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Friday, June 22, 2012

Prison staff told '100 military officers' ready to take your jobs

Naivalurua 'interfered' to ensure Peniasi Kunatuba was appointed to current role. pic Fiji Times
Naivalurua and his nemesis, Orisi Katonibau. pic FCS
The former senior Fiji Corrections Service officer who described Ioane Naivalurua as an 'opportunist who has left a legacy of corruption, manipulation and hypocrisy unparalleled in the history of leadership of the FCS' has revealed more dirt.

Orisi Vuki Katonibau says the current management is failing to achieve goals set by the regime and has resorted to threatening to replace prison staff with military officers.

In a second statement sent to us, Katonibau goes on the record publicly again to detail the shortcomings of the hierarchy at the Fiji Corrections Service and the leadership of its former head, Ioane Naivalurua, who is now Fiji's Police Minister.

Katonibau says the current management is finding it hard to run the prisons 'in order to fulfil their strategic targets as mandated by the regime.'

He says it is resorting to threatening to sack officers who have been told 'that 100 military officers are on standby to replace them if they do not perform'. 

"This is a sad time for the Fiji Corrections Service as non-performance of officers is a challenge to any FCS leadership and must be approached systematically and in an appropriate manner," says Katonibau. "Not through threat of sacking officers. Again, this is dictatorship at its worst."

As he did in our original story (Former deputy commissioner Fiji Corrections Service: Police commissioner a 'corrupt opportunist' on May 12, 2012), Katonibau maintains Naivalurua is corrupt.

'The leadership style of Naivalurua is draconian at its worst. A leader who lives by the principle 'the boss is always right.’ Even to the extent of breaking the law and abusing his powers.'

He also responds to a statement defending Naivalurua sent to us on behalf of FCS by its media officer, Ana Tudrau-Tamani. He says she has been used as a scapegoat by management and that the real author of the letter is none other than the former PS Agriculture now the FCS Director Corporate Service, Peniasi Kunatuba - 'an ex-con who defrauded taxpayers’ money to a tune of more than 13 million dollars in the agriculture scam'.

Kunatuba was found guilty by the High Court in 2006 and jailed for four years.

Katonibau says Kunatuba is now running the show in the FCS and is being paid a hefty salary over and above the Deputy Commissioner of the FCS. 
"He was redeemed by Naivalurua to his current position after providing information to the Police against deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase’s alleged involvement in the agriculture scam. He is one of the high profile criminal who has taken advantage of the Yellow Ribbon Programme to substantiate his redemption from the gutter."

Katonibau says Naivalurua interfered in the appointment procedure.

"The post Kunatuba is now holding was advertised in 2009 along with 11 other positions. I, as Chairman of the interview panel, which included Kunatuba as one of the penal members, recommended Mr Wakowako to the position as he had exhibited the relevant qualification for the post. But somehow this was rejected by Naivalurua who directed that Kunatuba be interviewed for the position and was given the post."

In his rebuttal of Ana Tamani's statement, Katonibau also says the claim the Service was forced to repair the house he was living in to the value of $25,000 is false.

"The quarter was in fact not fully renovated. The quarters had been neglected including other officers’ quarters in Korovou. The reason being Naivalurua was misusing the $300, 000 allocated annually for the maintenance of officers’ quarters in Suva, Naboro and Nasinu by redirecting the fund to complete other capital projects which went over and above their initial cost through his lack of planning, which he considers as more important than the lives of officers who have to bear with the condition of their quarters. 

"One just has to visit the officers’ quarters at Korovou to witness their conditions."

He also says he stands by his claims Naivalurua's wife, Kesa, was allowed a free hand in Correction Service business - as she does now with police business - and that her flower, pot plant and cake business thrived as a result.

"Naivalurua is also on record for telling police officers that they were to cover his back as result of an allegation against his wife that was release in your media in 2011. Cover his back from what, their corrupt practices?"

Katonibau's second statement on 'Naivalurua's legacy'
Fiji Correction service response to C4.5 story

Editor's Note: Coming up: Rajesh Singh touts reference letter to silence critics


Anonymous said...

military personells taking over all government posts, they think without them Fiji would be nowhere.

Ratu Moape Gadai said...

Again I take my hat off to Katonibau.

Anonymous said...

Peni is the chairman of pafco fishing company.
Well kean can get a job .why not peni?h is well educated and former ps and ps for ex elected PM- MPC.
I hope the PSC PS and Chairman can comment on this.

Anonymous said...

naselesele says...

Naivalurua is always a softie and no backbone falla.

His days at Marist was a hog....he is showing his true colours now.

he was a failure in the army too, something like this has happen to expose his qualities...

they say in Fijian...nakoco. they are enjoying something they would not have achieved under normal conditions by working hard and attaining them legitimately.

thats why he supported his master to stage the coup.

he has shamed we the Naselesele people of Taveuni.

he is a BAD Rotten rat.

Anonymous said...

The irony is, pig Voceke said he did what he did to rid Fiji of corruption amongst other things. Now he's leading a bunch of corrupt people and he's the most corrupted. Fiji is simply a joke.

Anonymous said...

Since Mitt brought up the religion card I will leave him with Matthew 5:37 which reads: But let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No. Or saying it in modern political language it would read simply: Don't be a flip flopper.

Welcome change said...

Hats off again to Orisi Katonibau and C4.5. More people must be prepared to go on the record and speak publicly.

mark manning said...

The walls of Jericho are tumbling down, brick by pathetic brick !

Anonymous said...

We also need people to stand up march and fight against this illegal Military Junta and the Mataivalu Ni Solisona so that freedom and democracy can return to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Who will clean this corrupt regime.
The only people can clean them up is people power .
If not than fiji will need UN force to dismantle this army regime.
UN/UK/USA have dismantle regime govt in the western world.
Why not FIJI.
We hope it happen soon.

Anonymous said...

Kunatuba has a colourful and corrupt history.

Whilst Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Fisheries he took up shareholdings and directorship in Agape Fishing, a foreign entity engaged in the local fishing sector

It was a massive conflict of interest because Agape was one of the foreign run fishing companies on the Suva wharves which operated as an agency for foreign fishing vessels, and through which they obtained fishing licences, whilst Kunatuba's office was responsible for the processing and determination of applications for fishing licences. Kunatuba himself was Chairman of that Fishing licensing committee.

During the 90's and into the last decade Agape held the majority of foreign vessel fishing licences issued by the Department of Fisheries, to the exclusion of most other new foreign entrants to the fishing sector. This despite the fact that Agape owns no fishing vessel.

The Fisheries Department was the place to be back in the 90's and early part of the last decade. Officers in that department drove Mercedes and top of the range SUV's. They lived very well off the largesse of that period.

During that same period Kunatuba had his own Church (of which he was senior pastor), and had a radio programme every Sunday morning where he delivered sermons.

That Qarase chose Kunatuba to be point man for the agricultural scam was only natural.

Kunatuba's reputation for corruption, dishonesty and deviousness is well known.

Anonymous said...

Same story..these thugs are totally corrupt..Anyone wonders why PS for Agriculture suddenly resigns..??..He stole 3 million dollars and hid it in the wifes account..sickening to hear..this country has gone to the dogs..

Taukei. said...

Changing places.

Ditto prison "inmates".

Anonymous said...

Another company whom Kunatuba had very close connections with was Kung Wah Trading.

This company specialised in shark fins and bech de mer and operated from premises situated at Wailada subdivision in Lami 2km outside Suva

The woman who Kung Wah Trading, Yan Xiaq Hua, also ran a very succesfull prostitution ring in Suva which was part of a broader network of organised prostitution stretching from Micronesia, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Australia and New Zealand.

Hua was known as the Mafia Queen of Fiji. She initially arrived in Fiji as a garment factory worker in the late 80's. However she quickly established a prostitution ring in Suva to service the growing asian foreign fishing vessels which were using the Port of Suva as a base. By the mid 90's she was the Madame of an extensive prostitution ring operating out of Suva and having a branch in Nadi.

Her strongest stalwart was Kelemedi Bulewa, the Attorney General in the SVT Government, and her lawyer and fixer during that period.

Anonymous said...

The great regime threat of bringing in the RFMF

Anonymous said...

Naivalu.... sa vakaloloma dina...na kanaloto kei na i vakarau veivakaisini o sa mai cakava tu qo vei ira na noda. I suppose, you and Kesa need the money to keep up the charade, and to maintain your "want to be, but can't be" lifestyle. Ia na tamata sega ni bau buno da taka e dua na ka e. Present cadets and past graduates of Sandhurst are cursing you to your grave.

Anonymous said...

Where is lamu sona Ului Mara.
Rumours are that he will be the new king of Tonga and with Maafus relatives, attack fiji with bows and arrows.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

muslim rules fiji so what.
we are the supreme race and army and fijians follow our brother khaiyum rules.
why didnt they allow koya to rule in 1977 .
revenge is sweet for muslim brotherhood.
now the same army is under muslim command and rule.
the army is controlled by muslim brother khaiyum.
j r reddy and mpc /rabuka/qarase now you history

Anonymous said...

akbar .
fiji is muslim state under khaiyum.
fijian armies and people are subject to muslim rule.
we muslim are in all the board so what.
muslim will rule the world.
fijian are scared of sir khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

The walls o Jeriko may be tumbling down Mark but the new walls of Fiji are going to last a life time!Thers on thing for sure the iTakei is never turning back to the days when he got absolutley nothing for his land and Voreqe is till in power!The iTaukei are more happier than ever, according to them they have more riches from their land than ever before in their history! Thats something to think about, landowners saying this would neve have happened if Voreqe had never come to power. Is it a case of "I have seen the light"!?. Just muttering the sentiments of landowners in various parts of Fiji who are now getting money from their lands, not the pittence the sugar land owning units were getting from the sugar! Ripped off by the CSR which was an Australian owned company then the south Pacific sugar mills who lived at the mercy of the buyers! You don't have t believe me Mark go take arip to Bua and like places it wil suprise what they say!

Concerned Citizen said...

The regime claims that it needs the voices of the ordinary people of Fiji to be heard as they go around the nation collecting submissions for the new Constitution and the work done by the current illegal regime...........I overheard the Director of Strategic blah blah blah that what this I.R(illegal regime) are doing are one of a kind and that no other predecessors had ever carried out..They claim that the voices of the people of Fiji will be heard.....Now, according to what I have been hearing(public at large) that the 1997 Constitution is still in effect........but what I don't get is that.......the People of Fiji wants the 1997 Constitution but the I.R doesn't......does that depict the whole purpose of their mission?......the people of Fiji have spoken....yet.....the I.R has its own stand and say on the matter...........why waste tax payers money when you have everything in placed?....Is this a form of a cover up????........Now, everything on the People's Charter shall be directly lifted to the formation of the new constitution........then, the submissions from the public will only hold....probably less than 10% of the Constitution as far as the Public submissions are concerned. So, I think it will get interesting...more interesting......to see what they say....the I.R...........!!!-Sent to pacificinthemedia@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

C4.5 one of the best ways you have exposed the illegal government in recent times. Credit to you and former deputy comm Orisi Katonibau for going public.

Anonymous said...

Any one read the recent Graham Davies bull sheet praising the Army and Peter Thompson.Isn't it funny how the Fiji Army is so good at peacekeeping elsewhere and making coups in Fiji. What a contrast. A tin pot hand to mouth country like ours with nothing but a begging bowl to show to the world can ill afford a $100m army which has nothing better to do but overthrow governments. I am sure the CIA could take a cue from these guys on how to overthrow legally elected governments. Seriously what is this country got an army for to repel an invasion by Tonga. An ill equipped army with 5000 men will have no chance even against the likes of the NZ Army let alone the Marines or something similar. What a waste of resources.

Anonymous said...

fijian brothers we support flp/sdl not the chor regime.
we dont like this chor khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at June 23, 2012 8:15 AM what you wrote shocked me! I always thought Kunatuba was a "the fall guy" for the Agriculutre scam and used by Qarse and company. boy was i wrong! To hear that he also ran his own Church, its a simple case of greed and there a few of them around who have now also joined the bandwagon of fighting fr democracy in Fiji! Where were they when Fiji had its first coup? You live and learn something new every day.

Anonymous said...

Where is lamu sona Col U Mara.
Is he the new king of tonga?
He has Maafus blood afterall


muslim brotherhood...you were all hindus once till the mughals came to India and made you bend down and get screwed and converted... the stronger hindus detested the afghani muslim invaders and remained hindu...so yeah don't sound like some hero you loser lot of idiots of no concequence...Muslims come from the lineage of Abraham's housegirl HAGAR..so all you descendents from the housegirl should now bend down to the real god Jesus otherwise you will all go to hell and won't rule shit !!

Anonymous said...

Read Graham Davis' latest piece praising the army? No. Unless it's reprinted in C4.5, who reads Davis' BS any more?

Anonymous said...

A few observations and questions about Fiji Correction Services and the present state of affairs:

Having the relevant credentials doesn't qualify anyone for a position in the eyes of this regime. Convicts, scamsters, and stoolies qualify, but treasonous soldiers trump them all. Experienced penologists need not apply.

What regime goals and strategic targets are current prison management failing to achieve -- earlier release of murderers and other felons related to or favoured by the regime? Or the incarceration of Methodist ministers, paramount chiefs, unionists, and other hapless regime opponents? 

Police commissioners should be exhorting their officers to scrupuously observe the laws and regulations, not doing special favours or looking the other way. If someone needs his back covered, maybe he'd do better just to stop exposing his arse.

Envelopes filled with cash from the Chinese embassy, followed by special favours for Chinese crooks? And this, at the same time that Chinese prostitutes are conspicuous, and Chinese triad gangsters are gunning down their rivals, on Victoria Parade?

Where is FICAC? Shouldn't it be investigating these serious allegations regarding Chinese bribes and the obvious conflicts of interest involving Mrs. Naivalurua? These are allegations by the man who until recently was Deputy Commissioner of Police, for pete's sake. Are Naivalurua and Khaiyum in cahoots, or is it that Naivalurua has Khaiyum running scared?

One hundred military officers are standing by for prison jobs? Oh, so THAT'S what they're doing all day!

I agree that certain RFMF officers belong in the prisons, but put them on the other side of the bars.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Where is the evidence that Mason Smith stole 3 million dollars? You keep making these allegations, but you never back them up. How can a PS for Agriculture possibly steal that much? For those kinds of numbers, you need to be Cabinet level and dealing with the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Anon@7:46pm...RUM doesn't deserve
the hon.title Col. Lamu Sona may be the right title, he made famous!
King of Tonga he'll never be,cause a King should always be ready to lead his own people into battle,not
abandoned his people and skipped
the country at a slight tremor,or
dig underground like a-CIKINOVU-at
the sound of trouble? What a major
disappointment to his family,clan,
tribe,Vanua and the Fijian people?

Anonymous said...

I thank Mr Naivalurua for the Yellow Ribbon Project. It has changed by view on prisoners. The reform program is working wonders. As for Orisi get off that sour grapes of yours as you are not doing anybody any good...

Anonymous said...

Mara is a high chief not like khaiyum bastard and baini /mosese luveni kaise bakola.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone look at the picture? Naivalurua is shaking hands with the civilian-dressed gentleman who is looking directly at Naivalurua's eyes. The gentlemen in uniform are also looking directly at Naivalurua but is he looking elsewhere?
When a person cannot look directly into the eyes of another, that person is keeping a guilty conscience or has some kind of weakness within him. Perhaps the mighty General Naivalurua knows he is not going to keep a false promise.
Weak and pathetic actually.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kunatuba was sent to prison because he was judged guilty of breach a simple code of conduct and that is Civil Servant cannot agree with their Political Minister if what is suggested is unlawful. In this case when Qarase clearly was trying to win political favours from the Fijian community at large post Speight Coup political upheaval Minsters were asked for ideas. Minstry of Agriculture came up with a simple idea of giving farming impliments to rural people to incentivise them to go back to their village and work the land. Sounds like a reasonable idea. As every good idea its needs to be executed diligently and effectively. This was supposed to be managed under Kunatuba's control. Well it did not and it was abused by all and sundries including, Qarase and his Ministers, Suppliers and may be even Kunatuba. My point is this, if we investigate all cases of abuse by Civil Servants (yes including military), prison will be full of them including those that hold the position now. This is a fact we cannot stamp out Corruption its part of HUMAN DNA. You can fight against it, limit to an extent of how much money/resource you can afford, prosecute people with severe cases and discipline all that are found acting or intent to corrupt.

J Singh said...

What is the corrupt and illegal president nailatikau doing about all this????nothing I suppose just milking tax payers money too shameful and shameless.

Kainaceva said...


mark manning said...

The cost of Liberty sometimes is death, in fact, death would be the "most" Liberating of all outcomes, though not necessarily an ideal one.
In regards to prosecuting those who break the Law, isn't that the point of a Parliament implementing them in the 1st. instant ?
If "any" Community isn't prepared to have the very Laws their Parliament has implemented, enforced, then what's the point in having any Laws or even a Parliament for that matter ?
The option is the wild wild west and lawlessness.
Hi ho Silver !

Anonymous said...

If you want to take over the Government-do it now cause the head
of the Government-PM is sick and is
put away in a chinese hospital?I'm
sure that Voreqe is Dead already and body is in the freezer? Khaiyum
is trying to con people and will
take over when things falls into place? I'm sure that he's trying to
see if Mosese can be bought,before
he makes the move?He better be careful cause Mosese could also blow-out his brain?

Anonymous said...

A picture paints a thousand words..Iowane Naivalurua happy chappy with Kunitabu but can't meet Katonibau's eyes. It is clear he does not like the man yet Orisi meeting camera front on.

Fark Fanning said...

Does anyone have any idea what the Pom is talking about ??

Anonymous said...

Signs of the times ... Real cons like Frank, Khaiyum, Nazhat Shameem and Iowane Naivalurua getting away with everything but the common man in Fiji learning to live by so-called 'directives'.

Drivers punished for playing loud music

07:01 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Devendra Narayan

The licence of two bus drivers has been suspended by the Land Transport Authority, for playing loud music while driving.

LTA chief executive – Naisa Tuinaceva says this should be a warning to others who still continue disobeying the directives from the enforcement agencies.

“For the last few months, we have been calling in drivers who were reported to have been playing loud music on their buses. Some of these drivers have been warned after our investigation. A couple of these drivers have had their licenses suspended.”

People are advised to call in the LTA if they feel drivers are still playing music in buses.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 7.02 on 24/6.
We all love prisoners in their status as human beings but don't forget all these yellow ribon things were rushed without proper consultation process just for the sake of getting KEAN free who infact is Frank's brother in law.There are mechanism already in place in corrections which can be applied effectively instead of the yellow ribon which is a copy cat from the Singapore system.They totally have a different culture from us and prisoners are required to undergo series of programs relating to their offending behaviour before they are considered for conditional release.This yellow ribon program is another scam from this goverment.It is biased and only there to serve the present govt.'s interest and their people.It was forced down on correction officers just for the reasopns stated above.Naivalurua is part of that network.Remember and don't forget he is hiding under a mask. His name surfaced in all coups starting from 1987 till today.He once stand for Fijian cause in 1987 and now is fighting against it and the church and the chiefly system claiming it's corrupt and racist.I BEG YOU,DON'T BEIEVE OR TRUST HIM, because he will do anything only if the money is right.Happy reading all.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.03am Mr Naivalurua has already proved himself a competent leader and an effective one..We the public of Fiji know this and nothing you say here will change that..your conspiracy theory is just that unproven and damaging to the good work that he has done...

Naivalulevu said...

Naivalurua is corrupted and thinks he knows it all, arrogant little runt.

Anonymous said...

The COMPOL introduced Yellow Ribbon which is a highly successful programme. Look at the Naboro Coop which was run down to the ground, now Bhika is running a successful business under the yellow ribbon project. The dumbos there had no clue how to run business

Just wondering said...

At last and does this mean that Iwoane Naivalurua will stop using his police vehichle after hours?

Police clamps down on unauthorised use of govt vehicles

17:22 Today

Director Police Operations - SSP Rusiate Tudravu

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Vosita Kotoiwasawasa

All Government vehicles seized for operating after hours without a proper permit will only be released upon authorisation from the Prime Minister’s office.

The Fiji Police Force says it was authorised by the government to clamp down on the unauthorised use of state vehicles around the country.

Director Police Operations, SSP Rusiate Tudravu says of the nine vehicles seized, five were from the Western division, while four were seized in the Central Eastern division.

“This was done for us to know whether the run made by the vehicles was authorised by the departmental heads or was it made for personal use.”

Tudravu says the exercise is part of a joint effort to see transparency and better service to the people.

Doc said...

@ just wondering. lol @ PM's office authorising release of vehicles. This is "micro management" at its worst. Below are excerpts from Wikipedia......

Rather than giving general instructions on smaller tasks and then devoting his time to supervising larger concerns, the micromanager monitors and assesses every step of a business process and avoids delegation of decisions.[6] Micromanagers are usually irritated when a subordinate makes decisions without consulting them, even if the decisions are totally within the subordinate's level of authority.

Micromanagement also frequently involves requests for unnecessary and overly detailed reports ("reportomania"). A micromanager tends to require constant and detailed performance feedback and tends to be excessively focused on procedural trivia (often in detail greater than he can actually process) rather than on overall performance, quality and results. This focus on "low-level" trivia often delays decisions, clouds overall goals and objectives, restricts the flow of information between employees, and guides the various aspects of a project in different and often opposed directions. Many micromanagers accept such inefficiencies as less important than their retention of control or of the appearance of control.

It is common for micromanagers, especially those who exhibit narcissistic tendencies and/or micromanage deliberately and for strategic reasons, to delegate work to subordinates and then micromanage those subordinates' performance, enabling the micromanagers in question to both take credit for positive results and shift the blame for negative results to their subordinates.[7] These micromanagers thereby delegate accountability for failure but not the authority to take alternative actions that would have led to success or at least to the mitigation of that failure.

The most extreme cases of micromanagement constitute a management pathology closely related to, e.g., workplace bullying and narcissistic behavior. Micromanagement resembles addiction in that although most micromanagers are behaviorally dependent on control over others, both as a lifestyle and as a means of maintaining that lifestyle, many of them fail to recognize and acknowledge their dependence even when everyone around them observes it.[1] Some severe cases of micromanagement arise from other underlying mental-health conditions such as obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, although not all allegations of such conditions by subordinates and other "armchair psychologists" are accurate.

Although micromanagement is often easily recognized by employees, micromanagers rarely view themselves as such. In a form of denial similar to that found in addictive behavior, micromanagers will often rebut allegations of micromanagement by offering a competing characterization of their management style as, e.g., "structured", "organized", or "perfectionistic".

hahahaha....scared of their own shadows!!!!

SEMI MEO said...

Anonymous,June 23, 2012 1:00 PM.

Your pathetic insinuation that the late former Attorney General Mr. K Bulewa was the “strongest stalwart” and “fixer” for alleged immoral escapades of a notaries Fijian Chinese madam cannot go unchallenged, even if you’re spewing filth down there in the sewer.

Mr. Bulewa’s integrity and legacy of course cannot be tarnished by the vileness of a nameless and faceless coward. Just that all humanity condemns low lives who prey on those who're not able to defend themselves…....
my late boss KB would have only invited you to lunch, and you would have peed in your pants well before dessert is served….lol…get you facts right!!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting June 23, 1.00p.m.

Many knew that the chinese mafia queen had many politicians and who's-who during that period, sitting comfortably in her deep, corrupt pocket. That's why it took so long to get rid of her, she was very well protected. I think it was the SDL govt that finally expelled her from the country.

It would be good to list all their names regardless of whether they're dead or still living. Mafia queen should have listed all their names to the media.

This is similar to the NBF $220million theft touted as 'water under the bridge', a bloody NATIONAL DISGRACE, eh?