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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mara: New Zealand is picking on the wrong people

Roko Ului Mara talks to the Nukualofa based magazine, Matangi Tonga, about the assassination allegation and the process to bring about a Constitution and elections

"I am quite surprised, you know there is a mention of a plot to assassinate the illegal dictator in Fiji, so I am still surprised as to how my name came into the picture," was Ratu Tevita Mara's reaction to a TVNZ news item that the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service SIS and police had this week raided the Auckland home of Rajesh Singh, alleged to be involved in a plot to kill Fiji leader Frank Bainimarama and his Attorney General Ayaz Sayed Khaiyum. 

Mara said that was the first time he had heard of it, "Absolutely, that’s the first time."

Mara's name was mentioned in the news item because Rajesh Singh had said the members of the Movement for Democracy in Fiji were being targeted by the SIS because of their association with Mara, a self-exiled military man also known as Roko Ului Tevita Mara.

Mara is living in Nuku'alofa, Tonga, after fleeing Fiji aboard a Tongan navy patrol boat in May last year.
Mara told Matangi Tonga Online yesterday, July 19, that he had visited Rajesh Singh, a former Fijian Cabinet Minister, twice while he was in Auckland a few days ago.

While Mara was surprised by the raid and the allegation, he also said that he was not surprised with a possible assassination attempt on Commodore Bainimarama.

"This is not the first so-called assassination attempt on him. There was one in 2007, and the message is loud and clear. We are living in a democratic society and the time for dictatorship has long gone," he said.

But he stressed that the stance of those who are against Bainimarama, including himself, "is not to resolve to violence as has happened in other countries. Look at Lybia, and where it ended, and look at what is happening now in Syria. What is happening in Fiji is no different from that," he said.

Fiji regime
Mara said he was surprised by the involvement of the New Zealand government in the raids.
"What the New Zealand government should be actually doing is looking at people who are actually New Zealand citizens who are in Fiji assisting the regime, people like the current illegal solicitor general Christopher Bryce who is a New Zealand citizen. We have made that clear to the New Zealand Government."

As a Lieutenant Colonel, Mara was one of the four Fijian senior military officers who with Commodore Bainimarama overthrew the democratically elected government of Fiji on 5 December 2006. But Mara has since confessed that what they did was illegal, and that he wanted a democratic government back in Fiji.

"He is an illegal dictator who took a democratically elected government by force, as far we are concerned he’s illegal, he is illegally there."

"So six years down the line, they have the registration of votes, which Bainimarama wants, and has been pushing for. There was a very low turn out and that is a sign that the people disagreed with it. People disagree with what he has been doing."

Mara did not know if there would be a change in the non-violent approach by the Fijians against the rule of Bainimarama.

"Maybe, maybe, six years down the line under an oppressive regime, it is oppressive, you can't even say anything about the government. All those laws in place, you know this is maybe a sign that the people have had enough."

"Bainimarama is protected by 50 armed men, what does that indicate? That indicates that the majority of Fijians don’t want him there, and he, surely, knows that."

General election
A general election is proposed for 2014 in Fiji.
"We had a high court ruling in 2009, that Bainimarama's government is illegal and the power to be handed over within one year to a civilian administration. That was in 2009, but four years down the line he announced that he wants an election in 2014.

"What is the whole purpose of this election? The whole purpose of this election is to save himself from prosecution. It is a waste of time and a waste of money. It will be electronically done, very easy to manipulate, and that was why there was a poor turn out for registration. And we have just had an election in 2006, and there was no need for registration."

But in order to have an election Fiji's political parties will have to be activated again.

"Both of the big parties, the Labour and the SDL, which polled more than 85% of the votes in Fiji, went underground, but now have come out, singing the same tune that they want the 1997 constitution restored, and the 2009 High Court ruling should be followed, and Bainimarama realizes that these main parties were the same parties he disposed in 2006."

"Bainimarama has not announced a party, but there are a number of options available to him. One is to have a party himself, and the other one is maybe to go for the post of a president."
Mara agreed that an exit for Bainimarama would be difficult.

"There was a clear exit policy when we were in the Military Council, and it involved him handing over power, but in 2009 when he was supposed to hand over power, he hung on to power. After that there was no exit policy, the only way out is to abort the constitution, and now he has committed an offence. 

"His back is against the wall, where ever he goes he realizes he will be prosecuted, if a new government will come into power further down the line he will be prosecuted. It happened in Africa, and in Europe, the law always catches up with you. He knows that. 

"The only exit for him is to hang on to power as long as he can. But that will create more uncertainty among the people and more animosity against him," said Mara. 


Anonymous said...

When will the dictator get prosecuted for CRW murders?

Isnt the dictator the real assasin?

Who elected the dictator and junta of thugs.

Democracy means peaceful opposition based on people power, what rubbish of plot to kill and so on??

If crediable evidence then why not the people who are suspects have been charged?

Isnt NZ by doing what it has done supporting the illgal corrupt junta?

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse comments for the provision of an immunity clause in the new constitution is the main reason for having a new one. Its main purpose is the protect these goons from the arms of the law which awaits them.

Anonymous said...

This article aside, standing ovation to all of you at c4.5. In the orange paper known as the Fiji Sun today, the regime's attack dog, toothless irrelevant Grandma Davis really has his hooks out for C4.5.

So you must be doing something right as its getting under their skin. Big PR fail to acknowledge a supposedly underground movement.

Grandma Davis has about as much credibility as the regime for whom he acts as the attack dog. but even at that he is just a cheap bitch, in every sense of the word.

So go right on doing what you're doing C4.5, this is the proverbial writing on the wall for the regime and all of its multiple arseholes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update/feedback from RUM. The question is: Does his version matches with the interview of Rajesh? I don't seem to think so.

RUM wants to lead Fiji. His one and only way is to eliminate FB. His initial interviews and speeches was one rebel against fB, not peaceful.

For someone who to date has not been honest about how he escaped from Fiji, believing him is not easy. After all he was in it all the while.

I doubt NZ SIS would have just jumped without some credible evidence.

Finally,what is RUM saying that Fiji is like Syria or Libya. Pls get the facts. Life is normal here.

Anonymous said...

This is pathetic. Spelling mistakes all through it. Christopher Bryce? Who's he.

Mara is completely stuffed. He's now a prisoner in Tonga. Can't go to NZ. Can't go to Oz. Oti vakadua.

Anonymous said...

why cant Bainimarama do the same? admit hes wrong and that he had committed Treason . Just Give it up boy. You can run but u cant hide!O na lai ci tale ga Tukai theres no other way!..tic toc tic toc

Anonymous said...

RUM is willing to face justice. Driti is cursing himself quietly to death every day, Teleni is applying for his PR in Beijing, the small boci's like Rocky,Rabuka,etc, are drowning their sorrows everyday at the Officers Mess in QEB, Danny has bought a one way ticket to Sydney, Aziz is now a PR of Ubekhistan and the list goes on.They are all in a e mess and don't know what to do. 2014 won't solve the problem....they will all be taken to the cleaners!!

The end for RUM said...

Roko Ului is finished. The Kiwis have finished him off. NZ, Australia, Samoa etc all expected him to be the leader of an exile movement that would retake Fiji. They stupidly didn't realise that he is regarded as a non-event even by his own people. Now he is trapped and the Kiwis and their Aussie mates won't have anything to do with him. He will spend the rest of his life in Tonga. He won't even be able to visit his family and friends in Auckland and Sydney. He has used up all his chips.

Anonymous said...

Just read the dribble spewed by Mr Davis in the Fiji Sun.
I'd like to thank Graham Davis on his promotion of this blog to the wider Fiji community.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:46 PM,

Whether Roko Ului Mara was honest or dishonest about his escape from your thousands of goons, it does not matter. The Tongan sailors hoodwinked Bainimarama's own elite navy under his own convicted brother-in-law Francis Kean.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum going downhill from here on. They've had their day but they blew it.

Bai should have given the government back to the people in 2009. But he was stupid to listen Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Oilei Navua, RUM, in preparing for the coup against Qarase, you were visiting certain members of the civil service and others as part of your strategy - whatever it was. Sorry, but you cannot fool me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, C4.5 clearly irks Davis more than ever, probably because every time he tries to enter the intellectual fray he ends up slinking away looking very much worse for the wear.

The more the Fiji Sun carries his denunciations of C4.5, the more the number of Fijians who turn to C4.5 to read what it says. They can then judge for themselves how far his arguments carry against C4.5's other contributors.

Yes, I say 'other' contributors, because Davis himself is a regular contributor to C4.5, each time adding to the general hilarity.

He can preach to fellow regime groupies on Grubsheet, make guest appearances on Croz Walsh's blog, and even headline the Fiji Sun, but none of these venues has any credibility. Writing to C4.5 is now the only way he can have any relevance, but no longer as a bullfighter, only as a circus clown.

Grinno said...

The credible evidence came from the regime supporters in NZ.Those who are making money out of the regime.The whole purpose is to stop Roko Ului from going to NZ.

Anonymous said...

Key backs SIS raids on former Fijian minister
By Kate Shuttleworth 7:04 PM Thursday Jul 19, 2012

Expand Frank Bainimarama. Photo / FileNew Zealand intelligence agents would not have searched the home of a former Fijian cabinet minister and seized his computer if there wasn't a genuine concern over allegations of a plot to assassinate Fijian leader Frank Bainimarama, Prime Minister John Key says.

"You can be quite sure that the SIS act within the law - they are thoughtful and careful and they only act if they believe it is in the best interests of New Zealanders."

"As the Minister of the SIS, there is nothing I have seen them undertake in my time as the minister where I've either been uncomfortable or I think they've acted unlawfully - or whether they haven't acted in a considered and appropriate manner and I fully support their actions whatever they might be."

Movement for Democracy in Fiji leader Rajesh Singh said four people from the Security Intelligence Service served him with a search warrant and seized his computer, phone and a photograph.

He said the SIS questioned him over an alleged plot to assassinate Commodore Bainimarama and Fiji's Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Article continues below

Mr Singh said he planned to lodge a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and Ombudsman.

Colonel Tevita Mara, who is in exile in Tonga, is also alleged to be part of the assassination plot, but he denied any knowledge of it.

Mr Key said Colonel Mara was banned from visiting New Zealand and could visit only if granted a permit.

"Every time he comes to New Zealand we have to grant him a exemption to a ban - whether we will grant him a future exemption is a matter that we'd have to take some advice on at the time," he said.

He indicated the Government had already been in touch with the military regime in Fiji over the alleged assination plot.

"When the Government believes it needs to communicate with other interested parties it does so."

Fiji has been under the control of a military regime since Commodore Bainimarama seized power in a coup in 2006.

Anonymous said...

First the NZ Government condemned the Vore's coup, then it slammed travel bans on the Pig and all those associated with him, now it wants to protect him from being assassinated!!
Just where is the NZ Government coming from now?
Does it now want to sleep with the PIG and support him, whilst we the locals are SUFFERING??

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.56pm

RUM ran away to tonga because the tongans are his relatives. He considers them family. RUM also sees himself as more superior than us fijians. Yet, truth will hurt you that he behaved like a thug and not chief or leader. He fathered a child other than his wife. He took our sevens icon serevi's wife and ruined his life that serevi became an alcoholic.

He tortured virisila and richard naidu. He helped himself at tropic woods. The list goes on. Lastly, whether our navy was sleeping or not, he ran away 'cos he put self before country.

Let's choose a good leader in 2014, but not RUM.

Quit the hysterics said...

There's a lot of hysteria emerging here as evidenced by all the comments in upper case and all the exclamation marks. Chill people. Blind fury ain't gonna win this struggle. Cool heads will. We should quit all this killing and assassination crap. It's doing the cause real damage. If you don't believe me, ask around. People in Fiji who don't have the net are shocked when they read about assassination talk on this site. No one ewants killings so wake up.

Anonymous said...

RUM...You really did not think that
your action in helping Bainimara
pulled the coup against a legit Government was wrong & treasonous?
I't an absolute torture listening
to what you believe was an legit Exit strategy by the military Council in 2009 ? Look here boy,you
are no doubt, not cut out to be a leader.You have a very higly dictatorial mentality probably worse
than Bainimarama and or Khaiyum? Do we want you to pull a coup against Bai/Kai and then What?
We've seen how you help destroy our
elected Government in 2006, we've
witness how you've pulled another
coup in declaring your self Chairman of the Lau Provincial Council in 2009.We've kept an eye on
all your illegal activities during
your enforcer term at delainabua?We've
gotta be out of our mind to put some trust in you? Thanks Mr key
we need to go to the 2014 election???

Anonymous said...

Worth repeating:.

Bainimarama calling his alleged would-be assassins cowards. The man should know -- he's an expert on cowardice.

I'm not just talking about the way he set up the CRW guys in 2000 and then had them take the fall to hide his hand in complicity in that coup attempt.

Nor do I mean his subsequent mad dash through the tavioka patch and literally shitting his pants from abject terror.

What I mean is that, in the final analysis, Fiji is where it is today precisely because of Bainimarama's cowardice.

He staged the 2006 coup because he was too afraid to face the music for his role in the CRW murders.

He postponed the elections because he was afraid he'd lose.

He refused to meet with PIF leaders in Niue and Port Moresby because he was afraid to be held to account for his deeds.

He stomped democracy activists -- even pregnant women -- at QEB in the manner of a classic coward.

He force-fed Fijians the Peoples Charter for fear they would reject it.

He used terror systematically against regime opponents, coward that he is. His goons firebombed the homes of oppositionists and probably Fiji Law Society offices. They threatened human rights attorney Imrana Jalal and Australian High Commisioner James Batley. They beat, sodomised, and otherwise tortured numerous people he perceived as threats.

He lied about returning to the barracks and instead had Iloilo abrogate the Constitution and sack Fiji's entire judiciary -- all just to avoid accountability.

It's the same reason why he's afraid to release the Public Auditors' reports and why every decree stipulates immunity from judicial review.

Bainimarama is a coward. He showed that in the PER. He showed that in the Media Decree.

He can't tolerate criticism. It frightens him. He was too agraid to let the Fiji Times publish, the Methodists to meet, Ro Teimumu to host, Labour to organise, Fiji TV to interview, and human rights campaigners, women, or gays to march.

Bainimarama is the coward. He still fears being held accountable. And that drives everything.

s/ Dakuwaqa
July 19, 2012 4:52 PM

Anonymous said...

The coward went to North Korea to kerekere Kim Jong Sicko to give him a small piece of land so that he and his cousin-brother Khaiyum can seek asylum there.
Wherever you run to we are gonna bring you back to face the music.
The gallows are waiting.

Kai Gau said...

VOCEKE KING COWARD Bainimarama says he is not moved by the threats.

“Anyone who wants to assassinate me can go right ahead and do it. They’ll have to come to Korea first because I am in Korea. They have to go through the security team in Korea and when I come home – they have to go through my security team. It doesn’t deter me.” (Frm FBC.com)

Why do you need a security team in Fiji Voreqe? Because you're the CHIEF COWARD! Too much bullshit talk from you..Stop! it already you COWARD! You were a coward before and you will always be a coward. You can't even have a debate with Fiji women on a level field. UluKAU!

The Heckler said...

Instead of running the sensationalist headline "Assassins at Coup 4.5," the Fiji Sun should have used the more appropriate caption "Assinine at Grubsheet."

Coup 4.5 said...

A 97 year old Nazi war criminal has been arrested and taken into custody in Budapest (ABC News 18/7/2012)
In his defense Laszlo Csatary said at that time he was simply "obeying orders".
But the Nuremburg principles makes clear " The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him".
In Csatary's case we learn that this former police chief of a camp in the Slovakian city of Kosice, then a part of Hungary, was a "particularly sadistic" Nazi official.
Why doesn't the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Isreal which specialises in hunting out Nazi war criminals forgive and forget these war criminals - like this decripit old man Csatary?
Somethings and some people must not be forgotten and forgiven.
Crimes against humanity is one such thing.
A fitting punishment must always be the lot of such evil men.
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Coup 4.5 said...

Is anyone surprised by Russia and China's continued suport for the Assad regime in Syria?
Nobody who knows his history should be.
Both these countries have had no qualms in carrying out massacres aginst their own people many times in their own history.
It's no hard to see where they are coming from in their support for Syria.
Factor that in with their contemporary vested interest.
And you have the complete picture.
Your sincerely,
rajend naidu

Coup 4.5 said...

Graham Davis tells us when he spotted the news headline " New Zealand Acts to Protect Fijian PM" he wondered "are my eyes deceiving me?" (Fiji Sun 21/7)
I wondered why Graham would think like that?
Isn't that the way - the civilised way - in a modern democracy for state agents to act?
I would have been surprised I should think if the New Zealand state agents had failed to act in the way they did.
Now, the other thing a modern democracy does in a case such as the present one pertaining to a purported plot to assasinate the Fijian PM Frank Voreqe Bainimarama is to see everyone implicated in the plot - Rajesh Singh, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, Anthony Fullman etc - as innocent until proven guilty.
And, if indeed there is "credible evidence" then it must be regarded as only the starting point. Conclusive evidence is what the rule of law requires to establish guilt .
We have not come to that point yet.
I know it is tempting but Graham Davis must not get overly excited by "The real-life spy thriller" that he portrays this plot to be..
It's a bit premature to say the least.
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

mark manning said...

It would be very interesting indeed to know where the Authorities got their information about an assassination plot against Frank and Aiyaz !
I wouldn't be surprised if somebody tricked the authorities just to scare the pants off Frank and Aiyaz. they must be trembling with fear now, constantly looking over their shoulders and shuddering at every tiny " BANG " !

Anonymous said...

It is kind of funny and ironic that whilst the democratic world is trying to rid the world of dictators NZ is trying to protect and preseve one in Fiji. This make the KIwis kind of an oddball taking such rumors seriously claiming to have credible evidence which they cannot produce.

Anonymous said...

The assassination plot was orchestrated by none other than the two PIGS themselves [ Frank and Arse]!
This is another REASON not to have elections!!
They will go to 'Hell and Back' just to protect their skins!!

Anonymous said...

I must say that it takes a 'coward' to recognize another 'coward'!! Se vakacava Voreqe????
You seem to have conveniently forgotten your dash from the Officers' Mess, thereby deserting those brave men, and women, under your command as their "Commander"! They still have NOT forgiven you for that!!
I must remind you of the stench your so-called bodyguards had to put up with after you messed in your Navy Whites!!
Sa dua na ka na viavia main boy tiko1 BOI DADA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks dakuwaqa for the litany of cowardice acts by Fiji's coward of a dicktator Bainimarama! Best to keep the spotlight trained on them given their desperation for legitimacy.

Anonymous said...

Professor Ghai, if you are reading this, Satendra 'Sarka Kuto' Nandan (by his own written admission) is the regime's plant in hte Commission. Its every word is leaked to Khaiyum. Nandan was a special guest at Khaiyum's wedding reception and begged for this appointment. Please get out of this mess before you get covered with shit. This regime will not give up power. They are using you to get legitimacy and buy time before they discard you. Don't ever say you wre not forewarned.

Anonymous said...

Protecting Dictators is what Russia and China do. Can we expect the NZ National Party Government to come out in support of the Syrian regime too?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:11, or is it that the NZ High Commission is trying to justify to the regime its retention of a declared liaison position?

Anonymous said...

Come on RUM time to move to Fiji,Do not be a coward as a soldier and a leader and others will follow you!!!

Anonymous said...

I concur with those who think the fantastic duo Kai and Bai orchestrated trumped up charges that some people are out to do them in. talk about putting yourself up on a pedestal and elevating one's self importance. You guys are simply not that important. At the same time, many would welcome a hit!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Roko Ului seems to remember something called "democracy" now-Boy where was here in 2006!

Anonymous said...

Mark Australia & NZ get tricked all the time only problem is you don't seem to know when or how! Sa bali na bala!

Anonymous said...

Rum continues his womanising,, deceit and lies whilst living in tonga. Fiji dont have him back...let him rot in tonga with his arrogance and unforgiving ways. You would think the last few years in the kingdom would have made him a better person and become a changed man...honour god and be repentant in his ways...no chance!
God only will punish you for all his wrong doings, so be afraid...