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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hapless presidents and fantasy TV

He is entrusted with rubber stamping the regime's illegal decrees but can't seem to handle himself on the streets of Suva.

The letter below is from the President's office to the Police and shows Epeli Nailatikau had a brush with a shoe shine boy recently.
Nailaitikau is known to wander the streets of Suva, often drunk, and it looks as though he may have been robbed.

The controversial TV decree gazetted almost two weeks ago by the treasonous Nailatikau, meanwhile, continues to hang over the head of Fiji TV.


The regime's Minister of Communications, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, has extended the station's licence but only for another six months.

Khaiyum waited until the last minute to advise the station (his letter is dated June 29 and the licence expired June 30 - Saturday night) and the short extension is notice he will continue to prevent Fiji TV from giving political parties air time.

His letter says the licence has been renewed "until further notice of any additional terms and conditions, including spectrum allocation, that may be prescribed, FTL shall continue to broadcast under the terms and conditions contained in the existing license for the extended period".

With the TV decree to bolster his  manipulative campaign, Fiji TV is obviously not in the clear yet. Unfairly, when the people most need to be informed we are likely to only hear the relentless propaganda of the unelected government in coming months.

The regime has professed to the world that it's talks on a new Constitution leading up to the planned elections is open and fair. 

The reality is that TV in Fiji is about to become Fantasy Island as the regime shows again that it's too afraid to allow others to be heard.



Anonymous said...

hahaha serve him right .
even the shoe shine boys know this guy will a fake.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha serve him right .
even the shoe shine boys know this guy will a fake.

Anonymous said...

nailatikau and cronies should know now people dont like them.
how come these letter reach c4.5
c4.5 have better intel sources than the regime /police idiots.
keep letting people know the fact c4.5.
all the best.

Crosbie le Hasbin said...

I've been snookered again graham??

Anonymous said...

Shoeshine boy is a Hero.

SUAR Khan said...

Hellow mr Rubber Stamp

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Police pens a special Memorandum to the complainant in respect of his complaint.

"Prompt service" indeed.

If only the other 800,000 or so citizens of Fiji were so lucky to have such "prompt service and response" privileges.

Maybe some are indeed more equal than others in the new Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Coupcoup-land latest not-so-secret agent spy,Josh Matau, must be scratching his head , balls , and now scratching his arse wondering how the hell this letter got to C4.5
I think it was the Chinese Mafia, Josh.
Tell your father-in-law to raid their headquaters in Nasese.

Anonymous said...

Shoe shine boy is employee of the month!

Anonymous said...

This govt is using Nailatikau just as they did Iloilo

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:38 Meanwhile back at the ranch, Grahm Davis is scratching Bai's balls and wondering how can I turn this memo leak, against Mick Beddoes.
And at Qauri HQ the Rear Commander was scratching Tikoitoga's balls and gave him a medal. The medal is called "Medal Command of Fiji" for Tikoitoga's role in commanding the women to shut up and not protest at the Constitutiona forum.
Meanwhile Ben Naliva is wondering how many times must he probe tbe Boss's arse before he can give him a medal. He is confused now. He doesn't know whether to probe Aiyaz or probe Bai.
To be continued....

kite flyer said...

police provided "prompt service"? where is police prompt service in netani rika's home firebombing case?! it is like the chinese state says :one country two systems. in our case one system for the ruling mob and their cronies and another system for the rest of the citizens. fiji: the way it was and will never be. get that into your old heads crosbie, graham and company.

kite flyer said...

nailatikau rubbish falla. just a parasite.when did he last build a sweat doing anything?! at least the shoe shine boys sweat for a living. more dignity there then living the good life as a parasite on the people of fiji.

Anonymous said...

how come he sign the decree to disband the gcc.
cant understand nailatikau.
he should have the guts to sack the regime .

Paula said...

No matter if you are a shoe shine boy or a TV station, there is equal treatment by the regime: You step out of line, you criticize Khaiyum and his thugs, you dare to say the judiciary is controlled by Khaiyum, the regime is consistently vindictive and will take away your business, destroy your livelihood and you investment. Unless of course, you are aunty Nur.

Anonymous said...

Must have had a bad day at Grant's Waterhouse & wanted to take it out on the shoeshine boy who was brave enough to stand up to his bullshit - Tamata ulukau, kaisi bokola,mate yani tamata sona levu.

Coup 4.5 said...

Shanal Sivan wants to "encourage everyone to pray for Fiji" (The Fiji Times 3 July). He means well. He has Fiji at heart. But we all need to remember prayer has its place. It is not a universal panacea to all that ails the country.
We need to do many other things,besides praying, to get the country back on track as a good member of the world community of democratic nations.
Praying alone will not get us there.
No matter how hard we pray.
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

mark manning said...

I wonder if the shoe shine boy got a tip !

Malo said...

The military personnel who torched Netani Rika's house following the Fiji Times publication of blank pages (which highlighted media censorship) have not been arrested after 5 years now.....while the useless Presi got prompt response from Police to harrass shoe shine boys.

More the reason we must get rid of this illegal Govt and Military forces

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the police response to the goons daughter's missing iPod. One whole police station went down to search Yat Sen School.

Anonymous said...

what did the shoe/sandal shine boy do ??----can some one tell me please. I want to do the same ---

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.05 Now that was an incredible situation....Bai's grandaughter calling military to Yat Sen and students 'interviewed' over the ipad. In the end wasn't it that she didn't even take it to school???

kite flyer said...

I am still waiting to hear from all the Honourable men running the country since the 2006 military takeover why nobody has been arrested,charged and presented to the "independent"courts in Fiji by the "independent" Fiji Police Force for the shameful crime of firebombing netani rika's home? where is the paradigm change promised in terms of democratic transparency, accountability and clean government?

Anonymous said...

For that matter 'the burning of Gordon Ward's house'?

Anonymous said...

Uh oh... don't tell me the shoeshine boy threw his flip-flop at Mr Pressie!

Anonymous said...

All Heil shoe shine sandal shine flip flop shine boy--heil to thee.Did you say the King was naked?--had no clothes? Did you refuse to laugh at his jokes?-did you --did you !!!-----you did !!!!!----good on you !!---Kailaaaa !!!!

Anonymous said...

The shoeshine boy want to give the falla a spit and polish job, but when he spit, the thing went between the gap in his sandals and between HE toes.
So the poor shoeshine boy try and lick it off, but the falla complain too much and refuse to pay.
That's when the shoeshine boy try and take it off his pocket, but when his hand got stuck in the falla's sulu pocket, the thing ripped and a photograph of Graham Davis fell from his pocket.
The shoeshine boy then spit on the photo of Graham Davis, that's when the falla really loose his cool and demand police to act.
The shoeshine boy was taken to camp and beaten up. So, the moral of the story people is this, Don't waste your spit on shit!

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:23pm...Yep,just the way you
said it! But just to correct an incorrect piece-re-Graham Davis photo- I wooped out the big-one and
pissed on Graham's face and get the
pressie on the cheek while trying to salvage the photo. He didn't get
me-by the way cause, i walked away
and gave the pressie the middle finger and called him an assole!The
police came by after and did not even ask me anything, the military
landrover came by and it didn't stop either,no one even got off
the landrover to ask question of
3 to 4 guys that were there? I was
sitting up on the vunibaka waving
at these macafaka but they were not
paying attention!Can you entrust
your life to these assole? I wish
Graham Davis was here, so i can also piss on his leg too?

Anonymous said...

The pisshead president was trying to bargain but the shoeshine boy refused. That's when the pisshead president flew into a rage, over a few cents.

But another shoeshine boy also said that the pisshead was angry because of his bargaining didn't work and.....the shoeshine boy laughed when he noticed that the pisshead wasn't wearing underpants, his raisins were hanging there.

Gorgotto said...

rajend naidu you don't know the issue and stop spreading your shit into a healthy debate u rascal.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Shoeshine boy,

This no land and qoliqoli Bauan was meeting in Turtle Island before the Coup in 2006 to hear about the campaigns from the hoteliers against the return of the Qoliqoli.

Serves him right, a person of low calibre and principles who can sell his vanua and people for a few pieces of silver...a true son and agent of illuminati and the new world order.

The Heckler said...

Nailatikau asked the shoeshine boy to polish his shoes, which he did, but then he made the mistake of buffing them with an edition of the Fiji Sun.

The crime?

Not knowing the difference between shit and shinola.

Coup 4.5 said...

Paula Tucaketale to me

It is sickening the way these politicians play their sick games on the people of Fiji. They don't care about the people of Fiji or what they go thru. Its about time real drastic actions are done by these lying regime about clean up. Any other big talk is useless we see the threats are carried out by Voreqe and Khaiyum. It suspiciously looks like another big farce the way things are going and these guys are in it together perpetrating one huge big lie on the naive people of this country.

Ratzmann said...

Thats exactly why we don't need the Council of Thieving Chiefs..era mai vakaloloma ga na luveda yalewa kei na lewe ni vanua vei ira...no leadership qualities.

Anonymous said...


Through the request of 35% Indo-Fijians population in Fiji, Bainimarama is currently
expected to re-established a new
Great Council of Chiefs.Half-50%
of the new members of the new GCC
will be appointed by the Interim PM.new members will be picked from
all members of our Fijian community.