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Thursday, July 12, 2012

FLP members arrested in Lautoka after 'private yaqona session'

Chaudhry and members at March 24 meeting

Labour Party members accused of holding a meeting without a permit in Lautoka last night have been arrested and are believed to still being interviewed.

The Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, says he was contacted last night about the arrests as they were taking place.

He told FBC News: "When I received a call at about 9 o clock from Vyas Deo Sharma that police were arresting them and accused them of holding a meeting without a permit and after that the call was terminated because the police took the phone away from him."

Chaudhry says he was unable to contact Sharma until nine o'clock this morning.

"They were still at the police station and interviewed and I am not sure what is happening at the moment but I was told they were having a yaqona session at a private residence when police barged in.”

In a statement, the Ministry of Information permanent secretary, Sharon Smith Johns, says 'while Fijian Government respected the rights of citizens in this country to convene and hold meetings especially those of political nature, it is unfortunate that certain groups continued to disregard the laws of the country.'

“The Fiji Labour Party, one of the most informed political parties in the country, has chosen to hold a meeting without a permit. It begs the question; is the Fiji Labour Party doing this deliberately to draw attention to itself?

“We remind the FLP once again that they must operate within the laws of Fiji."

The SDL leader, Laisenia Qarase, has told Radio Tarana permits are only needed for public meetings not private ones. He says: "It's just harassment of the Fiji Labour party, people and their parties."


As with other political parties including, SDL, FLP have been holding meetings as part of talks for a new Constitution to replace the one the regime abrogated in 2009 and have all required permits.

The first FLP meeting was March 24 at which the above picture was taken.

All meetings of late, however, even those with permits (including the recent Anglican synod) have had military in attendance, albeit out of uniform.

Editor's Note Friday morning: Chaudhry says those arrested were released yesterday without being charged. 

The president of the United Peoples Party, Mick Beddoes (above), has meanwhile described the arrests as counterproductive to the start of the Constitutional Consultations saying it was yet another example of the 'states abuse of citizen’s rights at the start of the supposed road map back to democratic governance.' 

Beddoes says it absurd for authorities to be calling for national participation 'while continuing with its imposition of disruptive rules that make it difficult for citizens of various political parties to sit and discuss issues that need to be addressed.' 


He called on the regime to show good faith and declare a ‘state of freedom’ in Fiji, giving each and every citizen the freedom meet and speak about whatever it is they wish to speak about without fear.



mark manning said...

What Laws ?
According to the Regime, there's not even a Constitution.
You can't have it both ways Aiyaz and Frank !

Anonymous said...

Mahen Choor dhry thinks he is above the law. What really surprises me is that this fools that still follow the instruction from Mahen.

Wake up people!!!! Mahen will lead you guys right down the drain.

Anonymous said...

lol.levu la na suspcious mind, ra yavu sona boci. macawa. ulukau

Anonymous said...

keep them locked up until mc coughs up the $3M he chooro, go one further - lock him up as well...they all deserve each other, regime and FLP.

Judicial Whore said...

Rotten week for Fiji with Karunaratne getting cheated out of justice and now more arrests. No matter what this illegal government will do there will always be dissent - the only way it is keeping people under its boot is via its illegal decrees, a media that has been emasculated and a judiciary that longe ago sold itself out for ten pieces of silver.

Paula said...

The PM has said it loud and clear: Everybody can peak up, everybody must stand and voice their opinion. Unless he or she belongs to FLP, SDL, a trade union, an NGO or in broad terms anyone who does not agree that a sleazy thug has the god given right to trample on an entire people. Good luck to the constitution commissioners and other apologists.

Radiolucas said...

Maybe the regime will just continue to arrest all the other leaders until there is only Frank left on the electoral roll.

Then they might have a chance to win! Even if noone else turns up to vote.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like military were in attendance at this meeting, too, albeit out of uniform. Otherwise, who's to say this was a political meeting? To make its charges stick, the regime will need to produce a witness.

Step forward, collaborator, and be appropriately recognised!

Anonymous said...

This is getting ridiculous! What a police state Fiji has become!

And just watch and see -- nary a peep from Yash Ghai and company.

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare change the subject! This is not about Chaudhry or the FLP. This is about total dictatorship on the back of total treason!

Anonymous said...

We remind the regime again that it must operate within the laws of Fiji and in accordance with its obligations as a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Anonymous said...

Well better cancel my grog session planned for tonight...just in case the police have nothing better to do. Thieves and murderers go free but you grog swipers better beware the short arm of the low!

Anonymous said...

'A true Fijian allows others to speak their mind'
-- a quote from Graham Davis.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Chaudhry. Honestly, the way this guy goes crying poor mouth is enough to want you to back the Baini. Well, maybe not quite. Where's all the money, Mahen, you crook? Look at these has beens and never will bes. Useless.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Isnt the message loud and clear to FLP and chaudhary? Someone dobbed you lot in, right in the heart of your power base. You are headed in the same direction as NFP. Ha ha ha !!!!!

Anonymous said...

So you can no longer have a "private yaqona session" without a police permit?
I can't remember any Prime Ministers of the past being so stupid.
Drinking yaqona is part of Fijian culture, and so is talking politics.
If the great leader doesn't like our culture , may be he should piss off and go live in another country.
This just shows that Bai and Khaiyum are so delusional and so afraid.

I think C4.5 should also print the US Ambassadors speech (in the Fiji Times) where she encourgaes every right-thinking-person in Fiji to seek and speak up for Democracy.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

'The regime should understand that it is steadily depleting reserves of generosity with every fresh example of its arrogance and treason.

'If Yash Ghai chooses to keep ignoring the regime's intransigence and bad faith, his shrinking credibility will evaporate completely. Ghai needs to put his imprimatur on the process now and start showing some leadership. If he's not going to take ownership of the process, then he needs to leave. He needs to throw a hissy fit, proclaim his indignation regarding the regime's bad faith, and leave with whatever's left of his dignity and reputation intact.

'We need to keep speaking out. The regime wants to control and contain the discussion. Don't let it. Every time the regime goons and apologists try to shout us down or scare us, it shows we're winning. Every time Bainimarama has to issue a statement dismissing us, the more he shows his fear, intolerance, and bad faith. 

'We also need to prepare for resistance. Bainimarama has been the author of most of Fiji's woes since 2000. He won't go if we don't make him. We need to work quietly to identify who is loyal and committed to restoring constitutional government to Fiji and be prepared to call upon them when the right time comes to mobilise. Don't worry, such a moment will not be long in coming.'

-- Quotations from Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Sharon Smith-Johns says that certain groups continue to disregard the laws of the country.

Yes, certain groups DO continue to disregard the laws of the country.

Those groups are the RFMF's leadership, Aiyaz's Muslim network, certain Gujerati businessmen, a handful of Aussie and Kiwi carpetbaggers, and a motley assortment of other ass-lickers, opportunists, and traitors.

Anonymous said...

fiji law is thrown out by the illegal regime.
judges and police and army are sold out .
they bow down to frank/khaiyum bs decree.
these flp mp/supporters are lock up for what.
khaiyum/frank are greatest liars and never trust any words come out of this bastards.
they know they will loose the election so they trying to lock mp/supporters out.
pm lq/mpc and jagath/vyas,urai all will never get fair trial in kahiyum bs court.
god bless these freedom fighters.
ghai see whats happening. we dont need your con comm and franks regime.
keep it up.
god bless you guys.

Mahen from 'Chor Chaudhry' khandhan said...

Mahen actively sought to derail the SDL-Labour unity govt and in order to achieve this aim, he ardently supported the coup in the early, crucial days.

This is just a mahen stunt so that in the eyes of Fiji and the international community, he comes out looking like a champion of democracy.

In reality mahen is a treasonist, and possibly a coup plotter, and should be tried as such.

This a mahen strategy to boost labour's tarnished reputation as a party of 'yes-man' ruled by the Chaudhry father and son, not to mention chaudhry in-law Sachida, sneakily and nepotistically appointed senator by mahen, even though at best, he is qualified to clean senate toilets only.

mahen is trying to reinvent himself and deflect action from his tax evasion charges and for pocketing $3million falsely raised in the name of poor farmers.

No one should fall for this cunning, nepotistic, unethical, corrupt and shameless politician who used his position in the party to enrich himself and his family at the expense of the poor.

kite flyer said...

this Gestapo style rounding up of citizens nearly 6 years after the coup is clearly not consistent with ex-Fiji Times editor Vijendra Kumar's claim in today's Fiji sun article "the road to radical reform" that "PM Bainimarama has demonstrated through his actions his commitment to return the country to parliamentary democracy". The actions of Bainimarama and his politicised police force demonstrate quite the opposite. The demonstrate that they will not tolerate any opposition to THEIR RULE!!

kite flyer said...

if as some regime supporter has pointed out there must have been someone present to dob in the grog mob - then all it means is that Fiji has indeed become a Police State. Big Brother is everywhere watching you!! Beware!! Is that the road to radical reform?

Anonymous said...

police released them no charges laid .
what a joke.
baini/khaiyum style to scare people.

Anonymous said...

MPC might be all the bad things people say he is, but that is not the issue at stake: itis the rampant dictatorship that is. Where is Satendra 'Sarka Kuto' Nandan on this? And Yash 'Ambulance chaser' Ghai? This regime will have its way come what may. People, keep our focus on the main culprits and their hangers-on. Mahen will face his Maker in his time.

Mediocre wannabe academic said...

Talking about toilet cleaners and carpetbaggers, it is interesting to see prodigal son, Rohit Kishore, in the picture, lurking near the doorway. Apparently, after having failed as an academic in Australia because of his poor spoken english, he served as an illegal PS in the military regime. Word is that he did not apply for USP position he now holds because he did not qualify for it, but got in through the back door because of his buddy Biman Prasad. Now this carpetbagger who walks around like a bigshot at USP, has emerged s as FLP heavyweight! Talk about opportunism! But that is how mediocre people get ahead, by arse-licking prominent and powerful people like Biman Prasad and uncle mahen.

kite flyer said...

I heard the grog gang were very heavily armed - with toothpicks!! to dig out the chinese lolly grog chaser!! Boy good thing our dedicated police got there in time to disarm and arrest them. they have saved the country from a major armed rebellion!
Now, someone mentioned the UN Declaration /that' not fair. that's way outside the intellectual scope of this mob in power. the only thing they understand is banduk and butaraki!!

To Anonymous 6:54 PM: said...

To Anonymous 6:54 PM:

First bloody fix the corrupt dictator at the helm of FLP who has turned labour into a friends and family party. Clean your own backyard first, than preach the nation.

It seems FLP and mahen policy is, 'do as I say, not as I do': preach to the whole world against nepotism and corruption while practicing it full hilt in FLP.

what a joke of a party!

Anonymous said...

police and army state.or taliban state.
khaiyum bs court , frank/army bend down to muslim brotherhood .
fijians have to be ashamed of letting treason/coup maker rule them.
when we will have a real leader to stand up and fight the regime.
good on mpc/lq /jagat /mere/others.
we need people to rally behind the leaders now.
if not khaiyum will put one by one in jail before the election any one who oppose them.

Anonymous said...

better to support legal pm and mp than this bastard butako regime.
time to be united and fight the regime.
good moves pm lq/mpc.
we fully support you all the way..
god bless you all in fiji.

Mahen "feathering the nest" Chaudhry said...

FLP is like a company for chaudhry clan, a real money spinner:

1. chaudhry appoints in-law sachida senator on hefty govt salary/perks.

2. Beta rajen was appointed PM's secretary.

3. mahen's beti received $50,000 gift from money mahen collected in name f the poor FLP supporters

4. Mahen banks cool $3m collected in name of party

a) who is feathering his nest?
b)Who is using his position in the party for the benefit of himself and his family?
c) where are the bekoof (stupid), andha (blind) FLP supporters?

phoney christian said...

Rajesh is the most foul-mouthed christian I have across across – and full of vindictiveness also. a phoney christian.

Satendra 'Sarka Kuto' Nandan said...

Canberra was too cold for Satendra 'Sarka Kuto' Nandan. I hear he is back in nadi to warm his old balls.

Radiolucas said...

"while Fijian (Dictatorship) respected the rights of citizens in this country to convene and hold meetings especially those of political nature"

Since when?

Anonymous said...

Patriot Indo-Fijian
Posted July 12, 2012 at 6:05 PM

Bula Graham

There you go, when it suits you, to break with tradition, especially if an Indo-Fijian seems to be endorsing your very own views; only a few days ago you told us why you dont reproduce the columns of Victor Lal and Wadan Narsey:

“You’ve correctly identified my basic problem with running their pieces. This is my blog. Wadan has his own too with all of his own stuff on it. But I think he uses 4.5 to get a bigger audience whereas I’m not so hung up about numbers than to mix with fascist spivs and thugs. You could say that’s because the Fiji Sun often picks up my pieces but they pick and choose as they like and I have no say over that.”

You are picking and choosing now! As for Vijendra Kumar, he provided the Fiji Times for Ratu Mara’s anti-Indo-Fijian policies to flourish. He refused to “rock the vote” and since leaving for Australia, what did he do – nothing at all – to fight for the rights of Indo-Fijians.

Now, in retirement, he has emerged, like so many Indo-Fijiians who drink from the Devil Incarnate’s coup cup – in the mould of that other Indo-Fijian Satendra Nandan.

Ghana is not Fiji – and both Rawlings and Bainimarama have blood on their hands.

Race is a camouflage in Frank’s case, to avoid prosecution and possible imprisonment.

Vijendra Kumar is no angel – he had buried his head in the sand when he was editing the Fiji Times, letting Ratu Mara run away with his racist policies.

Unlike the old Fiji SUN which refused to operate under Rabuak-Mara-Ganilau censorship, Kumar’s Fiji Times agreed to operate under partial censorship – one of his own journalist-cum territorial i-taukei Fijian soldier had been sent to bring the defiant Fiji SUN into submission – but the paper refused to give into Rabuka’s ethno-nationalist propaganda.

Kumar continued to edit the paper until his Australian papers were in order for him to join his family in 1991.

The apt title would not be “The Legend Returns” but “The Leech Returns” – that is what most Indo-Fijians are today – one leg in Australia and another half in Fiji – riding on illegality in the name of bogus persecution and oppression

Vijendra Kumar refused to use his paper to confront Rabuka; he decided to run away to Brisbane, where he comfortably sat in the office of the Courier Mail for the next ten years.

Welcome to Fiji – The Leech Returns.

Anonymous said...

i hate the regime so what?
christ even lost his cool
i am sinner not saint.
not hypocrite like khaiyum/bai/mosese.
so what do people want me to praise the regime and masi polo.never.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Graham Davies says he was "sodomised" by an i"taukei when he was kid. Time to do it again!

Anonymous said...

Of course the regime released the FLP members. It didn't want to reveal its sources and methods for spying on the opposition.

Anonymous said...

If this is just a Mahen stunt, then why is the regime playing into his hands?

And really, what kind of 'stunt' is having a yaqona session at a private home? That's hardly a provocation, dear boy.

Just saying said...

The things that come out from Sharon Smith Johns can'tbe trusted. She has been proven to be a liar too many times, especially her denial over Fiji TV being monstered by the regime.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama will not end like Jerry Rawlings. He will end like Samuel Doe.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis writes: 'I think [Wadan Narsey] uses 4.5 to get a bigger audience whereas I’m not so hung up about numbers than to mix with fascist spivs and thugs.'

Tsk, tsk. Calamity contributes to C4.5 more often than does Wadan.

And why not? C4.5 seems to print all postings, within the widest bounds of decency. C4.5 doesn't expel posters, nor does it pick and choose which postings to publish on the basis of their political content, unlike other blogs I could cite.

For someone who writes in justification of Bainimarama 'holding a gun to Democracy's head,' does Calamity really expect us to believe he's any scruples against 'mixing with fascist spivs and thugs'? If so, he really should be more discriminating about the company he keeps in Suva. Or perhaps Bainimarama, Khaiyum, and Tikoitoga are his idea of Enlightenment philosophes?

s/ Dakuwaqa

Graham Davis said...

"Patriot Indo-Fijian", Well, you know what? I knew this would happen. That someone would say, “well, you’ll run Vijendra Kumar but you’d never run with Victor or Wadan”. And you know what? That’s right!

The whole tenor of Kumar’s piece is what marks this out as different. No screeching adjectives, naked polemic and accusatory finger-pointing but sober, considered, measured analysis – opinion rationally expressed. No insults, no exclamation marks.

Vijendra Kumar is not trying to score political points. He’s not – like the other two – identifiable political players. In fact, after years of silence, he’s just emerged – the most distinguished of the Fiji Times editors of the past quarter century finally choosing to re-enter the fray.

I think it’s cause for national celebration. And, yes, I laid my coat down in the fetid puddle that passes for much of the opposition commentary and did my little bit to amplify this distinguished journalist’s voice. I think he’s talking sense and I make no apologies for it. And If you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

When Victor and Wadan start speaking with the same reason, I’ll happily run their stuff too. But however much I admire their brains and their personal qualities, they are as just as partisan in favour of the “old order” as I am of the “new”. They’re propagandists and can sow their particular brand of propaganda elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey you broke the law,face the consequences? So go and cry me a river!Mr Khaiyum has clearly tell
these terrorits the Decree not to hold meeting without a permit? So
Hello!don't you belive the AG decree? What words don't you understand? Do you want him to explain it again,and again,and again,till you're red in the ears?
do you want the decree written in
indo,chinese,fijian,english or japanese? Come on people, read the frieken decree? You're darn lucky
to have a hekva AG who will probably released you all without
slapping charges on your asses? So
remember who lets you off this time
and remember he's doing his best
to normalized your lives here in paradise!!!

Anonymous said...

FLP is riddled with liumuri fellas! starting from the top..

Anonymous said...

@ just saying..why would anyone believe a trashy old white woman who sells her hole for a salary and all the minor perks..cause all she wants to do is live in fiji and F#### fijian men..good question aye..cause if she went back to live in australia she will be holed up in one of those brown brick units and selling her hole somewhere between william street and kings cross cause she certainly would be enjoying her fijian lifestyle and her appetite for fijian men..the cheap slut..

Boot on the other foot said...

Daquwaqa You may well have better things to do but if you have the time and the inclination trawl through the comments on the Narsey articles and you will detect the flavour of Calamatous Davis in the anti-Wadan ones, all signed off Anonymous of course. I have also picked out the Croz Walsh in many of the postings on C4.5, again under Anonymous. Both have no integrity and are dishonest to boot.

Ravi said...

Krishna Dutt will not be questioned by the illegal authorities,why? because he is behind all this.

Anonymous said...

Phoney Christian@7.45pm - please be forgiving like a true christian, its not Rajeshs fault that he is an uneducated chor self opportunist, he is good at heart because he goes to church every sunday to pray for the death of AG and Bani.If it wasnt for people like Rajesh who support chor Mahen and Lai, we wouldnt have healthy deabate in this blog. God Bless Rajesh.


Graham Davis said...

Dakuwaqa, you won't have better things to do than trawl through Wadan's articles looking for anonymous postings that sound like me. "Boot on the other foot" imagines that you are so aimlessly unoccupied as he is, that you need to have your day filled with interesting pursuits. I agree with him. Take no notice of that little bird in your head asking why Davis might post anonymous comments about Wadan when he says all he wants to his face. Go ahead and play detective. But be warned. Boot is very good at it and you're unlikely to do much better.

Anonymous said...

FLP needs to change its strategy and its leadership. MPC, by hiding the millions from the same people he used to collect the milions has jeopardised the Party. Instead of using the money for the purpose it was collected for, he gave it to his daughter, his womanising, about to be divorced for the third time son RPC, his adopted daughter in syd and so forth for all personal reasons. I also wrote a cheque of $1000AUD but the fundraising cleary stated for the farmers of Fiji, never for the Chaudhry family.

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading :


Anonymous said...

Bus Importers being given a Tax-break.
Is this because they are Khaiyum's close relative?
Sounds a bit corrupt to me.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Sharon's family read this blog?

Anonymous said...

Boot on the other foot and Calamity, as much as I always appreciate Wadan's articles, combing through the follow-on commentary looking for remarks that read like Davis' doesn't sound like a very profitable or edifying pursuit. 

Besides, I've no objection if Davis sometimes chooses to comment anonymously. Perhaps in anonymity, he can sometimes speak more plainly than he can in his public persona. 

Nor is it to be wondered why he wouldn't want the attribution. Now that he's a Fijian citizen, he might be liable for treason charges. It's bad enough to attach one's name to defending acts of treason but quite another to hazard one's neck if/when the treason fails.

I sometimes do read an anonymous comment that I think has Davis' flair to it. Whoever its author, I usually welcome it, as I enjoy Davis' style, even if I often abhor the substance. I say 'often' because on occasion we actually agree, though less often now than before.

I'm well familiar with Davis' views, as he's become a frequent, if not always valued, contributor to C4.5. I'd like to hear the views of others -- like Yash Ghai or Christina Murray, for example, or are they content to let Mosese Tikoitoga make all of the pronouncements on the [un]constitutional dia/monologue?

Perhaps Calamity should invite them over for a grog session some time to discuss the process. Just be sure to register first with the police so that an army goon can also be present to monitor and report on the discussion.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

I nearly vommited hearing Timoci Vesikula testifying against Qarase. Vesikua is known as a corrupt and used to threaten FDB officers to approve his loan for his bus company Vatuvure during the time he was deputy PM in SVT govt. He then forced out a taxi stand at Nadera for parking of his buses. A big womaniser how many wives already want to testify. You stinking old dog.

Anonymous said...

Former Fiji Times Editor Vijendra Kumar was a highly respected journalist of his time. But in his recent Fiji SDun article he fails to understand that Bainimarama's coup has absolutely nothing to do with building a better Fiji but it was done to escape the arms of tnhe law from prosecuting him for the deaths of CRW soldiers in 2000 other acts of insubordination against the democratically elected SDL led government. Come on Mr Kumar, you could have done better.

mahen 'maha chor' chaudhry said...

Look at all the fat FLP old farts in the picture, with shit for brains, crowding around their bhagwan, the big chorwa, mahen, and sucking up to him.

Right under their very nose, mahen the shrewd political operator and astute businessman has turned FLP into family enterprise.

party needs a big overhaul, all the old farts should be given a kick in their collective arses and sent into retirement because right now FLP is nothing by mahen's tool for power.

Free Qarase said...

Political party meet of 3 or more people need a permit

The Fiji Police Force is reiterating that any political party involving three or more people who meet will require a permit.

This comes after more than 14 people were taken in for questioning for allegedly having a Fiji Labour Party meeting without a permit in Lautoka.

However, they have been released without any charges being laid.

Police also clarify that social or festive events do not require permits but police can intervene if they have reasonable information that any issue could undermine the safety and security of Fiji.

Story by: Khusboo Singh & Filipe Naikaso

Deadwood USP academics said...

Mediocre wannabe academic is right, academia in the region is in trouble.

Apart from Australian reject Rohit Kishore getting backdoor entry into USP, there is a lot of deadwood at USP; aging old farts like Vijay Naidu coming up with nothing new, and so-called professors like Biman Prasad regurgitating the same old shit for decades. What a con!

This is a travesty because these professors are costing the region a fortune but failing to deliver.
The most active, noble and productive academic Wadan Narsey was pushed out by USP on the regime's orders.

USP is is left with 3rd and fourth grade academics.

Academia is down shit street, and USP needs to get rid of deadwoods like Vijay Naidu who do nothing but sit on their backsides and collect hefty pay at taxpayer expense.

Anonymous said...

First there was military presence at the HONORABLE and ELECTED PM's trial. Now the same thing at the Anglican Church Synod!!
JUST WHAT IS THIS? Intimidation? Scare tactics? Are these ILLEGAL goons scared of something?
What do these idiots know about legal issues and Anglican issues for that matter? They have not a single iota of what is happening!!
Where is the "FREEDOM" that they have been tell all and sundry?
How are we expected to make representations to Yash Ghai and his lot if we do not have the freedom to sit down as a group, party, cane gang, villagers, etc etc to discuss important national matters and formulate our submissions!!
It is very obvious that the Pig will once more shift the goal post and defer the elections - at whatever expense!! For him it is 'ANY EXCUSE WILL DO!!'

Mahen 'corruption fighter' chaudhry said...

So this is the FLP top brass. Ha ha ha they are all 'badia bail' as one writer has said. All mahen 'yes men' and chaudhry family ka besaram gulaam. None have the balls to stand up to chorwa mahen. if mahen 'champion of the poor farts loudly , they probably die of fright. mahen has truly witled FLP down to party of minions. where is the younf blood? is this corrupt, one-man band party the saviour of indo-fijians? you gotta be joking.

Anonymous said...

First there was the military presence at the ELECTED PM's trial, and now we are told that there was also the military presence at the Anglican Synod.At the Anglican Synod? Well I never!!
So just where is the "FREEDOM" that these ILLEGAL goons are telling the whole wide world?
Both Archbishop David Moxton [ the Head of the NZ Anglican Church] and Sir Anand Satyanand [ former NZ Governor-General and current Chairman of the Anglican Standing Committee]should take particular note and report back to the NZ Government that there is NO 'Freedom' here.
How are we expected to make submissions to Yashi Ghai and his lot if we are ALL being monitored 24/7?
It is very, very obvious that Frank and his goons are just simply looking for any excuse to defer the elections!!

kite flyer said...

I read the FLP is affiliated to the Socialist International or something like that. That's such a big bloody joke. The Fiji "Labour" Party does not have a single socialist soul in its leadership. They are all there for their own self-interest and paisa to put in overseas banks and in the hands of their own parwal. The name of the Party is a misnomer.

Anonymous said...

I hear some certain Guji businessman is getting very close to the regime! Tapoooo poo has become second on the list.

kite flyer said...

how come the FLP is a member of the Socialist Internationale when it doesn't have a single soul with a socialist bone in his body in the party leadership?

kite flyer said...

No Freedom. No this. No that. What you people talking man?! David WW Olley of Port Moresby came to Fiji (we don't know precisely what for) and he tell us (in The Fiji Times letters 14/7)that he was "nothing adverse" in Fiji and he even went so far as to tell us that "Fiji right now is 'The way the world should be!' ".
Olley obviously has very penetrating eyesight which allowed him to see "nothing adverse" in Fiji. May be after port moresby olley would find Fiji a paradise -even though its under a military dictatorship!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that they're corrupt doesn't differentiate FLP's leadership from anyone else in the Socialist Internationale. In fact, socialism is all about the redistribution of wealth, from the pockets of opponents into the pockets of supporters.

Anonymous said...

Timoci Vesikula was he another director of the FHL? The name sound
kind of prominent, why not lets get
him on our list of PM for 2014 election? Any new PM will certainly
be a huge improvement to our current blockheads- PM & AG!

Coup 4.5 said...

For anyone who has npt seen it, Vijendra Kumar's article comparing Bainimarama to Ghana's Jerry Rawlings is on Coupfourpointfive's Facebook. Also on Facebook is Selwyn Manning's article on Fiji's military.-C4.5

Anonymous said...

I suggest attaching to Kumar's piece re Rawlings Dakuwaqa's apt companion piece suggesting Bainimarama might well be more like Samuel Doe.

Anonymous said...

The arrest of these poor and hard working farmers is yet ANOTHER ploy by these DICKHEADS to defer the elections!!

Anonymous said...

Who says there will be elections?
There will be NO elections as long as these ILLEGAL bullies are alive!!
They simply do not want to go to Naboro!! Who wants to go to Naboro for that matter?
They are 'making hay while the sun is shinning'!!
I am reminded of the saying that says 'power corrupts, BUT absolute power corrupts absolutely!'