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Monday, July 2, 2012

Regime pushing on with Qarase and Karunaratne cases

Critical moment for deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase: the regime has called time on his Fijian Holdings trial in spite of a request for lenience to find appropriate legal representation.

Qarase is accused of facilitating and allowing the purchase of Class A FHL shares for certain companies when he was director of FHL, financial advisor of the Fijian Affairs Board and advisor to the Great Council of Chiefs.

He was originally represented by Qoriniasi Bale who has now said he will not represent Qarase, who will therefore need more time to find a Queens Counsel.

A preliminary hearing is being held today but the four-week trial officially starts tomorrow with Qarase to appear with a local lawyer.

Two Hong Kong based senior counsels are representing the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption, which has said it is reducing its number of witnesses and documents to allow 'a closer focus on the main issues'.

The Sri Lankan national accused of writing anti-Government graffiti in public places and on billboards is also expecting a major decision this week - that of his application for bail to be reviewed.

Jagath Karunaratne was taken in last October along with four others and his lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry, has filed papers seeking to have his arrest, interrogation and charges declared null and void.

He has also requested Karunaratne's bail be reviewed so his passport can be released to allow him to attend to important family commitments in Sri Lanka.

A decision was supposed to have been handed down at a hearing last Tuesday but Christopher Pryde's prosecuting team stalled matters with an affidavit declaring it plans to  lay fresh charge of conspiracy against the government. 

Coupfourpointfive understands Pryde's team have no evidence on the current graffiti charge or the intended new conspiracy charge but are still refusing to rule Karunaratne's arrest null and void, or to allow him to travel to Sri Lanka saying he is a flight risk.

Karunaratne was detained when the controversial Public Emergency Regulations was still in force and like many others, was held without a warrant and far longer than allowed under the so-called emergency legislation. 

It's believed he was kept for days in a dark cell in a condemned building in inhumane conditions, including being given just a bucket to use as a toilet and very little food, after orders from the top to keep him separate.

Editor's Note: Qarase's new counsel is the Suva lawyer, Tupou Draunidalo and she will be assisted by Samanunu Vaniqi. Fiji Village says Draunidalo sought a two-week adjournment today but was granted two days by the presiding Judge, Justice Priyantha Fernando. The trial will start Thursday.


Destruction of rule of law said...

Pryde must be held personally responsible for the destruction of the rule of law in Fiji. On his watch this facist junta of which he is part has committed serious human rights abuses including beatings of juveniles and pregnant women. Pryde must not be allowed to flree the country and the justice which is coming his way.

Can't Believe said...

Mention of the PER brings to mind the absolute latest on the Fiji Miss World. Locay guy who ran the contest is telling everyone he wanted to call the army to beat up someone wronged him! "In a conversation recently with a lawyer, I suggested that the Fiji Military take him to the barracks and take him through a string of strenuous physical activities."


Anonymous said...

Fijian Holdings is already run by Muslims and will become a Muslim company anyway.

Ni moce tiko ga na sotia ulukau.

Ka rawarawa na kena kautani mai vei kemuni na i taukei na kabani qo.
Dua ga na loan ki na dua na baqe ni musulomani qai mai "default" yani na payment. Sa na qai taura na baqe na kabani.
Vaka ga na "mortgagee sale".

Mai oti sara tu ga i keya nomuni kaukauwa na shareholders.

Au sega ni kila se cava tale me tukuni mei kemuni na sotia.

Kemuni na kaiviti nomuni Kabani, nomuni qele nomuni yau ( cooper bauxite etc) e na tauri vakaukauwa mai vei kemuni.
Ia ni moce tikoga.
Moce na turaga. Moce na Lotu . Moce na Sotia.

I remember a story in the Bible of someone sleeping and Jesus called him a "wicked lazy slave".
Go read it you might learn something.
God gave something to you Fijians but you just let someone steal it from you.

What do you do if someone steals your wife from you.
Do you just give her up? How long will you Fijians stay asleep?

Qo sa sega ni gauna ni moce. Sa gauna ni yavala.
Kua ni waraka tiko na 2014.

There will be no election in 2014you stupid fools.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, that boy Karunaratne is an idiot to get involved in the first place! Leave that fight to the Fijians, it belongs to them, not you little Mr. smarty-pants!

Let the Fijians esp.the so-called 'warriors' and 'turagas' get off their collective cowardly asses if they truly value democracy and understand what their God-given freedoms entail!

No one should ever do they bidding.

Karunaratne should be put on the first flight back to Colombo. Stop wasting taxpayers funds on his 5mins of fame amongst the nitwits in Fiji.

Pop Bang said...

Qarase will be in jail before election if this govt has its way.

Anonymous said...

The likes of Pryde will end up somewhere like Thailand after his good run comes to an end in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Qarase’s FHL trial set to get underway from this Thursday
Publish date/time: 02/07/2012 [12:04]

Former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase's four week Fijian Holdings trial is set to get underway from this Thursday.

Qoriniasi Bale has withdrawn as Qarase's lawyer and his new legal counsel is Suva lawyer, Tupou Draunidalo.

She will be assisted by Samanunu Vaniqi.

We will have more at 1pm.

Story by: Vijay Narayan and Tokasa Rainima

Anonymous said...

Karunaratne, this guy was GM for the now defunct Clariti.. IT company of FHL, and sold to Xtreme something becoz of big losses year in and out.. thought this guy cud salvage it... qai da sara.. He was working in NZ and is NZ citizen, why the hell did he want to come here after his high profile positions in IBM, Singapore etc.. Just doesn't pen out!! Conman??

Anonymous said...

How long has LQ had to sort out his legal representation ?

For someone who considers himself a leader of a political party both worthy of that position and claiming the support of so many where's his support now ?

Makes you wonder.

ex army said...

Good on you Bainimarama.Treat these innocent citizen of Fiji as you like because they all like you leading them.Kemu...sa da oca mai na rogo complain why we cant just do people.Lets all united and protest.

Anonymous said...

Bro, not everyone that comes to Fiji is a conman. Perhaps C4.5 can try and find out more about him for us.

kite flyer said...

"...why the hell did he come here...? when shit happens flies appear.c pryde,y ghai, j samy all fall into this same category. all with their own agenda and vested interest.

Anonymous said...

Jag's Friend....

I know Jag and he is a great guy. He was conned by many locals and not the other way around. Anyone goes to him for help wont go empty handed. Because he has a good heart. May be that is how he got in to this too. He got married to a local girl and living in here for years now. I say he sacrificed his top jobs for his love for the girl and for Fiji. Go Jag...Jag for next PM. I will vote for you and my friends..keep your spirits up and dont leave Fiji....We are with you and god bless you and your family....

Anonymous said...

@ Jag's Friend

Cheers to love! :))

Anonymous said...

qarase had more than enough time to find a QC.
No more excuses.
He betryaed common i taulie and needs to go to jail.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 2:05pm

So Qarase to jail, but the biggest murderers and theives in the country get promoted and elect themselves as our leaders?

What about Francis Kean? Spent 2 hours in jail?

What about Voceke - 2 coups and at least 6 murders to his name?

Justice has long since fled Fiji's shores - all we have now is the military dictatorship struggling to find a way to steal the nation for themselves.

Noone will vote for Frank, Aiyaz and his thugs. Too much blood is under their particular bridge.

Anonymous said...

Who gave pryde wanna be idiot to charge PM LQ/Jagat.
Why dont you asshole pryde charge khaiyum/bai/cronies for highest crime -treason.
Prove the world and fiji you are honest in your work pryde.
where is the file for y p reddy too.
charge this bastard reddy too.
pryde you wait when the fiji elected govt will charge your for treason and illegal oath mf.
live Pm LQ/Jagat alone.

Anonymous said...

Pryde and police have no guts to charge baini/khaiyum/others for treason.
Why charge legal leaders .
Same on you Police/DPP
Fiji regime is trying to put elected leaders behind bars and think will win election.
Khaiyum /bai you watch out idiots .
one day you will get it from the voters .
Bring n the election .
SDL/FLP will win the election.
GOD Bless PM LQ /Jagat.

Anonymous said...


Sleeping Logs said...

@Radiolucas Unfortunately some people have sold themselves to the Devil so they too can reap the riches from this corrupt administration. When democracy returns they will be the ones saying they had no choice. Everyone has a choice; it is just that some have taken the easy way out and typically of human nature they are not prepared to put themselves on the line for their what is right. Many tears will be shed before people wake up.

Anonymous said...

When our own fijians are lamu sonas at least this guy stood up. Appreciate it rather than bullshitting him. Let us show our gratitude by standing beside him in these hard times. When other sri lankans are licking ass for money, this guys showed that he is with our people. Dont worry karunaratne, we are with you and your family

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for someone outside to lead this fight. Our people cant understand the worth of freedom. Indians/Sri lankans fought for their freedom and they know how much it is worth. If this guy is genuine as some say, lets support him.

Helmand Tigers said...



Anonymous said...

army Fijian should open the eyes now.
khaiyum and bai are using fijian against fijian.
what a sad day for fiji .
great elected pm face trial for crime not even committed.
why didnt past govt charged PM - LQ-No case.
Khaiyum and bai are framing things to put elected leader in prison.
I hope one day the same thing will come back and haunt you frank/khaiyum.
what you do to others will be done to you.
god words.
PM LQ and Jagat our prayers are with you all.
Keep the fight for justice /democracy alive.
I salute you PM and Jagat.

ex army said...

Fiji is going down the drain gentlement not on the political situation only but whats in their heads.
Lots of people commenting here reckons that the people who are law abiding citizen are criminals and people who broke the law like Bainimarama are good people.
Ke sa vinaka na ca ka ca na vinaka sa dua na vanua toro sobu sa da tu kina qo.Cava ena yaco baleta ni da sa tokona na ca eda na rusa vata kece.Mate na kai viti kei na kai dia.

Anonymous said...

rajesh please stop using race for your arguements

Anonymous said...

frank/khaiyum are liars and coup makers.
when we fijian will stand up and fight the regime.
democracy is earned with blood ,sweat and tears.
read the history.
Army is blinded to spy and hit its own fijians
How long khaiyum/baini army will run fiji.
God gives and God taken away.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There will no justice for qarase, because this gov is full shit, and coruption. Justice cannot be served what ever bainivuaka said will be done in court.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.07, are you for real? Are u genuine yourself? Then why ask for someone from outside to lead 'YOUR' fight? Why the hell should someone from outside lead your fight?

If Fijians can not or do not understand the worth of freedom because they simply couldn't be bothered (typical hand-out mentality and aid-dependency syndrome), then it's clear to all that they probably don't deserve their freedom, they are not worth it, or are they?

Don't use/manipulate others to do your dirty deeds. DIY.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh- are you the same loser SDL minister?
LQ was a racist PM. This story is not balanced! LQ had ages to find legal representation!

Anonymous said...

Its very easy to know how many comments are from loser Rajesh, with or without his name.

Sharon Suaniu said...


Anonymous said...

Na cava me laki veilewaitaki kina ko Qarase.Oqo na nodra tou lawaki ca nai lala nei Bainivore, me kakua ni vosa rawa ko Qarase.Eratou sa rui viavialevu, me ratou butako, lasulasu veibeitaki tikoga ko iratou na vuaka oqo.O iratou me ratou biu ki vale ni veivesu.Come on Fijians, grab their throats and dump them into jail now !!!.

Anonymous said...

Thakur (my arse) Ranjit Singh is behind this malicious prosecution - the Indo-Fijian racist had cooked up the case for his chums in the illegal regime - we are making a note of you, Ranjit

Thakur Ranjit Singh’s lies exposed PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 November 2011 08:54

Corruption Fighter has exposed Thakur Ranjit Singh's lies about FHL and the claim that it was given money by the Qarase government. There was no loan to FHL, it was a loan to the Fijian Affairs Board. So there was no grant to FHL, it was a grant to the Fijian Affairs Board all along.

At the time of the 2006 coup Thakur Ranjit Singh again circulated his paper accusing Fijian Holdings Limited and Laisenia Qarase of serious wrong doing. He accused Qarase of giving $20 million of tax-payers money to a company in which he had an interest.

‘What taxpayers of Fiji need to know is under whose authority this taxpayers’ loan of $20m was converted to a gift for FHL. Note that board members of FHL, with shares then included Laisenia Qarase, Sitiveni Weleilakeba and Josaia Mar, who has been removed as Chairman of FEA by Commander. Also note that Laisenia Qarase was the interim Prime Minister when this shady and questionable deal took place.”

“As part of Commander’s cleanup, the whole saga at FHL needs to be reopened and relooked and the $20m of taxpayer funds should be repaid to the nation, and specifically reserved for rural development of each of the 14 Provinces and fat cats Fijians need to be trimmed down to size, so that the whole nation can be spared from ungrateful sons who projected others as enemies of the indigenous race.”

NOW the facts are clear for all to see:

The latest Annual Report from FHL has declared the facts:

“The objective of this report is to enhance shareholders knowledge on the subject of the $20.0 million Government loan. In fact, it was not a loan given to Fijian Holdings Limited but given to iTaukei Affairs Board (IAB) to buy shares in FHL.”

That’s right. THERE WAS NO LOAN TO FHL. The loan which was turned to a grant was given to the Fijian Affairs Board (now IAB).

When the $20 million was taken back, it was taken back FROM the IAB and the provinces on whose behalf they held it. These are the people that Thakur Ranjit Singh said should be the beneficiaries. Up to now they have received over $22 million in dividends to the Provinces. This stream of money has now been cut until the loan is repaid. When Fijians understand this, they will understand that the Clean-up Coup was based on a lie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 9.30p.m for the helpful info but I think we already understand that the $20million was initially a loan to FAB to buy shares in FHL.

Then later it was converted into a grant (gift).

Now, its back to its original status of a loan which FAB has to pay back through its dividends.

Ok, set. We already understand that.

What I can't understand is why FAB advisors et al did not advise the 14 provinces to buy the CLASS A shares so that they could obtain a much higher return on their dividends which could have paid off their $20million loan?

I thought FHL was set up to assist the development of the 14 itaukei provinces, and not for certain individuals to unjustly enrich themselves and their families.

Maybe you explain more on how and why things turned out the way it did?

Anonymous said...

Who owns class A shares in FHL apart from siti Lq and naisoro bros?

Anonymous said...

Sharon Suaniu-

What there is nothing wrong with Affirmative action! Its racist !!. SDL didnt win fair and square. It rigged votes. Guess what! 2014 elections SDL and Qarase wont be able to vote from the prison!..

mark manning said...

When democracy is restored and Frank and Co. are brought to task, there's no doubt that they will squeal like pigs asking for and expecting leniency and Justice for themselves, something they are happy to deny everybody else who opposes them in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I read some comments and laugh.
Some people dont have guts to put their name in comments but bark like a dog.
I didnt ever called PM LQ racist.
Simple how can sdl/pm be racist .
when we were give seat to contest in the election.
we had over 15 indians fought on sdl ticket for 2006 election.
So you can comment and bark as much you can but you cant put me and sdl down.
god bless you my friends.

Anonymous said...

We have to write to NZ/AUSS/USA/UK/UN GOVT AND ORG.
FIJI Court is controlled by the regime AG and Nazat .
We can see in advance the cases of former PM LQ AND MPC and Jagat are all coming at same time.
Regime are trying to fabricate things and put elected leaders behind the bars before the election.
They are trying to weaken the political parties.
If the regime is fair than get overseas judges to hear the cases of this pm/jagat.
We dont have faith in Fiji police/army/judges/dpp anymore.
SDL time of govt VP/MP/HIGH CHIEFS went to jail.
So how can you call sdl govt was corrupt..
So people lets write petition to all those above govt and org to put pressure on the regime.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

This is an investment opportunity. The opportunity to buy shares at various class was issued as per closing day. Provincial Councils, and individuals who were registered under the VKB had the opportunity to invest. This were lies spread within the Camp to degrade LQ.

Lets have the Elections and see the outcome. The voter registration is part of the process in any election. What are the boundaries which we are registered on.

LQ, this country needs you to survive.

Anonymous said...

Ranjit singh...
GO ask your regime friends how much salary been paid to them.
Why there is no audit report since 2006 to 2011?
Chor like you always want to be in lime light and have corrupt brain .
Where is your mate charle wakeam you did deal with him and umaria billboards.
How much comm you made ranjit.
July 3, 2012 9:32 AM

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 8.58a.m

Let me put it this way: y'see people discredit particular persons for reasons that are sometimes only best known to them. So if all they're doing is spreading 'lies' about particular persons, then that will not take them far, as all you need to do is simply refute those 'lies'.

The truth is very reasonable.

People generally hate dishonesty and lies, and those who spread gossip for the hell of it, simply do not get too far with it.

On the other hand, if circumstances are not favourable to straighten these 'lies' out, for e.g. if there's a court case pending for trial or in the process of being heard and these issues/question that are being raised are pertinent to that case - then all you do is simply say so.

The truth is very reasonable.

The public may not know exactly what the case is about but they will bend backwards to understand a difficult situation if it is explained truthfully and candidly to them.

But what I think they will not tolerate are deliberate lies, BS, beating around the bush, hiding behind technical jargon or lingo, trying to be a smart aleck or deliberately evading issues - that only insults their God-given intelligence and adds salt to injury (i.e. loss of trust in corrupt practices by i-taukei leadership).

The i-taukeis, no matter their varying educational backgrounds, are much more perceptive than most of you like to think... and the real tragedy is if LQ et al still have not grasped this fact since the coup of Dec06.

Someone also said in here that affirmative action is racist, it is NOT but it may have been perceived that way if the policy criteria for giving people a leg up was based on race/ethnicity instead of the available means/resources that a person or a family has at their disposal.

We all know that most of those higher ups in the military regime were beneficiaries of affirmative action and corruption. Yes, the sword cuts both ways.

The real shame however is the regime's imposition of sanctions against free speech, expression and free media by the junta, because in doing so, all they've done is ruined their own credibility and claims to having the truth on their side.

The public does not need human rights advocates to help them see that the junta is hiding something given their draconian responses to civil and political freedoms.

Fijians or people for that matter, are not robots or machines to be 'managed' in this manner.

The regime and their advisors have squandered whatever political capital they may have accumulated prior to the 06coup. What a shame...

Anonymous said...

Hey Rajesh,you just cant see the truth because you are so stuck up with your so called PM qarase...you were and still are a 'masi polo" of qarase...nothing contructive comes out of you...do everybody a favour...just shut up

Anonymous said...

Qarase was given more than enough time to look for his counsel..so there should not be any excuses that he coul;d not find one....its just a delaying tactic used by the defence...let the trial proper begin

Anonymous said...

Olei rajesh,

You barking wrong tree again. Can u tell us in the seat you won under SDL, what was the breakdown of voters by racial lines; how much votes u got; how much votes FLP got; look at the number of voteas in the indsian and fijian communal seats for the same constitueny and u will know very clearly that u won because of Fijian votes. U then back stabbed FLP and was booted by LQ.

Paula Tucaketale said...

Well I don't see anything wrong with Qarase here except to say this regime is worse off with the corruption they are involved in. And prosecuting the other guy for anti gov graffiti is not a crime since the regimes are the ones that put out a media decree banning free speech. What do they expect?

Anonymous said...

Qarase had almost 9 months to get a lawyer for his case, now his lawyer Qoroniasi Bale wants to bale out for a QC what the heck was he waiting for all this time? Theres a lawyer who pens articles here on C4.5 & has a proven track record for winning cases, he could put up his hands to take on Qarases case why not? If they don't allow him into the country C4.5 could have another article to write about? Just a thought?

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:00pm...And who might be this
good lawyer? Jack? He's no lawyer! If you can give me a good name, i would be happy to
finance him/her to defend the former PM of Fiji? That asseole Qoroniasi Bale is trying to bale out cause he will be next on FICAC
charge book.I made my own investment with FHL without any
influence from anyone.I just wanted to support an organization
which were determined to Give us-Fijians a chance to be financially
independent in our home land? I still hold the same vision and will
help to make sure that the former PM receives all the legal help he can get?
July 7, 2012 9:24 AM

Anonymous said...

The law to established this Fijian
investment Institution was established by the Rabuka Administration. In a normalized situation investigations normally
runs into over 5 years,on both the
Government and defence sides? Hey Jack-you're the lawyer,tell us if
Qarase has a case to answer?