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Sunday, July 22, 2012

When did New Zealand become besties with Bainimarama?

Key: Questions to answer. (image:http://thespacevikingandhiskea.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/john-key-eats-babies)

The SIS raid on the Auckland home of the SDL politician, Rajesh Singh, raises the question: has New Zealand changed its stand on Fiji and did it waver under pressure from the United States?

While John Key has been giving tight lipped answers to the New Zealand media, he has said enough to reveal that as the Minister in charge of the SIS he knew about the raid and sanctioned it.

What he hasn't been asked and pinned down on is why New Zealand, which currently has sanctions against the military dictatorship of Frank Bainimarma, would take action that paints itself as a friend of Bainimarama.

Some have suggested it is the responsibility of any country to respond to a death threat if it knows about it. Yes, but this may not be the case with countries with a dictatorship and New Zealand has taken a stand against the regime until now. Would New Zealand react in the same way if there were ‘alleged threats’ against Robert Mugabe? Probably not, because it wouldn’t be in its interest to do so.  

Unsubstantiated talk of a coup was also aired and dismissed as pure speculation months ago. Is it possible Key and the SIS is using tired, old news to hide behind?

What is significant in the drama that played out in Mt Roskill, Auckland earlier this week, is the keen and rather specific interest the SIS and New Zealand police have on what is currently happening in Fiji.

It is this focus, as relayed by those at the centre of the action, that suggests New Zealand is shifting its feet because of pressure from the Americans, specifically the U.S.Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, who has made it known she wants to clip China's interest in the Pacific.

Rajesh Singh is known to exaggerate but many of the things he has revealed about the SIS raid have been verified by New Zealand journalists. This verification and a lack of response from Key’s office suggests that New Zealand is bending over.  

Singh says while the SIS asked him about the supposed plot, they grilled him about his continued interest in Fiji politics, in particular why he keeps demanding the regime front up with information it promised the people but never delivered.

"I was amazed that the officer told me not to ask for 2006-2011 AG report from Fiji government, how much salary is being paid to Fiji ministers/ tenders on roads and other things."

Singh says the woman leading the interview told him New Zealand is helping fund the 2014 election and that it will be a 'democratic election'. 

He says she told him she had a message from the New Zealand government and it was to stop criticising the regime.

Why is New Zealand concerned about criticisms against the regime? And why was Singh told not to ask for the AG’s report?
Unless we’ve missed a honeymoon between John Key and Frank Bainimarama on Nukulau, where is this all coming from?

Singh says: "Why do they have to ask me my political stand? I told them I love Fiji and we had paid tax and want to know how taxpayers money has been spent. Bainimarama had promised he will give good transparent accountable government."

Singh reckons he asked them why didn't they take action and arrest Bainimarama when he was in New Zealand? Especially when the former police commissioner Andrew Hughes and the deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase had asked New Zealand for help.

In his complaint to the Ombudsman (see attached letter), he asks for an explanation for the raid saying: "That the officers told me the complainant of this investigation was the New Zealand government and as such I would like to obtain information on the sources of such propaganda which has exposed me to risk in New Zealand and Fiji. "

He also notes: "The officers were questioning me about my political beliefs ..... in doing so they breached my right to express freely without fear."

Singh accuses New Zealand of acting to 'appease the regime' saying: "I am appalled that New Zealand authorities would attempt to malign Fiji citizens who have made New Zealand their home to save us from the corrupt and brutal regime of Fiji."

He thinks 'New Zealand now wants to be friends with Fiji and is using us a scapegoat'.

Singh says the SIS told him the Fiji regime had no idea about their visit yet he has since heard Key say otherwise. (See Key statements to media at end of story)

Singh says he thinks both Fiji and New Zealand want to shut down critics and are using the so-called death threats against Bainimarama to cover up their new found friendship.

The other person visited by the SIS is Shailendra Raju (no warrant was executed as they only wanted a chat), also of the Auckland-based Council for a Democratic Fiji. 

Raju says while he was unable to help, the officers were clearly interested in 'issues of corruption, the present process and seem to be confident about the 2014 elections.'

"They asked me why we think regime is corrupt. I showed them the YP Reddy fraud files i.e letter from Police/DPP and Solicitor General then they were quiet."

Raju thinks politics is at play.

"It seems that John Key wants to change strategy and engage positively with Fiji hoping it might lead to credible elections. McCully visit to Fiji is quite frequent and it supports this viewpoint. The raid at Rajesh was tokenism at best to please Fiji."

A number of questions need to be answered:
1) Why did New Zealand take the action it did? It must've known people would ask - 'When did NZ become Bainimarama's protector?'
2) What evidence does it have apart from say angry comments on blogs and information fed from businessmen now living in New Zealand but previously aligned to the regime?
3) Will New Zealand own up to supporting a military dictator? Because that's what it looks like from here.
4) Has New Zealand accepted the regime's propaganda free elections are on the way? We are two years out from it and has it not noted the concern of even the Constitution Commission?
5) What assurance can it give Fiji nationals living in New Zealand that they can express their political opinions about the regime without being painted dissidents?
6) What happened to free speech that New Zealanders enjoy and which is enshrined in the Bill of Rights?
7) What message is it sending to Australia - the other regional power that has sanctions against the Fiji regime?

John Key on the raid:
To the New Zealand Herald:
"You can be quite sure that the SIS act within the law - they are thoughtful and careful and they only act if they believe it is in the best interests of New Zealanders."
"As the Minister of the SIS, there is nothing I have seen them undertake in my time as the minister where I've either been uncomfortable or I think they've acted unlawfully - or whether they haven't acted in a considered and appropriate manner and I fully support their actions whatever they might be."
"Every time he (Mara) comes to New Zealand we have to grant him a exemption to a ban - whether we will grant him a future exemption is a matter that we'd have to take some advice on at the time." 
He indicated the Government had already been in touch with the military regime in Fiji over the alleged assassination plot. "When the Government believes it needs to communicate with other interested parties it does so."

To Radio New Zealand after McCully got to Suva:
"He's in Fiji because he's the chair of the ministerial contact group, I think there's a ministerial contact group meeting later in the week. We continue to engage with Fiji, New Zealand's always said that we want to help that country back to the restoration of democracy." Mr Key doesn't think it's likely Mr McCully will brief Fijian authorities on the operation that occurred here this week.


kite flyer said...

when things were still fairly unsettled after his coup George Speight confidently boasted on Fiji television that there was no need to worry and people should just settle down because eventually he said everyone (meaning other country governments and international bodies)will come around to seeing things their way - the coup makers way. I think Speight was right on that one!

Anonymous said...

The difference was that Speight coup was a failure whereas Bainimarama's is a success. He has effective cntrol of every part of government. That is the reason he can put in imunity in the constitution when Speight couldnt because he didnt have total control. Bai played it smart...made a tactical withdrawl, regrouped and kicked ass. Thats called a manouverist approach or fighting smart.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mr Key promoting Coups in the pacific?
Thugs everywhere in Fiji , New Guinea, Solomons etc will now know, that it's OK to do Coups.
That its OK to rape, pillage and murder and you will still travel to NZ and the World etc
That Biketawa Agreement is a useless piece of paper . Good only for the toilet.

Honestly, why bother having an Election.
The next arsehole in the army will just do another Coup and then another Constitution and another Immunity.
What is the point????

I think Mr Key and Mrs Clinton should get with the programme and do the RIGHT thing.

The RIGHT thing is activate Biketawa and get rid of this arsehole.NOW! Not 2014.
For goodness sake "the agreement" is there , so activate it.

-Valataka na Dina.

Matai T said...

It seems that John Key / McCully have a stake in the NZ company that oversees the road construction in Fiji.

If the above is true, then Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Key and McCully will make millions from it until the elections.

Also if the above it true, then Key will not answer the 7 questions posed to him in this blog post.

Matai T

Anonymous said...

At the time the Regime was making its pitch re our road map to the FORUM and the world, I proposed the FORUM lay a road map of its own, that refelected ours, with very clear carrots and sticks along the way.

The latest two decrees, regarding immunity and total control of the assembly, should have resulted in a reaction from the international community, with which there may have been consequences.

Instead all we have is ...not a "squeak"

Anonymous said...

The latest decree on political immunity until the opening of our next parliment. Immunity into the future. A law that makes an individual or group inmmune from the law for political reasons.

Does not this allow for the legal asassination of political enemies inflesh or character?

Wakey, wakey New Zealand, its open season in Fiji for the next two years. Frank as extended an open invitation to assassins to have a go, in Korea, in New Zealand, in Fiji, try your luck.

This latest decree on immunity must raise the question of "doctrine of necessity". Is it now necessary for "the PEOPLE", to assasinate leaders who appropriate power to themselves and can not be removed by any means other than by their own hand, by their own terms.

These are legitimate questions in a dictatorship.
Rabuka, now Bainimarama.
If we are going to stop this nonsense, are we being left with no option other than "assasination" as the only option to stop the coup culture.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day the Biketawa Declaration will only be invoked, or member states will be forced to act, when we Fijians on the ground take the regime head on (in like other repressive states)and create chaos and mayhem - forget what New Zealand - its leaders are like Kiwi sheep in wolf's clothing - instead of the other way round

Anonymous said...

By Mary Rauto ex Fiji Times

Fiji and New Zealand have held talks to rebuild diplomatic relations.

Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola met his New Zealand counterpart Murray McCully yesterday.

NZ Prime Minister John Key was quoted by overseas media as saying McCully was in Fiji in his capacity as chair of the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group.

Ratu Inoke, who returned from the opening of Fiji's Embassy in Korea yesterday, went straight into a meeting with McCully.

He described the meeting as positive saying it would be etched in the history books of both countries.

He said New Zealand was ready to help Fiji with $0.5 million for the work of the Constitutional Commission.

Ratu Inoke said since Fiji was suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum in 2009, the nation's "Look North Plus" foreign policy had been revamped to establish ties with countries that understood Fiji's political and economic situation.

"However, with yesterday's meeting, I am optimistic that relations between Fiji and New Zealand are beginning to normalise, an added impetus towards good governance and democratic elections, all of which were central in Fiji's way forward," he said in a statement.

McCully also met with the Pacific Islands Forum secretary-general Tuiloma Neoroni Slade.

He flew out of Fiji yesterday afternoon

mark manning said...

Perhaps the United States Government is encouraging the New Zealand Government to speed up a return to Democracy in Fiji and thinks that by breaking the back of Democracy Advocates outside of Fiji, that this is the best and quickest way to achieve that outcome.
If that is the case, then it is founded on false hope, because we all know that the 2014 Elections, if they are ever held, will not be the least bit Democratic.
There are two effective ways to stop the influence of The People's Republic of China in the Asia Pacific Region.
1/ Engage with it.
2/ Arrest Frank and Aiyaz and other key coup supporters.
Either that, or start learning Chindian !

Anonymous said...

I sugest we stop complaining and work towards the 2014 elections. Politics will always be confusing to some people. NZ and Aust see fiji moving forward and don't need Rajesh and RUM now to bark. Had this been a few years ago, the reaction would have been different.

Anonymous said...

it seems that Australia and NZ, secretly, did not support the democratically elected SDL led Government of Mr L Qarase. That's why they refused to help Fiji when asked by Fiji's Commissioner of Police, an Australian, and Fiji's legally elected Prime Minister, to stop Bainimarama. Now they are clearly defending Bainimarama whom NZ's McCully is good drinking mates with. NZ exports over $300 million worth of goods to Fiji and is reason enough to ignore the suffering and oppression of the affected Fiji people.

kite flyer said...

how is bainimarama maintaining "effective control of every part of government"?
Not by the GUNS?
Many others before Bainimarama have enjoyed that kind of "success" in many other parts of the world. we know what happened to some of them later. don't get too carried away with bainimarama's "success". samhe bahoot balwan hai...admi mushafir hai attha hai jatha hai...

Radiolucas said...

Good questions to ask Rajesh - is NZ breaching its own human rights responsibilities on behalf of the regime?

Anonymous said...

All this support for Rajend Chaudory is because:

1. The fijians are too timid to fight against other fijians;

2. Rajend likes the pulicity.

3. Rajend is ready to fill in his father's shoes when he goes to the 7 star hotel soon;

4. Fijians know that SDL will die when LQ goes to the 7 star hotel;

5. No one will admit that will global food and commodity prices plus rise in Vat and fea bill has made the poor more poor, this govt has done more for the poor than any govt. However7n they are the silent majority.

6 FLP will win the next elections and fijians will riot against indians;

7. People like rajen naidu will not talk about the injustices in aust otherwise he will be sent packing to fiji.

kite flyer said...

@ Radiolucas
if NZ is breaching its own human rights responsibilities it's NOT "on behalf of the regime".it's on behalf of its own self interest. See Anonymous@8.37"NZ exports over $300 million of goods to fiji and is reason enogh to ignore the suffering and oppression of the people of fiji...
it's something that happens all the time in politics. It's POLITICS.all the lofty democratic ideals are conveniently put to one side for "constructive engagement" or some such cliched slogan.People don't matter all that much unless of course there is whole sale slaughter. then it doesn't look nice to not be seen doing something... it's an old pattern in this international politics game.

Anonymous said...

@kite flyer

You have the power. You can collectvely boycott all New Zealand products in Fiji

Anonymous said...

NZ plays the good cop and Aussi plays bad cop don't be fooled in the end they will do shit all and all the crying and marchng will amount to a big fat ZERO!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rajesh Singh should run his political campaigns in Fiji instead of taking up time in NZ. If he does not like life in NZ then shift back to his own country.

When you put yourself in a position to come under scrutiny of the NZ SIS then its your own fault.

Go back to Fiji Mr Singh.

Poised for Justice said...

John Key - yee of the forked tongue.

Anonymous said...

Can we still call the 2000 Coup the "Speight Coup", when it is now public knowledge that it was in fact a Bainimarama Coup.

Is is any wonder Speight has never spilled the beans, Frank would have killed him if he had.

Speight gets to much credit and now he gets in the way of the truth of who we are truly dealing with in the person of Frank Bainimarama.

This latest immunity decree has just swept all under the carpet, to be forever buried.

Who was supposed to turn up and did not and left George hanging.
Was it Bainimarama?
Qarase? Will we ever Know.
Who was the paymaster for all the rebels at Parliment. All those rebels with fistfull of dollars on their demobilization turning up to buy white goods. The list goes on and on, all the way to 1987.

Rebel Soldier said...

Who was supposed to turn up and did not and left George hanging.
Was it Bainimarama?
Qarase? Will we ever Know.

It was Isikia Savua, who didnt turn up

Anonymous said...

Garment Manufacturer Admits Financing Terrorists
Monday, 9 July 2001, 12:52 pm
New Zealand

Australian garment manufacturer Mark Halabe has admitted financing the terrorists who had held the elected government hostage for 56 days last year.

Halabe had told the elected Prime Minister when he visited the Parliament Complex that he had given $50,000 financial assistance to Speight but "the bastard is demanding more".

Halabe told the local media that he had assisted the terrorists because he wanted them to release the hostages. Halabe told the Fiji Sun: "I was in Sydney when George called me up and asked me for financial assistance. This was during the Bose ni Turaga meeting in July., I told him I would only assist him if he released the hostages. That's when I provided him with transport, the buses our company uses to transport the workers.".

Halabe is an Australian citizen owning and operating a garment factory in Suva. The factory is under the tax-free zone laws. He was particularly irritated by the elected government's plan to cease the tax-free scheme system under which a select group of businessmen benefited from millions of dollars of taxes concessions. He also was reportedly concerned about the elected government's attempt to introduce better working conditions for the industry.
Halabe stated: "I briefed [the Australian High Commission] on my visit before and after. I gave them details of my trips inside. Towards the end the Australian High Commission told me to stop going. But I have nothing to hide".
Halabe made frequent visits to the terrorists. The visits started on May 21 and continued till July. The terrorists have revealed the names of many businessmen who financed them. Included are also many ethnic Indian businessmen who have supported and financed the National Federation Party.
The media has condemned the businessmen for financing the terrorists. Today's Fiji Sun states:
"It is inexcusable."
"That's what we think about revelations that leading garment manufacturer Mark Halabe assisted failed coup leader George Speight."
"He in now arguing that he did it in good faith, but sorry Mr Halabe, we are least interested in your reasons for doing so."
"For all we know, you and all your colleagues who helped Speight in cash or kind, should be hauled before the courts to face criminal charges."
"We recall you telling local journalist at the height of the hostage crisis that you had no part in assisting Speight's cause."
"You had denied assisting in transportation and in helping Ateca Williams prepare and deliver food to parliament."
"Shame on all of you."
"Whether your deal with Speight was for the release of the hostages or not is beside the point. Are you now wanting us to believe that it was your 'deal' that led to he release of Mr Chaudhry and his group of ministers?"
"Mr Halabe should now do the right thing and tell police the names of all businesspeople like him, who assisted Speight and his illegal acts. Once you've done that, then let police and the courts determine whether you and your colleagues have broken the law."

Anonymous said...

A company linked to Jim Ah Koy will possibly be charged for fraud.
Paperchase Ltd, a subsidiary of Kelton Investments Ltd, has had the court order it to freeze its assets. The order comes after Credit Corporation Ltd applied for an injunction against the company from removing any money from the company accounts.

Credit Corporation alleges that Paperchase fraudulently obtained $2.23m from the Credit Corporation to finance non-existing sales of business equipment including computers. Credit Corporation had agreed to finance the sales of the equipment. Paperchase listed numerous business houses and organizations as having ordered equipment from Paperchase and obtained credit for this. But no equipment was acquired or sold. It has also been revealed that the company advanced close to $1m to another of its sister companies.

PaperChase's lawyer, Jon Apted said that the media reports on the matter were made without getting the company's side of the story. But having made this statement, he did not give the company's side to the media. Today's Fiji Sun reports the company's Managing Director Michael Ah Koy as blaming the problems to the negligence and possible fraud by former employees of the company.

Earlier the Credit Corporation Ltd had attempted to seize a Air Fiji aeroplane. Air Fiji has a majority shareholding of the Ah Koy family company. The majority control of the air company, in which the government had substantial shares, was acquired by the Ah Koy company when Ah Koy was in the SVT government. More recently the Ah Koy family company has been trying to sell its share to the Government of Tuvalu.

Ah Koy made millions of dollars through his association with the SVT government. Many of these transactions were ordering on fraud and at the least were less than transparently done. This included profiting from insider trading - including profiting from the national budget and exchange rate policies before the polices were announced.

The People's Coalition Government had, as its promise to rid Fiji o corruption, begun to bring transparency into the operations of the government. As it began implementing its policies, it found layer after layer of questionable deals involving the Ah Koy company.

Ah Koy is alleged to be a major financier of the terrorist George Speight.

Anonymous said...

Way to go NZ,Every contry knew that our PM Mr Bainimarama is a man of his words.Job well done Mr PM Sir.
You have a great support worldwide.

Dharam Lingam

Poised for Justice said...

Talking about transparency, the registration figures seem to be at odds with reports on the ground. Since NZ and Aust happily putting their name to these elections can they, or Yash Ghai and the Constitution, verify these figures independently?

200,000 people registered

17:52 Sun Jul 22, 2012

Taken from/By:
Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

The number of people registered for the 2014 elections has reached the 200,000 mark.

Yesterday 11,964 people were registered in various centres across the country.

3,718 were registered in the Central division, 5,328 in the West, 2, 583 in the North and 335 in the Eastern division.-FBC

Coup 4.5 said...

If, as Allen Lockington tells us (Fiji Sun 23/7), "there are many civil servants who need a good shake up and refresher courses or seriously need to be sent home", then one must justifiably wonder what all the civil service and other "reforms" and "clean ups" Parmesh Chand and company including his current political masters have been constantly harping about since the Bainimarama takeover in 2006?
Perhaps 6 years is too short a time to tidy things up?
Perhaps another 6 years of rule by degree is needed?
And,can Colin Deoki ,MM Mudiliar, Zorawar Singh or any other self-styled "personality trait" experts tell us whether Allen Lockington is being "negative" or what?
Or, is he simply stating the situation as he finds it and its others who attach labels of "negativity" to it?
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

John Key has done nothing wrong. The threat originated in NZ and it is in the interest of NZ to ensure it does not breed terrorists like Rajesh, Rum and gang. The political issue between Key and Frank is a different story all together. This should not be seen as NZ bending over. The SIS raid must be commended as it has stopped or dettered an action which would have been detrimental to a already chaotic Fiji. Look at whats happening in Iraq, Libya after the dicatorship fell. There is bloodshed in the name of democracy. Frank is a dictator but that is what Fiji needs at the moment. Talk of corruption,who isnt corrupt and who creates corruption, it is us , the people. No one is clean.

Doc John said...

Lets be realistic here: Key is a right wing politician with contempt for his own indigenous population. His background is investment banking where he made millions. The USA on the other hand do not have a record to distinguish between right and wrong in their foreign policy. Whenever it suits the perceived interests of the US, even nasty dictators are prepped up and supported. Think about El Salvador and Chile, about Zaire and yes, Mubarak and Ben Ali all getting massive aid and military assistance from the US. We should not be naive and believe that anybody out there would support opposition against the regime in Fiji. Bainimarama's blackmail using the Chinese as the bogey man has worked very well. But that does not mean, things cannot change in Fiji. It is up to the people of Fiji to take their country back. Key, Clinton, Gillard and the like will not come to help! They will gang up with the dictator if it suits their interests.

Just saying said...

Anin@10.11am Not so clear cut. If Key has the proof he and the SIS should charge those they have accused. That is what is expected in a democratic country. If not, they should apologise otherwise it looks like NZ is monstering Fiji nationals who are against the regime and teh question should be asked: why?

Anonymous said...

I agree with "@just saying".
If Rajesh is committing a crime then charge them. If not "committing a crime" then why harras them in the first place.
This is nothing but Police Harrasment.
Kiwi Police show that they are just as dumb as Fiji cops.
Forever threatening villagers & women etc.

rajend naidu said...

@Anonymous 9.19PM
whoever you are you don't know me. if you did you would know that I have not shied away from critising the injustices/the wrongs in Australia (as my many letters and comments published in Australian media attest to). Read my letter in today's The Fiji Times (23/7) to get some idea where I am coming from in my commentaries. one problem with people who are parochial is that they don't appreciate any alternative point of view. Anonymous 9.19 you strike me as belonging in this group of mediocre thinkers.

mark manning said...

I don't know the New Zealand Constitution, but I'm assuming it's similar to the Westminster System of Government whereby there exists the Separation of Powers and therefore it would be inappropriate and or illegal for the Prime Minister to interfere into a Police Investigation.
At the same time, the Police are bound to uphold the Laws of the Land under the Constitution and to investigate at the behest of Government.
Whether or not a Law has been broken and to what extent, is a matter for the Judiciary to decide, not the Police nor the Prime Minister.
I think it's called a " Democracy " !

kite flyer said...

@Anonymous 10.11AM
You say " Frank is a dictator but that is what Fiji needs at the moment". Who has determined that to be Fiji's need "at the moment"? You? Who are you?
Bainimarama? On what authority? The Gun?
It's not the people of Fiji who has determined that "need". is it?
Stupid man!

Anonymous said...

McCully was here and now EU and ACP:

ACP-EU fact-finding missing in Fiji

FBC10:08 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

A team from the Bureau of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly is currently in Fiji on a fact-finding mission.

The objective of the mission is to take stock of the political situation in Fiji.

Noted interest lies in the recently launched constitutional consultation process which could foster the process of democratisation.

The team will make public their findings tomorrow.

kite flyer said...

@ Anon 10.12PM, Rebel soldier, Anon8.02AM &Anon 8.08AM .
The inside story of the coups in fiji - the key financiers,the key background players, the master minds, the ring leaders, the front men and their foot soldiers , the ideological propagandists etc - have NOT todate been FULLY revealed.
All will be revealed "in the fullness of time" Speight told the world after his coup.
He is sitting quietly in jail now - I have forgotten what for?
Not for carrying out a coup,is it?
Coup makers in Fiji don't go to jail, do they?

Anonymous said...

kite flyer, you have your opinion, i have mine. 2014 will show what Fiji wants, Frank will clean sweep

kite flyer said...

@ Dharam Lingam USA.
Who says "our PM Mr Bainimarama is a man of his words..."
When is your next appointment with your mental health physician?
I think you need to bring your appointment forward urgently.Your perception does not correspond to reality. It's way off the mark. You need help,man!

Only in kiwiland said...

So you go and raid a law-abiding citizen's house inorder to protect a criminal.
How f#*ked-up is that?
I think sheep-brain should be offlimits for you Kiwi's.
This is not a good look bro.

Anonymous said...

kite flyer
It seems you need a mental evaluation more than other like minded people like you.
I do not have to agree with your views.everybody has a right to express their views.You dont have to agree with my views and that does not mean i need a mental check up.
Maybe be you should get a check up...change with time,you idiot.
PM Bainimarama is doing a very good job and he has my support all the way.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Any hope put in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, or the United Nations was always hope misplaced. These entities will ever seek to act in what they view as their larger interests.

Wellington sees New Zealand's interests as acting as primary intermediary to the islands of the South Pacific, in order to leverage its relationship with Canberra.

Canberra views Australia's interests in terms of how best to leverage its relationship, and manipulate, the leading maritime power in the Pacific, the United States.

Washington seeks to counteract the regional influence of Beijing and Moscow in order to preserve U.S. naval hegemony.

The United Nations struggles to be relevant as it's continually stymied from taking meaningful action by members of the Security Council's Perm Five.

Unlike some governments that don't care a fig about human, civil, and political rights in Fiji -- including, it would seem the present regime in Suva -- these governments genuinely do. However, the importance each attaches to the rights of Fijians must be placed in the context of what they view as other, sometimes overriding interests. 

It's not that other countries don't care about the plight of Fijians; they just don't care enough to sacrifice their other interests for the sake of trying to resolve Fiji's political situation.

Yes, in a sense it's incredibly pathetic, but in the final analysis, the problems of Fiji can only be solved by Fijians. 

s/ Dakuwaqa

Keep The Faith said...

As usual the regime spikes this with more dramatics than truth. New Zealand was here as serving Chair of the PIF to see how Fiji is faring with their assurances that they have made. Naturally NZ as Chair has to be seen as impartial and will take whatever he has seen/heard to the PIF leaders.

Fiji has anticipated this ‘do or die’ moment in the Pacific region (despite all the brouhaha) and is already seeking to host a forum with all the Pacific leaders before the forum meeting in which they will perform cartwheels etc to impress.

In reading some commentary re: the US pressuring its allies to engage lest they lose ground in the Pacific to China, we understand that the US remains firm in their position of non-engagement with an illegal and treasonous regime and Bainimarama & Khaiyum felt this very recently with their non-invitation to the US Embassy complex for a 4th July celebration. Protesting in support of the non-invite of Bainimarama & Khaiyum, Kubuabola therefore did not attend leaving his permanent secretary to shamefacedly provide remarks in a dramatic protocol blunder.

kite flyer said...

@Anonymous 1.12PM
a reminder : "clean" is not a good word to use in association with Frank. that is easily gleaned from the many postings on this and other noncensored blog sites.
and another thing: yes,you have your opinion . everyone has his or her opinion. even the ones locked up in looney houses have opinions.
but what we are talking about here is people expressing a sensible view not sentimental shit like "Frank will clean sweep". How do you know. are you an oracle? an orcha? has Frank declared his candidature for 2014? have you got a wireless fitted somewhere special for you to know something which has not come out in public yet?

Anonymous said...

My open challenge to Rajesh Singh has gone unanswered. I again challenge Rajesh to return to Fiji and carry out his mission to remove Bainimarama and restore Fiji to democracy. If he is genuine in his mission, he will catch next flight out of Auckland and be in Fiji. But I can bet as a coward, Rajesh will not response to my challenge. He is all talk and no action.

Anonymous said...

I will fight to clear my name and till death.
truth will set me free.
it seems nz want to support the illegal process.
why can nz just tell regime to follow the 1997 constitution and court ruling of 2009.
all this process will be illegal.

Matai T said...

@kit flyer, that Dharam Lingam or whoever the shithead it is, might be one of Frank Bainimarama's sac warmer, including Anon 1.12pm.

Anyway, let me remind you, my fellow fijians:

Aust, NZ, USA, etc will not ever come to bail us people out of this crap of Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, and our country which has now sunk 10years down from recovery.

And here is why: Because the people running the countries - Aust, NZ, USA, are the bureaucrats, who will eventually takes sides with Frank Bainimarama and his illegal regime. They are just trying to save their arses, just by saying that they do not support military dictatorship in Fiji, they have to look good in front of their people too - who will vote them in, if they supported the very cause the people are against.

So they benefit from the both sides...make money, make money and make more money, at the expense of the sufferings of the citizens.

Mark my words, the 2014 elections will be rigged. If Frank Bainimarama or any of his minions stands to compete in the 2014 elections or the party they will support, will win.


It is way too easy to manipulate the computer data than cheating in the ballot boxes.
BALLOT BOXES - They would have to pay a group of people to check/tick their party - Time Consuming, Expensive, and "their hands will look dirty"
COMPUTERIZED VOTING - they will pay only one individual to change voting data to make their party win - Quicker, Less Expensive, Easier to get away.

What say you, Frank Bainimarama? And what do you say Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?

No matter how hard you try to guise your propaganda, we will see through...

Oh I forgot, what do you think, Graham Davis? it seems you got enough bashing here...long time no bashing?

Matai T

Anonymous said...

Bula rajen naidu

It seems you are the only one with brains and anyone with a different view has no brains. May I ask when was the last time you were in fiji? Don't base your views only on what you read on this blog.

You may see things as half empty. We see it as half full.

Lastly, the fact that you are a resident of australia, does not make you more superior or knowledgable than us. The fact that you left fiji shows that your quest for material bliss was more important than the love for Fiji.


A proud fijian

Justice for Fiji said...

The elections or rather funding (see story below) might give some insight into why NZ doesn't want Fiji nationals trying to derail the process with their criticism. They're investing $2million according to a report on Stuff.

The Government will provide $2 million to help Fiji prepare for its 2014 general elections.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully, who met with his Fijian counterpart Ratu Inoke Kubuabola in Suva over the weekend, said the funds would be to help with voter registration, constitutional process and voter education.

The Government has yet to decide how it would be allocated, though McCully said $500,000 would go to the Constitutional Commission for work on consultation.

A further announcement was expected in the next couple of days.

rajend naidu said...

A proud fijian?
Sounds more like an idiotic fijian to me! Iknow a proud,intelligent fijian when I see one. You are not such a fijian.
Do I also need to have been in Syria recently to know that shit is happening in that country?
You can be in Fiji but if you have trouble seeing beyond your nose then you are not seeing all that much, are you? Sometimes one can see a lot more when one is looking in from outside, then an insider can see. That's why you have fact finding missions from outside. The last fact finding report was not very good was it? Now we have to go by such outside appraisal of the prevailing situation in the country. Not by what some Anonymouse "proud fijian" says.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonynous July 23, 2012 7:18 PM

"I will fight to clear my name and till death."

This is a rather dramatic statement coming from someone who it appears has neither been accused or charged of anything.

kite flyer said...

@Anonymous Dharam limgam
For your education I recommend you see the movie A Little Thing Called Murder. It's based on a true American story of a compulsive liar and scheming ruthless manipulator who thinks she can fool everybody with her lies. But she is doing time in an American jail because America has people with more discerning minds then the Dharam Limgams who have settled there.

Anonymous said...

As a true-blue, patriotic, red-blooded, God-fearing, natural-born American, I have defended, and will continue to defend, Dharam Lingam's right to say whatever he wants, even though I always find it utterly stupid and morally repugnant.

Anonymous said...

Rajen naidu

I expected this response from you where only you see beyound your nose. You have got your fingers stuffed your nose my friend. You are nothing but an arm chair critic. Its stupid of you to compare syria with fiji. I sincerely believe you need to visit fiji and see for yourself that life here is normal.

Proud fijian

smarter said...

@ kite flyer

Way to go Dharam. Hear! Hear!Loud and Clear.Someone above said VB is not using guns.He's actually using his brain and AG's. NZ now wants to jump onto the Fiji bandwagon not only because of the runaway success of the EVR but also because of smart policies such as assisting other Pacific Islands through Government sponsored retirees. Ten retired teachers will leave soon for the Marshall Islands through His Majesty's Services and that will only be the beginning before the floodgates open.Government quarters are being upgraded through income from rent of quarters at Muanikau. QVS and RKS quarters have already been completed. Who needs NZ and Australia really ?

Anonymous said...

anon@11.15,Kite flyer and matai t,you numb nuts can say whatever you want...the country is moving forward..accept changes and move on,you idiots.
But than again you have to have enough brains to do so.

kite flyer said...

@Anonymous 11.5i PM
You are too right.
It was wrong of me to claim Dharam Lingam need psychiatric help. even sane men can be very stupid.and they must have the freedom to say stupid things

rajend naidu said...

@ proud fijian
A proud fijian is one thing. a pathetic fijian quite another. you belong in the latter. It's a common mistake your kind make.

Anonymous said...

to kite flyer and the likes,i do not wish to attack you guys on a personal level...if you guys dont have anything constructive than i suppose you guys are not worth my time and effort.
I read the same old comments being expressed but you guys.Your comments are getting stale.
Anyway,this government is here to stay even after the elections of 2014.
But that is my view and the view of the majority of Fijians

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

@ Smarter

Suspected Typhoid outbreak at RKS

17:30 Fri Jul 20, 2012

Taken from/By:
Report by: Epeli Tukuwasa

There has a suspected typhoid outbreak at Ratu Kadavulevu school.

Health Ministry spokesperson Peni Namotu says they are now looking into the matter while a ban is now in place on the sale of any food items within the school premises.

Namotu says all students are now held back at school.

“The Ministry is taking proactive measures to see that not only prevent the spread of the disease as we speak we are trying to confirm wheather the suspected case are realy typhoid, the Ministry will decide on that.”

A health team is now at RKS to look into the matter

Anonymous said...

@ Smarter

Fiji Govt asking Indian Govt to write off debt because Fiji govt has no money to repay the loan it guaranteed

$86m request

Felix Chaudhary
Thursday, July 19, 2012

THE Fiji government has written to counterparts in India seeking assistance in the write-off of the $86million Exim Bank of India loan used to upgrade sugar mills in the country.

This was revealed to The Fiji Times by Sugar permanent secretary Lieutenant Colonel Manasa Vaniqi yesterday.

"Our Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has written to India's PM Manmohar Singh and asked that the $86 million be written off. There was an underlying understanding between the two governments as negotiated when the loan was taken. We are now asking that the loan be converted to a grant," he said.

Lt-Col Vaniqi added that unsatisfactory mill upgrades had led to gross inefficiencies at all sugar mills in the country which has incurred costs to the industry and the country running into hundreds of millions of dollars.

"Apart from the fact that the upgrades did not work, we lost a significant amount of revenue caused by stoppages and breakdowns which resulted in inefficient sugar production. We also had to incur an unnecessary expense of a further $123 million to upgrade the upgrade," the PS said.

The Fiji Times had reported in 2010 that previous FSC chief executive officer John Prasad intended to take the Indian contractors responsible for the failed $86 million upgrade to task after consulting with a team of legal experts.

Mr Prasad had revealed that a performance bond was signed with every vendor involved in the upgrade process and he also said they were bound by an official agreement tied in with the Exim Bank loan.

Independent consulting engineer JP Mukherji from India arrived in the country in November 2010 to conduct a survey to determine if works done by contracted vendors were completed to the agreed standard.

"With the arrival of JP Mukherji, the consulting engineer, we should be able to get a detailed report on the state of the equipment that was supplied. He will critique the equipment that has been supplied and the work that has been carried out," Mr Prasad had said at the time.

"The vendors who have not met objectives to agreed specifications will be given an opportunity to rectify shoddy work. Failing that, we will take legal action. There are a few avenues open to us, we will pursue liquidated damages and consequential losses brought about by below par workmanship," Mr Prasad said at the time.

Lt-Col Vaniqi said the report was completed but remained confidential because it was an industry document.

The FSC recorded an unprecedented total loss of $175.1m in 2010. The country's only sugar producer also suffered losses of $19.3m in 2008 and $36.8m in 2009. The downward spiral was attributed mainly to frequent mill breakdowns and inefficient cane processing and sugar production.

Anonymous said...

@ Smarter

Last year was supposedly the worst ever year for sugar production but RBF now saying this year will be worse.

Reserve bank predicts 10pc less sugar

Tevita Vuibau
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

THE Fiji sugar industry is expected to produce 10 per cent less sugar this year.

The revised projections were made by the Reserve Bank of Fiji after taking into account crop damage caused by the March floods. According to RBF statistics, the amount of cane crushed in 2012 season would also decrease by 14 per cent to 1,802,337 tonnes.

The 10 per cent decrease in sugar production is expected to see 150,002 tonnes of sugar being produced this year.

RBF economist Apenisa Tuicakau said though the amount of cane being crushed was forecast to decrease by 14 per cent, the amount of sugar produced would not be affected as badly.

“This is because we are expecting improvements in milling efficiency to offset the decline in cane being crushed,” he said.

“As we become more efficient in the mills, we will be able to offset the decrease in cane being crushed, so though less cane will be crushed the amount of sugar produced will not experience a similar drop.”

Mr Tuicakau said Fiji was lucky to sell sugar to the European Union at $1123 (EUR 515) per tonne.

“Basically the Fiji Sugar Corporation sells sugar to the European Union at $0.54 cents ($US0.3066) per pound, well above the market price of $0.40 ($US0.2273) per pound,” he said.

kite flyer said...

@ Anonymous Dharam Lingam 1.11PM
At last something sensible from an idiot.
You right in saying "this government is here to stay EVEN AFTER THE ELECTIONS OF 2014 (my emphasis)".
That's why they had grabbed power in the first place.
This whole thing was about them.
Not"the majority of Fijians".
But it is nice to make that claim.
And stupid people like dharam lingam believe it.

Anonymous said...

Now NZ is sending some money, what happened to the alleged Prime ministers Fllod Appeal, has there been any development, or maybe NZ (Mr Key) already know where the undisclosed sum of the funds will go to eventually

Anonymous said...

NZ was hoping that the people of Fiji will revolt against Bainimarama and has been waiting for six long to see it happen. It would have intervened and assist in weakening Bainimarama but no one lifted a finger in that six years. Fed up with the wait, NZ is doing the right thing strategically by changing sides for political convenience because it is now imminent that revolt will never come.

Anonymous said...

Sugar losses. I have said for years that the EU gave a guaranteed high price for Fiji sugar provided it:
1.Amalgamated small inefficient farms.
2.Mechaised the resultant larger farms.
3.Gave FSC a larger share of the sugar income and upgraded the mills.
Fiji did none of these and the EU taxpayers were taken for a ride.

Anonymous said...

Rajen naidu,

I never said I was smart but its clear that u are a smart arse. What have u contributed to fiji except criticism.

As I said earlier, u are a materialistic person opting to go to aust for your self.

Proud fijian

kite flyer said...

@ Anonymous Dharam Lingam
you right in saying the Bainimarama governemt with stay even after the elections of 2014.
That's why they had mounted the coup. It was a power grab. And yes they will not give it just because the country will have an election. The election is staged to give them legitimacy in the international arena. They can "look after" the local people. It's the international gang they have to appease and get on side.

Anonymous said...

kite flyer.you are living in your own disillusioned world.Snap out of it and face the reality.
Whatever Mr Bainimarama did and is doing is for the betterment of the country.
so wake up from your slumber and face the reality.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

@ Dharam Lingam..is it really you Dharam or it might just be Aitazz himself blogging under Dharams name..tobo tale o vandamme..majority of fijians my ass..cause that was what you were claiming all the time..then why have 4 poluce officers guarding your house bought with stolen taxpayers money @ vunakece road..vinaka Dharam..USA..lasutaka ..

rajend naidu said...

@ Proud fijian
thank you for confirming you are not smart. I realised that some time back.
nothing wrong in offering criticism unless you are part of a military junta. military juntas don't tolerate criticism and opposition. I have a feeling that's where you are coming from.
good to know you are not materialistic. I thought gandhi was the last man who was not materialistic. now we have you - another saintly man in humanity's midst!

Anonymous said...

Rajen naidu,

I nominate you for the nobel prize as you are the only sane person on this planet. You are the all knowing. You are the problem solver.

I also would vote for you to be the next pm of fiji. Sorry head of UN.

Proud fiji

Anonymous said...

@ Dharam..Betterment of the country while feeding my piggy offfshore bank account so when its all over I get an exit and runaway with the loot..

Anonymous said...

anon@8.46pm...The AG Mr Khaiyum does not have to hide behind anybody's name to express his views because he and the Prime Minister along with the military,other government ministries are putting the country on the right track.
i as a concerned citizen of Fiji am expressing my own views.Yeah you correctly put it "majority of Fijians my ass"...thats what you consider the fellow Fijians to be.it says a lot about your character.

Dharam Lingam

rajend naidu said...

@ Proud fijian
you betray your menatlity by talking about lofty positions for me. that might be your kind of preoccupation. trying to worm your way into some cushy position by sucking up to your political handlers. I am Not about positions. I am about speaking my mind freely on issues I consider important for my home country . An intellectual amoeba like you might find that a hard thing to grasps!

Anonymous said...

@ Proud Fijian

It's pretty obvious to many that live in Fiji that things are not as bad as some would wish the world to think they are.

You have said "life here is normal", some will agree and some will say it's acceptable. Some of course will say you are an idiot if you do not rebel against the situation Fiji is in but not me.

It's not perfect but where else is ?

The reality has to be that you are not the only 'Proud Fijian'. It is the many thousands of other 'Proud Fijians' whose conduct and actions happily cause life to continue for so many as normal.

Anonymous said...

Rajen Naidu,

You make me laugh when I read your comments. Its clear you are more intelligent than everyone on this blog. Hence, my vote for you to be the next PM for Fiji (people in exile).

You can have your views about me and I can have the same for you. My view is that you are a frustrated human being, with love for fiji but too arrogant to admit you left home (fiji) was your biggest mistake. You must be upset with the ausies but can say anything to them, and therefore vent it on Fiji and its people. You look back at fiji and say to yourself you are better than tom, dick and harry and if you here you would be holding such position.

I suggest you look inwards. Writing criticism is one thing, offering a viable alternative is another. You don't do the latter.

I stress, - am not perfect and never said so. I never wrote on this blog, but only did so after your criticism to Mani Lingam, Dr Roy etc none of whom I know or support.

I am ready for your assult. I will take it as a man should do.

Bless you

Proud fijian

rajend naidu said...

@Anonymous Proud fijian.
It's a good thing you "never wrote on this blog". You hardly have anything intelligent to say anyway. The more you write the more you you give proof of yourself as a pagala fijian - a nutjob - pretending to be a proud fijian. I was right when I had said earlier that I don't think an intellectual amoeba like you would grasp what I was saying. You just proved that in your subsequent posting.Please do us a favour and go back to not writing on this blog again!

Anonymous said...

The $2 million Kiwi donation will go right down the same rat hole as the money the Australians donated for elections a few years back. Remember Felicity Heffernan et al? Just a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

To support the treasonous overthrow of Fiji's democratically elected government is treason after the fact. Dharam Lingam, 'Proud Fijian', and a few others, far from resisting the treason -- their duty as Fijians -- are actually supporting it. Traitors are they all, no matter how they try to spin it.

Anonymous said...

$2 million the cost of another coup.
The winner will be thrown out at gun point a week after the election because the Puppet and the Puppet master don't like the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Rajen Naidu,

Is this your father's blog? Is this your personal property. Your post and letters to the editors make you you an ass if not arse.

Proud fijian

Anonymous said...

@ Dharam..and your character is like a criminal that thinks that its ok to take over a legally elacted government??.,.If you had wanted to introduce your reforms and your better way foward..there are legal means to go about it rather then committing the crime which is high treason..Are you really OK or have you just come out of a mental institution??..And is your character all there..cause the way we see things is rather different from yours..its like someone coming and taking over your property without being entitled or more or less spent your $$ on it..Its being robbed..simple and clear..and that says a lot about your character..God knows how you went to america..you must have bribed the visa officer..haahhaaah

Anonymous said...

anon@ 9.10am,July 28th 2012
I would have respected you if you had some constructive arguments about my views.I have every right to express my views but no right to attack anyone on personal level.
Where were your views when the qarase government was implementing racist policies,where were you when the i taukei were being given preferential treatment without merits,where were you when the elite were escaping without paying taxes and there is so much more the qarase government was not doing right.
I am expressing my views without attacking you personally.Now this is how civilized people debate.
Mr Bainimarama's government is the best thing that has happened to Fiji.
Long live Mr Bainimarama and his Government.
Oh Yes Mr anon...if you see that something is not right you have to act.Thats exactly what Cmdr Bainimarama did.
If you differ than please do express your views on a professional level and i will respect you.At least i have the decency to sign my name on this blog.

Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

@ Dharam Lingam..Your views are nothing but a criminals point..During Qarase's term I didnt go along with any of his rascist policies ..but I respected the decisions of the government of the day and I had patience to wait till the next elections so I could vote him out but I followed the law and never will condone an illegal power grab at the point of the gun..You might be living in America but you dont know what we in fiji are going through..all you can do is air your stupid view of it being better under an illegal rule..Poverty is on the rise since 2006 ..the fiji dollar too weak and theres an influx of cheap chineese copycat stuff..an increase of chineese brothels and questionable characters in this country..and more corruption as members of the illegal regime purchase properties,cars and go on expensive overseas junkets all at the expense of the taxpayers..myself included and if I were you I would most certainly call it a day cause you are now living the american dream and dont pay taxes here,..and I dont think your views is not at professional level but at gutter level cause a professional person will never condone a criminal act..

Anonymous said...

@ Dharam Lingam..Bainimarama just used Qarases rascist policies as an excuse to takeover a legal govt cause he didnt want to go to court to be convicted for the murders of the CRW soldiers and the fact that all has come to light that he was in fact the mastermind of the year 200 George Speight coup..haahaa..Now you look like an idiot cause that is word out on the streets here and all evidence is pointing directly to him..

Anonymous said...

'If you see something that is not right, you have to act'. Treason reigns in Suva, but you don't see anything that isn't right?

Anonymous said...

anon@ 12.44pm,12.50pm,2.59pm...i do pay my tax in Fiji,i do employ 3 households in Fiji,i do make regular trips to Fiji and i do intend to return to Fiji to at least give something to the country i love...what are you guys doing anything positive...all you guys are doing are crying like babies and harping about everything this Government does..
Only reply to this post if you are doing anything positive for the country...come up with some evidence of your accusation or forever shut the f&@% up.

Dharam Lingam

Ganesh said...

Dharam Lingam, we're trying to restore to Fiji the same rights you take for granted in the United States. We don't object to your paying taxes. We object to your support for treason.

Want proof? Look no farther than the Appeal Court decision in Qarase v. Bainimarama et al.

Your supporting traitors in their suppression of human, political and civil rights in Fiji is doing us no favours. It's not the positive thing you try to spin it to be.

In fact, it's downright despicable.

Anonymous said...

Ganesh,so why dont you object to me paying taxes,after all according to you its a "illegal regime".If i am paying tax i am supporting them but you dont have any objection to that?Really?
Lets wait for 2014 elections and the people of Fiji will prove this this government WILL be running the country.
Dharam Lingam

Anonymous said...

Woohoo @ Dharam..It seems Dharam has lost the plot here..He has used gutter lingua to try and shut me up..sorry Dharam but we dont give 2 hoots about your pride and glory ..who gives a hoot if you have 2 households here..You are still an Indo fijian immigrant in the US and we dont really give a freaking F### if you still love the country..Just take your views and stick it up your rear you carawai...haahahahaa..cause as far as the world is round you still an Indian..a descendant of indentured labourer brought here by the British..haahaahaaa

Anonymous said...

....a descendant of indentured labourer CONNED into being brought here by the scamming British. Most of the people brought here were from good families and background. they toiled hard under these savages and should be respected as Fijis biggest export...the sugar industry is due to their hard work. Hats off to all these beautiful hard working people, some who endured hell into making Fiji what it is today. Remember fiji was already sold to the british and handed back 'to all the people who lived in Fiji' and not to any specific race. The decendants of these people have as much right to this country.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7.43pm..yeah right..the sugar industry is now just a facade of what it was and I reckon we could have done way far better if there wasnt any sugar cause of their hunger for power in a foreign land..what has fiji become today??..Coup..coup..Lala banana republic with a whole bunch of con Indian artists taking advantage of a dictator gone mad running away from the law and holding a country to ransom at the point of a gun...They should have just toiled under the sun..plant and harvest sugar then dissappear back to Uttar Pardesh or where ever they came from..If they had gone back there wouldnt have been so much coups in this country like it is today..In the Pits..maybe the curse of their Idols..Vishnu..Shanti or that freaking elephant man with seven hands has cursed this country with bad luck..weak dollar..weak economy and a whole lot of poverty..God knows what will be next..we would be looking like some shabby New Delhi with a caste system..

Ganesh said...

Wow, Anonymous 8:46, that's pretty offensive stuff! Kai Idia have a lot to answer for, but it's not like Kai Viti have clean hands, either.

Dharam Lingham, as offensive as Anonymous 8:46 is, you're much worse. He's a bigot, but you're a traitor.

Yeah, I'd prefer that you not pay taxes to the clique holding Fiji hostage, but passive cooperation with the illegal government pales by comparison with active, treasonous support of the hostage-takers.

The 2014 elections may indeed come to prove that the regime runs Fiji, not the people. As the regime is now stacking the election process, it's already evident that the people of Fiji won't be allowed a real say.

How that can sit so well with you is what sits so badly with me. Americans would never put up with this shit.