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Thursday, July 26, 2012

FDFM: full disclosure before any immunity

2006: Criminal
Statement from the Australian based democracy movement

FDFM adopts the concerns expressed by both the Constitution Commission and SDL Party regarding the Constituent Assembly Decree, but wishes to elaborate on the issue of blanket immunity, because we believe it’s pertinent to the eradication of Fiji’s coup culture and the basis for a stable political environment.

2012: Still a criminal
The issuing of a blanket amnesty for members of the State; Military and the Police until the next Parliament convenes makes a mockery of Commodore Bainimarama’s high moral ground claiming the December 2006 coup was a ‘Clean Up Campaign’, when  the  international  Community  knew   he  committed  treason  by  unlawfully removing the elected Qarase led Government from office  and unlawfully usurping authority.

Whilst FDFM  acknowledges Chapter  XIV Immunity  Provision  was contained in

section 164 the 1990 Constitution, it was nevertheless removed altogether in the

1997 Amended Constitution, so to argue because it had been done before, it can be followed again, as proposed by Fiji’s illegal Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum; is unjustifiable and only perpetuates Fiji’s coup culture.

The Chapter XIV Immunity Provision was contained in section 164 of the 1990

Constitution because treason still carried the death penalty at the time and since it was the first time in Fiji’s modern history, without wanting to taking any chances, Lt. Colonel  Sitiveni  Rabuka  and  his  Advisors  inserted  the  Chapter  XIV  Immunity Provision, for self-preservation.

However, it should be noted Chapter XIV did not involve; engage or sought the peoples  or  Parliament’s  endorsement,  unlike  the  Sir  Paul  Reeves  Commission, resulting in Parliament fully  endorsing the 1997 Amended Constitution, which did away with the Immunity Provisions altogether.

Fiji has moved on since the 1987 coups and one would have thought the lessons learnt was going to deter potential treasonists in the future, but unfortunately it didn’t deter George Speight and the CRW Soldiers, who according to some accounts took over Parliament with the full knowledge  and acquiescence of Fiji’s Military Forces Commander Commodore Vorege Bainimarama.

Commodore Vorege Bainimarama’s coup in December 2006 proves Constitutions do not guarantee political stability because it can only be guaranteed through equitable trusted partnership between the people who are entrusted with positions to uphold

the Constitution and the Citizens who volitionally agree to live under it.

Therefore Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga’s claims; the Fiji Military Forces involvement in formulating  Fiji’s new Constitution; guarantees eradicating Fiji’s coup culture and political stability is simply  nonsensical and without substance because the Military themselves were involved in the 1990 and 1997 Constitutional process as well.

FDFM in trying to help find a way forward for all Stakeholders in Fiji, wishes to put to Fiji’s Military Forces Commander, Commodore Vorege Bainimarama and his Military Regime, if you truly wish to seek immunity and engage with the affected families and peoples of Fiji; in a full; frank, open and proper dialogue, then you  must be willing to do the following:

·    Fiji  Military  Forces  Commander,  Commodore  Vorege  Bainimarama;  his Military Council; Interim Cabinet and Advisors without exception; individually admit their error in executing and/or supporting the 2006 coup and seek the forgiveness of the people of Fiji  at a Public Reconciliation Meeting to be chaired by persons held in high regard by all Communities in Fiji and invited by the Constituent Assembly;

·    They  make  full  disclosure  of  their  involvement  and  expose  ‘the  shadowy figures’  behind  the  scenes  who  stood  to  gain  from  the  coup  and  any subsequent decree;

·    Make complete disclosures of total Government Revenue and Expenditure since December 2006 coup up to time of the Public Reconciliation Meeting to assist the incoming elected Government;

·    Fiji Military Forces Commander, Commodore Vorege Bainimarama and his Military  Officers  to relinquish their public and statutory offices and return to barracks prior to the Public Reconciliation Meeting &

·    United  stand  by  all  Stakeholders  and  the  peoples  of  Fiji,  that  future treasonists; without exception will be dealt with the full brunt of the law.

FDFM believes the above is the only guarantee of eradicating Fiji’s coup culture; otherwise we’re  deceiving ourselves and the new Constitution to be prepared by Professor Yash Ghai and his Commission is already predestined to fail even before itstarts. 

Joni Madraiwiwi: Immunity clause must be discussed:http://www.fijivillage.com/


kite flyer said...

too right it does!
but the Bainimarama coup had one main aim.
can anyone guess what it was!

Anonymous said...

Spot on .....but everyone knows that this will never happen. At the end of the day, the PEOPLE will win as they do everywhere in the world ...Time will tell.

kite flyer said...

the socalled "clean up campaign" was just a more presentable front to cover up the more sinister motive of the coup - to grab power and evade criminal prosecution .
in a way the motive was not altogether different from speights coup.

Anonymous said...

The 2006 coup was uneccessary as the stated reasons for its execution by those involved was weak compared to Rabuka's coup. Military intervention in democratic societies are only warranted when there are activities that have the potential of threatening national security where lives are being placed at risks. In 1987 there was a build up of protests and spates of marches being organised by hardline groups like the Taukei Movement which had the potential of developing into the explosion of racial violence. Rabuka did mention this as one of the main reasons why he did what he did. In Bainimarama's case, there was not a single activity happening in the country that had the potential of erupting into such a situation. In fact the economy was booming, things were normal. The corruption allegations against the SDL by Bai as his reason for the coup was nonsense. Even if there was corruption, there was no evidence to suggest thge existence of corruption had the potential of creating violence. It was merely executed to save him from going to jail for the murder of CRW soldiers.

Anonymous said...

You guys can come up with all your mambo jumbo....The Bainimarama Government is taking the country into the right direction..no more racial profiling..
But than again i dont blame the critics of the government...there are always some rotten potatoes around.
Remember,Rome was not built in a day..This Government will achieve its aim...to give all the citizens of Fiji an equal opportunity.thank you Mr Prime Minister.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

This is the problem.
You dont want the Coup but at the same time you want to forgive the Coup-makers.
As long as FDFM hold on to this view, Bainimarama and Khaiyum will continue to shit all over you. And also Coups will never stop.

Coup-makers need to be dealt with according to the Law ie be put to death. FULL STOP!.

It's like a diabetic patient with a gangrenous toe.
You don't like the gangrene but you still love your toe so you don't want it cut-off and you just put up with the decay and smell and slowly it spreads and ultimately kill you.

Poverty getting worse. Fijian children dying of malnutrition at an increasing rate.
More and more young Fijian men affected by mental illness and suicide.
We are slowly killing ourselves.

I say cut-off the toe.
Catch these bastards and execute them!

Activate Biketawa, Get Australia , NZ & America to come here and help us get rid of this thugs.

Sometimes we have to cut-off a part of our body inorder to save the rest of the body.Its painful but it has to be done.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

kite flyer @ 10.29pm - hear! hear! - and I guess, also not too different from the 1987 coup whose perpetrators feared the new government's intention to dig out the dirty business at Vatukoula Gold Mines and elsewhere???? Me sa da na masu tikoga vakalevu, ka masulaka na yaloda me da vosota na dredre me na qai vakatulewa ga vei Viti na noda Kalou Levu.

Semi Lekanaikutari said...

Clean up campaign was a disaster, now we're more corrupted then any other gov in the history of Fiji. Only other gov that come's close to this level of corruption is the Chodor gov.

Anonymous said...

Bainivuaka, why promote this immunity bullshit? I'll answer it for you since you're one dumb muthafucka...it's because you know you're guilty of treason, guilty of murder and guilty of corruption. People power will see you go down you pig.

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam's naïveté is breathtaking. Does he really think Bainimarama's aim is social justice? Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Rome had dictators, too, and that is why it declined.

mark manning said...

A band aid solution and what of the people tortured and murdered and what of human rights, all dismissed for the sake of giving a handful of criminals immunity ?
The best way to take Fiji forward is to prosecute those responsible, not to whitewash everything they have done for the sake of expedience.
You can't expect a house built on sand to stay up for too long.
Immunity perhaps, but only for the foot soldiers who take up arms behind a legitimate and loyal leadership to arrest those responsible for this coup and those who supported its implementation etc.

This discussion of immunity is as foolish as the "gay marriage" debate.
A pointless exercise, a pseudo Democracy in the making if immunity is even contemplated for these criminals.
In so doing, you inevitably send the message that what has been done since December the 5th. 2006, is acceptable under the circumstances, yet it clearly is not.

Anonymous said...

As a foreign investor who has lost $2 million due to this coup and previous coups and has therefore stopped further investment I say that immunity is not even to be considered. The effects of these coups on the ordinary citizens of Fiji are devastating.

Anonymous said...

Blanket immunity my ass!! Go back to the barracks where you belong then we can have a clean up campaign of the Army camp. Best solution eradicate the army altogether we dont need them!! They are a bunch of "ululala's" who cant think for themselves, they only accept orders at the expense of the people. How dare they take Fiji to this low level of poverty??

Anonymous said...

no guns no coup.disband the army thugs and lock the thugs leaders/ministers in prison for life.

Anonymous said...

"Rome was not built in a day."

Yes, also Rome did not fall in a day! But, nevertheless, Rome did fall and fail.


Anonymous said...

To hell with discussing immunity for treason. No way are we to let off this latest treasonous perpetrator. Join Speight where they both belong.

Anonymous said...

Rt Joni Madraiwiwi continues to demonstrate his elitism and the fact that he is far removed from the average citizen, let alone the Fijian people by advocating immunity. Then Khaiym puts his boot to him, rauti koya vinaka, rau sa vitara ga o Khaiyum & Madraiwiwi. Lost all respect for Rt. Joni.

Anonymous said...

It is most unacceptable that the perpetrtors of the crime are the ones laying down the conditions for getting away with criminal deed scot free. But the rationale in giving into the immunity is to end this impasse sooner rather than later when everything falls over the cliff. But I would rather put off this immunity proposal and let it spring up from elsewhere other than from the regime. Something might just cock up and then these criminals will be served their just dues. But as I see it now the criminals are trying get out of their due justice by forcing in the immunity for their protection.

kite flyer said...

I am for "conditional immunity" for the coup making mob . The condition is that they all go away and live in China.That is the kind of place they should be living - in a totalitarian state. That would be in keeping with their political belief. I am sure they would look forward to going and living in China. Can arrangements for the transportation commence without unnecessary delays?

Anonymous said...

Equal opportunity was inevitable.

the illegal PM has only brought this forward in an attempt only to save himself.
He doesnt give a rat about who benefits from equal opportunity.

he throws a blanket and the vulnerable go blind. thank you Franko, but the saying goes suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret. if all fails then guilt will eat you up from the inside. Sleepless nights counting down to people power, or heart attack?

Anonymous said...

Ratu Seniloli went to gail for treason, speight and silatolu and others went to gail for treason, Rabuka also went to court-why cant the dictator now and his junta go court and naboro- one way ticket.

No immunity and same law for everyone.

Keep The Faith said...

CCF via The Naz may be able to pull Rt Joni Madraiwiwi about by the ears to tout their lines but the immunity of coup perpetrators will not happen and that will be non-negotiable.

The cycle of coups is a societal cancer that must be arrested ASAP. Look at the effects of this terminal illness around Fiji that taxpayers have no choice but to endure — it is very plain to see in the infrastructure, economy, education, foreign policy, social problems, crime, investments, social services.

In the illegal and treasonous regime’s eyes, over the course of their 6 year dictatorship, the negotiations with the people (those paying them) has been non-existent. It has always been their way or the highway. And are we supposed to be naive enough to believe that adding a qualifying term such as ‘conditional’ they will buy it?

They want immunity but they also want unfettered access to the public coffers forever and they will never give that up.

So NO to immunity and double NO to conditional immunity. Nothing the regime has done or conceded to has ever been in the favour of the citizens and citizens must not be influenced to continue to concede when the concessions all this time has brought them nothing but hardship and a legacy of gigantic economic burdens for the next generation/s.

And let's just examine for a second all the public ‘drama’ about the non-enabling environment of the consultations via Ghai et al, what was what exactly? Have the clowns come out to play?

If they’re continuing the consultations in spite of those factors, it is safe to assume that the commissioners were perhaps just progressing their set script.

And as part of Ghai-yum script, the pretext of normalcy will be the norm as Kubuabola starts his attempt to get Australia and NZ to warm up to the illegal and treasonous regime in the vain hope that the Forum will overturn their suspension of the regime.

We learn today via Senator Bob Carr that Kubuabola is in Sydney next week to assuage Australia and NZ on Fiji's suspension from the Forum. While this happens Kubuabola is fighting Paris who will maintain their stand on New Caledonia, and Kubuabola massages relations with China with the intention to continue his short-sighted counterbalance act leveraging the China paranoia of the big boys. Kubuabola may think he is smart, but for the long-term it is very stupid.

Even if Fiji gets back in the good books of the big brother’s in order to get the sorely needed aid money flowing back into their coffers (bureaucrats in preparation for the 2013 are being told they only have FJD$635 mill to play with next year with which to provide services to taxpayers), Fiji will be pressured to cut China loose. China is no fool and they know this but you can be assured that they WILL get their pound of flesh...just keep an eye on the allocation of that latest batch of passports y’all.

By and large however Act 3 of the Ghai-yum script is now live:

Kai Bau said...

To Anno about Rt Joni,O Ratu Joni e dua na turga vuli ka turaga vuku.Nanuma tiko e turaga ni Vusaratu.......o Bainimarama e lako talega mai dua na vanua vaka Vusaratu....baleta ni turaga o Ratu Joni ena muria tikoga na gaunisala vaka turaga ka vakalawa....baleta gona ni kawa ni kaisi o Bainimarama ena vakayacora ga nai tovo ni kaisi....o Bainimarama e saga me na maroroi koya ena gauna qo...ka ga me caka me vaka kanikani ena imminity qai caka tale vua na i tovo ga vakaisi e cakava vei ira na turaga me bala i loma ke sega me dua e dumuka na galegalena...vinaka
Noqu rai noqu vakasama vosota ke sega ni tautauvata kei kemuni

Anonymous said...

Annon 11.28

Rt Jone is well above the average being. I have lot of respect of him. Don't rubbish such human being.

Anonymous said...

Ever conciliatory and moderate, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi doesn't argue the merits of immunity, only that the issue should be discussed. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, on the other hand, takes a characteristically hardline approach, saying that immunity is non-negotiable. 

For once, I rather agree with ASK. Immunity is non-negotiable. 

It ought not to be negotiated, discussed, or granted.

Just say no -- no more immunity, no more free passes for treason.

Amnesty is another story. If Bainimarama, Khaiyum and others want amnesty, they should restore Fiji's lawful government. It would then be churlish for the restored Qarase government not to grant some form of amnesty to regime supporters who wish to come in from the cold. This would give Bainimarama, Khaiyum and others their best opportunity to obtain the most favourable plea bargain deal, since they could then plausibly claim some credit for having probably averted bloodshed, including their own.

Khaiyum says immunity is non-negotiable, and I quite agree with that. Now, if he doesn't want to discuss some limited form of amnesty, either, then who am I to argue with that?

After all, it's his neck on the line, not mine.

s/ Dakuwaqa

New Fiji said...

Mark Manning @9.26....did you protest and make your voice heard to the Australian Government ,when GOFF WHITLAM was removed by treason ?????

I didn't think so !!!!!
You should also protest at the treasonous removal of RUDD ...but alas you won't...because no person in their right mind would want to listen to your gibberish. Go smoke some camel shit !!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah why the caption 2006 Criminal.. everybody knows he's not one...stooping low here C4.5.. pliz be more professional..

Anonymous said...

I am a USP student who started to read Coup Four and a Half when Graham Davis attacked you in the Fiji Sun. Find it interesting to get another perspective. However, I hope you don't mind me saying a couple of things which you may not like.

Some people here have obviously been away from Fiji for a long time. There is not the sense of crisis they keep talking about. Everything is calm and nobody is upset like you guys who left.

The Roko Tui Bau is right when he says race relations have never been better. Everyone is happier and young people don't have the hang ups of their parents.

We all want democracy and it's good that you keep pushing for it. However, I think the anger and insults here turn people off. My own friends don't like Coup Four and a Half because they say people on it are crazy. This is true in too many cases.

If you want to influence people you have to be more reasonable. Voreqe is not all bad. I like some of what I see here but some of it is too extreme and a big turn off. Thanks for letting me have my say and keep up the good work. 4.5!

Anonymous said...

Strictly speaking the the immunity decree should aboslve George Speight of any wrongdoings come the 2014 elections. It should absolve any officers who conspired alonngside Bainimarama and who have been trapped because of their support.

Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS 2012 12:56 AM What a load of crap you write. You try and Justify rabukas coup by blamming the Taukei movement. God bless us if we accept you level of stupidity! The Plan for Taukei movement to do what they did was coming right from the top witin Govt with the blessing of the Military -indirectly! Whats the use of having the Police if you not going to engage them first when there is internal strif! The reason why we have a Bainimaram is because we let Rabuka go by with putting him in NABORO! That would have taught everyone afterwards. My question is why can't Rabuka be put on trial we chucked out a Constitution??, So make a new clause in the new Constitution where we can put everyone who was involved in a coup on trial backdate the damn thing! And for goodness sake stop the crap!

Just saying said...

Learned USP student welcome to the forum.Please tell us why you have not signed your own name if there is no crisis and why you think it's people outside of Fiji that are on this blog. Cos most of are from Fiji itself. And something tells me you are not really a student from USP>

Anonymous said...

So-called 'USP student' sounds more like "a fruit of a poisonous tree" than a truly learned person.

Careful now Kanaloto, with defending a dicktator who is in your words "not all bad".

Your hero is no different from other selfish sh!theads in the same class who finally met their ends deservingly...

Anonymous said...

USP student, if you say nothing is happening than you must be from outside Fiji... Look around you, ask friends etc and they will tell you that we have been gov. by a dictator and whatever they say goes... no arguments... thats why people cannot voice their own opinion.. Why have so much degree left / right and center if you think they are doing okay...Ask why PS for Agriculture left and not even return to the barracks as they had wanted him too... Welll too much luimuri and tabetabe...

Anonymous said...

USP student is actually Graham Davis trying to do his stupid disguise.

mark manning said...

@ New Fiji 1:59 P.M.
Is camel shit a delicacy in Fiji ? If it tastes anything like Kava, then I'll have to respectfully decline thank you all the same. Perhaps the shitty flavour is more to your liking and in line with your taste, given you seem to be supporting the Regime.
I did meet Gough Whitlam in Cairns while he was on the hustings for his final election in 1975 and have met him again over the past few years at the Opera House and more recently, outside his Retirement Complex in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney.
Gough was removed by the then Governor General and under a false premise that their was a Constitutional Crisis, or as Frank Bainimarama would have us believe, the Doctrine of Necessity !
Kevin Rudd was outnumbered when his Colleagues in The Labor Party voted Julia Gillard in as Leader of The Labor Party and hence, Prime Minister.
I can show my disapproval at the Ballot Box come next election, can you ?
Please don't shoot the messenger and take it easy on that camel shit, it might have lumps in it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@ Dharam Lingam..racial profiling is when we will still call a kai India a Kai India and a kai viti a kai viti..10 or 20 yeaRS from here and we will still be calling you and your grandchildren kai India like we always and always do..haahaahaaa

Anonymous said...

If we mortals do not abide by and respect the Constitution [Bible/Teachings]that our Creator [God] has given us, then what guarantee do we have that man-made Constitutions will not, in the future be treated the same? Coups as has been proved are carried out for a variety of reasons and excuse!!

kite flyer said...

I remember from my geography lessons that fiji has over 300 islands. many are not inhabited. a remote uninhabited island should be identified and it should be developed as an exclusively prison facility for all the past, present and future coup makers in Fiji. Christian coup makers can raise pigs and beef cattle, Hindus can raise goats and poultry and Muslms can make samai. Everyone can fish, But vegetarians should be allowed plant lettuce and baigan. Please arrange for this asap because we don't know when the next coup will happen and how many more coup makers will require accomodation on "Coup Island Prison Facility".

Anonymous said...

Bula. USP student here again. Strange that I am criticized for not giving my real name by people who will not give theirs. I am not from a "poisoned vine". I was trying to give my opinion in a respectful way.

I decided not to give my name because I don't want people coming after me for saying things aren't so bad. I hope that makes sense to people with an open mind. Intolerance works both ways. if I am "poisoned" for being polite, it is very disappointing.

When I get attacked like this for asking for less aggro and more balance, I think Graham Davis must have a point. I don't have any problem with Coup Four and a Half. I think it is an important alternative to the mainstream media and hopefully what we will have when there is democracy again. However, some people like those who have attacked me here need to take a look at themselves. Life in Fiji is passing them by.

People don't want extremism of any kind. They should be able to say what they think and I did. Thanks again to Coup Four and a Half. Moce mada.

Anonymous said...

Naliva you're just looking grand!!!

Anonymous said...

The human body is wondering who is the leader?!The heart says: Its me...I circulate the blood.
The brain says: No,its me because I control everything!The liver says: No, me because y'all cant live without me!
And the anus said: No its me...
....All laugh...
Then the anus refused to open for a week and a half...and the liver exploded...the brain skewed out of controlling everything from the pressure ...and the heart stopped
circulating..!! What's all the fuss about?..Its not all bad..but its NOT ALL GOOD either!.Moral of story...'even an asshole can be a leader'!

Anonymous said...

Just say No.


Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa, in his acceptance speech as Republican candidate for the U.S. presidency in 1964, Barry Goldwater said: 'moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue'. Ratu Joni should reflect on this statement. What we need in the face of tyranny and treason isn't moderation, it's morally courageous leadership.

Anonymous said...

That USP student must be one of those students that think that going there is so cool but spends most of his time dating in the parks rather then studying..Did you pass any of your units??..haahaa

El Magnifico said...

I want immunity too for the next scheduled coup!

Anonymous said...

USP student, thank you for your contribution. I'm especially glad you decided to visit after one of Graham Davis' attacks -- obligingly reprinted, as always, by the Fiji Sun. 

For all of the calumny 'Calamity' Davis heaps on C4.5 -- he calls it 'the cyber home of violent racists and the just plain mad' -- Davis is a frequent visitor to this site. Since you're now a C4.5 contributor yourself, welcome to the fraternity -- 'ilk', Calamity calls it -- of the 'cowards' and 'scum' who have found on C4.5 a measure of the freedom denied us in Fiji.

It's true that some of C4.5's contributors over-hype the sense of crisis in Fiji. There seems little such sense, partly because the regime squelches criticism and bad news, but also because the populace is passive and the opposition unorganised. 

Is Fiji in crisis? Absolutely. A treasonous military clique has overthrown the constitutional government, postponed elections, gaoled loyalists, run roughshod over civil liberties, thrown out the Constitution, and now rules illegally by decree. Investors have fled, the sugar industry is collapsing, and the economy is mismanaged. Are most people affected? Yes, deeply, but for the most part indirectly, in ways they do not recognise or attribute to the regime.

I agree that race relations may have improved marginally, mostly because the iTaukei are less threatened by the demographics but also because the regime's rhetoric promotes the idea of Fiji for all. Bainimarama deserves some credit for promoting a multiracial vision, even if he doesn't really believe his own rhetoric. I am concerned that the way the regime keeps playing the race card is in some ways deepening racial polarisation.

The anger and insults on this and other blogsites are indeed off-putting, I quite agree. People deserve to be angry under the circumstances, but some remarks are unnecessarily offensive and don't really add anything of value to the discussion. I hasten to add that people on both sides of the political divide are guilty of this.

Cravenly caving in to regime pressure, USP pushed Prof. Wadan Narsey out of his tenured position. But colleges used to be a place for intellectual inquiry and moral leadership. I hope you'll help to restore USP to that badly-needed role.

Whatever your political views, you're welcome to express them here on C4.5. 

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

New Fiji, you said that the removal of Whitlam and Rudd was an act of treason. Mate, stop smoking camel shit because no guns were used, and the army wasn't even involved, like in Fiji. You need to wait for the effects of that shit to wear off before you comment.

As for the USP student who writes crap in here, you should go back to school and learn how to write properly.

Anonymous said...

All coup makers since 1987 should go through the same judicial process. No one should be spared, no special constitution should be formulated, and one rule should apply to everyone.

The people have spoken through democratic elections, and those who go against the will of the people should face the consequences.
We have had more than enough constitutions, no more please! just carry out what the supreme law of the land says, no more! we have gone back 40 years with regimes after regimes, decrees after decrees, constitutions after constitutions, military rules after military rules, going in circles and circles, with out pathetic economy, ailing sugar industry, politicised private sector milking government and its statutory bodies, with fake assessments and studies worth thousands of public dollars.
We are heading for doom and destruction even with an 'independent judiciary' what a shame!

Anonymous said...

High Commissioner Oti Meets Fiji Police Commissioner
Friday, 27 July 2012, 4:26 pm
Press Release: Solomon Islands Government

Office Of The
Prime Minister And Cabinet

Government Communication Unit

Media Release 26-07-12-Gh

High Commissioner Oti Meets Fiji Police Commissioner

Solomon Islands High Commissioner to the Republic of Fiji Islands has met the country’s Commissioner of Police, Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua on Wednesday this week.

During the meeting, High Commissioner Oti and Commissioner Naivalurua discussed the potential for cooperation between the two countries’ Police Forces.

The two leaders also touched on the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Framework of Policing and various other policing projects such as the Regional Police Academy, Form Police Unit and Police Cooperation at the multilateral level between MSG Member Countries.

The leaders also noted that bilateral police collaboration remains a fundamental factor in ensuring greater police cooperation.

It was hoped that venturing into bilateral agreements to maintain momentum of cooperation, is vital to keeping the police cooperation alive.

Fiji with an organized police force which is recognized by the United Nations for deployments on peace keeping and security programs is willing to assist fellow MSG countries interested in having such cooperation agreements.

High Commissioner Oti said it would be a good initiative for Solomon Islands at the interim front to possibly forge an arrangement for training and attachments with the Fiji Police Force for purposes of capacity and institutional building prior to UN Peacekeeping Programs.

High Commissioner Oti will discuss further with relevant SIG authorities on this initiative as part of the High Commission’s program of promoting greater cooperation between Solomon Islands and the Republic of Fiji.

Meanwhile, Fiji continues to actively participate in UN peace keeping operations, as well as, regional operations like RAMSI.

High Commissioner Oti since taking up office in April is currently, conducting courtesy calls to all senior Fiji Government Officials, as well as, Heads of Regional and International Organizations based in Fiji.
High Commissioner Oti used the opportunity to convey the Solomon Islands Government’s appreciation for the assistance rendered to the country’s development programs and to discuss potential programs of cooperation for future developments.


kite flyer said...

very good write up
except the end bit where you say you hope USP student will help restore that institution of higher learning to its role as a place of intellectual inquiry and moral leadership.
that hope is misplaced. USP has long lost that role . Its own leadership has succumbed to political patronage and students don't have an oz of social activism unlike the students in the earlier days of the USP when they were the vanguard for social justice, human rights protection and the fight for freedom from political persecution. When was the last time the USP and its student body was engaged in anything?

Netani said...

Am just watching the Olympians' march past in London on TV and Fiji just marched into the arena....then the camera focused on the illegal idiotic clueless Fiji President.

We shouted when he was shown doing a dance and kind of swaying from side to side....we all shouted "He is drunk the bugger mateni na koisi bokala"

Again on a tax payers' funded junket to have fun and get boozed the useless parasite,,,,what good will Fiji get from this waste of taxpayer mone when most Fijians are struggling financially, pensioners getting their FNPF pension trmmed??

Wonder whether the illegal PM dictator is on the same gravy train??

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:33
I feel sorry for Solomon Islanders that they have a stupid person like High Commisioner Oti representing them.

He wants Naivalurua to teach Solomon Police how to do Police Work.

I thought this was a joke and I actually read the whole article... but the guy is serious.
Crime has escalated under Naivalurua , even though the POlice have continuously threatened civilians. One stupid policeman threatened a villager last week because he dared to ask a "government election worker Why he was late?"
The POlice have access to guns and even have Army back-up but still lawlwessness has increased.

And you want this guy to come and teach you how to do Policing?

Wow! I feel so sorry for Solomon islanders.

I'm sorry Mr Oti but I think you haven't really thought about this properly, Have You?

-Valataka na Dina.

Running scared said...

Khaiyum, gates and pryde, along with ms goebells, are running scared. they are desperately seeking immnity as they know what is coming when the Fiji military turns against these treasonous criminals.

Anonymous said...

Thank you S Dakuwaqa for treating me seriously unlike some people here. I am not Graham Davis in disguise!! Has he become a young woman without me noticing?

You have addressed exactly the points I wanted to make. Race relations are better thanks to the PM. You say "marginally" but I say much more. Nobody is abused or treated badly for being different. Younger people especially treat each other much better these days. I also appreciate you acknowledging that insults are turning a lot of people off this website.

Someone has chosen to insult me by saying that I can't write properly. Please excuse me for not being as clever as he or she would like me to be. But I am a Fijian too and surely deserve to be heard.

We were talking last night among my friends about some of the responses to what I said yesterday. It's sad that some people have so much hatred that they will not accept another point of view. Vinaka Dakuwaqa for being the exception.

USP student

Anonymous said...

@ USP student

Coup to end racism results in racist outcomes

More Indo-Fijians living in poverty: Survey

May 02, 2012 08:51:16 AM

There are more Indo-Fijians living in poverty, a survey by Fiji's Bureau of Statistics has found.

According to the Household Income and Expenditure Survey, of those living below the poverty line between 2008-2009, 72 per cent were Indo-Fijians and 66 per cent iTaukei.

Forty-five per cent of the Indo-Fijian population living in poverty live in rural areas while 21 per cent reside in town and city areas.

In contrast, 42 per cent of the poverty-stricken iTaukei live in rural areas and 17 per cent in urban areas.

For other ethnicities, 50 per cent of the poor live in rural areas while 16 per cent live in urban areas.

It was also found out that 15 per cent of Fiji's poverty stricken famlies live in urban areas while 37 per cent are in rural settlements and villages.

Commissioner Eastern Lieutenant Colonel Netani Rika told the Eastern Division development board meeting last week a recent survey had indicated there is a big increase in poverty in the rural areas.

Lt Col Rika said those below the poverty line is measured as average households of four members who earn less than $155 a week.

By Ropate Valemei

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, Dakuwaqa, I thought you were on our team! What's all this crap you have written to some nobody claiming to be from USP? Speaking for myself, I have got a right to be as angry as hell and will say what I bloody well like!!

Wake up brother. Unless you are going the way of John Key, Ratu Joni and all these other bastards who are drop dead weaklings and want to cave in. I used to think you were one of the best things going for us and could not believe my eyes reading this. Don't disappoint me! Death to all traitors!!!!

Anonymous said...

USP student, race relations are better now than before? Don't start popping the corks yet because what you see on the streets does not mean that racial tension is gone. There will always be racial tension, and that's how it will be. I'm sure you've read comments in here about how few Indians are holding higher posts, how Bainiceke handpicks Fijian military people to head ministries, etc. Someone even questioned why Indians weren't appointed? So there you go.

As for immunity to those who were involved in the 2006 coup, how about giving all prisoners immunity and start afresh? Some of those prisoners are in jail for crimes far less in severity than treason committed by Bainiceke and his gang of thugs.

Anonymous said...

@ kai bau, as usual u're so damn shallow... lol!

Anonymous said...

Let us all say "NO IMMUNITY FOR THESE THUGS " they have done enough dammages to our people, our country our economy. Come on people SAY NO " NO IMMUNITY let us join as one !!!!

Anonymous said...

Naliva, mata vaka shona, kesu vaka ceke......laurai ga vei iko na tabetabe kei na masipolo. Vutuki ka vai sala tu qori, o chief "No War".

Anonymous said...

USP student, consider yourself a mustard seed. You are yet young, and you and your friends continue to persevia .grow your intelect and thick skins.

Screw spelling or grammar, get ur ideas straight and back them with oral coviction.

One of Fiji'sproblems,if not main problem, nai, biggest boss problem is everybody is compromised. Small commu7nity, compromised by work place, chucrh, chief, peers etc.

so, USP students, learn to have the courage of your convictions.

What is the right conviction in each instance??? of loyalty, integerity, justice, etc,etc.?????

Anonymous said...

USP student, I'd like to echo and add to some of Dakuwaqa's comments.

Bainimarama's multiracialism is just a pose. It's increasingly clear that Bainimarama was the mastermind behind the 2000 takeover of the Parliament, with its ultranationalist iTaukei agenda. His turn to multiracialism was just a sot to attract and maintain FLP support for his 2006 coup and to draw Gujerati support from the Tappoos and others.

This helps to explain the presence of ultranationalists Kubuabola and Bole in Bainimarama's cabinet, which has only two Indo-Fijians on it.

It also helps to explain why Bainimarama has never taken any step as commander to integrate the RFMF by actively recruiting non-Fijians.

And why he is funneling infrastructure and development aid to indigenous communities to the neglect of Indo-Fijian communities.

What else would you expect from a man who texted an Indo-Fijian loyalist that Indians 'worship tavoro'?

Like his opposition to qoliqoli, it's all just window-dressing for Bainimarama's real motive, which is avoiding arrest for the murders of the CRW soldiers in his custody in 2000.

Bainimarama's illegal dismissal of the GCC is a direct attack on a constitutional structure designed to safeguard the vanua. Apparently instigated by a Muslim Indo-Fijian attorney-general, this move is creating racial tension.

Suva is quiet now, but never confuse quiet with peace After all, the entire country is being held hostage by goons who control all of the guns. But when the people finally begin to take justice into their own hands, their violence could lead to a racial calamity, fueled by the mistaken belief that Indo-Fijians support the regime. That would be a travesty -- doubly so considering how little the regime is doing for them.

Anonymous said...

To the so-called USP student. Racial tension has always been an issue in Fiji, and this illegal government has done bugger all to address this contrary to your claims. Young people getting on well doesn't not mean racial tension is gone. Why did you think the first coup took was carried out?

You need to open your eyes and see what's really happening. Perhaps you could start off by looking at the appointments to higher positions in government by Voceke. If your eyes are open then you'd probably realize that's it's mainly indigenous Fijians. Where are the Indians I might ask?

There's been a lot of comments about it recently in this blog but I suspect you deliberately chose to ignore that and follow blindly what Voceke wants people to say.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me,why the Labour Govt was never reinstated even though there was a Court ruling on it? And if not reinstating them would amount to a crime,if so,then all that transpired after that ruling is criminal,even the elections in 2006 and the following coup. So May 19 2000 thats where Fiji lost the plot,hence can we just go back to that point and restore the status quo ten.

Cane Cutter

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:23, what are you talking about? Dakuwaqa isn't going weak. He's dead set against immunity... calls it "non-negotiable." And he told the USP student that "people deserve to be angry under the circumstances." I just don't see what you're complaining about.

I thought it was a good response. In fact, I recommend that "USP Student" use Google to look up Dakuwaqa's past contributions. I especially enjoyed those in recent weeks that made Graham Davis look so pathetic.

S. Vaka said...

Here is the million dollar question at last.

If Khaiyum and Bainiamarama want Immunity for Criminal Prosecution then please itemize exactly what crimes you want to be absolved from?

Here is a warning though...by applying for Immunity from Criminal Prosecution you are inadvertently admitting your guilt to having committed offenses under the Criminal Code of Fiji.This admission can be submitted by the Prosecution as credible evidence against Bainimarama and Co,in a future court of law in the future.

Lets come back to the central issue of this misguided coup. If Bainimarama knows that they are committing crimes then his actions can be adjudged as deliberate and calculated which dismisses the excuse of,"doctrine of necessity".

Another warning...immunities can be overturned by a successful challenge in the constitutional courts based on a violation of individual human rights in relation to equality under the law.

Voreqe's persistent attempt to portray his coup as campaigning for equality based on race makes his case laughable if it weren't so serious because applying for immunity from criminal prosecution evades the central issue of equality under criminal law.

If Bainimarama is then admitting to having committed crimes all along then isn't abuse of the law and attempting to get away with crimes...corruption??

This makes Bainimarama and Khaiyum the jokes of the century and their coup hype a complete and utterly disgusting gimmick.

For the sake of really clean and fair society we must not give criminals a free pass past jail. Justice first before reconciliation!!!

If any of the current political parties support Bainimarama and Khaiyum's application for Immunity from Prosecution then then this shows the voters that they are a compromising bunch of self serving losers.

Anonymous said...

I have decided not to bother writing again after this. It makes no sense when some people here are mad.

There is no logic to the positions expressed by the last two contributors. Never mind me. Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi says that race relations have never been better in Fiji. He is not a government stooge like me ( in your minds).

I don't know who some of you people are. But when someone writes tavoro instead of tevoro ( as in devil) you know it is not someone who knows Fiji well.

I think it is best that you all stick to your hatreds and the pretence that you are right. I have got a life to lead in a Fiji that you have no idea about. My friends are right. Why bother.

I thought you might be civised but even the polite Dakuwaqa gets attacked by his own side. ( thank you for your own kind response SD) You are all eating each other like the i'Taukei in old Fiji. Soon there will be none of you left.

Moce Coup Four and a Half.

USP Student

Aunty's Accountant said...

Rather than talking about immunity for crimes in the past, it would be much better for Fiji to legalize coups. If there was no chance of legal recourse against our RFMF officers lusting for power, we could all sit back and relax and see how the colonels and commodores slug it out. We would no longer be a pariah state where military thugs trample on law and order and fill their pockets. If coups were legal, the donors that we like to milk would not have any reason to suspend aid. And for the guys around the grog bowls, there would be not reason to feel bad about doing nothing against a dictator. A legal reform challenge to which our smart AG should rise.

Uluiviti said...

You guys would be intrested to know that many people pulling the puppet strings behind the scenes are actually part of the Freemasons!!! This i know for a fact!!!

you heard it first!!

Ganesh said...

Go back and read the original text message sent by Bainimarama. Maybe he wrote 'tavoro'. Not someone who knows Fiji well.

Anonymous said...

USP Student, it's up to you, but I suggest that you stick around a little longer. It doesn't matter if some contributors are angry, others berserk, several stupid, and many don't agree with your views; others will. C4.5 is an opposition site but publishes the full range of views. Nobody's allowed to air anti-regime views in Fiji. But they can, and do, on C4.5.

Before you go, I recommend you read the submission by Professor Wadan Narsey at:


It discusses the situation in Fiji and is followed by some interesting comments, including by our friend Dakuwaqa. 

That's where you'll also find the allegation that Bainimarama sent a typically semi-literate text to an Indo-Fijian oppositionist that read 'indian pray to tavoro and are mf'. 'Tavoro' is how it's spelled in Bainimarama's text. 

It's a very revealing statement by Fiji's self-appointed leader. 

You'll find other interesting tidbits on C4.5. It has all of the weaknesses of a blog, but, even so, it's much more informative and reliable than any media in today's Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The foreign do-gooders are riding the gravy and will decamp at the first opportunity. Satendra 'Sarka Kuto' Nandan got a FREE Fijian citizenship. And Robin 'Brown Noser' Nair too. Please ask them if they willremain in Fiji or return to Australia? There must be an enquiry into who has benefitted from this coup by how much.

Anonymous said...

Joni Madraiwiwi is over-rated. His leadership record is nothing. Keeping quiet while the military ran rampant is nothing to recommend. He says race relations have never been better. How does he know? By talking to the chardonay set in Suva? When the newspapers are monitored by the military? When all those disastrous decrees are in place? Easy to pontificate from the position of unearned privilege.

New Fiji said...

Mike Manning....so you do agree that GOUGH Whitlam was removed under false pretences ala the fiji coup in 2006. So I am correct to state that treason was committed by the Australian Governor General back then. My question to you was not whether you met GOUGH but whether you protested on his behalf and have since protested about the false constitutional crises created to commit treason. By the way ,did that Governor get life in prison or feted thereafter as a hero?

Anonymous said...

Mark i may not be able to voice my opinion in Fiji in the next ballot box but you had and what you got was Leader in John Howard like his cousin in USA Bush and boy did they murder innocent women , and children in Iraq! So tell me was your vote worth it? Should we add Vietnam to that and Afghanistan just to rind you of the VALUE of your vote for killing -put it anyway you like your MURDER just as you still do t the Aborigenes but in a ver suble way!

mark manning said...

@ New Fiji 10:55 A.M. & Anon 6:08 P.M.
It's believed and been reported, that the C.I.A. at the time, 1975, objected to Mr. Whitlam opening up relations with the People's Republic of China and his threat to close Pine Gap, and consequently, the United States of America's ability to spy on both China and the United Soviet Socialist Republic (the then, Government of Russia). It seems that there are always greater forces at work, outside and possibly even within some governments of the World and I doubt that i could say anything to persuade anyone of that, let alone oppose it, except at the Ballot Box !
Gough Whitlam was sacked Legally by the then Governor General and most australian were repulsed by this as most were repulsed by Kevin rudd being deposed by his own Labor Party. It was especially repugnant given that he was mid term and the current P{rime Minister. However, the machinations of the labor Party and Rogue elements within any Government, National or International, are a matter for those involved. Yes I was perturbed and no, there was and is to this day, nothing I can do about it, except share my thoughts on it.
Sir John Kerr did not commit Treason, the act of sacking the Prime Minister, as distasteful and unpalatable though it be, was within his Authority ! Funnily enough, it was Gough Whitlam who appointed John Kerr, Governor General.

@ Anon
Try glass half full instead of glass half empty all the time please.

Anonymous said...

Let's keep the focus on Fiji, shall we? Not Iraq, or Vietnam, or the USSR (which stood for 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republics', by the way), or even Australia. Just Fiji, please. We're not interested in your sophomoric views and diatribes about Bush, Howard, Whitlam, or Rudd.

Anonymous said...

So USP Student has left because he cannot withstand C4.5 because he cannot withstand critics from this site?

Oh,but I'm sure he still logs in to the site to read comments from contributors.

Mere said...

USP Student is a female. And if she continues to read C4.5, it assuredly won't be because of contributions from the likes of you.

Yes, she's a delicate flower who isn't very politically aware, but better we educate and enlist such types rather than insult and alienate them. We can't build a freedom movement by driving people away.

The goal is a return to constitutional self-government for Fiji, not fleeting moments of smugness.

gravy train said...

lols @ mere.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

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