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Friday, June 15, 2012

Promises of fairness amid vows of 'we started this and we will end it'

Engaging: SDL, FLP and UPP. pic Fiji Live

The electronic voter registration will bring free and fair elections - just as the media has been providing open and fair coverage. 

Well, so the regime would have us believe.

Voreqe Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum launched the $9 million advertising campaign yesterday with media today heralding the EVR system as the leveller of all past political impurities.

Yet while Khaiyum claims the registration programme 'is the start of fair and free elections' which will fix the 'anomalies of the past', the process to bring Utopia to Fiji in this latest lap has been less than open and fair.

Look no further than at how the regime hogs the headlines, using media to push its message while bullying news teams behind the scenes.

We said it in our original story and say it again today: the regime threatened to take Fiji TV's licence after it interviewed Laisenia Qarase and Mahendra Chaudhry over the comment of a Constitution Commission member that political parties of the past are responsible for where Fiji is now.

In recent weeks, some media teams have tried to bring both sides of the story but essentially news organisations have carried the banner for the regime. Hence the arrogance of the regime to scoff "The government doesn’t have time for critics" as it has done in today's state owned FBC News.

According to FBC, "The government has copped endless criticisms from politicians and others, calling on the military to step down, and that the 1997 constitution was the best."

FBC quotes Bainimarama as saying: "I don’t have time for critics right now except to say that we started this process and we will see it to the end. You can tell Chaudhry, Beddoes, Qarase, the women’s forum that we started this and we will end it."

Bainimarama and Khaiyum will find, though, that the political parties are engaging  - and will continue to challenge the media bias as the United Peoples Party president, Mick Beddoes, was prompted to this week. See below his statement, which we have edited, and his letter to the Fiji Sun.

The UPP President Mick Beddoes has called on the Fiji Sun and its Deputy Editor Maika Bolatiki and Col Tikoitoga to play by the rules set out in the Media Industry Decree 29 in particular Schedule 1 Media Code of Ethics and Practice which applies equally to them as much as it does to others’.

Beddoes says he has seriously considered lodging a formal complaint, but has opted to give the Fiji Sun another opportunity to present what he says is a ‘fair and balanced’ coverage of the debate between Col Tikoitoga and he and others. 

The UPP leader says Col Tikoitoga’s was quoted as saying ‘we only have one fear and that is returning the country to corrupt leaders’ unquote. He went on to say the UPP, SDL and FLP were in government when the military took over leadership in 2006.

He says Tikoitoga’s reference to him being part of the Government in 2006 in factually incorrect – he was the Opposition Leader at the time. Beddoes says "In the interest of transparency and fairness, Col Tikoitoga should name the corrupt political leaders he is referring to? And the evidence he has to warrant such a claim?"

Beddoes says while he supports any efforts to stamp out corruption; it needs to be done under a fully democratic system of government where the officers of the state and judiciary are accountable for their actions and decisions and any accused given the right of appeal or redress.

"With reference to Col Tikoitoga’s call for politicians to make constructive and not destructive criticisms about the military and government Beddoes said this could easily come about if the Military Command did what it has always been tasked to do and that is uphold the constitution of Fiji, protect the citizens of Fiji from any external threat and basically honor the oath they have all sworn and become subservient to the elected government of the people."

Beddoes says if Tikoitoga believes as he does that the people of Fiji are a peace loving, God fearing good and decent people, he will also know that none of them deserve to be treated in such a disrespectful and oppressive manner.

He says it was never too late for a change in strategy because like any battle plan, regrouping, redeploying or withdrawing are all options available to the Military Command to consider in order to ensure a good outcome for their troops and the people they are defending.

June 12, 2012
The Editor
Fiji Sun

Dear Sir,

Fairness, impartiality and Balance

In the recent past I have had some experience with what your newspapers calls Fair-Impartial and balanced reporting.

Incident 1

On Saturday 10th Fiji sun, you printed an ‘Opinion’ I gave in response to that given by your contributing journalist Graham Davis’s opinion entitled M.A.D.  You did not extend the same courtesy to me that you do to him and instead used my opinion as a letter to the editor which it was not? And you decided to edit the opinion.

In fairness Mr Davis acknowledged receipt of my release and posted it to his blog.

Incident 2

Also in Saturday 10th Fiji Sun you ran the front page headline ‘Don’t Mess with Army’ and your Deputy Editor carried comments from both Frank Bainimarama and Col Tikoitoga basically threatening a few of us political leaders and some of the women participants at the recent Women’s Forum in Suva.

I took issue with Col Tikoitoga’s threat and sent your Deputy Editor Maika Bolatiki my response to the threat and in his article today Fiji Sun 12 June, he virtually re-ran the Saturday front page and allowed Col Tikoitoga the full benefit of responding to my statement while selecting the use of just 2 words mind you, 2 words ‘exercise restraint’ from my 440 word statement?

I am curious? What part of Fairness, impartiality and Balance in reporting does this fall under? I am not asking about its credibility or even the moral integrity used to justify such reporting, as it’s pretty obvious to all where that lies, I am just curious to understand how you determine that this type of reporting represents Fairness, impartiality and Balance?

Thank you
Mick Beddoes

EDITOR'S NOTE: So what does Bainimarama mean by 
'we started this and we will end it?' Political parties pick up on the threats from Bainimarama: see below for their latest statement.


Anonymous said...

fiji army are like frank and khaiyum personal boci guards.
this bastard are power hungary and they need to be disband .
we dont need armies in fiji.they eat our tax payers money.
if they want to be real army sent them to syria and iraq.
we dont need dumb ass baini and mosese to tell us what to do.
we have elected our leader and mp .
so stick with it frank ./mosese /khaiyum like it or not.
we dont need mad man leading us to doom .
we dont need mad manot.

Anonymous said...


1. Release of the Auditor General’s Report from 2007 – 2011?
2. Release of the Special Report of $200,000 leave compensation paid to Frank Bainimarama?
3. Release of details of Ministerial salaries to the tune of $1,000,000 annually each for Frank and Aiaz administered by Nur Ja Bano?
4. Release of all Capital Works awarded to Naim Constructions of Malaysia? ( Muslim company with close links to Shameem sisters)
5. Release of the special accounts of the Tawain Government held in the Prime Minister’s Office?
6.Release of all accounts of Regimental Funds of the RFMF?
7. Release of information on payments made to Nur Bano since 2007 including the $2m paid for Rewa Diary Restructure?
8. Release of information on all payments made to Nazhat Shameem based on $23,000 per month from 2009?
If you cant release all this information, then dont tell Mr Chaudhry to shut up, form four educated illegal PM.!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

people should boycott voter registration and constitutional process.
we have to uphold the 1997 constitution and court ruling of 2009.
all this is illegal like this f up govt of groons.
army just follow the rule of law and constitution not this big nut casecommander frank/mosese and chor khaiyum.
army officers is there to protect its people and uphold the rule of law and constitution.
just ask frank and khaiyum how much salary they been paid./comm they made from road works.

mark manning said...

It's time for Fijians to just get out and sit in the street !

Anonymous said...

Rajesh /Raju are our hero like qarase and mahen?
All the rest is zero

mark manning said...

It's time for Fijians to just get out and sit in the street !

Anonymous said...

Raju/Rajesh are hero like Mahen and Qarase.
Rajesh is doing business in NZ.
Rajesh doesnt want to waste his time in fiji butako land.
Rajesh even was offered the minister post ask mosese and mpc /frank.
Rajesh is clean so f the shut up you loser.

Anonymous said...

Raju/Rajesh are hero like Mahen and Qarase.
Rajesh is doing business in NZ.
Rajesh doesnt want to waste his time in fiji butako land.
Rajesh even was offered the minister post ask mosese and mpc /frank.
Rajesh is clean so f the shut up you loser.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Election will be rigged and frank will win.
Army will do another coup if frank lose the election.
read what the army guys mosese/aziz are saying .
Fiji is doom as long as we have this idiots commander.forget about democracy until we disband the army thugs.

Anonymous said...

Bula C4.5 its good to see people write on this blog.
i dont mind people call me chor and others.thats their opinion and freedom.god bless and forgive them.so do i.
I know i havent done wrong that it.
My dad and uncle told me to have thick skin .
if you want to be in politics.
i will go back to fiji once we have rule of law not rule of jungle..
god bless fiji and its people.
long live the 1997 constitution and democracy ones its restored.

Anonymous said...

In God's timing, the current regime actors will get JUSTICE. There's no two ways about it. God is a JUST God and He expects leaders to lead justly, fairly and honestly. God hates the proud. May God have His will and way on this beloved modern island nation that was founded, established and created on Christian principles by our colonizer.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr Beddoes the Fiji Sun was merely trying to protect you. You want to be the next statistic to be tortured at the Army camp. Go for it!!

Anonymous said...

Mick you were a 1 member OPPOSITION thats worse even than the present parliament in Australia! So stop the garbage and get on with life none of the previous parliamentarians were of real value to the people they were all for their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious, this modern leaders who knows the internet knows how to fill up their nets with somebody's catch. Six years later, still "No Auditor Generals' report"

Anonymous said...

Big Mouth Tikoitoga should first go pay his maintenance for that woman he made pregnant before giving advice to others.

Anonymous said...

The Interim leaders should just front up to the truth and admit their wrongs.. cause a coup is never right...please admit your wrongs so we can move on... I supported the "charter" because within it on the 2nd page it mentions that "We, the People of Fiji:
· Affirm that our Constitution represents
the supreme law of our country, that it
provides the framework for the conduct
of government and the people"

No where it mentions that I had given the late President my support to Abrogate our Constitution...When he said"that in consideration of the 65% support of the Peoples Charter i now Abrogate the Constitution of Fiji"

There you have it.. no amount of legal wrangle can justify what the late President did..including the AG and all his legal eagles....

Anonymous said...

Mick, it's quite simple, really. When the Fiji Sun refers to fair, impartial and balanced reporting, it means that it will report whatever Frank 'Fair' Bainimarama, Aiyaz 'Impartial' Sayed-Khaiyum, and Mosese 'Balanced' Tikoitoga want it to. Everyone else can just bugger off.

When 'Fair', 'Impartial', 'Balanced' -- aka 'The Three Stooges' -- and Peter Lomas stand at the bar of justice, remember well how they continually deprived the citizens of Fiji of simple justice and due process after treasonously overthrowing Fiji's lawful government and then rubbishing the very constitution they swore to uphold.

Obviously, the sentiment that the Constitution lives is deeply and widely held -- so much so that Bainimarama feels compelled to make another statement about it, just days after despatching his 'Mini-me', Tikoitoga, to give his own warning. The more Bainimarama is compelled to make such statements, the harder it is for Yash Ghai and the other foreign commissioners to deny the regime's fundamental unfairness and moral bankruptcy and to defend the validity of the regime's constitutional exercise. 

If Yash Ghai chooses to keep ignoring the regime's intransigence and bad faith, his shrinking credibility will evaporate completely. Ghai needs to put his imprimatur on the process now and start showing some leadership. If he's not going to take ownership of the process, then he needs to leave. He needs to throw a hissy fit, proclaim his indignation regarding the regime's bad faith, and leave with whatever's left of his dignity and reputation intact.

We need to keep speaking out. The regime wants to control and contain the discussion. Don't let it. Every time the regime goons and apologists try to shout us down or scare us, it shows we're winning. Every time Bainimarama has to issue a statement dismissing us, the more he shows his fear, intolerance, and bad faith. 

We also need to prepare for resistance. Bainimarama has been the author of most of Fiji's woes since 2000. He won't go if we don't make him. We need to work quietly to identify who is loyal and committed to restoring constitutional government to Fiji and be prepared to call upon them when the right time comes to mobilise. Don't worry, such a moment will not be long in coming.

Yes, the military started this, and, in a sense, the military will end this, but it will not be a happy ending -- for them, anyway.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

See Mick Beddoes gives Graham Davies a pat on the back for posting his response on his website. Wonder how he'll feel when he reads Davies describing him as the attack dog for the Three Amigos. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone got it right... Cakobau was never the king of Fiji...It is what our colonial fathers lead us to believe... My ancestor actually threatened him not to come near Vanua Levu... He was shit less scared of Ma'afu moving closer to Tailevu..just ask the people of mainland vitilevu if he did conquer their provinces to prove this notion that he was king of Fiji..Set this vere va Bau right and Fiji will prosper..I thought the cleanup campaign was going to right wrongs of the past...and this my friend is the biggest wrong....Wake up" Commander and all military personnel" the "vere" is on...

Anonymous said...


PM looks good to me, what happen to those BS stories floating around about his ill health??

The Oracle said...

@Coup4.5 - I can also vouch for your stand on the threat that Khaiyum made to Fiji TV on 25 May. Despite Kaloumaira trying to "whitewash" the issue, the threat WAS made. Kaloumaira's now playing "politics" in trying to "appease" Khaiyum while, behind the scenes, he and others in Fiji TV are making strong appeals to Bainimarama "in the interests of the majority taukei shareolding".

Anonymous said...

Isa my Viti.
What have we come to?

Na ka kece e na vuravura qo e vakaiyalayala ga.
Your time is catching up on you wether you like it or not.

I say scrap the Defense Force as we don't really need it and give them land to utilize as it is the only thing they seem to be good at.

Bloody DISGRACE to Ex Servicemen!

Anonymous said...

no one is above the law if rule of law is in fiji.

Anonymous said...

Fool. Boycott the voter registration and you'll be forever on the sidelines in Fiji. What is wrong with you people? First you complained about the coup. Now you complain about the election because it's not being held under the 1997 constitution. Please tell me why upholding a document that wasn't fair because it wasn't one man, one vote, is a good idea? It makes no sense at all!

Anonymous said...

Maika Bolatiki used to be a strong critic of the 2006 coup in grog sessions and a very strong SDL advocate. It will be interesting to read his political articles before 2006 elections and see how strongly aligned he was to SDL. But because of bread and butter this child mnolester has turned a hypocrite.

Mick Beddos is a SOB said...

Micki Beddoes

You are a SOB, magaitinamu, who laid off a 100 workers of your company when they became union members?

That is still very clear in people's mind.
so u stop politiking and trying tro score pionts.

Deranged dictator said...

The deranged dictator is now openly threatening potential witnesses for his upcoming treason trial. This is very serious indeed. Does his mate Ghai support these threats? Do coup groupies Davis and Walsh support these threats from the dictator and self appointed PM (who is increasingly becominh unhinged)?

Coup 4.5 said...

Bainimarama's announcement that he has "no time for critics" is so very understandable. Most military rulers don't.
That's been a very common story throughout human history.
And, the persecution of critics has been a parrallel story of the same history.
But no military ruler stays in power for ever.
That's the other story of history.
But critics are a permanent feature of all human societies.
And sooner or later they have to be reckoned with because they can't be wished away by anyone no matter how powerful he things himself to be.
Remember Marcos, Gaddafi, and Basha Assad to name just a few?
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu
36 atlantic blvd
glenfield 2167
ph - 0298227398

Coup 4.5 said...

I was waiting to read some reaction to mick beddoes' opinion piece in the Fiji Sun (9/6) but saw none.
Allow me a brief comment.
I have no doubt that mick beddoes is well meaning and sincere in his believe that the motive for the two former prime ministers Chaudhary and Qarase's new found "copearation" is on account of their commitment to a higher order value ,viz. " the re-establishment of democracy in Fiji". And , I think his criticism of pro- Bainimarama regime bias on the part of the Fiji Sun and its columnist Graham Davis has some validity. Beddoes is not alone in feeling that the Fiji Sun is advancing "opinions that favour the regime".
But I think the faith that Beddoes posits in the political character and noble intentions of the two former prime ministers and their political coupling is misplaced.
Neither of them demonstrated an abiding adherance and respect for democratic values when they were in power.
Chaudhary was an autocrat pretending to be a democrat and Qarase was an ethno-nationalist. Their anti- democratic conduct requires no elaboration here. People who are acquainted with Fiji politics know them only too well.
I see them teaming up for one reason only : their mutual political resurrection.
One should not read this criticism of the two political old horses as support for the Bainimarama regime.
I personally think the bainimarama regime has overstayed its original game plan.
The political game tends to do that to people in power.
No elaboration is needed for this either.
yours sinccerely,
Rajend Naidu
36 atlantic blvd
glenfield 2167
ph - 0298227398

Anonymous said...

A clever little Facebooker has found this!

INTERESTING BLOG COMMENT ... published by Croz Walsh following the story/no story over Fiji TV's licence renewal, which I have cut and pasted in its entirety:
Fiji TV Anon said...
FBC – Regime Nepotism at its best.

The CEO of FBC, Riyaz, was appointed by his brother, Aiyaz, the Minister of communications.

The original $15m loan from the FDB, now $22m, was guaranteed by the Government on the instructions of Aiyaz, the brother minister.

In addition to its annual grant FBC is currently getting an average media spend from the Government of over $200k per month. Without that income FBC would be unable to pay its debts. FBC is getting between $4-5m from Government every year. By comparison Fiji TV gets virtually none.

The advertising market in Fiji is currently the most depressed it has ever been and there is no way FBC could even repay the interest on the loan without Government support.

FBC did not have to wait for its TV license. The brother minister granted it straight away.

Fiji TV is still waiting for its new license with only 2 weeks before the current one runs out. Why don’t they have the license? Because their biggest competitor’s brother has not bothered to sign it even though it has been on his desk for over 3 months.

The consultant who did the specifications for the FBC equipment also owned the company that supplied the equipment at very high prices?

The equipment was over specified and every FBC transmitter uses 2x more fuel than the Fiji TV transmitters?

The same consultant is related to the Khaiyum brothers?

The Consultant was awarded the contract without following proper tender procedures.

The Consultant was awarded the Equipment Contract without following the proper tender procedures

I am sorry but the FBC story is not one of good governance and transparency. It is one of nepotism, cronyism and corruption. It is symbolic of the corrupt dictatorship that made it happen.

Croz, if you would like a copy of a report on the FBC overspend I would be happy to send it to you.

Can someone ask Fiji TV Anon to send it out for us on this side of the debate to view?

Anonymous said...

If anyone has the dirty hands it's you Frank.

June 15, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

By Maika Bolatiki

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday sent out a stern warning to all Government critics, and especially, political parties.
In an interview with the Fiji Sun yesterday, the Prime Minister who is also the Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF), said he was very concerned on comments by critics about the role of the military.
The military, he said, took over leadership in 2006 because of corruptions and to clean up dirty politics that had misled the people of this country.
“The military takeover in 2006 was specifically for a clean-up campaign,” the Prime Minister said.
He said they had warned the 2006 government of what they had seen and wanted a change but this warning was ignored. The military, he said, acted only after they could no longer endure the deteriorating situation the nation was heading to.
“Corruptions, scams and bribery thrived and we have to stop them because public money was going into the wrong hands,” Commodore Bainimarama said.
Now, upon his return from China, he said there seemed to be a twist and Government critics had ganged up to take they military to court, once a democratically elected government is in place after the 2014 General Elections.
He said Nadi-based politician, Mick Beddoes, a former Opposition Leader, had sent out a release and he specifically quoted these two paragraphs – “It was clear that Colonel Tikoitoga does not see that threatening to use a fully armed 5000 plus strong military against a handful of ‘politicians and brave women from various NGOs at the recent Woman’s Forum’ looks more like a nervous reaction arising from the increased level of fear within the Regime today as they contemplate the ultimate return of Fiji to her people and with it the likely commencement of an Independent Judicial investigation into the events of 2006 and in particular the role that coup supporters local and expatriate played and continue to play today?
“Fronting up to a truly independent court to account for their part in the events of 2006 and the prospect of spending the rest of their natural life in prison without the possibility of parole would have an impact on any individual who may not be covered under any military immunity, but are perhaps relying on the promise of one.”
Commodore Bainimarama’s reply to this is: “The day when the military will be taken to prison, that will be the end of those who are behind it.”
The Prime Minister said the military did what was good for the nation in 2006 and the people are now enjoying the outcome. He challenged Government critics to come up with new ideas and leave aside the old politics they’re known for.

Anonymous said...

Frank publish all the auditors report from 2006 to 2011.
tell fiji public why bano is paying minister salary.
how much salary each minister getting.
how much debt fiji is in now.
under your own govt release army auditors report that we read in c4.5 . army auditors report is more corrupt under your army rule
what action has been taken on the army officers.
who has abused this funds.
looking forward for ans...

Anonymous said...

Forget 1997 constitution. It did not work. Good thing for Qarese and Chaudary will be to form one new party and work together to fight next election. It will be a new beginning.

People forget a lot of things as time goes by. If you think this government is corrupt or dictatorship then its better than the previous one.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry folks, can we just get to the election 1st and worry about the role of the military later. It's like counting ur egss, b4 they hatch!! Who knows after these letters, they might postpone elections for good, then what??

Anonymous said...

Bai and Khaiyum have been rubbishing the womens forum and gender issues but they're boasting that 70 per cent of their registration clerks will be women. Again they want to have it every way they can.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Frank, you don't want to go to prison for your crimes? Prefer to hear new ideas?

Here's a new idea for you, instead of life in prison, we hang you for treason.

You're right. That new idea does sound like a better plan!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:00, we uphold the Constitution because it is the lfundamental aw of the land. The Constituion is Viti. We must cherish it. When it needs to change, we must change it, but in accordance with the Constitution's own terms, not to appease a goon holding a gun to our heads, whose only real interest is in avoiding impartial justice. When we abandon the Constitution, we abandon Viti to the goons. The Constitution must live for Viti to live under law, rather than under a barrel.

Anonymous said...

'Fair', 'Impartial', and 'Balanced' are the nicknames Frank, Aiyaz, and Mosese wish they had, but I think Frank hit on the right formula when he said 'Corruptions, Scams, and Bribery'.

Anonymous said...

I congratulate the opposition party leaders for an excellent letter based on a correct, joint approach.

Bainimarama's threat against Mick Beddoes shows that the commodore is rattled to find that the amnesty he had taken for granted is far from assured. As Samuel Johnson said, nothing concentrates the mind like knowing you will be hanged in the morning.

Especially for someone who claims to be too busy to pay attention to his critics, Bainimarama sure is nervous. It calls to mind another saying, imputed to Mohandas Gandhi: "First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win."

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

The problem that led us to where we are today is because the Army Commander does not know the role of the organisations he headed. He said in his statement here that the 2006 coups were executed because of corruption of political leaders. That is not the role of the army. The army can only intervene in the country's affairs when there is mass unrest and beyond police control or if there is an armed invasion of the country. Not reasons like corruption or any other as there are mechanisms in place that deals with such crimes. the army has no business in it. Bainimarama seems to have no understanding of this. But the people are no fools to buy this argument as the reason for the coup was to evade arrest for the murder of CRW soldiers, that's all there is to it.

ex army said...

What the heck we are complaining for?All the Fiji public should just shut our mouth and follow Bainimarama.We are so scared of this thug that we cant protest or stand against him.By now we should all stop complaining and do something guys.We are in the advanve stage of technologies guys.cell phones,facebook.internet where we can organise our stragety from.Common guys lets do something to bring this tyrrany down to its knees.Im fed up of mourners!!!!!

Anonymous said...

frank /khaiyum/mosese have to pay for their crime here and also in hell.
we had enough of bs from you three mad mans.
why dont you guys do fiji and the world favour.
go hang yourself.
save your families from been hanged and put in the lovo pit by peoples power.

j singh said...

There you are folks bainimarama will kill anyone who wishes to arrest and jail him for treason what a coward.

koi Namaka said...

Chaudary, Qarase and Beddoes are fearful of having an election because they now know that new leaders will be elected and they will disappear into thin air, where they rightly belong. They still want the 1997 constitution because that will legitimise they position.
Sorry, their days are gone. Let’s have new blood.

Anonymous said...

Too little to late for the whole ban lot of you! SDAL was playing "cowboys & Indians" Chaudary was playing the TEA GIRL-what else do we wnat a return to the same old politics of RACE and stupidity! I say get some new and young blood into the political system these old farts need to go. "Deredere o Dada" as what the old people said fits these lot lke a glove!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



There, I'm done shouting. Why don't you also stop shouting and learn to listen? Then perhaps you'd come to understand that today's RFMF is Fiji's oppressor. Its main preoccupation is simply protecting its commander and other obvious traitors from being brought to justice. God protect us from such 'protection'!

The Oracle said...

@12.26 and 6.30 . Shut upa you own face!!! And STOP SHOUTING .. you're only "aggravating" the rest of us!!!
If we are to elect new blood, so be it. Give us the opportunity to hear that new blood. That's NOT HAPPENING. And the military force's stand through the clueless spokesman is NOT helping when he threatens people about what they SHOULD be discussing. To produce a new and more equitable Constitution, we need to review past ones and see where they can be improved on. Simply promoting a "Charter" that has a dubious background as the base for "Constitutional Consultations" is like saying "Mai gunu tea" and offering "wai ni moli" instead.. The invitation is NOT GENUINE.
Do you now understand what all the fuss is about? Or have you been staring too long down the barrel of your gun that you've lost focus of what surrounds you? That can result in severe "aggravation" to your brain, you know!!!
@ex Army guy.. why don't you put your military expertise where your mouth is? Those of us without military experience can only hope that the situation will arise where we can tell your Binimarama what he needs to hear. With the lifting of the PER and the talk about "Constitutional Consultations" we were hoping to do that. But we're now being denied that opportunity as well. So, if you're as macho as you'd like us to believe, put your ex-military expertise where your mouth is. Just be sure you haven't forgotten your training ... you could end up shooting yourself in the foot in your haste to dodge the dogged onslaught from the "protector" Fiji Military Forces.

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Anonymous said...

Look no further than at how the regime hogs the headlines, using media to push its message while bullying news teams behind the scenes.
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