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Monday, July 16, 2012

Villager made to pay for EVR muck up

Police charge villager. FBC pic
The heavy hand of Fiji's military government at play again today.

The regime has charged a 58 year old man from Serua with criminal intimidation after he confronted electronic voter registration clerks for arriving a day later than they were supposed to.

Peni Turagacovu is to appear in the Navua Magistrates Court today with the regime using media to warn people that 'disruptions to the EVR process will not be tolerated.'

Director Police operations SSP Rusiate Tudravu is quoted widely as saying: “I want to make it clear to the public that the Police will come down hard on anyone who tries to disrupt the EVR process. This is the government’s intention and we are here to provide the safety and security of the officials.”

Coupfourpointfive last week reported that glitches in the unelected government's ambitious campaign to register 600,000 voters in eight weeks were already surfacing.

Sources on the ground told us clerks are being sent out into the field without being paid although they had been promised $100, while in some areas clekrs were promised $360.

Sources also said lack of resources and poor co-ordination meant kits were not arriving at some stations and that errors were occuring because of the pressure being put on the teams.

According to one it was being left to an under resourced and inexperienced team to fulfil the regime's unrealistic registration programme.

"While Khaiyum is relaxing, Mrs (Mere) Vuniwaqa and staff with Col Tikoitoga's bro, Major Isoa Loanakadavu, who are not that experienced in the election processing, are running around like crazy trying to make it work."

Rusiate Tudravu is now warning police may be brought in to oversee the registrations. 

He told FBC: “If the situation permits then we will start deploying personnel to the various centres. But we don’t want to deploy Police officers everywhere. We will only do that if people are trying to obstruct EVR clerks.”

The regime is, meanwhile, blaming bad weather for the failure of the government ship, MV Iloilovatu, not sailing to Lau to deliver 80 registration clerks, who are having to cool their heels in Suva.

Questions today, too, about why the regime leader Frank Bainimarama is wearing a bandage as shown in these two photographs recently. 

The treasonous fraudster continues to try to promote a clean, respectable image as hierarchy and supporters tout him as a true leader.

But with many slight of hand already well-documented, nothing should be taken for granted as Bainimarama and co have changed the goal posts on the people many times.

His campaign pitches, such as those mouthed to the Solomon Island community over the weekend (“My Government has been working to ensure that all Fijians are treated equally and with dignity. Together we stand as Fijians, united as a nation"), continue to ring hollow.


Coup 4.5 said...

Jovilisi Golea(32) of Bocalevu, who is physically diabled and can only move about with the palm of his hands,took himself to a voter registration centre in Labasa to register for the 2014 election. He said "I will vote two years from now to choose a government that will lead us well"(FT 15/7). That is precisely why a democratic election is held. And, some people have been writing in to say there is no need for an election in Fiji.
I don't understand such people - people who are prepared to giveaway their right to choose their government. But then humanity is made up of all sorts, isn't it? Rajend Naidu,sydney


Count me in
Serafina Silaitoga
DESPITE his physique, Jovilisi Golea who depends on his hands for mobility, made his way to a voter registration centre in Labasa to register for the 2014 election.


Anonymous said...

I salute you Hon PM, even though we are struggling, we have high hopes for where Fiji is heading now.. clean and hard, that's how it's suppose to be...Vinaka..

Anonymous said...

There will be more casualties besides Poor Peni - the EVR campaign has its problems. The one we have to watch out for is errors. Papers over weekend saying more than 70,000 now registered - huge question mark over this figure.

Mataviri said...

You will have no choice at the elections and you will have no say in the constitution. You will be living under an oppressive autocratic dictator until you decide to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Its already a failure, the Eminent Overseas persons whom they appointed to sit on the Commission have not turned up.

The only overseas participant is the devious Ghai. He has an interest in seeing this through because he conceptualised the warped extra judicial, illegal and corrupt ideological “rationale” for the 2006 coup d’etat.

His protege, Khaiyum, is eagerly implementing every single bit of his Guru ji's demented, devious and utterly corrupt theory of “Constitutional change”.

The Heckler said...

The bastard is wearing a wrist bandage because he's suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. He developed it from wanking off so often to Graham Davis articles in the Fiji Sun.

mark manning said...

Frank should be applauded for at least treating all Fijians the same, with disdain and a total lack of respect !

Anonymous said...

Fiji Police Commissioner Abuses Power and Office while strengthening himself at strategic Level

As disclosed to C4.5 earlier this year that compol was trying to strengthen his position with his son marrying the Foreign Ministers Daughter.


As evident this has happened at the expense of the Fiji Police Force and taxpayers. The feasting before the wedding (3days) – all lovo materials
- dalo
- fish
- crabs
- liquor
were supplied by Police Officers from each police station in Fiji on directive from compol that each station must give 20 bundles of dalo and fish. All were to be collected by respective station officers. All these were collected by IP 1457 Semi Talawadua (Station Officer ) Valelevu Police station who had 20 boys under his command had 20 police constables to collect in office police twin cabs from all police stations and take t to compol house to do the lovo for 3 days.
It has also been disclosed that IP Semi is related to commissioner and hails from vanualevu has gone to the extend of getting all the liquor held as exhibits at valelevu police stations and offering it at the police commissioners son wedding and also for him and the boys. If a spot check is done at the exhibits room in valelevu police station – one will find that al rum bottles are filled with coke and gin bottles with water.
Also in this event two black market vendors in Nadera ( Rebu circle) and Nasinu Road (Papa shop) were threatened and 6 cartons of beer were taken for the commissioner of police by IP Semi and boys to be used in the wedding.
Not only this – the commissioner has influenced his way to AG and Inoke to persuade that Romano Tikotikoda ( fmr police ) who was dismissed by PM in 2006 be given a post as ambassador in PNG( he is taking the post by next week in PNG).
The commissioner has also strategically placed himself in a strategic position to maneuver the PM office as he has placed the vanualevu connections in most high positions in police, army and now as ambassadors.
One must note that the commissioner is also strategically placed as the “boy” for Sitiveni Rabuka his former boss of CRW who is also giving him advice as the “axe” hangs on his neck.
The commissioner was appointed the first CO( commanding officer) for CRW which was establish by Rabuka. He has served with Rabuka as his personal aide for 10 years and still listens to him for advice.
Its Fijian connection and politics at the best- compol knows that he is exposed to the brink that is why he used the in-law connection ( Inoke - Foreign minister) to get his best friend Romano Tokitokida as ambassador to PNG.
What commissioner is doing is establishing a vanualevu link to consolidate power in a power play that sees him "safe" for now.

Example: he is very close to land force commander and he invited him to open a new command centre at Nabua few weeks ago, usually the norm is that PM is invited or minister of defence.
As an expert on intelligence and political leverage I have worked and followed a disturbing norm of conduct from commissioner that is even more corrupt than Pm and dangerous if given space to blossom

Anonymous said...

The villager has every right to confront this person for not arriving on the appointed date.

The one who should be charged with "Criminal Intimidation " is the stupid Policeman, for intimidating citizens.

Wrong is right and Right is wrong. Huh?

Au nanuma ga de ra ulukau ga na sotia.
Qo sa laurai sa ra ulukau tale ga na Ovisa

Obviously this policeman wasn't using his brain properly.
May be too much grog or may be just a stupid recruit who did not take the time to use his brain before arresting people.

Someone has given him a Dumb order and the stupid-dummy has actually gone and carried it out.

If the Magistrate convicts this villager, then there is no more doubt in my mind that this country is being led by really dumb morons.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Truth behind the bandage- Bainimarama was drinking in traps at 3.30 am and one indian man started taking about how sexy was Naz Shameem then Bainimarama got angry and punched this man several times thats how he damaged his hand.

Anonymous said...

frank can you tell the public -
how much salary been paid to you and ministers.
audit reports since 2006 to 2011 published.
how much contract been awarded to china/malay company.
what is the ratio of fijian and indian/others in army,police and civil services,
one example ministry of youth & sports have 99 staffs .91 fijians and 8 indians..
so stop your con job and lies,
time for you walk the talk if not resign and face the court as PM LQ /MPC/OTHERS are facing.
if you are man than you will do this if not as usual you are liar and con artist like your master khaiyum.
fijian will never vote you loose.,cheat,liar.
god bless fiji people so they can open their eyes,

Lavu na Sulu Lave na Sona. said...

The photo on the right very clearly demonstrates current financial position of bai/khai govt.Please also notice bai's right hand got bandaged and this happened in a function where a very handsome gay was trying his luck on Nazhaat Shameem but got hiding from BAINIMARAMA.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 9:59am

I think anything involving Frank and Aiyaz is ever likely to be "clean and hard" - more like 'dirty, stupid and takes more than 8 years to do anything'.

Their lack of interest in voter registration is symptomatic of their lack of interest in any election - they are not interested in allowing enough time for voter registration because they have no interest in a legitimate election outcome.

Anonymous said...

Former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase's lawyer has today filed an application for a permanent stay on proceedings in relation to Qarase's Fijian Holdings trial.

Defence lawyer, Tupou Draunidalo has filed the application on the ground that potential witnesses have passed away.

She highlighted the death of former Chairman of Fiji Holdings Limited and Fiji Development Bank, Lyle Cupit and the death of former Minister of Finance, Josevata Kamikamica.

She also said that during cross examination, FICAC witness, Sitiveni Weleilakeba had said that Cupit was the main player.

Draunidalo said that based on this, the unavailability of Cupit is a great disadvantage to Qarase.

She also raised the issue that Qarase was charged in 2008.

Draunidalo said that the authorities waited about 16 years to investigate the matter and no explanation was given on the delay.

She said that they can only refer to witnesses who have taken stand and has submitted that the accused will not be able to receive a fair trial.

Draunidalo is currently making her submission before FICAC responds on this matter.

AU SA CALA said...

give it up guys and get ready for KOROVOU AND NABORO

Anonymous said...

The bandage on the illegal PM's hand is for a problem which is a common for men like him "wankers cramp".

Justice for Fiji said...

The Qarase trial should be declared a mistrial ... 20 year old charges and key players dead? C'mon illegal government is that what you're into now - necrophilia?

Anonymous said...

Ex FBC "Draunidalo in her submission says the defence has been compromised due to the unavailability of the witnesses and there was lack of explanation given to the defence counsel on the non-availability of the witnesses.

FICAC is expected to respond to the submissions.

A ruling on the no case to answer is expected to be made by Judge Justice Priyantha Fernando tomorrow morning."

What do we know about Justice Fernando? Is there hope he will be fair and dismiss the charges as should be done considering the age of the charges and key players no longer part of the trial.

Anonymous said...

Voceke's wife smacked him with a wooden spoon because he told her he's gay. Mrs Voceke couldn't believe him so she gave him a mighty whack. That mighty smack broke his arm. True story.

Also heard that Khaiyum's wife was furious over his affair with Voceke.

Talofa Fiji said...

Hahaha Bai got the slaps from Samoan PM Tuilaepa. Had to have a banddage when he put his hand up to protect his ears from being clipped!

Anonymous said...

Sixteen years pass before they level the charges against Qarase, and another four years pass before they bring the case to trial, but they can't give Qarase more time to get replacement counsel after his attorney quits? Ridiculous!

Moreover, FICAC hasn't proven any crime was committed. Not a damn thing.

If there is any justice in Fiji, Qarase's team shouldn't even need to mount a defence. Case dismissed!

But this is Bainimarama's Fiji. No justice here. The regime needs a conviction too much.

Anonymous said...

Radiolucas is exactly right. The lack of elections preparation is just another of many telltale signs showing that the regime was never really interested in holding elections.

Anonymous said...

Compol will never be safe so long as Aiyaz lives.

desperate junta said...

Just more evidence of 'democracy' thug style. This repressive military junta, and its facist handful of supporters, are getting desperate. A good example is the pro junta blog run by the fool from horowhenua. The facist frenzy reached a new low today with its disrespect for those many Samoans who lost their lives in the tsunami. And one of his 'goose' bloggers thought those who challenged the horowhenua fool had no sense of humour? Since when is people dying in a tsunami funny?

Anonymous said...

Criminal charges will apply to those who disrupt the EVR process yet what if it is the clerk themselves that disrupt the process? Are they taken to task or not?
Then again, whats new right?

Anonymous said...

Combined with police saying they need seven day for permits and the leve of freedom in Fiji is almost back to where it was under the PER! Fiji will never be free under the current administration.

Anonymous said...

I see the charge Criminal Intimidation is being poreinted in big letters in the papers. So fasle and hypocritical Mr Bainimarama!

Anonymous said...

I dont know why we have to register first before an election boundary is drawn and a constitution drawn up. we are doing the last thing first and the first thing last. this Government is going backward

Anonymous said...

the regime is f up and no money.
they just doing all this for show.
they begging for money so they can make more comm in deals.
frank/khaiyum why not you publishing the ag reports/others.-lamu
million in comm from malay/china company.
dont worry you and your ministers will face the same fate in court of law.

Anonymous said...

The Vore must think we are so, so gullible!! "....Fijians are treated equally and with dignity." my A..E!!
What about the recent beatings of father and son Nadi at the hands of HIS soldier, what about the recent arrest of the FLP supporters in Lautoka?? What about the military presence at both the HONOURABLE PM's trial and at the Anglican Synod in Nadi? What a bloody charade!!

Anonymous said...

The poor Serua gentleman! I would have done exactly the same thing!!
Surely we cannot be expected to sit around twiddling our thumbs, all day wondering "when the heck are they going to arrive?" 'Are they or aren't they?"
Village life is complicated and demanding as it is without our routine being interrupted with the so-called "Civil SERVANTS" not turning up. We have lost ONE WHOLE day!!
What do we get when we are exercising our so called "FREEDOM" - GET CHARGED BY THE POLICE!! ONLY IN FIJI!!

Anonymous said...

Bai is talking about a united Fiji yet 58 year old villagers are being done for tackling registration clerks for turning up a day late - why are the EVR clerks not keeping to the schedules?

ex army said...

Now its pain to see that each individual are been uprehended by thse criminals.What the hell we are waiting for guys...lets just all stand up and fight these thugs and take back our goverment.

Anonymous said...

In the last picture, Voceke looks like a naughty school boy on detention hahahaha. Clearly he's giving Aiyarse the evil looks.

mark manning said...

I'm guessing Frank has a had fall, either from a diabetic episode or a stroke !

Freedom Fighter said...

Justice Fernado is the same judge who granted a stay order against the regime for trying to maliciously prosecute Imrana Jalal and her hubby Saki! Lets hope he will have the courage to do so in this case - he has nothing to loose - for he can run back to Sri Lanka.

I am a man of non-violence but I think sometimes in a struggle between right and wrong, we would to take our fight - VIOLENTLY - to the doorstops of all these judges and others who have arrived to prop up the regime. You are free to disagree, and cry baby Graham Davis if free to write another about column about how despicable C4/5 is - if we are so despicable why is he even reading C4/5 site and also commenting here - Referee - be prepared to show him the RED CARD if we call upon you to march him off the field

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons we are told that we haven't had "true democracy" to date is the number of registration stuff-ups (missing names, wrong seats, etc.) that we saw in previous elections.

So if the current trend continues and we get significantly low voter registrations for the 2014 elections (because of logistical and technological stuff-ups etc.), then can we say that we are really any closer to "true democracy"?

Anonymous said...

Hey gang don't waste time and energy on the Graham Davis. Narcissists can't be made over.

Poised for Justice said...

Saw this on the forum Letters to the Editor Uncensored and thought it had a place here.

Government inform community members around...

John Sinavi 11:44am Jul 17
Government inform community members around Nadarivatu to be in Nadala Village for registration on election on Wednesday last week July 11. Members of the surrounding village young and old have to walk many KM, ride horses, cross rivers only to arrive at the venue to find out that the Government have cancelled their trip the last minute and will be coming on Sunday 15 July. Hearing their complains last week, my heart melts......

Anonymous said...

ex army liutaka yani na takeover

Anonymous said...

As an ordinarily constable [rookie], I am utterly disappointed and saddened that COMPOL is paying a very rosy and professional picture of us!!
Our resources are stretched to the limit because of his mismanagement!
We have ONLY 20 liters per DAY per vehicle to attend to complaints!! Furthermore, we have to pay from our own pockets any photo-copying that needs to be done.
You the public, and us your custodians deserve better than this!!
We the Police cannot deliver if we are not given the resources!!
We cannot decrease CAS and CAP IF we do not have the ammo COMPOL!!

Anonymous said...

You on target there Mark not like PM John Howard sent in the ARMY to take over the Aboriginal commnities under the guise of 'child molestering", which you are an expert in!Never heard a word from you jumping up and down to fight that cause?