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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Padarath accused of trying to stow away

Charge dismissed earlier this year.
Forty two year old Ben Padarath is back in custody after being found hiding inside an overseas vessel allegedly trying to stow away.

In wheelchair: pic Bula Tribune
He was found wearing a Ports Authority uniform at Queens Wharf in Luatoka and Coupfourpointfive sources say he is  currently in custody as investigations continue.

Padarath had escaped the clutches of the illegal regime in April after charges against him relating to concealing false government documents were dismissed by Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili in April.

The lucky break came after the DPP dropped the ball. His team was supposed to proceed with its case that day but asked again for the trial to be moved to a new date, which was denied by Ratuvili.

The trial date had already been moved from last year. The regime also failed to get Padarath called as a state witness in other related matters so the charge against him was dismissed and withdrawn under the criminal procedure decree section 166.

Coupfourpointfive last year broke the story about Padarath being caught up in an alleged failed plot to overthrow Frank Bainimarama after papers were found at his Suva home.

Padarath was also caught up in a deal involving Suva lawyer Renee Lal and an African migrant, Paul Freeman and was accused of trying to get Freeman put on the Immigration Watch List after a fall out.

Coupfourpointfive revealed that both Padarath and Lal were beaten by regime soldiers and that Padarath was assaulted so badly, he was forced to use a wheelchair.

Editor's Note at 2pm: FBC is now reporting that a bench warrant was issued for Ben Padarath yesterday after he failed to turn up at a court hearing. It says  Padarath's lawyer, Mere Vasiti, told the court Padarath could not make it as his father was having some medical problems. Magistrate Thushara Rajasinghe refused to accept the explanation and issued a bench warrant for his arrest.


Anonymous said...

Naughty Beni, I think the lad was trying to escape to see John Key.

kite flyer said...

padarath was assaulted so badly by the regime mob that he was forced to use a wheelchair.
This can't be true. It's a lie meant to discredit all the honourable people in the Fijian military junta. Not a single person has been assaulted since the takeover of government on 6 dec.2006. the wheelchair in the photo is a mirage. look carefully. If in doubt ask Ratu Sai and other regime supporters. they will confirm it's a mirage!

Nat said...

The poor bugger Ben has badly been pulped by the illegal regime. He needs a break. My friends and i may consider sponsoring him to come for a break and holiday in Aussie. Contact Fiji Rugby Club West End, Perth

Anonymous said...

Caught like a rat on a ship. A corrupt low life. That's our Ben.

Anonymous said...

Isa Ben, get your life back together Bro..we're praying for you..All the best..

Anonymous said...

Ben has never been successful with any of his activities. He needs to give it up and face the music.

Mafi- USA said...

Kite Flyer...

Get your facts right about the assault of people after the 06 Coup.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much Mr Key and Ms Gillard for supporting Fiji's dictator and murderer Bainimarama and for continuing the oppression and suffering of the poor fiji people who are unable to fight for themselves.

Anonymous said...

when you get bashed by the cowards with guns - you stowaway.

when you run through the cassava patch and shit your pants - you run a coup.

Spot the similarity.

Anonymous said...

Joe Mar has told the Garase trial that Garase interest not written in FHL minutes does not mean that he did not declare his interest which was known by the baord.

Joe Mar declared his interest and all proper procedures were followed for allotment of shares like Garase case.

He also said that directors needed to invest first to show confidence to the people that FHL shares are right for investment.

So prosecution needs to establish that who was not informed of Garse interest?

Defence has establised reasonable doubt and Garase must be set free and case dismissed as an acquitall.

Any conviction by Jury or Judge will be non justice and political to disqualify Garse from next election.

What a waste of tax payers funds with such sham cases.

Barbarism in Fiji said...

whatever Ben's fault, he does not deserve to be hounded and beaten like animal. How much more can he take? Some people in Fiji actually congratulate the military for human rights abuses. Fiji has regressed. It is a barbaric place, with no human compassion. So much for Christian values, it has always been a pretend in a pretentious country/society.

Anonymous said...

Ben, what goes around comes around.

Ben's worst enemy - himself said...

Listen up kiddies. Lesson One. If you try to overthrow the government, expect a beating. If you corruptly sell access to the Prime Minister, expect a beating. If you understand that, you won't get beaten. Most people in Fiji don't get beaten because they know the rules. So Ben, any chance of you finally learning your lesson, Bro? You are 42 years old, not some problem teenager anymore. Wake up to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Please remember the young lady he killed when his Mother was a Labour Minister. He evaded police for days. Sorry but I hope they throw you in gaol for years.

kite flyer said...

@ Barbarism in Fiji
You have put it most succinctly. Fiji has indeed regressed into a quasi fascist state where hounding and wounding citizens who are on the wrong side of the mob in power - has become the norm.
what a shame!
I cry for my beloved country and hope it will regain its sanity and its soul before it reaches that point of no return - and rule by terror becomes a permanent feature.

Anonymous said...

i dont see anything wrong with the arrest of Ben P.He had a bench warrant and committed another offence of trying to stowaway.He was caught and will subsequently be charged depending on evidence.
the picture depicted of him on a wheel chair does not say when it was taken.It surely is a old picture.I dont see the reason what the fuss is all about him being arrested.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

It seems that a L..O..T has been happening lately in Lautoka!!
When not gallivanting ALL over the place. Joeli Cawaki [ Commissioner Western] has been a regular visitor to that Department in Veitari for FREE morning tea!! His morning tea includes TWO tins of corned beef. Yes, he makes a hog of himself by personally eating TWO tins!!The mole from within has mentioned that the tins of corned beef are SUPPOSED to be DISMAC rations from the last floods!!
THEN, at knock-off time he goes back to the same place to drink FREE grog which are bought by the poor hourly-paid workers.
Furthermore, he has created the new post of Asst DO Korolevu/Vatulele for his partner, Judy, whose registered as JIUTA!!
Just who is "she" and who is "he" will be revealed pretty shortly!!

Fiji's grand big theft said...

@ Ben's worst enemy, you speak with authority, so what's your name anonymous?

Anonymous said...

No wonder!! Sa rauta!! Tu na DA!! Us civil servants in Lautoka have been wondering as to how come Judy [ aka Jiuta] has been given government quarters that he is not entitled to!!
Pray tell us who of the two is "ADAM" and who is 'MADAM' asap!!
I guess they "alternate".

Anonymous said...

Ben would have been better off walking into the australian embassy compund and claim political aslyum.

The boat was a wrong choice.

The guy has got the buturaki of his life at QEB so dont be surprised he will hide in a boat or plane for stoway.

No he gonna get more charges and longer gail time.

the guy cant be con man all his life-it catches up

Anonymous said...

I think anyone that can eat TWO tins of corned beef for morning tea is a hero.

parental said...

To understand Ben Padarath's erratic behaviour one has to first understand the behaviour of his parents, especially his mother.

Anonymous said...

@ Barbarism in Fiji

Ben deserves all the beating he gets because he's brought it upon himself. He is not a person you should feel sorry for, he has less of a conscience then those in the military. If he did succeed in getting rid of Bainimarama and took over the Govt with his friends that surely would be the end of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

This guy Ben Padarath never ceases to amaze me...He killed a young lady, he broke up a marriage (between a former double international Basketball/Rugby 15 and a flight attendant], Boozed his parent's investment bar in Lautoka down the gutters, had the audicity to stand for election (limelight craver), conspired against people and now trying to evade the KOPARI by stowing away, surely stealing somebody's chocolates to munch away in some dark cabin......He probably thinks its all a joke but really HE IS A JOKE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another conman like Rajesh who have been put in their place by the Tui Viti and Vunivalu of Bau Sir Khaiyum.

Not only has he outwitted these two dickheads but Australia & NZ as well as these so called super powers in the Pacific come back begging to him kissing his feet and apologizing for not recognizing and giving the Military Junta its full support earlier.

Australia & NZ are insignificant in world matters as is clearly being played out here as the MIGHTY USA is directing them what to or not to do as China increases its influence in the Pacific.

Democracy & freedom in Fiji is irrelevant and insignificant at this point and time in our history as China's influence in the Pacific is the bigger concern.

So to all you democracy activits out there don't waste your breath as it ain't gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who eats two tins of corned beef for breakfast is a PIG. Hope his cholesterol level is climbing at a rapid rate.

Siteri said...

@Anon 11,19am
gluttonous consumption of 2 tins corned beef at a sitting is not a matter for either heroism nor cowardice.

It's how it is done and the means of doing it that peeves descent hard working low paid workers of this country. Govt funds were used for obtain the loot, Govt transport for travelling expences to and from corned beef saga and exploitation of junior staff buying yaqona is obvious.

The corned beef glutton idiot is corrupt, irresponsible, and should be sacked immediately.

eat right said...

Two tins of corned beef oozing with fat ? He needs a session with the Minister for Health.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:03, don't you recognise Graham Davis' bullshit when you read it?

Anonymous said...

Ben Padarath should go to New Zealand embassy and seek assylum.
They are very nice people and they will protect him as obviously the Bainimarama Regime is plotting to assasinate Ben.

Anonymous said...

Bingo! @ 9.34a.m.

Anonymous said...

Ben's worst enemy - himself @ 7:03, are you advocating the beating of Frank Bainimarama? After all, he overthrew the government. Also, should Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum be beaten too, for selling access to the Prime Monster? Do explain, Mummy.

Anonymous said...

If Ben Padarath is a joke and a lowlife, then how much lower and pathetic are those who feel so threatened by him that they've stoop to such despicable abuse of the man?

And, for all of his faults, Padarath hasn't committed nearly as many, or as serious, crimes as Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Bench Warrant Officer said...

Can someone issue a bench warrant on ASK and the Muslim criminal sisters and Aunty along with Bai.

What is Fiji waiting for? It's run by crooks and now, I am very disappointed that New Zealand's John Key is supporting the illegal thugs. What's wrong with him!!!

Anonymous said...

Ben, u would have been better off with a bilibili and a sail then sail to NZ or Vanuatu enroute to Oz.. the days of stowawing was over ions ago...

Anonymous said...

Two tins of Free corned beef a sitting is just utterly unbelievable!! But then I guess, it is FREE after all, so what the heck.
He must be both a lialia and and a pig, like all the rest of them are!!
Freebies, after Freebies after Freebies!
In the meantime, we the poor are starving and struggling.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:01 is quite onto something.

For all of his faults, problems and failures, Padarath is not a traitor. He's not as low as that. But many of his sharpest critics are.

Some seem to feel a perverse satisfaction from kicking a man when he's down. They only do so to mask or deny their own deep-seated feelings of inadequacy. It's widely known that bullying is a classic offensive strategy for people who are fundamentally cowards.

Problems of self-esteem can lead to a range of actions ranging from symbolic rebellion to heinous treason. Is it any wonder then why Bainimarama and his chief supporters and apologists are such head cases? The guilt of treason only compounds their strong inward sense of inadequacy.

They seek more power, when what they really need is psychiatric intervention.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Reading you loud and clear, Dakuwaqa. You've pinpointed what separates men from the grubs.

Anonymous said...

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