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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Regime scotches SDL meeting at Methodist Church hall but fails to stop gathering

Regime didn't want SDL meeting in Methodist Church hall. (above: file pic)
A second public consultations meeting by the SDL party has agreed to support the retention of the 1997 Constitution, with what has been described as 'appropriate amendments'.

The party held its second overall meeting and the first in the West, in Lautoka yesterday.

Party leader and Fiji's deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, reaffirmed that SDL believes the 1997 Constitution was not effectively abrogated in 2009 and is therefore still the Supreme Law of Fiji.

In a statement he said: "It was acknowledged, however, that some amendments to the Constitution are necessary. For example, the electoral system needs to be reviewed, as public opinion moves towards the principle of “one man, one vote, one value”. 

He added: "The meeting acknowledged that the 1997 Constitution has been hailed, both locally and internationally as a comprehensive and good supreme law. As such, there is no need to formulate an entirely new Constitution for Fiji."

Yesterday's meeting took place despite an attempt by the regime to make things difficult.

SDL had originally arranged for the meeting to be held in Nadi on Thursday but was forced to cancel because the regime wouldn't allow it to meet in a Methodist Church community hall. 

We wonder: did the regime fear the symbolic power of a unified alliance between church and political parties?

The illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, has meanwhile skirted around the concerns voiced by the Fiji Labour Party about the lack of Indo Fijian electronic voter registration clerks.

Khaiyum has launched the training of team leaders saying they must pass 'certain modes of ethics and integrity' harping on again about how 'the government does not want to repeat any of those mistakes that took place in the 2006 elections.'

He told FBC News: "We do not want people sitting around the grog bowl after the elections saying well did you know that when they went on registering people they do not do it properly or did you know that somebody went and voted twice. We do not want any of this issues in the 2014 elections because it undermines the credibility of whichever government is elected."

Interestingly, Khaiyum has also had to do the obvious - remind clerks to treat voters equally. Is that not second nature now for people since the regime has magically transformed Fiji from the 'racist' country that it once was?

His comment to FBC News: "When you pass on your skills that you have learned today those people who will be going out to remote areas, islands they must treat all Fijians alike. They are all voters."

People will be able to start registering next month on the third, with the illegal leader Voreqe Bainimarama predictably the first to register.

And in what is becoming almost a daily rebuttal, the Fiji Sun today has regime supporter Graham Davis having another go at SDL, FLP and the United Peoples Party.

In an article titled So What is the Tactic Here, Davis talks about 'political paradigms', self-indulgently baiting Mick Beddoes in response to a story posted earlier on Coupfourpointfive:

Scary, isn’t it Mick? All the old political paradigms in Fiji – the ones you’ve all built entire careers on – out the window.
So scary that the grandees of Fiji politics  – Qarase, Chaudhry and Beddoes -  are prepared to morph from career-long adversaries into the most unlikely bedfellows in a joint effort to retain the comfy old framework on which their political lives depend. Hold that thought, Mick, and let’s go one step further.
You know that elements in the military are sensitive about the prospect of any return to the previous order. Yet instead of assuaging their fears – the responsible thing to do – you provoke them.
You give them visions of languishing in jail for the rest of their lives.
Now, why would you do that? Is it because you hope they will overreact, reinstate the Public Emergency Regulations and censorship so that you gain some kind of personal political advantage?
That the Three Amigos can proclaim to the world – ” see, they’re bullies who can’t be trusted, just like we said all along?”
That Professor Yash Ghai and his team on the Constitutional Commission will abandon the process? That the return to democracy in Fiji is actually delayed?
Because that’s what it’s starting to look like to some people like me.
I’m not a propagandist for the regime or the Fiji Sun, Mick. I propagate the notion of a stable, prosperous multiracial Fiji as opposed to the racism and corruption of the past.
When you threaten the military,  you are propagating conflict not stability. When you call for the retention of the 1997 Constitution, it isn’t for the good of the country but for the good of Mick Beddoes, Laisenia Qarase and Mahendra Chaudhry.
It’s the way you all came to power in the first place, riding the communal wave. But it’s the politics of division – the old order – that has hampered Fiji’s development, not advanced it.
And I happen to think that most Fijians have had enough.


mark manning said...

It sounds like Graham Davis forgot to take his Bipolar medication again.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis....you are right most Fijians have had enough with you and the regime....

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2

If the regime is so concerned with the credibility of the 2014 elections, why did it place Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum at the head of the process? Nothing could be more calculated to undercut the credibility of the process.

Yes, the regime fears an alliance between church and political parties, especially between the Methodists and the SDL. For the record, I fear it also. Let the church concern itself with what is eternal not temporal. If the Methodists march, as I believe they ought, it shouldn't be in support of a particular slate of political candidates, but to defend their right to worship God without interference, and the devil take the hindmost. 

Speaking of the Great Deceiver, no, I hadn't read Calamity Davis' latest anti-Beddoes rant in the funny pages until C4.5 called attention to it. Since Calamity has so much trouble understanding 'the Tactic' here, perhaps I can explain.

The Tactic is to uphold the right of Fijians to self-determination and self-governance through the lawful and democratic exercise of constitutional processes. 

The Tactic begins with the premise that the Constitution of 1997 remains Fiji's law of the land, as upheld by the Appeal Court decision in 2009, despite the claims of its abrogation by a treasonous clique of officers now in command of the RFMF. 

The Tactic propounds the idea that lawful authority comes not from the barrel of a gun but from the consent of the governed. 

The Tactic affirms the right of all Fijians to speak freely, worship freely, and to assemble peacefully, whether in support of a church, a party, a union, or a principle. 

The Tactic propagates notions of fair play, such as the right to due process in impartial courts serviced by an independent judiciary and a conscientious police force, and the right to air grievances and to respond to detractors in a balanced and free press.

These 'paradigms' are not 'out the window', as much as Calamity and the regime might wish to defenestrate them. They remain very much alive in the hearts of free men and women around the world. And I happen to think they remain alive in the hearts of Fijians, too.

Calamity argues 'when you threaten the military, you are propagating conflict not stability'. The Tactic is to point out that Fiji's military today is an institution severely in need of an overhaul. We need to break the cycle of RFMF-generated coups and its entitlement/coup mentality, and to ensure that treasonous officers can never again usurp lawful civilian political authority. To do anything less all-but-guarantees the perpetuation of the social conflict already inflicted upon Fiji by its rogue military.

Hold that thought, and let's go one further. 

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 2

Beddoes is holding out the prospect of life in prison for Fiji's 'sensitive' military, although death by hanging is the customary sentence for treason. If the Constitution is abrogated, as the regime argues, then its prohibition against capital punishment no longer obtains.

Am I trying to provoke the military to 'overreact, reinstate the Public Emergency Regulations and censorship so that [I] gain some kind of personal political advantage'? Not at all. I would like the military to draw the logical inference and do what it should have done all along, which is to protect the nation by dislodging the traitors in its midst. If the military chooses to reinstate the PER and censorship, it would only show, again, the regime's weakness and insecurity. And what personal political advantage would I derive, Calamity? I'm not a 'grandee' running for office.

Yash Ghai has already said that changes to Fiji's military ought to be part of the constitutional discussion. If Ghai abandons the constitutional process, it will only be because the regime abandoned it first.

And what's this claptrap again about 'old politics' and 'riding a communal wave'? Calamity is like a dog returning to its vomit. The SDL has already acknowledged that some amendments to the Constitution are necessary. For example, the electoral system needs to be reviewed, as public opinion moves towards the principle of “one man, one vote, one value”. 

So, why the need to formulate an entirely new constitution for Fiji? And why base it on an unratified document like the People's Charter, which, like most rat poisons is 95 percent corn starch and five percent poison? Is it because the Charter posits an ongoing political role for the RFMF? Because it would give ASK the ability to disband rival political parties? Or because it would institutionalise a Media Tribunal administered by the regime?

Is this the new order Calamity wants, one where the sensitivities of traitors go unchallenged and even become enshrined in new constitutions imposed without the consent of the governed? That's not a new paradigm, but an old one. It's called treason.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

What is "self indulgent" about this? It's true and everyone in Fiji with half a brain knows it.

Kai Gau said...

Graham Davis, oh NO you think wrong dude - MOSt Fijians have NOT had enough of the 1997 Constitution BUT MOST Fijians have had enough of high-school drop-out military personnels and their hanger-ons like Aiyaz for TELLING us what to do and thinking that only they know what is best for Fiji.

Even of the support for MILITARY BULLIES and their GUNS! Be a man and say that it is WRONG to be a military man usurping civilian powers from the people that We, the people chose.

Voreqe is WRONG!
Aiyaz is WRONG!
Graham is WRONG!
Shameem is WRONG!
Pryde is WRONG!
Gates is WRONG!
Fiji Military is WRONG!
etc etc etc


Anonymous said...

Not sure why these old guys-Qarase,
Beddoes & Chodo are stuck on the
1997 constitution? Although,they
all know that the 1997constitution isn't worth the paper it's written
on? Why than would you want to keep
alive a useless product,unless you
are planning retribution against
the Coup maker and supporters at
a later day? Why don't you allow
Professor Ghai to show you what he
can do, in a draft of the new constitution? He may even includes
some of the section from the 1997
constitution in the new version?
The old constitution is too large,
for a small country, i'ts a lawyer
paradise,couldn't stand the test
and obviously caused 2 coups
immediately after it's first and 2nd inaugration! So i don't see any points in trying to keep anything
from it?

Facist fools said...

Davis, like the junta toady from horowhenua is just a facist fool. Throughout history dictatorships have attracted such morons like flies to a pile of dung. Such people, like the human rights abusing dictators they masturbate over, are largely irrelevant as are most bullys and cowards hiding behind thugs with guns.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired too Mr Davis, tired of Mr Qarase, Mr Chaudary, Mr Beddoes and their lot.. If we re-elect this idiots we might as well go back another 10 years..my 2cents worth..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gram go do your research .
regime have founding father and racist ministers.
The army have created racial politic in fiji since 1977 /1987/2000/2006.
The best thing is get rid of the army than coup culture will stop.
the constitution is not the problem but the army is.
the army is to support the elected govt not the commander.
army takes the oath to uphold the constitution , support the rule of law and support the elected govt.
why we need new constitution every time?
when we have coup in fiji.
we dont need the new constitution but surely need to disband the army .
thats my opinion people like it or not its their call.
i will respect it.
once for all we have to stick by the court ruling people who broke the law have to face the law.
no one is above the law.
So let start getting people to justice now.
god bless fiji.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Graham Davis and where does he come freom . Go back to your hole GD we the Fijian people do not need you or your philosophical bulls to or ego to listen to you. Leave it to Fiji and whatever crap that goes on. I am sick of this Palagi people who knows good for us as if we are blind. Corruption and racism is alive in Fiji well and truly even today with this so called military junta. You idiot.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to read these one-sided opinions like those of Graham Davis. He must really consider the people of Fiji as fools to believe what he is wasting his time on writing!

I have stopped reading the Fiji Sun as a result.

Graham please use your time on other useful things! What a waste of time!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Still awaiting Rajesh's reference. Must have conned some guy. Anyway, who keeps bad reference.

Can Rajesh admit/deny he was having an affair here in Fiji after dumping his wife in Nz?

Can Rajesh explain why he joined Sport council?

Can Rajesh also admit/deny his invlovent of his bro with some con investors. Also why was sacked from his work?

Rajesh is good friends with MPC junior and conman Arvind Dutt. He was leaking SDL secrets to them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but however much I don't like his politics, Davis nailed it with this observation. These guys have to come up with a new paradigm but maybe they can't. Where are the new leaders, the fresh faces? It's pretty depressing to look at 2014 and realise the choice may be between Frank and Aiyarse on the one hand and Qarase, Chaudhry and Beddoes on the other. Don't complain if most people oft for the devil they know now because the devil they knew before isn't exactly appealing. It's always " back to 97 folks", not "this is our plan for the future". Yuk.

J singh said...

We have had enough of you graham davis our leaders were elected fairly by the people and they will be re elected no matter what this illegal regime wants to change.Your cheap shot at our past legal governments as being racist is shallow and deceitful and by the way the military is not above the LAW as you seem to think frank and company are going to prison or shot for the crime of TREASON AND MUTINY this must happen to stop other coups keep it up Mr Beddoes,Mr Qarase and Mr Chaudhary.

mark manning said...

As if having a meeting in a different building will define an alliance anyway !

mark manning said...

As Frank and Co. duck and weave to escape a prison sentence, they try along the way to think up all manner of objections to avoid the inevitable. I said before and I'll say it again, once the ball gets rolling, nothing will stop the return to Democratic Rule and implementation of the Constitution of 1997, the Rule of Law and the arrest of Frank, Aiyaz and the Regime hangers on such as Aziz, Gates, Pryde and the Shameem sisters.
Not even Graham Davis with his contorted views of reality can stop that.

Enemies of the regime said...

Are there any fools doing more damage to the human rights abusing regime than davis and walsh. Other than the brain dead monkey tikiotoga, every time these two junta dancing girls open their legs they put another nail in the coffin of khaiyum and his lap dog bhaini.

Anonymous said...

Qarase n co. Just accept that you ate history. 1997 constitution is never coming back because qaase failed to abide by allowing acist policies.
Qarase- please go back to your village and plant alo or join vinod patel grp as grog mixer .
Vinod patel will still pay you big dollars because it is time for payback for what qarase made vinod patel thru corrupt practices

Anonymous said...

Ouch, Dakuwaqa! Yes, I'd say Davis has been fairly bitch-slapped.

I especially like the metaphor of a dog returning to its vomit.


Kiwi Fijian said...

Tactically (not to mention intellectually) speaking Calamity Davis has been put in his place. On ya, Dakuwaqa.

Anonymous said...

I've never had the chance to vote in Fiji n doubt I ever will with this lot. I'm no fan of Qarase, MPC, the nationalists, etc., n agree wholeheartedly with one man, one vote. I'd like a choice of something other than same old, same old against the current crop of lying, theiving bastards. I don't really respect most of the chiefs with the exception of the Roko Tui Dreketi. Davis n Walsh are two sides of the same worthless wooden nickel. A couple of know it alls who don't really know anything. I appreciate Dakuwaqa, the Oracle, n others for exposing the Iies n hypocrisy and putting things in the right perspective. The central issue here is about how to deal with treason. I won't be the first to the barricades, but I'll jolly well pitch in when TSHTF, which I expect will be when these regime macafakas try to make their next big move.

Anonymous said...

Fact : Bainimarama carried out treason against the people of Fiji
Fact : Treason is a crime punishable by hanging
Fact : Bainimarama, Aiyaz and the rest will be in jail like Speight.

Lap dog Davies can bark as much as he likes but it does not change the facts.

God says No matter who you are You reap what you sow.

Davies being the son of a preacher should know better.
I think it just shows that he strayed from the path and is not even half the man his father was.
What a shame!

Advice for you Davies: "Better to have kept your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"

-Valataka na Dina.

Big sookies said...

'You know that elements in the military are sensitive about the prospect of any return to the previous order. Yet instead of assuaging their fears – the responsible thing to do – you provoke them.' hahaha this is hilarious..author and regime are big cry babies.

Propagate no more! said...

Thank you s/Dakuwaqa. Your reply is more brilliant than what was penned by the propagating calamitous G Davis.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ June 24..6..52pm..Its the peoples money that Bainimarama the schizophrenic mental retard is using..Butako levu qai viavia vakilakila..

Anonymous said...

Where is Bainimarama these days? Can someone tell the people of Fiji his whereabouts. Khaium has being address as the acting PM.Something is cooking under the carpet. Be alert Fijians.!!!

Timoci Ratu said...

Graham Davis is using grubsheet as his blogsite...too bad, his mind became grub too...

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis has bared his arse for all to see why he is darling of the dictator - his recent piece in the rag regime propaganda Fiji SUN (surviving on Govt advertisements) speaks about Peter Thomson, dictator's rep to UN. Graham says Thompson has lived in exile for 20 years - is he still a Fiji citizen?

Graham Davis:
Peter Thomson, of course, is a cog in the wheel of Fiji’s international relationships, albeit a big one. His ultimate boss, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola has been a successful foreign minister and the two enjoy a close relationship as they work with other ambassadors and diplomatic staff to further Fiji’s international ties.

It was Commodore Bainimarama who hand picked Peter Thomson for the UN job.
Their fathers had known each other in the 1960s when Thomson Senior was Commissioner Western and Bainimarama Senior was the region’s Supervisor of Prisons.
Almost half a century on, Grubsheet is pleased to have played a minor part in re-establishing the connection when – after an interview with the Prime Minister- we talked about the old days in the West and I mentioned that Peter and I got together regularly in Sydney to talanoa about Fiji.
Commodore Bainimarama’s eyes lit up and while he didn’t say so at the time, he evidently began mulling over the possibility of using Peter in some senior role.
Soon afterwards, Peter began a private mission – financed by veteran Fiji businessmen Mark Johnson and Dick Smith – to try to bridge the gap between Fiji and its Australian and NZ critics. He went to Port Moresby to enlist the support of the PNG leader, Sir Michael Somare, and the initiative produced the first meeting of the respective parties for some time.
That was in 2009. Three years on and Ambassador Thomson is chairing the United Nations General Assembly.
It’s a triumphant personal story, the Kai Valagi (European) civil servant removed at gunpoint and forced to leave Fiji now sitting as moderator and adjudicator at the pinnacle of global affairs.
But it’s also one of the triumphs of Commodore Bainimarama’s determination to use the best people- irrespective of race – to present Fiji’s face to the world.
To see my old mate sitting there on the UN podium – Fiji Water bottle by his side – fills me with pride, as it surely must others who hope that Fiji’s best days as a united, prosperous, multiracial nation lie ahead.

Anonymous said...

Tell you the truth, Bai was Roti Karied poisoned by Khaiyum and sent
away to China to under-go stroke
therapy? That's what is going on,
Mosese is also on his way out,as he
is also been poisoned and we expect
the poison to cause a stroke also,so he too can be shipped to China for therapy.AZZIZ is expected
to assumed the Landforce commander
possition as per direction of Bainimarama from China? That's how
Khaiyum is planning the whole show
to go? Hey, the macafaka is good!will he succeed,we,ll just have to wait and see? Unless the drunken pressy would smarten up and pulled the plug!

Anonymous said...

i dont have to ans to gutless people.
who cant put his name .
so mate why dont you go ask khaiyum/baini.
people like you are no better than the regime.
i have to ans to my voters/god .
i did help fsc and got them sponsorship and naming rights.
yes arvind/mpc junior/sdl /others are friend so what.
i was not sacked i resigned bec i had to do some stuffs in nz.
we didnt bring any con artist to fiji for business.
we had great business investors .
we brought to invest in fiji but was stopped by khaiyum bec he told frank that sdl name will go up.
so gutless person if you have guts come and see me and i will show you proves.
god is my witness.
god bless you my friend.

Anonymous said...

hey someone is arrowing foir shameem sisters ? hasnt the biggestr sister left Fiji for NZ , where she belongs !!

why such vernon against them ?

maybe someone has any evidence ?

my info is nazrat is doing work for UNDP and ICC in Hague and running legal training . Unless someone knows more !!

Anonymous said...

Where is all this male violence coming from???

Argument lands woman in hospital
Publish date/time: 24/06/2012 [17:17]

Print this page
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An argument over fresh water mussels has landed a 49-year-old Kasavu woman in critical condition at CWM hospital.

The woman had asked to take some fresh water mussels on credit, however was refused by her nephew.

After repeatedly requesting, her nephew allegedly threw an electric kettle which missed her, after which he threw a stone which landed on the ground.

As the woman left the house, the suspect then allegedly threw a roti hot plate which hit her head.

Police are now searching for the suspect.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

A Better Fiji said...

'Coups don't solve problems'
Pravit Rojanaphruk
The Nation

BANGKOK: -- Nearly six years have passed since the coup of September 19, 2006, yet those who were so loud in denouncing it have done little to free Thailand from the fear of yet another putsch, because no reforms have been introduced within the Army.

Chanakarn Phundeam-vong, a former member of the "19 September Network against Coup d'Etat", the first active group to come out in opposition to the coup, said the power structure in the Army remained the same.

"There have been calls for [military] reform, but nothing has been done," she said.

Chanakarn added that even though the Constitution clearly states that staging a coup is illegal and unconstitutional, it never stopped the elite from supporting them. She said this had to change and people had to face up to the fact that democracy was globalising.

Chulalongkorn University political scientist Puangthong Pawakapan said that though a coup d'etat was still a possibility, the red shirts would not put up with it, so it would be very difficult to govern the country even if a coup were successful. "Those who are contemplating it must be stupid," she said.

Chanakarn added that if a coup were to be staged, it would almost inevitably erupt into a civil war.

However, Puangthong lamented the lack of a public discourse on the subject.

Sirote Klampaiboon, a human-rights lecturer at Mahidol University and another active opponent of the 2006 coup, agreed with Puangthong, saying that the Army could only make a move if it had support from certain groups.

He called on the government to introduce some legal measures that make future coups d'etat illegal, adding that they could start by having those responsible for the one in 2006 face justice.

"Those who were involved in the coup should not be granted amnesty," Sirote said, adding that the yellow-shirt People's Alliance for Democracy and the multicoloured shirts would stop looking at coups as a "solution" for everything.

"In the end they had to hold an election anyway, so the 2006 coup was pointless," Sirote said.

Radiolucas said...

Come on Davis.

Instead of flapping your arms and bleating on about 'conflict' and 'instability' why don't you ask the fundamental question of the RFMF: "How one man can threaten an entire army?"

Is Mick Beddoes such a threat? Is the truth that terrifying to the Regime?

In that, you will find the crux of the problem for Aiyaz and Frank - they pretend to be our leaders but they know as well as anyone how tenuous that idea is - they have no popular support, no mandate to rule and no idea of how to get out from the hole that they have dug.

You, Graham, are doing the exact same thing - attempting to justify and prop up a dictatorship under the conception that somehow, somewhere, Frank and Aiyaz will make it all better. You aren't the first and won't be the last.

But for someone professing intelligence, you should take a moment to recall just how many others have been down that particular muddy path before you. As someone much wiser once quipped - learn from others' mistakes, you can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

mark manning said...

I wonder if Graham Davis is aware that he could be charged with aiding and abetting and inciting, once Democracy is restored !
Will he, like many other cowards, take his leave and abandon Fiji @ the eleventh hour ?
And I have to wonder, how much if anything, is the Regime paying him to write his crap on his crapsheet website and other places.

Anonymous said...

Davis and Sharon are big time looser.
Auss people dont like them and so they want to fool fiji people .
Sharon/davis are corrupt like the regime.

Anonymous said...

Fiji could learn from Thailand's experiences with military-led coups.

Consider well the following passage quoted in the earlier story: "Sirote Klampaiboon, a human-rights lecturer at Mahidol University and another active opponent of the 2006 coup, agreed with Puangthong, saying that the Army could only make a move if it had support from certain groups.

"He called on the government to introduce some legal measures that make future coups d'etat illegal, adding that they could start by having those responsible for the one in 2006 face justice.

"'Those who were involved in the coup should not be granted amnesty,' Sirote said, adding that the yellow-shirt People's Alliance for Democracy and the multicoloured shirts would stop looking at coups as a "solution" for everything."

Like Thailand, Fiji suffered a military coup in 2006, made possible by the support of certain groups, like members of the FLP and the Gujerati business community.

Like Thailand, Fiji needs legal measures to prevent future coups, such as statutory limitations on the size of the RFMF and limits on a commander's tenure.

Like Thailand, a good start for Fiji would be to convene a credible Truth & Reconciliation Commission to establish facts and to mete out justice to all those involved in perpetrating Fiji's coups, going back to the beginning.

In response to the coup in Thailand, the United States Congress enacted what are now known as Section 7008 sanctions. This legislation was inspired by events in Thailand, and pre-dated Bainimarama's coup of 2006, but its sanctions have applied to Fiji longer than to Thailand or any other country. 

Bainimarama's regime brought upon Fiji this dubious distinction through its insincerity about returning Fiji to the path of democratic governance. Bainimarama prefers instead to operate without accountability within the strictures of the sanctions regime.

The regime has claimed that the United States refuses to engage with Fiji, but that's rubbish. Despite the sanctions on mil-mil relations, official U.S. engagement with Fiji has actually increased since 2006, the United States is Fiji's top export market, and Americans are now heavily invested in reviving Fiji's deteriorating sugar industry.

The sad truth is that it's the regime itself that refuses to engage with Fiji. 

Mr. Klampaiboon advocates no amnesty for those involved in Thailand's coup. No offer of amnesty should be tabled in Fiji, either, and for the same reason. Until treason is punished, traitors will be undeterred.

Fiji could learn from Thailand's example, as both a negative and a positive model.

It's good to see that Thailand is moving on. When will Fiji?

s/ Dakuwaqa

Josh Elbourne said...

"We have been asking the Ministry of Education for a long time to build a new fence for the school," Mrs Raiqeu said.

Mrs Raiqeu said the ministry had promised to build a new fence but nothing had been done.

Yesterday, permanent secretary for Education Dr Brij Lal said "government does not have any monies."

He said schools should not expect developments overnight.

"Our priorities remain with the upgrading of school facilities such as toilets, classroom, water and other necessities and we hope schools will understand this."

School principal Poe Keleinavutoka has written to the ministry informing them of the incidents.

The matter according to Mrs Raiqeu was reported to the Valelevu Police Station but police denied receiving any complaints lodged by the school.

Also Mrs Raiqeu said this year girls had their under garment and clothes stolen while eight computers given by the Korean government were stolen last year.

Dr Lal said they would need to have proposed for a special budget on the upgrading of fence and other developments within the school."First we need the money so that we can carry out these developments," he said...........

Rightly said..." The Government has no Money"....They have spend it All...Lets Ask the Chinese for Some ...What say Frank & Aiyaz...

Anonymous said...

We need davis and sharon to come out and have a public debate with their boss khaiyum/baini vs pm lq/mpc.
We the public will be the judge.
SDL/FLP are following the rule of law .
What is the regime doing is wrong.

The Oracle said...

"Birds of a feather flock together".. Graham Davis singing Peter Thomson's praises!!!! What a laugh. Has Peter really been in exile for 20 years? For what reason? Pure Graham Davis Grubshit!!!!
Peter was very much part of the coup culture when in 1987 he was part of the Ministry of Information and attempted (without much success) to muzzle the local media. At that time, he faced resistance from seasoned journalists, unlike today's media environment where the Fiji Sun has to, on one hand, import journalism from a so-called Australian award-winner and on the other, hand over the reigns of its local reporting leadership to an amateur like the Qorvis mind-controlled Maika Bolatiki. And the Fiji Times, despite its denial, is in a state of extreme self-censorship - weeding out whatever it knows will upset the Bainimarama government.
Peter Thomson was indeed hand-picked by Bainimarama. BUT, only after he went on record in his country of residence to back Bainimarama's so-called roadmap to "racial integration". All of a sudden, he came out of the woodwork after 20 years in so-called exile - just like the termites which burrow their way through solid wood, undetected for several years, and only surfacing to bask in the limelight when the woodwork begin to fall apart.
And in the midst of all the hoodwinking, smoke and mirror acts, "aage-pitche", "liumuri-ing" upstaging and back-stabbing, the power-hungry (but also gradually being isolated) Sayed-Khaiyum keeps telling us that the 2006 Elections were "flawed". Yes ... most election processes are. But to what extent? The one or two impersonators, and the alleged 101% voter turnout (which Constituency and which polling booth?) don't take away from the fact that there were clear majorities - AS EXPECTED AND AS PREDICTED PRIOR TO POLLING - in the 71 seats. So, the argument of a severely flawed 2006 election is "floored". And we're now being directed to believe that computerisation and EVR will eliminate all possible future "flaws". What a load of Graham Davis Grubshit!!!
And the issue of corruption - just how many people have been convicted as a result of the clean-up campaign? Again, the percentages don't justify the drastic course of action Bainimarama chose - the Bainimarama coup. In fact the much hailed FICAC appears to have changed it mandate - it is now focused on educating people about corruption rather than trying to attack the problem head-one.
And the final question: How many have been charged with the murders of CRW soldiers, or with uttering seditious threats against an elected government? The percentage there, of course, lends credence to the argument that all Bainimarama did was prevent himself and his supporters from ending up where they rightfully belong ... in Naboro or Korovou with people like George Speight. Air Pac's David P, Information PS, Sharon Smith and wannabe nobody Christopher Pryde are mere "vultures/buzzards" feeding off the remains of Frank's "kills/spoils". They have no allegaiance to Fiji or its people - only to themselves.
I say we should all print copies of the letter questioning Frank's so called "clean-up campaign" and leave them (accidentally) in major public areas - busstands, at major rugby matches, in public toilets at major cinemas, in churches on Sundays and of course, in the corridors of government buildings!!

Anonymous said...

FIJI NEWS Critics will not stop our work: Army June 26, 2012 08:30:32 AM A+ A- | print | email | mobile Bookmark and Share 0 inShare Follow @ Twitter Fiji's Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga.( File Photo)

Fiji's Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga.( File Photo) Anyone can say whatever they want but it will not change the work of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF), says RFMF Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga. Speaking to FijiLive Tikoitoga said RFMF took over the country in 2006 in order to clean it up and everyone including the international community was informed about it. “This is the last leg, we said we will try and improve the economic growth of the country and I think we have done that,” said Tikoitoga. “We are now in a better economic state then we were in back in 2006, we said we were going to do rural and improve the infrastructural development in the country and we have continued to do that,” he said. “We also said we would re-write the constitution in 2013 and then we’ll hold elections in 2014 and that’s what we are preparing ourselves for and that’s what we are doing,” he said. He reitrated government will be handed over once the 2014 elections have been held.

Read more at: http://www.fijilive.com/news/2012/06/critics-will-not-stop-our-work-army/44883.Fijilive
Copyright 2012 © Fijilive.com

Anonymous said...

Maybe what Tikoitoga means is that Bainimarama, the Muslim Network, and RFMF are now in a better economic state than before. No question. Also that the government will be handed over in 2014, just as it was promised to be given in 2009, and just as it WAS given, to Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dakuwaqa, is right. It's the regime that is afraid to engage, and there should be no amnesty for treason. All quite correct. But it also leads me to ask whether the United States has now abandoned what was a balanced and healthy approach to the situation in Fiji, and, if so, why? 

For example, how is it now possible for Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho to serve as a monitor with the United Nations in Syria, given his egregious record of human rights abuses? 

Has Washington abandoned its commitment to nix RFMF participation in new peacekeeping missions? Or does it pretend that this is somehow not a new mission or define this as other than peacekeeping? Either way seems pretty dishonest to me.

More specifically, how is it possible for someone like Qiliho to pass through the Americans' 'Leahy vetting' process designed to weed out human rights abusers?

Washington wants the dictator removed from Damascus but is still willing to work with the dictator in Suva. Okay, we've got that. But it makes as little sense to send Qiliho to Damascus as it would to send one of Bashar Assad's chief thugs to monitor the human rights situation in Fiji.

Can Dakuwaqa or the U.S. embassy explain this apparent reversal of policy?

Finally, a plea to Washington. I know you're never going to bomb Delainabua, but do please note Bainimarama's use of Fiji's military against its own civilian population. Wasn't this the same sort of thing that supposedly triggered your decision to call for regime change in Damascus? Don't wait for events in Fiji to reach Syria's level of seriousness and pain before providing airlift to the Aussies to intervene. 

P.S. -- A hearty bula to your Military Airlift Command!

Anonymous said...

One begins to wonder if the whole plan began by RABUKA is now getting completed by Frank? Finally all the Indo-Fijians who have sense have taking off overseas, reducing their numbers and almost every other race that use to live in Fiji! One wonders if there was bigger agenda here than meets the eye, because now the SDL is happy to embrace 1 man 1 vote? You have to ask why??? The previous reasons given for not wanting the 1 man 1 vote was simple, iTaukei will be overwhelmed by Indo-Fijians, out voted , not represented in Parliament etc, etc. So my question is how come no one ie iTaukei is talking about his? Almost sounds like a very "collusion by remaning silent"! I don't see the Methodist Church jumping up and down, not any other Fijian Instituiton so as an iTaukei am i correct in my assumptions?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning you should not mention the law when you dont know wht you talking about. Aiding and abbeting is the kind of thing they should be charging the Police Officers who have again beat up an Aboriginal male in Alice Spring-killed by many white Policeman , shown on camera but so far ain't nothing happening Baby! YOu wnat to satr the aiddng and abbeting game begin with your past PM JOhn Howard & President Bush, thats aiding and abeeting and killng the innnocent by the 10000s in Iraq maybe we need to get our sense of directions correct before start on a journey going no where! Clean up you mess you have left around the world first before preaching to us dope!

Anonymous said...

Police have stressed that the SDL party will not be allowed to have any meetings at any property owned by the Methodist Church of Fiji.

Director of Operations, Rusiate Tudravu said that the decision has been made to ensure that the church and its members are protected.

Last Thursday, a SDL meeting which was scheduled to be held in a Methodist Church community hall had to be cancelled.

SDL Leader, Laisenia Qarase confirmed that they had made an arrangement for the church hall to be used however due to the condition set, they are now looking for another meeting venue.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:19, you ask some pointed questions, to which I haven't answers.

I, too, am baffled by how the United States could allow someone like Qiliho to participate in this monitoring mission, especially given Washington's past commitments to Canberra.

Thanks for asking, but your questions are better directed to the U.S. Embassy. I'm stumped!

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anonymous 3:31, isn't it remarkable how, after the demographic changes, Qarase has now thrown his support behind 'one man, one vote' whilst Chaudhry is warming to the idea of guaranteed communal seats?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:39, find a new can to beat. We're sick of the old one.

Anonymous said...

The truly baffling thin in all this is the attitude of the Fijian people: silence and acquiescence in the face of all the provocation from ASK and other Taliban. they trample on your values, on your cultural institutions, on you as a people, and you remain silent, hoping someone will do the deed for you. A very sad reflection on us. It does not require too much to put a halt to this. Anyone who supports the regime should be fair game. At the moment, they are getting away with murder. What will our children say to us when they wake up to the destruction ASK and others have caused?

Anonymous said...

One dead Aiyaz and the whole house of cards collapses.

Anonymous said...

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