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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dictator hides behind guns as Qarase fronts court

By Victor Lal
The political show trial of the former deposed but democratically elected Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase is a stage-managed judicial theatre to coincide with the arrival of Yash Ghai the chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission into Fiji, and the electronic voter registration campaign that is in full swing even before the birth of a new constitution.

The judicial diary had been suddenly cleared for Qarase’s trial to convey the message that the dictator carried out the treasonous coup, on 5 December 2006, to stamp out corruption and abuse of office, as allegedly exemplified by Laisenia Qarase.

This is far from the truth. Perhaps a quick reminder would be in order. As Russell Hunter and I have written elsewhere, the $185,000 back pay army chief (thief) had called on his senior officers on three separate occasions to carry out a coup if his contract was not renewed for a further five years. They refused to go along with him saying they were not prepared to commit treason.

As one of the senior military officers, in his personal statement, told the Laisenia Qarase government:
“In my interview with [Bainimarama] he stated that he would forcefully remove the present government if his term as Comd RFMF was not renewed. I advised him that such an act was illegal and amounted to treason. I advised him that there are legal ways to settle his disagreement with government and that he must follow that legal path. Comd said that doing so would take too much time. He said that removing the government would be legally wrong but was morally correct.”


We also disclosed that Bainimarama was behind the 2000 George Speight putsch that resulted in the overthrow of the Chaudhry government and the subsequent hostage crisis that lasted for the next 56 days.

And the mutiny that followed in November 2000 was a result of his betrayal of Speight and others after the signing of the Muanikau Accord. Bainimarama not only deceived the then President Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, the father of Ratu Ului Mara, to step aside at the height of the crisis, but he also betrayed the “Speight Gang” in order to ensure that the way was now open for him to enter the corridors of political power in Fiji.

FICAC: The Selective Prosecution Machinery
The preponderance of Hong Kong and Sri Lankan lawyers in FICAC and the Fiji judiciary is the handiwork of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Anthony Gates – abuse of office through their respective connections to Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, FICAC and the Prevention of Bribery Law borrowed in large part from similar legislation in Hong Kong. It came into law through FICAC Promulgation No 11 of 2007. Its first prosecutor was the Hong Kong based lawyer Paul Madigan. When FICAC charged Qarase in 2008 with abuse of office offences it was none other than Madigan who flew in from Hong Kong to represent FICAC.

In March 2009 the former Prime Minister Qarase appeared in the High Court and pleaded not guilty before Justice Nazhat Shameem to five charges of abuse of office brought against him by FICAC. 

When the legality of the charges was questioned, Madigan submitted that the ant-corruption body was not formed until 2007 so charges against Qarase, dating back to the 1990s, could not be laid until it was formally set up on 4 April 2007. 

1997 Constitution torn-up to legitimize FICAC to pursue opponents
We may recall that the former President of the Fiji Law Society Graham Leung had also challenged the legality or otherwise of FICAC before Justice Daniel Goundar. Leung said FICAC was not a legal entity and was not a constitutional body. He said the law setting up FICAC had not been approved by Parliament which was the only body that could make laws under the 1997 Constitution of Fiji.

Again, appearing on behalf of FICAC, Madigan said there were provisions in the 1997 Constitution that allowed for such promulgation to be made. He said he did not wish to dispute the Gates judgment in Qarase vs Bainimarama which had upheld the dictator’s coup. 

But there was also the earlier judgment of Justice Shameem which had ruled the FICAC promulgation was lawful. Madigan had represented FICAC in that case before her. In her ruling of 20 March 2009 in FICAC v Rajeshwar Kumar and Jaswant Kumar, both charged with abuse of office (and represented by Rajendra Chaudhary), Justice Shameem had ruled:
In FICAC v. Inoke Devo [2008] HAC 177D.2007S, an application was made to quash the Information filed by FICAC in this court. No decision had been made at that time in the Qarase v. Bainimarama case. The defence application was that FICAC had no powers to investigate, or prosecute, or to file information in the High Court. In that case I held that in the absence of any promulgation or legislation, anybody or any organization could investigate or prosecute and that the right to privately investigate or prosecute was a civil right, preserved by both the Criminal Procedure Code and the Constitution. FICAC therefore had those rights irrespective of the validity of the FICAC promulgation.
In that case I refused to make orders on the validity of the Government, the ability of the President to promulgate in the absence of Parliament, and the justiciability of the President’s powers to rule. My position on the matter remains the same. There is however one significant difference in the way this application is dealt with today. It is that the High Court (per Gates, Pathik and Byrne JJ) has now ruled on these self-same matters and the case is pending appeal in the Court of Appeal. According to the Court of Appeal calendar, the appeal is listed for the 6th of April 2009.”

Justice Shameem declined to overrule Qarase v Bainimarama. She declined to find FICAC promulgation invalid and of no effect. However, it was not long before the Fiji Court of Appeal overturned the Gates-Pathik-Bryne judgment, declaring that the dictator’s regime was illegal.

Instead of honouring the Appeal Court judgment, the regime abrogated the 1997 Constitution, enabling it to shift the legal goalpost – instead of ordering FICAC to prosecute its opponents under the “Gates Judgment”, it began claiming that FICAC could prosecute because the 1997 Constitution was no longer in existence, and that Fiji was governed under the “Khaiyum Decrees”.

In April 2009, all the judges were removed from office following the abrogation of the Constitution. Many were then re-appointed by the Administration of Justice Decree 2009. Justice Nazhat Shameem did not return to the Bench. She formed her own legal consultancy Law Fiji and among her clients includes FICAC and DPP.

FICAC prosecutor Elizabeth Yang and Qarase Trial

One of the co-counsel FICAC prosecutors in the present trial of Qarase is Hong Kong based lawyer Elizabeth Yang, who along with Paul Madigan had tried to bring trumped up charges against the former Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki.

Many will recall my two-part investigative report in the Fiji Sun in July 2009, and later reproduced on blogsites, on how Aiyaz Khaiyum, Madigan and Yang had forced a top senior FIRCA tax inspector to pursue deposed Chief Justice Fatiaki over tax irregularities.

The FIRCA tax inspector later claimed to me (which I disclosed in the two part series) that the interim Bainimarama government used Fiji’s tax system to get people for political reasons.

He also claimed that the information he gave  Madigan and Ms Yang, was under perceived threat, paving the way for action to remove Justice Fatiaki under the 1997 Constitution of Fiji.

See full story:
While Yang returned to Fiji this month to prosecute Qarase, her FICAC lawyer colleague Paul Madigan was appointed as a judge of the Fiji High Court, and was recently appointed part-time new Commissioner of Independent Legal Services Commission (ILSC), replacing former High Court judge John Connors.

Dictator on the run from string of criminal charges
One of the major demands of the dictator was for Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase to drop all criminal charges against him, for if he did not, the dictator was going to overthrow the SDL-FLP multi-party government.

But Qarase stood his ground, arguing that the dictator should argue his case in a court of law. In a last-ditch effort to prevent Fiji from falling victim to another coup, Fiji’s tough-talking Home Affairs Minister Josefa Vosanibola wanted several countries to slap travel bans on the dictator and police had swung into gear to prepare five charges against the dictator for repeatedly threatening to overthrow the democratically elected multi-party government of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

As Fiji tottered on the brink of a coup, Vosanibola informed his fellow Foreign Minister Kaliopate Tavola on 22 November 2006 of the police plan: “The Fiji Police Force has begun Criminal Investigations and have started laying charges on Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama on a number of alleged criminal breaches he committed in relation to the current impasse facing the nation, and the pending allegations relating to the events of the 2000 coup.  From the perspective of the Fiji Police Force, it is in the interest of the nations’ political, social and economic survival that the current impasse be resolved amicably and expeditiously.”

In order to assist the Fiji police, Vosanibola wanted travel bans slapped on Bainimarama: “The Office of the Commissioner of Police has asked that I approach you as Minister of Foreign affairs and External Trade through established diplomatic channels to formally request the Embassies and High Commissions of the following countries (The United States of America, The United Kingdom,, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, France, Indonesia, Malaysia) to deny Commodore Bainimarama’s entry into their respective countries by declining the issue of any type of visa to the Commander with immediate effect, until investigations and the Court processes on him are satisfactorily completed.”

The Charge Sheet
The five charges cited by Vosanibola to his Foreign Minister Tavola were:
(1) Disobeying the Lawful Directive of the Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration to stop making public pronouncements on issues, relating to Public Safety, Public Order, and National Security since 18 April 2006;
(2) Seditious public statements that have caused fear and alarm to members of the public from 2004 until today:
(3)  Unlawful Removal of a container of ammunition from Kings Wharf Suva on 1/11/2006;
(4) Alleged plot to overthrow the Soqoso Duavata ni Lewa ni Vanua (SDL) led Coalition Government:
(5) Murder of the CRW officers at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks during the Mutiny at RFMF Barracks on 2 November 2000. 

On 17 November 2006 the Fiji police invited Bainimarama by a letter to attend an interview on Wednesday 22 November 2006 at 11am. They were advised late that day that he was scheduled to travel to New Zealand for a personal visit at 8.40am out of Nadi on Tuesday 21/1/06. 

Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes decided to press for his arrest in New Zealand but the New Zealand police, after at first agreeing that the commander had breached New Zealand law, declined to act.

See “Fiji police chief tried to get Bainimarama arrested in NZ” at the following site:

On 10 November 2006 Vosanibola, while refusing to terminate Hughes contract as demanded by the dictator had stressed to him under the heading, Stop all criminal police investigations against the military officers and investigations against the CRMF:
“Your request to government is a total contradiction of your widely acknowledged principle that “no one is above the low”. It would undermine the general public’s respect for the future of law if special dissipation or selective justice is accorded to military personnel who may have broken the law. Government is in full agreement with your commonly held view that, “justice must not only be done but seen to be done”.

The dictator escaped all of the charges by executing the 5 December 2006 coup.

As deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase bravely fronts the High Court, with one of the prosecutors Elizabeth Yang’s character in question, the cassava patch runner and dictator Frank Bainimarama is still on the run – a fugitive from the long arm of the law, and protected by the guns.

The dictator will, as Russell Hunter and I have written elsewhere, dare not dismount the Tiger, for if he does, he risks a life sentence in prison for himself and most of his cronies.

But justice will prevail, and one day the dictator will be in the dock, to face the five charges, and several others since his treasonous coup. And, so will his partners in crime.

He can run but he can’t hide – his days are numbered. 

Editor's Note: Qarase's trial got underway this morning and he has pleaded not guilty to the 9 breaches he is accused of.


Satini Koki Tikoitoga said...


Anonymous said...

Nothing can be further from the truth. Stay strong Mr. Qarase, the TRUTH will set you free.

Floreat Viti

Anonymous said...

Floreat Viti

Your old boy is going inside. Sing Sing awaits.

Na ka sa caka tiko qori e for keeps. Truth or lies don't matter because its politics.

And the people don't care, cause if they did there would be riots and outright insurrection happening now. Look what happened with Fonseka in Sri Lanka and Thaksin in Thailand. There was Total chaos because the COMMON people wouldn't have it. The COMMON PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

PM lq and mpc /others facing the court as man.
Why can frank/cronies face the court too.
No one is above the law.
Like victor lal said one day it will catch up on frank/cronies.
Amen to that.
god bless the leaders to fight this idiots and illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

Frank and khaiyum should pay the price one day.
Why is the army been blinded by this thugs.
Khaiyum using a mullah in lautoka to do all the vodoo for him.
Frank and the army are the puppet.
That why the gin is working the black magic.

Anonymous said...

Frank and Khaiyum follow what they preach.
First let them face the court for treason than others follow later.

Anonymous said...

Laisenia thank you for setting up
FHL you've made me a rich man and
may the good lord bless you many times?
Ask your lawyer to setup a defence
account in a Fiji or overseas bank
account so we can sent money into
for your defence?
RUM what are you doing in Tonga,why
don't you ask a Tongan lawyer to
travel to Fiji and help out the defence team?

Anonymous said...

ASK is NOT PM Material. He does not have a democratic bone in his body. His modus operandi is monologue, not dialogue, his way or no way. That kind of person will rule with an iron fist, bending all state institutions and the judiciary to his egotistical will. Prison, not the parliament, is the most appropriate home for him.

Anonymous said...

Frank bainimarama and Khaiyum have shown publicly that they are fully aware of the consequencial backlash of "fair, free or transparent' processes leading up to the election. Those democratic tags are not included in the Consultation processes, running of the Nation and all their decisions. Prof. Ghai demanded them, he was knocked back, the Consultations had conditions for major political parties and the Methodist Church. Obviously, they are pointing to what the election will be like.Vinaka Victor, the people must be continuosly reminded of the events from 2000 to 2006 so they know we are not going to fall for their "join us in ridding Fiji of its racist past and build a new modernised Fiji free of racial policies" What they are really worrying about is the shady past they are all trying to evade.

Suliasi Daunitutu

Anonymous said...

Ficac can you investigate Baini back pay for 20 years.
How much salary he is been paid now.
Khaiyum deal with tappoo for his land in barry road.
all conflict of interest.
why charge pm lq/others and not this bastards baini/khaiyum.
Where is justice.

Nostradamus said...

Aiyarsehole doesn't care, he's got an exit strategy when Voceke fails to win in the election. He will flee the country and his stolen money is already stashed away in overseas bank accounts. He will bribe his way out of the country, so as his relatives.

Seal the border so this crook and others don't run away. Another thing, there will be chaos after the results are known and there will be another coup. Voceke and his mates will be arrested and a civilian PM will be appointed to rule until the dust settles. El presidente, aka pisshead, will also be arrested and charged with treason. Naivalurua will become a prisoner and Moceke Cekeitoga will be locked up in St Giles pending a psych assessment.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Victor, you don't even try to sound like a dispassionate journalist anymore. It makes me wonder about the truth of what you say. A lot of this sounds like propaganda not journalism. "He can run but he can't hide - his days are numbered". You sound like Clint Eastwood or someone. OTT, as my girlfriend says. Taken to writing fiction in your old age?

Anonymous said...

Stop being vindictive and go take care of the people...Hospitals now asking the public for food donations!!

Anonymous said...

MPC can explain the fijian public how baini was payed back pay for 30 years.
It will be interesting to hear that .
I think MPC was asked by frank to do it so he can buy the house in howell road for his daughter.

Anonymous said...

Frank /Khaiyum butako chor bastard .
Army stand up and fight your illegal boss using you to steal tax payers dollars.
Army paid peanuts and kahiyum/frank and cronies milking millions.

Anonymous said...

Frank go hide in khaiyum panty.
Liar Liar
Lamu Lamu.
Frank and Khaiyum only talk bec of the army and guns.
If you are a man resign from army and disband the army before the election.
See fiji voters will teach you a lesson.
I think frank will never live the commanders post bec he is lamu to loose control of the army.
Which fijian army will stand up against frank /khaiyum and become fijian hero.
Lets see.

Anonymous said...

Frank /Khaiym god is watching over your illegal regime for stealing from fiji tax payers.
Your money will rot and you will burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum i give you and open challenge come to samoa or tonga me and you fight .
I will pay your fare Mr wanna be bastard.
If you are a man take the challenge if not go and hide in franks sulu.

Anonymous said...

Life in prison? That was under the abrogated constitution. The normal penalty for treason is death by hanging.

Anonymous said...

I admire the courage and composure Mr Qarase has maintained since the 2006 coup. He is indeed a brave man who has never buckled under the enormous pressure he has been through. Mr Qarase had an opportunity to flee the country when he was permitted to travel to Australia in 2009. He could have easily been issued a PR by the Australian govt if he had wanted one but he returned to face all the BS charges stacked against him. I have not seen anything wrong with his acquisition of shares in FHL. It was done within the law. No one raised any complaint at that time becauise as an indigenous Fijian he qualified for shares in FHL. This is just sour grapes and an attempt to psyche indigenous Fijian anger against him. I am contantly praying for divine intervention and I believe God will intervene in His own good time. It is explicitly clear that the charges are trumped up to pull the people's support away from SDL, the party legimitely elected to form govt in 2006.

Radiolucas said...

Remember, remember the 5th of December.

Someday soon, Fiji will have its own guy fawkes day - in celebration of its traitors-in-charge.

Thank you for the reminders Victor - Frank & Aiyaz's crimes will chase them until the end of their days.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 5.04p.m says: "I have not seen anything wrong with his acquisition of shares in FHL. It was done within the law."

You're not that naive ANONYMOUS not to know that laws are also made by parliamentarians - and laws can certainly be created/made to suit vested interests.

Or if existing laws are inadequate to address certain anomalies >> these laws can DELIBERATELY be left inadequate to allow certain activities to fall through easily.

Why do the "ethical thingi" and take the required steps to close the loopholes in the law so as to ensure that the LAW is not manipulated by schemers and manipulators to get away with their scheming ways.

Yes, it's much easier to play along INNOCENTLY so that one can later say "But that was all done within the law!".

What insulting BS is that, people might ask!

That's why your prayers for divine intervention sounds a bit disingenuous. I'm sure God didn't bestow his own people with the brains, intelligence and know-how so that they would get away with 'murder' - that's a choice that the likes of you made.

Anonymous said...

What Victor is simply telling the BHAINI/MARAAMA the dictator is he should have been MAN enough front court - he was only able to threaten Qarase to drop the charges was because he had the guns - and still has them.

kite flyer said...

The true facts of the speight coup are not known to this day! what was the role of the military or atleast significant parts of it in staging the coup, acquiesing and backing the coup plotters from behind the scene . one thing is pretty clear from back then: when the UN team visited Fiji the military top brass was not keen to listen to their reasoned appeal for the return to democratic rule. The signs were already there of their ulteria motives and design. Now another thing is certain : Fiji the way is was it will never be again! Political thuggery now rules and has become a norm in the conduct of the country's political affairs.It would take a miracle to change this new political culture in Fiji. Don't bank on yash ghai's constitution commission to provide the miracle. It wont happen. Tum dekti rahne!!! Yash will come and go but the shit will remain.

Anonymous said...

What I had previously said about the Vore's SELF-PRESERVATION coup is confirmed by this article! BINGO!
I know because I was and am still there!
By the way, our army INTEL and that of the Special Branch very strongly shows that the masses will bring back Qarase should he be able to stand come election time [if it comes].
So, with the Vore knowing this, he will leave no stones turned to sadly put Qarase out of the way [jail]. MARK MY WORD!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Victor...We are keeping proper records of their wrong doings..its almost over...they are so scared and are putting up decrees etc to protect them..but the people are not fools..

mark manning said...


Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 12Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

Anonymous said...

The whole militrary is fucked, they think their shit doesnt stink. Voreqe & family running Government things, Naivalurua & wife n son-in-law the Police, Vuniwaqa & Mrs selling passports to chinese to ensure there is 600-000 voters in 2014 for them but the loot is taken by kaiyum group who are the Tui Viti @ the moment.Only problem they like the money but dont wana go to Naboro by the way Naivalurua's wife had the Police Gym Toilet walls painted 5 times cause she did not like the colour but the story is she was making use of the guys available. Dont want to go that low thats her individual choice but who was paying her father from the grave yard.

Anonymous said...

American spin doctors in Bainimarama's Office

Matt Siegel describes to Bruce Hill how the Times article came to be written.

Presenter: Bruce Hill
Speaker:New York Times reporter Matt Siegel

SIEGEL: Well it's quite funny actually. I had phoned in to the Ministry of Information I think in January when the public emergency regulations were lifted to get a comment about the story, and the phone was answered by somebody with an American accent who actually works for Qorvis Communications, the PR firm that the regime has hired to handle the image in the west. And that immediately peaked my interest, I was wondering how exactly this came to pass that there were Americans working in the Ministry of Information answering the phones. So I think that there was a mutual interest, they were quite interested in having the Times be interested in them, and I was interested myself, my interest was raised even higher by this occurrence. So almost immediately I think, in the first phone call the rep from Qorvis raised the question of whether or not I would be willing and able to come out and how they could make that come about. So it was just a matter of logistics from there, finding a time that we were open to go out there.

KOBRA KAKA said...

Who Will Be The Real Hero in The RFMF to end this SAQA.Wake up GUYS.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 1.38pm
What is you point.

Get this into your empty head, the TRUTH needs no support from COMMON PEOPLE,to prevail.It will thrive and rule on its own timing and no amount of trumped up charges can suppress the TRUTH. It reigns in every places whether it be politics, government or whatever. You seem to be bent in seeing Mr. Qarase going in as if that will contain the TRUTH to be revealed. Get this into you pea brain, MR. Mandela spent 29 years in jail but he reigned in the end because he was true all along - so jail can never suppress the truth forever.
Your sound like a loser and opportunists just like these bunch of crooks and cowards now running this illegal government. "He who laughs last laughs long" - take not of that.

Matai T said...

Our Sources have revealed the following:

Fellow bloggers, you must have heard few years back that this illegal regime wanted to implement a and ID Card system which had every info on the holder on it - which could have been very easy for Baini/Khaiyum to track and trap any individual in order to achieve their political goals.

That ID Card would have all info including,Birth,Passport,Bank,Relatives,box no,etc.

But that idea was abandoned,because it was too obvious what khaiyum/baini were doing.

So this electoral voter registration system is just a guise of what their hidden agenda is.

Through this,they will use the registration data to link all the people and their personal data so that they can easily intimidate the people to vote for them.

Anonymous said...

It has become very clear to me now that Nazhat Shameem is behind the prosecution of Laisenia Qarase - she is legal adviser to FICAC and DPP and has an office near the Office of the Prime Minister - currently occupied by Frank. Why Naz - she is still sulking Qarase did not allegedly support her application to become an ICC judge at The Hague.

Anonymous said...

It may be Qarase's turn in the dock but as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, Frank Bainimarama & gangsters also take their turn to face the wrath of the people in Court one day. Thieving pots calling the kettle black!

Aiyass Kaiyum is no PM material! He has a mobster-mentality and cannot and will not do the hard yards, i.e. bring about changes to the country within the constitutional legal framework. Lazy bug!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, coming from you, that is such a hypocritical use of the Bible. And you wonder why there's no traction... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that Victor Lal is keeping all the documents he has amassed since the 2006 coup on various crooks and clowns for future prosecutions - judgment day will come, and we will need Victor as much as we will need justice - all committed under the sari of equal rights. I have no truck with equality and race-free Fiji but if it is done only to hound those who are perceived opponents than as an Indo-Fijian I would not want to enjoy the gift from this present regime. A poison apple is not worth chewing on - especially if it has been plucked by a gun shot at the tree

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has told the New York Times that his only mistake regarding the December 2006 takeover was that he should have done it earlier.

According to the New York Times report, Commodore Bainimarama said and I quote “I wish I had done this in 2001”, end quote.

Anonymous said...


Fark Fanning said...

I say to you all

Let the Law take its course !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you LQ for standing up for the truth. The country voted your government twice in to power, unlike some people who forced two governments out of power.
They attempting to charge you for some so called offence in 1991, how about their offences in 2000-2001?
Where is the truth behind their allegations of corruption and nepotism, they just have to walk across from Govt building to FBC, or drive down Laucala Bay Road to Fiji Sports Council, or to that Accounting Firm that is acting like an arm of the Ministry of Finance. It is perhaps not nepotism in the regime's eyes as it is 'just another procedural matter' of the way they do things!!.
Sadly all arms of government are fast losing credibility through the way matters are administered, from the executive, to the judicial arms, as the legislature is no longer an institution but a one man show.
Be brave LQ, all things shall come to pass, then every man will be accountable for his own actions.
You came to power through an election and another election reaffirmed your position, others came to power through the gun, we only hope they will bow out through an election. Let's see.

Anonymous said...

LQ is counting on his days to check in at the Seven Star Hotel at Naboro. So sad but that's the way it will be as VB and AK enjoy the free gun ride on the itaukei land and filling their pockets from all angles. THe itaukei are just sitting duck, cannot stand up and fight for the right.
I challenge all the Lauans to support LQ and to stop him from taking vacation at the Seven Star Hotel.

Anonymous said...

Victor, where are the documents you keep promising???? You keep talking about them but never produce them. Please tell me you're not lying because we need those documents to PROVE the Baini's guilt!

I am starting to wonder if this is the usual Kai Idia liumuri act of conning the Fijian people. Are you playing a double game??? You should know what happens to traitors. So bring it on or else you will get your own judgement day!

Anonymous said...

Fark Fanning, the only law Fiji has now is what Bainivuaka say it is. In other words, the Law of the Jungle.

The Heckler said...

At least Matt Siegel didn't lose his journalistic integrity and objectivity simply because he was allowed an interview with the dictator.

Unlike Graham Davis. Bainimarama had him at "hello," and he's been spreading his legs ever since.

Anonymous said...

If Laisenia Qarase is sent to prison, the regime will go down also - Fijians will not just take things lying down - there are limits to patience - just try sending him to prison for something he is accused of in the 1990s when he was not even in politics but helping raise Fijians in the business world to have a stake in Fiji's commerce and industry

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:47, the churches are full of hypocrites, but there's always room for one more. Come as you are. Just bring a contrite heart. God can do the rest.

Fark Fanning is Farked. said...

Fark Fanning, what planet you from asshole? A legally elected PM is tried by an illegal government in an illegal court, that's reality dumbshit. Chaos will result if LQ is jailed, and your idol Bananahead and his cronies will be jailed, and you should join them as Banana's cellmate.

Anonymous said...

I am still not convinced that Bainimarama had breached any NZ laws and would appreciate if someone knowledgeable of international law to clarify. Since the events cited occurred in Fiji and Bainimarama had a return ticket directly to Fiji I would assume that NZ realised he had only to return and be arrested in Fiji on arrival? It almost appears to me that either Hughes or the Government in Fiji didn't have the courage to go go through with Bainimaramas arrest and it was a case of the PM Qarase not wanting to cause a chaos in Fiji amongst the military decided it would be better to do it in NZ-i could be wrong!But what purpose would it serve the Govt in Fiji if he was arrested in NZ? Was a warrant already out for an arrest? If so why didn't they serve the warrants on Bainimarama when he was in Fiji? Too many if's to this question about NZ not coming to the party, was Interpol contacted and what did they say? Qarase had his chances both with Bainimarama & the late President to sort matters out once and for all problem was he had wrong ADVISORS & the lack of courage and conviction.Immaterial of the consequences, to arrest Bainimarama, the outcome of that is there for all to see. We can write what we want to conclude now fact is there was lack of true courage to grab the "bull by the balls" even if it cost some their life, but that in itself would have given all of us some courage to realise we had t stand up for something. Sadly when you do follow Qarases Leadership roles in various places some things keep repeating itself! So you ask the question WHY? Now as the song goes "WE ALL IN IT TOGETHER", SADLY the innocent suffer the MOST!DRi yani.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:58

I am a Lauan.

Give me one good reason why we should we stand up for him ?

Anonymous said...

One minute Mark Manning is singing the praise for an "eye for an eye" next he is on to the "Sermon on the Mount" which although attributed to Jesus is also found in much ealier sources! So which one should we be on Mark, the killing boat or the the "love you neighbour" one? Ghos talk about a state of confusion! We are here Mark because of of our own doing if you still can't understand that, once we get past the blame game and admit our roles in this whole process over the years than we can begin to find answers! The iTaukei is still in a state of confusion-first he supported a coup now he doesn't any wonder why the younger generation couldn't give shit with whats happening. We lost a bunch of crooks and now we have to see where this new bunch will take us uphill or downhill but Mark that's our battle, you can't understand that no matter how hard you try-cause you never lived through coups! Tell me i am wrong?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Anonymous 1:52 PM. You are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:42 PM, for starters, how about the fact that he is Fiji's lawfully elected prime minister?

Anonymous said...

Even after Frank took over as interim PM, why didn't any Fijian which would include the iTaukeis who live overseas (USA) carry out a citizens arrest? I have always wondered about this? Maybe we could have Mr Manning do us that favour next time Frank goes to the UN? Se cava Mark? Tadolo se Tasogo?

Anonymous said...

The United States has never severed relations with Fiji. It recognises Bainimarama as the de facto prime minister.

Its Secret Service is obligated to protect Bainimarama on visits to the UN as a visiting Head of Government. Even if Bainimarama were to violate U.S. laws, he would be protected by diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention. All the U.S. could do is to request Fiji's government to waive its protections. If/when it refused, the U.S. authorities could then expel him.

In other words, ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

The latest confirmed news is that Maj General Steve Rabuka was supposed to have reviewed the QVS Cadet Passing Out Parade today at Albert Park. He was apparently invited by the Principal, who did not " have the courtesy to inform the military". The General was invited because he was an Old Boy, a former Commander, a former PM etc etc.
The Principal was told, in no uncertain terms by the Vore that that is not on. "I will not allow it. Naupoto will instead do it!"
I now beg the question : "Where is all the FREEDOM that these ILLEGAL thugs are preaching to the world?"

mark manning said...

@ anon 430 p.m.
Frank will have to face his maker sooner or later.
Let's leave things in his hands.

mark manning said...

Just watching a great show on Chile and it's revival after restoring Democracy post the Dictator and Frank's mate, Pinochet.
SBS one, Friday 6th. Sydney.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime Mark, what do we do ?
Accept all the lies, the charade, the grandstanding, the hurt, the suffering????

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:47
America doesn't think much about your little piece of shit Bainimarama. They even said that " a psychiatrist would have a field day interviewing him"
So get that into your thick head.
USA hates Bainimarama.
You think Frank is a somebody, but in actual fact the Americans have already assessed him as a delusional psychotic lunatic.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

FARK FRANK illegal like them all...
He thinks he;s legal since 2001. F him he is Farking illegal from da day he got involved!!

RIP Dad. Pray these bastards gets their just desserts!!!

Bopmb the bastards!!! In Delainabua! Shameful place!

get ready for the wrath of the lord. Kolinas!!!

Anonymous said...

'Ah me, I see the ruin of my House!
The tiger now hath seized the gentle hind;
Insulting tyranny begins to jet
Upon the innocent and aweless throne:--
welcome destruction, blood and massacre!
I see, as in a map, the end of all.'

Richard III, Act II, Scene IV

mark manning said...

@ anon 1014 p.m.
Soften your heart, move in the opposite spirit, have faith and pray !
The point I was trying to make about Chile's new found Democracy is, that there is hope and that Fiji will rise from this coup, a stronger, wealthier and more coherent Nation !
Glass half full, not half empty approach.

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Dina, I hate Frank's guts, too. The Americans made the right assessment. So stop trying to put words in my mouth. And this isn't the first time you've done that, either.

I know very well that the Americans have a very low opinion about Frank and most of his mob -- you're right about that. And Frank would do well to steer a wide berth around them, as he learned when he rashly decided to expel the U.S. ambassador in December 2010. Dumb move. But they also have global commitments and principles to maintain that transcend the political scene in Fiji.

It's not that they don't care about Fiji, but, unlike the Aussies, they don't care enough to carve out Fiji-specific exceptions to their broader policies and obligations.

Among those are their obligations as host nation to the UN. They can't arrest Frank in transit to the UN any more than they could Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Khaddafy, Arafat, Castro, or Khruschev. That doesn't mean they endorse Frank or think he's a 'somebody', as you say. It means that they're not going to toss their UN obligations overboard just to please us.

Moreover, especially because of Fiji's position as a hub of the Pacific, the Americans don't want to scotch their relations with Suva just because of what they view as a transient ischemic attack, as one blogger aptly put it, in the body politic of Fiji -- viz., your little shit, Frank Bainimarama. They're willing to work with whoever is in power in Suva, even if it means holding their noses whilst doing so,

I suggest you visit the U.S. Embassy Suva website and study their 'Three Pillars' policy before you advertise your ignorance further.

Anonymous said...

Richard III. Very apt for today's Fiji.

Another murderous and arrogant usurpation.

The history books will not be kind.

Anonymous said...

Last week during Jag trial I printed- up 4 Tshirts with the words-DEMAND-FREE-DOM-NOW I had
four of my guys each wearing the shirt and i gave them specific areas to sit inside the court room.
The courtroom junkies were unaware
of the conspiracy but it looks good
from afar? Yeah got be creative in
this time of treachery! Come on people,be creative!Lets beat these thugs by outsmarting them with their own games?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me,why do we need a card and
the whole registration process to
vote? Didn't they have this records
already Existed with the previous Electrol commission? Are they so ignorant,that they can't access these info?
Who is paying this Canadian company to do the registration? Any guess? Is this a freebie services from the UN or EU?
Or is this an exercise in futility
by the so-called office of the illegal AG merely as a mean to make
the asseole looks legit in his illegal position? Can't really see
the real reason why they're doing
it,since the record is already in existent? Just a major waste of good & important resources?

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Dina@RUM...come on home boy! Useless being afraid and
sitting alone in Tonga without anyone to talk to or listen to or discussed the problem with?
Come on home, we'll give you another chance to prove yourself?Asking America to Bomb Delainabua ain't
gonna happen-we both know that!So
come home and we could use you to oppossed the military regime on the
ground?We won't trust Driti just yet, but we will give you the first
shot if 2014 electrol exercise does
not pan out?We need a Gorrilla type
warfare to be mounted against these
illegal regime ASAP. Hopefully,you've learned some military warfare tactics during your terms in the military?

Anonymous said...

Wow! @ 12.46a.m. Creative and daring, good on ya!

I still recall buying metres of blue ribbon (colour for freedom and democracy) and little safety pins to distribute around after the Dec coup. Paikaraik! Wasn't I annoyed when some people pulled a face as I freely handed them out.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:57
Sorry man!
I thought you were some nutcase trying to give Bai more credit than he deserved.
I can see now that you were just trying to be Diplomatic.

I must say I'm trying to move away from the art of Diplomacy.
I find that the present crop of Fijian soldiers are so dumb, they cant read between the lines.
Unless you tell them straight they just don't get it

And most of what I write is specifically aimed at them.

As for the Pillars of Democracy at the moment I'm studying the lives of Jefferson, Madison and Mason.
Virginia definitely produced some great men.

No doubt we might clash again in the future.

Keep up the good fight!

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Big of you, Valataka na Dina.

Humility is an important leadership quality. You seem to have it. The government of the day does not.

We're on the same page, mostly. Not just Fijians, but everyone, everywhere would profit by studying Jefferson, Madison, and Mason.

Fiji's version of The Federalist Papers are being written right here and now on C4.5. Thanks for contributing to the debate.