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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A clear consensus: no one is above the law least of all an illegal regime

More to come on New Zealand's sudden show of support for the dictatorship government of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and the raid on Fiji national's homes in Auckland. Supporting statements meanwhile of the concerns raised by the regime's own appointed Constitution chairman regarding the latest decrees ....... both geared at giving the regime immunity and control of the so-called reform process.

SDL Party statement on Commission stance
While the Constitutional Commission welcomes the promulgation of two Decrees relating to the process of drafting a new Constitution for Fiji, the Commission has also expressed concerns over several key issues.

The SDL Party joins the Commission in expressing similar concerns.

The Leader of the SDL Party, Mr. Laisenia Qarase said today that the Constituent Assembly Decree would give the Prime Minister complete control over the size and composition of the Constituent Assembly. The number and who will be appointed to represent various groups remain unclear and one can only assume that the Prime Minister will have the ultimate say. This will make nonsense of the declaration by Government that the Constitution – making process will be inclusive, participatory and transparent.

The Decree requires that immunity be provided for the 2006 and earlier coups. Fiji has experienced three or four coups since independence in 1970. Everyone should know that the crime of treason is a serious one indeed. Those who committed and aided the last coups knew this very well. The principle of “no one is above the law” should be applied equally to all citizens. Those involved in previous coups should have the courage to stand up and account for their actions before the law. There should be no exception, said Mr. Qarase.

While the SDL Party welcomes the announcement that the requirement of permits for some meetings has been temporarily suspended, the relaxation does not go far enough. Restrictions on interviews with the media and communications through radio, newspapers and television remain in force. The current environment is not conducive to free, fair and effective consultations with members of the public on this vitally important process of constitution – making.

The SDL Party urges the Government to resolve these issues of concern as early as possible. Failure to do so will mean that the credibility and integrity of the constitutional process will remain elusive.

NGO Coalition on Human Rights statement
The NGO Coalition on Human Rights (NGOCHR) shares the concern expressed by the Fiji Constitution Commission on the promulgation of the Fiji Constitutional Process (Constituent Assembly and Adoption of Constitution) Decree 2012 and the Fiji Constitutional Process (Constitution Commission) Decree 2012.

In a statement yesterday the Commission raised concerns on aspects of the Decree giving Commodore Frank Bainimarama “full control over the size and composition of the Constituent Assembly” as well as the “broad immunity provision for the 2006 and earlier coups to be entrenched in the new constitution”.

According to NGOCHR Chair Shamima Ali, the Commission has articulated what many in Fiji are concerned about with respect to the legitimacy and credibility of the process.

“You cannot claim to promote or envision ’an inclusive, participatory and transparent process’ and at the same time put in place provisions that clearly undermine and violate those values,” she said.

Like the Commission, the NGOCHR agrees with the conditions imposed in the Decrees “essential principles of democracy are ignored and the independence of the [Constituent] Assembly is negated”.

The NGOCHR believes that this will have a major impact on the participation of Fiji’s people, especially women, in the constitution-making process.

“For the last couple of months various NGOs around the country, as part of their civic education programmes, have been encouraging women, especially young women to be part of the country’s constitution-making. How can we now encourage them to participate when we know that the integrity and the credibility of the process are compromised?” asked Ali.

While the NGOCHR acknowledges the temporary suspension of the requirements of permits for meetings by the State, it agrees with the Commission that the “current atmosphere in Fiji is not conducive to an open process in which Fijians can debate their future properly”.

The NGO Coalition on Human Rights urges the Interim Government to seriously re-think the promulgation of decrees that undermine democratic processes and negative impact on the people of Fiji.


  1. I thought that one of Frank Bainimarama's key objections to Mr.Qarase's Government and excuse for initiating his coup, was the Immunity Bill !
    It seems now that Fijians are demanding those responsible for this coup face Justice, that they are only too happy to do a back flip and apply to themselves, for their own sakes and to save their own skins, that very same Principle of Immunity !
    So what was the point of the coup in the 1st. place then ?

  2. Clear, concise and logical statement Shamima on behalf of the NGO Coalition.

    That statement should serve as a strong indication to the militray regime and its goons and carpet baggers that Fiji civil society does not want you.

    So go to the polls dickheads and even will all of the pre-qualifiers you can think of and decree, you still lose.

    The writing on the wall says - TREASON

  3. Congratulation Shamina Ali. I wished a couple of guys had the same set of balls.

  4. Immunity for treason? If this is the case then Fiji is indeed screwed.

  5. It is best that Yash Ghai and his team be allowed to rise their concern. I do not see it fitting or a call for, for Qarase and his boys to jump on the band wagon. If SDL was so concerned why was it not them to bring up the subject? Now that Ghai has, SDL wants to just seek limelight so they jump up and down and make it sound like it is their issue. Calm down Lai. Just enjoy the ride and wait for the outcome of your case.

  6. This does not mean NZ is supporting the regime or a softening of its stance. The NZSIS is merely doing what they would in any situation where people are involved in conspiring to commit murder. It's against the law in NZ as well. If this is not all just rumour, Raj and Mara should have been more discreet if they didn't want their plot exposed.

  7. Did we ever expect the outcome to be any different?
    The people of Fiji are being dictated to by an illegal military regime with rouge legal experts aiding in the corruption of a once proud nation.
    What Mr Qarase and Ms Ali are saying reiterates what we already know. Until the day this illegal regime is removed, Fiji will continue to plunge into an abyss of corruption.
    A propagandist dream come true. A mixed tale of lies and deceit which can be moulded into a wonderful saga of poetic justice!
    It now appears the regime will never be removed by elections which will no doubt be unfair as well.
    We knew all along the constitutional process would be controlled and we all know the entire process is compromised and its integrity no more.
    Justice remains an elusive dream.
    No wonder people are plotting to overthrow the coup makers.

  8. The whole process of the proposed constitution process is indeed not free and fair, as compared to that of the 1997 constitution process. The recent decree issued by the regime dictates a lot and limits the work of the commission and the participation of people and groups.

    It may appear just like another People's Charter process of including supporters instead of inclusive groups who constitute the populous.
    It is now clear why the regime wants a new constitution as we have all been speculating - to include immunity for those involved in the 2006 coup. This particular provision will again continue the coup cycle which the regime had initially wanted to stop as one of the many elusive reasons of staging the 2006 coup.
    The 1997 constitution has provisions for pardon, etc. and those seeking immunity should use such provisions, and not change the whole constitution to suit individuals.

    By the look of things now, we will have another constitution that will the mother of another or more coups, as the coup makers after all, understand how the system can be fooled.
    No one is above the law, we should all be ready to face the consequences of our individual actions.
    Whoever attends the constitution assembly, should echo the sentiments that the country's 1997 constitution is well and alive,and that is the way to go.
    Let's use this opportunity to reaffirm our position as a nation and as a truly united people for justice, freedom and our common good, not participate in a process that seeks the legal protection of a few at the expense of the wider nation, whose livelihood, rights, freedom, and justice had been out rightly removed from them through the barrel of the guns.

  9. Good point, Mark. Vinaka.

  10. i guess the whole lot of us would like to overthrow these coup makers and not only Rajesh and RUM. lol. seems like Graham Davis jumps on every assiination comment coming from this blog. lol. this is an open forum so anyone from anywhere on this planet can say anything he/she wants to say. Fiji sun is becoming like kids newspaper. like Kaila..lol! very vagonegonea Graham. thanx for the laugh

  11. Yash Ghai finally stepping up.

    NZ moving against alleged kill plot.

    Yabaki breaking with the regime.

    Qarase case unproven.

    UNAMI phasing out.

    Grubsheet hysterical.

    Khaiyum backing down on Fiji TV closure threat.

    Regime seeking immunity clause, with no takers.

    Smells like desperation. Seems like the beginning of a new cycle. Feels like the beginning of THE END.

  12. Anonymous 2:37, hear hear!

  13. Anonymous 2:04, these bogus decrees entirely concern the SDL, even more than the CRC. It's got more to lose. The SDL should be free to raise its concerns just like anyone else.

  14. The coup makers for 2006 have to be brought to court and explain themselves..we dont want our children and children to grow up thinking that you can illegally take over a legally elected government and get away with it..via some slimey decree which is designed to give them immunity..these thugs have to be taught a lesson and made an example of.. for the betterment of this country..by the way..the very lame excuse of ridding the country of corruption and one nation for all is the lamest of all excuses and these people have dragged the country to economic ruin..so justice has to be served..

  15. It is a crime to assassinate ANYONE. So New Zealand is doing the right thing by investigating the would be criminals. It is the right thing to do. Otherwise the New Zealand government would be "accessory to crime in progress".

  16. Poised for JusticeJuly 21, 2012 at 4:34 PM

    Ghai opened the door... SDL and Shamima saw the truth in what he said and walked in union through it. I like how democracy can work when it is allowed to. Antidisteablismentarianism!

  17. Anon@2.17pm There is no proof other than the fact that Frank and ASK are widely despised. There is proof though that Frank stomped on a pregnant woman and abused human rights activists and tortured and killed CRW soldiers and ASK and his family is stealing Fiji resources and businesses/

  18. What law I ask? These ILLEGAL stooges make laws via decrees to suit their agendas!!
    There is NO law in this country!! We are all at their mercy and whim!1
    Word has it that a Government Divisional Head, in the West, was given his "Marching Orders" before the ink had dried, after signing his contract extension early this month!!
    SO, to all you Civil Servants, beware, be cautious, be careful, be vigilant!!!!

  19. Maybe we are just 'a drop in the ocean' that the so-called 'Human Rights' people abroad do not care less about ALL the abuses, tortures and even DEATHS of innocent people here!!
    Hello/ Are you people still there?

  20. Did someone say HDQ ?


    Now that is what should be in the constitution !!!

    Only then the coup cycle will stop.


  22. Editor,
    Moses Mani has accepted the purported plot to kill PM Frank Bainimarama as an established fact (Fiji Sun 21/7) when the NZ authorities investigating the plot is far from reaching that conclusion at this stage of their investigation.
    Mani then goes on to rebuke "all Fiji born citizens living overseas" for sticking their nose in Fiji .
    Does he have the authority to stop overseas Fijians from expressing concern for their home-country?
    What is the source of his authority? Not his intellect for sure.
    Moses Mani tells us " Fijians are regarded as the frienliest people on earth". That might very well be true but that should not mean we should forget the self-same friendliest people have carried out four coups in the country and subjected their fellow countrymen and women to terrible violence and human degradations.
    Some of the Fiji born now living overseas who Mani castigates in his mediocre letter were victims of that violence and violations.
    Moses Mani confirms one thing with this letter of his : he apparently has some difficulty in seeing beyond his nose!
    yours sincerely,
    Rajen Naidu










  24. @Anonymous 4:07
    President Obama plotted and then gave the orders for the assasination of Osama bin Laden. And had him killed in Pakistan.
    Does that mean that President Obama has committed a crime?

    Bainimarama is a Terrorist.
    He stole the government from the people of Fiji, with the help of some pathetic thugs called "The Fiji Army".
    He assaulted women. He gave orders for the Torture and Murder of Fijian citizens.

    I think Mr Keys and his Police Dept. are cofused.
    He should apologise to Rajesh.

    And like Obama, Mr Keys should train an elite group of people to go and assasinate these Terrorists (Bainimarama and Khaiyum) holding the peole to ransom in Fiji at the barrel of a gun.

    Mr Keys should get real and call a spade a spade. Bainimarama is a Terrorist therefore label him a terrorist and deal with him appropriately.
    Stop harrasing people who are trying to do your job for you.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  25. FLP bigwigs such as Chaudary, and others should also be jailed for their support as well.

  26. NZ National Party Government Sucking up to the illegal Military Regime is what Neville Chamberlain did with Hitler.

  27. Anonymous 7:41, who are you to pronounce a guilty verdict and sentence on Bainivuaka? Who's to say they won't be found innocent? (Ha, ha.) And who's to say they won't hang? (No joke.)

  28. The NZSIS overheard the remark that someone intended to kill a shit-ending dog. Naturally, they construed the remark as a plot aimed at Bainimarama.

  29. A cava ko valataJuly 22, 2012 at 4:41 AM

    lol @ valataka na dina - it's you! who needs to get real, u're so PATHETIC.

  30. VALATAKA NA DINA@....Rumour has it that A crack navy squad are training to carry out a raid on
    RUM shelter in Nukualofa? Might be a good idea to move inland instead
    of staying too close to the beach?
    The idea is to go in snatched RUM from his sleep-knock him senseless
    and bring him back home to stand a fair trail? RUM if you're reading
    this, don't stay in the same shelter, move around a lot? Also
    becareful, you may have a Bais
    mole in your group?

  31. The regime without Yash Ghai will mean diarrhea without ASKwipe. In other words, more shit but without the shinola.

  32. the degrees would have the effect of giving Bainimarama "complete control" of the constitution making process in the final analysis. But isn't that the typical way of the dictator - to have complete control? what is surprising is the belief on the part of supposedly intelligent people and other leaders both local and international who expect a dictator to behave in a democratic manner. they are being taken on a ride...and it's time they realised it!

  33. It comes as no surprise when iarse wanted to push through the immunity clause into the constitution. It was expected because we all know that the coup was illegal as declared by a leagally constituted appeals court and eventually the coupsters will made to account for their misdeeds. It just reaffirms that the regime acknowledges they had done wrong the coup was wrong and needed protection by way of this immunity.

  34. editor,
    Colin Deoki tells us that "when [he] read Mr [David WW]Olley's letter of his Fiji experience, it pleased [ him ]to think Mr Olley had looked past some of the "negatives" Mr Rajend Naidu alluded to in his letter." (The Fiji Times 21/7)
    Mr Deoki has the right to be pleased with whatever he wants to be pleased. with. I have the right to speak my mind freely and that right can't be diminished by anyone labelling my views as "negativity".
    I regard Mr Olley's statement that he neither saw nor experienced anything adverse in Fiji in his one week visit as a deliberate distortion of the ground reality in Fiji. Where is the man coming from? what is his agenda? Why make that kind of broad generalisation of the Fijian reality after a briief one week stay. Where did hee stay?
    Contrary to Mr Olley's view the Fijian reality articulated by the several Fiji writers whose views I had quoted in my letter give a different picture.
    I did not allude to anything.
    I should like to point out for Mr Deoki's benefit that some people went to Apartheid South Africa and said they saw nothing adverse there!
    I don't want to be that kind of "positive" person.
    I am what I am
    And I like what I am - with all my imperfections.
    It's makes no iota of difference to me what any Colin Deoki or MM Mudiliar or Dr Roy Krishna ( the personalised number plate wallah!) thinks about me.
    I am sustained by the many other intelligent people who say they like my forthright writing and want me to write on regardless of my detractors.
    And I intend to do that with the editor's permission.
    What to allow to go to press is the sole prerrogative of the editor - not Colin or any of the other letter writers!
    I hope this letter makes a few things clear for some people.
    yours sincerely,
    Rajend Naidu

  35. Editor,
    In his letter to editor in the Fiji Sun (22/7) Rajendra Chaudhry issues a challenge to Mr Frank Bainmarama to decide " whether[he] wants to be military commander or an aspiring political candidate?"
    My guess - on the basis of Mr Bainimarama's current status - is that he would prefer both!
    What the people of Fiji want stopped being relevant a short time after Bainimarama took complete control of the country in 2006.
    I suspect that's the way it will remain for some time to come notwithstanding all the talk about the making of a new democratic constitution for Fiji.
    But mine is of course just an ordinary person's view.
    Nobody needs to pay and attention to it.
    Yours sincerely,
    Rajend Naidu

  36. @cava ko valata
    Since 2006 there has been 100% increase in poverty in Fiji
    Increased malnutrition by 100% in Fijian babies.
    Increased mental health disease in young Fijian boys by over 100%
    Increased child sexual assault.
    Increased murder etc etc.
    Uncontrolllable Typhoid.
    FNPF loss over $500mil
    FSC loss over $600 mil
    FHL loss
    etc etc
    (All the above figures are verifiable. Mental Health statistics were released last week)
    This happened because some PATHETIC idiot thought he was smarter than everyone else and is presently running the country.

    Tell me what do you think will happen to those figures above in the next 5 years if your PATHETIC loser is still in crontrol?

    Call a spade a spade.
    Bainimarama is the pathetic one.
    And you shouldn't be supporting him. You shoukd help us get rid of him NOW! ( not 2014)

    If those malnourished babies die and they pointed the finger at me , that I had the power to help them and I didn't, then I plead guilty that I am pathetic.
    How many more Fijian babies have to become malnourished and die before we will act.
    How many more young Fijian men become suicidal and mentally stressed before we will do something!
    When will the church act?

    Lets get rid of this arsehole now!

    -Valataka na Dina.

  37. I must admit that for a very brief moment I had the hope that the constitutional commission would be able to lead Fiji out of its crisis. It looked as if the process would be adequate to find the right balance between [understandable] interests of regime leaders in immunity and the re-establishment of the rule of law. But no longer so. To me it is not that difficult to read the regime and its acting Prime Minister. The message is: We will control the process and any critical voice will be silenced whether the criticism comes from friend or foe. And CCF is most certainly not an enemy of the regime. This lashing out against any attempt to get a meaningful consultation going, these totally erratic actions of the regime in recent weeks are a cause for major concern. And Bainimarama did certainly not help things when he threatened the end of all those who want to hold the military accountable.

    Balancing legitimacy and credibility with the need for power, control and protection is an age old problem for dictators contemplating to hand power back to a legitimate government. The crimes committed [typically treason in conjunction with human rights violations] by dictators haunt them and there is very little evidence in history that you can get out but stay in the country where you have committed those crimes. Ben Ali of Tunisia and Saleh of Yemen just made it out before it was too late, Gaddafi was not so lucky. Musharaff, Amin and Mobuto had to go into exile, Taylor and Mubarak to prison and Saddam to the gallows. The list goes on and includes numerous tyrants either killed or prosecuted. The case of Pinochet [who managed to initially get out of Chile] is another warning to dictators that they cannot consider themselves save, even if they do manage to leave the country.

    What does this mean for Fiji? In an ideal world the regime would hand over to an interim government [free of any military] to prepare elections. The leaders of the regime would declare their willingness to be held accountable in an independent court of law. They could plead their doctrine of necessity and let the court decide if they have a case or not. After all, in Fiji we are not looking at criminal acts of monstrous crimes such as the atrocities committed by Syria's dictator on a daily basis. But this is not going to happen. My advise for Bainimarama and his inner circle would be to prepare for a life as expatriates, even if it is only as a contingency.

  38. Rajendra Chaudhry's letter that was referred to earlier.-C4.5

    Interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama’s comments on pages 1 and 2 in the Fiji Sun of 17th July 2012 and the editorial in support of the same cannot pass unchallenged.

    His criticism of past democratically elected leaders and his clear intention, judging by his comments, of marginalising them from the current political process shows the political immaturity of Mr Bainimarama.

    At a time when the constitutional dialogue and public consultations are to commence, the interim prime minister’s comments can clearly be construed as undermining the work of the Constitution Commission.

    What is more preposterous is his criticism of political leaders and prime ministers who were democratically elected when he himself has no popular mandate and only became a civilian public office holder after usurping the mandate of the people by staging the military coup of 5th December 2006.

    part two to follow

  39. part two of Chaudhry letter

    It also seems that Mr Bainimarama is confused, ignorant or plain illiterate when it comes to matters of democracy. Democracy, Mr Bainimarama means the voice of the people. It also means popular mandate. In some countries it means majority rule.
    Further, Mr Bainimarama, it must be the people who decide what type of democratic, parliamentary and electoral processes they want and not you. You can, of course, make submissions to the Constitution Commission just like any other citizen and I am sure your views will be given consideration. The rights of each citizen in all public matters are equal and that applies in the current context of constitution review.
    This country, Mr Bainimarama, loathes bullies and you by your comments, on a number of public matters, fit this description very well. In this context, being aggressive and parochial as to what political system that you want to subject the people of this country is an anathema to the inclusive process that ought to be encouraged viz political dialogue and constitutional consultations.
    My challenge to you, Mr Bainimarama, is to decide whether you want to be military commander or an aspiring political candidate. Clearly you cannot be both on account of laws governing this country. You cannot impose, by threat and coercion, your views or will on the people of this nation.
    Such an approach has never been used in the democratic and civilised nations of this world and has recently lost favour even in the Middle East with some of its despotic rulers. The Arab Spring and subsequent political developments in the Middle East are testament to this. Military dictators like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghaddafi and Hosni Mubarak all had their military dictatorships end when the people decided that they had had enough of them. It ended in less than honourable ways as we all know. In this regard I am reminded of the words of Mikhail Gorbachev who said: The world will not accept dictatorship or domination.

    Let the people speak Mr Bainimarama. Try and salvage whatever is left of your reputation after your broken promises, encroachments into human rights and attempts to mollycoddle the democratic process currently under progress under the direction of the Constitution Review Commission. Remember the words of US President Herbert Hoover, who said: “It is a paradox that every dictator has climbed to power on the ladder of free speech. Immediately on attaining power each dictator has suppressed all free speech except his own.”

    On a related note, the nauseating editorial by Maika Bolatiki in the Fiji Sun of the same date also needs to be treated with circumspection. Mr Bolatiki appears to be blinded by his loyalty to his new political leader so much so that his editorials are bereft of objectivity and rationality. Like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand, Mr Bolatiki appears oblivious to the erosion of basic human rights under the current military dictatorship shrouded by the tag of interim regime to give it some contrived but misconceived sense of legitimacy. Instead of parroting the words of Mr Bainimarama, talk to the ordinary person for a change Mr Bolatiki and see what they are thinking. You may be surprised by what you will hear.

    Rajendra Chaudhry

  40. Voreqe the MagnificentJuly 22, 2012 at 4:11 PM

    Dictatorship is without a doubt the most satisfying form of government...as long as I'm the dictator.

  41. Great letter RC!! The truth will prevail!!

    Power to the People....

  42. Dina says..

    Thank you Rajend, at least you have the balls...what happens to all men in Fiji...wearing skirts or what.

    Just shows real taukei men....plenty od hot talk and just follow on instead of standing up for the truth.

  43. Dina says..

    Thank you Rajend, at least you have the balls...what happens to all men in Fiji...wearing skirts or what.

    Just shows real taukei men....plenty od hot talk and just follow on instead of standing up for the truth.

  44. Hot off the press!!
    on another subject...a senior air pacific B747 captain was flying passenger flights recently with an expired licence.wow!! wonder what would have happened should there been an accident and the insurers were asked to pay up. would they, in this circumstances.hope the appropriate authority take appropriate action on these piolts who dont seem to care whether their licence is current or not and negate passenger insurance claims in the event of a accident.wow, a senior B747 captain. guess he is above the law too.

  45. I am not a big chaudhry fan but in this letter chaudhry junior has indeed articulated the case for democracy quite succinctly.

  46. Rajend chaudary sounds a million times better then our illegal AG..wannabe legal eagle..haahaa..He..(Aiyaz) doesnt come anywhere near Rajend as Rajend is much more learned..educated and so well versed with legality..as for you Aiyazz..you sound like a dumb stupid fool everytime you open your big mouth on national TV with your smart wannabe legal vocabs..To make things short..AIYAZ is a con..doing the world greatest con job'

  47. The so-called men in Fiji should learn from Rajend! Sa levu ga na vosa yavu lamulamu. Fijian men should be ashamed of themselves for not having the courage to speak their mind and see what is the real situation!


  48. @ Valataka na dina..DINA sara..levu la na viavia tokona na i naki lawaki ca..sa vakasisila dina..shameful..

  49. hear! hear! @ 8.21pm July22.

  50. hahahaa... @ valataka na dina, tamani cudru qori! And there i thought FB was your PATHETIC HERO until you had a falling out. Mai vei qori? Vakamadua!

  51. Paula on July 21 @ 1:38PM and many others before you ...WHY you always talk of having BALLS! Balls are weak and sensitive! If you really wanna get tough, grow a VAGINA! Those things take a pounding! - Betty White

  52. wow! @ 9.52a.m. What a revelation. Your mother has taught you very well about those 'things' ;) that you had emerged from after all.

  53. @6.37am..July 22..crack squad mai vei qori..St.Giles..haahaa..that crack squad is no match to the simplest Tongan navy..vakamadua g ni ratou mai vei pick taki within fiji waters while the fiji navy were still moonlighting..va ya..ra se veitauri kau tiko i nodra base..haahaaa..what a kaugh..just take your crack squad and ask them to backfire your rear..haahaaa

  54. @ Dhiram Lingam..haaha you sound like a dickhead..you are a pathetic liar like your hero..you typical opportunist pig..Just one small news then you are expecting choclates and accolades..get a real life in the USA cause the american dream is no more..may the karma of a thousand and more citizens suffering in this country come back to haunt you with tragic circumstances ..you lying con artist like your hero..

  55. Rajend chaudary is no one without Udit Narayan the former master of the high court. All his papers are vetted by Udit, otherwise, it will be used for toilet paper.

    The same junior was all in support for the IG when papa was minister. He also benefited from the $6m that his father got which was used for his law studies.

  56. Pls charge FLP leader0and his disciples for supporting the coup. It it was not for them, we would not be here.

  57. Some people in this blog site just can't take it like a man when there is opposing views.

    Only those against the regime are right. What does one make for people like MPC and beta that once were licking FB. Or like Lekh Ram, Felix and FLP cronies.

    Let's call a spade a spade. Rajesh too was also polishing FB's boots with his tongue.
    July 23, 2012 9:07 PM

  58. RC go take a hike, get ur Father 1st to surrender the money meant for those affected by the coup... Were you his PS when he was in government..rite..so shut ur yap...


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