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Monday, July 23, 2012

Kiwi PM challenged about NZ's 'junta supporting' citizens

NZ's Christopher Pryde with Khaiyum
A reality call from the Australian based democracy movement today to the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key: Fiji's government is illegal and its self-appointed leader has blood on his hands. 
"John Key needs to face up to the fact that Vorege Bainimarama is a thug who in the year 2000 ordered the unlawful deaths of four men namely CRW soldiers Jone Kamoe Davui, Iowane Wasaroma, Epineri Bainimoli and Selesitino Kalounivale, after the mutiny was put down and while they were in military custody.
"FDFM reminds Key that the current Fiji regime is an illegal one and no amount of window-dressing, such as the Constitutional Commission or General Elections in 2014, will change its legal status ... nor guarantee Fiji’s political stability."

FDFM's second statement follows more information coming to light about the SIS police visiting Fiji nationals and a so-called plot to kill Bainimarama. (see C4.5's earlier story)

One of the CRW four soldiers: pic Truth for Fiji
Former SDL politician and member of the Auckland based Council for Democracy in Fiji, Rajesh Singh, has been implicated along with former 3FIR officer, Roko Ului Mara, and former head of Fiji Water Authority, Anthony Fullman. All have rejected the accusation as unfounded.

The statement also follows a visit by New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, to Suva.

Key has downplayed the timing of the visit to discuss Pacific Island Forum business but FDFM says 'McCully’s visit to Fiji only days after news of the alleged plot is too conspicuous.'

FDFM says it wants to remind Key the coups since 1987 were not committed as a result of any shortcomings of the 1997 Constitution, 'but because of unscrupulous, power hungry, weak and corrupt political and military leaders.'

It says: "Bainimarama claimed his 2006 coup was a ‘Clean Up Campaign’ alleging endemic  corruption against Fiji’s PM Laisenia Qarase’s government, which necessitated his actions then sought to rely on the 'Doctrine of Necessity’, conjured up by his illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and others to conceal the blood on his hands.

"But Fiji’s military dictator hasn’t been able to substantiate his claim over these past 6 years and out of desperation, Khaiyum and the unscrupulous New Zealand citizen, Christopher Pryde, have conjured up allegations of ‘abuse of office’ supposedly some 19 years ago, whilst Qarase  was still managing director of the Fiji Development Bank and Advisor to the FHL, but no connection whatsoever to his Prime Ministership of Fiji, which was the basis of the 2006 coup!"

FDFM says both New Zealand and Australia 'need to maintain a consistent and principled stance against Fiji, continue with the smart sanctions, keep travel bans in place, 'to keep the junta accountable 'otherwise its inconsistent stance will cause more destabilisation and certainly not in their national interest.'

The movement again challenged New Zealand and Key 'to clarify why it is unlawful for New Zealand residents to supposedly plot the downfall of Fiji’s illegal military dictator in New Zealand, yet lawful for a New Zealand citizen (Christopher Pryde), to take up a illegal, lucrative position in Fiji and willingly execute the wishes of a military regime,  potentially offer advice against his own country of nationality and seek the demise of the unlawfully deposed elected PM of Fiji?'


Anonymous said...

Thank you C4.5.
Thank you FDFM
You are doing a good job.
Keep up the good work and keep exposing these pathetic losers (Illegal Regime) for what they really are. ie a bunch of lowlife thugs.

-Valataka na Dina
( I think their boast of 200,000 voters registered should also be verified.
We are dealing with a bunch of liers and corrupt officials.)

kite flyer said...

some good questions in here requireing clear starighforward answers from the leaders to whom the questions are directed.
there are of course many more questions but they will wait for the time being.

Anonymous said...

I had to leave Fiji and seek exile in NZ and am ashamed that Christopher Pryde has the support of the NZ Government.

Anonymous said...

Maybe FDM should ask Baledrokadroka who had planned and executed the thuggery action at kalabu school. Maybe you also ask him if the men under his command killed the 4 crw soldiers because they arrived late when other units had fought to win back QEB. They wanted to prove themselves and Baledrokadroka knows very well. Have you wondered why he doesnt answer the questions of those killings? He was the one who ordered the beatings and killings. RUM is fully aware and did the same thing in 2006 when 6fir was under his command that killed malabese. Did they realise they were in deep shit and wanted to shift the blame and redeem themselves.? Only they can answer that and a few who know their actions.

Anonymous said...

VB2000Coup I
VB2006Coup II

VB2014/15? Coup III

mark manning said...

A concerted effort across the board must be made to keep the Government of New Zealand on course.
Perhaps it's time to protest in the streets in New Zealand and another March in Sydney from the Democracy Movements.
I'm beginning to wonder if any of the key players are Freemasons, you only have to see Khaiyum's handshake to know.

Anonymous said...

What is NZ going to do about Christopher Pryde?

Anonymous said...

FDFM is the voice of the Fijians right now.Mr Key aren't you ashamed that the regime fooled you during the world cup ? NZ allowing the resigned soldier to enter NZ to play.You were fooled by Bainimarama, the football player went straight back to the camp after the game. Bainimarama and his goons were laughing at you !!!!!!. Get that !!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes NZ and Australia need to maintain a principal stand and stick to it for as long as it takes. They changed their stand so many times since 1987 and is not really helping to enforce the rule of law and order and governance in the South Pacific. The question is, do they really care about human rights or are they more interested in their own national interests?

mark manning said...

Helen Clark had big kahunas !

Anonymous said...

ANZ have long been frustrated by the absence of any action in Fiji itself against the regime. There is no visible opposition. No one in the regime has been killed or disabled. Action must begin at home. We can't blame others if we ourselves can't act to destroy the regime. It really should not take too much to take ASK out of action. Action will always speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

FDM and other movement now have realized that they are out of the bigger picture when it comes to Foreign relations. The New Zealand Govt,and the OZ Govt have both realized that Fiji's march to the GE in 2014 is no longer a sham but is for real. RUM and his supporters will now taste their own medicine as the tables begin to turn against them. For instance their extradition to Fiji would be a small price for both the New Zealand and Australian Govt to pay in exchange for the gaurantee that Elections would be held in 2014 and Fiji's checks its relations with China. This is just an illustration of what can happen to small boys when they play with the big boys! They can become pawns in the whole scheme of things. God bless their souls!

It is simple as this: Kiwis and OZ govt need F1JI, F1JI does not need the two, they are luxury items in the present look North Policy adopted by the Fiji Govt.

What then can they do? Change their policies towards Fiji as their big bro the US has continued to do until now. If they don't then they would just be spectators after 2014 as China fills the power vaccum they created.


Anonymous said...

Isa rau sa qai yadra o John Key kei Murray McCully. Keimami sa toso na tu qo e viti drau se vakarogoci ira voli ga na sisi wavoki tu qori e nomudrau vanua.

Roko Ului,isa ke o se vesuka vinaka ga na qalamu ke sega ni ko a se tobo! Sa qai vinaka tu qori sega ni o na rawata e dua na ka ni ko sa na tiko wavoki ga e Tonga. Sa na qai dredre vaki iko toka o Ayarse, mo a se tu ga e Viti,vaka na tagane,valataka na nomu nanuma,mo a se kua ga ni dro,ya na veiliutaki e tu vata kei ira na tamata ena gauna ni leqa,sega ni dro me qai laki kodro tiko mai ena dua na vanua yawa. Qarauna de ra volitaki iko na kai Tonga me nodra i voli ni suka vei Niusiladi!

Moce mada


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh @ 9.56p.m. PM Keys is going to be very cross when he reads that. Very very cross. How dare they laugh at him behind his back, bunch of sorry losers. Neu.

Anonymous said...

Key stop putting butter on both sides of bread,its time for you to take principal stand. you are running against time.

ALI Sahab said...

John Key should learn lesson from Madam Helen Clark. When George Bush invaded Iraq he requested Australia and New Zealand to support his mission by providing military personnel.Kangaroos stupidly jumped in while Kiwis decided otherwise.As a matter of principal Madam Clark did not compromise her ethics.
Here John Key has become toy while Hillary Clinton is pulling the string.She has cautioned Key not to scold bainimarama on the fear that China has full control over bai.USA has advised key to make bai his best buddy so that USA can have its way over China.

Jalebi Bai said...

John Key has given $500,000 to illegal regime but on the other hand announced that child allowance will be reduced to half,solo mums will face cut back in their allowance and people dependent on WINZ will face disaster. There is no provision to create new employment yet key is harping on unemployed to look for jobs.Frankly speaking key you have no direction.

Anonymous said...

FDFM is not the voice of the people.. what about the majority of us who are happy with this government??

Rawana . J. said...

Can John Key explain why he has NOT lifted ban on Pacific Access Category for Fiji. What kind of sanction is this? Is this to malign one community? Trading between Fiji and NZ is ok,diplomatic relation is getting normal,Air NZ fly's everyday,investors are flocking in so why ban on this? People need answers from you KEY.

Poised for Justice said...

Dictator Bainimarama always seems to be out of the country when important delegations come to Fiji. All meetings and the show and tell is usually left to Khaiyum, Gates,Pryde and fellow mercernaries who stitched up the people of Fiji with illegal degrees. Are these delegations seeing the cracks or playing happy tourists??:

Fiji scrutinised by ACP-EU delegation

07:50 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Ritika Pratap

Fiji’s political situation is being scrutinised by a high level ACP-EU delegation.

The fact-finding mission has been sent by the ACP- EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.

The EU Office in Fiji says the mission will see whether steps taken by the government will foster democracy.

Based on events of the recent past, the EU says democracy in Fiji has faced huge challenges.

Yesterday morning the delegation met with Chief Justice and Acting President Anthony Gates at Borron House – followed by a briefing with Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.

FBC News understands they’ have also met with Yash Ghai, the head of the Constitutional Commission.

Anonymous said...

If the maths are right Singh and co were scared off by the SIS because NZ has shelled out $2 million dollars for the 2014 election? Can someone asks Key is that how democracy works in Aotearoa the land of the long white cloud.

Anonymous said...

Anyone keeping an eye on the registration figures???


For 73-year-old Kamla Wati Pande, casting her vote in the 2014 general elections is a priority.
She flies out of Fiji for a vacation to New Zealand today but she took her time out to get registered at Makoi.
Mrs. Pande was accompanied by her son Kamal Narayan, 51 and the duo were registered at a station a few minutes away from their residence.
She said a lot of awareness had been raised regarding the electronic registration and voting process through various media outlets and she wanted to be registered before going abroad to visit family members.
“Before I came to register, what I had thought was that there would be a long queue of people and that it would take a very long time to register.
However, the staff who assist in registering are very helpful and this took less than five minutes,” she said.
Mrs. Pande said it was helpful that registration booths have been set up at several localities and that elderly people do not need to travel far from their homes to register.

pragmatic said...

@ Anonymous July 24, 2012 9:31 AM

Real democracy has to be pragmatic not static. Key is behaving like a real smart politician

Anonymous said...

Reserve Bank says that FSC will produce 10% less sugar this year compared to last year.( todays Fiji Times)

Only last month this Illegal Govt was mouthing off again saying how we gonna make a lot money from sugar this year.

How much money coming in from Mining?
How much money coming in from Mahogany.
New Air Pacific or Fiji Airways... What bullshit!
We gonna do this; We gonna do that blah blah blah.
Only too much talk.
Bai too much talk
Aiyarse too much talk
Kubuabola too much talk
This government only too much talk and nothing to show for it.
Meanwhile people are suffering.
Sa rui sivia na lasu kei na veivakaisini.
Hands up those who believe they are suddenly telling the truth when it comes to elections. lol.

Anonymous said...

John Key you are finished,forget about parliament next round you are on expiry line.

Anonymous said...

No reaction from Fijian because nobody wants to die for Qarase, Chaudhry or Beddoes, they not worth it, 1997 constitution not worth it with multiparty bitch cabinet.

But maybe someday somebody will act out of hate for dictators for life, Vb and Ask.

In Australia or New Zealand dictator will be killed in very short time, they know that so nobody going to try it.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 Spot on....everyone needs to know what the illegal regime is doing...they are just dea to fill their pockets...their children will suffer...what goes around comes around....matter of time !

Anonymous said...

No reply from Fijian because no one wants to die for Qarase, Chaudhry and Beddoes.

Anonymous said...

In 1987 and 2000, the police and the military failed to protect the citizens of Fiji that were attacked by a small gang of thugs and racists. More recently, we have seen high ranking officials deserting the military, which shows a lack of professionalism. In 2000, it was a mutiny…with its predictable consequences as seen on the picture.

From a foreigner point of view, what Fiji will need to give us confidence as investors and contributors to the development of this country is very simple: a regional military organization and perhaps also a special regional police force covering the whole of the small pacific states. History has shown that in situations of emergency, the army and the police are not able to do their job. Indians have not been protected in 1987 and 2000. A regional organization would have no difficulty in controlling the 5-10% of extremists that will always – unfortunately- subsist in Fiji. Most of the people of Fiji are balanced and it would be therefore a quite easy job to keep the country stable.

Whatever may be the result of the next elections, Fiji will still face a situation of uneasy calm. I hope that the current prime minister will consider this very important aspect of the reality of Fiji. The current government is not eternal, and the country will continue to exist after it and it is important to find a permanent solution to Fiji’s problems. In my opinion, only a regional military and a regional police can do that. I suggest to go ahead with a new modern constitution free of racism elements (and a referendum to give it validity) THEN go ahead with elections. I think the time is right for the Military in Fiji to consider an “expansion” in the pacific and even incorporate elements of Australian, NZ and American armies. The Military based in any country of the Pacific should preferably be composed of 50% of locals, 25% of regional (other Pacific Islands nations) and 25% of Big brothers (Austrlaia, NZ, America, etc) That would make a coup in Fiji virtually impossible. Stability and prosperity at last!

Anonymous said...

Of course FDFM is the only voice for the Fijians. You lot who support Bainimarama are all ulukaus, you still don't know how corrupt his government.You are just sitting behind the doors drinking Yaqona. You must be getting paid by the crooks.

Anonymous said...

Key and Gillard used the raids on the democracy group for political point scoring to back get in dialogue and the good books with Fiji's dictator and his junta. All this to appease the US - at the expense of the Fiji democracy movement and the poor suffering oppressed people of Fiji. Isnt this act called agee-peeche??? The people will remember this.

Anonymous said...

The high level ACP-EU delegation will be rounding off its tour in Fiji today.

The delegation came to Fiji on Sunday to scrutinise Fiji’s political situation.

The fact-finding mission met with various government officials and also visited EU funded projects around Suva.

The mission met with Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum this morning.

They are holding a press conference currently to reveal some of its findings during the tour.

They are expected to leave the country later this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

NZ Govt must go ahead and do what they deem appropriate that needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

These 'Fact-Finding Missions' are getting to be a 'Pain in the Ar.e!'
How many are we going to have before something tangible happens?
What is all this? window dressing, diplomacy at its worse?
We have SUFFERED in the last SIX solid years!! Enough is enough!
For ALL of you who come here in the name of "Fact Finding", IT IS OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!!
Do not give us the innocent and suffering false hopes!!