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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Australia sticking to sanctions as NZ allows Kubuabola to leg it to Auckland

All eyes on Australia tomorrow as it meets with New Zealand over Fiji and whether or not the regime should be allowed back into the Pacific Islands Forum.
FOREIGN MINISTERS: McCully and Kubuabola.

New Zealand's Foreign Minister Murray McCully this week eased visa restrictions to allow the regime's Inoke Kubuabola into Auckland to open a shop in suburban Mt Roskill on his way to the Sydney meeting.

MCG meeting in May.

The supermarket is owned by Harish Lodhia, the brother of businessman, Hammat Lodhia. Harish Lodhia has been named as the regime's first honorary consul to Auckland. 

Both New Zealand and Australia imposed sanctions on the regime when it failed to hold elections as it said it would in 2009.

Kubuabola has now managed to get his leg over McCully but Australia's Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, appears to still want to do the honourable thing. 

Carr has told Radio Australia: "We will make a decision on lifting sanctions when it is clear the commitment to democracy is irreversible, and the consultation we have on Monday is part of that continuing engagement to see that the country is headed back towards democratic norms."

Carr says the outcome of tomorrow's meeting may mean the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group visits Suva again (it was there in May this year), but there are no immediate plans to lift the sanctions against the regime.

"We remain engaged with Fiji," he told Radio Australia. "We don't want the people to suffer from the very targeted sanctions we applied when democracy was suspended - sanctions that applied to the travel and financial transactions of the government. But we are keen to see the country make the transition to democracy."

In a statement released today, the Australian Council of Trade Union showed it intends to keep the pressure on the Australian goverment.

Calling for the regime to reinstate human and workers’ rights in its constitutional review process if it is serious about transitioning to a democracy,  ACTU President Ged Kearney says it has written to Carr to express its concern about the regime's breaches.

“Respect for workers’ rights, including collective bargaining and freedom of association to join a union, are fundamental for true democracy.

“The Fijian military regime has systematically violated workers’ rights through a series of unilateral decrees and intimidation and harassment of union leaders.

“Basic rights and protections have been ripped away, collective bargaining has been undermined by individual contracts, and free and independent trade unions have been all but outlawed in key sectors of the economy.

“It is estimated that at least 40% of Fijians are living below the poverty line. Workers need strong representation from unions and labour rights if living standards are to be improved and the number of working poor is to be reduced.

Kearney says Fiji cannot be considered to have made a return to democracy 'until these workplace rights and respect for the conventions of the International Labour Organisation are restored'.

“Until there is proof of progress on these issues, Australian unions call on our government to use extreme caution in endorsing actions that the regime argues demonstrates its commitment to a return to democracy in Fiji, including lifting any sanctions.”

New Zealand's softening towards the regime has been widely criticised by the democracy movement, and its red carpet treatment of Kubuabola and Harish Lodhia follows the SIS raid on the home of Fiji nationals.

Welcomingly, in her letter Kearney tells Carr that serious concerns remain over the level of 'public participation, inclusiveness of representation and transparency of the constitutional review process and whether elections slated for 2014 will be free and fair'.

She says given Australia has offered $2.65 million of electoral funding to Fiji, 'it is incumbent on the Government to encourage greater transparency in the review process.'

“While it appears that the military regime in Fiji is taking positive steps including establishing a new decree revoking an amendment to the Public Order Act which required a permit to hold a meeting, we are yet to see this implemented.

“At the same time, other restrictions remain in place, including limits on the ability of Fijians to freely articulate their views. If the transparency and participation concerns remain unaddressed, there will be little ownership of the process by the Fijian people.”


Anonymous said...

Why couldnt Thakur Ranjit Singh (the media expert) open Harish Lodhia's shop??---Why Kubolabola from Fiji? -Even Dr Daniel Satendra Singh could have done the job!!---or Ganges Singh Ratanda from Pukekohe !!--even Mrs Lochan !!---Why Kubu !!!

Anonymous said...

Agree that MPC may have abused funds of the poor individuals that supported him as devotees follow their Gurus! Conscience is a killer; every night conscience kills silently, so I leave it to "death by conscience" if he is guilty!

On a serious note why is Victor not pursuing the Bank accounts of ASK and Bainimarama??? Definitely there are millions in offshore accounts, you could start with tracing Nur's millions in Sydney and probably trace Singapore and Malaysia! There are rumors that Frank's pet Hamid is holding in Trust some 18 million sterling pounds for him!!! Worth checking Victor??

I definitely admire your research and forensic abilities, you will dig this out!

On another note check Design Engineering of Lautoka principal is a Muslim with a Sri Lankan Engineer, milking millions on building tram lines in the west, it is well known that this company built a tramline on the Suva end of Nadi for 2.8mil and all the material was supplied by FSC. Another tramiline being built in Ba end of Lautoka, much shorter for 1.8 mil, with material fully supplied!!!

Connection between Design Engineering and FSC, prior to 2006 Design Engineering designed and built the failed boiler at Tropikwoods, constructed by the same Design Engineering, consultant for Tropikwoods was Abdul Khan, now FSC Chairman!!! Connections of the past working freely now!!

Cool millions exchanged then and now!!!

Former FSC Finance Administrator

kite flyer said...

The leaders of the democratic nations of the world such as Australia and NZ have only one thing to do in their dealings with illegal powerholders such as the military junta in fiji : show some spine in their demand for a return to genuine democratic rule.

Anonymous said...

Harish Lodhia must have given Frank and the Regime money...How come his made Consul....somehting to think about...

Frank, you could have made Rajesh the Consul....lol...

Anonymous said...

Now FB has remembered overseas voters
. He now says that registration will continue until 2014. What tha! You know what this means. He will say that he needs more time to get registration process completed and delay the election further.

Fiji needs to put pressure on now for general election to take place ASAP. Do not fall for his delay tactics.

Anonymous said...

Reply @Anon 9.12pm..Kubu has been invited because he has a long association with Lodhia,,remember Himmat the Cummings Street jeweller made Minister of State for Indian Affairs in SVT govt thru Kubu's influence. Kubu was a leading plotter in 87 coup as a taukei Movement frontliner. Anti- Indian but in secret gets his hands regularly greased with Indian paisa thru Himmat.

Crime Inspector said...

Himmat Lodhia is a convicted dealer - i the 1980s he was jailed for buying stolen jewellery - he used to pay an Indo-Fijian petty criminal to break into Indo-Fijian homes and steal jewellery - afterwards Himmat used to buy them and sell at inflated prices - that is why the family are able to open a new shop in Auckland.

Why cant the regime lackey Crosbie Walsh have opened the shop and made honorary consul for Fiji in New Zealand

kite flyer said...

I know it's not easy -never is in politics - but australia,nz and other democratic nations must try to do the right thing by the people of fiji and not the people in power - ILLEGALLY. That is what the coup oppressed people of fiji expect from the leadership of the democratic world.

Anonymous said...

For months, I've been predicting in this space that Canberra and Wellington would re-calibrate their policies toward Fiji in a way that would bring them more closely in alignment with Washington's approach. That approach is not a Fiji-centric policy but a settled, global approach to  the problem set of military takeovers, human rights abuses, etc., we now encounter in Fiji. 

I agree with Selwyn Manning, who, in his recent article about the UN use of the RFMF for peacekeeping operations, forecasted that Canberra and Wellington likely would begin to publically 'soften' their positions against Suva and articulate at this year's Pacific Islands Forum leaders’ summit an incremental re-engagement plan. 

Canberra and Wellington will draw their travel sanctions so that they more narrowly target the coup perpretrators and their key supporters rather than family members and the board members of parastatals. They'll engage with what they deem the more moderate elements of the regime. Perhaps they'll even end the policy of snubbing ministers in their own capital and then pressing the Americans and Europeans to follow suit. 

It's too early for us to read too much into this adjustment in policy, but it's not necessarily all negative. For example, this minor thaw with Suva will make it harder for Bainimarama to clutch at the excuse of 'foreign interference' as his pretext for postponing elections again.

This re-calibration is over-due. It will strip Canberra's policy of much of its pettiness, reconcile it with Minister McCully's personal diplomacy, and restore greater coordination amongst the Western powers rankled by Canberra's imperious, and sometimes frankly devious, approach, which has been to pressure Suva -- not through trade or travel bans or sacrifices of its own -- but by hectoring Wellington, Washington, New York, London, Brussels, etc.

Also, with greater coordination with other capitals, the Tasman allies' policies towards Fiji should become more coherent. Perhaps the inconsistency and vacillation we've seen -- where, for example, Mara's visa ban is waived or renewed depending on considerations of short-term political expediency -- will diminish as they lash up with the more legalistic, and thereby in some ways less flexible, approaches of Washington and London. Perhaps with greater coordination, the friends of Fiji will act with greater unity and effectiveness. 

Are these capitals abandoning the democratic cause in Fiji? No, that's too harsh. But it's not too harsh to say that they never had the political will to do the needful anyway. In the final analysis, they'll always find a way to work with whoever is in government in Suva, no matter how odious. 

Yes, in a sense it's incredibly pathetic, but it's always been, and remains the case, that the problems of Fiji can only be solved by Fijians. 

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.34pm

FSC got the job done before the crush.

24/7 engineers, pile drivers and all associated sub contractors worked hard and got the job done.

If you checked lately, Fiji dollars is worthless, so numbers like $1.8 m ,$2.1 m dont mean much.

everybody in fiji works with who u know to get the job done.


when u want something done, lawyer, accountant, enginneeer etc,etc. you either know them or you ask somebody you know to suggest somebody u know, and then you pray and pray you have not highered a conman rip off artist, we have so many of these people in fiji.

our whole society is crooked. the cheap one cant do the job, the one who can do the job rip you off with the price.

thats why governemtn have to go to malaysia and chinese contratcors so we dont bankrupt our contry

Anonymous said...

Can I ask McCully why is he promoting conflict of interest deals involving Lodhia( the new consular general) and Fiji illegal governmnt? While lodhis is now a servant if the regime, why is he permitted to offer for rent the office of the consular general? So has he declared is interest like khaiyum is asking about all others including the farcical case of LQ?
Isnt this corrution that Lodhia being a servant of fiji regime also collects rent fromm it? has he declared his pecuniary interest? hahaha nur bano please respond.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:07 30/7/2012

Well the Malaysians aren't doing a hot job either area they ? Cost overruns and job overruns there too !

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 22:02:00

Naim Holdings Bhd has denied a newsreport from Fiji that its two road projects there have run into problems due to issues with suppliers.
When contacted, Naim head of construction and engineering Sivakumar Ramasamy was surprised by the Fijian newsreport as the firm’s subsidiary Naim Engineering Construction (Fiji) Ltd was ready to hand over one of its highway projects next month.
“We are scheduled to hand over the Kings Road from Waito to Wailatoa before Christmas to the Fijian Public Works Department (PWD) as the construction work has been completed and we’re now in the final housekeeping stages.”
The newsreport on the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation website quoted its Works Transport & Public Utilities divisional road engineer west, Apisai Ketenalagi, as saying Naim Engineering has encountered supplier problems, which is causing the delay.
"I think it is to do a lot with the supplier of their material that’s what they are having difficulty that’s basically affecting the implementation program," the Fijian engineer reportedly said.
Sivakumar refuted the claim. “When Fijian Minister for Works Transport & Public Utilities Colonel Timoci L Natuva visited the highway last month while I was there, he was very impressed with what Naim has accomplished with the local contractors.
“He said Naim had managed to complete what many previous contractors were unable to deliver, exceeding standards set by his ministry.”
Sivakumar also said there were no supplier problems as claimed by the newsreport as Naim operated its own quarry and premix plants in Fiji, which were set up by the firm and involved an estimated F$10 million (RM17.5 million) investment.
Further, he said Naim had exceeded the minimum 30% Fijian participation in the project as only 30 to 40 Malaysians were employed among the 250-odd staff involved in the project.
On the 106km Nadi Back Road currently being rehabilitated, which the newsreport said would be delayed as well, Sivakumar explained that only 50km had been handed over by the Fijian PWD so far under the contract.
“Work on the first 50km is being done in phases and the first three phases have been completed, with another few more than halfway done. We are waiting for the Fijian PWD to hand over the rest of the road for us to work on.”
The newsreport had stated that the US$40 million (RM million) project funded by the Export-Import Bank of Malaysia is to be completed in two years and was unlikely to be delivered by next August.

Anonymous said...

New consul in Auckland

17:00 Sun Jul 29, 2012

Taken from/By:
Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

Fiji now has a consul in Auckland.

Harish Lodhia was appointed in New Zealand by Fiji’s Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.

His appointment now means that basic consular services will now be available to the large Fijian community in Auckland.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:07 30/7/2012 here the Malaysians are blaming the weather, whilst Government has to spend extra money to reseal the roads

Bad West weather slows roadworks
May 9, 2011
Fiji Sun

Written By : MERE NALEBA. Adverse weather conditions have delayed in road works around the Western Division.
Malaysian contract roadworks company NAIM is feeling the pinch that bad weather has on works in progress.
NAIM general manager Beh Boon Ewe confirmed that the delay in works was because of bad weather.
As a result the company plans to buy more machinery to help the workers as they try to meet their deadline.
“The weather condition has really affected our work,” Mr Beh Boon Ewe said.
“Even though our contract says that we can ask for extension of time, the company is committed in seeing that works are completed by August 2012.
“Our men are now working right through the weekends and we are now involved in double shift work as we try to speed up the process,” Mr Ewe said. He said the machinery needed for some other road upgrades was not available in the country.
This has resulted in the search for the required machinery overseas.
However, it will take an additional two to three months for the machinery to arrive into the country.
“The machinery will help lighten the work load of the workers,” Mr Ewe said.
“It will also help us in meeting our 2012 deadline.
Mr Ewe said the Denarau roads were their main priority after pot holes started to re-appear just one month after repair works.
“The potholes reappearing are not because of the kind of materials we use. It is just because of the weather,” he said. Ministry of Works, Transport and Public Utilities spokesperson Sainiana Radrodro echoed Mr Ewe’s comments stating that the slow progress in roadworks was because of bad weather.
“The contractors should be done with the works in the Western Division from August until September,” she said. “The reappearing of the potholes along the Denarau stretch has cost the Government additional money

Poised for Justice said...

It seems that Hoodwinked McCully is running the show for New Zealand while in Australia ACTU still wielding some influence. Noticeable that NZ's Council of Trade Unions is quiet on the matter.

Anonymous said...

As Daquwaqa and others bloggers have said NZ is doing what it needs to do for itself so I will just reiterate something else that has also been said: this show aint over yet and there is no telling what is ahead.

Anonymous said...

Based on the breaches mentioned by Kearney and ACTU, why has NZ gone all out for Kububoala? Perhaps he is short of friends in the Pacific. Get a life McCully and get with the realities.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:07 30th July 2012

Chinese aren't that hot either are they ?

Fiji Sun
February 18th 2012
Letters to the Editor

Akuila Suka

The poor condition of roads in Fiji is to be expected because of the long spell of wet weather during the months of January and early February.

However, the poor response from the PWD to attend to the repair is unusual.

Normally, the PWD is very quick to respond to fixing roads after natural disasters.

May be the issue of massive redundancy and termination caused by the “sick sheet scandal” is taking effect.

We do plead to those in authorities that they must make a serious assessment of whoever is responsible for the repair of roads around Fiji.

Fiji roads have never been in this poor condition before.

They should also look at the credibility of overseas companies that are here to construct roads.

The Chinese company working on the Kings Road is so slow a snail would beat it in a race.

I’m sure that Fiji is only a training ground for them. If we travel through the Kings Road regularly, it is difficult to notice any improvement.

There are no signs or protective barriers and one would be right in thinking that this is an accident waiting to happen if nothing is done to correct the problem.

We pay heavily to repair our vehicles so that we can meet the standard set by LTA. But there is no consideration whatsoever to the damage caused by poor road conditions.

Can the LTA offer some consolation in terms of reduced Vehicle Registration Fees because of poor road condition?

Anonymous said...

New Zealand protecting criminals again.
Here's something for you New Zealnders to think about; We did not appoint these Illegals, so why are you protecting them?

Anonymous said...

More self delusion here than in a religious cult. Australia and NZ will always act in their own self interest but they are essentially cowards. They talk big but don't have the will to enforce anything. If you want to do something, do it yourselves or get used to Voreqe outliving you all.

Anonymous said...

I think one has to wonder about the kind of Leadership that has taken over modern New Zealand.

-Commisioner Hughes asked them to help nail down the criminal Bainimarama ---- they didn't.
-They tried to facilitate a Dialogue between Qarase and the criminal that Coupd him, but Bai refused ---- they didn't arrest him.
- They raided a law-abiding Citizen's house inorder to protect the criminal
- And now McCully has allowed these criminals to pull the wool over his eyes again.

Even an uneducated Fijian villager know that what NZ is doing is promoting bad-behaviour
So why is NZ stooping so low?
Don't they know the damage they are doing to the Fijian people by allowing this to happen?
Why does NZ always protect the criminals instead of the good people?

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Why are New Zealanders ans Aussies engaging with this regime?
There should be no engagements, no entry into their countries by regime and cop conspirators especially Mr Kubu.
Mr. Kubu was there in 1987, 2000, 2006 no backbone, just dancing shoes for the Rabuka tune, Qarase, and now Bainimarama. What a kid! Cannot comprehend where he really belongs. He will soon run out of music, when he will be shown the road to Naboro, where he will lead all his folks from 1987 to 2012.
Get ready Kubu!

Anonymous said...

Where is NZ getting its information and advice from?

Anonymous said...

@ Valataka na Dina 10:14

'Why does NZ always protect the criminals instead of the good people?'

As is evident from some contributions to this blog not everyones view of who the criminals are is the same.

Anonymous said...

I have always said here, and I am a man of non-violence but whatever Aust and NZ want to do or say on Fiji, the day we Fijians rise up and make Fiji ungovernable they would intervene on the side of us or run away - our fate lies in our hands and no body else - to dont bother what the two countries are doing - we need to take the matter in our own hands

Anonymous said...

Such easing of relationship is a sign of the failure of their initial approach in their soft sanctions. One of the reasons coupsters cling to power for so long is that over time things will change in the perpetrators favor as it is now manifesting. Trouble is NZ and others giving in to the regime, do not have to endure the pain, anxiety and frustration of living under oppression - deprived of basic human rights and economic development. Anyway let see how this new approach will pan out as it may bring out some surprises. But I remain with guarded optimism.

Anonymous said...

Talking about bad roads.this kubuabola was the minister of PWD who destroyed this once proud and proffessional arm of government. after kubuabola finished with it it was the most inefficient and corrupt department of government, bar none.

he was also minister of communications. wined and dinned in hing kong by cable and wireless. fiji lost $60 million on that negotiation. what was his cut, or just a free junket did the trick.
somebody ask ex debarred lawyer about this story.

the grand satan of fiji is now getting red carpet treatment in new zealand. how farked up is that.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.38am Well said. And what you say is so true.

kite flyer said...

@Anonymous 12.28 AM & Crime inspector 12.29Am
I remmember ever so well ( as you two obviously do) how Himmat Lodhia the Cumming St jeweller cum stolen jewellry receiver was made Minister of State one day and had to resign virtually the next day on account of a criminal conviction.These Gujerati paisa wallah businessmen have indeed regularly greased the hands of heaps of unscrupulous politicians in Fiji. that's one big reason why Fiji politics has become so dirty and rotten.
The Gujerati paisa wallah businessmen's philosophy has always been : paisa feek tamasi deek. They sincerely believe the noblest of minds can be "persuaded" by the right kind of money thrown to them. And we all know a good many political leaders hardly have a noble mind. They are just crooked scoundrels out to make good money and to have a good time - whilst putting on a huge pretense about sacrificing themselves for the people.
So much for Bainimarama's talk about a "clean up".
shame shame shame!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ July 30, 2012 12:28 AM

You do have your facts very correct. I will add to it. Before Himmat Lodhia was jailed, his older brother Jayanti Lodhia took a fall for Himmat. Jayanti was jailed for smiler charges. Himmat has been in bed with Inoke Kubuabola for as long time. Himmat also is a great pals with Rabuka. Himmat was charged for drunk driving couple of years ago. To this date he has not faced the court. Maybe someone needs to push the judiciary to open his file and let Himmat have his day in court. It is also my understanding the Himmat Lodhia had sold a piece of land belonging to Soni Samaj of Suva and pocketed the money. FICA needs to start an investigation on Lodhia.

kite flyer said...

@ Anonymous 12.20 PM
thank you for the additional info on Himmat lodhia. But don't hold your breath for FICA " to start an investigation on Lodhia". It won't appen. It's only the people who are perceived to be politically off-side from the ruling mob who get investigated for corruption,etc.

Anonymous said...

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Judge awaits assessors’ opinion in Qarase case

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Judge awaits assessors’ opinion in Qarase case

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High Court Judge Justice Priyantha Fernando, is now waiting for the three assessors to return with their opinion on the nine charges faced by former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase in the Fijian Holdings Limited trial.

Justice Fernando has just summed up the case and the assessors have retired behind closed doors to deliberate on their opinion.

Court will resume when the assessors are ready.

While summing up Justice Fernando directed the assessors that for the first six counts faced by Qarase, they have to come back with an opinion of guilty or not guilty.

He said if they come back with the guilty opinion then he will ask the assessors’ opinion if Qarase abused his office for gain.

He said they will have to say yes or no.

The first six counts deal with the charge of abuse of office and relate to the application, allotment and issuance of Class A FHL shares to Cicia Plantation Co-op Society Limited, Mavana Investments Limited and Q-Ten Investments Limited.

For the remaining three counts, the presiding judge said the assessors have to assess whether the prosecution has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the accused discharged his duty with respect to property in which he has a private interest.

He said the assessors must use common sense in deciding on the facts. Justice Fernando said the assessors must consider evidence in separate accounts when dealing with the charges.

The maximum sentence for abuse of office is three years imprisonment.

Qarase is charged with 6 counts of abuse of office and three counts of discharge of duty with respect to property in which he has a private interest.

It is alleged that Qarase applied, and then facilitated and allowed the purchase of Class A FHL shares for certain companies when he was Director of FHL, Financial Advisor of the Fijian Affairs Board and Advisor to the Great Council of Chiefs.

Stay with us for coverage on Qarase’s trial.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

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Qarase’s verdict today

Ba wins thrilling BOG encounter

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Picture above. Is iarse doing the tango or waltz with an unwilling bashful partner in McCully. Others don't seem to be in sync with iarse's tempo.

Anonymous said...

Australia will lift the sanctions...these are all pre-planned. As they are going to lead the South Pacific under one currency in the one government soon to come. The coup, the sanctions, uplifting are all part and parcel of the process to achieve this purpose.
There is nothing new under the sun...history is just repeating itself.

kite flyer said...

Shakespeare : The evil that men do lives after them.
So it is with Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, Himmat Lodhia and the many others who have screwed the people of Fiji and the country. No amount of money making and state respectability will cover up for their tainted corrupt reputation. I will let other bloggers add to the list of the evil doing men in fiji. (prof.nandan should like this one with shakespeare and all in it!)

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Well its not surprising that Qarase has been found guilty of all 9 counts... if not that the Bainimarama gov is a farce... but than does this mean that SDL is corrupt which is the main reason for the coup... May God bless us all of all the wrong doings that we have done..

Anonymous said...

I just hope Mr Qarase gets a suspended sentence.

kite flyer said...

Nobody must get the impression from my earlier post that the paisa wallah Guji businessmen were/are the only corrupt gang in fiji. They might be premier division players but Indians from the whole cross-section of that community - Musalmans, Punjabis, Madarassis, Kurwees - all throw up their corrupt dealers. That's why some one once said Indians are their own worst enemy in Fiji because they have so many corrupt scoundrels within their ranks.
In today's Fiji these Indian scums are getting good competition of the crooked kind from an asortment of foreign wheeler-dealers who seem to be in a class of their own when it comes to manipulating the politicians.

Anonymous said...

I feel NZ and Australia should be ashamed to even poke their nose in Fiji's affairs. British settlers in both these countries basically have eradicated the indigenious and rightful owners of both the countries. In the olympics ceremony it looked so cool to see people of difference countries who still own their country holding their flags proudly wearing their traditional costumes. NZ and Australia almost all'white" teams looked a disgrace.There is so much overlooked racism in both countries and many other races are not given a chance be it sports, employment, education, healthcare etc. In the current world people are usually graded first based on color and then the amount of money they have. Why cant NZ or Australia have an indigenous PM.....because both these countries are equally racist and yet have the audicity to poke their nose in Fiji's affairs.

Anonymous said...

Hey did you know that Colonel Pio Tikoduadua is also in Australia ???Saw him at the airport arrive today in Sydney!!!He was given a visa!!!! he.he.he Australian diplomacy and travel sanctions!!!

case by case???? laughing stock of the pacific!!

Interesting times ahead!!

Fiji Govt must be doing something right I guess!!

Anonymous said...

Both Aussie & NZ have only made enough noise to make themselves heard but the problem was they used the little "monkeys' in the Pacific to do their dirty jobs with reagards to Fiji. Now that they haven't gone anywhere it now apperas the best they can do is climb back into bed with Fiji because at the end of day they worrie dthat if other Pacific countries decide to become to friendly with China they in for a hard time! The colonialist have not learnt their lessons today their white cousins from South Africa and England are coming into Aussie by the plane load get their Passport stamped and fly back to motherland England & await the pension. This ain't no bull its actually happening but you never hear of it in the news. We are all getting conned by Aussie and NZ-just accept the fact we getting bulled by the minute!

Anonymous said...

@annonymous JULY 30 , 2012 , 5:19pm

the governor general in NZ IS A MAORI, former solider THAT IS :
Their Excellencies, Lieutenant General The Right Honourable Sir Jerry Mateparae, and Lady Janine Mateparae.

Anonymous said...

Check the list of governor generals prior to the current one...and you probably know that Sir Anand Satyanand GNZM QSOt who was the past GG was not considered "a proper GG to represent NZ beacuse of his looks" by some NZ racists.

Anonymous said...

Yay I am so happy that China, Korea and Khazinstan are doing so well in Olympics. Chances of the chosen NZ team getting a Gold Medal...LOL

ex navy said...

Somebody should give Kubu a goodright slap on his face if you see him around...common Aucklanders can someone be man enough and give him a short hook on the side of his head please,please,please.Me dua vua nai koba ni ra sega ni tu qo na sotia soli sona mai Viti.Qo na vanua mera lau koba kina.....sa vakarau vesu o Qarase.

Anonymous said...

Who wants a bloody consul in Akld?--Chor Harish--brother of another chor Himmat Load-here !!---Ben cho---gadhedo che.Both ben cho !!

Anonymous said...

Hamid is Frank's school mate from Marist, ask Dan Lobendan, he knows this sob! He is a millionaire living in Denarau, got 150+ KFC franchises in UK plus Limo business! Always hosts Frank in Denarau home and food is sponsored by Design Engineering!! The principal of Design Engineerings father is a renowned cook and he caters exclusively for Frank!!!
He is responsible for a great deal of the Malaysian contacts awarded in Fiji, obviously there is a commission paid by NAIM,etc! Contract for NAIM was already signed prior to the Team that went to assess
other tenders in Malaysia!! Ask Fusi Vave, she got sick at the airport in Malaysia, she was part of the pre-
tender assessment group consisting of Govt PS's and a
HR consultant firm! A Limo style Mercedes Benz bus
picked the group from the airport and whisked them to a
resort for a holiday, on the bus they were advised by the
Malasian private firm NAIM that the PM and AG were
on their way to sign contracts with NAIM, no
assessments were necessary! RBF got instructions from
AG to transfer 80 mil FIjian dollars to NAIM in Malaysia
when Sada was RBF Governor! This was done without
proper process!!!

The saga is real big and Hamid is the agent!!!!!

Former PS Transport

kite flyer said...

why not thakur ranjit singh ? not only to do the official opening of the new auckland fiji consul but to be the new consul? because thakurji is okay as a regime propagandist but he does not have the kind of paisa you must have to do the greasing to get such appointments. and for all his regime rationalising rubbish the thakur himself is not a corrupt man.

kite flyer said...

all that glitters is not gold. that certainly is the case with the lodhia mob. a lot of what they have - their wealth their high class respectability - is all counterfeit. but in todays world and todays politics the counterfeit can meet with considerable success. thats how it is with the lodhia mob.

Anonymous said...

Too much hate mail guys....Why not look at the positives????

we're on the way to elections!!! At least there's light slowly appearing at the end of the tunnel!!

Anonymous said...

Yes and the registrations are increasing day by day and full too..Vinaka..Bai..

The Heckler said...

Anonymous 9:24, that light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.