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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prosecutors try again to move case against Samisoni

In court again: Williams and Samisoni
The deposed SDL member, Mere Samisoni, has another hearing today but there's no guarantee the illegal government will be ready to allow the case to move on.

Samisoni's last four hearings have been delayed because the prosecution has consistently failed to provide disclosures to her legal team, which is led by the top flight New Zealand, lawyer Peter Williams QC.

Charges withdrawn: Kepa
The family of the 70 year old grandmother and supporters say not knowing the nature of the allegations or alleged evidence makes it rather difficult to ensure a 'fair' process. 

Samisoni is being accused with three others of treason related offences and as with the charges against Jagath Karunaratne, the public prosecuting team are finding it hard to proceed with the case, presumably because it doesn't have the evidence.

Bloggers will recall the regime was eventually forced to drop its allegations against the chief of the Rewa province, Ro Teimumu Kepa last year after failing to mount a credible case against her, despite several attempts to make the charges stick.

Samisoni was illegally detained in the New Year for several days before she was finally charged and was one of the last to be accused under the Public Emergency Regulations.


Anonymous said...

If anyone should be able to hide a key inside a loaf of bread, it's Mere Samisoni and her family.

The day will come when it is Bainivuaka and his supporters who are in the docket. Let's not forget their tactics of legal harrassment and their consistent denial of due process.

Anonymous said...

It is financial war these thugs in the regime are waging against percieved opponents. The aim is to financially drain out victims and cripple them. This is being done using government money and resources which is derived from taxpayers. See how long these cases take with constant deferments through their own ineffeciency - lack of evidence and so on. All concocted to prolong the case and meanwhile costing the defendant legal expenses. Its all too plain to see as there are some precendence to this type of victimisation.

Anonymous said...

When she explains how the molotov cocktails got into her car, Mere can go back to the bread shop. Little bird tells me it might be a while before that happens.

kite flyer said...

not hard at all to guess against who all a credible case of treason related charges can be mounted - successfully!

Anonymous said...

You shall overcome Dr. Samisoni. God be with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

let everyone go free.frank /his team commit treason .
why they not been charged?
if people say frank and regime is f up. it is true.
let the old lady enjoy her family life.

Anonymous said...

FijiSun has a very good readership and their circulation increased quite a bit in past 24 months. No doubt about it. So let us not assume that FijiSun will roll over and die. Also remember that when we assume what happens....... We make ass/ u/ me.

Anonymous said...

let the ladies do what is right.
the regime have committed treason they are free and ripping the govt coffers.
charge the regime first before you charge anyone else.

Anonymous said...

haha! truth shall prevail

Naboro Cellmate said...

We know why - the principal witness has over 50 convictions - and has been forced to make false statements by the ilegal regime.

Disclosure is one of the most important issues in the criminal justice system and the application of proper and fair disclosure is a vital component of a fair criminal justice system. The "golden rule" is that fairness requires full disclosure should be made of all material held by the prosecution that weakens its case or strengthens that of the defence.

Anonymous said...

dina says..

right from the start, this frank govt is an illegal govt. so the judiciary is operating illegally as well.

there will be NO FAIR trial for those associated with previous govt's irespective sdl/labour/nfp.

mark manning said...

All deliberate tactics by Frank and Co. to distract Democracy Advocates and the General Public.
Some in Fiji, will be easily fooled and assume that these people actually have a case to answer.
Village idiots I think you could rightly call those who fall for the Regime's tom foolery.
Of course, I may be insulting the village idiot.

mark manning said...

All deliberate tactics by Frank and Co. to distract Democracy Advocates and the to engage General Public in a childish game of cat and mouse.
Some in Fiji, will be easily fooled and assume that these people actually have a case to answer.
Village idiots I think you could rightly call those who fall for the Regime's tom foolery.
Of course, I may be insulting the village idiot !
It's ironic isn't it, that those who have themselves committed High Treason against the State and People of Fiji, would now falsely accuse others of committing the very same Crime ?

Anonymous said...

Stay firm Mere you'll be free soon. ..God bless

Anonymous said...

She is a big trouble maker.
She should face the justice and sent to jail for ever

Anonymous said...

Isn't it pathetic that after someone point out that the PM picture beign used by the Medias in Fiji,were old pictures of the illegal PM been used by Khaiyum to
trick the General public into believing that Bai is here in Fiji
and not in an Hospital in China
under going operation for stroke?
Apparently, the person doing this
is not too smart, cause Fiji Times
carry another story about the PM meeting with the Ba City Mayor in regard to a deal with mining?
The picture was one that was taken last year at a meeting at the Denarau Hotel-same white shirt he was caught in, drinking under the coconut tree(unless he only has one shirt)
Their tricks is been exposed and how long will the military leadership allow this asseole khaiyum to continue treating them like a bunch of idiots?

Anonymous said...

Well, SDL leader himself is also in a fix over his case and legal fees. Team prosecution - you either have the goods or not.

QC too expensive, please move trial date
Publish date/time: 19/06/2012 [16:52]

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Former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase is now applying to the High Court that his trial which is set to start on the 3rd of July, should be vacated as he is yet to find a suitable lawyer.

Qarase's lawyer, Qoriniasi Bale said that Qarase is having great difficulty in securing a Queens Counsel because the ones that he has interviewed in Australia are too expensive.

He is now searching for a QC in New Zealand.

Bale said that his client is a high profile person and they have not been able to locate a suitable lawyer locally.

He said that Qarase has tried to seek funds overseas but was unable to pursue this due to his bail conditions and has since been unable to secure funds for his lawyer.

FICAC Manager, Vinsent Perera said that the defence asked that the trial be vacated on 31st October last year and then again on the 22nd of November last year.

Perera said that FICAC did not object to the adjournments as Qarase was looking for a lawyer.

Perera said that they now strongly object to the vacation of the trial date as the prosecution has already incurred substantial costs in order to proceed with the trial from the 3rd of next month, having to secure overseas counsel and witnesses.

Justice Priyantha Fernando will rule on the application on Thursday.

Qarase faces six counts of abuse of office and three counts of discharge of duty with respect to property in which he has a private interest.

It is alleged that Qarase between 1992 to 2000 while employed as a Director of Fijian Holdings Limited, Financial Advisor of the Fijian Affairs Board and Advisor to the Great Council of Chiefs, and in abuse of the authority of his office, applied in the name of Cicia Plantation Co-Op Society Limited, Mavana Investments Limited and a family owned company named Q-Ten Investments Limited for the issuance and allotment of Class A shares in Fijian Holdings Limited.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

not hard at all to guess against who all a credible case of treason related charges can be mounted - successfully!
no prizes for guessing!
kite flyer kia india

Coup 4.5 said...

Fr Kevin Barr tells us in his letter 'Decent Wages' (Fiji Sun 19/6) that three years ago the Wages Council ( of which he is the chairfather) proposed a promote Fiji made campaign. The accent of his Councils campaign was on the workers of Fiji and ensuring their employment and decent wages.Unfortunately Fr Barr laments they did not receive half a million dollars to promote it like the current big business driven made in Fiji promotion.
Fr Barr then goes on to tell us the obvious. He says " Obviously workers are not a priority. Business is!"
So, in atleast this one regard - the pro-business regard - the Bainimarama regime is no different from the one he replaced courtesy of his "cleaning -up" campaign.
But I suppose we all - including Fr Barr - will have to wait patiently for Bainimarama to get around to installing the "true democracy" he promised before expecting any real priority to be given to the workers of the country.
I suspect we have a long wait ahead of us.
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Follow the Money said...

Jeepers PM still collecting koney for his flood appeal but we stop being told ages ago what, if any, of the money was being spent on. Can anyone enlighten? C4.5?

Fiji may have lost the rugby Test match with Scotland, but there was much to be gained from the visit by the Scots when $15,000 was raised to help flood victims of the Western Division.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama last night participated in an auction hosted by the Fiji Rugby Union to raise funds for the Prime Minister's Flood Relief Fund.

The function was attended by both the Scottish team and the Flying Fijians.

The Head of Government thanked the Scotland Rugby Union for exposing the Fijians to Tier One rugby and for coming out to support the worthy cause.

“As a small island in the Pacific Ocean, it is easy for the world to pass us by with very little understanding of the events and tragedies that often befall us,” Prime Minister Bainimarama said.

"The floods of last March, particularly in the Western Division devastated communities big and small, rich and poor.

“I know the Scottish team recently visited one village that was affected by the floods and brought with them from the lochs (locks) and glens of bonnie Scotland their own brand of joy to sunny Fiji through the donation of playing gear,” he said.

An ardent rugby follower himself, the Prime Minister told the visitors that there were fewer greater passions in Fiji than rugby that unites but at the same time has the ability to devastate the hopes and dreams of the nation.

The auction took place in the backdrop of the Fiji-New Zealand Business Council meeting, which also marked the council’s 25th anniversary.

On auction were brand new rugby jerseys, jerseys worn by players during international outings, all of which were autographed by the players, as well as other rugby memorabilia and many others that had the players, businessmen and rugby administrators digging into their pockets.

Flying Fijian captain Netani Talei thanked the Scotland Rugby Union for giving them an opportunity to play.

He maintained that despite the loss, it was a good experience for the boys, especially since they did their best but the better team won at the end of the day.

The crowd was left in stitches with the witty and reminiscent tales of the rugby career of former All Black, Glen Osbourne, as he recounted some of the highlights while wearing the All Black jersey.

Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund is to help in the rehabilitation efforts of Government towards people devastated by the last two floods.

Anonymous said...

WELL SAID> They call it the incentive allowance. This Mr Bainimarama is the legacy of your clean up campaign. Valuable State land, which should be reserved for housing or government projects have been given to foreign investors often at fire sale prices without being advertised. Look at the Tengy Cement Factory site at Lami – given free and the land next to Garden City – given to Chinese investors.

Mangroves are been destroyed and hundreds and thousands of marine life and their ecosystems are being lost perhaps forever. Environmental impact assessment reports are disregarded and for the Namosi Mine the interim prime minister said no such report was necessary.

Why? Because his palms had been greased. Is this the clean up campaign you were talking about Mr Bainimarama? Chinese investors wine and dine and give gifts to the interim prime minister in exchange for services and favours which locals would only dream of. Has Mr Bainimarama ever declared in the official gift register how many and the value of such gifts by Chines investors?

Police officers have to pay for stationery used by them and often work long hours without any extra pay or benefits. To top it off, their commissioner takes every opportunity to lash out at them in the media. It is thus little wonder that morale in this law enforcement agency is at its lowest ebb.

Police officers have been charged for breaking into the exhibits rooms and stealing narcotics. Police have been charged for assault and theft. Is this the clean up you were talking about Mr Bainimarama?

The civil service is totally demoralised and not focused on work as the whole civil service culture and processes have been bastardised and prostituted by the interim regime. Droves of civil servants are leaving for the private sector or going abroad. The alarming concern is that Fijians also leaving in large numbers. To fill the void untrained, unqualified and family members and friends of the interim regime are recruited.

Francis Kean – a convicted felon who received his full pay and benefits whilst imprisoned for murder/manslaughter – has somehow been made a permanent secretary despite have an adverse criminal record. Would any other person charged for murder and convicted for manslaughter be considered for such a senior civil service position? Yet Mr Bainimarama’s brother in law Francis Kean was. Is this the clean up you were talking about Mr Bainimarama?

Anonymous said...

follow the money@!2:36am...yeah! sure give us another try???So now the illegal PM was at the party with the Scot team last night?What
else is new? Next time you Try to show his picture, maybe you should make sure
he's wearing a different shirt this
time around? Whatever! All we know
is that we have not seen the
asseole anywhere in Fiji,unless he
has turned into an invisiable man?
And just so you know, our people
are on the ground keeping an eye out for these asseoles & thats includes you as well! We're going to make each one of you,
aware of our existence and when we decided to strike .
So keep looking over your shoulder,cause we're right behind you and don't forget to check the front,cause it could come
directly at you from there too?

Anonymous said...

mere keep on fighting this illegal regime.
dictators will fall one day.

Anonymous said...

Mere, you're a millionaire. Don't you think you should be helping your great leader Lai by paying for his legal defence? Or is it every man ( or woman ) for himself?

Anonymous said...

Is the PM's Flood Emergency Relief Fund a good cause? There's never been an accounting or audit to explain how the money is used, so how are we to know? Even the Chinese stopped donating to it after the flooding in January 2009. They probably feel they already give the commodore plenty through other channels.

The Tengy cement factory is to provide the Chinese enough cement with which to build a new wharf. This is for the Chinese to berth their large intelligence ships during their frequent visits. It is also for building a dedicated airfield for the PLA Air Force to use at Korolevu. Fiji is swinging firmly into Beijing's political orbit.

Salva-field 40 ltka said...

rajend naidu your are a flip flop politician,come and open your mouth in fiji you toothless pussy.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 1:56am

Very well put.

I expect that the reason that the Regime is so reluctant to put forward its evidence is just another example of how terrified the Dictatorship is of the people it pretends to lead - it is scared of 70yr old women, womens rights movements and gay pride marches.

Imagine how terrified they are of revealing just how easy it could be for a 70yr old baker to obtain weapons to overthrow their tin-pot regime… Why, is that is the case, ANYONE could do this.

mark manning said...

I'm wondering if the Stationary shortfall reaches as far a Sydney.
On a sign to the right of the counter at the Fiji Embassy in Walker Street North Sydney, it says documents must be submitted in duplicate, then I was given only one Form to fill out.
So I asked, are we supposed to present this in duplicate as stated on this sign ?
The answer was, you can make a copy and that it might be better to get your friend to apply for dual citizenship in Australia due to the delay in issuing Passports in Fiji.
It makes me wonder if the toilet paper is being recycled up at the Camp !

mark manning said...

I'm wondering if the Stationary shortfall reaches as far a Sydney.
On a sign to the right of the counter at the Fiji Embassy in Walker Street North Sydney, it says documents must be submitted in duplicate, then I was given only one Form to fill out.
So I asked, are we supposed to present this in duplicate as stated on this sign ?
The answer was, you can make a copy and that it might be better to get your friend to apply for dual citizenship in Australia due to the delay in issuing Passports in Fiji.
It makes me wonder if the toilet paper is being recycled up at the Camp !

Just saying said...

I hear that Prosecution again failed to disclose its case against Mere yseterday. Anywhere else in the world and the courts would have thrown the case out after four hearings. How many goes will Fiji Prosecution get? Six, eight, ten?

Anonymous said...

Mere has lots of money and qarase helped her to make this.
It is only fair that she helps qarase to pay for legal fees of qarase.
Come on Mere, qarase made you rich without you sweating gor it and all came via qarases corrup practices

Anonymous said...

Vinaka, Mrs Samisoni for HotBread kitchen, has made my mornings for over 20 years now. May the Good Lord bless and protect you always..

Anonymous said...

Good to see a return of The Oracle to C4.5 and totally agree with his point about politicians being compared to dogs. As an observer of blogs I noted some time ago that regime supporters have no qualms about mouting some of the nastiest attacks against democracy supporters and expect to get them posted on blogs. They always cry 'racist' when they don't get their way but are the biggest gatekeepers out. They obviously have a lot to lose so are unafraid to lie and cheat to maintain the status quo.

HON Santa Maharaj said...

PM Qarase dont worry we are in the process of raising funds to meet the legal cost.

Anonymous said...






Death to Corruption said...

Oilei the PM is now getting money for his flood appeal from Europe - unbelievable ... months after the fact! This time he is wearing a checked shirt hahahaha. The white shirt is the one they will probably bury him in though!

Fijians in Europe raise funds for PM’s Flood Relief Fund
Publish date/time: 20/06/2012 [11:01]

Fijians from all over Europe have raised cash and in-kind donations of up to $30,000 which has been given to Fiji’s Mission in Brussels for the PM’s Flood Relief Fund.

A consignment of those donated items is being shipped across and will be arriving in Fiji in three months time.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Under 20 lost and Fiji lost to Scotland....Aseri Rokoura has latched HERSELF onto the Flying Fijians as liasion officer, taking a holiday on taxpayers money. BAD KARMA!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Frank is helping those who've lost their jobs as a result of the flooding?

150 have lost jobs after Western Division floods
Publish date/time: 20/06/2012 [13:07]

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More than 150 people have lost their jobs with the closure of 40 shops in the Western Division this year after flooding.

Fiji Retailers Association president Himmat Lodhia said these shops have closed down due to losses incurred with an average of 4 people losing their jobs from each shop.

He said those shops struggling to survive have requested their landlords to delay their rental payments for at least up to six months and many requests have been approved.

Lodhia said some of the owners that closed their businesses have taken up ownership of other businesses whose owners were not willing to run their businesses anymore in other divisions.

Fijiana said...

Patriotism knows no language.
Let’s come together to free our country from the prejudices that divide us...The prejudices of, race, region, religion & language
Stand up and Respect the National Anthem.

Anonymous said...

what we can expect when the regime is ruling.
we get scam,floods,cyclone.
gods warning.
some people do coup and are free to run govt.
our country is like a circus.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:07 I agree Mere owes her fortune to Qarase. All the soft loans for building more shops and more importantly for her real estate portfolio while Qarase was at FDB. Mere easily has the biggest real estate portfolio of any Fiji indigenous person. Thats no lie either. My sources are quite reliable. Not begrudging her success but how it was achieved is debatable. The early success of Hot Bread Kitchen can be attributed to the good foundation set by Tony Philp Senior and Tiko Eastgate who helped set up the business. Mere's only experience then was as a senior nurse in Perth. But nevertheless she has done a great job with the brand. Good luck to her and the court case which is a farce to say the least. Hang your head in shame, Fiji judiciary about the trumped up charges. Paranoia prevails it seems.

Anonymous said...

mere sell all your hot bread shop and pay some real sas to put the regime down.
we cant trust some liumuri people in fiji.

Anonymous said...

mere sell all your hot bread shop and pay some real sas to put the regime down.
we cant trust some liumuri people in fiji.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning it wasn't the Regime that brought this case against Mere it was lad who was suppose to drive the truck that was to carry the gasoline that drove the vehicle to Totogo. He si now the number 1 witness. This case could go anywhere especially when those involved soon realise that Mere is looking after herself first and its an opportunity for someone to squell and become a govt witness if they realise they got no hope of winning their case! Time will soon tell, you can't dance with the devil for too long and think no one will know, he also wants his pound of flesh!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning we stoped using paper up at the camp as water gives us a better clean down under thats why we don't smell as bad as your cousins who hang around the parks in Sydney. Simple common sense says if you required to submit it in duplicate it means you make a copy but that would be to hard for you to understand as you were born in England and brought up in Northern Territory! DOCE!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:36 PM, were the brave fighters of the French Resistance who used molotov cocktails against the Boche also dancing with the devil?

They were heroes in my book. These were people who valued their freedoms. Fijians wouldn't know anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous please don't compare the the French Resistance and what they did during the War!Mere Samisoni was dancing with the devils ie George Speight and crew !Fijians know about Freedom because they fought in World War 1 and 2 and also in the Malaysian,etc campaign! As to Mere Samisosni the moltov cocktails planned for the burning of Suva ie two different things than when some invades your country. Maybe you don't know the difference between innocent people in Fiji getting killed because Lady Samisosni wants things done here way and then French Resistance trying to get rid of invading Forces! Fijians have given their lives for peace around the world maybe you haven't noticed! So a Fijian is still a hero in my BOOK too! WE had Freedom incase you din't know but was too smart for our own big, fat ego-no one demonstrates because they feeling guilty for been taken on a ride? Now ask yourself by whom?

J Singh said...

Anyone who is planning or will bring down this illegal regime is doing the right thing.Case against Ms Samisoni is a frame up what about the TREASON TRIAL of bainimarama,teleni,leweni,naivalurua,nailatikau,ganilau,francis murderer kean,saumatua,tikoitoga,khaiyum,tikoduadua,aziz & others that is the real issue.

Anonymous said...

You said it. Fiji HAD freedom.

Anonymous said...

So far all we hear is Mere Samisoni how about interviewing the the other 3 peopel charged-they may have diferent story to tell!