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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Zealand replies to Singh

An official acknowledgement from the Office of the Ombudsmen to Rajesh Singh's complaint but no glimpse of an explanation other than a file number to say his case is being investigated.

Singh, a former SDL government minister and member of the democracy group Council for a Democractic Fiji, was visited by the SIS last Tuesday at his Mt Roskill home.

A laptop and cell phone were take amid claims by the secret police they were investigating an alleged plot to kill the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama.

The SIS implicated the former RFMF officer, Roko Ului who fled to Tonga last year and who had recently visited Singh, and former Fiji Water Authority CEO, Anthony Fullman.

Readers will know Singh filed his complaint on July 19 asking to be told who made the complaint that led to the raid, and what is the New Zealand government's explanation for accusing him and leaving him vulnerable in Fiji and New Zealand.

He also asks (see his letter below) why he and other Fiji nationals are being singled out for expressing their political opinion about the regime.

The reply from the Office of the Ombudsmen thanks Singh for his letter and 'disclosures and complaint against New Zealand police and New Zealand SIS and says: "We will contact you in due course."

Singh has replied to the letter by asking again for more information, in particular clarification on how much contact there was between New Zealand and the regime.

Singh says there is conflicting information from both John Key and Suva saying: "... it appears the NZSIS officers conducted themselves under a veil of lies and deception or is the Prime Minister misleading the public?"

Singh also asks if Key is prepared to take responsibiity in the event that those implicated by the SIS are harmed, citing the well-deocumented  beating of Ballu Khan (accused of plotting to kill Bainimarama) at the hands of the regime.

He asks, too, if Key can assure their safety considering there is no rule of law in Fiji, if they are charged on the so-called 'credible evicence' cited by the SIS.

Meanwhile, in a statement headed New Zealand Has Lost The Plot, the Fiji Party has waded into the debate asking: "Why would the SIS deliver the government’s message to someone who they are investigating .... if indeed they have so called 'credible evidence'"? 

Supporting the theory the raid was aimed at shutting down criticism of the regime because New Zealand is shifting its feet rgarding Bainimarama, the party asks: "Are they trying to say they will consider dropping the so-called 'credible evidence' if they (Fiji nationals) stop disturbing the regime's campaign against undemocratic, flawed, illegal and tainted constitutional review process because New Zealand and Australia are now a party to this process as they depart from the Buketawa Accord?"

The Fiji First Party says New Zealand and Australia's funding and support for the elections 'to achieve an undemocratic rule of Fiji' has now been brought  into  disrepute by the regime's own  Constitutional Commission Chairperson, Yash Ghai, who has raised his concerns in a press statement.

The Fiji Party says it fully supports the call for the SIS to quickly conclude its investigation and charge the 'culprits' if it has, as it says it does, 'credible evidence' otherwise New Zealand should quickly clear the names of the accused.


kite flyer said...

quite legitimate the claims and concerns raised by the fiji anti- dictatorship parties mentioned in this piece.

Junta nightmare said...

The poorly led Fiji military needs to wake up to itself. This 2006 coup has done nothing for Fiji except weaken the economy, destroy the rule of law and cause chaos in Fiji and across the region. And it all started because cowards wnted to cover their arses for the death of CRW partiots. Time for these criminals to depart. This is Fiji. This is the Pacific. It is not Iran or North Korea.

Anonymous said...

Hey bloggers, guess what? I have a sterling and original idea!!
How about "coining" the word "KABAI" when referring to both the Ar.se "KA" and the Vore ["BAI"]?? Rau vei 'KABAI'!!

Anonymous said...

RAJESH..You should sue both the SIS and the NZ government simple..

Anonymous said...

John Key has to come up with a very clean response to the former cabinet minister.NZ authorities have shown total disrespect to mr singh and others.according to the readings on this subject the sis acted very prematurely.
Vinaka Tau.

Anonymous said...

Don't wait for any love letters to arrive too soon. You will only get letters indicating they are looking into.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh - Sue the NZ government n Key

Anonymous said...

What if SIS is found guilty?

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, if you hadn't said anything to the media, like the SIS asked you to, none of this would have got any publicity.

The fact is you put yourself in "grave danger" by screeching to the media so don't be a bloody goose. You're going to get nothing.

Time to consider who you're hanging out with, bro. Tony and Tevita are bad news for a simple little shop keeper like you. Goodbye Fiji for ever.

Proud Fijian said...

The role of the Ombudsmen is to ensure that the SIS and police followed legal procedures in conducting the raid.

If they had a warrant then they had legal right to raid. Mentioning his opinion of the rule of law in Fiji, torture by the military etc is irrelevant to his complaint.

He doesn't have to justify his antigovernemnt stance to the NZ Ombudsmen.

Proud Kiwi said...

@Proud Fijian
The role also of the Ombudsman is also to find out whether the Search Warrant was issued appropriately and not by hearsay or by criminal influence. Because that jeopardizes the NZ Justice System.

Namulo, Auckland said...

Rajesh take your case to your Labour Party representative in Parliament to fight for you.

The Green Party is a very nuggety opponent also brief them ans request their help for justice

Siteri said...

Its unfortunate that NZ uses policies on Fiji as secondary and often to support its more global interests.

NZ Policies on Fiji will forever serve to confirm and support interests with the USA, China, England etc. Probably this is inevitable as we are a fry in the ocean of international geopolitics and really NZ cannot afford to love Fiji for Fiji's sake.

If supporting a Gov in Fiji irrespective of its grubby reputation, will serve NZ's standing in sucking up to USA or anybody else, NZ will prostitute itself accordingly irrespective of the morality of such actions.

This is why we Fijians the citizens of Fiji must be smart and make our country more self reliant, coup proof and avoid over reliant on others. We must build a true and strong democracy.

Allowing dictators, corrupt leaders and other rifrafs to rule us serve to weaken our country and put us too reliant on the unreliable benefactors....this has been shown by the support of such countries as NZ in its tip toe shifty stand against the first South Pacific dictator now ruling Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Its so funny and its a joke that the SIS and NZ govt has responded on hearsay for it had been hearsay since the beginning of the 2006 coup that someone was planning to assasinate coup leader..I find it a huge joke and a laugh that the SIS suddenly responds to the rumour 7 years later..haahaa..Now Rajesh just has to sue them and demand that they pay him compensation for dragging his name down to gutter level..You will win Rajesh..teach them a lesson and to all democrats out there why dont you lodge a class action against your Pm asking him if he has sided with the illegal thugs and would do the same to other NZ citizens..simple ..vote hom out of office..

Anonymous said...

Rajesh,unless you want to swim amoung the sharks, don,t rock the
boat?I don't know what it is with
some of you guys especially ex-politicians,you go around in Fiji
telling the Fijian voters how much
you love your country and all that,
but one slight ripple in the bushes
and you all jump in the boat and boot it off, to the other islands?
At least the Chodo is still here,inspite of how badly some off
you have been degrading his reputation? He's still defending the integrity of this side of our islands?

Poised for Justice said...

Am I being cycnical: Khaiyum and Riyaz nailed a $22 million loan and FBC donates $18, 000 to PM Appeal. Cany anyone tell us what PM is doing with what must be now a very handsome sum?

PM receives FBC and MH donation

13:04 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Apisalome Coka

The Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama this morning received a donation from the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation with Morris Hedstrom.

FBC Chief Executive Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum and MH’s Executive Director Marketing Kunaseelan Sabratnam today donated to the Prime Ministers Flood Appeal Fund $18,250.

The donation was made possible through the ‘Drop a Dollar Flood Appeal.”

Poised for Justice said...

Rare in situations like this that information is divulged but keep pushing.

Girmitya said...

To Anonymous 3:01 AM:

Chodo is still here because here some Indos see him as a demi-god, and he uses this hero worship for political and monetary gain, as we have seen.

Chodo will be a nobody overseas - here people worship him. As they say, no matter how educated, you cannot take out the girmitya peasant mentality out of some indos, its in the blood.

Chodo is here only to line his pockets fool.