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Monday, June 11, 2012

SDL and UPP pick off Tikoitoga 'arguments'

Political volleying continues over the legitimacy of the 1997 Constitution with the deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, describing as absurd Mosese Tikoitoga's recent comment that SDL, FLP, NFP and UPP are wasting their time in pushing for its return.

Qarase says not even legal experts, including Chief Justice Anthony Gates, have been able to dismiss the legal standing of the 1997 Constitution, quoting the now much quoted:  

“It is not possible for any man to tear up the Constitution. He has no authority to do so. The Constitution remains in place until amended by Parliament, a body of elected members who collectively represent all of the voters and inhabitants of Fiji. The fundamental law represented in a constitutional document may only be changed in accordance with that Constitution.”

Qarase says the finding was much the same in the case L. Qarase & others vs J.V. Bainimarama & others - where the Fiji Court of Appeal ruled on 9th April, 2009 that the military coup on December 5 in 2006 was illegal and that the 1997 Constitution is still in place.
As well as threatening media teams who give right of reply to political parties, the regime has been working hard to quash the widespread belief the Constitution is a living document.

Qarase says Tikoitoga has obviously forgotten the regime itself once declared upholding the 1997 Constitution was a priority and that even the People’s Charter refers to the Constitution as remaining the supreme law of Fiji.

Qarase says: "Unless and until the 1997 Constitution is repealed in accordance with its provisions then it must be accepted that the Constitution is still in place."

He says Tikoitoga’s recent statement amounts to interference in the work of the Constitutional Commission.

"The Commission must be given the freedom to receive all submissions presented by the people of Fiji. To ignore and reject submissions to the Commission simply because the Government does not like them would be quite wrong and unethical. It would also undermine the integrity and credibility of the constitutional process."

Qarase also says assertions of vote-rigging and election fraud in the 2006 general elections have become a favourite ploy of the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

He says the 2006 poll was the most scrutinized in Fiji’s political history. 

"A large number of international, regional and local observer groups carefully studied every aspect of it. They all declared that the elections were free and fair, although acknowledging that there was room for improvement in some of the organisational procedures."

Qarase says of the 71 seats contested in 2006, legal action to challenge results was brought only in two constituencies. One was dismissed by the courts, while the other was withdrawn.

The UPP President Mick Beddoes is, meanwhile, calling on Tikoitoga to exercise ‘restraint and to calm down’ after his threat of military might against citizens.

Beddoes says he would expect such threats to be used against an invading force of some sort, but not against a handful of unarmed citizens, expressing their opinions about what they want in this constitutional process.

He says Tikoitoga's threat to use a fully armed five thousand plus military against a handful of ‘politicians and women from various NGO’s at the recent Woman’s Forum' shows the regime fears the return of democracy.

Beddoes says people should remember that ‘the quest for courage is a journey within’ and people must exercise courage because:  ‘To allow our enemy of the moment to frighten us into actions that violate our core values, then we will have lost some essential faith in ourselves as good, courageous and generous people’.

"The past we cannot change, the future is unpredictable, but the here and now is all we have to put in place the steps that we must to pave the way and help lift up our people from a life of hopelessness, poverty & depression, to a life of hope, freedom and prosperity."


Anonymous said...

Mr Chaudary, Mr Qarase and Mr Beddoes....how can you continue to advocate that the 1997 constitution is still alive and effective when all you did during your tenure in Parliament were to promote racial and gender discriminations.
To you Mr LQ, how many Indians were promoted to hold senior appointment in your government? Why were all the Lauans promoted instead, of the other qualified and meritorious professionals from the other province.
And to your MC, why were these senior posts allocated to the Indians and the Fijians who had these posts were demoted.
Is this how you interpret the 1997 constitution? Come on; let’s have some new leaders who can exercise leadership.
And you Mr Beddoes, you are pathetic, and wanted to act smart and educated. You don’t have the charisma and quality to be an opposition leader. All you do is harp against thunder............

Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes is a political idiot and a shadow of his father, Ted. Most Kailoma are embarrassed by this guy. Stick to the tourist industry, Mick. Because you're not that good at your day job to start thinking again about national leadership. Your attack on Graham Davies in the Sun was a joke. To say that an alliance between the SDL, Labour and the UPP is no different from the alliance between the Greens and Labor in Australia or the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in the UK is complete rubbish. Labour and the SDL couldn't be more far apart. Yet their leaders, Chaudhry and the Lai-er, are happy to go to bed with each other if it gives them any advantage at all. Fijians aren't stupid and will see through such a gimmick. Try again, Mick.

Little pussy tikoitoga said...

Bend over you big mouth military thug tikoitonga - you just copped one up your rear end moron! go run to your mummy you little pussy!

Anonymous said...

haahaahaa..Tikoitoga should just shut his bloody mouth if he wants the international community to give credibility to their illegal constitutional process..and what a laugh it is to see an idiot like him and his cohorts..Bai and Kaiyum try to define what a lawful constitution is..no way.. one cannot just invent a way of forming a new constitution without a parliment..haahaa..I cant stop laughing at some illegal wannabe's..

Anonymous said...

I believe Qarase has very well responded to continuing claims by Aiyarse and others that the results of the 2006 elections won by SDL were questionable. As usual there is no evidence by Aiyarse to support this claim. It was the most scrutinised elections in the history of Fiji. Apart from the fact that from the total of 71 seats, only two challenges were recorded, One was later withdrawn and the other resolved by the court.

Anonymous said...

The correct legal course of action is to recall parliament, debate it and with a 2/3rds majority amend it. Simple - what is the problem?

Anonymous said...

Why cant this simple thing get into their dumd heads.
Qarase and chaudhary are history and 1997 constituition will not come back.
The blog owner can publish such anti Baini and can please a few hundred.
The fact is there are many thousands who support Baini.

Anonymous said...

Those 'thousands' have been duped. Any intellingent thinking person can see Fiji has gone to the dogs.

Mrs Mosese Tikoitoga said...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Key Fiji Military Figures are Sexual Predators
Fiji is safe, assures Col Tikoitoga but his health is not safe from major heart attack, and neither was his secretary from the sexual predator


Dictator Frank Bainimarama’s lackey and RFMF Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga has assured Fiji is safe despite the recent hiccups caused by the Methodist Church. He said the impasse created by the Methodist Church does not have any international impact. “What we are doing here is looking after the welfare of the Fijian population,” he said.

Tikoitoga claimed that the illegal government he is propping up is not doing this to attract any international sympathy, rather doing it merely because the illegal government thinks the right thing needs to be done for the population of Fiji.

“I know it will be misconstrued by international organisations and international media but we need to do this not for them but the public of Fiji,” he said.

Tikoitoga said the government will continue to persist that the right thing is done for the people of Fiji. And, the Methodist Church is crushed to the ground.

What Tikoitoga has not told the world, least of all, to the rank-and-file military foot soldiers under his command that like his “cassava patch dasher” and coward boss, Tikoitoga is also suffering from heart problems, and was last year admitted to hospital for treatment. He is living on borrowed times.

Scandalously, while Tikoitoga is claiming that the military is acting against the Methodist Church to protect the population of Fiji, highly reliable military officers close to him, are alleging that Tikoitoga was recalled to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks because, while serving as Commissioner Central in Nausori, he had made his private secretary pregnant.

Anonymous said...

@ 6.42pm..How many thousands exactly when Ive asked several thousands..taxu drivers..bus drivers..shop owners..and all they say is this illegal government is no good..they like to do things in a hurry and all business are slack..fiji dollar to weak against other major currencies..Food prices have gone up and theres no jobs..in fact people just cant wait for the elections and they have had enough of all the bullshit that comes out of Bai and Kaiyums stinking mouths..

Anonymous said...

All the supporters of the coup are sick when told of the truth because it HURTS..Simple.... that is why they just dont want to hear from LQ,MC & MB. Sadly they cant offer solutions because whatever path they choose are all illegal.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:12pm said it all for me, we elected idiots its the reason why we still in the situation we in but best of all where were thses voices all thsi time? Bainimarama has almost completed all his agendas and now we have the toothless dogs barking to warn the owners that a thief has already come into our homes stole everything-so wht do we do vote them back in?

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:42pm...Good observation,you're right about Qarase&Chaudhry continueing nit picking.Why can't they wait to see what Professor Ghai has to offer in his first draft of the constitution before they come up with their ideas? Don't they know
that professor Ghai is a constitutional expert? He can read-you know! Why don't they seek his opinion first before they open their food-holes? I voted for Qarase the last time, but after this recent act of stupidity combined with his previous inability to stop the 2006 coup may
now forced me, to move my support to someone else, who has the smart to move us forward!

Anonymous said...

Beddoes sound quite statesman like
maybe we should let him lead the country and make some overdue changes?

mark manning said...

If Australians winged and bitched about how many indigenous Members of Parliament there were and were not, how many women there were and were not, how many Indians there were and were not, how many gays there were and were not, we'd never have a fucking Parliament.
Get over it you idiots, your Parliament is simply representative of the people who sat for election !

Anonymous said...

It is fair to say that no matter how much kiss-asses of the illegal regime like Graham (cicitaki) Davis and others put down leaders of SDL, FLP and UPP, Qarase, Chaudhry and Beddoes remain the people's choice for leadership in Fiji. The 1997 constitution is still the living legal document of Fiji as ruled by the Int Court of Appeals, far superior to any of the flimsy decrees which the illegal regime has constructed and which will come down like a house of cards once the people of Fiji have their vote at any election. The army should not be feared, they are a cancer that needs to be removed.

Anonymous said...

Baini's message to the Queen? what a joke, coming from an illegal Dictator. I'm sure her Majesty does not even recognise him. While outside the commonwealth he should keep quiet. He does not represent the people of Fiji and his pathetic utterances are mute, just like those of his cohorts, i-arse and tikoisona!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:42, you're full of it. If what you say is true, then the regime wouldn't fear having an election now, would it? You're just like Aiyaz, thinking that your saying it's so makes it so -- the height of arrogance.

The 1997 Constitution lives until the people of Fiji decide it is history, and until then, to say it is dead is treason. Send us your name, and we'll provide you your personalised rope. You can then go hang yourself in the privacy of your own home, or wait to be hanged on scaffolding in Albert Park -- your choice.

Anonymous 6:41 is right. If the regime has so much support, it could simply do the legal thing, which is to amend the Constitution following constitutional procedure.

Tikoitoga is a bloody disgrace. He's even a bigger idiot than Driti, which I hardly thought possible. And his end will be worse than Driti's. He wants to play the Big Man? He'll have the chance to put his manliness to the test. My bet is he'll blubber like a baby -- not that that will win him any clemency for his treason.

I knew Ted Beddoes. He has every reason to be proud of Mick, especially for speaking out aganist the traitors in our midst.

Graham Davis and the Fiji Sun are the jokes. Anonymous 5:32, why don't you write for the Grubsheet, not C4.5, because Graham Davis needs all of the readership he can get. Maybe you already do (wink). Davis and Croz Walsh are losing readership because they spill a lot of ink interviewing each other, but when directly challenged by Dakuwaqa, they never have a response.

Finally, Anonymous 5:12, the Constitution is not voided or negated by the alleged leadership failings of individual men or women, any more than it can be by thugs toting guns. Don't like Lai, Mahen or Mick? Very well, vote them out. Prefer Frank? Vote him in, if you're that stupid. But try to install any of them using extraconstitutional means, and you, too, will qualify for a personalised rope.

Anonymous said...

Dina says..

Tikoitoga why don't you take your bloody military people back to barracks and stay there. You should be taking orders from an elected govt idiot and NOT the other way round.

sa vavaku mai na nomuni ulukau kei na viavialevu...talking from your rear, more like it.

Do you have children? what do you tell them, teach them...lies, lies and nothing but lies. One day you will regret what you have been uttering.

We the Fiji people are fed up with your army brain washing learnt from Frank and Aiyaz & Naz Shameem..meee.

Go do something useful for yourself and shut your lasa-i-tuba big mouth.

why don't you, frank,. aiyaz, shameems, iowane naivalurua etc stand for election and call yourseld military party. lets see your real supporters . be a man and stop talking and thrteatening people with guns....lamu sona. luveni kawa ca o iko..kawa ni dau butako.

well said sdl, labour, nfp...

Anonymous said...

Anon@5:12 and 5:32!

You guys just can't read beneath the lines to fully grasp how the merits in the given statement by the legal PM of Fiji had deduced a rationale which props up ethics, legtimacy, crediblity and good governance.
The counter arguments within the statement by the legal PM of Fiji was espoused by a body of legal fundamental principles or established precedents (the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of Fiji)by which the military regime is currently indirectly governing.
When one analyses Tikoitoga's statement, which I presume you guys support, one can discern that it lacks credibility, ethics and rationale, since it is flooded with emotional overtones, and as such lacks reasonings.
I was also wondering why this illegal government is not using its illegal PS for Information, because she is the official mouth piece of this illegal government!!
Why use Tikoitoga and his uniform?

Remember this - this illegal government, and all its croonies have lost the cause! and every court of law in this universe, including the Hague will find them guilty with the maximum penalty. Credibility has been lost, hence it is an illegitimate regime with no goals or stated objectives. Every country and institution including the UN, Nato, the Commonwealth of Nations etc know that the Fiji judiciary and its operating system are rigged...even China knows.
In that regards, please be informed that every country and major institution in the world also know that the 2014 electoral commissioning and boundary definitions are also highly rigged, hence unconstitutional...please guys do the obvious and throw in the towel now..so that your fines may be lighter and consequently less stress and worries for your families and friends.


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has recently approved the Chinese to build a Cement Factory here
Also Iron Ore Extraction Factory
And Dalo Factory

No one gave this clown the right to go and sell Fiji to the Chinese, so why is he doing it?

Are Fijian soldiers really so dumb that they can't see what this guy is doing to their country?

He is selling your country and you don't have any say in it and you won't see any profit either.

I think its time for all of us to resist.
Fiji TV should ignore Khaiyum and just broadcast whatever they believ is best for our country.
Methodisy Church should just go ahead and meet. Don't need permit from these wannabe arseholes.
SDL and FLP should just meet and discuss whatever they want to discusss.

Forget these arseholes in the Army. They are too stupid.
They can't seem to think for themselves
And they don't seem to know what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.
To these stupid soldiers if Bainimarama says it's right then its right. If Bainimarama says its wrong then its wrong.
Too stupid. Cant think for themselves.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anonymous 6.42pm

You must be out of your mind. Fiji is highly literate and the people understand the calibre of people that should be leading them, not a form 4 dropout who can't even pronounce a simp0le english sentence.

Anonymous said...

The military is going be there before, during and after 2014. It will be the ultimate guarantor of the changes Bainimarama is making. A lot of people here won't like that. But the country can hardly complain after the disaster of 2000 and the madness of Qarase in pushing the racial agenda he did. It's time some of 4.5's readers woke up to the truth. Spewing out hatred against the FFMF is like pissing into the wind. It just splashes back on you. Live with the reality in Fiji or go overseas or overseas and get on with your new lives. You're not going to get what you want.

Anonymous said...

1997 constitution is a living document.
the govt of baini and khaiyum is illegal.
just follow the court ruling if you want fiji to move forward.
army should go back to the barrack and let the elected mp debate on the constitution not the army and illegal govt.
let cj gate tell the public if the constitution is still alive as he did is his ruling before and 2009 appeal court did rule.
no one can throw out the 1997 constitution.
so let rejoice and support the 1997 constitution.
army and khaiyun can tell us that 1997 constitution is gone.
we are law abiding people not coup makers guys.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a public debate at albert park.
Let the public be the judge.
We get oversea panel of judges.
We will see who are true leaders and we want all auditors reports to be published and given to fiji public.
How much loan fiji owes to china.india,malaysia /others.
how much salary is paid to each ministers.
Lets get the judges who gave the court ruling have a debate with khaiyum /mosese and gates in public.
we the people of fiji will than decide .
let see if these leaders will take up the challenge.

Anonymous said...

mpc wanted the charter and one man one vote?
now we have the mess created by the army thugs.
mpc pls explain why you wanted one man one vote system?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

disband the army girls coup makers.
no gun no coup .
sent them to the villages to plant taro and kava.
we dont need army in fiji they are a disgrace to its country and people.

Anonymous said...

The army should not have any direct role in the constitutional governance of any country. Tikoitoga is an idiot so it'll be hard for him to understand.

Anonymous said...

As the heat turns up rationale starts to wither resulting in tikotoga's nonsense diatribe. Reality is staring them in their faces and it does not look good at all. So, much threats and machoistic talks is becoming common from these thugs who are sensing imminent danger looming as the election countdown begins. Whatever happens we must continue fighting for our freedom from this dictatorship bondage.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you give someone like Qarase a hand, he takes the whole arm!..lol...

Thug said...

We should be grateful that this thug Tigoitoga reminds us that we do not live in wonderland. We live in a banana republic governed by a bunch of gun toting thieves. If this loud mouth is already feeling threatened by a few mildly critical works about the role of the military in Fiji, how can there be any meaningful discussion on the way forward. The military will 'oversee' the constitutional process and the elections? What does this mean? Controlling the outcome, protecting the interests of the military, or protecting the current regime of Khaiyum? Are we allowed to say that the military is a cancer that has almost destroyed our society? Are we allowed to question the current practices of non disclosure of anything? Eventually, even an intellectually challenged man such as Tigoitoga can sense that the future does not look too bright for him and the other thugs trampling on the citizens of this country. The constitutional discussion is hard to control completely. For the process to have any credibility somebody must be allowed to talk. There it is, the big dilemma for the thugs. Once the can is opened, its odious contents spill all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga speaks nearly on every issue these days simply because he ain't got anything worthwhile to do. What a waste on tax payers money.He is a mere loose canon without any live bullet rounds -Just a lot of smoke,noise,smell and shit to show the nutcase in this bastard. Go clean up your mess and pay your "water bills" in the Commissioner Central's Office, you SOB before you poke your dirty noise on national issues. We need no advice from a "kawaca" like yourself - Go redeem yourself you saqamua.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...now Voceke and his thugs are feeling the heat,eh, and it is irritating them...'One-way command' is different from running a democratic government, you sick man..he he!! Whichever way you cook it Voceke's masipolo, the 1997 Constitution is still the legal document of Fiji, and will again be contested in a court of law, when democracy returns, and you are in jail.
Sing it fellas.."The Heat Is On."

Anonymous said...

I have just returned to Fiji after two years away. It is so sad - there is so little money circulating and so few jobs. There is a guy called Tikoitoga making political speechs. He is a civil servant being paid by the tax payers. Since when were civil servants allowed to make political speechs. I assume he will be reprimanded and maybe lose his job. His superior will not allow such behaviour.

Anonymous said...

While you all are bagging Tikoitoga, this man is intelligent and far more rounded than Driti (seems like some bloggers have forgotton the goon of 2006 coup).
Tikoitoga is smart and speaks his mind unlike uneducated monkeys like Rajesh Singh and Ratu Mara.


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Why are these lamusonas so very afraid of the 1997 constitution?

Anonymous said...

RFMF wants new ideas for Fiji
June 12, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


The Republic of the Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) has called on all political parties to come with new ideas in their submissions to the new constitution to help build a new and better Fiji.
And it has given a stern warning to the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL), Fiji Labour Party (FLP), United People’s Party (UPP) and the National Federation Party (NFP) not to engage in the politics of old.
RFMF spokesman and Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga told the Fiji Sun that the four political parties were wasting their time in trying to get the 1997 Constitution back.
“The 1997 Constitution had been abrogated and should not be revisited,” Colonel Tikoitoga said.
Colonel Tikoitoga said the four political parties could not unite when they were in power and now they were forced to unite in making their submission for the new constitution.
“This is a fake unity and it is not genuine,” he said. Colonel Tikoitoga said they should make new political submissions to help build a new and better Fiji for all Fijians.
SDL leader Laisenia Qarase, Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry and United People’s Party leader Mick Beddoes told the Forum Ministerial Contact Group that they wanted the 1997 Constitution to remain and amendments to be made through an inclusive process.
NFP general secretary Pramod Rae, said in a statement that the 1997 Constitution remained the best hope for the people.
Addressing the SDL annual general meeting, Mr Qarase said the party was in consultation with the leaders of the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party and the United People’s Party to make a joint submission to the Constitutional Commission.
Meanwhile, UPP president Mick Beddoes called on Colonel Tikoitoga to “exercise restraint”.
He was reacting to Fiji Sun’s front page story last Saturday titled – “Don’t mess with the military”.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Francis and Padoo, and perhaps his pregnant secretary, I think pretty much all Fijians unite around the proposition that Tikoitoga is one blooming idiot.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Qarase's review of the 1997 constitution that he embarked on in 2000 with Prof. Ravuvu?

Anonymous said...

Qarase, Chaudary and Beddoes only giving credibility to the illegal Constitutional Commission by making submissions to it.

How can they say that the 1997 Constitution remains extant when they are at the same time making submissions to a body formed out of the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution and tasked with writing a new Constituion to replace the 1997 Constitution ?

A body formed by the gunman "Govt" which illegally abrogated the 1997 Constitution and was determined to have done so by the Court of Appeal in 2009 ?

One can't make submissions to an illegal body which in essence, questions the very foundation on which that body has been formed (i.e extra legally and outside the 1997 Constitution) and then expect it to consider one's Submissions favorably.

To do so would mean that the Commission itself accepts that it is illegal. And that they cannot do because it will be at odds with the Constitutional Review agenda of the RFMF and teh reason why Ghai himself accepted the appoitment in the first instance.

Kanjilal Tappoo from Hell said...

I am getting sick and tired of all the talking here - can someone just get rid of Kaiyum and his corrupt entourage for good. Who the fuck does he think he is - King of Fiji or what.

Kaiyum, get the fuck out you terrioist. You should be arrested and sent to prison for life. You fucking crook bastard.

TURUKAWA said...

ARMY - other ranks & staff: keep supporting Frank & Airyase till all your lands have been sold to the CHINEESE from overseas & the TRIADS.




Anonymous said...

One question : Is the 1997 Constitution entirely based on the recommendations of the PEOPLE contained in the Reeves Report?

Or did the government of the day select only portions of it that were favorable to them; and went even further by altering some of the recommendations ala number of open seats to number of communal seats.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 4.20 pm, the Constitution Review led by Prof Ravuvu was abandoned when the Interim Govt of that time (2001) lost the Chandrika Prasad Court Case and Qarase sought a writ of Election from the Presiident.

Anonymous said...

I just want to correct all of you saying Tikoitoga is uneducated,lialia and ulukau,and how come he have masters in philosophy?huh,he earn his master of philosophy from India UNIVERSITY OF PUNJAB" where sitiveni rabuka and ligairi also attend,and that is pure fact,please what ever you say just reflect you,try edit your comment next time OK,just a reminder..

Constitution defender said...

Anonymous said...

One question : Is the 1997 Constitution entirely based on the recommendations of the PEOPLE contained in the Reeves Report?

Anonymous - did the people choose that Kenyan professor Yash Ghai, and coup apologists Satendra Nandan and Taufale - whatever argument you put forward, the fact remains that Bainimarama and Khaiyum have no mandate to decide how Fiji should be run or look like in ten years - they never went to the people to ask for a coup, so they should not go to them to ask what type of constitution Fiji should have - full stop

Masipolo Tikoitoga said...


Anonymous said...

Mark right now the Blacks can't bitch about the parliamnet simply because there are not too many of them around to be in parliament. On top of that there aren't too many of them who live that long to be in parliament. Thers 1 balck fallow there but most of the time he hardly is ever heard-so what your problem with Fiji?At the very least the iTaukei almost own all the land , how much land is owned by the black fallows on Palm Island or Mornington Island in The Gulf? A BIG FAT ZERO!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 8.33pm. Nobody cares about Tikoisona's master of philosophy from India. This is not reflected in his childish and aimless outbursts and the sexual abuses he committed while at the Commissioner Central's office. He must have been graduated with a Master of Sodomy from India. Pathetic!!!

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga Big Mouth. Why you not paying maintenance to that girl you made pregnant?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:44, ably argued, but you overlook the other half of the issue, which is that the regime would take advantage of the opposition's lack of participation in its phony exercise by arguing, with merit, that it had offered all a chance to make a submission and that it had duly weighed and considered all submissions.

It's a conundrum, but on balance I think the better strategy for the opposition is to participate in a limited fashion, by underscoring in every submission the view that the regime is illegal, the commission is illegal, the process is illegal, the Constitution lives, the High Court decision stands, etc.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.03pm

LOL. My question is simply that, a question. Can you answer it?

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:32am...Vutuka na 1997 constitution, the constitution is dead and gone. Constitution is only living when you have someone
standing by-like a military-to protect it? That's why its called a living document. In the case of Fiji, the people who were supposed to keep it alive have already used it to wipe-off their backsides! So
from now on,learn to say that it was a dead constitution.If you need further clarification, write to Mr Khaiyum he's the AG of Fiji and he'll only be too happy to give you the straight answer? A vote for Khaiyum is like a vote for Mahatma Gandhi-definitely a very peaceful man!!! Don't need any smart-ass comments either????

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 3.46AM
You must be a dumb ass and numb skull as Bainimagana and Tikoisona. The constitution CAN NEVER be abrogated by anybody including the president or the military thugs but BY THE PEOPLE through the parliamentary processes. Get that to your tiny head.You likened Hairyass to Ghandhi who a poles apart in their philosophies and their approaches. Go tell Hairyass to get ready for Naboro prisons.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is to Gandhi as Hitler was to Mother Theresa.