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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bainimarama tries to push NZ's buttons over so-called 'terrorists'

Earlier times: Banimarama and Mara
Not surprisingly Fiji's self-appointed prime minister has taken advantage of reports of a so-called plot to kill him to urge the New Zealand government to do something about what he claimed is 'terrorists' and to blame the democracy movement for stopping the work of his unelected government.

In an interview with the Auckland based Radio Tarana, Frank Bainimarama said he is not surprised at the suggestion of an assassination plot against him and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, saying  New Zealand should do something about 'terrorists' in its country.

The former SDL Fiji Cabinet Minister, Rajesh Singh, yesterday revealed New Zealand security officials had raided his home on Tuesday claiming they were investigating an assassination plot, and taken his daughter's laptop and his cell phone.

Called to account: Gillard and Key pic The Australian
Singh said he and other Fiji nationals spoken to by the plain clothed policemen had been told there was 'credible evidence' the former 3FIR commander, Tevita Mara, and New Zealand national, Anthony Fullman, had plotted the killing while in New Zealand a fortnight ago. 

The allegation has been denied by Mara and Fullman but Bainimarama told Tarana from Korea where he flew to two days ago, that a plot would not surprise him: "That is the work of cowards." 

Bainimarama claimed an assassination plot would fit Mara's mode perfectly saying:  "Whether they can come to Fiji is a different matter, because they are cowards."

According to the Stuff website, he also said groups like the Coalition for Democracy in Fiji, which operate in Australia and New Zealand and are linked to Mara, were trying to stop Bainimarama's work in Fiji.

In a statement sent to Coupfourpointfive the Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement in Australia says it is not part of Singh's Commission For Democracy in Fiji group, although members had met to discuss common interests in the past.

FDFM says it had no knowledge of the so-called  plot, but want the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, to clarify, if the SIS is going to charge former Fiji residents living in New Zealand in relation to the alleged plot.

FDFM says it also wants know from Key how it is lawful for a New Zealand citizen, like Christopher Pryde, the former Solicitor General and now Director of Public Prosecution in Fiji to take up illegal lucrative positions at the expense of qualified  locals; unashamedly support and  willingly  execute  the  wishes  of  Fiji’s  Military  Dictator Commodore Vorege Bainimarama and his illegal Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, against its own citizens?

"If the Governments of New Zealand & Australia are to be taken seriously by former Fiji  Residents  regarding  law  and  order  and  good  governance  principles,  FDFM humbly suggests, instead of restricting your attention internally to preventing alleged illegal  activities  occurring  at  home,  why  don’t  you  apply  these  same  principles externally as well, to ensure your own citizens aren’t perpetuating illegal activities, when living abroad?"


Anonymous said...

Is this the same John Keys whose government issued visas to Roko Uluilakeba Mara, over the objections of New Zealand-based Fiji democracy advocates? The same government that hailed RUM as a democratic oppositionist? And the same government that then tried to pressure the Americans into following suit?

By the way, how is RUM able to qualify for or afford so much travel as a fugitive from justice, alienated from home, friends, and family, and with no job or visible means of support?

Why else have Wellington and Canberra been supporting RUM, if their policy is not the overthrow of Bainimarama's illegal regime?

The Tasman allies need a more coherent approach to Fiji. They should look more closely at the tack taken by the Americans, Europeans, and Japanese.

kite flyer said...

One small poto can tell many big stories. once they were same same fancy bula shirt mates, same same military mentality mates and same same thug rule champs.
Now they are "friend cut" and ready to cut each others throat!!
Boy politics is a nasty business. It brings about the evil in men a whole lot more than the good in men. Both these ex-military mates can vouch for that no doubt.

Miss Fiji said...

Bai and ASKhole should be killed. They need to be locked up in prison for life and suffer from all the crap they have done to Fiji.

So Bai, stop coming up with nonsense that someone has a plot to kill you. They don't want to kill you, they want to lock you up in prison for good.

Fijian style is not to kill but give a gentle lifetime prison sentence so that you suffer.

Bai and ASK, you are the biggest corrupt asses in Fiji. Why not sentence yourself to prison rather than putting innocent people in prison for small matters that is irrelevant to the crimes you have committed.

Anonymous said...

Vosa tu o BIG COWARD Voreqe 'Qorvis speeck deliever" Bainimarama. Voreqe....you're the BIGGEST coward of all who USED GUNS to steal power, don't start preaching cowardness to others.

And to Keys, if you're investigating ALLEGED plotters now, why don't you keep pushing for the UN to investigate Fiji murderers in their midst at UN missions like Qiliho or better Voreqe?

Anonymous said...

Radio Tarana is owned by Robert Khan and he is a colleague of Frank. How can Tarana get access to Franks overseas number. Tarana is a mouthpiece of Frank. Tarana and Robert siphoned FBCLs money into New Zealand.

Go Rajesh Go

Anonymous said...

Mara is quite justified in plotting against Bainimarama's life, but Key is also quite right to move against the New Zealand leg of the conspiracy.

Let's hope the plot is well-thickened and soon ready to be carried out. Bainimarama's life became surfeit when he usurped the government. Better that the illegal government be decaptitated than that chaos be unleashed in the streets.

mark manning said...

Aiyaz telling the New Zealand Government to deal with terrorists is like having Achmed doing the same.

Anonymous said...

How can you kill Frank. He is in Korea and on top of that hes got so many security. Assassination is all bulshit

Anonymous said...

If all this plot is true then it should be carried out. No use just barking here and there.

Paula said...

Amazing all those assassination plots. Remember the Ballu Khan story when the only evidence the regime could produce was a cane knife, ropes and tarpaulins. Now we have the dictator lecturing New Zealand how to deal with opposition by labeling everybody a terrorist. What about the assassination against regime opposition threat uttered by Bainimarama three weeks ago? If I am not mistaken he actually threatened that anybody wanting to hold the military accountable for their deeds would be terminated.

Anonymous said...

Cowards dont break sprinting records running down cassava patch with his pants full of S@#$...

Anonymous said...

vosa tu o bainiceke!!! Coward Mai vei , na tamarac
Lamusona levu o iko niko cici Sobu ena baba Mai Nabua ena 2000 mutiny.....vakarau taki Matata Sara tu ga ike nomu coward ...sogota mada caka vinaka bainiceke nomu sona niko bera ni vosa

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama calling his alleged would-be assassins cowards. The man should know -- he's an expert on cowardice.

I'm not just talking about the way he set up the CRW guys in 2000 and then had them take the fall to hide his hand in complicity in that coup attempt.

Nor do I mean his subsequent mad dash through the tavioka patch and literally shitting his pants from abject terror.

What I mean is that, in the final analysis, Fiji is where it is today precisely because of Bainimarama's cowardice.

He staged the 2006 coup because he was too afraid to face the music for his role in the CRW murders.

He postponed the elections because he was afraid he'd lose.

He refused to meet with PIF leaders in Niue and Port Moresby because he was afraid to be held to account for his deeds.

He stomped democracy activists -- even pregnant women -- at QEB in the manner of a classic coward.

He force-fed Fijians the Peoples Charter for fear they would reject it.

He used terror systematically against regime opponents, coward that he is. His goons firebombed the homes of oppositionists and probably Fiji Law Society offices. They threatened human rights attorney Imrana Jalal and Australian High Commisioner James Batley. They beat, sodomised, and otherwise tortured numerous people he perceived as threats.

He lied about returning to the barracks and instead had Iloilo abrogate the Constitution and sack Fiji's entire judiciary -- all just to avoid accountability.

It's the same reason why he's afraid to release the Public Auditors' reports and why every decree stipulates immunity from judicial review.

Bainimarama is a coward. He showed that in the PER. He showed that in the Media Decree.

He can't tolerate criticism. It frightens him. He was too agraid to let the Fiji Times publish, the Methodists to meet, Ro Teimumu to host, Labour to organise, Fiji TV to interview, and human rights campaigners, women, or gays to march.

Bainimarama is the coward. He still fears being held accountable. And that drives everything.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh is an open book but what the hell is New Zealand and John Key up to?

Their involvement can only be seen as support for the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh looking good on TV3 in NZ.

Well done bro. Keep up the good work.

Just saying said...

No doubt about it Singh looks publicity hungry but Key and SIS look stupid as well. Anyone who follows C4.5 will know that Mara was put out to pasture months ago and no longer has the kudos he did when he did a runner from Fiji. Key and his boffins are way out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Get over it guys. The struggle is over. The NZ Government wants to protect the Baini now, not have him killed. It's called "national interest". Now that there's any chance of a return to democracy, NZ will back whoever delivers it and that's your hated nemesis. He's won. You've lost.

Satini Koki Tikoitoga said...


Anonymous said...

The junta dictator is the real and biggest coward.

He is afriad and coward with 100 armed guards and decrees to keep him in power.

Remove the decrees and guards and then see who is the coward.

Dictator is afriad of the 800000 people cos he only one man and his junta a dozen bunch of thugs.

No need for violence despots die natural death with no public support-time has come bring the election on.

Anonymous said...

What a laugh Rajesh Singh was on Radio Tarana today - first he says 10 people were at his house with mara and then 4 and than 2 and noby talked politics, does he really think we are stupid. How come that he denied on torana knowing anybody else being raided -he told TV he knew 19 others - liar liar - that caller was right, you are smell like a fart.

Anonymous said...

How many Pacific PM's walk around with so many bociguards?...Bainiceke you're the coward stinking piece of pig shit.

Poised for Justice said...


The Fijian Government is not aware of any threats to the life of Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, says Permanent Secretary for Information, Sharon Smith-Johns.
Responding to articles published in New Zealand media, Ms Smith-Johns said no confirmation of any threat to Commodore Bainimarama’s life has been received.
“If there was a threat to the life of the Prime Minister of Fiji or any government official, authorities in Fiji would be aware of this which we are not.

Poised for Justice said...


The Fijian Government is not aware of any threats to the life of Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, says Permanent Secretary for Information, Sharon Smith-Johns.
Responding to articles published in New Zealand media, Ms Smith-Johns said no confirmation of any threat to Commodore Bainimarama’s life has been received.
“If there was a threat to the life of the Prime Minister of Fiji or any government official, authorities in Fiji would be aware of this which we are not.

Anonymous said...

A group lobbying for the return of democracy to Fiji says the New Zealand police have previously tried to implicate the man who is now reportedly plotting to assasinate Fiji’s military leader.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara has denied any knowledge of the plot following a police raid on the house of an Auckland associate.

The Auckland-based Coalition for Democracy in Fiji says the New Zealand police had sought to obtain statements from Fijians verifying their torture at the hands of Ratu Tevita when he was part of the military regime.

The coalition’s spokesman, Nik Naidu, says despite his alleged use of torture, Ratu Tevita is allowed to travel freely to New Zealand.

“We wanted him arrested. It’s not the New Zealand police’s fault in this case, not a single victim was willing to front up and put a signed statement to the police. That’s how intimidating and how much fear there is amongst the Fijian community that not one person, even living in Australia or New Zealand, could sign a statement against Mr Mara.”

Nik Naidu from the Coalition for Democracy in Fiji. RNZI

Anonymous said...

this sounds like the whinings of the President of Syria about his regime being the victim of 'terrorists'

Anonymous said...

Who's calling who a "terrorist" and "cowards"?
The PIG has once again shown his childishness and INSANITY!!
Why FIFTY bodyguards? It is very obvious that the man is not only scared of his shadows, but is shit scared of what WILL happen to him!!
As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow morning, the Pig will one day face the music!! It beckons!
How I would love to see that day!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nik Naidu.

mark manning said...

Oh happy days :-
the good old days !

Anonymous said...

What we do not realize is Frank Is The Prime Minister of Fiji... Illegal or legal... he is the one who is occupying the PM office by hook or by crook, democracy or coup... he is in office mates... he is our current Leader...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:55, you're right... for today.

There's a reason why it's called the Government of the Day. You see, treasonous enterprises don't enjoy much longevity, because the long arc of the universe bends towards justice.

Anonymous said...

No leader can rule successfully on his own, no one is self-appointed without God's will. No country can move forward without unity ....let's pray God's power unites Fiji once and for all.!!!!!