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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yabaki calls on regime to remove Media decree

Yabaki: POAD statement
The CEO of the Citizens Constitutional Forum, Akuila Yabaki, who has been cited for contempt by the regime's illegal attorney general, is challenging the regime to allow people to speak freely.

In a statement titled POAD, Amendment Included Needs To Go, Yabaki says the suspension of Section 8 of the amended Public Order Act must be seen for what it really is - an initial step towards the removal of restrictions on the freedom of expression placed on all Fijians.

“Critical to this process is the opportunity for Fijians to be able to speak freely about their aspirations and dreams and their fears and frustrations about past, present and future governments.

“If the discussions on the constitutional process are to be transparent and in order that all people may be apprised of the views of others, the media must be permitted to provide unfettered coverage of discussions, views and consultations."

Yabaki himself has been curtailed by the regime, with the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum yesterday revealing he was taking the CCF CEO to court for publishing a story on the controversial Nigel Dodds report, Fiji: the Lost Rule of Law in its quarterly newsletter.

Yabaki's statement today is its first response to the unexpected court action.

In his statement, Yabaki, says the recent amendments to the Public Order Act covers the period July 18, 2012 until the Constitution Commission hands over a draft document to the illegal President and does not cover the period of the deliberations by the Constituent Assembly.

In calling for people to be allowed to speak freely, Yabaki says “It is at that point in our history - when the draft constitution is available - that the people must be allowed to comment and debate the finer points of the document which will be their supreme law.

“The deliberations of the Constituent Assembly must be open not only to public scrutiny but also to comment and debate and this must be allowed even after the President’s assent and subsequently the Bainimarama Government must take immediate steps to ensure that there is debate in all sectors of the community throughout the entire constitution making process to allow the legislators to hear the views of all Fijians and, hopefully, respond to these opinions by assuaging fears, removing doubts and amending policies.”

He added that “CCF reiterates that for free discussions to eventuate, two important steps must be taken by the administration and these include, firstly to repeal the legislation which requires permits for public gatherings of more than two people and secondly, to remove the Media Industry Development Decree.

“We recognize the need to ensure that people do not abuse their fundamental freedoms of expression and association and urge all Fijians to act responsibly when discussing matters of national interest. We call once again on the Bainimarama Government to remove these restrictions to enable a true and inclusive dialogue.”


mark manning said...

How long will it take for people in Fiji to realise, that like the Syrian people, one must fight for their Freedom ?
Aiyaz seems to be the only one running Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and K-yum can run for now, but their destiny has already been written!

Frank Bainimarama, Fiji’s dictator and illegal PM and illegal Commander (because he had threatened the then PM to reinstate him as Commander of the RFMF), and his sly opportunistic and megalomaniac puppeteer Aiyas K-yum know all too well what is in store for themselves if and when any truly free and fair election is held in Fiji. They both will be arrested and prosecuted together with their evil and greedy supporters for their crimes against the people.

The truth is that the majority of people in Fiji live in fear and their non-action is sadly seen by the international community as benign. But there is a growing hatred for both Bainimarama and K-yum from the grass roots, and it grows stronger each day as the people become more informed of the pair’s corruption, lies, treason, sedition and destruction of Fiji. The people are suffering and struggling to make ends meet while the pair indulge themselves in lavish lifestyles from the spoils of their corruption and lies. Their corruption and lies are then watered down and explained away by the ever promiscuous PS Information Sharon Smith-Johns, through the parasitic government public relations officers.

The arrest of both Bainimarama and K-yum is coming. It’s just a matter of time and the pair are doing everything they can to avoid arrest. This includes hiring constitution experts to give some resemblance of credence to their scheme. But the people of Fiji already know its all a farce and so they quietly await the election to voice their objection to the evil and corrupt pair.

On 4 June 2009 U.S. President Barack Obama made the following comments on democracy in his address in Cairo, Egypt,

“...I do have an unyielding belief that all people yearn for certain things: the ability to speak your mind and have a say in how you are governed; confidence in the Rule of Law and the equal administration of justice; government that is transparent and do not steal from the people; the freedom to live as you desire. These are not just American ideas, they are human rights and that is why we will support them everywhere...”

“...Governments that protect the rights (of the people) are ultimately more stable, successful and secure. Suppressing ideas never make them go away... And we will welcome all elected, peaceful governments provided they govern with respect for all their people...”

“...There are some who also advocate for democracy only when they are out of power. Once in power, they are ruthless in suppressing the rights of others. So no matter where it takes hold, government of the people and by the people sets a single standard for all who have power. You must maintain your power through consent, not coercion...”

“...Around the globe, we are standing with those who take responsibility - helping farmers grow more food, supporting doctors who care for the sick, and combating corruption that can rot a society and rob the people of opportunity...”

Mubarak the ailing former Egyptian dictator and President found this out the hard way. A few days ago he and his former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly received life imprisonment.

Other dictators who recently paid the piper are Col Gadhafi of Libya who was beaten and shot by his people, and Saddam Hussein of Iraq was hanged. But only a few months earlier the thought of this ever happening to these dictators was inconceivable....... And then the tide turned against them…

So Bainimarama and K-yum can run for now, but their destiny has already been written!

Matai T said...


As i have mentioned earlier and am repeating this:

The illegal regime will try to immune itself from prosecution by arming itself with decrees designed to give these illegal and their cronies immunity from the 2006 coupe.

Also moles inside say that the illegal regime is likely to compete in the 2014 elections, reasons:

1. They successfully managed to confuse the people regarding the political leaders, by inflicting baseless accusations on the major party leaders, so that the people dont trust them anymore.

2. Almost 80% of the entire population in Fiji really dont know what these illegal AG and Illegal PM and their illegal govt are up to..so much as the saying goes "the elephant a separate set of teeth it uses to eat and another set just for show.

God Bless Fiji...

The Crying Freeman,
Matai T.

kite flyer said...

the interim government/military government/post coup regime is not interested in open public debate on the constitution making or anything else relating to the nature of governance in the country. it is interested only in complete public compliance to its diktats. its absolute rule and control. all else is just a pretense. they will not grant any democratic freedom that is likely to weaken their grip on power. it is not in their interest . And their own interest is paramount. Not the interest of the people or the country. although it's nice for them to make out that is their priority interest. it isn't. one has to be an idiot to think it is. and unfortunately there is no shortage of idiots both in the country and outside who think Fiji is being turned into utopia by the ruling military mob.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Constitution Commission strongly critical of new government decrees

Posted at 16:50 on 19 July, 2012 UTC

Fiji’s Constitutional Commission says two new decrees issued by the interim Fiji regime threaten to undermine the development of the new constitution.

It says the consultation process requires the full participation of the people.

Don Wiseman reports:

“In a statement it says the Constitutional Commission and Constituent Assembly Decrees are an important step in adding certainty to the process, but it also says they ignore the essential principles of democracy. The Commission says the Constituent Assembly Decree gives the interim Prime Minister full control over the composition of the Assembly which will put together the new constitution. It says this is undemocratic and undermines the Assembly’s independence. The Decrees require immunity for those involved in the 2006 and earlier coups to be entrenched in the new constitution - a move the Commission says is most unusual and undesirable. It says the people of Fiji need to first be consulted on this matter with submissions to the Commission and debate on it in the Assembly. And the Commission says it remains concerned that there is not an atmosphere in Fiji that is conducive to open debate. It says controls on the media and the wide reaching powers of the security forces are particularly worrying, as is the lack of access to the courts.”

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji should learn the importance of the Bill of rights, so they can put into to pratice freedom of speech and assembly in a responsible manner. By the way C4.5 can you update us on the Bauxite Mine, rumours circulating that govt is struggling to get the first shipment out of Bua, but the soils gets missing, even when they are locked up in containers and there's something wrong with the Jetty/wharf, every monrning when they check the jetty/wharf the big stone slabs that holds the foundation is either broken or washed away mysteriously by the tide according to their explanation. C4.5 Please update us on the Namosi Min as well......

The Oracle said...

While Yabaki's statement is laudable, it is limited in its self-serving purpose. Yabaki should be more concerned with the provisions of the two decrees that have been promulgated which in effect,predetermine the outcome of the Constitutional Consultations process and the draft Constitution.
By insisting on "Non-negotiable" issues BEFORE the consultations begin and by "legislating" the provision for immunity within any future Constitution - again, even before the consultations begin - is arrogantly condescending and patronising to the intelligence of the people of Fiji. Also, Yash Ghai points quite correctly to the fact that any Constituent Assembly needs to be representative of the majority of our society and for it to have any legitimacy, the members should be elected by the population rather than be hand-picked by the interim government. Election will provide the necessary mandate, interim-appointments won't. These are more pressing issues than Yabaki's concern about the media self-censoring to avoid facing legal battles. There is currently wide coverage of the Electronic Voter Registration process, of the Qarase trial and of the Constitutional Commission. The question is, will self censorship be imposed by the media themselves when covering the Consultations process? Already, we see the Fiji Times ignoring what is apparently, a falling-out between Yash Ghai and Khaiyum. If indeed Yash Ghai has questioned issues such as access to the court, why isn't Khaiyum as quick as he has been in the past in seeking contempt of court charges?
Khaiyum assumes (in his reponse to Yash Ghai on Fijivillage.com)that the absence of open public criticism of the regime's plans is a reflection of "unanimous" endorsement of his Bainimarama government. In referring to the NCBBF invitations, he conveniently omits to mention the conditions that had been put in place which led to a number of political parties deciding not to participate.
Come on Yabaki, it's now time to take on the bull "by the horns" and not the cocktail circuit "by the handle".

Anonymous said...

Fiji police too quick to blame citizens and witch hunt.

Police clarify ‘missing’ kit
July 19, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


The Fiji Police Force has clarified that there was a misunderstanding between electronic voter registration (EVR) teams in Rakiraki, over a missing computer kit.
Police Director Operations, Senior Superintendent Rusiate Tudravu said the kit was alleged to have been stolen at the Rakiraki Police Station on Tuesday.
However, SSP Tudravu explained that another team had accidentally taken the kit from where it was left.
The team the kit belonged to had taken it from the Rakiraki Police Station and left it at the Provincial Administrator’s office where another team accidentally took it.
SSP Tudravu said the matter has been resolved.

Anonymous said...

There is something uncanny in the sequence of events that is going on with the regime. First a relaxation of the POAD and then put out more decrees one of which aims at immunity for the 2006 coup. Pressure is bearing down so hard on these culprits that it is manifesting in their actions.. Seeing their chances in election narrowing down towards zero the regime had created a safety valve for their exit strategy.

Anonymous said...

I think people need to understand the mentality of this idiot Bainimarama.
Right from the start he said that Fijians can only be taught by a "stick" ( kanakuita).
And also that they are too stupid to know what is good for them and that is why he has set himself up to be their almighty saviour.

And that is why he "abrogated the constitution"
And that is why he makes his own rules or laws(PER).

And he is still doing it (PER) even now while he is telling us about an Election.

I think a lot of people are being duped here.

Bainimarama will NEVER give up power.
Bainimarama will NEVER give back what he stole from the people ( ie the government)
We must take it back by FORCE.

All this talk about Election and Racial equality is all bullshit.
All this Voter Registration,this is all an exercise in futility.
You guys have to understand what we are dealing with here.
This is all about conning the people. Conning the Fijians and conning the Overseas governmments.
When are people going to learn?

-Valataka na Dina.

kite flyer said...

It is not only the degrees that should be removed.
Yabaki the CCF and all other pro-democracy forces in Fiji should demand the regime remove itself from power
And a new care-taker civilian national council be put in place to restore the country on the right road to democracy and good governance.
This will never happen under the current dictatorship and its rule by degrees.
We need to come to terms withat reality.

Anonymous said...

Police insiders says....

Policemen in Fiji, lets wake up mada to all this bull-shit dished out to us.

We should be good stewards and protector of law and ouir citizens.

We are now made to be idiotd and followers like the army guys (class8) & lack training on the law.

why are we compromising our selfs to this shits..

lets arise and stand up for the truth....

Frank and Aiyaz are not God...

Anonymous said...

The poor turnout at the voter registration process will be an advantage for the regime. They will have good reason to stall the elections saying the poor turnout meant the people are not interested in having an election.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:36, so right you are. The election process will be phony either way you cut it, as we knew it would be, with Khaiyum in charge of it.

If a lot of people register, the regime will hold it out to the world as proof positive that the people are four-square behind their 'reforms' and 'return to democracy'.

If few people register, the regime will have an easier time manipulating the election and even, as you note, claim it's proof positive that the people are content with the country's leadership and want the regime to continue 'leading Fiji forward'.

It would be great if we could get a reputable polling firm like Gallup to conduct a poll of Fijians in such a way as to elicit their real views, without fear of regime reprisal. The poll would gauge their feelings toward the regime and the Constitution and their reasons for either registering to vote or not registering.

Anonymous said...

The numbers of registrations being cited sound very suspicious to me. Have that many people really registered, or are many of them phantom registrations that can later be used to swing the election to the regime?

Anonymous said...

The writing on the wall in big bold letters is TREASON!

Why else woud Khaiyum be trying his damndest to insert an amnesty clause?

In of itself, that is an admission of guilt.

Take a leaf and a lesson from the Gaddafi playbook and catch the next flight out to whatever Taliban hideout that would have you. NOW!

Anonymous said...

Security of the personal data supplied for registration is an issue.

People are giving their fingerprint plus photograph plus personal details (i.e location, sex, date of birth, employment status).

This type of data, if not properly secured, can be used to obtain passports, drivers licences etc etc etc. Identity theft should be concern with this EVR process.

mark manning said...

Another one backing the wrong horse !

Anonymous said...

Yabaki should wake up!
The IG has the local media stitched up so tight that there is no way they will go against it.
To do that would only bring a $100K fine (which probably only Fiji Times and Fiji TV can afford!) or jail time for senior executives (editors etc).
So a call for a free media at this stage is useless because we all know it is not the case in Fiji.
If a new government comes in and is able to repeal the media decree and the POA then we can begin to think about it ... but at this stage it is not even a dream.
You also have to remember that most media outlets are, first and foremost, businesses (i.e they have to make money for their owners!)
If they were all principled as they would have us believe they would have all closed shop.
But that would mean lost revenue, job losses etc.
So they deviate (as the Fiji Times is doing by printing news like health issues, the environment etc) or toe the line (as the Fiji Sun) is doing.
It's all about the money Rev, idealistic, jingoistic bullshit like free media and free speech has nothing to do with it!!!