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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Controversial TV Decree rules out challenge

The newly gazetted TV decree which allows the regime's Minister of Communications, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, to revoke the licence of a TV station.


Saki said...

Thank you C4.5. you have showen yet gain that you the bastion of hope for Fiji. Keep the fight up for democracyand exposing the regime corruption!

Anonymous said...

Its khaiyums decree and not the peoples legal government decree..we can all take this decree and ask Khaiyum to stuff it up his Ass..

Anonymous said...

Who elected kauim?

Why should fijians be ruled by kauim?

There is no freedom in fiji and what tis the cons review for?

All a joke fiji is a dictatorship nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Thank you c4.5 for publishing this. Just in time as I did run out of toilet paper!

Anonymous said...

When we tar and feather Khaiyum, instead of feathers we should use shredded decrees.

Anonymous said...

Reliable and on the ball as always C4.5

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum take this decree and use it as toilet paper .
Nailatikau or ulukau you are another puppet for khaiyum.
Its better we had adi koila as president than you ulukau.
Nailtikau always benefited in all coup since 1987 with his brother cakanauto.
We need strong president like Adi Koila .
regime will end up in cell in naboro.

Anonymous said...

We will have another decree soon that will declare fiji muslim state.
Armies will be called islam khaiyum army.
Fijian armies still sleeping and fijian culture/chiefs been destroyed.
Frank and mosese wont care bec they are kailomas.

Anonymous said...

We cant take fiji govt to court ?
What a joke from the regime.
Where is free democratic fiji?
Frank liar Kawa Ca all false promise given to fijian people in 2006 that fiji will get good transparent ,free ,acct and democratic govt.
Liar mf you have given us shit and dictatorship and bs decree of your master khaiyum.
I hope your family will rot in hell with khaiyums/bano/nazat/janif/others.
Fiji TV you rock and Khaiyum /Nailatikau Stinks.

Coup 4.5 said...

Fiji Labour Party website statement

Fiji- a Police State?
Television (Amendment) Decree 52 of 2012
[posted 28 June 2012,1530]

The Fiji Labour Party condemns the promulgation of the Television Amendment Decree No 52 of 2012 as yet another attempt by the regime to gag the media and restrict freedom of expression.

The Decree which came into effect last Thursday empowers the Minister to revoke or vary a television license if the licensee is found to have breached the Media Code of Ethics under the Media Industry Development Decree.

The Decree, further, prohibits the matter to be taken to any Court, Tribunal or Commission for adjudication, thereby, denying the licensee the right to redress or justice.

The FLP finds this absolutely abhorrent. “This shows that Fiji is regressing further into being an authoritarian State rather than moving towards democracy as promised by the regime,” said Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

There are a number of issues that arise from the Decree itself:

The Decree states “If a licensee is found to have breached the Media Code of Ethics and Practice …”. Who decides that the media code of ethics has been breached? Is it the Minister who will be the sole arbiter?

And what is the need for Decree 52 when an independent Tribunal under the Media Industry Development Decree has already been set up to deal with any breaches of the media Code of ethics?

Justice and fair play demand that an aggrieved party must have the right to seek legal redress against any action or policy of the State. Yet, the people of Fiji are being increasingly and systemically denied this fundamental right by a regime that does not hesitate to use ‘blackmailing’ tactics to silence all opposition by gagging the media.

What is it afraid of? Two weeks ago, Fiji TV was, reportedly, warned by the regime’s Attorney General that its licence may not be renewed because it had given coverage to interviews with former Prime Ministers Laisenia Qarase and Mahendra Chaudhry. It was told that its news broadcast would be closely monitored by the regime during the month.

It is of concern that Fiji TV’s licence due to expire this week-end, has reportedly still not been renewed.

FLP questions the motive behind the promulgation of this Decree at this point in time when Fiji is poised to embark on the so-called constitutional process to restore democratic rule via general elections.

It is obvious that despite repeated assurances by the regime, the process is still highly restrictive in terms of freedom of expression and a free and independent media. The local media continues to deny fair coverage to statements issued by political parties. In most cases, they are simply not published or broadcast.

How can the process be said to be inclusive and participatory if the views of political parties and their leaders are prevented from getting through to the people?

The conditions laid down by the Police for meetings of political parties point clearly to Fiji being a police state.

The regime, it seems, is consumed by fears of its own unpopularity – hence all these restrictions on freedom of assembly and expression!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe, they wrote this.
Here he is Aiyaz forbidding the Courts to challenge him.
Who the hell does he think he is?
He obviously does not believe in Democracy, because democracy upholds the rights of another citizen to challenge another individual or rule in a Court of Law.

So like I said before this Aiyazhole does not believe in Election or Democracy.
Constitutional Forums are a total waste of time.Qarase and Chaudary should not waste their time .
The time has come for a protest march.
The Church, the Political Parties, all Fijians should march.
This is a total waste of time.

I cant believe Nailatikau would do such a low act to his fellow Fijians.
He is an arsehole.
Yes I'm Fijian too. I don't care whether this guy is a chief or what. If he has done this to his own people then he doesn't deserve to be a chief.

If you do arsehole things then you deserve to be called an Arsehole.

Thank you so much C4.5.
Thanks too to the one who supplied this Memo.

Can this memo be sent to the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and also to The American Ambassador
because this shows that Bainimarama is not genuine about returning this country to Democracy.

Keda na Kaiviti eda sa mai volitaki tu ga e na noda vanua.
Cava tale se ni waraka tiko na sotia.

Enough is enough.
This is it
All Fijians must respond now.

This is not funny anymore.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

fiji had freedom and democracy under SDL Govt.
Now we have illegal regime messing with fijian owned business and cultures .
Its time fijian wake up and fight the juntas.
Khaiyum is playing his cards to f fijian culture as he wrote in his sunset thesis.
Fiji TV keep the fight on.
You have my support and thanks for brining balance reporting to the fiji public.
god bless you all.

Anonymous said...

We will keep the fight on even its take 20 years but one day regime will fall .
khaiyum /bainis kawa will pay the price.
Singhs are king .
Frank already bowed down to the sikhs and kiss our dust in the temple.
We see what frank can do for money hahaha
Frank is just filling the pocket with his master khaiyum/cronies.
Fiji tv expose the regime bastards more.

Anonymous said...

Why should I promise to fight? Because the 1% wreck our economy, kill our jobs, seize our homes, assault our rights, destroy the environment, and sentence us to lives of debt and war. For years, we have petitioned our governments for change without redress and have fought tirelessly to elect politicians who only betray us. In a world where the 1% have usurped democracy and politicians refuse to serve the people, the people have but one choice—to fight back!

How can I fight? Occupiers use direct action to create change, because it works better than voting and is way more fun. Read the pledge to learn how to use some of these tactics.

“Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders…and millions have been killed because of this obedience…Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves… (and) the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem.” – Howard Zinn

In Fiji, I doubt it is even one percent, say .1%.
maybe not even .1%, more like .01%.

At present Officer corp of the army and Khaiyums inner circle.

Thats it, 50 people have the knife to our throat and their hands in our pockets.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Khaiyum will get Fiji and Fijians to their knee, only than they will understand and it will be too late saka ,we all would have missed the bus ,and he would be in his palace in malaysia with bai and family. Army Sotia ,when you guys take home your pay and feed your families dont you have GUILT that the money is torture money and you feeding your wife and children with blood money. Wake up Christ

Anonymous said...

No surprises here. The regime will say one thing and do another. Prof. Ghai, wake up before it is too late. Please do not listen to your local commissioners Satendra 'Sarka Kuto' Nandan, Peni 'Wacko' Moore and Taufa 'Sa Lega' Vakatale. They have no credibility, represent no one. Lay your cards on the table. For free consultations, there must be free speech. No ifs, not buts.

Anonymous said...

Take out ASK --to lunch I mean, NOT --and the whole regime will collapse like a pack of cards. This regime is drunk on decrees, making the process of consultation a charade. People, don't be fooled. Ghai will be used an discarded by regime. The old man will leave this world dishonoured and discarded.

Anonymous said...

The best thing is just to go along now till the election in 2014. Preparations have already begun, and Ausaid has even responded with more Aid so I think, genuinely, the elections are going to happen. Till then lets not get far ahead of ourselves in trying to create more trouble which will only lead us to a state much worse.

Anonymous said...

Kemuni na noda!

Eda sa vakaloloma taki.

Kivei kemuni na noda sotia kei na ovisa!

Sa qai vinaka beka vei kemuni me:

1. Da sa vaqitori ka vakaisini tu vakaoqo?
2. Sa lewa na ka kecega o Khaiyum, wili kina na nodra vakacakacaka taki vakiloa na muslims e Viti?, ka sa toroa cake na nodra viavia levu kei na qaciqacia?
3. Me sa vakalaboca vakadua na kawa i taukei kei na kena veiliutakai vakaturaga vakavanua?
4. Sa vakatarai ka volitaki na noda lewa vakavanua me baleta na noda qele..o koya a valataka vakaukauwa na Turaga talai sa bale.
5. Sa vo ga qo me sa na mai bai paodi taki na noda dui veikoro, na kena qele kei na i qoliqoli, baleta ni sa na sega ni sauma rawa na matanitu na dinau kei na kena i kere, ka wili kina na vei yalayala eso era sa vakayacora oti (vakaivola se sega) vei ira na dau ni bisinisi mai Idia, China, matanitu vakaarapea eso etc.
6. Sa qai sivia ga mai na kena vaka Idia taki na noda vanua. Sa gole mai na Bollywood kei na kena vei tabana kece sara, ka me sa qai kari wavoki ga na noda vanua lomani o Viti. Sa cuqena tiko vakaukauwa na matanitu na vaka Idia qo.
7. E vaka o ni sa mataboko tu, baleta ni sa vesu tu na nomuni mona ena vei ka e sa mai yaco, ia sa vaka me tini botoilevu tiko mai, baleta na vei yalayala eso me baleta na vei vakasavasava taki e sa sega tiko ni vakavotukana taki rawa. O ni sa kila sara tiko ga o kemuni na kena dina.
8. Na noqu kerekere mo ni veisau vakatotolo, de na qai yaco na vala, kau sa na via tukuna rawa tiko yani qo, baleta na kai Viti ena vakamatea tale na Kai Viti; erau na veivakamatei na vei tacini, na veitamani, na veivugoni etc.

Ke dua vei keda na i taukei se kemuni na sotia kei na ovisa e vinaka tiko vua na ka e sa cakava tiko qo o Khaiyum me sa Vakamusolamani taki ka VakaiIdia taki vakatotolo na noda Viti lomani, na kena kawa tamata, na kena vakaturaga, na kena lotu kei na kena veiwekani, ia sa rairai leqa tiko beka na koro turaga.

E so vei keimami na kai Viti, e keimami cata na e cakava tiko o Khaiyum, vakauasivi ni sa galu tiko vakadede na i liuliu ni vuaviri, o koya e dodonu me vosa tiko...baleta e rairai sa sega ni rawa nai naki taumada, ni sa qai levu ga na duka.

O i sa saka na KAI VITI.

Koi Yasayasa said...

@Valataka na Dina

Why dont you lead the fight and not just bark under the guise of the pen. You are actually a chicken who pretends to be a rooster and a puppy who pretends to be a bulldog.

Dont just waste our time with your all your plans and suggestions.

Do something if you really care, but do not try and call innocent people to do your dirty business for you.

Koi Yasayasa

kite flyer said...

The most powerful president in the world US President Barack Obama can be challenged in the court in his country for any of his policy decisions viz the health care plans. But an unelected minister - someone who governs without the consent of the governed - cannot be challenged in a court of law in the banana republic of Fiji!! That's what this mob have done : turned the country into a banana republic. and we are to believe they are building a better fiji? looks more like a battered fIji!

Anonymous said...

We can expect Croz to see this a triumph of media reform for the evil, corrupt, racist and talentless media in fiji. Hurrah for Fiji.This will keep'em in line with the military dictatorship and their spin.

kite flyer said...

nailatikau always benefited from before the first coup of 1987 and ever since. everything on the silver platter for him . he being a part of the Fijian traditional royalty and all. very little if anything at all on merit.and the good times go on for him. never mind that the country is going to the dogs under his watch. but he has never been about the country. he has been about himself and he is teamed up with like minded political opportunists .all shameful creatures.

Fundamentalist state said...

Are we talking about Fiji or some islamic fundamentalist repressed state?

Anonymous said...

Can I ask a polite question? If I send you a comment in Hindi, would you run that? If the answer is yes, it's on its way. If the answer is no, then why publish comments in the Fijian language? I can't understand what they mean. If English is the language of 4.5, enforce it. It just feeds the suspicion that this is a place for the i'taukei and the remnants of the last government.

Anonymous said...

Even Hitler had a Reichstag.Here--its decrees decrees decrees.Puts Julius Caesar to shame.Decrees are being stuffed down the throats of people--absolute dictatorship.Everyone is a target--lawyers,doctors,accountants--you name it,.

kite flyer said...

@ Fundamentalist state
we are talking about a state that has been going banana by the day!

Radiolucas said...

The irony of all these bullshit decrees that Khaiyum is creating is that for those of us who can remember, Frank and Aiyaz held up the Qoliqoli Bill attempt by SDL (which was WITHDRAWN by the SDL due to public opposition) as a reason for their coup.

What lies. What great, big, fat and obvious lies.

Shame on the FLP and everyone else who once believed these thieves - we are reaping the whirlwind because of our collective wilful blindness and our forgiveness of these arseholes in the first place.

Now, Aiyaz and Frank choose to do far worse - they deny ANYONE any right to say anything, do anything or oppose anything that they do.

All in the name of their coup.

Anonymous said...

@11:36 AM - Koi Yasayasa

E vaka toka ko iko ko tawa kai yasayasa - e rairai ko kai Idia.

O cei ko iko mo mai vakayagataka tu a yaca ni oqu vanua ko yasayasa.

Muduka sara vakatotolo!

Coup 4.5 said...

The refusal of the Australian political leaders to meet the PM of the Tibetan government-in-exile Dr Lobsang Sangay on his first visit to the country confirms - reconfirms ? - that our conduct is often governed by considerations of political expediency rather then human decency. The man has come " to try to gain support for his plan for a peaceful resolution of the Tibetan crisis" (ABC Radio Australia 25/6).
What is wrong with that?!
What a crying shame that we are not prepared to meet with a leader who comes to us for our solidarity for a peace plan?
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Datt's A Worry said...

Datt may form a new political party or join an existing party
Publish date/time: 29/06/2012 [13:10]

Print this page
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A founder of the Fiji Labour Party and former Minister, Krishna Datt has today stated that he may form a new political party or join an existing party if substantial changes are made ahead of the 2014 elections.

Datt said that it is not time for confrontation but cooperation.

He said that the new generation of voters are likely to look for an educated response and not too much of table banging and thigh thumping.

Datt added that his group made of former politicians, academics and civil servants who are willing to take part in the 2014 elections will not take the path of confrontation but they will not condone unilateral impositions, non-transparent actions that undermine human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association.

Datt said that his group will only join the Fiji Labour Party if the leadership is changed.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Krishna Datt said that he has no problems if military officers intending to go into parliament resign to contest the next elections.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Datt said that their option will remain open and he also said that the SDL Party will also be considered but not in its present form.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Datt said that he wants to be part of the leadership to welcome a democratic government in 2014.

However his group will reveal at the appropriate time on whether they will join an existing party or form a new one.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

Oelai,Sa Mate Na Kaiviti..???

Anonymous said...

@koi Yasayasa
These innocent people ; their Province's money and company (Fiji TV etc) is about to be bankrupted by Khaiyum.
Are you saying that these innocent people should let this guy steal their money and not do anything about it?

If a thief breaks into your house and steals your money and your INNOCENT children's money...What are you going to do?
Do you just let him steal or do you say something to him or even punch him in the head.

Fijian soldiers can see this man stealing right from under their nose.
They can see him about to destroy their provinces.
And you are telling me I shouldn't tell the people to respond.

If you are really Kai Yasayasa then you will get rid of Aiyaz straightaway NOW!

But since your name is Koi Yasayasa then I can see your Confusion.
You are neither Koi Colo nor Kai Wai, you are somewhere in between.

Bainimarama likes confused people because he is mental case himself.

You koi Yasayasa should learn to shift through Bai's bullshit and stand for the Truth , like a real kai Yasayasa.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

"....I make the rules" - Kaiyum

Anonymous said...

Krishna Datt is a buffoon. It is not for no reason that he is known among Indians as 'Guppy Krishna,'a lightweight fool. He threatened to form a political party sometime back. Nothing happened. People like him are like 'barsati medhak,' rain toads, who come out when it is raining and hid in their holes when it is sunshine. Let us concentrate on the task at hand, which is taking on the Ghai Commission and the dictatorial regime.

Anonymous said...

The Chiefs keep saying they are the last bastion of tradition and culture in Fiji. Where are they now as an "immigrant" kahiyum makes decress right, left and centre that curtails thier freedoms and rights? Nailatikau and Tui Namosi...where are you? Its hard to hear you here in the wilderness. This is a tipping point in Fiji's histrory as civil rights one after another is eroded and replaced by dicktatorial decrees. Where is the Fijian warrior Bati spirit? Are you gonna lay and take it as a kai India orders you around?

Anonymous said...

jay way says..

what is wrong with Frank & military...wake up oilei..

Khaiyum and Muslim relatives laughinh at yout naivity and stupidness..

just sell Fiji ///

mark manning said...

An illegal decree by an illegal regime, from an illegally appointed attorney general by an illegally appointed president making an illegal amendment to an illegal decree from an illegal regime.
I'm getting dizzy !

Anonymous said...

In years to come those carrying the Khaiyum and Bainimarama name will doit with the knowledge that their corrupt and greedy ancestors raped Fiji when she was most vulnerable.

Matai T said...

There are two main reasons why khaiyum is doin this:

1. to make his brother's tv company [FBC TV] to be the number one so that they make more money.

2. If FijiTV is gone, all will that will be left are fbc tv and maitv. Since maitv is very small,fbc tv will have momentum, and then they will use fbc tv to do their bidding, such as their own political campaign, one sided news,etc.

so at the moment,it is highly likely that fijitv will not have its licenses renewed, or if it is, it will be very limited to certain things only..

Anonymous said...

Qarase trial on next week, looks like they want to can him as soon as..

Anonymous said...

While this decree is a shame, can someone please tell me, how has the iTaukei benefitted from their shares in Fiji TV? E sa qai dredre ga na bula, tubu na i sau ni yaya. Ia, noda i lavo e busi tu ena share kina so na kabani, era kila tikoga e so, na kena vakayagataki na dividents ni nodra tubu na kabani oqori. Typical!!!

Anonymous said...

Indigenous Fijian business should be promoted at family and individual level rather than the current tikina and provincial level which seems to be the trend now. The people do not feel any benefit from this emphasis on tikina and provincial companies. Its benefits trickling down to the families and individuals are almost non-existent.

Anonymous said...

fucken joke.
The country has been totally raped fair and square.
All we have in response is simply vetting our anger on blog sites.
Take a chill pill .....see what happened in LIBYA AND now SYria......citizens of fiji are a bunch of pussies .......no balls ...all thay can do is use their pinky fingure and type on blogs to get rid of the illegal goverment.......bloody joke .....my non fijian mates think we ae a joke.

Anonymous said...

Better for Qarase and Chaudhry to announce soon their joint intention to form a one-year interim government, if elected, and then to sit out fresh elections to be called for at the end of that period. They need to do this before Aiyaz's kangaroo courts convict them -- a virtual certainty, whatever their guilt or innocence -- to disqualify them from running.

By acting before the convictions, their joint action appears more deliberate and altruistic, whereas if they delay until after their convictions, the announcement will smack of desperation to remain politically relevant.

Moreover, such an announcement before the court gives its verdict and metes out sentencing would negate some of the advantage the regime expects to get from the convictions and might even lessen the pressure for the convictions coming from the AG's office.

Were Qarase and Chaudhry to surprise us by issuing joint endorsements of a third candidate, their court convictions would cease to give much political advantage to the regime at all. Qarase and Chaudhry could achieve much the same effect by simply announcing now their intention to endorse a single candidate to be named at a later date.

Think about it, gentlemen. Better to act sooner rather than later.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Let me recap why the coup took place... It was meant to get rid of the corruption and all the job for the boys.

So how come we see favoritism taking place like FBC is getting currently n Josh Matau getting job from police comm.

Do they really think we are bunch of fucking idiots?

Anonymous said...

I feel good that Fiji TV is to be shutdown, Let the Yasana Holdings loose their shares...its a duplication of FHL which is only enjoyed by the Elite Fijians..A Muslim is heading FHL and I hope he winds it up too because the initial allocation of shares was wrong/devlish......publish their names so that Fiji & the world knows about them...when people with influence were allowed to withdraw their FNPF and get the other 70-90% from Fiji Dev Bank as loan. They said it was Risk on their part..yes but a minimal one since most of the companies under FHL monopolised their respective markets..Raivoce, Qereqeretabua, Samisoni & their likes with all SDL & SVT always defend this because its free money in terms of their dividends-fully guaranteed...Khaiyum & Bainimarama PLEASE close FHL & Yasana Holdings and have a fresh refloat of shares so that the Tikina & Mataqali benefit and not the Yasana because the Yasana is only for the Elites either in the Provincial office or Provincial companies...Seruilagilagi will testify to this..ASK him...Let people not jump to conclusion..might look foolish to some but God often use foolish "things" as a doorway to reveal the truth or better things....Read between the lines people..

Anonymous said...

wow.... @ anon 3.17a.m.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! @ dizzy Mark Manning. I'm more surprised that you still bother.

mark manning said...

@ anon 1001 a.m.
It's called giving your friends " a leg up " !

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... @ Mother Hen aka Mark Manning... And in a much broader sense, isn't that the story of some of your aid-dependent, friends' lives? chuckling...