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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hard drives and laptops stolen from office of Peoples Charter and CCF

Offices broken into: Yash Ghai, Yabaki Aquila and Jill Cottrell.
Both the offices for the Peoples Charter and the Constitution Commission and that of the Citizens Constitutional Forum (CCF) have been broken in to but Fiji police are not treating the burglaries as related.

Items were taken from both organisations with offices of the Peoples Charter at the parliamentary complex losing the most: computer hard-drives, cameras and laptops.

Just a laptop was taken from the CCF office.

The break in to the offices of the Peoples Charter and the Constitution occured in the early hours of Thursday last week and was discovered on Friday morning.

But police are baffled because there was no forced entry into the building.

While the inquiry was on-going, police discovered that one of the ground staff at the complex was named Samuela Driti.

He was questioned repeatedly over the weekend to establish if he had any links to or was a relative of the former RFMF senior officer, Pita Driti, who remains charged with sedition by the regime, but no connection was found.

But while Police CID are saying it is an isolated break-in, the National Intelligence Bureau of the Police is working overtime to establish why there was no sign of forced entry into the office and why computer hard-drives were stolen but the computers left behind.


Anonymous said...

Computer hard drives are a wealth of information if you have the tools to mine the memory boards.

Even deleted files can be reconfigured and "undeleted".

Devious Ghai & Whiskey Yabaki have been actively engaged in destabalising the country since 1997.

Devious Ghai for reasons of vanity. He wants to create a legacy as a Constitutional Professor of international repute and standing, but thus far has only suceeded in messing up the Kenyan Review, creating the PNG debacle and now "facilitating" the Fiji farce

Whiskey Yabaki for reasons of intellectual dementia. He doesn't know (or probably doesn't care) where the arse ends and the bullshyte starts with this caper

Anonymous said...

where is dr gay , or ghai, I suppose is review team was to start work from this month...what a bullshit review team ..shame on you taufa vakatale...bloody nO mOney!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haaaa...the best ulukau cops could do is to try to link the groundsman to Pita Driti...

kite flyer said...

Now this gives me a suggestion for the Constitution making mob. It should be enhrined in the new constitution that there shall be no butako in the country after the promulgamation of the new constitution. No butako of hard drives, hard ware,hard liquor, hibiscus cuttings and of course no butako of government by the army or civilian thugs.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha @ Samuela Driti. The cops are clutching at straws now, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News -
The Fiji Bureau of Coconut Intelligence has already made substantial inroads investigating the theft. They said that this was an inside job.
They were forced to abandon investigation when they found that the culprit came from the Attorney General's Office.
We have also been reliably informed by The FBoCI that computer nerds in the AG Office, are already hacking into the hard-drive and tempering with information on registered voters.

We are not sure as to why they want to manipulate this information.
We shall keep you posted...

Anonymous said...

Contempt of court proceedings taken against CCF
Publish date/time: 17/07/2012 [18:13]

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The High Court has granted leave to the Attorney General to issue contempt proceedings against the Citizens Constitutional Forum.

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said that the contempt proceedings rose out of an article titled Fiji the “Rule of Law Lost” which was published in the April 2012 edition of Tutaka, the quarterly letter of the Citizens Constitutional Forum.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Sayed-Khaiyum added that the proceedings against CCF and Akuila Yabaki will be called in the High Court on the 27th of this month.

Radiolucas said...

"the National Intelligence Bureau of the Police is working overtime"

So does this mean that they are taking one less tea break today? Shouldn't they apply for a permit?

With the army in charge, we can be sure of one thing - this will end up being one almighty cock-up, get brushed under a rug and everyone has to stay quiet because Frank and Aiyaz don't want to speak about it...

kite flyer said...

can the national intelligence bureau of police also gather intelligence on who stole my mountain bike... my own intelligence gathering pointed to a man in tavua...

Anonymous said...

The evil hand of Khaiyum is at play against the CCF because former Fiji Times editor Netani Rika is now working for CCF - remember Graham Davis, the regime lackey, recently attacking Rika over the New York Times article, with Fiji SUN reproducing it with Rika's photo

EX-FIJI TIMES EDITOR RIKA - but regime propaganda shit Fiji SUN giving new headline Fiji (and Rika) in New York Times

The sole critic prepared to be identified is Netani Rika, the former Fiji Times editor – famously forced out of the job – who is now the Reverend Akuila Yabaki’s researcher at the Citizen’s Constitutional Forum.
Not surprisingly given his staunch opposition to the Government, Rika declares himself “not optimistic” about 2014, opining that a lot of the government’s plans are “superficial” and the stage is being set for effective military rule for another ten years.
That puts him at odds with Yabaki – his boss at the CCF – who has publicly declared himself optimistic about a successful outcome. It will be interesting to see how Yabaki deals with Rika’s comments.
The celebrated clergyman has been anxious to portray the CCF as politically independent and an “honest broker” when it comes to the constitutional process.
Although he wasn’t identified as a CCF employee in the NY Times piece, Rika’s comments – in direct contravention of Yabaki’s analysis of the reform process – will certainly raise eyebrows in Suva and raise the ire of government.

Graham Davis said...

Honestly, Anonymous @ 8.11, how on earth could my comments about Netani Rika be construed as an attack? I was merely stating an absolute fact; that Netani was the sole critic in the NY Times piece willing to speak on the record. And that his comment about being "not optimistic" about 2014 was in direct conflict of the public statements of Akuila Yabaki, who has said he IS optimistic.

If you don't think that "raised eyebrows in Suva and raised the ire of government", you need to get out more. But don't blame me. I was merely stating the bleeding obvious.

Everyone in government would have read the NY Times piece and Netani - as one of the country's most senior journalists - knew what he was doing when he said what he said. He would have understood the potential consequences in terms of both the government's response and the difference of opinion with his boss. So he is responsible for his comments, not me.

Leave me out of it. I don't have a quarrel with him or Akuila. Or has it become a crime in Fiji to actually report what someone said of their own volition and free will?

Anonymous said...

Samuela Driti? What about the rest of the staff with suspicious names -- Arsenio Qarase, Majendra Pal Chaudhry, Rocky Uluilakeba Mara, Pam Leung, Hunter Russell, and Sid Dakuwaqa?

Anonymous said...

Hey listen up people, arrest Pita Driti, he knows whats going-on?He's got nothing better to do and
he want his name in the news,so
give the guy a break and go and
arrest him! The Hard-drive is here
inside my computer,soory you can't have it back! Tell yabaki to get a
new one, since it's not very expensive-possibly $40 each and
he can always ask Prof Ghai to get
him a freebees?

Anonymous said...

Calamity Davis asks a very pertinent question. 'Has it become a crime in Fiji to actually report what someone said of their own volition and free will'?

If Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is to believed, the answer is 'yes'. After all, isn't he slapping charges of contempt of court against Akuila Yabaki precisely because the reverend had the temerity to actually report what Nigel Dodd said of his own volition and free will?

Is Calamity suggesting that it was not a crime for Rev. Yabaki to report what Nigel Dodd said, even though it would be in direct conflict with the public statement of Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, who says it is a crime?

Don't you think that 'raised eyebrows in Suva and raised the ire of government'?

I have to think that Davis knew what he was doing when he said what he said. As the regime's favorite apologist, he understood the potential consequences in terms of both the government's response and the difference of opinion with his boss, the propaganda minister.

I'm not trying to pick another quarrel with Calamity. He is responsible for his comments, not me. Leave me out of it. I'm just reporting what someone said of his own volition and free will.

In fact, I'm glad to see Davis yet again on C4.5 -- 'the cyber home of violent racists and the just plain mad', as he puts it.

He needed to get out more. Or am I merely stating the bleeding obvious?

s/ Dakuwaqa

Gutter Press said...

Graham, you wrote 'has it become a crime in Fiji to actually report what someone said of their own volition and free will?'

Evidently it has, as witnessed by the interim Attorney General's succesful attempt to have Mr Yabaki brought in front of court for re printing Mr Dodd's report.

Anonymous said...

This is inside job, a staged act by the low Intelligence unit of the Police to counter the actual theft of the same un Intelligence unit from CCF. There is more than meets the eye, we have to read more between the lines!

mark manning said...

Prof. Ghai must be lamenting his support of this Regime now.

Gutter Press said...

It's a pity that Tutaka April (Vol 5, issue 2) doesn't appear to be online as all the other issues are. It means that we're unable to review for ourselves what comments Mr Yabaki made on the Dodd's report.

Nevertheless, for those who are interested, the link to the Dodd's report itself is http://www.truthforfiji.com/uploads/8/4/2/3/8423704/20120308-fiji_-_the_rule_of_law_lost.pdf

Anonymous said...

Coincidental that the break-in and theft of a hard drive from the CCF happens to occur at the same time that Aiyaz decides to bring contempt charges against Yabaki?

Obviously, the AG is behind the break-in, and it's to dig up dirt against Yabaki and Netani Rika.

In the United States, this kind of thing at the Watergate led to the impeachment and resignation of President Nixon.

In Fiji, it's just another Brick in the Wall.

Anonymous said...

Yash Ghai, the AG has used his goons to break into your buddy Akuila's office at CCF and to steal a hard drive.

At the same time, he's charging Akuila with contempt of court merely for publishing a reputable jurist's report on Fiji's judiciary available on the Internet.

Are you beginning to understand yet the true nature of the situation in Fiji?

Lucky for Akuila his office wasn't firebombed by the regime goons. Others haven't been so fortunate.

How are we supposed to have a public dialogue regarding the constitution under such conditions?

Isn't that something you're supposed to be addressing, even safeguarding?

Aren't you going to say or do something about this?

How about a fiery denunciation? Not your style? Didn't think so.

At least a mild 'statement of concern'? No?

Not even a quiet word in a pull-aside behind the scenes?

Not even a murmur, a grumble, a mutter, a whisper, or a whimper?


Are you still there?

Right, maybe better just to leave, like so many others.

No need to ask permission. No need to say goodbye. Just walk out the door. We'll understand why.

Believe me, we'll understand.

Anonymous said...

Back off Graham Davis!@!
You seem to THINK that you an expert on anything and everything to do with us Kai Vitis!! Thank you but NO thank you, you kumala vula!! It is very obvious that you are banking on your father's track record here!! Sorry!! Those days are gone BIG time!

Anonymous said...

Davis made to look like an ass again. The man has become a glutton for punishment.

Anonymous said...

Right. He's clearly more exasperated and embarrassed by C4.5 than ever. He can't seem to cope with comments showing greater originality and wit than his own -- Exhibit A, the comments above.

I see that the sanctimonious ass now claims C4.5 is advocating violence. Oh, really!

He must be more conscious of his neck lately, now that he's a Fijian citizen again and newly eligible to hang for treason.

Anonymous said...

lie down with dogs some more CCF get more fleas

next sponsor the aiyass again for his PHD still hoping he'll come back and work for you like you sponsored him for his Masters in Hong Kong with yash-mahn ghai

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