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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

High Court judge finds Qarase guilty

The Suva High Court has found Laisenia Qarase guilty of all nine charges against him.

In a judgement a short time ago, Judge Justice Priyantha Fernando said he agrees with the regime assessors decision yesterday that Qarase is guilty of six counts of abuse of office and three counts of the charge of discharging his duty with respect to property in which he has a private interest.

The charges relate to breaches while he was a director of Fijian Holdings Limited. 

Qarase has been granted bail and has been ordered to report to the police station everyday until his sentencing.

The nine charges were brought by Fiji's Independent Commission Against
Corruption, and go back to the early 1990s.


Anonymous said...

As expected. Next.

Anonymous said...

LQ had his chance to take Fiji in the right direction post SP8 coup. Unfortunately he decided to line his own pocket to the disadvantage of his fellow itaukeis. There should actually be more charges against him and Peter Foster in the witness box.

kite flyer said...

Is Qarase the only person in fiji guilty of Abuse of Office?
I think there should be a long list of people who fit that bill.
For instance did Frank Bainimarama abuse the office of commander of the fiji military forces by executing the 2006 coup?
Did the 1997 constitution of Fiji the then supreme law of the land vest the military commander with the power and authority to execute a coup even if it was to save the nation - and not his own backside?

Anonymous said...

The day when PM Qarase will be taken to prison, that will be the end of those who are behind it.

mark manning said...

A sad day for Fiji !
But interesting to note the Regime's desire to reengage with the Governments of Australia and New Zealand at a Diplomatic Level in regards to the High Commissioners of those Countries.
One step forward and 6 steps back.
What now ?

Raju Patel said...

Now M.P Chaudhary needs to pack his bags , his toothpaste , colgate , underwear and sulu together with his bank deposit books from Australia and prepare to take a trip to Naboro ...room allocated already for him !!!

Anonymous said...

If you thought decision will go otherwise then;

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Anonymous said...

No surprises there. The result/verdict was a foregone conclusion!

Anonymous said...

The real tragedy is that Qarase is being convicted for crimes allegedly committed over a decade ago, while those who committed the heinous of crimes, treason, are roaming free and milking the public purse as much as they can. Should there not be an investigation into how much money so-called consultants (Jim Anthony, Nazhat Shameem, and others)were given. Why is the salary of government ministers, in particular, of Khaiyum and Bainimarama, a state secret? Why is the Auditor General's report still not released. Here is the real corruption. so the prosecution of Qarase is pure vendetta. Wake up, the peo0ple of Fiji before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Qarase,for being humble throughout this past few weeks,god knows what you've been through.For the Regime, our days are numbered,for how long you will be paying hide and seek. One day Mafatu,very soon

Anonymous said...

corrupt judges controlled by regime .
fiji people been raped for free and fair court system.
sad day for fiji .
democracy is need and people have to fight for it now.
be strong pm qarase you are our hero like mandela.

Karalaini, Korovou, Tailevu said...

Qarase..... the popular opinion amongst many Fijians is that you are an innocent decent man and that you have been treated meanly by the dictator.

But i do not agree based on my take of your records. Noth that i support the dictator who i wish was never born.

None of us in heartland Tailevu similar to all other ordinary Fijians never benefited from the A shares you divi namongst you previleged Fijian mates and your Mataqali and family. Funded by the peoples' FDB you controlled

You came to our district one day and distributed bribes of Agricultural tools to win our votes but you escaped court guilty verdict on technical grounds which many found unpalatable.

You boasted to Fiji before the election which propelled you to parliament in 2006 that people will choose their reps to Parliament whom SDL will support but you and your henchman Baba (both from Lau)manipulated representation for our Tailevu North to ensure Vosanibola your friend in crime get in to represent us..we will not forget.

What you are getting now from the court is reward for your corruption.

God rewards us for the things we do...things do not happen haphazardly but are the will of God..although you are a Methodist preacher you still will be punished commensurate with your sins, same as me or any other Christians.

I am still farming with my husband in my village not rich but have a satisfied life and hopefully will never worry conflict with authorities or jail time like you and your rich high flyer parasitic mates.

You deserve to answere for your sins and corruption.

Anonymous said...

The regime should understand that it is steadily depleting reserves of generosity with every fresh example of its arrogance and treason. 

Such injustice cannot be sustained indefinitely. For, as Seneca reminds us: 'authority founded on injustice is never of long duration'. We who serve a just God know that His justice will not be denied forever. 

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

There is no justice in Fiji.Those who prosecuted Mr Qarase were placed there in the first place by Bainimarama...

SEMI MEO said...

All considered though, we do not believe a custodial sentence at this juncture of our constitutional revival journey be at all conducive for the good of the very process we all now view as possibly our only hope towards an equitable redemptive resolve to some of our most regrettable years in our history.

May be it is time for us, common and ordinary 'i Taukei", to intentionally let bygones be bygones of the alleged ruthlessness of the lording era of some of our elite "i Taukei"..and certain privileged chiefs..

Of course, we do not necessarily condone previous alleged acts of nepotism and other ‘grey’ acts before the Courts or under investigations.

Just that the ruler is now forever plastered on Fijis skies…soon others, in opportune moments will use to measure who ever deem to be playing rough under the shadows of life.

The question is probably not "Who is going to be measured next”..but "who is gonna hold the ruler at the dawn of the new day!

Sincerely, we pray for the former Prime Minister and his family!

Anonymous said...

Funny how they found him guilty for "abuse of office". And they themselves are guilty of "abuse of office". Abuse of Fiji's judicial system and a whole lot of crime.
Someone judging in Court but someone else outside (Aiyarse) pronouncing the judgements.
Pathetic really.
Just a bunch of losers , the whole lot of them.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

That's it, call Roko Ului and get out to Tonga...

Anonymous said...

A Time for Everything

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and a season for every activity under the heavens:

2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
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4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
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5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
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6 a time to search and a time to give up,
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8 a time to love and a time to hate,
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Anonymous said...

Not suprising!!!
It's all part of the ill conceived Road map for a poorer Fiji. The Road map of discrimination, hatred against citizens of high standing, instability, disestablishments.

GCC has been suspended, Methodist church has been threatened, NLTB renamed and dictated with its functions, democratic leaders removed, professionals leaving the country day by day.Pouring funds into the ailing government companies which are sliding down irreversable paths.

There is no real business thriving, because the road map is always changing as even declared by members of the so called Peoples Charter for Change.

LQ your legacy and the party will outlive the threats.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad our once beloved country has indeed gone to the dogs.
Why are the Ausie and NZ governments easing sanctions on regime in the name of reward for progress. Aussie should be the last to ease sanctions as Aussie judges were involved in the 2009 ruling that upheld the 1997 constitution and ruled the 2006 coup illegal. Aussie should take its cue from that ruling and protect and stand by its eminent citizens holdings high positions in the courts. It should in fact continue the pressure upon the regime to reinstate the 1997 constitution in line with the ruling. Such stand will augur well on its position as a leading watchdog for democracy in our part of the world.

uluviti said...

OHO....he is guilty....period. you do the crime you do the bloody time its as simple as that. MC must now have the same fate but he might have to teve before he gets thrown in Naboro....less chance of getting std's.

Anonymous said...

This judgment is a good one, although waiting to see the punishment.
Further, it would be BEST that all coup perpetrators will get similar verdict, starting from Rabuka.

Anonymous said...

This judgment is a good one, although waiting to see the punishment.
Further, it would be BEST that all coup perpetrators will get similar verdict, starting from Rabuka.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I disagree it was a kangaroo court. A Sri Lankan judge and one of Hong Kong's top barristers? A former Deputy Solicitor of HK? They swear to uphold justice. Why would they betray it in some South Seas hell hole for a tinpot dictator like the Baini.

We all have to face up to a simple fact. Lai has been found guilty. Do the crime, do the time. It catches up with everyone in the end. But very sad to see it end this way. The SDL needs to regroup and rebuild. FAST. It's our only hope!

mark manning said...

It's all very biblical, what's been happening in fiji since December the 5th. 2006.
Perhaps an Indian Company from Bollywood could make a Movie about it.


Anonymous said...

If this is the verdict by the corrupt, then all those who had percuniary conflict of interest are guilty.

What thi smeans is all others who have now become state witness is only to save thgemselves on criminal charges.

But they too must have their class A shares confessicated from FHL.

Anonymous said...

Not a good week with this and the other. Very angry with the the dictator, the courts and with the bastards McCully and Carr. They are definitely traitors who will burn in hell. They betrayed us. They will pay. Valataka na dina!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not a good week with this and the other. Very angry with the the dictator, the courts and with the bastards McCully and Carr. They are definitely traitors who will burn in hell. They betrayed us. They will pay. Valataka na dina!!!!

Anonymous said...

One thing sticks out like dogs balls-
THE PEOPLE WHO CONTINOUSLY have something to say or blame the Indian community ALWAYS have skeletons in the cupboard. AND that Indian passive resistence of KARMA- (Malik Deko)God will respond !
LOOK at all the strong ANTI-INDIAN people who spewed their venom continously at the INDIAN community - and where they are today-
Naiqama Lalabalavu

Notice ALL of the above names how they are doing today -

Look at Chaudary- in 2000 he blamed the Guju Businessmen for the 2000 coup claiming Gujjus did not want to pay tax!
12 years later- CHAUDARY BACKED THE OVERTHROW OF QARASE BOVT, even joined the illegal Govt- and is charged with?
tax evason!!!! God will see this crook MARK MY WORD! Its KARMA!

Anonymous said...

sdl and flp supporters who have heart for democracy .
time to protest against the regime now.
today it sdl leader next will be flp leader in court.
regime has devils plan to put our beloved leader in jail so they can win the illegal election.
no one should vote the regime thugs.
democracy for fiji now.

Anonymous said...

Almost 40 per cent of students in Fiji go without food everyday.

This was the discovery made by ACATA Trust during a study which they conducted recently.

The study found that children from poor families have no choice but to go to school on an empty stomach.

ACATA Executive Director Rosan Lal says another 60 per cent either do not have a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The study was conducted on 3000 students from 21 remote schools.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

The sentencing clearly indicates that LQ is still a threat come 2014.Sa qai matata tiko ga mai na mata ni meke.I have seen with my naked eyes that FICAC officers are being bribed.Hence they are on the Judges side.But I am not the judge the judge is God.Ke sa caka qo vei LQ io me fair taucoko tiko.If this is done to LQ that let it be done to everybody including FICAC & others.Just a quote from a film called THE GREAT DEBATORS.Who is the judge?
The judge is God.
Why is he God?
Because he decides whether I win or lose, not my opponent.
Who is your opponent?
He doesn't exist.
Why does he not exist?
Because he is just a mere dissenting voice to the truth I speak
Higly recommend everyone to watch this movie.

Anonymous said...

who will charge the regime thugs for abuse of office and treason.?
who depose the legal govt?
Can ficac charge frank/khaiyum ?
No cant .
So where is justice ?
Fiji is laughing stock now.

Anonymous said...

Qarase is a racist, he is going in for all the wrongs he has done. He had a great opportunity to take Fiji forward but his racial policies and his greed came first for him. ASK and Bai are no different and their day will come too. Fiji has been rules by greedy politicians, power hungry people and thugs. We need a totally fresh, vibrant and honest leadership to steer the country forward.

kite flyer said...

No auditor general's report since the coup. So no real accountability and transparency by the regime but somehow the Australian and NZ foreign ministers have convinced themselves that "progress" towards democracy is being made by the regime! What kind of progress is that - 6 years after the coup?

Kai Bau said...

The beauty of our journey is that no one can predict our future.All we know is history but some people reckons that without history there will be no future.
We knew very well that Qarase was a democratically elected Prime Minister while Bainimarama was not.We knew that Qarase was forced out of the office by Bainimarama .With those two simple historical time line behind us how can we move forward with our journey by knowing so well that Bainimarama took over the goverment by force? Its a big no no according to history future theology I quoted above.What is happening now most of us are being drag to move forward taking with us the pain,jealousy
,hatered,unresolve issue,complain,mourners,envy,
revenge,etc,etc,etc.....All these things are boiling inside the people and it need to be relived some where in any how and any time..Its like a hidden volcano ready to erupt and no one knows when...no one can predict but we can see it coming.So thats our hope and our future guys.Its coming and it will come once erupt it will be like a chemical mushroom cloud where all of us under the cloud will feel the pain and difficulties brought by this eruption.This is the end of our journey guys as the very last person standing as a Fiji legal Prime Minister are being accused as a criminal while the very person who was supposed to be a criminal is the Prime Minister.This is it guys,we have come to the cross road and any decision by the judge in time to come will never cool down anything but it will just a catalyst to the sudden change we are about to see.Even some of us wiil curse the day this volcano eruption started.Good luck Mr Prime Minister Qarase.

Anonymous said...

He'll get a token suspended sentence (I hope).

Anonymous said...

Freedom says..

People of Fiji, those of you who believe in freedom and your rights as a normal human being and citizen of Fiji....
remember Nelson Mandela went into prison for injustices etc etc for 26 years.

Its time we taukei stand up and stop licking asses and buttoks and do something about our beloved land. And not be second class to people like Aiyaz Khaiyum, Nazhaat Shameem, Pryde, Gates, justice fernendo etc.

Thats enough being just followers and lets raise......

Anonymous said...

You do the crime, you do the time LQ.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on bring some evidence of corruption by LQ while he was PM and dont dig past whilst he was with FDB, Merchant bank.Thats all water under the bridge.
If that is all Baini/Qaiyum can come up with for removing LQ from office then the public has been fooled. In that respect, bring charges against Inoke Kubuabola, Berenado Bunibobo for the corruption at Nat Bank, Himmat Lodhia, CJPatel Directors, Vinod Patel, RCManubhai, Punjas, Tappoos,Dewan C Maharaj,Nur Bano Ali, and the like for their corrupt activities which is still going today,,
Come on people of Fiji wake up and do something now or else the county is almost gone to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Best news ever- Qarase to be sent to jail.
What jail is he going to- i need to send some flowers.

Anonymous said...

Karalaini, don't jump and judge LQ. The alleged crimes were committed over 10 years ago, and this case was brought about because Vuaka does not want LQ to run for parliament. I suggest you digest the facts first before you jumped on the bandwagon.

I have a question for you Karalaini. Why is Vuaka pushing for immunity for those involved in the last coup? He knows he's committed the worst crime and he's trying to save himself. Perhaps you could also dig deeper and analyze the corruption that is rampant. While you're at it, say something about a convicted murderer, Vuaka's brother in law, who was appointed to a higher government post. Use your new found knowledge to determine who pays out the ministers salaries, and I'll leave the rest for you to dig up.

What a sad day for Fiji. LQ, we all know what this illegal government is trying to do, but they won't silenced the majority. Keep your head up high because these corrupt criminals will get their just rewards one day.

Chorwa falla mahen and tamata Butako Baini said...

The same way Foana Nemani and Olota Rokovunisea, authorised illegal payments to each other and stole from FNPF, mahen chor'dhry approved backpay for Baini when they were mates.

Both acts were corrupt and illegal. Chorwa Mahen and tamata butako Baini will have their day in court one day.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

garase will go gail but he will appeal in court of appeal-here he will win.

the guilty decision is bullshit even a school student can work out no breach of law.

Anonymous said...

Sa kaya o Qarase; "I go down, you go down with me!"...

Tho convincted, sentence will be suspended for 3 years which still keeps him out of any involvement in the Elections.

See ya folks!

Anonymous said...

Trumped up charges and kangaraoo court all for show.

Anonymous said...

As bad as the day Mac Patel was hauled off. This filthy regime intedns to pick off th people who can beat it at the elections.

Poised for Justice said...

The real crims meanwhile walking around Fiji as if their father's shop. Khaiyum already cleaned the shop out and Frank fill his pockets. Fiji went to the dogs six years ago.

Anonymous said...

...the whole problem is the immunity granted to Rabuka for his coup...if Rabuka had been made to answer for his illegal 'no other way' shenanigans and had been languishing in prison with Speight pre 2006 coup...what are the odds this Bainimarama coup might never have happened...him being the coward that he is!!... a public referendum is a must before any amnesty is even considered for VB and his illegal regime...we owe it to 3 generations (going on 4th)of all 'fijians' who have silently endured thru the years the spectacle of badly trained and ill disciplined itaukei officers holding our nation to ransom..our future generations deserve better...NO IMMUNITY y'all!...ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

Anonymous said...

You know people,most of you bloggers are so blind that you cant see past your noses.Though the crimes happened 10yrs ago it does not eliminate the fact that it happened.
The documentry evidence is there.Accept the facts and move on.

Just saying said...

this regime is not clean anyone who thinks it is should remember the 2006 coup, the abrogation of the constitution, the illegal decrees, the public order act, the gagging of the media, the abolishment of the great council of chiefs, the illegal appointments, the loss of rule of law and so on and so on.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies to Mr Qarase and his family. Nothing you have done has ever as corrupt and illegal as what Bainimarama and Khaiyum have ever done. The history books will prove it.

Anonymous said...

'Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne.'

Anonymous said...

The average age of people in Fiji getting higher with regime imprison so many senior folk. Mac Patel (sixty something) now Qarase (72), Mere Samisoni (71). Pick on someone your own age Frank you kaivolo

Anonymous said...

The trumped up charges brought up against Mr. Qarase, the witnesses who gave evidence because they feared being charged under the same charges, and the kangaroo court giving judgement in his case clearly shows that life has many uncertainties and many unfair situations.

What I admire and appreciate Qarase most for, is his humility and courage in not trying to run away from all these as some, including Bainimarama have done.

Mr. Qarase, whether he is guilty or not matters not. He is facing and has faced his deserved or undeserved punishment like many great people who have gone to prison for the evil and private reasons of wicked people. His conscience is clear and I am sure that the peace of God will always be with him.

What about those who are seeking through the new constitution to be freed of their treason, crimes and sins? I am certain that for the rest of their lives and their eternities, their guilt will always haunt them in the face and tell them, "there will be no no true happiness and peace with you ever".

Anonymous said...

This is dark day for fiji.

The crimnal who should be in gail is illegal prime minister and the legal and elected prime minister is a crimanal on his way to gail by puppet court/jury.

So where is the justice, truth, independance of judicary.

This plot by tin pot diciataor /junta must make SDL stronger not weaker.

Can gail the man but cant gail his will.

The legal process as just began-every man and his dog know that garase will go gail in high court.

Court of appeal and supreme court is where he will get justice/quash of conviction.

Then this will act in his and SDL favour for increased support of the people power.

Who will vote for junta?

Anonymous said...

Garase is not a cassva patch dash hero with sulu high.

Look at his face after judgment.

This shows the SDL leader is strong, brave and a fighter who gonna go even to supreme court.

Make no mistake that he will not contest in next election.

Soon when the conviction is acquitted he will stand for election and come out stronger.

This plot for gail is to break the resolve of Garase-cant happen.

Champagne Wik said...

@ 1.35a.m

I guess that goes to show how long they've managed to get away with their corruption?

Anonymous said...

Fiji must still feel the pressure

From:The Australian
August 01, 201212:00AM

Increase Text Size
Decrease Text Size

FOREIGN Minister Bob Carr needs to be careful not to give away too much, too soon, in Fiji. The agreement, with New Zealand, to return our respective high commissioners to Suva and allow Fiji to reappoint a high commissioner in Canberra is not an especially big deal.

But the danger is the country's military strongman, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, will interpret it as reward for progress towards democratic reform when, in fact, there has been little. Any such misconception will do nothing to maintain the pressure needed to ensure an early return to elected civilian rule.

In a statement with his New Zealand and Fiji counterparts, Senator Carr explained the move would open channels of dialogue. That's fair enough. But it needs to be placed in the context of Fiji's tardy progress towards restoring democracy and Mr Bainimarama's penchant for promising much and delivering little. It is important to measure words against deeds and there is no escaping the reality that for all Mr Bainimarama's hype about elections promised for some time after September 2014 (eight years since he staged his second coup), the country is anything but free or democratic. The media is shackled, human rights are under constant threat, a ban on meetings has only just been lifted and trade unionists are imprisoned.

. .
In their statement, Senator Carr and his colleagues spoke of progress towards the election, including preparations for constitutional consultations and electronic voter registration. There are indications the drafting commission, headed by the respected international constitutional expert Yash Ghai, is making some headway. But it's hardly enough to justify any accolades for Mr Bainimarama that may be implied in the high commissioners' return. It might have been prudent to await more tangible signs of progress towards reform before normalising relations. Even better would have been to make normalisation contingent on holding a demonstrably free and fair election, something that might have persuaded Mr Bainimarama to bring forward the distant date of 2014. Now that Senator Carr has made his decision, however, the return of our high commissioner to Suva must be used to leverage even more pressure on Mr Bainimarama for a democratic election to be held sooner rather than later.

Kai Bau said...

Hey guys if Qarase or who ever committed any offence during and under the democratic rule than it have to be proven in a proper court of democracy.Now the democracy is taken away and what was right under the democracy era will be wrong now.God is so great that our prayer and our cry for our freedom has been answered.Hey guys look back at our own history ....the very person who was leading Fiji through the good old days are now being branded as a criminal.We regarded our selves a cristian country which means that every thing we do will be just an mirror image of what happened at the cross.Now the good man will be nailed while the one that should be nailed is roaming free.What happen after 3 days on the cross will be exactly the same in Fiji.The cross is the sign of times thats its also the cross road for us.Qarase represents the good people and he will also represnet what God has planned for Fiji...watch this space and always try to look to tyhe future by going back to our history.

Anonymous said...

Former Fiji govt Minister says Qarase guilty verdict sad day for country

Posted at 17:55 on 31 July, 2012 UTC

Fiji’s former Minister for youth and sports says the guilty verdict given to ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase is a sad day for democracy in Fiji.

Qarase is on bail awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of corruption related charges in a Suva court.

Yesterday, Justice Priyantha Fernando concurred with assessors’ findings on Monday that the 72 year-old is guilty of all nine charges against him.

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption brought the charges against Qarase, and declined to comment on the guilty verdict.

A former Minister for youth and sports and colleague, Rajesh Singh, says the judiciary is not impartial and it’s a sad day for democracy.

“The court system is very much controlled by the regime and you look at the assessors, the three assessors were the civil servants, so what do you expect from where there is no democracy in the country and no impartial judiciary. I think it’s a sad day for not only for Fiji but it’s a sad day for democracy and a judicial system in Fiji and how it’s run and operated by the regime.”

Mr Singh says while Qarase might be facing a jail sentence he still has hope that he can recover to lead the nation.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.28....you said it happened 10 years ago. The question is, what about the criminal Vuakamarama who committed treason 6 years ago? Qarase's alleged crimes are insignificant compared to what the pig shit Vuakamarama committed.

Anonymous said...

Don't vote for any of them.Time for another protest march on the streets!1

Anonymous said...


Warlord said...

They can jail the legally appointed PM of Fiji...but they can't jail the will of the people come tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Guilty of what??? For buying shares no one else wanted?? Because the secretary couldn't write the minutes properly??

Anonymous said...

Sad day indeed for Fiji. This was a witchhunt from the very beginning. Handpicked assessors and judge, there was no way Qarase was going to win. A humble religous man, I take my hat off to Qarase who can still stand and take this at 71 years of age in comparision to a cassava patch sprinter and coup maker who is willing to sell his soul to save himself from jail.

Anonymous said...

Here we have a democratically elected Prime Minister who earned his positions in the civil service and the private sector, to promote economic activities of provinces, and the Fijian Holdings Limited, who was re -elected after a term in office as Prime Minister, through clean and fair elections.
Then comes a regime with its so called judicial system, and anti corruption department after it overthrew an elected government, accuses holders of public office of abuse of power.
Who is abusing power here?
Everyone knows that things should be the way round, Roko Ului, Driti, Bainimarama, Aziz, Leweni, Luveni,Teleni, Kaiyum, Bole, Sukanaivalu, Naivalurua, etc. should be the accused and be on their way to Naboro, but the military regime reverses everything as part of its road map to doom and destruction.
The people need to send the right people to Naboro even after 20 years from now.

Anonymous said...

Here we have a democratically elected Prime Minister who earned his positions in the civil service and the private sector, to promote economic activities of provinces, and the Fijian Holdings Limited, who was re -elected after a term in office as Prime Minister, through clean and fair elections.
Then comes a regime with its so called judicial system, and anti corruption department after it overthrew an elected government, accuses holders of public office of abuse of power.
Who is abusing power here?
Everyone knows that things should be the way round, Roko Ului, Driti, Bainimarama, Aziz, Leweni, Luveni,Teleni, Kaiyum, Bole, Sukanaivalu, Naivalurua, etc. should be the accused and be on their way to Naboro, but the military regime reverses everything as part of its road map to doom and destruction.
The people need to send the right people to Naboro even after 20 years from now.

Anonymous said...

"The people just gaze there, mystified,
What drives this ocean's almighty tide?
Why has the cosmos run a-riot?
A nation rose. Then all was quiet.
But people ask: what is we say?
Whose flesh and bones
Have changed there the law?
People born free in their native land
Falter because they can't understand
The fact that we will always recall:
Freedom is the greatest gift of all."

By Sandor Maral

Anonymous said...

"Dog's balls" or " Malik Deko", It is Khayum who is the one who will go down in history as the one who destrOyed the Indians in Fiji. Yes.

"One-man-one-vote" "Democracy", yes! But look at what has happened to the Indian population in Fiji since the 2006 coup. It is currently at only 38%, and projected to decline to 25% within 10 years. WHO DO YOU THINK IS GONNA WIN, INDIANS OR FIJIANS(ITAUKEI), YES!

Waiting for a Fair Fiji said...

To everyone crowing about Qarase being 'racist' and convicted on clear evidence let's hope you are as open minded about the corruption and criminal acts of Bainimarama and Khaiyum and all those who've helped to keep them in power while they strangle Fiji citizens when their time comes in court.

Anonymous said...

We need to act and act now. Dakuwaqa, don't tease us. Give us a plan. Anyone else, give us a plan. Dakuwaqa, I'll open my own vein if that be incentive enough to you. Just give us a plan.

Anonymous said...

Can anuone produce the names of the 3 assersors? @ least we know who they are...

Anonymous said...

We the people of fiji can imagine that the coward illegal prime minister of fiji will montoring from the 4th floor of his office today the reaction of people hence after reading the fijitimes headline, people cheered for qarase..

gauna oqo e sa vakalevutaki na nona bociguard me ra yadravi koya me vaka ni baci tadola tu qo na nona sona, ena nona leqataka tiko kevaka e dua na civil unrest ena vuku ni kena tau na i totogi kei qarase nikua.

kainaki NI GAUNA QO.. ni gauna e gole kina e valenilailai ME LAI MI, 4 na bociguard era muri koya, dua me dolava na zip ni NONA taurasese, dua me biuta mai tuba na nona boci me mi, ni gauna e valenilailai kina, dua na bociguard e carai koya, oya e sa i vakaraitaki ni lamusona levu se fear e tu vua na tamnata qo o VOCEKE.

NI raica mada na gutuwa e cakava ena veita vioka mai nabua, na lamusona ya e se kauta yarayara voli tiko ga qo
mo raica na yaloka ni matana ,ni sega ni rawa ni tiko vakadua, ena vakaraica tiko ga na vanua era tiko kina na nona bociguard,ni dua ga na tavidi lailai, ya sa tadola sara ga na sona, oni na raica, o ratou na bociguard e vaka ga e ra sosovi koya vaka na lago me sogota na nona sona me kua ni LAMU


Anonymous said...

How can a man make decision on his own? Decision to change policy is not a man's decision but resolution passed by the board. What was the board doing then when changes are made to this shares? We cant put the blame on one vote.
If he got personal interest in the company, what is the benefit of this interest. How much money will he get?

Anonymous said...

the tables will turn soon so we dont need to worry. All in Gods time. watch and pray.

Anonymous said...

People of Fiji, the truth will always be the truth, it doesnt matter what happens now,after or before, the almighty GOD is already there.Fiji is so small for this type of errors, $$$ was not part of our culture or customs.Whatever happen it will happen and the biggest question is WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN?
If we have faint in GOD, we need to practice and live it.


Anonymous said...

Leave politics aside , I am a Indian and have seen Qarase otherside , saw him assisting lot of Indians who went to him. To Qarase ,keep your head high world knows you were not given fair trial.
No matter what baini , arsewhol,do they will not be spared. Just wait for sometime.

Anonymous said...

Lets see positive , if this regime can do witch hunt and convict LQ for things done in last 10 years, Baini and ARssy will sent to prison when they cannot work-this is my curse to baini and team from today your day is starting to roll down

Anonymous said...

very true, bainivuaka security should be call the BOCIGUARD

Anonymous said...

Mr Baimarama, vakasamataka sara vakavinaka na lewa o nji sa mai tauca qo. e mosi na yalodra na lewenivanua,. o ni na qai tauca ga ga nai sau ni nomuni vakatulewa cala. E rai jiko o Jiova. Ni mai bilitaki Mr Qarase tu , baleta walega na nomuni sesevaki koya, o ni sa mai personalisetaka e levu na ka, sa mai okati kece tu kina o keimami na kai Lau. At least o keimami na kai Lau keimami dau veimaroroi , keimami dau veiraici vakaveiwekani, sega ni vakai kemuni, sa wekamuni tu ga o ira na tamata vakai lavo, , Keimami mai Lau keimami tamata dravudravua, ia e neimami i yau tu ga na lotu kei na veiwekani. Sa ra voleka ni vakasakei kece ga, era demotetaki na kai Lau, ra vakaloloma taki, io e rai tiko na Kalou levu o Jiova. Keimami na lomani kemuni tiko na kai Lau,o Jiova na neimami Kalou na qai cakava na veisausaumi. Emeni

Anonymous said...

Qarase guilty, my ass! It's Bainimarama who's guilty... of treason and so much more. And we who are guilty of cowardice and silence in the face of his evil.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.55am. Love the poem. Hope this inspires some of us to do something.

chief security officer said...

@ 11.48a.m - The assessors are roti, pori and sosi.

Anonymous said...

bai kei viti says....No matter what they want to do against Qarase, they will never ever reach the quality;level of interlect and ;leadership skills shown by Qarase over the years;the whole world knows..

Justification of the coup in 2006 cannot be satisfied by the result of this case, they just do not match.

Okay, if you really want to talk about corruption at the highest level then one should see how the CHINESE CONTRACTS engaged in Infrasture works with GOVT, Loan taken from Chinese bank, contracts all awrded to Chinese companies,VAT component paid by govt? What the F is this? How can Fiji agree to pay the VAT when these Chinese companies are coming to do business in Fiji? If it was aid money, no probleme, its fine but not the other way round?? I leave it to you guys to decide the answer to this kind of cheap arrangements, it comes with a cost?? Can we say in Asian lingo..its purely business???

God is watching folks, only time will tell...

Sotia said...

I wonder what Ratu Timoci Vesikula and others were up to when the shares were floated – did they convene a meeting of the Tailevu Provincial Council to bid for those Class A shares?

I am no supporter of Laisenia Qarase and I am a sotia from Tailevu province. What irks me is that the first thing Frank did was to conjure up a massive back pay of nearly $200,000 and is also collecting two salaries – as PM and head of our military forces.

What Qarase did at the time seems to be an opportunistic but smart move as an individual who sensed profit?

What were our educated Tailevu kai vatas and chiefs doing – drinking grog?

Again, we at the barracks dont understand – Sitiveni Weileilakeba bought massive Class A shares for his family company Stik Investments and just because he declared it, he is not guilty but a principal prosecution star witness?

Supposed Laisenia Qarase had declared his interests, than by applying the law to Weileilakeba he would not have been guilty?

I am still confused – how much profit did Qarase make personally out of those shares, and who did he deprive of profits?

Did our Tailevu Provincial Council, chiefs, individuals, and investors made a bid for those Class A shares or not?

If not, it reflects more on the lazinessness of our own people than on the cleverness of Qarase and Weileilekaba?

I am no lawyer, businessman or chief but an ordinary sotia still in the military

Kai Bau said...

To Annon,
Isa vinaka vakalevu ena nomuni vosa tiko ena vukudra na wekada mai Lau.Dua na ka me da nanuma ni o keda kece na kai Viti ena dua na gauna eda na vei wekani kina.Qo ena gaunisala ni vaka wati vei ira na luveda.Da raica mada na noda dui vei kor era sa sinai kina na marama ni vanua vaka turga mai Lau.Kakua ni leqa kemuni noda veiwekani e dei tu ka sega ni nanuma gona o Bainimarama.Na wekaqu na vanua e lako mai kina o Bainimarama keirau veiwekani vaka vanua ka vaka dra voleka sara.Au sega ni kila ko ira na wekana voleka sara mada na cava era nanuma,o au madaga ga au sa sesevaka dina na nona i vosavosa viavia levu.Au kilai nona qase vinaka e turaga dina,tokona na cakacaka ni vanua ka cuqena na veivaka turaga taki.Sa sega ni macala io ni dina na Kalou ga ko a cabe mai Lotu keina rarama mai Lau ka qai muri mai vei keitou mai Bau ena veisau taka vakadua na matanitu oqo.Na lotu e cabe mai lau ka vakatakila tu ko Qarase ia ko Bainimarama e dua e cavutu mai na Vanua o Bau e vaka takila tu na vanua.Ni da raica lesu na ka sa caka qo vei Qarase ena vukica vaka i tobouicu vakadua na matanitu nei Bainimarama....ni raica toka.

Ganesh said...

Sotia, you're trying to make sense of the conviction. You can't on its own merits. The only explanation is a politically motivated show trial intended to render the man ineligible to run for office.

round up said...

So let the Games begin. Let the regime backtrack again to the early 90's and weed out all the cases of abuse of office from then till now.So who are likely to be caught in the net? Or should they should go back to the early 80's to round up a few more Prime Ministers and Ministers ?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:37 PM

Yes Qarase and your ass is guilty. I am glad that you are one in a million that is man\ woman enough to admit it.

The Heckler said...

Anonymous 9:24, thanks for admitting that you're one of only two out of a million who see it that way.