hum, another stoolie working for daddy, for the purpose of weeding out every last patriotic impulse remaining in Fiji. Your tax dollars at work.

In fact, this entire regime consists of nothing more than a few sybarites supported by stooges, stoolies, and coprophagists.

I now aspire to be on two lists -- the Book of Life and the regime's enemies list.

Add his name to our own list of traitors and collaborators to be called to account after the Bainimarama Captivity.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Good luck to him - If the people of Fiji cannot stand up for your rights just shut up and accept what the Military Junta is doing.

This is nothing new as the cronies in the SDL Govt. did the same like Peni Mau (Post Fiji) job for son Tevita Mau & Friends and also family of his numerous girlfriends when he was CEO.

Anasa Vocea from Water Engineer to PS after 87 Coup because he was from the same village as Rabuka and the list goes on.

Where were all the critics back than.

The Military also is not immune from this disease as 99% of Officers were appointed because of family connections including VB himself.

Daddykins said...

Nice job and nice working conditions - spying on Fiji citizens. Lots to talk about at the dinner table.

Anonymous said...

What we can expect from the regime and army thugs.
All liars and corrupt bastards.
I wonder how these guys go and pray in church and home-hypocrite.
I can say now fiji police and army .
have lost faith in the eyes of the public.

Anonymous said...

Life is all about choices.
What will Josh Matau do when after all his spying and arse-probing he finds out that the most corrupt policeman in the land is his father in law.

Are you going to do the right thing Josh and make sure your father in law gets thrown in jail.

Or are you a weak person who will turn a blind eye
and pretend its not happening.
Will you sell your soul to the devil Josh?
or follow Jesus and do the right thing no matter what the cost.

Will you be Weak
or Are you going to be Strong and stand for the Truth!

God waits for you to write your story in history.

Stand for what is Right and even GOD Himself will come down and stand with you.Hallelujah!

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh we r now called idiots at C4.5 by Davis at Fiji Sun.


Best publicity C4.5 has received. Now more Fijians are googling the keyword c4.5 then ever.

Anonymous said...

If his boss bhai can do it why can't naivalurua do the same. It is rife in the regime and stinks. We can only take note now and keep records of the regime's errant ways for future reference and judgements when rule of law returns.

Anonymous said...

That all sounds like tit-for-tat! @ 3.21a.m.

Man, I think this government is getting very scary by the day.

idiots at grubsheet said...

Ah the junta facists davis and the fool from horowhenua are getting more hysterical as their desperation to save the failing dictatorship increases.

mark manning said...

@ anon 846 a.m.
A good point, never saw it that way !

Anonymous said...

What we expect from the coup makers and thugs.
So now family members will follow the trend.
Fiji people have to stand up and fight for democracy .
just read US have given assad of Syria to give up the govt to the syrian people to have a govt of national unity.
assad have no place in this govt according to US sec hilary clinton.
I hope US can pass the same message to Frank/Khaiyum/Cronies.

XXXX said...

He'll be busy on C4.5 everyday trying to ID all who are intellingent enuff to see through regimes vesumona.

Bera ni qai spy mai sa spytaki yani haha... tobo tale o van damme.

Nowa you need a real man!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mark. We all know which side has the idiots. I am sure Davis is rethinking his next move.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:05 PM

Are you actually aware of what has been and is still happening in Syria, I suspect not.

So you expect the US to worry about the uprising in Fiji which has consisted of a bit of grafiti on bus stops. Live in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Fucking corrupt bastard. Enjoy while you can because it's not a matter of if but when. You will all suffer when the pig Voceke falls and brings all of you down. What a fucking disgrace.

Kin and Folk said...

Unfortunately Ioane is proving to be as full of self-interest as Frank, Khaiyum and the others. They came in professing to be acting in our interest but six years later they are clearly bringing home the bacon for their families first and foremost.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I can't get over how naive you people are. As someone mentioned earlier, other past governments did the same and this is no different. The only difference I guess is they were elected and this one is not!

Poor Fiji said...

Another regime family doing for themselves rather than doing for the people.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that not one article in Fiji Sun has any comments from public yet here we have within minutes of posting, comments from all over the world.

Anonymous said...

I like it,i too am ready to get married to someones daughter ,so all illegal power holders advertise for son inlaws with guranteed job and housing ,all free Brother

Anonymous said...

I bet you Fiji times is next on the khaiyum radar. Once he has the media in control and telecommunication as well then will see election take place.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.56. You're the naive one asshole. Just open your blind eyes and see what's happening around you. Corruption is worse than before, the select few are raking in the dollars while more and more people are slipping under the poverty line. Geez asshole, dumb people like you are giving this illegal regime some credibility. You should be ashamed of yourself boci.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed to see that the good Naivalurua is as fallible as the rest of the regime. I had hoped otherwise but I guess he is as human as the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Is he warming up his tongue for ASK

Anonymous said...

Iowane is only human...he is not some universal soldier that will do the right thing... they all the same. They will rake in as much money as they can before they give what's left of this country's government back to the itaukei's of this country. The itaukei in charge of this country and that's just what they good at being the muscle but no brain...the brains are the immigrants. The immigrants make them look important and stash a few dollars in their pockets so they can smile and kill insurgents while they deceitfully change the legal systems to suit their own agenda.

Anonymous said...

His poking his tongue at Ioane saying, I've got your daughter and I'll get you soon asshole.

No clean up happening said...

Naivalurua not the only one looking after himself! So much for government with the clean up campaign - what role models

Fiji News
PM demands explanation

Taken from/By:
Report by: Vosita Kotoiwasawasa

The Prime Minister – Voreqe Bainimarama has instructed all Permanent Secretaries’ to explain why their vehicles were impounded for running after working hours.

31 government vehicles are impounded at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua.

Eight have been released while another five were seized last night.

Land Force Commander – Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga various government departments are still abusing resources.

“This is indicative of the fact that there are still government ministries that has not taken heed of government’s effort to stop abuses and corruption within the government ministries.”

Tikoitoga adds they were surprised at the time the impounded vehicles were operating.

“I like to point out at this stage that these vehicles of some of it were impounded at 3am or 4am and some after midnight. Again it raises the question of whether the Permanent Secretaries are aware of their vehicles are still running at that time of the night.”

Upon receiving the explanations of the PS’s – the Prime Minister will determine whether the vehicle is to be released or if any surcharge will be laid.

The Heckler said...

Government vehicles out at 3 and 4 a.m.? Just goes to show how conscientious Fiji's public servants are, working overtime don't you know.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Josh Matau is really working behind the scenes to dig dirt on Aiyaz and other scumbuckets, in preparation for Naivalurua's big move.

Does COMPOL understand that he needs to act decisively? If he doesn't, Aiyaz will outmaneouver him, and he'll end up like Ganilau, driving a taxi.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Chand, at 2:28, we're not "letting Mark Manning championing our course." All we're doing is letting him have as much say as the next guy.

Also, you innuendo campaign and feeble attempt at character assassination isn't going anywhere -- just because the guy has a lot of female "friends" on Facebook, he's now made out to be some kind of pervert preying on our daughters? Give us a frikkin break! That's quite a desperate leap you and Calamity Davis are taking.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning the same thing happens in Aboriginal Australia in every organisation, NO? It is not something unique to Fiji only NOW. Use to happen all the time.Happens all the time withing the Australain Government appointments to senior management-No? So can we not pretend it never happened in the past people. At the least we get qualified people in to the job his son-in-law is University trained in Aussie and what about Chaudarys son becoming his private secretary? What about the scholarships that use to get dished out to iTaukei students to study overseas, the list goes on and on. If this is corruption well tell me whats new people!

TrueKaiViti said...

I knew this person very well,first of all his real name is Josefa Matau and he attended USP Laucala Campus.
Didn't even know the fella is working for police chief. Kua na vakabociboci tiko Jo..

Anonymous said...

The pay is slavery wages the guy
must be one real dump ass? Well,I
guess when and if the VUSI is great
some men can work for the PUSI rather than a decent wages? If the guy was proud of his achievement-what has he achieved-then his first
move would have been, to seek more
money for his long term financial security?

david morrell said...

all of u making comments above have ever done anything good for the nation? Why hide your identities? stop the childish act and be a man.

Anonymous said...

David Morrell STOP being a BALL GREASER like those loonies in the IG.

Anonymous said...

isa I know Josh very well... he was my class mate @ Labasa College in 2006...i hope he did not join that group.. maichau qarauni tiko vakavinaka..... poor Josh...

Kai Tailevu said...

Lets leave this boy Josh alone. If he has a degree, he deserves any job. But as for Naivalurua, his corrupt wanna be clean act will catch up with him.

From what I know, he has always been a greaser Naivalurua and hides behind many faces....uses his wife to front up for him in many areas where he has obvious weaknesses. Isa ko Viti....

Anonymous said...


Dominick said...

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