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Monday, July 30, 2012

Australia 'rewards' Fiji regime for supposed 'progress'

Carr: Token gesture.
A day after saying it was too early to relax sanctions, Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr has agreed to do just that in exchange for what is being described as 'rewards' for Fiji's military dictatorship.

Carr had yesterday said it was too early to ease the restrictions placed on Fiji after the 2006 coup and the failure of the Frank Bainimarama regime to hold elections as promised in 2009.

He had told Radio Australia: "We will make a decision on lifting sanctions when it is clear the commitment to democracy is irreversible, and the consultation we have on Monday is part of that continuing engagement to see that the country is headed back towards democratic norms." 

He suggested the likely outcome of the meeting would be an agreement for the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group to make a second visit to Suva.

After a meeting in Sydney with New Zealand's Murray McCully and the regime's Inoke Kubuabola, Carr revealed the regime was being rewarded for the apparent progress it has made with the constitutional review and the 2014 elections.

This evening he told ABC news: "As a token of the progress that has been made, Australia New Zealand and Fiji agreed to exchange high commissioners and as well agreed to have a look at travel sanctions providing more flexibility on a case by case basis."

A statement from Murray McCully said the Sydney meeting 'built on the positive momentum generated by the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group (MCG) visit to Fiji from 30 April to 1 May, attended by Senator Carr and Minister McCully and hosted by Minister Kubuabola.'

McCully said Kubuabola provided an update on progress in Fiji towards the 2014 democratic elections, including preparations for the constitutional consultations and electronic voter registration.

"Ministers had a constructive discussion on progress to date. Senator Carr and Minister McCully raised concerns about media freedoms and human rights and looked forward to further steps. Minister Kubuabola reiterated his government’s commitment to ensuring an environment in which free, fair and inclusive elections can be held.

"The ministers agreed to exchange high commissioners to ensure channels of dialogue between the respective countries were open and effective.

"Ministers further agreed to consider more flexible implementation of travel sanctions, on a case-by-case basis.'

McCully said Kubuabola reaffirmed that Australia, New Zealand and Fiji would continue to work together closely to support Fiji’s return to democracy.'

Radio Australia is running the following interview from Pacific Beat's Bruce Hill and Gemima Garrett on Carr's decision to reward Fiji.

GARRETT: Well Bruce, I think you'd have to say it's a breakthrough, because both Australia and New Zealand and Fiji, of course, have agreed to exchange high commissioners. You might remember a couple of years ago there was a series of Australian and New Zealand high commissioners thrown out of Fiji and that really was on e of the low points in relations between Fiji and Australia and New Zealand, so they're now allowing top level diplomats back into Fiji and in the joint communique put out by the three ministers, they stress that this is to improve communication and make sure it's open and effective. The other big move which people will be interested to hear about is that Australia and New Zealand has allowed is going to have more flexible implementation of the travel sanctions and what that means is that they will allow high level people in government, civilians only to visit Australia on a case-by-case basis, so that's top public servants and ministers. Mr. Carr said that he would view very favourably applications from those people, but not from military people.

HILL: So that drawing a clear distinction here between civilians and the military, the sanctions very much remain on the military and obviously also perhaps for some of the senior civilians who might have been involved in the coup planning? 

GARRETT: Well, Mr. Carr particularly stressed the military and he did say that this is not the lifting of sanctions, that Mr. McCully and Mr. Carr were very pleased to see the progress in Fiji that has been made in terms of loosening up and towards democracy, but they're going to be looking at the situation very closely. So I think if you were talking to a Department of Foreign Affairs person, you might hear them say that it was a measured reward for progress. They did all, the ministers register continuing concerns, concerns about media freedom and human rights and I guess that's where they'll be looking for further steps before there are any more loosening up on the sanction side. 

HILL: So I guess to a certain extent, this is a set of limited rewards so far, but still an acknowledgment that there's some distance to go? 

GARRETT: Yes, and I guess you would have to say it is an enormous breakthrough, even if it's a small breakthrough, because it's been so long since there's been some positive news between Australia and New Zealand. I guess you'd have to say except for the doubling of Australian aid, which did take place at the end of last year and was announced with more fan fare just a little while ago, so there have been some positive steps. But in terms of actual communication, genuine communication, working together. This is really the first sign that there is some. 

HILL: Now, the forum takes place in the Cook Islands next month. Is this development here expected to have some sort of a flow on affect at the forum about Fiji status within the Pacific Islands Forum? 

GARRETT: Well, I'm sure all the Pacific leaders will be very interested to see this development and indeed the forum leaders meeting was on the agenda today, but the ministers were quite mum as to what was discussed on that. I did put that to Mr. Carr, but he didn't really want to say anything. I guess when we start to see some movement with Australia and New Zealand, there will be a big discussion about that at the forum. So it will indeed be interesting to see what they come up with. 

HILL: At these meetings sometimes it's the body language which is instructive and the language used in the communique. Was there any signs of how comfortable people are with each other, as regards how they interacted with each other? 

GARRETT: No, we'll you're quite right and that's an interesting point. The ministers were very keen to make sure that not a word of what went on went out until 3 pm so they could all react to it at the same time. Ratu Inoke Kubuabola was completely unwilling to talk to the Australian media and he didn't look jubilant when he came out, but so obviously you can see there were sensitivities, but this was a really significant meeting three hours of the Australian and New Zealand foreign ministers with Fiji really is a breakthrough. So I guess there just being very careful to make sure nothing blows up in their face. 

HILL: With something like this as you say, a bit of a breakthrough, not the lifting of sanctions by any means, but certainly some reward. You would have thought that Ratu Inoke Kubuabola would have been a bit happier and certainly keen to talk to the media. Why didn't he want to do that? 

GARRETT: Well, we didn't even get a chance to ask him. Maybe he wanted to talk to the Fiji media first, I don't know, but certainly we'll be phoning his office and hoping to get a response from Fiji, because it certainly is a significant development and it would be very good to have their perspective on it, how they feel about how things are going.


SEMI MEO said...

Good on you Australia and NZ!!

Again, Ratu Kubuabola has shown the unique prowess of a seasoned diplomat!

Proves that Australia, NZ and any foreigner Embassies have eyes and ears in all level of our multi racial society.. No..no..no..not foreigners..but, our compatriots who believe in rebuilding and restoration process!

…hence, the two Foreign Ministers were well briefed on Fiji Affairs.

This time , may be China is not winning gold medals in our neck of the woods as in the Olympics..!!

mark manning said...

I don't understand why New Zealand and Australia are concerned about engaging with the illegal regime when Frank and Co. have stated so often, they don't need them !
the travel sanctions have done a brilliant job in isolating Frank and many of his supporters and should remain in place. history will determine whether Bob Carr and his counter part and their respective governments, have made the right decision at this point in time. coincidentally,. Mr. Qarase has been found guilty in the kangaroo Court in Fiji.
The majority of Fijians must be disappointed and frustrated indeed and must have all but given up.

Anonymous said...

Bastards!!! Treachery!!!

Shame, shame, shame.

What can we do?????

Anonymous said...

I have written elsewhere on this site - make Fiji ungovernable and Aust and NZ will have to choose - to intervene or watch from the sidelines as bystanders - we have the power to make changes in our own land

mark manning said...

@ Anon 8:37 P.M.
diplomats have to take steps diplomatically. It's likely a way out of the mess and that i guess, is why they are taking this step. It doesn't however, imply that either government approves of the Regime.
It is now up to Fijians to determine what they want for themselves, a true Democracy or one based on giving immunity to cowards, torturers and murderers.
Your future is in your hands and always has been.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Australia is supporting a COUP Culture in FIJI?

This is not ON!!

kite flyer said...

What we are witnessing is pure politics. You could see it coming if you know the pattern of play in this sort of political game. Some like Selywn manning had even predicted it recently. What the democratic opposition has been saying about the undemocratic nature of the regime has clearly had no real impact or influence on Australia and NZ's change of mind on the regime and its progress towards the restoration of democracy. They have simply believed what they want to believe. It is politically expedient for them to do that. That is the way of politics. Now everybody can get back to being good buddies and conveniently forget about the coup ... until the next one!

kite flyer said...

carr said yesterday " too early to remove restrictions..." and he says today that it is okay to restore relations with the fiji regime ... there is a Hindi saying for it : " moo se be aur gaand se be baat kariz"

Grinno said...

NZ and Australia should not be fooled by the fijian regime.They should hear the reality of whats happening on the ground in fiji before making any rushed decision.Now every army officer knows how to counter NZ and Australian sanctions.That is to get China into the picture then see our two big brothers get on their knees begging you pliz lets communicate, maybe under pressure from the USA.Their foreign policy is what they hold dear to their hearts,not the LIVES OF OUR PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

It maybe a good thing for now.
Bainimarama will have to front the PIF again and if he goes against his word again about elections then more sanctions maybe added.
But I doubt he will attend because he is a coward,I can't see him being able to take the heat when being grilled.

Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest move by any Australian Foreign Minister ever.
Mr Carr you got rocks in your brain mate!
You waste $2.5 million of taxpayer hard-earned money on a bunch of thugs, hoping that they will somehow backflip and listen to the people and bring about democracy.
You got more hope in bringing back Crocodile Hunter back to life than seeing these thugs bring about Democracy.
What is the point?
What is the point of having an election when they will just turn around and do another coup!
The Australian taxpayer won't be happy when they find out what you're doing.
You might as well give the money to Bainimarama and let him pocket it.
You are wasting Australian taxpayers money and they will show you what they think in the next election.
What a stupid thing to do!

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo you big meow. You went into hiding on this forum because you were getting a bashing but now Aust and NZ openly supporting your illegal regime, you pop out.

Vote 'em out said...

Plenty of evidence the citizens of Fiji have been oppressed, have been stripped of their rights and there is no guarantee elections will be fair but NZ and AUST choosing to turn blind eye. Both are now acting out of political expediency. Fiji nationals in Aust an NZ who don't agree with this major turnaround should remember this when they vote next year.

Anonymous said...

Very dissapoting!!...Carr had no idea that those current top civil servants and ministers are mainly ex military men that were the coup plotters!! Those military men he is referring to only follow orders from the regime...
Rt Inoke did a great job in manipulating and deceived McCCully and Carr.

Anonymous said...

Aust and NZ don't know much what is happening in Fiji.Those smart liars in Fiji must be laughing at this two countries.Kububola is a dumb, he won't speak with the Aust media, because he knows he will get caught here if he say something which is not true. Fiji is still the same, no freedom of speech, no human rights etc.Somebody do something about our elected PM. Get up Fiji and fijht for the truth.

Brilliant Strategic Move said...

This is a brilliant and very timely strategic move By Oz and NZ. It will remove all excuses for khaiyum's puppy to keep feral military officers in government positions. Sanctions will still be on the military dogs and the military will become further isolated. Great move ANZACS!

Anonymous said...

I think Bob Carr and McCully are doing this for their own ego,they have no idea who they are dealing with here...
what a big mistake!!

Poised for Justice said...

McCully has been an ass all along on Fiji and he's now convinced Carr to be one as well.

Poised for Justice said...

This is so funny. NZ and Australia is supporting a government that has appointed a consul officer who is running the consulate from his own home! See the Jet newspaper story below.

Harish Lodhia is Fiji's Hononary Consul in Auckland

Fiji's Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, today presented Mr Harish Lodhia with his Exequatur commissioning him as the first Honorary Consul of the Republic of Fiji in Auckland.

Minister Kubuabola, in presenting the commissioning instrument, said that it is a significant move in the Fijian Government's efforts to provide depth and reach into the prime region of Auckland. Auckland is home to many Fijians living in New Zealand and the main centre of economic activities. A Fijian Government representation in Auckland will enhance business relations and provide basic consular services to the large Fijian community living there.

Honorary Consul Harish Lodhia said he was fully aware of the objectives of establishing the consulate and pledged his commitment to ensure that these objectives were met.

He said "I am honoured to contribute in a small way to the country I love. I will do my best to promote Fiji's interest in Auckland and assist the Government in whatever way possible in its efforts to build a better Fiji for all".

Mr Lodhia migrated to New Zealand twenty five years ago and operates a very successful business in Auckland. The Consulate is housed at his property at the Tulja Centre in Mt Roskill.

The presentation was witnessed by more than 100 invited guests at a reception organised by the Fiji High Commission in New Zealand in honour of the newly appointed Honorary Consul.

Anonymous said...

So NZ and Australia announce this new intimacy on the same day Qarase was 'found guilty' on old charges. NZ raids the homes of Fiji nationals to scare them off and Carr tells the world Aust and NZ are rewarding Fiji for progress the same day Qarase is done over. The stupdity of Carr and McCully should make good reading when the Wikileaks releases surface.

Anonymous said...

Not so long ago we were all giving Bob Carr a pat on the back for making Graham Davis look like an idiot for saying he was about to back down on Fiji. Seems Davis was right all along and it was only a question of timing. So much for principle. Australia is a disgrace!

kite flyer said...

what brought about the change in Aus and NZ stance on Fiji was not the conviction that genuine progress towards democracy is being made by the junta -although this is a convenient pretext. The REAL reason is they don't want Fiji to become a Chinese "sphere of influence". So they have revised their thinking. If the chinese can ignore priciples of good governance and do business with the mob in power regardless of questions about its legitimacy then no reason why we (Aus and Nz)shouldn't do the same. Afterall Fiji has historically and traditional been their sphere of influence. They have a good deal of vested interest in Fiji. This is where the Aus and NZ politicians are coming from in their vault de face.

SIS Caught Napping said...

Australia and NZ conned again.
Mr Lodhias' home in Auckland as Fiji's Consul. lol
This would be a perfect excuse to have Diplomatic Immunity to Laundering money and stolen Jewelry from Fiji. lol
NZ Conned again.lol
I wonder how come NZ didn't see this coming. Kubu at his best again. Watch him duck and weave as the conman explains this one to the New Zealanders. It'll be funny if they fell for it.
Perfect way for the Chinese Mafia to infiltrate NZ, ie via Kubu and Lodhia. and no questions asked.

Anonymous said...

"Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr and his NZ counterpart Murray McCully raised concerns about media freedoms and human rights and looked forward to further steps."

How shallow this sounds.

Carr and McCully are just mouthing these platitudes.

Anonymous said...

Murray McCuly has had a touch too much sun for him to be talking about relaxing sporting sanctions. He was hoodwinked already anyway last year in the World Cup when army officer player said he had left army only to go back after Cup was over.

New Zealand may drop sporting sanctions against Fiji and ease other travel bans after a top-level meeting aimed at thawing diplomatic relations.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully confirmed after a meeting with his Australian and Fijian counterparts that New Zealand would reappoint a high commissioner to Fiji and relax travel sanctions affecting members of its government. He would also ask Cabinet to consider dropping the long-standing sporting sanctions.

The meeting in Sydney yesterday built on the Pacific Islands Forum ministerial contact group's recent visit to Fiji, attended by Mr McCully, Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr and hosted by Fijian Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.

Fiji has committed to democratic elections in 2014 and Mr McCully said the change to travel sanctions would ease that process.

"They have consistently pointed to the fact the travel sanctions are a major obstacle to them getting some able people to serve in the government as permanent secretaries or minister, yet those are desirable developments to take place in the context of their step toward elections. So we've said we will have a more flexible approach to the sanctions regime but we won't be actually changing the sanctions themselves, just give more room for exemptions."

He also indicated New Zealand would look again at sporting sanctions and would be more flexible about removing people from the banned list. "In fact, I've been giving a large number of exemptions, so the practical impact of that policy has been not too much different from Australia."

The sanctions were put in place after a military coup led by Frank Bainimarama in 2006. They prevent members of the self-appointed government and their families, as well as sports teams, from travelling to New Zealand.

Mr McCully said New Zealand's sanctions were more stringent than Australia's and the changes would bring the two in line. Improvements had been made in Fiji but there were still concerns about human rights, media freedom and progress on holding democratic elections.

It would take some time to appoint a high commissioner and Mr McCully said he did not have anyone in mind.

The Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry has a team of four based in Suva but there has not been a high commissioner since Michael Green was expelled in 2007; his successor, acting high commissioner Caroline McDonald, was expelled a year later; and acting deputy high commissioner Todd Cleaver in 2009. - stuff co nz.

Anonymous said...

Smart move by Aus. No use barking at Fiji. It will only make them get in bed with prostitutes in China. Time to move in to Fiji with olive branch and fix things softly.

NEW FIJI said...

The crooks from Rabuka's coup have surfaced again...Kubuabola, Himmat lodhia's brother and wait for Berenado Vunibobo to slowly surface somewhere. Rabuka's coup has indeed been very successful since 1987. Kubuabola used to be a rabid cheque bouncer during his time with the Bible soceity and was always huddled in the back office of Himmat lodhia in Suva(Lord's Jewellers). It won't be long before the methodist church forms part of the junta and the story will be back to the 1987 days again. Friends making money and deals. The current hangers on will be dumped in favour of the old guard. Nazhat and Aslam and friends will be history soon along with the PM.

Gardener said...

Interesting move by Oz and NZ. It appears that the international community moves towards a more pragmatic approach with respect to interventions in rogue pariah states. There is clearly 'intervention fatigue' amongst the electorate of western democracies. Nobody wants to 'liberate' in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria and Fiji anymore. The rational behind this is simple: Only the people have the power to fundamentally change things in their own countries. Why should the interests of Oz and NZ as regional players in the Pacific be jeopardized, just to punish a couple of thugs who quite obviously are at least tolerated if not supported by their own population? Why should Fiji's minerals, timber and fish be exploited by the Chinese if Oz and NZ can make a profit by doing so?

Coup 4.5 said...

We learn from Daniel Flitton's article " Australia mends ties with Fiji" (smh 30/7) that " Australia has agreed to mend diplomatic ties with Fiji in a signal of faith the troubled Pacific Island nation is back on the path to democracy".
Australia didn't need much convincing, did it, to make the volte- face? The Fiji pro-democracy opposition and critics remain unconvinced given the ground realities in Fiji that the ruling military junta is genuinely heading the country to democracy.
So what persuaded Australia to have this change of heart towards Fiji all so suddenly?
Did the Chinese penetration into that troubled country have anything to do with the Australian repositioning?
Yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Well done Mr Kubuabola... now we know ur worth!!

Anonymous said...

A few points, if I may.

First, let's end some of the confusion. An honorary consul often -- even typically -- works out of his own residence. And an exequatur is granted by the receiving, not the sending government.

Second, the regime's scenario for Fiji is beginning to look as predictable as the plot of a Scooby Doo cartoon. Take for example Qarase's conviction -- who didn't see that coming? The scriptwriters think they're clever, but we all know that we'll eventually find that the bad bogey who's been scaring the good townspeople is really just a greedy coward cowering behind a curtain.

In truth, the plot was given away when the regime announced His Dark Eminence Khaiyum would head election planning; everything since is anticlimatic and already leaves the outcome of the (un)constitutional dia/monologue in little doubt but that it will be just a cynical sequel to the Peoples Charter charade. The biggest point of interest to me now is how much longer Yash Ghai will lend his prestige to this farce when the regime is already declaring as non-negotiable what Ghai states is a sine qua non.

Third, Canberra and Wellington decided to change their policies long ago. I've forecasted this since I first began contributing to C4.5. The announcement didn't come as early as I expected, but it did come sooner than I last forecasted. Yes, as one commenter wrote, it's just been a matter of timing. Both capitals have been waiting years for Bainimarama to toss them a crust so that they could be more than generous in return. They've decided to move now on the flimsiest of pretexts, citing 'progress' towards elections, never mind the criticisms of the process from the Constitutional Commission itself.

I'm not disappointed, because I never placed any hope in the Tasman allies in the first place. Anonymous 9:16 is right -- foreign powers will never intervene unless Fijians act on their own against the regime.

Wellington will now be able to send a high commissioner to Suva. McCully tried to go down this road before but understandably pulled back when Bainimarama insultingly chose to name Leweni as Fiji's high commissioner. Maybe the regime will act a little more seriously this time.

Some are fed up and ask what's to be done. I have some ideas of my own. But I'd like to hear from some of you landlubbers first, as I do my best work when I already smell blood in the water.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

whatever the reasons behind this are, the bottom line is how will this translate into some tangible progress in improving the daily lives of ordinary folks. It is unfortunate that so much energy and passion are lost in venting inconsistensies and anger on a blog page. What can i do to help my country? this is my country i want to say what I like. enough of the political chess please!! lets get on with nation building.. where do we start, any ideas??

Anonymous said...

Rajend Tatti Naidu,

Vote that u become the next PM for Aust

Anonymous said...

They want immunity after murdering people, threatening people, torture etc etc.
Does that mean that Qarase can have Immunity too? Because I think this is a lesser crime.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa, I'm short on ideas but long on enthusiasm for any action you care to explain for winning back our country from these goons.

Anonymous said...

wow looks like educated men from Taveuni are all part of the regime now. sa tautauvata ga na who u kn ow system

Anonymous said...

Australai & NZ soon realised that Fiji couldn't reallly care too da what they did, because all the needed was China support! And didn't China come to the partybig time! Now the two cousins Aussie & Nz have no choice but to bend over backwards because Fiji has done to them what no other country has dared do and both of them couldn't do bugger all about it.Reality is they have basically given Fiji a green flag -for Go & to be really honest the administration in Fiji isn't reallly bothered!Thats what Kubuabola said the last time he was interviewed so have we been duped? If China had not helped Fiji maybe just maybe Aussie & NZ would have had things done their way but nay-its kinda too late because judging by developments in Fiji we goignahead 200% to to cut imports frm Aussie & Nz which at the least help us get helath form eating the mutton flaps Nz sells the Pacific country but its not for consumpton in Nz!

rajend naidu said...

@ A nunni mous 4.17PM
I don't think your type believes in voting, Tatti Fala!
In Australia the peoples' vote decides who becomes PM .It's not a self appointed position. Do you know the difference, Tatti Fala?
And it most certainly is not a position acquired by the use of the gun - if you know what I mean, Tatti Fala?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:45 Unfortunately you can't say what you like in your country.
If ordinary folks say what they liked, they would be bashed by the army.

Ordinary people want to speak on TV and Aiyarse dishes out a new PER against the TV company.

One villager spoke to a Voter Registration Officer last week because he was a day late in coming to the village.
Do you know what happened to him?

Do you know?

Yes the Police came and took him away and then threatened the rest of the villagers.

You obviously don't know what is happening in your own country because if you had half a brain you would have known what has been happening all this time.

You want an idea to start with : Why don't you Crawl back into the little pathetic hole you've been living in and cover up the hole, because you HAVE NO IDEA what ordinary folks are experiencing.

-Valataka na Dina.

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous 4.17 PM
You are the same Anonymous Tatti Fala I gave an intellectual hiding to earlier on aren't you?
Still hiding behind Anonymous to one-side me?
You mukhi tatti.

Anonymous said...

Aust and NZ could be engaging with Fiji on the misguided view that it might inspire investments and help save the Fiji economy. It will be more costly for them to help revive a failed economy....

Anonymous said...

USP student is not a girl, least of all a flower. She is a fictious character penned by someone pretending to be genuine but all the time aiming to discredit this blog and those commenting on it. Wake up people. Reread the comments.

Anonymous said...

Scooby Doo, where ARE you?

I'm no Qarase fan, but the arrogance and injustice of this regime is more than I can take.

Just tell me where to go, what to bring, who to meet... to tear down this evil fuking tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Fiji 1 ... Aust & NZ 0

Anonymous said...

Bob Carr - man who never learned to drive a car is trying stir Fiji in direction of democracy. What a joke!

Give Peace a Chance said...

All you bloggers hitting one another over the head don't understand how much you drive other people mad. You should just cut it out.

Maybe australian and NZ gouts think its time to try something different because the constitutianal committee is trying to get us out of the problems we've been stuck with too long.

Forget about FHL and SDL. They're history.

We now have the Constitutional Commission which gives us a chance to have some independent people offer an independent opinion on how we can build a new, race-free Fiji. We must give it a chance.

It's time to move forward. For five years bloggers have been attacking one another. Why can't we all agree to move forward, stop with all the threats and abuse.

Let's assume that the Interim Government are serious about trying to build a new nation, united in democracy. If they fail in anyway to deliver it will be a problem for them. They will no longer have credibility.

This is like the saying, the best game in town.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu,

Thank you. I always read your comments and find it very interesting. I always wonder at your vast knowledge and admire your thoughts on different subjects. I do hope to learn more about you despite the criticisms on this blog. Pls refrain from stooping low and name calling as it does not suit your esteem interllect.


Anonymous said...

Agree annon 1.44pm. Can people like rajend naidu and manning pls come to terms it and accept that the only way to elections is to part of the process.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.57am that is the funiest thing I have read about bob Carr.

Anonymous said...

'Give Peace a Chance', following your 'why can't we all just get along' silliness, then why don't we all just accept the Appeal Court decision and return Qarase as the legitimate PM of Fiji?

Also, what regime credibility are you talking about? This regime lost all credibility years ago. It's now zilch, nada. Even the handpicked members of the Constitutional Commission are finding the regime's bad faith too much to stomach.

What Bainimarama overthrew was a coalition government representing all races. The SDL and FLP have already officially embraced the vision of a multiracial Fiji.

This regime has betrayed everyone repeatedly. Its leaders don't deserve any more chances. They deserve prison or worse.

Doing the same thing over and over with the same clowns in charge and expecting different results isn't 'moving Fiji forward' or 'giving peace a chance'. It's Einstein's definition of insanity, and only gives treason another boost.

It's time we gave treason the boot, instead.

For once, let's just give justice a chance.

s/ Dakuwaqa

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

@ s/Dakuwaqa

I think the Fiji Court of Appeal had ordered fresh elections, not a reinstatement of the Qarase govt, and that was just 2 years after the takeover. Otherwise I agree with you re giving this treasonous hooligans the boot. Their time draws ever closer.

Anonymous said...

@give peace a chance and @anonymous 4:50
You two obviously haven't heard of George Santayana's saying : "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"

One obvious lesson here is Coups keep happening in Fiji because Coupsters are not dealt with properly according to the law ie Treasonists must be put to death.
Not given Immunity.

If we don't do this then as Santayana says, We will be condemned to repeat this cycle in the future.
ie in Fiji's case - Coup, New Constitution, Immunity - then another Coup, Constitution , Immunity - then another Coup Constitution Immunity and on and on and on.

Lets put a stop to this cycle now and deal with these thugs appropriately.
Not another bloody Constitution.
What the hell for?

Australia , NZ and America should be helping us execute these thugs. Otherwise they too will be doomed to repeat this "rescue".
Meanwhile in Fiji, poverty increases; more Fijian children dying from malnutrition; more suicides; more bad roads etc etc etc

Silly isn't it?

-Valataka na Dina.

Jone said...

Anonymous 8:43, Dak is correct. The court ordered the reinstatement of Qarase's government to be followed by fresh elections.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Big Fish, Fiji calling to Dakuwaqa.. you said you had a plan. So what is it already? Don't wait. Just spit it out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:45, where have you been? Dakuwaqa's plan is Operation Jericho. Everybody's talking about it, because it's an unstoppable operation everyone can join. It's nonviolent, and it's brilliantly simple in its conception.

Jericho is a minute of prayer, self-examination, and/or reflection, to be followed at M-Minute by 60 seconds of as much noise as you can muster, in celebration of Fiji. M-Minute begins at exactly 7:00 p.m. on 26 September.

Operation Jericho will be in Suva only, so those who want to participate need to plan to be in Suva at that time.

Operation Jericho, Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m. Prepare to make a joyful noise.