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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Legal issue against Qarase clouded by 'political machinations'

 'If the prosecution fails, Bainimarama and the RFMF lose their right to claim massive corruption by the the SDL government.' 

Qarase and Weileilakeba

There is only one legal issue to be decided by the three assessors and the Suva High Court during the kangaroo trial of Fiji's legal and elected Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase that started 5 July 2012. 

The issue is whether he disclosed his interest to the Fijian Holdings Limited Board in three companies which purchased shares in FHL in 1991/92 while FHL was still a private company.

Former FHL CEO, Sitiveni Weleilakeba admitted in the Suva court on 9 July 2012 while being cross-examined, that he followed the FHL company procedure for share applications: every application is analysed, a company search carried out and the results tabulated for the Board. 

He admitted that he did attach the letter signed by PM Qarase to the Board Paper, along with the memorandum and articles of association of each company, so the Board was fully aware of Qarase’s involvement as an advisor to the three entities which applied for Class A shares.

The three entities in question are:
-QTen Investments (a company owned by his wife and 5 children)
-Cicia Cooperative Society (a company owned by 15 Mataqali on Cicia Island) – he was their financial advisor
-Mavana Investments Limited – owned by the Mavana Village Trust and people of Mavana village, Vanua Balavu – he was a Director of the company.

This one legal issue has been clouded by the constant allegation of self-enrichment against PM Qarase by those who would seek to convict him in court and in the court of public opinion, to justify the 2006 coup.

Politically, that is what is at stake for the RFMF and Bainimarama – if the prosecution fails, Bainimarama and the RFMF lose their right to claim massive corruption by the the SDL government.

But these trumped up charges relate to events in 1991/92 – twenty years ago, not during PM Qarase’s term as head of government from 2001-6. However FICAC is trying to paint Qarase as some kind of evil genius who formed the FHL and bought shares in it to enrich his family and friends.

FICAC has gone to great pains to publicise PM Qarase’s former role as Financial Advisor to the Fijian Affairs Board, and as Director of FHL. 

FICAC conveniently forgets that the allotment of shares to QTen, Cicia and Mavana were made by the FHL Board as a collective whole – chaired by Lyle Cupit and the other Directors – Joe Kamikamica (then Interim Finance Minister), Joe Mar, Ratu Jone Kubuabola (then Governor of the Reserve Bank), Vatiliai Navunisaravi (then interim Minister for Fijian Affairs), Berenado Vunibobo (then interim Trade Minister).

The problem is that the very poor minutes prepared by the FHL CEO at the time, Sitiveni Weleilakeba does not show the division of votes on the board, or the discussion preceding the vote on a resolution before the FHL Board.

When questioned about the poor quality of the FHL Board minutes, which did not detail how each Director voted, Weleilakeba admitted that this was the practice at the time – and he simply followed the format that the then FHL Board Chairman, the now deceased Lyle Cupit wanted – that only the resolutions were to be listed, and not what each Director said about each resolution, or how they voted, whether they voted for or against, or abstained.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Weleilakeba has delievered the killer blow to the Illegal Regime.
Good on you Weleilakeba.

Keep standing for what is right, because that is where God is standing.
That is the place of Peace and there also is the place of many Blessings.

-Valataka na Dina.

Coup 4.5 said...

Graham Davis' article " Belonging in the new Fiji" (Fiji Sun 14/7) is an excellent piece of writing which brings out some of my own fond ( and notso fond) memmories of the country of my birth.
One of these memmories is appearing before the Constitutional Review Commission after the first military coup in 1987 to make the identical appeal which Graham Davis makes in my written and oral submission to the CRC.
Davis' appeal reads :
" We don't seek to dispossess you, to deprive you of your land or your rights. We don't seek to weaken your culture or your tradition. we acknowledge your central importance in national life. The other races in Fiji - your fellow citizens - just want to feel they also belong".
We ended our submission by asking if we the non iTaukei born in Fiji can't call Fiji our home then what country should we call home? This was in response to the "Fiji for the Fijians" ethno-nationalist agenda of the Taukei Movement which was then the kep prop of the Rabuka military regime.
But our appeal fell on deaf ears and our citizens right to belong was denied - sometimes covertly and sometimes even quite overtly.
Bad politics was responsible for the denial then. And, politics in Fiji has not changed all that much since - notwithstanding the claims to the contrary being made by some including Davis.
Graham Davis' " new Fiji " is still a fair way away.
It's premature to start singing praise about it.
Yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Coup 4.5 said...

When I read the Fiji Sun headline titled " PM giives $1 m
more to sugar" (14/7) with an accompanying photo of the PM, I thought how generous of the PM Frank Bainimarama to reach so deep into his own pocket to give to the sugar industry.
Now I am convinced the PM is holding on to power for purely altruistic reasons.
There can be no other reason for it.
yours sincerely,
rajend naidu

Coup 4.5 said...

I don't really know how valid Vijendra Kumar's comparision of Fiji's coup leader Frank Bainimarama to Ghana's coup leader Jerry Rawlings is ( cf ." On the Road to Radical Reform" Fiji Sun 12/7), but I do know that in at least two respects Bainimarama compares very well with the other Fiji coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka.
1. Both the Fiji coup leaders hail from the Royal Fiji Military Force . And 2. Bainimarama today is regarded by certain sections of Fiji society as a saviour just as Rabuka was at the height of his hold on political power in Fiji.
Rabuka's divine aura has over time suffered a serious dent . He is now back to being just an ordinary mortal and a common citizen.
Time will decide Bainimarama's.
Yours sincerely,
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu

Fiji of 2006 was not Fiji of 1987. Your submission was quite right as that of so many of us. In 2006, a duly elected Government comprising SDL/FLP and led by Laisenia Qarase (with the coup conspirator Mahendra Chaudhry sulking on the sidelines)was trying out an experiment in power-sharing which we had been craving but as has been demonstrated here so many times, Frank to save his own skin, executed the coup. What a vast majority of Fijians (including Indo-Fijians) do not want the likes of you, Graham Davis and others holding dual passports and the right to jet in, live, even exploit us, and if something goes wrong, flee to your overseas homes. Do you get that into your head, mate? The Qoliqoli Bill, the Reconciliation Bill were matters affecting the indigenous Fijians for it would have been the Fijians fighting Fijians and it was the Fijians who had killed their fellow Fijians in the 2000 mutiny. As an Indo-Fijian, I do not understand the claims of massive discrimination against us - except in Bainimarama's military - you and the likes of Davis are giving the impression that Indo-Fijians are living in ghettos, with no jobs, education, businesses etc - come on, you know it is not far from the truth. If you want to have equal rights, and some Fijians want to protect their indigenous rights, so why your claim should be more important than theirs - we need. somehow, to balance the two competing desires - Rabuka went on the side of native Fijians and Bainimarama seems to be going with Indo-Fijians but COUPS are not the way to bring out that changes! Again, for us Indo-Fijians to live side by side with the Fijians, it is important that they sort out their quarrels and wants. As an Indo-Fijian who has roughed out four coups, frankly speaking, I dont want you and Davis to be holding dual citizenship purely on the basis that you were born in Fiji. I just noticed that Robin Nair, who left Fiji for Australia, became an Australian citizen, worked for the Australian missions abroad, turned up in Fiji lately, became a dual citizen and has been posted to United Arab Emirates as Fiji's High Commissioner. As the same applies to Peter Thompson. No wonder you chaps want dual citizenship so that you chaps and be birds of two countries, and if and when Fiji plunges into chaos, you can run back to your adopted countries. We dont want you chaps, THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

dina says..

This coup is a personal coup of Franks to escape prisonment - full-stop.

Others have jumped on board to be members of the "corruption squad" of many types..

Fijians will never learn....

we like to butter up the wrong and evil....& benefit from the ordeal.

There is more corruption and injustices now than ever before in Fiji's history.

Frank/nailatikau's/Mara's etc are all jealous of ordinary man like Qarase to take top job.

FICAC - why dont you guys investigate Frank and Aiyaz too for committing the biggest crime in Fiji - coup 2006.

lamu tiko veikemudou - dou yavu lialia lamusona lelevu.

Anonymous said...

LQ was the CEO of FDB when everyone bought FHL shares. There is nothing wrong with that either. However, it makes to borrow if u can do that at 10% and be guaranteed 20% for the class A shares.

It is for this reason that only a few bought A class shares. What is even more interesting is that some of them, sold their shares at $2 or more and made more than 100% capital gains.

The question is why only a few individuals bought shares. Why was it not given to the masses just like the Malaysian policy which was copied here.

Radiolucas said...

@ Rajend

I think Frank will probably follow down the same path as George - for similar, if not identical reasons. George's stupidity led to the murder of that policeman in 2000 - Frank's led to the deaths of many.

I cannot see how he and Aiyaz, will be able to side-step the hole they have dug for themselves. Similarly the rest of the regime's favourites. History will be their judge, but I fear the mob will be their judge.

J Singh said...

What a shameful charade this case against Mr Qarase is turning out to be.Where is the corruption of the SDL government its 6 years and I recall bainimarama mouthing off about all this so called corruption back then as if he had all the evidence but now he is fully exposed as a LIAR,CHEAT,THIEF and above all a TREASONOUS CRIMINAL as Ive said before it is frank and company who should be on trial.The truth will prevail as we all know.

Ratu Vore said...

Good letters Rajen and you hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

why on pm lq brought to court.
why not joe mar,ratu jone and vunibobo .
this is witch hunt of khaiyum and frank.
frank and khaiyum are most corrupted person in fiji.
why ficac cant charge frank/khaiyum giving job to brother/daughter.
jobs for aunty bano -khaiyum aunty.
khaiyum and tappoos deals.
all conflict of interest.ficac is blind.
god is great.
truth will set you free pm lq..

Anonymous said...

govt is not corrupt bec ministers are power less
ps/ceo have more power and are chief accounts officer.
they are corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the prosecution doesn't have sufficient evidence for a case against Qarase. If Fiji had any justice, the court would dismiss the charges without even waiting for Qarase to mount a defence.

Anonymous said...

If 20 years ago the minutes of Fijian Hodings didn't include the divisions of the members of the board & that is what Siti is try to convince the court, one only has to go back and see if other minutes of the board as claimned by Sitiveni! How in this modern day and age can someone who is a CEO give such an excuse beats me! Even boards that i have sat in which only provide morning tea or lunch for members demanded such and much more clarity unless there was something to hide here right from the word go. The whole question of Morality & Ethics appears to be throw out the window. One has just got to see the number of shares he bought for his own Family and that tells you the whole story of this sad saga.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that these crooks manipulated their positions to get money from the FDB to purchase these shares while ordinary Fijians were not given the same opportunity - Declaring/Not Declaring their interest is just a small part of the bigger audit and investigations that must be done.

FICAC is totally incompetent in this regard and the only thing that they are good for is posing on the TV trying to look professional when all they are is a bunch of ninkumpups.

There should have been a limit on the number of shares individuals and provincial could purchase so that it was fair to all indegenous Fijians.

Ordinary Fijians should also have been allowed to use their FNPF to purchase A Class Shares.

These crooks only allowed it after they filled their own pockets and will profit thousands of time over if they sell their shares.

Come on Sir Khaiyum charge all these crooks with insider trading and transfer all shares to Government until a full independent audit and investigation is carried out.

SW is the biggest crook and conman and should be investigated for his role in awarding contracts when he was Chairman AFL as this will open up another can of worms of the massive corruption that took place under Rabuka's watch.

Anonymous said...

I hope the judge will be fair in this trial not like judge temo/others who bent down to khaiyum pressure.
pm lq is winning
may justice prevail.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

The case has nothing to do with the
SDL except the accused was the former director and so were 6 other
directors.If someone need to be charged for circumventing the rule
than it ought to be it's chairman? He followed the rule and invested money wisely for everyone involved and both Mavana and Cicia are far better
off financially today, because they
sought help,from the right person for their community investments?

Anonymous said...

This is my first blog. Do not understand this corruption thing for Lai Qarase. I have known and worked with him for the last 36 years. Never have I seen or heard any hint of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Dina says...

The world knows thjat Fiji judiciary has been compromised from the start of the coup 2006.

had it not been Frank and Aaiyaz/Nazhaat Shameem, Shaista, Gates, Pryde, Pathik, John Byrnes & co would be in jail by now - life in prison fro treasonous act.

Anonymous said...

Well I always suspected LQ was a crook. This case has now really proven that. LQ want to be the leader of these exclusive high class lot. Well buddy, I guess you will be going for atleast 6 yrs for all this.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rajend Naidu,everything you write in any media is full of criticism either of a person or a country.You always see the glass half empty.
Rabuka was at his time no where near Mr Bainimara.Our current PM is not a politician but a leader.
He has given everybody in Fiji an equal opportunity but hey,like i said you always have problem with everything.
Instead of barking from so far away why dont you get your ass to Fiji and do something positive.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Was LQ also the CEO of FDB when all these loans were given to finance the share purchase?

Anonymous said...

Rajen, when you visiting fiji next? We all want to meet you.

Anonymous said...

frank said will have a balance race in govt work place all bs.
ministry of youth have 99 staff 8 indians and rest 91 fijians.
army how many indians/others?
police how many indians/others?
so dont trust this liar.

Anonymous said...

@Rajend Naidu
I think you and Davis are like a little girl who is in-love for the first time. The boyfriend (Bai & Khaiyum) promises her the world but all he is interested in is to get into her pants and use and abuse her.

THey have used and abused Fijis Finance, Econonomy and its Resources.

Bainimarama is not interested in racial equality.
He did the coup because he DID NOT WANT TO GO TO JAIL for his crimes.
That's it!

People who are dreaming and have wishful thinking that Bai is bringing about Utopia and Racial Equality just have to look at the Racial make-up of the Army ( which he has full control of for the last 5 years).

Your dream is actually a nightmare but you don't even know it.

The only reason they are talking about Democracy and Election is because they have run out of money and they need help

Even Indians have begun to hate this Regime.

By the way, that $1million dollar from Bai will be nothing when FSC reveals its loss of $200 mill in the next financial year.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Fiji flood victims to receive OFC funds
Prime Minister Bainimarama, left, receives the cheque from Fiji FA
Oceania Football
July 13, 2012

Victims of the severe flooding in Fiji are soon to receive a helping hand from OFC after the Fiji Football Association handed over a $25,000 NZD cheque from the confederation to Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

The donation was presented to Fiji FA by OFC President David Chung as a Football for Life grant earlier this month with the intention it would go towards the Prime Minister's Flood Relief Fund, an initiative put in place by the government to assist in the rehabilitation effort.

It was passed on to Prime Minister Bainimarama by Fiji FA President Rajesh Patel in Nadi yesterday and will soon be put to use in helping those affected by the devastating flooding of March and April as they look to get back on their feet.

Bainimarama was delighted to receive the donation and expresssed his thanks on behalf of the government to both Fiji FA and OFC for their generosity.

Patel is also grateful to OFC for providing the funds and says Fiji FA has a social obligation to help those in need.

"Football is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and it is therefore our responsibility to provide assistance in times like these," he says.

"Fiji FA will be working closely with the government in such areas and for the development of football at all levels in the country."

Also present at the cheque handover were Fiji FA Vice-President Tarunesh Reddy and Nadi Football Association President Jitendra Kumar, also a Fiji FA Vice-President, and Nadi FA Vice-President Dinesh Pillay.

That the presentation took place in Nadi is appropriate as the region was hit hard by the natural disaster, as were the fellow Western Division districts of Ba and Lautoka.
Anyone keeping tabs on how much Bainimarama's flood appeal is now and where it has been spent, if at all?

Football for Life embodies OFC’s commitment to social development in the Pacific region and aims to finance and support humanitarian aid throughout Oceania’s communities.

For more on Fiji football go to www.fijifootball.com.fj

The Heckler said...

Dharam Lingam (Penis) @ 10:07 AM, I dunno what you're talking about. If you're writing from the USA, then you don't have a PM, you have a president, and an elected one at that.

Riddle me this, what is the difference between your "leader" and a "politician?"

Answer: Politicians are elected, while your "leaders" steal power at gunpoint and are accountable to no one. Politicians can be voted out of office, but your "leaders" won't leave until they're driven out and hanged.

Anonymous said...

Great of footballers to contribute to flood relief, but irresponsible to do it through the unaudited PM's fund.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:03, please explain what law Qarase broke, how he broke it, and what evidence you've seen to support a conviction.

I just don't see it. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.03. LQ did not break any law, these trumped up charges were designed to stop LQ from contesting the elections. The pig Voceke and his boyfriend Aiyarsehole both know that LQ will be re-elected and become PM. That's what they're scared of. They're trying all the tricks they can think of to save their black asses from being hauled before the courts.

Everyone knows, except the pig and his boyfriend, that corruption is rife as soon as the pig took over the government illegally. Murderers, thieves, adulterers, scammers, etc have been appointed to top positions by these two lover boys. A selected few have benefitted financially from dodgy dealings.

Now can someone please explain the rationale behind the Minister's salaries being paid out by Aiyarse's aunty? Isn't this corruption? Why is the convicted murder Kean holding a high position? Why is Nai's wife making heaps of money operating a business on behalf of her husband?

There are lots and lots of why's but I guess we just have to wait a little longer for the answers.

We are behind you LQ, truth will prevail, and your persecutors will themselves be tried in a legal court one day.

Anonymous said...

@The Heckler.....

If by "leaders" you mean chiefs, then you are spot on.

Anonymous said...

nervousness in ag's office..
how infiltrated by s/ dakuwaqa?
someone playing a doublegame?

Anonymous said...

Its a shame and pity the regime cannot pin anything on LQ in his term as PM but some obscure and lame events 20 years ago in another organisation. The initial claim by the usurpers was rampant corruption with SDL and its members. Nothing could be raised with this claim so off the thugs go with some old innocuous issues.

Coup 4.5 said...

I thank Narayan Reddy for asking me whether I "love Fiji or not?" (FT 11/7).
Yes, I love Fiji.

No, I was not putting Fiji down by refering to it as third world. I got that from Thakur Ranjit Singh the one time "overseas-educated publisher" of the Fiji Daily Post newspaper who wrote recently in an opinion piece of his that "My[his] research had shown that Fiji as a Third World country had media which was trying to emulate a First World press " ( Fiji Sun May 1,2012 ' Western way not best way for Fiji").
I always learn from my elders.

Now Thakur Ranjit is someone who not only loves Fiji but he also loves the current Government of Fiji and everything it is doing to build a "better Fiji" and a "true democracy".
I must admit I am somewhat sceptical about the latter.
Which of course does not mean I love Fiji any less.

But I know some people are quick to jump to that conclusion because it suits their own agenda".
( ps : thank you for publishing the letter on arafat's suspected poisoning. western newspapers appear reluctant to publish it .shows the political clout of the American-Isreali alliance...)
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

No, Anonymous 2:07, true chiefs of the vanua inherit their positions.

Don't like that idea? Fine, lobby for a change in the system, but only through lawful means.

Don't discard nobility and replace it with no ability.

Antidisestablishmentarianism, bula!

Anonymous said...

Oh? I first learned of the Arafat poisoning claims through American media.

If they're reluctant to publish it, perhaps it's because so far there's little evidence to corroborate the claims.

It's much the same reason why they seldom mention Bainimarama's Roadmap.

Anonymous said...

@ 12,25 am july 12..Sa levu la na suspiscious minds..Boidada nomu idea..The shares was purchased when he was still with merchanr finance and even if he was still @ FDB what difference does it make..he followed proper procedure cause he wasnt educated up to only fouth form and flunked his fiji Juniour exams then took up to be a looser navy for your info..

Just want to know said...

Bainimarama supporters would have us believe he is a leader not a politician, so is therefore free of corruption and pure of motive. I started thinking on this one and found the following and would be keen to hear what other bloggers think:

What is Enlightened Leadership?‎ > ‎
Is the Politician a Leader?
A student asked me: What is the difference between a leader and a politician? I said, "An irresponsible leader is a politician, and a responsible politician is a true leader". A true politician is one who is responsible for his Self, for his people, for his community, and for his country. One of the greatest presidents of USA, Abraham Lincoln, says,
"When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion". Now this is what I call a true leadership.

All political leadership is social leadership. If a politician does not feel for his people, if he does not feel for his community, if he does not feel for his country, then he is not a leader at all. Forget about being a good leader, he is not a leader at all. And we must also remember that his responsibility does not end in being good leader.

He has to also create other better leaders. A leader who does not create better leaders is not a good leader. This is what is distributed leadership.

Leadership is like a game of relay. It is taking the same message ahead and ahead, one after another. This is what succession is all about. A politician is one who would not like to retire for eternity.

A politician simply means the one who does not take any responsibility. One who finds faults with others and situations. One who indulges in blame game. One who finds scapegoats. One who does not take ownership. One who does not take the responsibility.

Leadership is a great ownership and responsibility. It is a responsibility for his Self, responsibility for his family, responsibility for his community, responsibility for his country and finally responsibility for the entire world. All leadership is action. It is initiation. It is pro-activeness. It is responsiveness. It is sensitiveness. It is taking a lead with full of awareness and consciousness and taking a complete responsibility for that lead.


Indo-Fijian bogey said...

C4.5 is leading blog, I hope you publish this. It might sound anti-Fijian, but it is not. It is pro young Fijians, pro-Fiji and like c4.5, it is anti-elitism. I hope you do not censure and publish to foster open discussions. Fijian elites have been manipulating and let down young Fijians and need to be exposed (this message to c4.5 only, not fo publication), but please publish following:

Indian birth-rates have been lower than Fijian birth-rates since the late 60s. Indos are down to 37 per cent per cent of the population; in another 20 yrs they will decline by another 10 per cent.

Biggest threat to i’taukei is not Indos, it’s lack of progress in education, marijuana consumption, alcoholism and high prison population.

Why are Fijians facing these problems on a proportionately higher level than other races? Especially when Fijians have always ruled the country and own all the resources. Whose failure is it? Parents? Church? Chiefs? Govt?

Or are the Indians to blame?

What have fat cat church leaders been doing? Too busy consorting with politicians? Chasing senate positions? Angling for hefty govt grants? Too preoccupied preaching hatred from the pulpit? Too busy blaming the obvious scapegoats, Indians?

Young Fijians in jail is the biggest threat to Fijian culture and lotu, and causing immense pain in Fijian families and problems in Fiji as a whole.

Fijian leaders need to tackle ‘real’ problems rather than ‘imagined’ Indo threats based on paranoia and romanticism and over-glorification of culture while hypocritically enjoying nice western lifestyle.

Fijian leaders full of talk, no action; too busy trying to get rich; conveniently blame Indians to divert attention away from own failures.

Indian threat, if there ever was one, is long gone. After Mara, this has been a struggle between elite Fijians for wealth and power.

Fijian leaders have commandeered native resourcesfor their own benefit but target easy scapegoat Indians based on a lifetime of practice.

Anonymous said...

Vijendra Kumar is only voicing what Bainimarama likes to think --viz., that he is Jerry Rawlings. But is he Samuel Doe instead?

Like Liberia's Samuel Doe, Bainimarama claimed 'rampant corruption' justified his seizure of power in a military coup. 

Doe's coup was hailed as a step toward ending the domination of the Americo-Liberian elite, just as Bainimarama's was lauded as a blow against Fijian ethno-nationalist elites. 

Many people welcomed Doe's takeover as a shift favoring those who had largely been excluded from participation in government since the establishment of the country, much as Bainimarama's takekover seemed to promise greater inclusion to Indo-Fijians excluded from leadership for most of their history.

Lacking experience, both Doe's and Bainimarama's new governments were ill-prepared to rule. 

Doe suspended Liberia's constitution but promised a return to civilian rule in five years' time.

After already ruling for three years, Bainimarama then abrogated Fiji's constitution but promised elections in five years' time.

Doe oversaw the drafting and approval by referendum of a new constitution. He staged a heavily rigged presidential election, in which nine political parties sought to challenge his party but only three were allowed to take part in the elections. Doe gave himself 51 percent of the vote. 

A preview of coming attractions for Fiji?

After an attempted counter-coup by a former confederate, Doe's corrupt government became even more repressive, shutting down newspapers and banning political activity. 

Bainimarama's corrupt government did the same, even in the absence of any organised threat.

Doe's government sowed divisions and violence among different ethnic populations that until then had coexisted relatively peacefully.

Bainimarama's plays the race card at every opportunity despite its potential to stoke communal strife.

Charles Taylor, a former ally of Doe's, crossed into Liberia from Côte d'Ivoire to wage a guerrilla war against Doe. 

Might a former ally of Bainimarama's cross into Fiji from, say, Australia or Tonga?

Or does the analogy end there?

Doe was captured, tortured and killed by rival faction leader Prince Johnson in September 1990. A video of the killing shows Johnson sipping a Budweiser as Doe's ear is cut off -- a pitiable thing to see and a bad ending.

Yes, nowadays, it seems that Bainimarama likes to think he's Jerry Rawlings. 

But then, Samuel Doe liked to think so, too.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...





rajend naidu said...

After the first military coup in May 1987 coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka had also piously maintained on a Fiji television that he was not a politician. He even said he might return to being a villager because being a politician was not his thing!! But as we all know Rabuka very quickly had a change of mind and stayed around as a politician for an extended lenghth of time until the Fijian people themselves decided he had overstayed as a politician. Was Rabuka a leader? Yes, he was a leader of sorts.The type that is quickly forgotten in history.

mark manning said...

The case against Mr. Qarase has ramifications for all Fijians.
If he is found guilty, without evidence, then anyone is liable to prosecution !
If he is found not guilty, then the Regime is doomed and Fijians will have a right to feel aggrieved and bound to oppose the Regime once and for all.
It will be interesting to see who has an exit strategy, who will be the 1st. to abandon the sinking ship and who will be crapping their pants in anticipation of a life sentence in Naboro and who will take over as Military Commander and return Fiji to Democracy.
Tic Toc as someone used to say here !

The GCC should be getting ready to reconvene and appoint a New President who should in turn appoint a Neutral Prime Minister and Cabinet who in turn should elect a New Commander of the Military and Police Commissioner who in turn should issue Arrest Warrants for Frank and Co.

So now you can see why Frank, Aiyaz, the Nazhet Shameem, Aziz and the pretend President are worried.

Fiji Justice said...

Qarase team must be ready to challenge any decision by DPP that aims to convict him on these 20 year old trumped up charges. No one should put their fate in the hands of this corrupt government: Mac Patel found that out Karunaratne found that out and so on and so on. Pancho and his dirty regime of the Pacific have too much invested to allow Qarase to go free.

Anonymous said...

To all those who think LQ is not quilty, please search the term insider trading.

I agree that he was the financial advisor of the 3 companies of which one of it wasa his own family members. Its just like I advise my son to tender to provide a service to my company as the return of 20% is guaranteed. Whether or not his tender is highest or not is not the issue, the fact that he is my son is the issue.

I guess when its our own people at the docks, we will fight till the end and common sense goes flying the window.

Bainimarama the Fraudster said...

Fiji's biggest outlaw ever, Bainimarama, will never be a leader.... no matter how much he tries to bribe rural villagers with roads and improvements, reforms he should've carried out anyway's coffers since he has robbed the country. He remains a treasonous criminal who seized control of the country to cover his arse and who has since gone on to fill his pockets and allow Khaiyum and kin to do the same. If he is as popular as he thinks he is there would be no need for permits for meetings and ongoing threats for citizens to behave again as we see in FBC News with today's story about police threatening local who told a registration clerk to piss off after turning up a day late.

Anonymous said...


Its nothing new, that Vijendra Kumar analogy of dictator Frank to Rawlings - that regime propagandist Grubsheet put the idea into Kumar's head and he penned it for Fiji SUN readers. Kumar was in Fiji to collect his dual citizenship Fiji passport - he fled Fiji in 1991 ad never stoop up for the people of Fiji. That article was a way of saying THANK YOU to the illegal regime for the passport. Graham Davis's rag shit Grubsheet reprinted the article with Graham's own introduction and in the conclusion Grahm boasted as follow:

FLASHBACK: Grubsheet referred to Jerry Rawlings in this article for The Australian in November 2006 entitled “Fiji army chief has a valid cause”. He was cited – along with General Obasanjo of Nigeria – as examples of military coup makers who eventually went on to become elected leaders.

Graham Davis said...

Dakuwaqa, you really are a complete drop kick. I've never met Vijendra Kumar and certainly haven't planted any idea in his head about anything. And so far as I know, Kumar has no intention of trying to get his Fiji citizenship back, though I would wholeheartedly support the notion. What is wrong with you, bro? You run all this propaganda BS which has no foundation in fact. It's sad because you are obviously someone of intellect and ability. It's just your mind is like a plate of scrambled eggs. The truth is we all make up our own minds about where we stand. Vijendra Kumar, me, you. Gee, I wish I could influence your thought processes but it doesn't happen that way. But why try to make political capital out of a non event like this? Kumar makes up his own mind. I make up mine. You make up yours. It's called OPINION. And why feel threatened about it?

Graham Davis said...

Dakuwaqa, you really are a complete drop kick. I've never met Vijendra Kumar and certainly haven't planted any idea in his head about anything. And so far as I know, Kumar has no intention of trying to get his Fiji citizenship back, though I would wholeheartedly support the notion. What is wrong with you, bro? You run all this propaganda BS which has no foundation in fact. It's sad because you are obviously someone of intellect and ability. It's just your mind is like a plate of scrambled eggs. The truth is we all make up our own minds about where we stand. Vijendra Kumar, me, you. Gee, I wish I could influence your thought processes but it doesn't happen that way. But why try to make political capital out of a non event like this? Kumar makes up his own mind. I make up mine. You make up yours. It's called OPINION. And why feel threatened about it?

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Kunatuba for being the fall guy in the agri scam. It was a well ochestrated handout that has to be driven from the top. If the top people are saying they werenot aware and just shows that they are not competent for sleeping on the job.

I am no fan of MPC and I feel that he will ruin the future of fiji as his motto is my way or the highway. But, I feel that fijians must find another leader. LQ is in his 70s. He and the IG will always be in confrontation which will not lead Fiji anywhere. Its not the time to be arragont. Its time for consensus.

Lastly, if we want to go back to the elected govt of 2006, the question is why not then the Govt of 87 or 2000. Off course none of this is practical.

Let's move fiji forward. I do hope we will be wise to choose our leaders in 2014.

Anonymous said...

If one looks at the events just prior to the 2000 coup and read some of the statements made by sanator LQ, it clearly shows that this man was agianst the FLP led government. Hios statements were a catalyst to what happened at the Parliament on that fateful day in May. He jumped to be the PM. Why did he not give power back to a civilian govt of FLP and SVT?

The chandrika parasd case is something all fijians should read first before calling LQ as the legitimate PM.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:21,
WTF are you on???

Anonymous said...

Qarase, as dictator has claimed on various occasions,was appointed by him (Frank) and told to follow a script - to introduced affirmative action and say this and that on Fijian rights.

Anonymous said...

Now that they've retrieved events from the early 1990s to prosecute Qarase & gang, how about resurrecting the NBF files and prosecute those damn thieves responsible for the $220 million loss!

Matai T said...

the only reason ficac was set up was to remove the potential "threats" to the illegal regim of Baini and Aiarse. And the main threats includes LQ and MPC. Ficac put up a show, showing what we the people applauded FICAC was trying so hard to remove corruption, but in the background they were working night and day looking for evidence against LQ/MPC in order to kill their support and remove them from 2014 elections.

In the current LQ vs FICAC/STATE, even if LQ wins, the judge will rule LQ guilty, incarcerate him, and my fellow readers, you know how and why.

Secondly, sources reveal that the only reason for abrogating the 1997 constitution and implementing the new constitution just to include FICAC and to give it powers to prosecute, as the 1997 constitution did not allow such institution these powers. When Ficac will have that power, after the 2014 elections, no govt will have the power to prosecute Khaiyum and his errand boy Baini and the cronies, as FICAC will have the right not to pursue any case against these people.

More to come...

Matai T

Referree said...


You have not only dropped the ball but your pants - to be whacked by me and disqualified. Read the comment, someone describing himself or herself as Anonymous added to Dakuwaqa's comments on Kumar - you should have attacked Anonymous and not Dakuwaqa - another of your sloppy response - read before you react, mate! If not, I will send you marching off from this field - apologize to Dakuwaqa. I put you on red card - in the meantime a yellow one is appropriate - you are booked for your hasty and wrong accusation against Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama a leader ?

My god !! Have people forgotten how he left his whole army behind and fled during the the attempted mutiny in 2000 ?

He crapped his trousers and was swarmed with flies when he arrived at the naval base.

Its true. I was there.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 8.17p.m.

Even if Qarase wins his case, I would never vote for him! He is a totally unfit leader, treacherous and divisive, he has no qualms about using a racist agenda whilst enriching himself and his families. Same with Chaudhary and those who were responsible and still at large for robbing and sinking the NBF bank. They should all have been made to account for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

To get a simple understanding of what "insider trading" is about, do you remember the good 'ol days of Morris Hedstrom when they would hold all kinds of competitions... there would always be a notation on the ticket that had words to the effect that: "Those who work for MH and their families were disallowed from entering the competition".

Qarase is guilty as charged. As for Weleilakeba, it's disgusting to read how he's playing all innocent with the manner in which he ran the company as CEO! Incompetent, lying ass.

Anonymous said...

When all is said and done, I look forward to the 2006 coup thieves turn on the dock. Wouldn't that be a spectacle, more than half a decade of corruption and theft.

Anonymous said...

Annon 8.36 pm,

Your foul language is enough to say what you have been taking. Guess its hard to swallow the truth.

Matai T said...


When Graham Davis cannot take the bashings, here and on grubshit, he publishes his replies in the Fiji Sun.

What a loser!!

Matai T

Anonymous said...


Pls check your facts on how many country have insitutions similar to FICAC. Uk has it, so does singapore, Malaysia and many others. While u may agree that LQ is wrongly charged, I am sure you will agree on others both in previous Govt and now should face the music of FICAC.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo is strangely silent on this one. That aside, who's going to investigate the two biggest crooks, Voceke and Aiyarsehole?

Anonymous said...

Calamity, as Referree notes, your attack seems to apply to Anonymous 7:29's remarks, not to mine.

Looks like you're the one with egg on your face.

That's alright. Everyone makes mistakes. Retract your statement, and I'll give you a free do-over.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Qarase will be found not guilty by the 3 assessors but the judge will over-rule it and still find him guilty. It has happened previously, post 2009 abrogation. i just cannot recall that case though.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about the gleeful tone to some of the posts. This is not about prosecuting scoundrels. It is about vindictiveness, about taking people out of the way. What about John 'Me First' Samy, the FSC boys? What about the Shameem sisters? Jim Anthony and his expensive but totally worthless report on the media. This lot is not innocent. Their day of reckoning will come.

Anonymous said...

Vijendra Kumar is another menopausal male in the wilderness saying his last hurrah. What a miserable lot: Satendra 'Sara Kuto' NNdan, Robin 'Brown Noser' Nair, John 'Greedy' Samy, John 'Eff Me' Prasad. You give Indians a shameful name. May your souls rot in hell.

rajend naidu said...

@ Dharam Lingam 10.07. have you ever heard of citizens journalism? whereby citizens take it upon themselves to criticise and to point out the wrongs in what their government or big businesses or even the institutions of society like the church or the police are doing - so that the wrongs could be put right?
Apparently not! So you are excused for your IGNORANCE!

Graham Davis said...

Referee, my apologies but it looked like Dakuwaqa to me. He posts his own stuff as anon and writes his name in the body of the copy. But on closer examination, you are right. He usually marks it s/dakuwaqa at the end. Yalo vinaka, ni vosoti au. Perhaps it would make things clearer if people wrote their names on the name/URL option.

Anonymous said...

The day this regime is in the dock I think entire Fiji will turn up at the courts to watch the trial. More then what will turn up to register and vote at the next election.

Poised for Justice said...

Anon@ 4.32am As one blogger said (I think Radiolucas) "History will be their judge, but I fear the mob will be their judge."

Graham Davis said...

Dakuwaqa, thanks for the offer of the free do-over but I'll pass, if that's OK with you. As a British politician once put it, it would be like being mauled by a dead sheep.

Anonymous said...

The Hecker
or whoever the heck you are...as long as i am a Fiji citizen and when i refer to our PM it means the Prime Minister of Fiji.And yes,i know the United States has a President.
To be born a chief doesnt necessarily mean that one has the qualities of a leader.We have all seen what the chiefs have been doing even to their own people.Again i am not saying that all the chiefs fall into the same category.There are some chiefs who do care about their people.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

PM LQ need support from SDL party supporters now.
SDL supporters need to fill the court house and ground
SO regime knows the sdl support is there.
All the best and god bless.

Anonymous said...

Me Rajend Naidu,instead of pointing out what anybody,institution or government is doing wrong why dont you suggest what can be done right.I do read your letters and i should say that i agree with some of then and dont on others.We can not be thinking alike on everything but than again there has to be positivity in life too.

Dharam Lingam

Sharon Suaniu said...


Anonymous said...

The contrast couldn't be clearer. Dakuwaqa magnanimously gave Davis a chance to correct his sloppy mistake. But what did Davis do? He apologised to Referee and tossed off another silly remark apparently intended to insult Dakuwaqa.

Why did Davis apologise to Referee? It was Dakuwaqa he wronged, not Referee.

It's clear (again) to see who is the bigger man.

Anonymous said...

Dharam Lingam, a person who directs others in unlawful acts and opposition to lawful authority is not a leader, but a ringleader. He is directing a criminal enterprise.

Seizing power from a duly elected government and establishing an unlawful regime is not leadership but tyranny and treason.

Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation.

You do not lead by hitting people over the head. That's assault, not leadership.

- Ike E.

Anonymous said...

Right. Graham Davis doesn't need to be mauled by a dead sheep, when he's already doing a good job mauling himself.

Graham Davis said...

Anon @ 10.38. If you think I'm going to grovel to someone who says he's going to "do me over" and consistently writes the most ludicrous rubbish in these columns, including personal attacks on me, you are very much mistaken. My original criticism of Dakuwaqa stands, irrespective of whether it was him or the Phantom to whom I was responding. He's still a bloody fool and we have months of his tortuous ramblings as evidence. I apologised for my mistake in wrongly attributing a certain comment to someone else. That clearly applies to everyone concerned, Dakuwaqa included.

Anonymous said...

Graham, you and Croz are better off ignoring Dakuwaqa like before instead of trying to take him on.

Who does this big fish think he is, by the way? Does he have his own blog? Does he have awards for journalism?

Unless he really is the Shark God, it's bad mana for him for him to use that name. And it's bad mana for you to try to take him on.

All you're doing is helping to build up this shark's mystique while making yourselves look bad.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:03, I'm still waiting for you to explain what law Qarase broke, how he broke it, and what evidence you've seen to support a conviction.

What, do you think you're Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, that you can just make such claims and not be expected to back them up? This is C4.5, man, not the Fiji Sun.

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.01pm Leave the Shark God alone we feel safe with him patrolling these waters. So off now to where you came from. And take this with you ... having your own blog and awards for journamlism doesn't necessarily give you credibility. Antidisestablishmentarianism!

rajend naidu said...

Dharam Lingam of USA you are obviously a man who is full of suggestions on "what can be done right". Can you please share the list of suggestions you have made so that I can learn from you about making suggestions. I am always open to learning. A learner. And you are obviously a man who tells others what they should be doing.A great teacher.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis, I accept your apology.

Also, no need to grovel to me. As apologist-in-chief for the regime, you do quite enough groveling already.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Eda sa vakaloloma ena veiliutaki sega ni macala eratou cakava tiko na matanitu qo.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa -

Davis makes himself look more ridiculous with every statement.

Recognising Davis' mistake, you graciously offered him a 'free do-over', but now Davis distorts the gesture by saying you threatened to 'do him over'?


This is the kind of intellectual dishonesty that's driving support away from Davis and his website.

Your 'ramblings' may be tortuous to Davis, but to the rest of us, your noble 'ilk', they are far more honest, cogent, insightful, and witty than anything Davis writes. And the disparity becomes more obvious with every contribution.


Anonymous said...

Graham Davis,

You're losing your grip, man.

Maybe it's time you took fresh stock of yourself. Took a vacation. Cooled off.

Just don't go near the water.

Anonymous said...

Two scenarios are becoming clearer the more once reads into this court case.
1 - Frank and Co HAVE to convict LQ because it will justify the events of 2006; and
2 - A conviction and jail term would mean disqualifying LQ from 2014 election.
If I was Mahen Chaudhry I'd be scared because his tax evasion case is next.