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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Accused tagger allowed to travel

Fiji authorities have been told to release the passport of Sri Lankan national Jagath Karunaratne to allow him to travel to his country of birth to attend to important family commitments.

His application for his bail to be reviewed was heard and approved today in the Suva Magistrates Court with the judge setting a $5000 cash bond and surety and a return date of July 20.

Regime prosecutors tried to block the bail review again and asked the court if they could hold the passport until it had lodged its appeal but Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili denied the request.

Karunaratne is one of five people charged with writing graffiti on billboards and public places and was detained in November last year under the Public Emergency Regulations.

He was kept in a condemned building after he was detained in what is believed to have been inhumane conditions and has battled to have the charges declared null and void and to have his passport released without success - until today.

His lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry, was recently advised, though, that prosecutors intend to lay fresh charges, that of conspiracy against government.


Anonymous said...

Lawyer RPC has proceedings before LPU, conspiracy to pervert course of justice in the Balaggan case, 2 day trial commencing tomorrow. Word is he will lose his PC. He also has his divorce proceedings tomorrow. C4.5, find out more and update us please.....

mark manning said...

Jagath, the only guy left in Fiji with any testicles it seems !

Anonymous said...

Go Rajen - keep up the great work -we can send some chors from NZ if you need more cases : Rajesh Singh,Sahu Khan,Ballu Khan and the list goes on

Kat Two said...

Vinaka Anni.

Run Forrest Gump Run said...

run karun run. Fat chance of you getting impartial court case in Fiji. Can't believe the blunder the blundering fools have allowed too in letting you go. This is a Godsent chance take it, and run. Your name already has run in it. Its meant to be.

Anonymous said...

Well done rajen.
Jagat is an honest man and have good intend to help fiji and its people.
I wish we had more jagats like people in fiji to fight the regime.
Fijian should open their eyes and learn .
The regime should live him alone.

Where is the honesty? said...

How can anyone who has integrity and honesty say that what khaiyum and his hand puppet bhaini-the-goose have done is not 'conspiracy against the government'?

Anonymous said...

Jagat looks like a hero .
Fijian people should be a shame that one sri lankan had guts to fight the regime.
Fijian when will you wake up from your deep sleep.
Khaiyum is selling fijian assets/others off to make more loot.

Anonymous said...

They (ILLEGAL Govt) going to lay new charges for "conspiracy against government"
Are these people for real?
What a bunch of idiots.
They themselves committed conspiracy and Treason against the SDL government and now they crying because someone else is dishing out the same shit to them
What a bunch of cry-babies!

Like I've said before.
Treasonous idiots like Bainimarama and Khaiyum need to be dealt with according to the Law
ie be hanged.
We need to hang them in Rt Sukuna Park so that other clowns can realise that Coups are illegal.

Qarase needs to ACTIVATE Biketawa and get ANZUS force need to come to Suva and enforce the Law.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Well Done Rajend - you the man - another false case, you making mockrey of aass and co - can you do the same for our Ratu mara and his dame Padoo - they need help in Tonga.They fed up high life of booze and sex - they want to come home.


Anonymous said...

Who has guts to prosecute runnaways like of Dr Sahu Khan, decieving,ripping off widows, innocent clients, schimming FFA, FIFA of millions of dollars; huge investments NZ n Aussie..
Ballu Khan; Looting NLTB and Govt depts of millions $
>John chor Prasad,; unknown, unqualified person taking up such crucial positions on FDB, Min of Finance, Water auth, FSC and siphoning millions of dollars with the help of buddy Aiyaz
John Sami; People Chater man made hundreds of thousand dollars doing nothing productive
>Francis Narayan; FTIB big mouth doing nothing constructive but paid Hundreds of Thousands of $
>Surendra Sharma;never planted a cane and no idea what sugar industry is,ripped offSugar growers Council
The list goes on; Find me a lawyer who can undertake cases against these crooks and we willhave them deported to your shores....

Anonymous said...

Dro tamana dro. This is a chance of a lifetime. Run for your life. Go to sri lanka and pay some professionals to come get the heads of these dictators.

Knock on the door of the high court prosceutors said...

Prosceutors please knock on the door of high court.....

Why should he return to fiji?

Makes no sense and $5000 is just peanuts for him


Anonymous said...

Dr Neil Sharma---please answer this. Why does a poor man have to pay $115 for his medical report after he is badly injured in a motor vehicle accident?-He is already injured ,out of work,disabled-where is he going to get the money from?==Can the gyanae expert Nil Sharma tell the nation why the poor are being victimised and trodden upon.Isnt this Govt supposed to help the poor.---answer vuniwai--answer.

Anonymous said...

Great news re Karunaratne bail, although it's disgusting to note the lengths that the Fijian regime will stoop to (using dwindling tax dollars given Fiji's sorry state of affairs), to pursue this kind of silly, senseless ends.

For Karunaratne, $5000 is a small price to pay for his freedom and a lesson for him not to let those cowards (who would not dream of dirtying their own hands) con and use him for their own ends.

@ anonymous 8.29p.m. It's never a good thing to use others tamana!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chief Magistrate will get sacked and this guy will not be able to leave Fiji as he will be charged with something and not allowed to travel before July 20th as he has to be back in fiji before this date.

Fiji will again see the might and power of Sir Khaiyum while the Mataivalu Ni Solisona remain in their slumber.

Anonymous said...

The reason voting system uses biometric system is so voting day the regime will know exactly who voted for who. They will then hunt you down if you voted against them. Lame excuse will be given why the system failed and another date will be set for election. Meanwhile those who voted against them will be harassed. Wait and see this will how it will play out. Am I right Mr Graham Sammy Davis Jr?

Little Miss Muffet said...

How will Qarase fare today then with his case? As s/Daquwaqa has already said the government are going to shut him down with his conviction and new electoral laws.

Anonymous said...

.biggest chor is rpc and mpc who have betrayed the indians framers in fiji..
who will fight rpc and mpc case

Anonymous said...

Qarase is fighting for his political survival today. He's done for is he is convicted and if regime decrees no one with a conviction or who has served time can stand as a candidate or the leader of a party.

Anonymous said...

If ur facts are true, then what's the use of the Yellow Ribbon Project? Isn't that suppose to give prisoners and ex-con a 2nd chance..

Anonymous said...

Jagat, you can while there try and convince your native Sri Lanka to allow the UN to investigate the genocide that occurred in your country...

Anonymous said...

next to be sacked without explanation??? Usaia Ratuvili

Anonymous said...

I still think that KHAIYUM is PM
material, and maybe we should seriously think to elect him as
member of our new parliament2014?The man is always thinking and looking at things, from new angles and modern perspective?
He's smarten-up the Union,shake down the old political parties,shelves the manipulating Fiji Medias,and having
a heckva time getting the old politicians to behave if they want a piss of the pie? Look the man is

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum/Frank are liars and con-man

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum and frank for prison not parliament.

Anonymous said...

Truz up! The only "P" Kaiyum & Bainimarama are seeing in their dreams which will one day be a reality is P R I S O N!

Oh yes, their turn shall come! Fijians must see all these thieving pain-in-the-butts to their bitter ends!

Anonymous said...

Really! if you need to vote than you gotta register and to register
you gotta have either a Birth certificate, FNPF card or a Passport? So if you're a villagers
you either have to go to Suva for
your birth certificate or your ass
is toast? This is a trick by Khaiyum to get those Fijians in the Villages to used their money
in Bus Fares,Boat Fares,Plane Fares,to obtained their birth Certificate and enable then to vote? If they can't do it,then that would cut them off the voters
list? The less people they have voting, the more chance of their
own people getting elected? I won't
be suprise if the number of voters
are at 30% of the total population?