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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Khaiyum cites CCF for publishing rule of law report that singled him out as culprit

The regime has turned on its pom pom girls with the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, now taking the Citizen Constitution Forum to court for publishing a story on the loss of rule of law in its newsletter.

Khaiyum's court action follows the mystery break-in at the CCF's Suva office and the theft of a laptop.

Nigel Dodds and report
National Intelligence Bureau police are investigating along with the theft of hard drives, laptops and cameras from the Peoples Charter Constitution Commission. (see our ealier story)

At a news conference today it was revealed Khaiyum's office had been granted leave by the High Court to issue contempt proceedings against CCF and its director, Reverend Akuila Yabaki.

Khaiyum said the action arose out of an article titled “Fiji the rule of law lost" which was
published in CCF’s April edition of Tutaka.

“The contempt proceedings have been instituted against CCF as the proprietor and publisher of Tutaka and Akuila Yabaki as the editor.

“The article published by CCF and Yabaki contained of words and statements essentially in our view that scandalizes the courts in Fiji."

Khaiyum is referring to the controversial report by the chair of the UK based Law Society Charity, Nigel Dodds, Fiji: The Rule of Law Lost.

Dodds visited Fiji on a secret fact-finding mission in late 2011 and released his findings in February this year: his report concluded that the rule of law ‘no longer operates’ in the country.

Dodd said the independence of the judiciary ‘cannot be relied upon’ and ‘there is no freedom of expression’.

His report blamed Sayed-Khaiyum for the loss of rule of law, saying he had limited the power of the courts bringing an end to the independence of legal sector regulation.

The report also revealed the extent to which the illegal government depends on the appointment of judges and senior law officers from Sri Lanka on short-term contracts.

The report noted: ‘Judges have to have security of tenure. We don’t know how these judges are being selected.’

The Law Society this month reiterated its earlier challenge to the regime to allow it to send an international team to Fiji, saying it had not heard back after earlier discussions.

Pryde had issued an invite to Dodds after his report was released but nothing ever came of it, prompting the Law Society to make the offer again, last week. As expected, it was rejected.

The case against CCF will be called at the High Court in Suva on July the 27th.

Coming up: Judiciary moles reveal Anthony Gates and Daniel Goundar's abuse of power


Anonymous said...

Sounds like The Fiji Bureau of Coconut Intelligence ( aka Fiji BoCi) were right all along.
The culprit indeed came from the Attorney Generals Office.
Tobo tu boidada!
Bera va levu na Ovisa.

Moala said...

Coud be the rogue Fiji Police broke in and stole hard drives and computers......they aremost experienced in breaking into locked up buildings as they have done to steal drugs

Crosbee Le Hasbin said...

My beloved junta is falling apart??

ex army said...

These policemen were taught to catch thieves.So before they tackle that they have to be trained and understand how thieves operates...there you go....blame teh Police because those idiots up at the military barrack do not have the brain to steal and leave no trace,Remember that saying"it will take a thief to catch another thief" To prove my point...Their commander is also a thief but what he stole is advertised on the newspaper every day because he is an idiot just like tose idiots up there.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Surprise! Surprise! Sergeant carter.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is such a control freak....

kite flyer said...

by now the whole world is aware who is responsible for undermining the judiciary and the rule of law in fiji. it's not the ccf. it's not nigel dodds or the law society of england, it's not the past politicians,it's not the common citizens of the country. It's the current holders of power in fiji and it's foremost legal man, the A-G Aiyaz sayed Khaiyum. Taking court action in a court of law lined up by men hired by him is NOT going to produce an independent impartial finding on anything brought before the court by khaiyum. It has degenerated into a kangaroo court. And Khaiyum's antics can't hide that fact.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you play with the bull you're liable to get the horns? The
acting PM & AG has been very linient toward the CCF and the Human right Com- in Fiji.He has certainly bend backward in his attempt to bring normality to the
day to day lives& activities of everyone in the country? The man has done so much in hiring qualified and top of the class Judges, from nations that were willing to help us out?he kept his eyes closely on these judges to make sure that they impart justice
faithfully & justly to our citizen?
There really is no need for Mr Akuila Yabaki or Mr.Dodds to continue their abuse of our current judicial system?

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum took the laptop and made up the story that it was stolen.

Fart Fart Gear said...

Come on Kukum.....man up and admit that you're a half arsed, over rated, wannabe, illegal nitwit that can't stand the heat in the kitchen and goes running to the kangaroo courts for cover. You big blouse you.

Anonymous said...

The whole fiji judicial courts and system is a big scandal..FACE IT KHAIYUM>>YOU ILLEGAL WANNABE>>YOU ARE A SCANDAL FULLSTOP>>stop using your wannabe smart english vocabs trying ti fool us..we are not blind..the truth is police and military should in turn arrest this wannabe con artist lawyer who hasnt even won a case in court and is taking the whole judicial system for a monkey ride..GET REAL..

Anonymous said...

Contempt proceedings against Yabaki? Why, for his calculatedly lukewarm defence of human and constitutional rights? For the way he poses as a human rights activist but continually soft-soaps or fails even to mention regime's abuses? For the way he lends the CCF's name to every phony regime initiative, as though he were really so naive as not to recognise, as we do, that each is designed only to undercut the 1997 Constitution and to forestall Fiji's return to democratic governance?

No, contempt proceedings for having the gall to publish, albeit belatedly, the Dodd Report, which gave an honest, deservedly critical appraisal of Fiji's judiciary -- precisely the kind of thing the CCF ought to have been doing all along.

Typical Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum -- he didn't like the Dodd Report's claim that Fiji's judiciary has lost its independence, so what does he do? He moronically directs that contempt charges be laid against Yabaki to suppress publication of the report, effectively proving the truth of its allegations!

Why not contempt proceedings against ASK for ignoring the Appeal Court's decision in Qarase v. Bainimarama et al? Wasn't that contempt?

In fact, traitors like him are BENEATH our contempt.

Well, Rev. Yabaki, contempt proceedings or not, you did the right thing.  There is no dishonour in that. I, for one, am revising my opinion of you upwards. 

It isn't you but Fiji's compromised courts that will really be on trial, and they are contemptible, indeed. 

The bad news is that they likely will find you in contempt. The good news is that because you did the right thing, the rest of us will respect you more.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Come on Nigel have some faith in the best AG that Fiji has ever had!
Look the AG is doing his best and
is single handedly doing it alone?
He's the Acting PM,the AG,the Minister of Tourism,Minister of
Industries, Minister of Election,
comeon, the kid is going to bite the dust before he turned 40s? I'm
totally suprised that he hasn't turn his back in any of these shit?
Hes tried his best to get good judges,magistrates,and top lawyers
for the Government to ensure an independent judicial system?
No, that wasn't good enough for Nigel or Yabaki? You know what, if i was
the AG, i'd call on both of you to come and try it out? Look the man
is probably doing all this hard work with no compensation or very
small compensation and lots of
frieken criticism.

Coup 4.5 said...

The Law Society of England Charity chair Nigel Dodd has reported following his visit to Fiji that Fiji has "no rule of law and no freedom of expression" and that "the independence of the judiciary cannot be relied upon" .
Now if this was said by Tupuola Terry Tavita who has been described as " the Samoan PM's mouthpiece in attacking Fiji" then I suppose we could dismiss it as the typical anti- Bainimarama regime noise making by a well known critic.
I am not sure Nigel Dodds' appraisal can be dismissed in the same way, can it?
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

I was of the opinion that Rev Yabaki and the regime were good buddies but it seems that arrogance and power has gone through iarse's head that he is getting trigger happy and shooting down any perceived dissent even from friendly quarters. iarse is drunk with power and can be vicious in some of his actions.

Anonymous said...

Pompom girls! That is hilarious. Vinaka C.5

kite flyer said...

@Anon 5.39 According to you A-G and actg PM :
Aiyaz :has been very linient
Aiyaz : has been bending backyards
Aiyaz : has been bringing normality to day to day lives&activities of everyone inthe country
Aiyaz : has done so much...
Aiyaz : has kept a close eye on the judges to make sure they impart justice faithfully& justly to our citizens.
Anon, you strike me as the type who can be made to believe that pigs can fly!
We know why Aiyaz keeps a "close eye" on the judges- to make sure they do the regimes biddings.
We know what Aiyaz has done so much - he has done so much harm to the country and its legal system.
Anon if you want to be stupid go ahead but don't expect intelligent citizens to follow in your footsteps.

Keep The Faith said...

It has come to this sadly. A fork in the road?

Nevertheless it will be a sterling test case to prove whether the courts are as impartial and independent as Khaiyum cum Pryde continue to wax lyrical about.

The world will now see the truth for itself.

Anonymous said...

"no rule of law and no freedom of expression'

no freedom of expression, thats obviuos, but there is no doubt that plenty of freedom of expression during LQ regime made no difference to outcomes...his gang just bullied along anyways.

as for no rule of law.....dodds would have to make a comparison, between then and now, on the basis of what the man on the street experinced and not the elite, not the criminal society of lawyers riding on gravy train of inefficiency and corruption.

then and now.....STILL FARKED UP

dIKTATORS eventually isolate themselves till they stand alone , surrounded by defensive brutal yes men.

Yabaki, this could be your day.

The test, will Yabaki stand in court alone before his accusers only with the help of God, speak the truth, nothing more or less, so the people of Fiji may have an example of how a true man of God stands unafraid, knowing that their master Jesus also suffered similar persecution for truth.

There is a time for pragmatism and there is a time for principle.

You have been concilitory, but now you have been kicked in the teeth for your troubles.

God has sent you a test, now the people of Fiji are watching.

Anonymous said...

Why is the ppl of FIJI bowing down to that Muslim terrorist Aiyaz? O cei na tamana kei tinana? O cei o koya vei keda na itaukei? u ppl should stand and do something about him before its too late! qai tu tale tu o ulu malumalumu vei Voreqe vakarogoca ka vakabauta tu na ka e vakasalataki koya tiko mai kina o Kayum!. drau veivutusona. Sotia vutusona kece!
sa varau qori na compulsory vuli vosa vajaina! ya sa kaya tiko dua na ka. VIti sa vakarau volitaki i China coz Fiji cant pay back its external borrowings from the Govt of the Republic of China!, Ni yadra mada ni kila na ka e yaco tiko i loma ni office vakamatanitu!. Ni sa na vakarau sega ni taukena na qele kece i VT!!moce VT!! sa vakarau mai na dausiga levu!! Ni vakamatei koya e initiate taka tiko na master plan! vicai!

Anonymous said...

someone should just volunteer to kill Aiyaz for the sake of Viti and citizens of this beloved coun try. We can send you one SAS BA if you guys cant do it. na tamata boci qori levu tu la na gusuna

Anonymous said...

army should look at the bigger picture rather than just "doing their job for the sake of their bread and butter"..Gonei sa sega na loloma vei koya o ni masi Polo tiko kina qori. Just think of your future generations and pull the trigger to that Muslim guy to bring peace and prosperity back to the people of Fiji who rightfully deserve it,. The person who will do this will be the most honoured person in Fiji's history books. Ni yadra mada sa kua so na masia tiko na mamare mai na qalai ka qori gonei

Anonymous said...

When will Kaiyum the KaKum Freaky Dicky Idiot be kicked out of his position and sent to prison for life.

We need Fiji to progress not have control freak and paranoid idiot run the country down the drain.

Kick Kaiyum and his clan out now.

kite flyer said...

CCF and its executive director Rev Akuila yabaki must now realise - even if belatedly - that riding the tiger was not a good idea.
it's never too late to learn.and the one thing yabaki and co at ccf must learn is that a dictatorship can never be appeased by "concilliary" engagement. their self interest and hold on power will always be paramount and supercede everything else - including citizens rights and constitutional niceties. It is unfortunate that 70 year old Yabaki has to learn this the hard way . But Yabaki is a decent man and its crunch time for him to show the world he is made of much sterner stuff than the regime has thought him to be. Stand Tall Reverent.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum and Yabaki should stand facing each other, one legged in the corner, pulling each other's ear until the first one farts. Karma is a bitch baby and that big bite on your butt is just what you deserve, going around the country, using aid money to tell the populace to follow whatever the regime says because it is the law. Got what you deserved you fake.

tic toc tic toc.... said...

@ Anonymous 5.39a.m.

Well, if you truly believed in your illegal, treasonous regime, you wouldn't be posting in here and under the cover of 'anonymous', would you?
bootlicking S U C K E R! ahahaa...

Anonymous said...

Nothing that Aias does surprises me anymore, he passed that point of no return ages ago..

Too bad that Fijians continue to allow him to get away with it all, y'all have not learnt from history about types like him & his puppet Bai who start off with noble intentions and morphosis into monsters. Keep watching..

Anonymous said...

hahahahha.. do yavu boci .. na comment tu qo

mark manning said...

Basically, no one is safe from scrutiny in Fiji !

Anonymous said...

well khaiyum is not boci levu, he"s boci lailai, when voreqe and all is ulukau army officers continuously sucking khaiyum"s dick, including illegal president nailatilau, it turns from boci lailai to A TAmani boci levu RAU...

kite flyer said...

nobody "should volunteer to kill Aiyaz" for the sake of the citizens of our beloved country. No anonymous 11.02 that is not the thinking of the sensible rational opposition to the dictatorship in fiji. we must always stay true to our commitment to the democratic way - and that means people who do wrong by us must be dealt with in a lawful manner. Aiyaz and co have strayed from a true commitment to the rule of law in fiji. we mustn't do the same.

Anonymous said...

well khaiyum is not boci levu, he"s boci lailai, when voreqe and all is ulukau army officers continuously sucking khaiyum"s dick, including illegal president nailatilau, it turns from boci lailai to A TAmani boci levu RAU...

Anonymous said...

Guys this is just getting too much. This Taliban SOB needs to be stopped NOW..He is ruining this country and he shoud no longer be allowed to continue. Nigel Dodds report is highly respected. It has come fronm an independent source so its findings will be received as credible. What else do we want.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aiyarse, you're barking up the wrong tree. Why picking on Yabaki, Fiji Times and Nicholas and not the main author Nigel Dodds.

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse don't mess around in a domain you're an amateur in. Go fight a case in court firast before taking up the job you're holding now. Seems like the shoes are too big for you.

Paula said...

I can smell the fear, the anxiety and the cowardliness of Khaiyum and his military goons. Together with the nasty odor of crap that the regime produces o a daily basis, these smells blend into a gut wrenching stink that overpowers even the stench of corruption wafting around the Khaiyum clan.

CCF junta groupies said...

Jail the whiskey sodden fool for supporting the human rights abusing regime in the first place. It is wonderful the way these junta parasites are turning on each other?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajen,

Are u coming to Fiji soon or have family and relatives still in Fiji?

Being brave or scastic is good, but don't put others at risk.

Anonymous said...

I have always respected Rev Akuila Yabaki for his courageous condemnation of the 1987 coup. At that time, only a handful of iTaukei dared to challenge the perpetrators of that coup. The rest as they say is history. At least when the sun is down and all have gone to sleep, he will say to his maker, I did, just as the prophets of old did! Vinaka talatala, me dei tikoga na yalomuni, ni vakacegu.

Anonymous said...

pig's ARSE Khayum, I ask you, WERE IS THE FREEDOM you PIG!
This is all HOG wash and PIG shit!!

Anonymous said...

When I read this blog, I always laugh at the comments put by my fellow bloogers. Firstly, we blame everything on ASK. Why? Because we want a scapegoat and not our own people or our ownself. Why are we in this position? How many of us condemn the 87 or the 2000 coups? We found all reasons to support them.

Who did the 2006 coup? If Q Bale or any Rajen chaudary was the AG would we have condemned them? The job of the AG is to support his PM. To fight his cause and justify his doings as legal. Is ASK doing that? Yes. That's is his job.

Iam sure Bale or Rajen would have done the same just like most other lawyer except people like Richard, leaung, Apted. Rajen supported Ficac when papa was minister.

The proplem with us fijians is that we profess to be god fearing but our actions speaks the opposite.

I feel we need to unite first. But we have too many politicians amongst us, some even in the pulpit. If we had a election tomorrow, we will have at least 3 - 5 fijian parties.

Lastly, by removing ASK, you will not remove the problem. He is just the face of the IG, not the heart. You will make theIG and FB more strong.

I know emotions will run high and I will be seen as faint hearted or regime supporter. However, I suggest that let's look at ourselves first.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kite flyer
Go fly a kite! And let my people

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:30, speak for yourself. I didn't support any coup in 1987 or 2000.

The job of the AG is not to support the PM but to see that the laws are faithfully executed. His job is not to justify treason. In fact, his duty -- and mine, and yours -- is to oppose treason.

The problem isn't too many politicians. If you don't like a politician, just don't vote for him.

The problem is too many armed traitors. They have no qualifications, only guns. They hold Fiji hostage, telling Fijians what to do. They cannot be voted out.

There's nothing wrong with Fijians having a choice of three-five parties. There's nothing wrong with having a choice. Today, Fijians are permitted no choices.

Removing ASK would be the best thing to happen to Fiji short of removing FB. He is the most sinister, conniving, and deceitful fascist in the government.

I don't see how getting rid of ASK could possibly strengthen FB, unless FB did it himself, which would be sure to boost his personal popularity immensely. Somehow, I don't think that's what you meant.

I don't know if you're a regime supporter, mate, but your thinking does seem awfully muddled. You're completely right that we need to be the change we want to see in others, but you'll never help Fiji progress by speaking in defence of a regime founded on treason and dedicated to its perpetuation through treason. Please continue to read C4.5 and to educate yourself on the issues.