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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Registration clerks getting 'bum deal'

Registration clerks. generic pic FBC News
Complaints are coming in from the field about Election Office staff having to work overtime every day to meet the regime's goal of registering 600,000 thousand voters in eight weeks.

Sources say registration clerks are having to cover huge distances but are not getting any meal allowance, travel or field allowances.

According to sources: "The poor clerks are paid $100 in advance and such clerks go as far as the Western Division, Namosi areas - even as far as Lau. 

"Yet there is inconsistency as Taveuni Clerks are paid $360."

Sources say errors are inevitable as a result of the push to register so many in such a short time and staff not being looked after properly. 

Clerks are worse off and appear to have been left in the dark. According to sources they have been told only that funds will be deposited into their account, but with no banks in the rural areas they can't access the money.

It's claimed some have been stranded at some points.

There are also reports of cases where co-ordination is lacking, there is no team work and kits have arrived late at stations as a result.

While the illegal prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, last week said government officials shouldn't expect to get paid, sources say registration clerks are not in the same boat.
According to one: "The Australian Government while trying to make sure that elections take place, are being blamed for the short payments by the Election Officials who are working tirelessly day and night.

"Again, margin for error is huge. If the Australian government is genuine, why are they paying such rates to our people? This is double standards if true. 

"If Government is also serious about elections, why are the Fijian people treated this way? Who is accountable for this debacle?" 

Meanwhile, the C4.5 blogger who was first to note the regime would have to register far more than it reckoned to reach its goal, has had another look at the campaign. See below where he thinks things are at now:

IN MY FIRST posting last week after the first day of registration for eligible voters, I had calculated that 11,500 registrations were required every day except Sundays if the target of 600,000 total registrations is to be achieved at the end of the eight week registration period beginning on the 3rd of July and ending on the 31st of August, 2012.

Since then I have had to revise the daily target to 10,000 registrations after discovering that the regime’s plan was actually to conduct registrations every day, including Sundays for a total of 60 days.

In this update following the first seven consecutive days of registration from the 3rd of July to the 9th of July, the result showS that the daily target of 10,000 registrations was not achieved. Consequently, there was a shortfall each day. The average for the week was only 3,579 registrations, despite a significant jump on the last day of the week, Monday the 9th of July, to 7,000 registrations. This result on the last day of the week is consistent with the deployment of more registration teams as announced by the regime.

I have prepared Graph 1 below to show the result of the first week of registration.

Graph 1: Daily Registrations

I had also stated in my first posting that the regime faces a mammoth challenge to achieve its target of 600,000 registrations in total. 

Challenges like technical limitations, geographical dispersions, and willingness of eligible voters to attend registration on their own accord were some of the challenges that needed to be overcome.

I had stated further that the challenge would be compounded each time a daily target is missed, with the mountain getting steeper by the day when that happens. Graph 2 below shows exactly what I have said.  It shows the cumulative total of registrations. By the end of the first week, total registrations should have reached 70,000 but in fact only 25,058 was achieved with a shortfall of 44,942 registrations.

The shortfall was growing by the day but was stemmed only slightly by the best result of the week on the seventh day. The overall shortfall would have to be reversed in its entirety, and in very quick fashion if there is to be any real chance of achieving the end target of 600,000 registrations.

Graph 2: Cumulative Total of Registrations

I have also prepared a graph to show total registrations by Division. Graph 3 below shows a surprising result with the Northern Division recording more registrations than the more populated Western Division. The gap between these two divisions only narrowed after the results for Monday 9th of July was tallied. Before that the gap was more than 50% in favour of the Northern Division.

Graph 3: Voter Registration by Division

I will be preparing another update after 2 weeks of registration, and will continue to do so after each week until the end of the registration period on the 31st of August for as long data is made public through the various news media outlets. The data, however, is based on the regime’s announcements and has not been independently verified.


Anonymous said...

Well done, blogger Wadan Narsey - keep it coming! We need more graphs and expose of more graft on the illegal regime

Ram Sami said...

People should be able to register themselves electronically.

Will save time and money.

Anonymous said...

Then provide computers for the villages with internet access!!

Anonymous said...

If any moron has problem with the present registration, then how you describe the registration under Qarese. At least 25% of non Qarese voters were either left out or were wrongly registered.

Anonymous said...

With all the registration hiccupps going on, we wonder whether they will achieve their quota 600,000.

Too much bloody crap!!

Anonymous said...

We could still protest, and the fact that you are quoting these statistics just shows that one had verifiable evidence - since 2006 no one knows anything except what the present dictatorship ones one to know what is happening in Fiji

Doc said...

@Anon 9.53
And you blame that on Qarase? Get a grip, numbnuts.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when the Supervisor of Elections Office is underfunded and left vacant for so long?

I guess Felicity Heffernan's skit was right -- it WOULD take a superhuman effort to organise elections in Fiji, given how the regime beggared her office.

Not to fear, Aiyaz is here! He's the closest thing to Superman that the regime has. If anyone can doctor the numbers, it is he. And if anyone's to be blamed for an election debacle, he's also the guy.

Anonymous said...

This blog site seems to have a problem with everything the present govt does

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does, for everything the regime is doing is illegal

Anonymous said...

@ 3,17 am..this is a blog you stupid dumb wall nut and door rug..You read blogs with an open mind..and this particular blog is here for people to speak their minds without fear of persecution ..and to be a critic of the present government is a normal thing in all democracies where people are free to air their views in order for ministers and leadeers to be conscious of their actions cause they are being paid and voted in by citizens who are taxpayers and the ones footing the bill for their purchasing of properties..meals..per diems..airline tickets to china..etc..That is why democratic governments have parliments where there is a ruling party that has won the elections on one side..and the opposition ..the loosing side on the other..the opposition being he loosing side will always be crititcal of the ruling party and will always counter everything they make decisions on..that my dear dumb wallnut is why being critical of the present government is always good and healthy for a country to grow and prosper economically as in all mordern democracies..if you still cant get it then you might be a reincarnation of someone still living in Hitlers era or you must have just gotten off the boat from KIm Sun 2s country..lol

Anonymous said...

@ #.17 am..Everything this government does will be under scrutiny from us the international community cause they have lied in the past and all their excuses for taking over a legally elected government doesnt seem to add up..we now have proof and audio recordings of the dictator admiting to the fact that he was the main man in the 200 coup..so when a maniac tries to make things right..would you believe him??..This country is being led by a phsychotic delusional paranoid schizophrenic..and all behind him are just trying to make things right by playing along with him..GET REAL..The last decision for having elections rests with him..TRUE OR FALSE??..If he decides to change his mind tommorow..what exactly could you possibly do??

Anonymous said...

no election .thats for sure.
khaiyum/frank will say people not interested to get registered.
so they will be no election.
mark my word.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 3.17am.. it's a good thing these bloggers are not in the real Opposition party..otherwise we'll get nothing moving..

Apart from that ..thanks for the graphs and figures...common thing in Fiji, last minute rush never fails!!

Anonymous said...

fiji is just becoming uganda of the pacific.
frank/khaiyum is like idi amin dada.
army is used to threat people and kill citizens .
who oppose them.
so no election will happen guys.
fijian have to fight for freedom/democracy look at libya/syria.and others.
no guts no glory.

Anonymous said...

I do not know why people are stressing themselves over the 2014 Elections.

It will NOT happen as Sir Khaiyum, Tui Viti and Vunivalu of Bau will remain in power for many many more years to come.

Sir Khaiyum does not give a fuck about all these graphs and all these people complaining about the voter registration because they are insignificant in the bigger scheme of things he has planned for Fiji in line with his thesis.

Anonymous said...

This blog site is closest thing to having an opposition party the illegal regime can get. Pick up any local paper or turn on any local radio or tv station and you will get censored news. For they are all running on fear of getting closed if they speak openly.

Here we write without that fear. I think coup 4.5 needs to start polling online. This will put fear into the regime. Look at Australia, every time the polls were bad the ALP had leadership change.

Anonymous said...

Interesting anon 3.17am couldn't even sign on with identity. what are you fearing? If you have only nice things to say about the regime then you do not hide like us who only have criticism.

Anonymous said...

Gold FM’s Speak Your Mind
When: Tonight at 10.30pm
Where: Fiji Broadcasting TV
The Attorney General and Minister of Elections, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, will be on the programme to talk about the Electronic Voter Registration and Fiji’s roadmap to the General Elections of 2014. That’s tonight at 10.30pm and the replay, tomorrow, Wednesday July 11th at 11am only on Fiji Broadcasting Corporation TV!

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun tells us today that as blos have said Bai maybe leading a multiracial party for the elctions...hmph. really? More like a plan top hijack government and install himsel as Pres.

One person will be watching the current trial of Laisenia Qarase with more than usual interest – his predecessor as prime minister and would-be political partner, Mahendra Chaudhry.
Mr Chaudhry knows that if Mr Qarase is found guilty, he’ll be removed from the political scene and theirs will be the briefest of flirtations.
But if he’s cleared, the SDL leader is someone Mr Chaudhry intends to enlist for the political struggle of his life – trying to derail Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama morphing into a civilian leader at the election in 2014.
The proviso, of course, is that Mr Chaudhry himself avoids any conviction over charges relating to currency laws and tax.
It’s all rather messy even by the usual Byzantine standards of Fijian politics.
But it hasn’t stopped the Labour leader from engaging in some fascinating political manoeuvres in recent weeks, all with a view to getting himself into the best possible position for the 2014 poll.
Leaving aside the question of whether Mr Qarase and Mr Chaudhry are still left standing on the political battlefield, there seems little doubt that Mr Chaudhry wants to avenge his removal in the George Speight coup of 2000 and take up where he left off.


His furious response to rival Krishna Datt’s call for him to stand aside is indicative of a man determined to stand and fight. His main rival, of course, is Commodore Bainimarama, who – if the whispers are correct – could lead a new multiracial party into the election.
But to turn 2014 into a two-man contest by establishing himself as the only credible alternative to Commodore Bainimarama, Mr Chaudhry first needs to neutralise Mr Qarase at the SDL and dispose of Mr Datt, who’s threatening his leadership of the Labour Party.
But Mr Chaudhry must realise that the odds of him ever emerging again as prime minister are stacked against him. Why? Because the entire political ballgame played in Fiji since independence will change in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Qarase should refuse to appear in court in the first place because it is a court that is assembled under the auspices of an illegal administration. By doing so he has shot himself in the foot indicating that he accepts the legality of the current judiciary and the regime.

Anonymous said...

If the odds are stacked against Chaudhry ever again becoming Fiji's PM, it's primarily because the regime has stacked the cards and loaded the dice.

Mr. Chaudhry does not need to neutralise Qarase because the regime is determined to do that already. The regime's case against Qarase is unraveling, but the court's Nazhat Shameem-authored statement convicting the man is probably already in its second draft.

Conviction wouldn't necessarily remove Qarase from the political scene. He could still be a kingmaker. In fact, the regime may come to regret disqualifying Qarase from running for office -- not so much because it would give the lie to its claims of a genuine election and be another provocation done under Yash Ghai's very nose, but because it could clear the way for Qarase to anoint a successor, who might just be more popular and acceptable to the FLP than Qarase.

It would be better for Qarase and Chaudhry to give their joint endorsement to a common unification candidate now, for reasons I've elucidated previously.

Chaudhry knows that after Qarase's conviction, his own neck will be next at the chopping block. Given his record of opportunism, I shouldn't be too surprised if he reaches an out-of-court accommodation with the regime. For the sake of Fiji and his personal and political legacy, though, he'd do better to hazard his chances by joining forces with Qarase.

Bainimarama will soon tip his hand regarding his true intentions. I expect him to form a 'progressive, multiracial' party of 'fresh new faces', comprised mostly of treasonous military officers, collaborators, sycophants, and carpetbaggers. He'll cast himself in the reformist mould of Turkey's Kemal Attatürk, but he'll be following the ways of political power and corruption modelled by Indonesia's Suharto. 

The only real question is whether Bainimarama and Aiyaz will personally stand for election.

The question is not whether Bainimarama will return to the barracks. He won't. He plans to cling to power for the rest of his life.

As I've long said, I personally don't think he plans to contest the elections, either. He sees where that got Rabuka, and Rabuka has far greater leadership qualities than he. He doesn't want to entrust his fate to the voters of Fiji. In my '18th Brumaire' scenario, he'll instead seek to engineer his way into a vastly more powerful presidency made possible by the current 'constitutional' 'dialogue'/farce.

Similarly, Aiyaz is too detested and arrogant to stand for office. Bainimarama will give him another sinecure. I think he'll likely appoint him Chief Justice, from which position he can better protect the regime's legal flank. He can then pontificate to his heart's content, and Shameem can write his legal opinions for him.

The question of whether the elections will even occur is secondary to the question of whether they'll be meaningful in any case. That question was already answered in the negative when Bainimarama appointed Aiyaz election supervisor.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Radiolucas said...

"But Mr Chaudhry must realise that the odds of him ever emerging again as prime minister are stacked against him. Why? Because the entire political ballgame played in Fiji since independence will change in 2014."

I doubt that.

More like, the odds are stacked against ANYONE other than Frank winning because that is the way dictators like to arrange their election results.

Coup 4.5 said...

Graham Davis makes a big song and dance about Fijian support for Bainimarama from the "traditional ceremonies of apology to Commodore Bainimarama" which "have been a regular feature even in those parts of the country - such as Naitasiri - that were once bastions of opposition to his rule" (Fiji Sun 10/7)
Graham Davis exposes his naivity.
Apologising and having an elaborate ceremony around it is a common cultural trait of the Fijian people.
Today they are apologising to Bainimarama . Tommorrow they'd be apologising to some other leader who is calling the political shots in the country.
It's a ritual the Fijians go through.
( I went as part of a government team to villages where villagers welcomed Rabuka with much funfare and grog and all the usual paraphrenalia but dumped him and his party in the elections!!)
Graham Davis might be reading too much into the traditional ceremonies of apology by taking it at face value.
The Fijian mind is a lot more complex.
yours sincerely,
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

whatever,my lord, we have no case to answer!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dina says....

Graham Davis should suck Frank & Aiyaz cherry....
he deserves it....

Anonymous said...

Sub standard over crowded housing for clerks. Must be at official point by 7 am no transport to provided then work a 12 hour shift. No meals or refreshments out in the field. Government was not ready for this exercise to start. They should stop now because its screwed up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How many voting device will be in place on voting day? It seems the registration system isn't coping so how will voting system cope?

Mr Graham Sammy Davis Jr do you have any smart answer for us idiots at Coup 4.5?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:24 Qarase had to rush thru a a person from Australia who was attending University to run the elections including the voter registration. Which when compared to previous years registration absolute crap. Go have a look at names of people who lived in Suva but had their names registered in Nadi!

Anonymous said...

Who was that part-Chinese girl (with a chinese surname) who was employed at the Electoral Office during the last elections (2006) and was subsequently convicted for fraud (after she pleaded guilty), by Suva Magistrates Court (between 2007-2009) for faking her Bachelor of Arts certificate from USP.

How was she even recruited to the elections office with those fake academic certificate supposedly from USP and no one bothered to check her out? Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Are these figures right: we only just got to 18,0000 a couple of days ago. And what happened to them saying they wanted overseas voters to vote? Why change of tune?

Voter registration not compulsory - AG

Voter registration in the country is not compulsory and will not be made compulsory according to Minister for Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

When asked by Fijivillage on whether the government may look at the option of making voter registration compulsory, Sayed-Khaiyum said this will not happen as Fiji gets a good voter turnout.

Voter registration continues around the country and as of last night, just over 59,000 voters were registered.

About 660,000 potential voters are expected to be registered by the Elections Office.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

Today is the 14th of July 2012..and only 75,000 have registered..it seems that a huge number of fijians are not bothered about registering cause they dont want anything to do with these illegal lot..looks like a huge failure like the charter they tried to force down our throats..haahaahaa..and they think that by manipulating the media they can brainwash all of us into thinking that their cause of moving fiji foward..another..haahaaa..is not so genuine...sa rauta mada na veivakaisini..keimami sega ni mataboko..keimami sa raica kece tiko na veidabui levu e cakava tiko qo o Bainimarama..keimami sega ni mai gone lailai me keimami vakasucumi ena i ulubale lawaki ca ko cakava tiko mai Bai..oiko mo veilewai..o iko o sega ni mai kalou mo via mai lewa na lawa i viti..kemudrau kei na kemu i vutu o Khaiyum mo dra qai i naboro rau..sa rauta mada..haahhaah

Anonymous said...

Now that they declared voting is not compulsory, it seems like on supporters of the illegal regime have registered. Good luck Fiji

Anonymous said...

Even god is trying to stop the registration process by throwing bad weather at the ship departing for Lau island. What will happen now? I am sure this dumb regime didn't plan on this delay.