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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fiji Kiwi's homes raided over so-called 'plot to kill Bainimarama'

Rajesh Singh. pic TVNZ
The Former SDL MP, Rajesh Singh, says New Zealand SIS and police raided his home and those of other Fiji nationals over an alleged plot to assassinate Frank Bainimarama.
Singh has told New Zealand media police officials, armed with a search warrant, took  his daughter's laptop computer and his cell phone yesterday.
He told Fairfax media the security officials told him they had "credible evidence" the 'assassination' was planned in Auckland a fortnight ago during a visit by Tevita Mara.
Rajesh Singh said he was also asked if he knew Mara, who was in New Zealand two weeks ago.
He says the told him they had 'credible evidence' Mara and another New Zealander were planning to kill Bainimarama and his attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
Singh told Fairfax: "I said that was news to me... I said it never happened, we never talked about those things."

He said they returned the computer and cellphone later in the day and thanked him for his co-operation.
"They said don't talk to the media, don't talk to anybody because the Fiji regime doesn't know anything," Singh told Fairfax.

Several other Fiji nationals in Auckland have also said their homes were also raided.

One of them, Shailendra Raju, told Coupfourpointfive the New Zealand police wanted information about the so-called plot.

He says the police went to houses where Mara is known to drink grog.

Raju says he was asked why he thinks the Bainimarama regime is corrupt and he showed them his files on the YP Reddy fraud case, including a letter from Police/DPP and solicitor general.

He said police were quiet after they saw the files.

Sources have told Coupfourpointfive police told them the complaint was made by the New Zealand government and that it was a joint operation with the Australian government.

A spokesperson for the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, has refused to comment.
"This is an operational matter. We have no comment on security and intelligence matters."


mark manning said...

I think we've all talked about assassinating Frank and Aiyaz, at some stage ! LMAO.

Stupid NZ said...

Incredible that NZ police would act on so-called talk to 'assasinate' Bai but ignores people's calls for help to remove the illegal regime. WTF are you doing Key?

Anonymous said...

Rajesh is a liar, always has been, always will be. Just trying to remain relevant. Who really believes the NZ intelligence service, whatever their name, would spend any time or deploy agents to investigate a Bainimarama kill plot. Its not going to happen on NZ soil or jurisdiction space, i.e., Tokelau, so who gives a rat's arse. Rajesh and Bainimarama should bang each other.

Anonymous said...

is this for real, nah dont believe it, NZ cant act on hearsay!!!

Anonymous said...

So NZ government supporting dictatorship now hahaha why dont we have the solution for kiwis???

Anonymous said...

Details of an alleged plot to assassinate Fiji's military ruler Frank Bainimarama and his attorney general have been revealed.

Rajesh Singh of the Movement for Democracy in Fiji told ONE News that New Zealand Secret Service agents raided his Auckland home and seized items earlier today.

The former Fijian cabinet minister told ONE News Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver four people from the SIS served him with a warrant and seized his computer, phone and a photograph.

Singh said they questioned him about a plot to assassinate Fiji's self-imposed Prime Minister and the Attorney General Ayaz Sayed Khaiyum.

But he says he knows nothing about the alleged plot.

He said he told the agents he hadn't discussed "anything of that nature"

"I don't condone this&I follow the law," he said he told the agents.

Singh says he will be lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman and Human Rights Commissioner over the search.

He says Movement for Democracy in Fiji is being targeted by the SIS because of their association with self exiled military man Roko Ului Tevita Mara, who is now living in Tonga and who is allegedly involved in this supposed plot.

Mara told ONE News he knows nothing about any assassination plot, and that it is "complete rubbish."

Anonymous said...

There would have been no need to plan to kill The Pig and and Khaiyum (if there was a plan in NZ to kill him)if NZ police had only acted on Andrew Hughes to arrest the dictator and prevent the 2006 coup

Fiji police chief tried to get Bainimarama arrested in NZ
By Russell Hunter and Victor Lal
5:30 AM Saturday Feb 18, 2012


Fiji's military commander Commodore Frank Bainimarama visited NZ in 2006. File photo / Brett Phibbs
Fiji's military commander Commodore Frank Bainimarama visited NZ in 2006. File photo / Brett Phibbs

Fiji's chief of police made a private call to his New Zealand counterpart urging him to arrest Commodore Frank Bainimarama a few weeks before the military leader seized power in a coup in December 2006.

It was reported at the time that a request had been made through Interpol and rejected by the New Zealand Government but only now can details from behind the scenes be vealed.

In November 2006 then Police Commissioner Howard Broad took the call from his Fiji counterpart Andrew Hughes, an Australian, who wanted to know if Commodore Bainimarama had committed any offence under New Zealand law for which he could be arrested.

Anonymous said...

What rubbish- who would want to waste time and money doing somthing violent- the opposition is about peaceful opposition by people power not force.

the junta has deformed fiji and will die a natural death at the next election and who needs to waste time.

Anonymous said...

Folks, remember this is the government that has to eat shit after its police helped the FBI sweep on Kim Dotcom and seize his files etc etc. Hasn't NZ and John Key got anything better to do ...?

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, qori, kemu, cava tale o namuma jiko... O James Bond!!

Anonymous said...

I am at a loss here!!
Just whose side is Keys on? The Pig's and his ILLEGAL lot, or us the down trodden, the tortured, the suppressed, the poor ordinary Fijian?
I think I smell a rat here!! This is one of the regime's EXCUSES and strategy NOT have the elections as promised!!

Anonymous said...

Why are NZ Law enforcement Agencies worried about the safety of overseas illegal Military Dictators who has committed crimes against Fijian Citizens?

Anonymous said...

If this is true those people alleged should be deported back to their respective country. Rule of law should apply.

kite flyer said...

mark manning I'm afraid I'll have to diaagree with you on this one. I have never been a part of any "we all" who have talked about assasinating Frank and Aiyaz at some stage. I have been steadfast in my democratic opposition to the regime and that's the way it will remain for me without recourse to any form of violence.
I know how the regime will come to an end - by an indigestion of power. Too much of anything - including too much of power - is not a good thing. That's why in a modern democracy power is proscribed. No man has unfettered power. But that constraint is not there for the mob in power in Fiji. And that's what's going to harm them in the end.

Anonymous said...

Waste of resources New Zealand!

Anonymous said...

Dina says..

What a sham .....

If there is any truith to this claims....than NZ police should have arrested Frank bainimarama in 2006 prior to his coup.

Bainimarama and his cohots plotted and assinated the people of Fiji with an act of treason - cum on NZ police.

bainimarama and Aiyaz are heavily guarded in Fiji - rajesh, salen raju and Roko Ului cant set foot in Fiji, so how will they execute this plot.

Even if someone does - so be it, people are fed up with this illegal regime. they have killed innocent lives instead. Cum on NZ police think before you act - or its another Kim DotCom saga.

Anonymous said...

This story was setup by frank to make himself look big and important. Don't read to much into this story.

Anonymous said...

This is a deliberate ploy by the piglet Aiyarsehole to divert attention away from the real issues that he and the pig Voceke are facing. NZ does not recognize Voceke as the PM so why would they use the SIS to raid people's homes?

Come on Voceke, you cannot hide behind your bociguards for too long, you will be put down.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh is talking rubbish, he tells one media that 20 houses got raided and now he tells another media that he doesnt know about others - is he lying again? what about mara - how could he slip in and out of NZ without anybody knowing - another bull from Rajesh.Fiji doesnt want Rajesh and NZ are investigating him - where to next - Naboro with his chief- leave Padoo for me - God Bless Fiji but not Chors like Rajesh.


mark manning said...

@ kite flyer
My comment wasn't really meant to be taken so literally and I disagree, the Regime's undoing will be because of the Economic crisis it created.

Anonymous said...

We are with you Rajesh.
Definitely complain to the Ombudsman and Human Rights Commisioner.
This issue of the "search warrant" is totally ridiculous. Whoever issued it should be reprimanded and be made to apologise to Rajesh.

Will they do a search if there is a "hearsay" about a threat to kill Bashar Al Assad of Syria being plotted in NZ.

Of course not.

There is no threat of Terrorism against NZ here.
There is no threat against anyone in NZ.
So what is their problem?
I can't believe NZ police could be so stupid.

Every grog session in every village in Fiji they're discussing how to assasinate Bainimarama. So what's the Big deal?

New Zealand police should get a life and stop being so stupid.

-Valataka na Dina.

kite flyer said...

point taken mark manning .my apologies for my literal reading of your tongue in cheek comment.

Grinno said...

I cant believe NZ would stoop so low and try to investigate a rumour of this nature.They should have done this to Bainimarama when he was in NZ before the coup.I think NZ and the UN short change the people of Fiji.They say they stand for DEMOCRACY.To me they are full of SHIT..

Anonymous said...

Pssst! Kiwi police!

I know who the real culprits are.

One's a bearded guy named John Samy.

The other's a hack writer who lives out in Horowhenua.

Lying politician said...

Is this the same Rajesh who promised he would donate all his salary to the poor if elected into parliament but changed his mind when won his seat?

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't the tyrant be assassinated? That is a fitting end for him and a fitting mission for his former military accomplice.

Anonymous said...

Credible evidence Bainimarama was about to have coup and NZ Govt does nothing.

Anonymous said...

Well if it's true I guess the wheels are in motion and it's not a matter of will it happen, but WHEN.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh give us another story, still
trying to manipulate our people!It's
not gonna work, this time.We know that
you're a liar,you threw up a challenge on c4.5 3 weeks ago,me&you- to duke it out in Samoa or Tonga,
but you didn't show-up Lamusona? I waited for you for 2 days in Samoa and 3 in Tonga,but
like the coward&crooks you are,didn't turn-up? Yes, i am your
worst nightmare.The man who could shut your mouth down permanently?
aiyse Khaiyum AG

Anonymous said...

The Liberation of Damascus is nigh at hand.

When will the Liberation of Suva begin?

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't RUM kill Bainivuaka? Baini is a traitor, and treason is usually at the top of capital offenses.

Baini wouldn't hesitate to kill RUM, given the opportunity.

We're never going to free Fiji by flying kites. 'Revolution isn't a tea party.'

Dumb NZ said...

Ironic, New Zealand was not prepared to arrest Bainamarama when he was there but are following up flimsy leads about people who show how much they oppose the military regime on blogs. Waste of resources and questionabe politics.

Anonymous said...

If this info was true why would RUM
want to use Rajesh in NZ instead of
using the real Bati from ONO, which
is close to Tonga? Come-on RUM are
you man enough to ask ONO to help
you out? Remember that ONO has the
most fearsome assassion history in
ancient Fiji! They've faithfully & methodically execute many strong leaders in ancient Fiji,including one of your ancestor, if the price
was right? So come on over and talk
to the tribe, give them something to look forward to, i'm darn sure
if the price is right, they just might take out the trash?

Anonymous said...

Is New Aeaandea trying to be a hero? Puhleeze. Why doesn't it act on something more believable like abuse of human rights and the loss or rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, SDL does not need people like you. Liumuri...

You liumuri Qarase to try to polish bainimarama's balls....now that u r out ofbai's favour, you want to associate yourself back to SDL supporters....you big LIUMURI

Satini Koki Tikoitoga said...


Anonymous said...

New Zealand Police should do something useful like training a crack unit to come to Fiji and assasinate the Treasoners.

Anonymous said...

Why unilaterally disarm when the future of Fiji is at stake? We need to defend Fiji.

The regime uses violence and the threat of violence to hold patriotic Fijians at bay. 

It's pretty clear that Yash Ghai isn't going to oversee a fair constitutional dialogue process, so what else is left us? Either we fight or accept the coronation of King Voreqe the Great.

Anonymous said...

NZ Police has nothing better to do. They should their resources tackling issues that matter.

Anonymous said...

Forget the 2012 Olympics people - Looks like we will have the World record holder for the tavioka patch sprint trying to break his record very very soon.

One problem is that Aiarse and his Mataivalu Ni Solisona will also be competing against him this time and he may just not be fast enough to break his own record and will receive the full brunt of justice by the people of Fiji.

One can already see the shit dripping out of his, Aiarse and the Mataivalu Ni Solisona arses.



Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh is an attention seeker. You like other's who speak of democracy are self-fish and have more to lose than offer. In other words, you have have more to gain getting in power. Only those in Fiji are entitled to talk about democracy and fairness. Not you. You are the empty vessel making noise with no action. And you need to exercise. I guess doing nothing and just party, eh!!!

Raj said...

I listen in the talk back this morning in NZ and I had Tarana Radio Host in Auckland was interview on this matter.Its just blow up in the media but in reality I think Frank pay some Money or Deal to the Tarana Broadcaster to spread the News over here so Frank can look Good.Iam a Fijian Indian from Fiji,I just want to say to you people in Fiji especially Indigeneous Fijian stan up and fight for our belove Country that we know around the world.Some of Us Fiji Indian stop interfior to the real Fijian because it their land and we are lucky for then accepting us to be Citizen Of Fiji.Here We Stand And Hold Hands Together to bring this people (Frank and his mates that causing all this errors).If We come from overseas in Fiji we always see if the road is good that means that goverment is running the Country well.God Bless All Indigenous Of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh "limelight Seeker" may have manufactured this whole thing to get attention. It is best that this whole fiasco be put to rest as no one in Fiji has balls to assassinate Bai. If they have half the brain, they need to look at 2000 attempted mutiny. See how far they got? Nowhere!!! That is how far any new attempt will go.

Anonymous said...

It's just a ploy by Voceke and his boyfriend Aiyarse to distract people from the real issues....corruption. I wouldn't waste a bullet on a piece of shit like Voceke. Better way is to scare him and he will die of a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

They were actually searching for his "random sentence generator" that he continually uses on the bloggs as it's boring so many readers to death.

Phone Man said...

Bainimarama is not beyond touch.

Anonymous said...

My open challenge to Rajesh Singh has gone unanswered. I agian challenge Rajesh to return to Fiji and carry out his mission to remove Bainimarama and restore Fiji to democracy. If he has genuine in his mission, he will catch next flight out of Auckland and be in Fiji.

mark manning said...

I thought Mr.Qarase's Government was accused by rank of being Racist ! If yes, then what was an Indian Fijian doing in his Party ?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning that Indo Fijian was just a "uncle Tom" as we say in USA or a token Nigger.

Sharon Suaniu said...

Bainimarama is the biggest terrorist, NZ should facilitate his assasination by supplying the hardwares and $$$.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh is full of hot air. RUM is another goose step coward who ran away in darkness.

C4.5 should not blindly give coverage to people who have vested interest and now heart for fiji.

Anonymous said...

This is just a distraction from the case against Qarase...This is Bainimarama and Khaiyum's technique!! !!They are worried that people are beginning to find out the truth about he's wicked intention behind the 2006 coup....

Anonymous said...

All this is hogwash. One only needs to be a class 5 student to realize that the illegal regime paid some people in NZ to broadcast the false coconut news that attempts on the lives of Bainimarama and Khaiyum were being instigated; for the foremost reason that NZ and other governments and many other people would become more sympathetic to them.

Bai and Khaiyum are becoming more fearful now that the noose is becoming tighter around their necks and they are losing face.

The latest revelations about their stooge judges Gates and Goundar, their loss of face in the current Qarase trial when they realized that their case is not as water-tight as they thought it will be, their loss of popularity, the crumbling economy, and many other other happenings contrary to their likings.

The tide is turning folks. They have been at the helm, which they forcefully took, for too long that they have run out of decrees to help them hold on much longer. The more they "decree unrighteous decrees", the less credible they become.

Someone said that while heroes die but only once, cowards die thousands of times over before their deaths. That's what's happening to Bainimarama and ASK now.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me which side is NZ actually supporting?
Cos I'm confused.
Are they supporting treasoners?
I thought Bainimarama at onetime was trying to interfere into NZ politics and telling former Fiji citizens not to vote for a certain politician.
Isn't that terrorism?
Shouldn't the NZ police be raiding his family in NZ?????

Anonymous said...
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