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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Investigators flush out Chaudhry's Sydney house

Bryson Street house

In their global hunt for Mahendra Pal Chaudhry’s original sources of all investment deposits into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the investigating officers were told to take note of two postal addresses, 35 Haig Street, Bexley NSW 2207, and 49 Bryson St, Toongabbie, NSW 2146.

They were particularly interested in the second address, to which Chaudhry had switched his postal address to in October 2001. It belonged to his son and now a practising Suva lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry, who claimed that his father was a victim of his political foes over the tax saga raging in the country.

The investigators were alerted to the Toongabbie address in Sydney because it was that address which the Commonwealth Bank of Australia had given as Chaudhry’s postal address relating to his call management account in Sydney, Australia.
The bank statements revealed all the deposits and withdrawals from October 5, 2001 to January 1, 2004. The address read: Mr M P Chaudhry, 49 Bryson Street, Toongabbie NSW 2146.

Further documentary evidence was a statement to the same address from Perpetual Investment Management Ltd, which revealed that Chaudhry senior had, on September 17, 2002, bought 500,000.00 units of shares at $1 per unit price, and totalling $500,000.

The summary of his transactions for Perpetual Income Series for the period 1 July 2002 to 31 December 2002 was sent to Mahendra Chaudhry c/o Rajendra Chaudhry, 49 Bryson Street, Toongabbie, NSW 2146.

The statement was sent out to Chaudhry senior on the above address on 20 May 2004, two days after, on May 18, 2004, he had written to the FIRCA’s Income Matching Unit claiming that, “In so far as interest from moneys held in accounts abroad are concerned, please be advised that these have not been brought to Fiji but remain reinvested in the accounts there”.

The investigating officer, while refusing to accept Chaudhry senior’s explanation, noted in the FIRCA office memo that, “The most important detail that we are after is the source of funds invested”.

FIRCA had ordered its investigating officers to establish whether the source of the investment deposit were not from proceeds of crime. It emerged from my investigations that he had secretly received $2million into his account from India, of which $700,000 was secretly put into his account by the Government of India’s Consulate-General in Sydney.

One Harbhajan Lal of Haryana into three lump sums transacted the money. The amount of $503,000 and $486,890 was transferred on November 1, 2000 and February 22, 2001 respectively, when Mahendra Chaudhry held the Haig Street, Bexley address and $514,148.50 was deposited through the Indian Consulate-General in Sydney on April 4, 2002, as revealed in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Bank statement bearing the address, 49 Bryson Street, Toongabbie address.

The bank statements on the above address also revealed other huge deposits running into thousands of dollars and well as huge withdrawals and shopping expenses etc to the same postal address, including the $50,000 gift to his daughter, and withdrawals of $800,000, $100,000, $469,000 and $380,000.

The last closing balance on the above Sydney address between 5 December 2003 and 7 January 2004 revealed a closing balance of $46,594.78.

At the time of my investigation in 2008, the Sydney property was owned by a Bhatnagar who had purchased it from Rajendra Chaudhry for a sum of $420,000.00 on 29 July 2005.

Rajendra Chaudhry purchased the property on 27 August 2001 from one Mooney for a sum $ 274,000.00. The Transfer is marked first home plus which would indicate that no stamp duty was payable for this purchase.

The mortgage document shows that the mortgage was of $ 246,600.00 and the duty paid on that mortgage was $ 696.75. That would mean that he would have paid the 10% deposit of $28,000.00 and borrowed the 90% amounting to $246,600.00.

According to the historical search of December 2004 he discharged the original mortgage and entered into a new mortgage for $325,000.00. The Upstamping should have been on $246,600.00 not on $ 297,000.00.

As this would be regarded as a refinance the duty is only paid on the extra amount of money that you borrowed. It was a refinance with the same mortgagee.

Some seven months later on 29 July 2005 he sold the property for $420,000.00. His mortgage would have been paid out at the time of sale
Rajendra Chaudhry had claimed that allegations of tax evasion against his father were politically motivated.

In reducing the charges Justice Goundar disclosed the following regarding Mahendra Chaudhry’s affidavit before him: “The applicant says that after the political upheaval in 2000, the Australian government offered him and his immediate family members, permanent residency visas. It appears that the applicant did not take on the Australian residency offer.”

But if so, who has been enjoying the millions he had secretly received from India after the failed George Speight coup, the millions of dollars which he was hiding in his Australian bank account until I exposed it in 2008?


Anonymous said...

The chaudhry trial is in an open court and not vector court of allegations.

Court has accepted based on eveidence it was donation and dropped charges as per law.

Why doesnt vector make a complaint to FIRCA and FICAC with his allgegations or become a FICAC witness.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations C4.5 you have achieved another landmark...four million hits.

kite flyer said...

I don't know the legal standing of things in so far as chaudhry's donation etc is concerned but I know this much politics paid Chaudhry quite well.
Is it any wonder he still wants to be in politics even after all the shit he has been through?.
Politics is good business. Chaudhry is an accountant by training. He knows how to add up money - big money. The new boys on the block are only just beginning to learn the trade - the political trade.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please share with us whether Ratu Joni has changed his spots or not?

Issue of immunity in new constitution should be fully discussed-Ratu Joni
Publish date/time: 26/07/2012 [18:14]

Print this page
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Former Vice President and Bau High Chief, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi believes that the issue of immunity in the new constitution should be fully discussed.

While speaking to participants of the CCF Forum on Bringing Fiji Together - Addressing Inclusivity in Constitution-Making, Ratu Joni believes this would be the best way forward as there were no discussions when immunity provisions were included in the 1990 and 1997 constitutions for the perpetrators of the coups of 1987.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

When questioned by Fijivillage on whether he believes immunity is also part of the process to move forward, Ratu Joni said it is understandable that the government would want immunity to be covered.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Meanwhile Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum questions how Ratu Joni can raise concern about immunity for 2006 when immunity was included in the 1990 and 1997 constitutions.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Sayed-Khaiyum said Ratu Joni even accepted the Vice President's position under the 1997 constitution.

He also stressed that people making submissions can talk to the Constitutional Commission about what has happened in the past however immunity is a non-negotiable provision.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Meanwhile Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi said inter ethnic relations in the country have been better than they ever were.

He said although more work needs to be done, some of the issues like current government policies and the increase in the itaukei population has resulted in changes already.

Ratu Joni also said more work needs to be done to educate people on civic beliefs and he said great courage and wisdom is needed to ensure that everyone moves together as one nation.

He said there was hope that the electoral system in the 1997 constitution was a system in transition and in a short period of time parliamentarians would be elected on the basis of one vote one value.

However Ratu Joni said prior to December 2006, none of the politicians had said that there should be a change in the electoral system.

He said the focus should be on building a national identity and social cohesion.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

mark manning said...

No matter what anyone thinks, Aiyaz is the King and Master of Fiji's Warrior Race.
Chaudhry is just a slug, it seems and in good company.

Mahen 'butakolevu' chaudhry said...

Whatever the court finds, it will never change the fact that MPC used his position in FLP to enrich himself and his family.

Over the years he cunningly denuded the FLP of intellectuals and critics until it reached a point where no one was left to question or stand up to him. It became very easy to divert funds raised in the name of the poor into his personal account.

Thank you Victor Lal for showing Fiji and the world the world the true colours of Fiji 'champion of the poor'.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Victor. First MPC denied that money existed. Now he is in hot soup. Whether its donation or insurance money which YP Reddy got, it has to come to fiji. MPc junior used the money. Hahaha for all those who support beta rajen.

Anonymous said...

I want written confirmation from whoever gave the money to Chaudhry-eg Harbhajan Lal--that it was for his personal use and Not for the suffering farmers and other needy people of Fiji.How can Chaudhary live with his conscience?-what about hie relatives in India.Seems he has put them to Shame too.!!The money should be seized from him and his son and his daughter and distributed to the poor.

Coup 4.5 said...

It is a good thing S. Fuli of Nasinu is not the editor of The Fiji Times. If he or she was then Mathew Robinson's letter 'Dusty roads" and the hardhip it caused schoolchildren(FT 26/7)wouldn't be published because S.Fuli does not want any "negative" views about anything in fiji to be expressed. It is ironical that Robinson's excellent letter was printed alongside Fuli's see -nothing -negative -in fiji letter!Good of you The Fiji Times for airing all shades of opinion. that's what a free press is meant to do as its contribution to democracy - even if some people don't like it. It's just too bad for them because a free press is indespensable. They are not. sincerely, rajend naidu,sydney

Matai T said...

The Editor,

We have to note that Victor Lal promised us the blog readers and followers of C4.5, that he will be releasing the copy of the document that Chaudhary gave to Bainimarama, which he claims contained reports of massive corruption by the SDL.

So far Victor Lal has failed to fulfill that.

Incase Victor Lal must have forgotten, that the court said today, the so called millions of dollars [Victor's words] was given to chaudhary for his personal need. It was never meant for the Indian people in Fiji - This is just an excuse to tarnish Chaudhary's political image, and Victor Lal is doing the same. Also Chaudhary has paid all his taxes to FRCA.

I, Matai T, ask you, Victor Lal, why should I/we the people believe you, when you failed back your earlier accusations on chaudhary?

With our moles planted in various vantage points, reports are coming in, that Bainimarama's illegal regime, has been shaken to its roots in the recent and running Qarase case. FICAC got so much bashing from LQ's lawyer, it could be right to say, that Bainimarama/Khaiyum would not want to repeat this - they know Rajend Chaudhary is a loose cannon - refer to the post where he shuts down the judge temporarily in the Karunaratne case.

Secondly, moles have also revealed the Chaudhary had nothing to do with the overthrow of the SDL/FLP multiparty government. The only reason was the LQ was not going to renew Bainimarama's contract, as he was going too much public against LQ, with his baseless allegations. Also his allegations that the qoliqoli bill will tear affect the indians in fiji [Fisherment,etc], was just for show.

I would like to urge our bloggers here to know that Victor lal is just envious of Chaudhary, and it trying to exact revenge on chaudhary, after Chaudhary refused him favours.

Mr. Chaudhary still has the same old strong support of the indian communities in Fiji as before...proven when we interviewed over 2730 Indians and 1000 I-taukeis, in the past 6 months, stats reveal that 92% support Chaudahry, out of which 90% Indian and 88% Fijian.

Kind Regards
Matai T.

Anonymous said...

Rajen naidu,

Its simple that you can't take criticism. Please re-read what Fuli said. Unfortunately, you can grasp simply what he said. You paint everything as negative. Grow up mate and have a life.


Anonymous said...

Can C4.5 pls stop putting comments posted by Mr Rajen Naidu. Why is he putting his rebuttal here instead of fiji times.

Anonymous said...

Mahen 'butakolevu' chaudhry said...
"Whatever the court finds, it will never change the fact that MPC used his position in FLP to enrich himself and his family."

Yes, and so did Qarase. Insn't it funny that they both want the old ways back!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse said immunity is a non negotiable instrument. What a jerk! Is that part of the deal he made with Bainivuaka?

swimming in the money said...

Chaudhry senior buys $500k worth shares
Received $2m into his account from India
huge shopping bills
$50k gift to his daughter,
withdrawals of $800k, $100k, $469k and $380k
Rajendra Chaudhry sells house for $420,000k.

chaudhry khandan is swimming in money!!

Anonymous said...

Matai T

Sometthing does not add up. How can you have overall 92% support if indians is 90% and fijians is 88%. Shouldn't it be around 89% and not 92%?

Are you also saying that fijian support for LQ is around 10% only?

My friend, this does not make sesnse.

rajend naidu said...

Anonymouse are you this blog owner?
The owner reserves the right to decide what to print.
Why you hiding behind "Anonymous"?
You know who I am?
Who are you? Why you trying to attack me under cover of anonymity?
Perhaps you are ashamed you will be exposed for what you are - an intellectual amoeba!

Anonymous said...

Can you, Matai, explain to me the discrepancy in Chaudhry's statement - he had told FIRCA that one Harbhajan Lal of Haryana had given him the money and yet in Justice Goundar's judgment we find him saying Mahend in his affidavit claims the money was transferred and given by Delhi Study Group. Who gave him the money - Harbhajan Lal or Delhi Study Group? Its getting darker by the day about this thief and his millions?

Anonymous said...

If anyone has been held hostage for more than 56 days at gunpoint can ask Chaudhari for the millions of donation he got from indian people?

The 12 charges are trumped up and to break the person charged.

9 charges quashed and 3 stupid charges remain-EX contraol offence doenst relate to donated funds.

Garse abnd chaudhry will win cases and have 95% fijian and indian support at the ballot-people power.

Who elected the despot and junta and who will?

The end destiny of despot is naboro.

The Heckler said...

Lemme see if I understand this. Folks are criticizing Rajen Naidu because they think he's being too critical. They want him to stop criticizing, and then they criticize him for not being able to take criticism.

Do I have that right?

Lest I also be criticized as critical, let me put this as positively as I can. You people are hilarious.

rajend naidu said...

I can't take criticism?
YOU CAN"T Take criticism!
tHAT'S WHY You been bitching about my writing. Are you the one who had sent me a one fulscap page hate mail bitching like mad about my letters/writings? Are you part of the Bainimarama military junta? Or,perhaps just a sychophantic supporter? That would explain why you are so against criticism. If you had your way you would IMPOSE CENSORSHIP here on this blog just as you lot had done with the media in Fiji. You might succeed in doing what you do best - forcing your way on others. But one thing you will NOT succeed in doing is to SILENCE CRITICS. Freedom of expression is a right which is at the heart of democracy. You have no respect for that right. That's where you Anonymous are coming from. WE recognise you!

Anonymous said...

No matter what MPC is the ONLY true warrior and bati of Fiji.

He had a gun held to his head in 2000 and did not budge.

If that was VB or his Mataivalu Ni Solisona they would have shit dripping down their arse and wetting their trousers.

This man overcame physical and metal torture to uphold democracy and freedom and would not bow down to VB who planned this coup.

To Victor Lal and all the critics come what may this man is a HERO to the majority of people of Fiji who will never forget his bravery.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:22, we also cannot forget that your hero was one of the key supporters and apologists of Bainimarama's coup government. He's got some explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

No one is condoning his treatment at Speight's hands but the fat remains that he was hiding $2million in Australian bank account - even if the money was given for his resettlement, and since he didnt move to Australia, why he kept the money - he should have brought that money to Fiji

Anonymous said...

Notice how Victor had all this information prior to 2006 but sat on it until MPC became interim Finance Minister. Chaudhry has said that Victor is bitter because he disagreed with Victor on certain political matter. Victor than runs away to the UK and stars blogging on the subject. You cannot accuse Judge Danial Goundar of being sympathetic to Chaudhry but he saw it fit in his judgement to dismiss the 9 tax related and money laundering charges. Essentially Victors accusations have been thrown out by the court but charges relating to Excgange control remain in place and will go to trial. With regards to this house Chaudhry junior has obtained full tax clearance from the Australian tax authorities. Victor and FIRCA know this. Victor is so frustrated at being shown up as a fool in this matter that he keep throwing wild herrings in the affair.
Another thing for you to remember Victor, when Speight's thugs held a gun to Chaudhrys head and aked him to resign and effectively surrender his principles he refused. To so so would have meant selling out the indians but also all other minorities.
To be beaten up and have cracked ribs and other injuries for 56 days and have a gun put at his head multiple times and STILL not compromise says to me that MPC is worth a lot more than the $2M given to him by the peole of India.
Also what the hell have you done for anyone lately Victor. If you want to be a player in this political landscape come back here and run with the big dogs don't just sit on your porch in the UK and yelp like a little puppy.

rajend naidu said...

@ the Heckler
thank you. I know there are a good many sensible thinking people engaging in this public forum and others to debate the situation in fiji under the military junta and its rule by degree.
you are one of them.it was nice to start the day with your hilariously positive post. a good day to you bro

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous 8.54PM
To give Anonymous and Fuli the benefit of doubt I went back and re-read Fuli's letter (FT 26/7).
Fuli tells us that the person in whose support he wrote the letter had given a "bold" account of what he saw and experienced in his one week holiday in fiji. The person had said he had seen "nothing adverse". Fiji is under military rule and this guy saw "nothing adverse" and Fuli tells us his account is "bold"! Tells us a good deal about Fuli, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

All Chaudhry's care about is money!
They are heartless, and users.... His politics is his earnings...
Look what RPC has done, kicked his wife out of the house and is splashing money on one young female client of his from the US....
They value nothing except MONEY...
And that too not hard earned!

Anonymous said...

What is this big deal of one person one vote. That was already in the pipe line as an aim. Vorege did not invent this,

Mahen 'million dollar man' chaudhry said...

Victor Lal did a great job exposing a man posing as champion of the poor while sucking the poor people's blood, full stop.

MPC's really pulled the wool over all our eyes. Going by some posts on c4.5, some people are still fooled and can't face reality.

MPC's nepotistic and corrupt behaviour is a huge breach of trust because he built his career on fighting against these vices.

As someone said, MPC was not elected to go around with begging bowl in hand raising funds to enrich himself and his family.

People make big song and dance about MPC getting beaten in Parliament. What about other ordinary people who were beaten, raped, their properties destroyed?

Was FLP looking after these victims or the MPC family? As someone has commented, FLP is first and foremost for chaudhry family's benefit.

Chaudhry family own the party – it is no longer the people's party, it is the chaudhry family party as they have benefitted the most.

Anonymous said...

Rajen naidu,

You can't take criticism man? Look, you have taken your fight with Fuli to this blog and put so many post against him for something he wrote in FT. It just shows you are a self praising wannabe who has no respect for an opposing view.

Anonymous said...

At Rejend naidu,

Its decree bot degree.

Anonymous said...

what a joke. people obviously have no clue what they are talking about as it concerns chaudhry's money.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 10.08
And how do you know about what RPC gets up to and where his wife lives. I heard she left of her own accord. As far as him splashing money on a young client from the US, well that's his business. He is a successful lawyer with 2 offices. I know him and his wife and also how hard they work. Let's keep their personal matters ouf of this. You seem like a friend/family/associate of RPC's wife.

rajend naidu said...

You asked me to re-read Fuli. I did that.And have posted a further response which you obviously dislike in your irrational way. Now I ask you to read the Heckler's post. You do that. It will put some sense in that small space between your ears.

rajend naidu said...

@ Anonymous
I forgot. I asked you before and I ask you again why you hiding under cover of "Anonymous"?
You know when we were kids people like you got to be described as " bahoot tatti fala yaar"!
You fit that description.
Now no more tatti from you.
I have important things to focus on and can't waste my time on a tatti fala like you.

Anonymous said...

RPC used some of the money is fact. He would be no one if Udit Narayan does not vet his papers. That's a fact. He supported the IG when papa was part of it. That's a fact.

Anonymous said...

This Chodory's would be nothing in OZ.. Y can't ppl wake up and see what they doing...

Anonymous said...

RPC's ex-wife's friend says....
Please keep my friend (Seshni) out of this. It is not easy for anyone to go through a divorce especially when there is a child involved.
Both parties have agreed and separated and moved on with their lives.
Please, do not discuss the personal issues relating to RPC or his ex-wife.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning better Aiyaz than Mark Manning , he at the least has moved the Fijian landowners ! What have you done for Fiji, moan and Groan and Shit!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1.21pm
Seems like you are a lawyer who does not get anywhere near the profile that RPC gets. Guess you do not have the balls to take on FICAC and by default the regime as RPC does. Sure he supported the IG when his father was part of it. He also criticised it when his father was part of it over FICAC mainly. This led to Voreqe and him getting into a war of words in the media. Look at the papers from 2007 & 2008when MPC was in the cabinet and you will see that I am quoting facts. As far as Udit vetting all his work. That is a lie. Udit has and still does on occasion act as a mentor to RPC but belive me RPC has the legal smarts of his own to go a long way. Don't think you can say the same for yourself.

Anonymous said...

RPC and wife are together and will be so. I know this as I know both of them. BTW why touch on RPC,s personal life? Is that of any relevance to the current political debate? Is it of any relevance to the now deflated attacks by Victor Lal? Grow up those of you whp seek to malign RPC. As they say .... those whp live in glass houses ...

Anonymous said...

Justice Goundar followed the law - saying Chaudhry's false tax claims are statue barred - i.e. he cant be charged - we must not forget that it was Chaudhry, as Minister for Finance and overlord of the Inland Revenue, had brought in that law - to hide his millions - whatever happened to Harbhajan Lal, the man Chaudhry claimed raised the millions on his behalf. As for Rajendra junior's house, Victor is reporting what is contained in Mahend's Tax File regarding that address. The question still remains - if Mahend declined to accept permanent residency in Australia, did his son Ranjendra, his daughter and others accepted it - so that that secret millions could be transferred to Mahend's account , which was from Victor's article. It just reveals how rotten the whole Chaudhry family are - they took full advantage of the Speight coup to become a millionaire family. I am not a blind follower of Victor's writings - at least he exposed the millions - unlike Chaudhry, who had never told us INdo-Fijians of his stash in Australia and New Zealand. I still want to know who gave Mahend those millions. and why, if he turned down the offer to move to Australia, still needed that money - he is a chowra in our eyes! The law says he cant be tried but law is an ass, for the fact is that he was, and still has those millions in overseas bank accountants. Good on you, Victor - Mahend has escaped the long arm of the law but he will not escape the law of karma - for his thievings.

Anonymous said...

FLP supporters including CHAUDARY were blaming Fiji Businessmen/Gujeratis for financially backing the overthrow of Chaudary govt in 2000. WHY?-Gujis didnot want to pay tax!!
I know a few FLP supporters in SyDNEY who were eventhinking of attacking gujis. BUT GUJIs did not say a word! When I asked about allegations - a guju said God will do whats necessary (Karma)
WELL WELL - 2012 and CHAUDHRY IS CHARGED WITH EVADING TAX and its well known he back a COUP to evade TAX! How quicly he joined military govt and instantly announced AMNESTY to evaders!
YES - KARMA WORKS! Gujjus were right

rajend naidu said...

yes rule by decree
by a ruler without degree!
thank you for the correction Anonuny. Had not taken my medicine !

Anonymous said...

Annon 4.13

Truth hurts doesn't it. It seems you are RPC.

Sorry I am not a lawyer.

Matai T said...

@ Anon July 26, 2012 10:39 PM,

My apologies, regarding the figures, the reports are correct, my mistake, was a bit drunk too yesterday.

Anyway, we conclude that there is still support for choudhary in indo fijian sector, and, for Qarase, in itaukei sector. Personally, I wouldnt mind a SDL/FLP multiparty govt/cabinet..a lot would have been done, and our country have had progressed further, had Bainimarama not overthrown the democratically elected govt.

And you Anon July 26, 2012 11:16 PM, seems like you dont know what is happening in our country. There aint no discrepancies in choudhary's affidavit, havent you heard?
Ha! you must be one of Frank Bainimarama's minions, who is now offically became the bitch of the Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, whether he likes it or not, the guy has no choice.

Matai T

Anonymous said...

Bula Matai

I support SDL and can write in blood based on our feedback that fijian support for the patry is intact. That means their support for FLP is almost nil like in the last general elections. Pls check you figure. Hope u were not drunk.


Anonymous said...

Chodry now has Guji daughter in law, so yes Karma works. The very Gujis he wanted to fix up, now are part of his family.

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES? What difference will the conviction of Chaudhary bring to me and my family? Will this mean a pay rise or cost of goods decreasing...I guess not!

Ordinary Citizen

Anonymous said...

Agree that MPC may have abused funds of the poor individuals that supported him as devotees follow their Gurus! Conscience is a killer; every night conscience kills silently, so I leave it to "death by conscience" if he is guilty!

On a serious note why is Victor not pursuing the Bank accounts of ASK and Bainimarama??? Definitely there are millions in offshore accounts, you could start with tracing Nur's millions in Sydney and probably trace Singapore and Malaysia! There are rumors that Frank's pet Hamid is holding in Trust some 18 million sterling pounds for him!!! Worth checking Victor??

I definitely admire your research and forensic abilities, you will dig this out!

On another note check Design Engineering of Lautoka principal is a Muslim with a Sri Lankan Engineer, milking millions on building tram lines in the west, it is well known that this company built a tramline on the Suva end of Nadi for 2.8mil and all the material was supplied by FSC. Another tramiline being built in Ba end of Lautoka, much shorter for 1.8 mil, with material fully supplied!!!

Connection between Design Engineering and FSC, prior to 2006 Design Engineering designed and built the failed boiler at Tropikwoods, constructed by the same Design Engineering, consultant for Tropikwoods was Abdul Khan, now FSC Chairman!!! Connections of the past working freely now!!

Cool millions exchanged then and now!!!

Matai T said...

@Anon July 28, 2012 12:28 PM

I have not yet published the results of LQ, yet.

I also support SDL, but thats not what THIS post is about, i will release the poll of LQ support when after the hearing of the LQ vs Illegal State.

But remember my friend, we will have to have a multiparty govt, in order to progress ourselves with the indians. I know some people are shrewed, but that does not mean all of them are as bad. I can say the same for us i-taukeis.

In this time of crisis, we have to work side by side with indians and other races.


Matai T

Anonymous said...


Any names of people you have in mind that can work together as a Party to lead Fiji forward? Indians, i-Taukei and others??


Ratu Singh

Anonymous said...

Who is Hamid, mate

Anonymous said...

Hamid is Frank's school mate from Marist, ask Dan Lobendan, he knows this sob! He is a millionaire living in Denarau, got 150+ KFC franchises in UK plus Limo business! Always hosts Frank in Denarau home and food is sponsored by Design Engineering!! The principal of Design Engineerings father is a renowned cook and he caters exclusively for Frank!!!
He is responsible for a great deal of the Malaysian contacts awarded in Fiji, obviously there is a commission paid by NAIM,etc! Contract for NAIM was already signed prior to the Team that went to assess
other tenders in Malaysia!! Ask Fusi Vave, she got sick at the airport in Malaysia, she was part of the pre-
tender assessment group consisting of Govt PS's and a
HR consultant firm! A Limo style Mercedes Benz bus
picked the group from the airport and whisked them to a
resort for a holiday, on the bus they were advised by the
Malasian private firm NAIM that the PM and AG were
on their way to sign contracts with NAIM, no
assessments were necessary! RBF got instructions from
AG to transfer 80 mil FIjian dollars to NAIM in Malaysia
when Sada was RBF Governor! This was done without
proper process!!!

The saga is real big and Hamid is the agent!!!!!

Former PS Transport

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:07, thanks for helping to detail Bainimarama's corruption.