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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rising concern for Fiji TV

No word yet on the licensing fate of Fiji TV.
The station's operating licence ends on Saturday but as of this morning it has not yet heard from the regime's Communications Minister, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
Warned: Fiji TV Board chair Isoa Kaloumaira
Fiji TV was told to quit pursuing 'anti-government stories' after it gave right of reply to deposed Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, and Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, regarding comments made by a Constitution member about political parties being to blame for Fiji's current situation.
The Ministry of Information tried to deny Coupfourpointfive's story about Fiji TV being warned off about giving air time to political parties but our information has been right all along. 

We now understand Fiji TV is making contingency plans to end its service at midnight this Saturday (June the 30th) when its current license expires. 

There is huge concern about the plug being pulled: hundreds of people are likely to lose jobs and it will be another massive blow to the livelihoods of many families.
Injection of funds: FBC News and Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum
The decision will also leave the only broadcaster of TV news in Fiji in the hands of the brother of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum who runs FBC News.

The state-owned station recently benefited from a $22 million injection of funds.

Worryingly, the new Television Amendment Decree was gazetted last Thursday and has the following clause:  "The Television Decree 1992 is also amended with the inclusion that no court, tribunal, commission or any other adjudicating body shall have the jurisdiction to accept, hear, determine or in any other way entertain any challenges by any person or body which question any decision by the Minister, the validity of the process of the issuance of any license and any condition imposed by the Minister in granting a license.”

The clause gives Khaiyum the ability to revoke Fiji TV’s license at any time, allowing him to continue to pressure the company to provide news favourable to the regime.


Anonymous said...

SOMEONE give me a gun!!!!........I'll take my chances in HEAVEN rather than wait it out with these BANDITS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What the idiot ASK thinks he owns fiji.
Fiji TV you are the best and may god bless you all for fighting the regime .
Keep media freedom up .
ASK you better wait for your day.
when we will put in jail.
peoples power.

kite flyer said...

the signs are all there that this mob - who are governing without the consent of the governed - are building a better fiji by curtailing democratic rights and freedoms in the country!! what a perverse lot!!

Anonymous said...

Fijian business at risk under this Khaiyum.
Time fijian wake up now.
Khaiyum is milking money and Riaz/Robert Khan made millions in FBCL DEALS.
Fiji TV Share holder are the provinces.
I hope mosese and frank can open the eyes.

mark manning said...

Nazhat Shameemimi wouldn't be running the show from New Zealand would she, by any chance ?

Trust Me said...

Too much publicity for Khaiyum to pull the plug on this one. He will make them sweat and remind them of the decree but will give Fiji TV its licence.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the first poster. It's time to make an end of these pricks. Their arrogance seems to grow with each passing day. What more evidence do we need? What more are we waiting for?

If I can't reach Aiyaz, what's to say I can't reach Riaz?

And who needs a gun?

What has peaceful restraint gotten us? And what will it ever get us with these types?

There will be blood.

Afzal said...

Ko au sa bosa oti, kemudou kaiviti sa levu lialia, sa gunu ga niqona, moce sigalevu sega tei na kasera. Keitou Musuloman sa vesu oti Bainimarama kei na army ena i labo levu sa tubu koratou nai sau me basu kece vakadua vanua kemudou sa tiko na kaukauwa tautaubata GCC, Methodist Church, NLTB, Fijian Holdings, bata Fiji TV sa tiko 51 percent share na Yasana Holdings. Keitou sa kitaka dua na Land bank me taura kece kemudou na qele biu ike me rawa soli na lease ko ratou lako mai overseas. Kece na qele sa sega use tiko malua Bro Khaiyum sa kitaka dua na decree next week me taura vakaukauwa matanitu me biu ike na Land Bank. Time sa oti qo sa qai tubu tale nai sau ko ratou na army me biu mada na dakai kemudou na muamuri me qalo kece ike na cakau me sarasara mada bakabinaka na qoliqoli..oqo na qoliqoli bill kemudou sa bia kitaka tiko. Keitou sa voli kece a tamata me sogo kece a gusuna sogo talega kece na muna. Oqo na qase lialia na Butadroka sa bosa tiko me keitou biu na waqa lako tani ike Viti nikua keitou sa veisau oqo na vosa kemudou kaiviti nikua sa qalo kece. Oqo ga na power na Musoloman brotherhood keitou sa liuliu oqo Khaiyum, Aslam, Hafiz, Afzal, Abdul sa tiko FSC, oqo dua tale sa taura tiko Tropik Woods kei ratou sisterhood Shameem, Lailun, Bano.

Radiolucas said...

Remember the Clean Up campaign?

Aiyaz issues a license to his brother, Riyaz - then gets rid of the FBC.

= Riyaz is the only broadcaster.

= The Regime controls the only TV broadcaster.

= Good news for Aiyaz.

All part of the Clean Out Campaign.

Anonymous said...

They talk clean up but they make Fiji more dirty, because they bainivuaka and kaiyumu gives his banivuaka is an idiot kaiyuma run's everything. Bainivuaka do whatever kaiyum say's. If kaiyum say's shut fiji t.v baini vuaka will only say yes boss.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a DH this Khaiyum is. Whatever happens his days are numbered and getting nearer and nearer.

Anonymous said...

@Afzal. 1.07pm
Sa dina sara ko iko Afzal. Khaiyum's has got the army boss and his goons by the balls by getting their pay beefed up immensely. that's how he gets his way through. Sa sogo na gusudra kei na mudra..

Anonymous said...

they will get licence, just scare tactics

Anonymous said...


Kakua leqa brother. keitou kaibiti sa moce tiko dua na matana sa rai tiko. Keitou sa raica oqo Arse, Bhaini, Shamimi, Bur (Nur), kecega na muslomani sa butako tiko, sa boli tiko na bale vinaka, sa kana binaka tiko oqo sa binaka.

Na time keitou sa raica oqo sa uro sa levulevu binaka oqo na time sa moku taucoko sa biu na lovo.

Oqo na time na kaiviti sa yadra ruarua na matana, sa qai gunu tiko na niqona, oqo party time !!!!!

Areh oqo sa buta na lovo oqo tautauvata ga roast pig yarr.

Malua ko au sa invite ko iko me tobolia.

Anonymous said...

khaiyum will want to f all fijian system and than run away to arab or hong kong with his loot maichod.
Some one give me a gun than we put this pinky to rest.
his fate will be like his uncles gadaffi/sadam/osama.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Licence or not, I will strike if The Lady gives the word.

Paula said...

This is a stark reminder for all those who still dream about the wonderfully free and open consultations ahead of us. You move out of line, Khaiyum will destroy your business, your livelihood and your reputation. Simple and effective. I would imagine that Ghai has advised his former student to make this thing watertight. Otherwise, the opinion of elected leaders and opponents could be spread and disrupt the free, friendly and open dialogue we are going to have in the next couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

So much for the current 'Constitutional dialogue', which is neither constitutional nor a genuine dialogue. In fact, it is an extraconstitutional process calculated to undermine Fiji's Constitution and is therefore intrinsically treasonous. 

Closing down Fiji TV because it aired the views of widely-supported oppositionists would be a classic Khaiyum miscalculation. It would cast his fascist tendencies in sharp relief whilst underscoring the regime's corruption and his personal cupidity.

I almost welcome it. I can hardly see how Yash Ghai or Croz Walsh or anyone else would be able to defend the credibility of this farsical 'constitutional' process if Khaiyum, the man selected to organise the elections process, denies an operating licence to a television company, the only offense of which was to air someone else's alternate opinions.

If Khaiyum is so greedy, petty, and myopic that he really wants to do that, then go ahead, punk, make my day! Game over, and it's still only the first half of 2012!

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Next one to get the warning will be Fiji Times.

Anonymous said...

This regime indirectly heaps so much praise on the pine chips plant in Wairiki, Bua following the first shipment of chips from there to Japan this week. Let's not forget that was an SDL baby. These guys have never achieved anything on their own, just claiming credit for projects done by the previous govt.

Anonymous said...

Saravi ga na mata ni meke....sa voleka ni laga nai otioti ni qaqana......

Anonymous said...

I dont watch Tv so on one level dont particularly give a fark

But on another level i am so fucking furious mad u cant believe.

I will defend the right of my fellow citizens to have their say.

Come Sunday and Fiji TV is off air then we can expect the people of Fiji to protest. I expect university students to be the first to show some form of protest.
Maybe not.

The women of Fiji, maybe, if they have no more shortland street.

Actually, for Aiyaz, this is a win-win strategy. Fiji TV goes down and no protest, he will know what a bunch of total pussies Fijians are. He can show the army, look at this, you have nothing to fear from these usless low life cowed people.

If there should be some protest, then shut down the roadmap.

See, win-win.

This is the last nail in the coffin as far as I am concerned. i dont give a fuck with what they try to sell, stick it up you bum, interim scum.

Anonymous said...

Na cava so e kaya tiko na idia se mosulami oqori. Sa viavialevu dina na gusuna. Ni tu cake mai na noda, sa gauna mo ni vala, kua tale tiko na vosa.Kaium ga sa cicivaka tiko na nonda vanua.Sa sega ni rogo tiko ko Bai.Ni kakua na vakatara me so tale na lawa me bulia. E ka ni vakamadua me mai lewai kemuni tu e dua na musolomani.Ni tu cake !!!

Anonymous said...

I hope they DO pull the plug on Fiji Tv so the idiot analysts at the foreign high commissions and embassies can see the reality as opposed to the rhetoric. ASK has to be the arsehole of the century.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Aiyaz you are encouraging investors from overseas to come and Invest in Fiji and than screw them with your funny Decrees ,investors be aware I lost a few hundred grand in Fiji

Anonymous said...

Dr Goebbels is alive and well in Fiji.Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil!Long live the Reich of Bai and Ask.
And-oh-why was Faiz Khan not wearing a sulu in Bua?-Why only ASK?--maybe ASK wanted to show his Balls !Faiz Khan left his Balls in the Northern Club.

Anonymous said...

C4.5, why dont you cut and past the section you quote out of the gazette, otherwise u just bullshiting and stirring.

You want us to believe that every decree must end with, you cant take us to court.

We now live in a nightmare

Anonymous said...

Kaloumaira, maybe you will be down on Sunday, then so be it.

If you receive your licence sometime between now and Sunday, shut down Sunday anyway.

Anonymous said...

There is no fredom of media in fiji.

Anonymous said...

Riyaz is smarter than losers like mahen chor badka, rajesh chor kuta, kamal kala kutia and other chor FLP/ NFP indians - at least he respects all Fijians unlike these opportunists - Fiji needs young dynamic blood like Riyaz, not impotent indian wannabe leaders.

Decreeness said...

C'mon Kaiyum where's transparency and fairplay you've been preaching?

Anonymous said...

Print media decree about to come out. Watch out Fiji Times!

Anonymous said...

@ Afzal

Sa dina sara. Oqo kaibiti sa kila vata, reh. Same same tautauvata kedega.

Gata ruarua oqo na people. Iske bahut Age piche yaar. Sa kitaka coup Bavadra, Qarase. Maro uske gaar, ab kabiti hai. kabiti sako maro kabiti gaar.

Kabiti maro Kaibiti.

Uske Lotu, Vanua, Uske matanitu ek dam Gaad fatge.

U prayer karta Sunday, tab lotu lotu. Aur Monday to Saturday iske chor aur coup aur gaar maro karta.

Bahut karab reh....

Anonymous said...

We don't need a licence to gather. We just gather!

We don't need a licence to march. We just march!

We don't need a licence to defend our rights. We just do it!

Bring lawyers, guns and money.

Pack a lunch, weapon, water, and a medicine kit.

Bring a hat, bat, sunglasses, camera, whistle, the kids, and the old man.

Carry signs, flowers, knives, and important phone numbers.

Wear comfortable shoes. Be ready to move, to gather, to move some more, and to regather again.

Make your peace with God.

Tell your talatala.

Urge your chief, family and neighbours to join.

But whether as one or as many, let's be ready. Resolve once and for all to defend our rights and to defend Fiji!

Anonymous said...

So this arrogant Aiyazhole without consultation with anybody just makes whatever Law he wants to make for the benefit of his family and his friends.

WTF is FIRCA doing?

This would be the height of corruption wouldn't it?
And he dares to call others corrupt SDL, FLP, Fiji TV & Others.
What Arrogance!

Can't the President Nailatikau see what this arsehole is doing? Why does Nailatikau keep signing those decrees?
Surely the President cant be so dumb? Or is he?

Why are you so dumb Mr President?
Why do you sell your people for a few silver coins?

What the hell does FIRCA stand for anyway?
Cant they see how corrupt this arsehole is? Why aren't they charging him?

And how dumb are the stupid soldiers and the stupid ministers in Cabinet?

Don't you Ministers have any moral fibre left in your body?
This is shameful behaviour.
So Aiyaz has shut your mouths with money huh?

What the hell are you stupid soldiers waiting for?
The people are suffering and you stupid soldiers have switched your brains off.

Yes , like I said from the beginning, you soldiers are so dumb and stupid .

You soldiers are so stupid you no longer know what is right and what is wrong.
You have the brain of a 1 year old baby. Because two year old babies know what is right and what is wrong.
Whereas you dumb Fijian soldiers have sold your souls to the devil for a few siver coins.
Honestly you are all pathetic.
Instead of fighting for what is RIGHT, you go and support Evil. You soldiers are supporting CORRUPTION.
You supporting the CORRUPT Aiyaz Khaiyum and the evil Bainimarama.
You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Nai lavo ni taura tiko qori ena vakatawayaga taka na Kalou.

Ena tawayaga nomuni bula vakavuvale.
Tawayaga nomuni bula vaka ilavo.
Tawayaga o ira na luvemuni.
Vei ka kece ni tara ena vakatawayagataka kece na Kalou.

Dikeva sara vakamatua na nomu bula kei na nodra bula o ira ni sotia vata tiko, o na raica ni dina kece na ka au tukuna tiko qo.
E na vakatawayagataka kece na Kalou

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

ASK- Why are you destroying the fijian business/culture.
This land been given to fijians by god.
we indians were happy to work with our fijian chiefs and people in the past and present.
Khaiyum you are destroying all the trust that been built by our grand fathers and families with fijians.
Pls stop all this JHINA politics.
We will suffer in fiji . you will runaway with your loot to hong kong with your families/cronies.
I dont support anything the regime and you do idiot.
Its time we indians and fijian combine and get rid of this idiots baini/khaiyum and cronies.


Anonymous said...

@3.39pm Jun 27, If u can't speak or write proper Fijian, please don't bother, you just gave me a headache trying to make out ur point...

Anonymous said...

Frank and Khaiyum .
why dont you guys go hang yourselves and save fiji been another uganda.

Anonymous said...

Election will be the end for the cronies. And that's why Fiji will have no election for long time to come. They have shown how to make change .... Coup!

Anonymous said...

Riaz and Khaiyum have ripped fiji off with his mates john con man prasad/robert khan so go f them. .mpc/nfp/others are true leaders didnt come in fiji with armies coup.
mpc/others were voted in by people.
who voted khaiyum /riaz/baini maichodo.

Anonymous said...

Isoa is more educated than chor khaiyum brothers.

Anonymous said...

regime will just want fijitv and other media to promote the illegal regime .
Fiji tv keep the balance reporting up.
god bless you guys.
keep the fight for free media .
who the f is khaiyum and his tp bs decree.
if i have my way i will hang this khaiyum in open ground.
he should be hanged for treason with his puppet baini/others.
thats why they want to change 1997 constitution.
they scared to be charged for treason under 1997 constitution.
how long you will run one day you will be caught.
keep the fight and god bless.
ps people can say what ever they want.
i dont take it personally bec i am not a chor hahaha.
prove me with documents if you think i am a chor mate.
pls have guts to put your name dont be a lamusona.

Anonymous said...

Ni rogoca vinaka na noda.Na veika me baleti keda a sa bulia oti tu na Turaga Rt. Sukuna ka sa maroroi keda vinaka tu mai.Oqo sa mai basuraka ga e dua vei keda ka biuta na kena vei lawa eso me da rairai vulagi tale kina.O ira na tukada, tamada so sara yali yani era lako yani e na i valu me taqomaki kina na noda vanua.So era tagi ni ra rere, so era sega ni kila vinaka na vosa vakavavalagi,ia era lako tu e na kaci ni noda vanua me baleti keda.Kalouca ni vuqa vei ira oqori sa ra sega ni lesu bula tale mai.Ni oti nai valu kedrai sau ga na mataiva,sele kei nai sivi.E ra sega ni okata me dua soti na ka, meda bula ga ka maroroi na lewei viti.Oqo ni bau sagai me tosoi cake yani noda bula vakailavo nai taukei kei Rotuma me vaka na qoliqoli,Fiji T.V kei na so tale qai tukuni ni veivakaduidui taki.Sa qai buli tale na veilawa me vakarerea na noda bula nai taukei.Sa volai oti na lawa ni rawa ni da vakamatei sara kevaka eda saqata na matanitu oqo.Sa volai talega ni sega ni dua na mataveilewai se soqosoqo cava ga me rawa ni saqata na vakatulewa nei AIYAZ ena kena vakavoui na laiseni ni TV. Oqo eda raica ni
o AIYAZ duadua ga sa lewai Viti tiko e na gauna oqo. Na nona kaukauwa e tiko i ra na Peresitedi,Mataveilewai sa qai sega sara ni via kilai ira na turaga bale ni noda vanua.Na vei sasaga kece sara me baleti keda nai taukei e saqata ka qai vesuka tu na nodra mona ena so na veivakatorocaketaki lalai ko ni raica tiko. Vei kemuni na noda sotia, sega beka ni mosi nio ni raici ira na nomuni ratu,nau,tacimuni ni vesu tu na ligadra kei na yavadra e na loma ni dua na ba ka ra qai tagici kemuni ni ra via bula ko ni qai vakanadakui ira. Sa sovaraki tale yani e matamuni na siliva mo ni mataboko tikoga kina. Oqori nai vadi ca nei AIYAZ me da na i vakarawa tu ga kina ni ka ena veigauna.Ni yadra ka raica na veivanua e veiyasai vuravura be ra vakalolomataki tu kina na i taukei dina.Oqo sa mai lewai keda tu e dua na na tamata sega ni vola kawa bula vei keda ka basuraka na veika e da dau vakamareqeta nai taukei dina.
Rui vakaloloma dina.

Anonymous said...

What are these people in cabinet doing they seem to all fear Khaiyum as he has a free hand in whatever he wants to do. Filipe Bole, Inoke Kubuabola were once advocates of taukei rights in the Taukei Movement. Cava sa manati kemudrau, Jiko Luveni useless money face woman, kemuni taucoko ni sa beitaki kei na nomuni kawa ni o ni volitaki keda. Keimami na sega ni guilecava na i Taukei na ka oni sa tokona tu qo ka keimami na dau makataki kemuni tiko kei ira na nomuni kawa ena veigauna mai muri.

Anonymous said...

Musolomani / Idia era tamata kaisi, lolovira. O keda na itaukei e dodonu me da sa yadra ena gauna oqo.

Anonymous said...

Where is the proof that the Khaiyum/Bani ripped Fiji off - Rajesh put your money where your mouth is and come to Fiji and proof it.Ratu Mara - we still waiting for your proof.At least Victor Lal exposed MPC ( the great Indian Leader) with facts.There is more proof of Rajesh and Mara being con artists than Bani and Aiaz.

Francis and Padoo.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh@8.58am - i really admire you, you have been alleged of theft to gay lover boy but you still write with such passion.
However,despite my admiration,you are an opportunist who was got kicked by frank,Lai and mahen.You all are the same, we need young blood with clean slate.

Anonymous said...

lets all get together and screw the country,as no one seems to be bothered ,make it into a kaiviti country before being given to BRITAIN ,thats where Bai is taking us,future for our children NIL ,future for all SOTIA when they get old and start limping NIL ,you all will die on the streets of suva because no paisa ,no fnpf,no doctors,no airpacific,only listen to FBC,

Anonymous said...

Bhaiya mera Bhaiya Sanjeev Pal ,i got few cheques that BOUNCED back from the Bank for the grog you got from me at suva market,its a small amount $200-00 ,Bhaiya paisa bhej do .SANJEEV PAL you have drank the grog by now so i need the money mere BHAIYA
suva market

Anonymous said...

Has Neel Chor Sharma been charged today with his cronies,any news anyone please???

Anonymous said...

Kemuni na noda!

Eda sa vakaloloma taki.

Kivei kemuni na noda sotia kei na ovisa!

Sa qai vinaka beka vei kemuni me:

1. Da sa vaqitori ka vakaisini tu vakaoqo?
2. Sa lewa na ka kecega o Khaiyum, wili kina na nodra vakacakacaka taki vakiloa na muslims e Viti?, ka sa toroa cake na nodra viavia levu kei na qaciqacia?
3. Me sa vakalaboca vakadua na kawa i taukei kei na kena veiliutakai vakaturaga vakavanua?
4. Sa vakatarai ka volitaki na noda lewa vakavanua me baleta na noda qele..o koya a valataka vakaukauwa na Turaga talai sa bale.
5. Sa vo ga qo me sa na mai bai paodi taki na noda dui veikoro, na kena qele kei na i qoliqoli, baleta ni sa na sega ni sauma rawa na matanitu na dinau kei na kena i kere, ka wili kina na vei yalayala eso era sa vakayacora oti (vakaivola se sega) vei ira na dau ni bisinisi mai Idia, China, matanitu vakaarapea eso etc.
6. Sa qai sivia ga mai na kena vaka Idia taki na noda vanua. Sa gole mai na Bollywood kei na kena vei tabana kece sara, ka me sa qai kari wavoki ga na noda vanua lomani o Viti. Sa cuqena tiko vakaukauwa na matanitu na vaka Idia qo.
7. E vaka o ni sa mataboko tu, baleta ni sa vesu tu na nomuni mona ena vei ka e sa mai yaco, ia sa vaka me tini botoilevu tiko mai, baleta na vei yalayala eso me baleta na vei vakasavasava taki e sa sega tiko ni vakavotukana taki rawa. O ni sa kila sara tiko ga o kemuni na kena dina.
8. Na noqu kerekere mo ni veisau vakatotolo, de na qai yaco na vala, kau sa na via tukuna rawa tiko yani qo, baleta na kai Viti ena vakamatea tale na Kai Viti; erau na veivakamatei na vei tacini, na veitamani, na veivugoni etc.

Ke dua vei keda na i taukei se kemuni na sotia kei na ovisa e vinaka tiko vua na ka e sa cakava tiko qo o Khaiyum me sa Vakamusolamani taki ka VakaiIdia taki vakatotolo na noda Viti lomani, na kena kawa tamata, na kena vakaturaga, na kena lotu kei na kena veiwekani, ia sa rairai leqa tiko beka na koro turaga.

E so vei keimami na kai Viti, e keimami cata na e cakava tiko o Khaiyum, vakauasivi ni sa galu tiko vakadede na i liuliu ni vuaviri, o koya e dodonu me vosa tiko...baleta e rairai sa sega ni rawa nai naki taumada, ni sa qai levu ga na duka.

O i sa saka na KAI VITI.

Anonymous said...

making personal attack is no good.
Aunty bano has all the prove.
Why is aunty bano paying ministers salary that is self prove enough.
why no audit reports since 2006-2011-that the prove.
why frank was paid 200k in leave pay.
why no tender for road works.
all jobs given niam/china railway on 3 times the price.
how much salary paid to khaiyum/baini.
publish all this and than go get your evidece and prove me that i am a chor.
I will wait for your response.
Have the gut put your name dont be lamu.

Anonymous said...

Ocei na tawa cili ka sa tucake doudou tu e Viti nikua ena deladra na noda Turaga kei na Marama Bale ka sa mai vakatulewataka tu oqo na vanua me mua kina na noda vanua. Dua e se qai sucu ga enanoa, sega ni volai ena vola kawa bula ka sega nona dela ni yavu ena vanua qo.Qori o Kaiyumu na luveni Musolomani ka sa mai valujta tale tiko ga na lotu ka vakararamataka na vanua oqo. Sa mosimosi dina na veika sa yaco tiko qo.

Anonymous said...

They change the band width of the radio stations to favour FBC and now Fiji TV because of his brothers FBC

Koi Yasayasa said...

You all useless, big mouth idiots.Want to sound threatening, but you are all pussys. Don't threat anyone or try to be a tough guy by planning for a hyperthetical operations. Why use this blog? If you want to do something or do an operations, why sound your plan in this blog. You do it and we will see as who will have the last laugh. Not you.

You anon June 27, 2012 4:27 PM, you are just a pussy like your kai vata.

Who gives a damn about Fiji Tv when it is the biggest source of sinful aspirations of children. Sex is freely shown using the rights to freedom of the media. Gays, Lesbians are treated as having equal rights with straight men and women, what craps.

At least we have the FBC that I can watch with my children and grand children.

Close of the Fiji TV; it the source and causes for rapes, murder, child molestion, and all.

Kai Yasayasa.

Anonymous said...

what is the cost to upgrade fbcl/tv.
Robert khan was supplying equipments to fbcl on high prices and made millions.
deny this mf.conman riaz/khaiyum/robert./john.
dont worry all the invoices are intact.
once elected govt come.
get ready for court case/prison cell.
why it cost 22 million .
when normal cost was 8 million.
where is tender documents for construction .
who took the nz contractor to fiji -robert khan.
god is not blind .
you all get ready for naboro soon.

Anonymous said...

Ni tu cake mada na noda tagane kei Viti.Na kai musolamani oqori ena dro.Kemuni na sotia ni tu lo ga oqori mai loma, ni dodoka mai na nomuni dakai, sa kena gauna oqo.Sa evei ko Bai? ko ni bau kila tu se sa tu evei ko koya??????????

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is the current PM-Bai is
dead as a door nail in a chinese
Hospital and the longer he's not
in Fiji, the faster Khaiyum will
gain power. Where is Mosese4 Tikoitoga,Leweni,Tikoduadua,Teleni
and other military colonels? They
seems to have disappered at the sametime? Khaiyum seems to be the
only one running the show and is
acting like the only power in the country? Something is wrong!We need
someone to investigate! The Supreme
court was torched last week-footprint of Khaiyum the terrorist.
Will he touch the Fiji Times,I don't think so? They are part of this frauds & deception.

The Heckler said...

Hey, Grandma Koi Yasayasa! They're showing sex on Fiji TV? Which program? I don't want to miss that one!

I think you've just given me a reason to fight for keeping Fiji TV!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:04, your homophobia is pretty ludicrous, considering that the regime you support, and that is threatening to close Fiji TV, is propped up by a ring of RFMF sodomists. Moreover, its acting president, whenever Nailatikau is away, is Anthony Gates, a flaming pooftah, and he isn't even a Fijian citizen!

Anonymous said...

The president is the peoples representative.

He already told us straight, he works for the people.

If the people want to change the government, then show youselves.

He knows if 50 thousand people all individually walk down to Nasese and enter government house compound, he will not turn us away.

No weapons off any kind. Just peacefull gathering and lie down and pray if they want to remove us and imprison us.

If they hurt one hair on anybodies head, then the people of Fiji will stay home for a day of prayer.

All the Christians , instead of gatherying at Church this Sunday, gather at Government House gardens and pray at the symbolic center of government of Fiji.

Christians can do this, but be assured there will be none, because there are no Christians in Fiji.

just self centered, self serving, cowards.

Who should be first? Off duty army and police who love their country.
Catholics who want for Frank to show some moderation?

Methodists, who claimed the streets for Sunday ban, but now know that our freedoms are worth more than silly Sunday ban?

Muslims who may be concerned by backlash from the leadership of Khaiyum and his inner circle?

Europeans who have been 100% lumped together as regime supporters ?

There are a lot of people who need to show the President that they are not happy with our affairs of State.

Anonymous said...

As we get closer to constitutional talks and elections decrees are coming thick and fast that basically say, they can do whatever they fucking like and fuck you.

Now how easy will it be to not have elections for some reason, and then we wake up from this pleasant ficitional dream about constitutional change and elections that has been running past 3 years.

We then realise we live in a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

@ Koi (or is it Kai) 6:04PM

From your comment it suggests that you are perhaps the biggest source of sinful aspirations to children due to your warped imagination.

If you do not want to watch a TV channel that gives your overimaginative brain such thoughts switch it off.

Anonymous said...

Watch this space...Tappoos - kaiyums incestous buddies are angling for control of Fiji TV...wait and see

Vutu Lucky said...

aqo bainimarama sa sega rawa moqe, aunty Nur sa deposit oti na millions ike overseas bank account. The kaiyum and tappoo family are running the show behind frank. they're sharing spoils from the coup in the media industry.

Anonymous said...

Why does not the regime reveal how much has been deposited in the flood appeal. Some indian families in the Nawaka district still have not received any food rations or clothes from the regime. The soldiers acting has if they are God and choose who should receive assistance.

Dominick said...

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