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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Greedy Gates and Goundar exposed by judiciary staff

Gates: exposed by staff
More explosive details from the judiciary with Coup 4.5 today getting details and evidence of the illegal Chief Justice, Anthony Gates, abusing the authority of his office.

GOUNDAR: exposed by judiciary staff.
Sources within the judiciary have leaked documents from the illegal Chief Justice Gates directing the principal accountant by way of a memo dated August 17 2009, to ensure that he and Daniel Goundar did not lose any of their entitlements.

Gates' memo stipulated that both his and Goundar's service record must remain intact, along with their salaries, FNP entitlements and leave as if there had been no abrogation of the 1997 Constitution in April 2009.
Information supplied to us shows that Gates and Goundar received six weeks salary and benefits from the time the regime abrogated the Constitution to their reappointment on 22nd May 2009 - when there was effectively no judiciary and no judicial appointments made.

Our sources have confirmed that Gates and Goundar received between $18,000 - $26,000 when neither were officially appointed judicial officers.

The revelation is a sorry indictment of the judiciary’s most senior officer and comes hot on the heels of the audit findings by the Public Service Commission on the Chief Registrar – a known Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum minion – of awarding contracts without tenders being followed. 

Public Service Commission investigations were ordered to be stopped on the directive of the illegal Attorney General.

Sources within the judiciary say the illegal Chief Justice Gates' actions to protect his and Goundar's salary package are an abuse of his powers and are repulsive, especially at a time when he preaches to them about transparency and accountability.

The revelation has been made known to Coup 4.5 by officers in the judiciary, many of whom have been victimised by the vindictive Chief Registrar. 

They complain of intimidation and harassment to the point where many have and others are looking for opportunities in the private sector. They say the Chief Registrar treats the judiciary as her personal property and is the reason for the  judiciary having such a bad name among staff.

Moles say the matter was referred to FICAC’s Isireli Tagicaki and George Langman in March 2010, by letter with Gates' salary memo but nothing has come of any investigation as the illegal appointees all protect each other’s backs.

Goundar, the former hanging judge who took a one way ticket to Sydney recently and who convicted several high profile people for abuse of office, is himself guilty of abusing office for personal gain.

Whether anything will be done to these law breakers is academic. But it certainly begs the question that most of us already know the answer to: Does the rule of law apply equally to all of Fiji’s citizens? As we know, the answer is No.

Editor's Note: Interestingly, Justice Daniel Goundar's name is missing from the current Criminal Cause List for Suva High Court. Justice Madigan, who usually sits at Lautoka, is now presiding in Suva High Court.


Anonymous said...

The FICAKE must investigate these crimes of corruption and charge both now

kite flyer said...

just a confirmation of the rot that has become entrenched in the judiciary in fiji. a time of crisis is a time of opportunity is a chinese saying. gates and goundar and no doubt many others in the post coup regime have certainly taken the chinese saying to heart and grabbed the opportunity to make good money while they can - in an environment devoid of any real accountability and transparency for the big players in the regime.
so much for all the talk about a "clean up"!
looks more like a cleaning out of the national kitty!

mark manning said...

Great, that puts them both smack in the middle of an act of High Treason or Sedition.

Very serious corruption said...

This is very serious corruption. Gates and gounder must answer for their crimes against Fiji. Are you awake Mr Ghai?

Anonymous said...

Gates and Goundar looking out for themselves. Typical of those supposedly leading Fiji into a new utopia.

Anonymous said...

Remember the old saying that 'Birds of the same feather flock together'?
Gates was overheard at a recent cocktail party saying " Frank and AG cannot have the cake and eat it too! I too want a share of the cake! Furthermore, if they can do it and get away with it, why can't I ?'

Anonymous said...

Rule of law was lost to Fiji long before Dodds made his visit. Good on judiciary for exposing these arseholes....this the sort of information the regime will try to bury because it shows them up to be who they are.

Anonymous said...

Wannabee says..

Aiyaz Khaiyum and Frank Bai-ni, what say you - sa tu ga veikemudrau na DA...shit.

So much about clean up...?

drahu beikubutri mada yarr...

Anonymous said...

Has Daniel Goundar really left for good or just a holiday? Last time someone said he had fled then next thing we know he was back in Court.

Matai T said...


As I have mentioned in a post earlier, reliable sources reveal that FICAC itself is corrupt, and the way they put it, as khaiyum and Bainimarama's personal threat remover. As you all must have noted that most high profile cases of corruption were before Daniel Gounder and Gates. As you have said that both save each others backs, there is no way at the moment that they will be held accountable, yet law presides on us people.

As in the case of Lasenia Qarase, even though he might/will win the case, the ruling will be in the illegal regimes favour, or else the 2006 coup of Bainimarama, will mean that it was all for his personal gain. And the accusations that SDL govt was corrupt [which let to the '06 coup] will be baseless, landing Bainimarama and the RFMF in hot seat, answerable to the people and overseas countries, with Khaiyum alone safe from it.

Sources also reveal that whatever the ruling will be in the Qarase case, it is already being discussed with Bainimarama, Khaiyum, and other minions, including the judge in the LQ case.

Lest it be knowm, we know that Qarase will be found guilty, even if he is not. But i hope he wins the case, as we are looking forward for a SDL/FLP multiparty cabinet, which is the only way to push Fiji forward, this 7 years of illegal regime has done nothing but to suck the country down.


Matai T.

Anonymous said...

Sri Lankan magistrates leaving.

Nigel Dodd report.

Goundar's departure.

Karunaratne bail botch-up.

Dakuwaqa lurking in the AG's office.

Sosefa Inoke booted.

Internal complaints to FICAC.

Leaks to C4.5.

Weak case against Qarase.

The walls are closing in.

kite flyer said...

yes this is further proof that good men can go to seed when they take a detour on the road to democracy.

Poised for Justice said...

Can John Key please investigate corrupt Gates, Goundar??? These are the people that needed to singled out. Goundar has now hightailed it to Australia where he will be studying - why would Australia allow him to do that given his history in Fiji? Wake up Julia Gillard. These NZ and Australian expats are treasonous and corrupt yet so-called regional authorities won't touch them.

Sharon Suaniu said...


Anonymous said...

Kite flyer you're dead right with your comment on Chinese saying. The Chinese are here in droves soon after the 2006 political crisis. They were quick to arrive here also in 1987 ripping the country left right and centre. Remember that company Happy Chance which came with nothing, took loan from NBF and logged out Cikobia island without observing logging laws. Logs were prohibited from being exported prior to 87 coup but they managed to swing military govt at the time for the export of logs. remember when you export logs you are exporting labour, depriving the people of this country from employment opportunities that would have been created by the processing of timber from those logs locally. Then we had Dongsang the road contractor and several other fly-by-night operators who took advantage of the desperate situation the country was in following the crisis. Requirements such as Environment Impact Assessments were disregarded in the approval of projects. Due dilligence procedures were overlooked in the awarding of major contracts. Underhand dealings were rife everywhere as the country headed for the dogs and the rocks.

kite flyer said...

Anonymous 3.14
You understand the Chinese pattern of play all too well. They have managed to manipulate their way into far stonger and bigger countries around the world. Fiji is just small banana republic for them - quite easily manipulated and exploited. And in Fiji both will intensify. You can count on the Chinese for that! And of course you can count on the local crooks who don't give a damn about the environment or the country. the country can go to the dogs so long as they are making their money everything is alright in "paradise". Right hehna Satya Sami?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.14p.m. is at it again. Trying to deflect the attention away from the current rot to 1987 with made-up allegations. We are now discussing the very clear corrupt, stinking practices in the highest places of the judiciary - the place which should uphold justice in this country. So wake up from your deep pro-illegal regime sleep and educate yourself with what is current in Fiji.

Anonymous said...