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Saturday, August 11, 2012

43 staff complaints made against Fiji chief registrar

Judiciary sources say the chief registrar, Ganga Arachchi, has been suspended by the Public Service Commission over racist comments against i-Taukei staff members who work at the Court complex at government buildings.
Arachni is accused of saying “Fijians are like monkeys” on a number of occasions, including at a cocktail at USP, at a morning tea break at the Holiday Inn and at a dinner party hosted by a local car rental owner from whom judicial department exclusively hires rental cars.

An official complaint was lodged with the Human Rights Commission as well as with the office of the illegal Prime Minister’s office. 
Frank Bainimarama's office referred the matter to the Public Service Commission and Arachchi was suspended Tuesday this week, pending investigations. 
Our informants have also told us that at present there are 43 written complaints against Arachchi by judicial officers – all of whom have signed off in their letters of complaint against her.
Previously, the officers used to submit anonymous letters of complaint to the illegal Chief Justice but no action was ever taken.  
The letters of complaint were instead given to Arachchi who confronted judicial department staff at a staff meeting about two weeks ago and issued the following challenge: If you want to complain about me don’t sent anonymous letters – put your name to these letters, you cowards.”
Taking up the challenge, staff members wrote at least 43 letters and widely circulated them Frank Bainimarama, the illegal attorney general, PSC and the Law Society. 

Insiders say there was also a very public altercation between Arachchi and the President of the Court of Appeal, William Calanchini, three weeks ago after Arachchi tried to overrule Calanchini on Court of Appeal matters and was pushing for certain matters to be called ahead of those already listed for hearing. 
Senior Court of Appeal staff had also been threatened with termination by Arachchi if they did not listen to her. 
Calanchini saw this as a direct interference of his position as President Court of Appeal. He wrote a terse letter to the Chief Justice and sent copies to Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed khaiyum and PSC, demanding something be done about it urgently.
It is widely tipped that Arachchi, whose contract was only recently renewed for a further 3 year term, will be sent home and the Chief Magistrate, Usaia Ratuvili, has agreed to accept the post of Chief Registrar.


Anonymous said...

Renee Lal exposed in NZ Courts. choro qa


be fair said...

What a pity. I believe she accomplished a great deal in a very short time and anyone would be frustrated by the typical slow motion responses of i-Taukei staff. She should have said the staff are like turtles rather than monkeys. Are we not all supposed to have evolved from monkeys including her ? She is an achiever and should be allowed to stay. Her staff need to come under scrutiny as well and disciplined if necessary.

People of the Land said...

This is unacceptable and this person must be deported ASAP. This incident if true reflects the caliber of people in the judiciary. We have been highlighting this since PM Laisenia Qarase was unfairly put to jail by these same people. There is absolutely no integrity in the regime's judicial system.

People of the Land said...

This is unacceptable and this person must be deported ASAP. This incident if true reflects the caliber of people in the judiciary. We have been highlighting this since PM Laisenia Qarase was unfairly put to jail by these same people. There is absolutely no integrity in the regime's judicial system.

Anonymous said...

So Calanchini, a Judge, writes directly to the prime Minister and Attorney General and the Chief Registrar is suspended.

Isn't the Judiciary supposed to be free of political interference ?

Salen-NZ said...

Who is this guy Ganga? He shouldnt say those words in multiracial Fiji? Every one is same. There are good people and there are bad people in every race. Indian race is not superior to fijian race and vice versa. When we die we go to the same place. Ganga not only should be suspended but also sacked and deported if he is from India or Shiri Lanka. Now we need cool and calm heads to lead us once again for better Fiji for our childrens sake. We need to improve the living standards of all the people in Fiji irespective of race, colour, gender or sex. United we stand. Fiji is a lovely place and all its people are lovely.

Anonymous said...

what a joke .we have corrupt illegal judges and magistrates making racial comments.
shame on them like the bosses fb/ask.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't open that link @ 2.57p.m. re Renee Lal. Can you post the entire posting in here? Advance thanks.

mark manning said...

The Walls of Jericho are beginning to crumble it seems !

blogs of the bigots said...

Perhaps the junta member Arachchi has been reading to much of The junta rag the Fiji Sun or the anti freedom bullying blogs of the two old colonial bigots?

kite flyer said...

who is this person? where is she from? who hired her to be chief registrar? she strikes me as an unfit person to hold that high office. her recruitment must reflect poorly on the person(s) who hired her?
Is this how the military junta was going to give the people of fiji a "better Fiji"?

Anonymous said...

Agree much with kite. also who is this galachini, where he come from? how much he sell? Birds of a featha with baikumbaya beka? hehehee....

Anonymous said...

dina says...

This is the problem with coups - they close their eyes when they go recruiting....decisions are made from the front or back....

Again these proves to us that Fiji has "monkeys in the judiciary & courts indeed....

Anumal farm, guess waht, they are learning from their master Aiyaz Khaiyum.

Lesson to learn Military goons....keep bring more and more of these monkeys from abroad and soon they will use your gun on you..

Go Tamil Tigers Go....

Go Taliban GO......Aiyaz Khaiyum should demand from Frank now as to why Fiji can't have a real multi racial military OR maybe 70 Indians & 30% Fijians...

Anonymous said...

Hearing: Counsel:
CIV-2011-404-5601 [2012] NZHC 1264
AND RAINA LAL First Defendant
23 April 2012
E St John for the Plaintiff
R Hollyman and K Simcock for the Defendants
7 June 2012
This judgment was delivered by me on 7 June 2012 at 4:30 p.m. pursuant to r 11.5 of the High Court Rules 1985.
Registrar/Deputy Registrar ..........................................

Please search unnder NZ judicary website for full judgment. Bell vs Lal

Anonymous said...

copy this link and paste in google and click again to read


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that she's just full of herself-you know, "i'm the only
smart magana, around here-type?" Sorry
baby, you deal with the Bull,
you're liable to get the horn!!!

Anonymous said...

Got it. Thanks 9.03 p.m

Anonymous said...

Lal sisters are a disgrace to the Fijian law fernity. I hope they gt debarred. As a fellow lawyer in Fiji, such thieves and smart asses give us all a bad name.

Anonymous said...

“$150,000FJD for value today to (approximately NZD$133,842.51)” to a Lloyds TSB account in the Isle of Man......wai lei, fiji lawyer avoiding tax! Ficacke and firca, investigate Lal please

Anonymous said...

Its culturally ingrained in this Sri Lankan woman:

Sri Lankan police raid offices of two news websites

New York, June 29, 2012 – The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on authorities in Sri Lanka to immediately stop harassing news outlets. Police in Colombo raided the offices of two opposition news websites today, arresting nine people and confiscating equipment, according to news reports.

Authorities did not disclose the reason for the raid on the Sri Lanka Mirror and the Sri Lanka X News, both of which are based in the capital. News reports said that most of the nine arrested were journalists, but it is not clear who they were or why they were detained. Police also confiscated some computers and phones from the offices, news reports said.

"Friday's raid shows that President Mahinda Rajapaksa's government remains determined to silence opposition voices," said Bob Dietz, CPJ's Asia program coordinator. "Authorities should heed the many public appeals urging them to reverse this years-long policy of quashing media criticism of the government and military."

At least five websites, including the Sri Lanka Mirror, had been temporarily blocked in November, news reports said. The BBC reported that they had been shut down for maligning top government officials, including engaging in "character assassination" of Rajapaksa.

Sri Lanka is one of the most repressive nations for the press, according to CPJ research. In addition to ongoing censorship, CPJ has documented a climate of intense intimidation and violence against critical opposition journalists. At least 23 Sri Lankan journalists have gone into exile, fearing retaliation, CPJ research shows. The country ranks fourth in the world in combating anti-press violence, according to CPJ's global Impunity Index.

ex army said...

Arachchi,Calanchini who are these people?where are they from,Male or Female"s name sounds like dogs food or shit to me ......Are they like Tamil Tigers?....theres no monkeys in Fiji but plenty where they come from.
They come to Fiji because they were given peanuts in their country now they are paid with Bainimaramas nuts.

Anonymous said...

A paramount chief has questioned the credibility of the Constitutional Commission.

Rewa chief Ro Filipe Tuisawau told the public hearing at Nausori this morning – the commission is made of up of only those who are linked to the government.

By way of University links, members of the NCBBF or those who have been government beneficiaries, our trust with CC is lacking. In addition and worse, the current government does not have any confidence in its own legitimacy; it recognizes this and seeks immunity as a result.

Another glaring weakness in Commission he says is the absence of an independent indigenous rights expert.

This is a major weakness given that indigenous Fijians comprise over 60 percent of Fiji’s population and own 80 percent of the land.

In his own road map to ensure legitimacy to the government – he has proposed that all military personnel who want to strand in 2014 elections resign by 31st December 2012 and this will include the Prime Minister and other Ministers.

All government ministers must resign by 31st December 2012 and it is very important to ensure that state assets and tax payers money are not used to bribe the people. This happened after the 1987 coup and prior to the 2002 elections.

He has also proposed that the 1997 constitution be reviewed under relevant provisions by the elected Parliament.

Sheik Sabir said...

"I believe that our Heavenly Father invented man because He was disappointed in the monkey."
- Mark Twain

Voreqe I, the Magnificent said...

Once I was a tadpole when I began to begin. Then I was a frog with my tail tucked in. Next I was a monkey in a coconut tree. Now I am the leader of the New Fiji.

tamil tiger said...

The monkeys in the judiciary and in the entire civil service are SDL owned monkeys trained to be negative and obstructive.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't be a surprise. Judicial officers in a work spat, Judge miffed and complians directly to Prime Minister and Attorney General demanding action be taken. CR suspended.

Just more evidence of the corruption.

The Judge (a so called Court of Appeal one at that)ignores due process and the fundamental independance of the Judiciary which requires that he direct his complaint through the proper channel as set out by the regulations governing the appointment and employment of Judicial officers. He does not follow due process and/or indeed the rule of law which he professes to uphold.

No no, in the new Fiji you just write directly to the Political Masters and they will sort out the Judiciary.

Well done.

So the eminent International Jurists whose findings are recorded in the report at this link weren't far off the mark in their 2009 findings on the state of the rule of law in Fiji.



Anonymous said...

Bainivuaka is the monkey and Aiyarse is his playmate. This Ganga must be smoking too much ganja.

This is just unacceptable, who is this Ganga to racially abuse the indigenous people of Fiji? It goes to show that racial tension will never go away in Fiji contrary to what some racist bloggers have said. And it came right from the top where racist Aiyarse ordered the prosecution of LQ and the continued harassment of Mere. Question is, why isn't he going after Chaudary who swindled millions of dollars?

Anonymous said...

@tamil tiger

Monkeys can be retrained.
You had 6 years with them so how come you didn't train them.
Or sack them and get more monkeys from Sri Lanka or China or wherever.

You are obviously more stupid than these monkeys , otherwise you would have done this already.

Anonymous said...

It's not enough for Bainimarama and other RFMF to resign from the government. They would still be able to pull all necessary strings through Aiyaz and others staying on.

The Constitutional Commission isn't balanced. It's also losing credibility the longer it plays along with Bainimarama's farce.

Naturally the regime is sensitive about its legitimacy, because it has none, not a single shred. Its only reason for existence is to protect Bainimarama from accountability for his capital crimes.

Bainimarama is poised to confer additional dictatorial power on himself. That's all the phony consititutional dialogue is designed to achieve. Everything else is so much window dressing.

The election will likewise be meaningless -- Aiyaz's choreography will see to that. The only alternative is for Fijians to resort to People Power -- always a gamble, because it can spin out of control, but now a necessary gamble, nonetheless.

Oppression can only survive through silence. The non-violent 'M-Minute' noise barrage scheduled for downtown Suva at 7 p.m. precisely on Wednesday, 26 September will decide for better or worse whether Fijians will continue to be led by the nose without a whimper or for once will take a stand for their rights, if only for a minute.

Those who take the minute to join us in raucously celebrating Fiji will forever after be able to celebrate a glory in the corner of their minds where patriotic pride and mystic memory lives on. Those who do not will be haunted by their silence.

If the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, Fiji's long path to democratic governance can begin with a single minute.

Together, Operation Jericho. Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m. Prepare to make a joyful noise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Tuisawau is a confused moron typical of those who are content with the thieves oops, chiefs getting richer, while the ordinary i-taukei goes doing odd jobs to feed his family through an honest day's work.

If the credibility of the commission is questionable, then why are you presenting before the same commission, you confused blinking idiot?

You're a disgrace to even the lowest IQ animals!

Anonymous said...

KUDOS to Ro Filipe..we are all with you and all citizens of this country now have to stand up and voice their concerns for this bogus elections..by the way the illegal Pm has spoken on radio this morning saying that people should making rascist and discriminotory submissions to the constitutional review committee..haahaa..he is sucked in cause he doesnt know where he is heading..Voreqe..if you want a free and fair election and a genuine constitution..will you stop making comments on it as the comments is supposed to come from the people who are paying for your sorry ass and your wannabe PM lifestyle..Sa matailelevu mai na nomu lasu kei na nomu veivakaisini..O iko mo veilewai..tamata macawa..

Kai Bau said...

Ive worked with these Shri Lankan's of both race the Sinhalese and the Tamils.These Sinhalese are haters of the Tamils and they abused them in their mother land.They killed them and took over their tea plantation including the Tamils properties and land.They hate each other so bad that they cant speak.So this Arachchi(name sounds Sinhalese as Tamils got India name as they originally from Tamil Naidu in mother land India) shows us Fijians that he is a real monkey according to that well known saying "monkey see monkey do"Monkeys cannot live in harmony with each other as they tend to have that teritorial type of society.Even thou they look the same ( both race look like Indians) but they cant live in harmony,they fight,killed.rape,abused each other because they are living in a monkey's society of democracy.If that Monkey the chief registrar cannot live with his own species how can he come and live with us humans.Sent him back to the Zoo where he belong.He is only here for the bananas from the Banana republic of Fiji

Anonymous said...

Plenty Chiefs in Rewa? Whats up I thought only Roko Tui Dreketi is Chief...all the rest are Indians...better ga no Chief all indians! Rewa will be much better place!

Baulevu Chief

Anonymous said...

Fiji should not be a multicultural country, it should continue to push to maintain the itaukei customs, traditions as building blocks to it's way of life. It should also allow customs and traditions to evolve as the world around it moves forward.
For every multi cultural country it's indigenous population has almost wiped out e.g Native Indians of America , aboriginal of Australia, Maori of NZ. Fiji continues to embrace China but beware , China is so over populated( one child policy) it needs to move it's people to new land. One way of China to move it's population across sea is by taking advantage of less fortunate countries by making them reliant on it's aid and (or ) trade agreements. Australia and New Zealand have an influx of asians every year but they cant even see how their reliant on China is changing the out make of it's population. The Asians ( china/Korea including India & Sri Lanka) will over take and decimate the Fijian way of life before we know it. Sometimes people encourage multiculturalism to hide sinister motives . China/india/korea/japan etc will never be a multicultural country because of its indigenous population is far too great. Because of over population in their countries asians/Indians will populate the pacific islands in the years to come.There will always be a China , korea and India but Fiji could lose it's land , people and identity if it continues its current path.

Setoki said...

Anon@12.59. You're a coward to hide behind anonymous with such racist comments. I challenge you to say that right to Filipe's face. Nah you're too gutless mate and that's where you will always be, in the gutters. Shame on your parents for bringing such a lowlife to this world.

Anonymous said...

Olei, sounds like tne Sri Lankan government is getting to be as insecure and paranoid as Fiji's.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12.59pm..If the chiefs get richer well they deserve it cause its their God given right and did you hear what Ro Filipe was saying..every right thinking human being would say that its the truth and its his right to make his submission to the constitution like evryone else..cititzen of this country..as for you..you sound like that monkey that has a lower IQ then every right thinking human being and you really do belong with the monkeys..an opportunist monkey from a foreign land that wants to change every right thinking human being that this country is rightfully yours too but sorry you must have been brought here to work in the sugar fields..and no matter how you would like to change this constitution I can assure you that all fijians would somehow in the future will revert back to what they stand for and that is we own this land..

Anonymous said...

@ the kai bau kaisi, looks like you've just described your own kawa - "Monkeys cannot live in harmony with each other as they tend to have that teritorial type of society."

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is the murderer, a thief, a liar, a schiemer.His brother-in-law is a murderer yet they were not sentenced for life in jail.Qarase did not kill anyone, they put him in jail.It is the opposite, that is the law in Fiji now.The inocent person is put to jail & the cottupt, murderer is free 7 WALKING on THE street.

King Ma'afu said...

she said "the monkey aiass khaiyum and bainicebo bainimarama" that is why she is been investigated because she is true...TRUTH HURTS ??

kai bau wakakau said...

kai bau!

E sega sara ni duidui na kawa tamata o vakalewa ka vosacataka tiko qori mai vei ira na nomu kawa.. Na nomu tautau ni vosa e vakadei taka sara tikoga na butobuto ni vakasama e toka qori vei iko, e lailai na nomu kila baleta ga ni o tamata kawa ca. KAISI..

Anonymous said...

@Kai Bau, If you dont know about things, then better not talk about it as you are showing your dumbness to the whole world. Tamils(Indians) were brought in to Sri Lanka by the british similar to Fiji for cane farming. As you said some from Tamilnadu came to the northern Sri Lanka as refugees to find greener pastures. Then they started their fight asking for a separate homeland and divide the country in to two. Other tamils are living in peace and harmony with sinalese in other parts of the country. Of course there are rotten apples like the ones who are working in FIji for money and bringing shame to the nation and the country. But dont put everyone in the same basket. As in fiji there is a long history behind the issues in Sri Lanka which goes back to over 2500 years. There is no doubt there have been discrimination against tamils in Sri Lanka. But what you are saying is not even close to the reality. Tamils terrorists hacked pregnant mothers and took the babies out and hacked them too. Sri Lankan army also has done certain bad things. Learn the reality before you talk about others please......this is a kind request....

Anonymous said...

Tuisawau is in the same category as Robanakadavu in NZ, both had their wives sleeping with military guys. Stop hating the government and go pick a fight with the individual military boys who your wives were enjoying.

Coup 4.5 said...

Sarita Kumari has apparently convinced herself (Fiji Sun 12/8) that " Fijians are far better off being run by the military" given,she contends, "the reality of democracy in the current environment" in Fiji.
There is,of course, no democracy in the current environment in Fiji. The only reality in Fiji is that the country is still pretty much under military rule - notwithstanding the interim prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama's claim that " Fiji now has a civilian government".
It doesn't. Fiji has been under military rule since the 2006 military coup and still is.
Sarita Kumari's letter is a mere rationalisation and justification for the perpetuation of military rule in Fiji.
She reckons it is a "recipe" for good governance and a better Fiji.
My reading of Fiji politics does not lead me to that conclusion.
But I could be wrong.
Rajend Naidu

William said...

Setoki, as if that's your real name. Here is mine: William.

As for my parents, well, they are proud they offspring can argue on merits. Yours probably wished you were stillborn the day you must've showed them your ignorance (not unlike Tuisawau's). Go apologize to them.

Anon @ 4.04 PM. God given right?? Pffffttttt!!!!! I hope for your sake you're below five, otherwise the only term to describe you is "moron". As most on this site do, with an empty mind like yours, all you lowlife can do is pretend some legitimacy and try to play with words. Epic fail mate, instead, you show the world how full of shit you are.

Try again. At the moment, you're not even worth my fart you useless, ignorant, belligerent fool.

Anonymous said...

@Kai Bau
You are right.
Don't worry about the haters.
They are confused.

Anonymous said...

Arachchi is a good friend of Nazat Shameem--they exchange sarees and maybe a few other things.Why was Arachchi targetting Itaukei ?--because no Indians left in the civil service---look around !!--the official lingo is already I Taukei ! Police force--only 20% indian.See the pictures in the papers--no Indian faces.The courts here are full of monkies and donkeys--all from Silly Lanka !

Jone said...

Sarita Kumari way to go gal. This government is better than the Nationalist government of SDL. Given that the world has changed so much and the days of colonialism is history, the present government does recognize and are up to the speed. Those days of "superiority" complex is done and over with. All humans are created equal and thus everyone has equal rights. Irrespective of Caste, Race or gender. It is only the ignorant that create the barrier. So the ignorant need to wake up and smell the Java.


Anonymous said...

Sri Lanka was the land of Rawan--the demon king of the Ramayana--destroyed by Ram of Ayodyha--with the help of the Monkey Brigadiare Hanuman and his army of monkeys !!No wonder Arachchi so qiuickly thinks of monkeys !!--Jai Hanuman !!---Jai Sri Yukt Dr Satendra Pratap None-Done.--the Ponga Pundit-the mango chutney proff from LegaLega-caught the 1st plane out of Fiji in May1987 wearing a blue saree and black blouse and a white panty because no balls !!

Anonymous said...

Good grief @ FilipeT and FrankR wives... @ 8.23p.m.

Anonymous said...

Wahahaha! @10.15p.m. Now one for ape-like Feejee hanibal-cannibals pliz?

The Heckler said...

Jone @ 10:01 must really have a low opinion of people if he thinks everyone is his equal.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous @10:24 August 12. Before they talk they should sort out there own house first.

Jone said...

The Heckler @ 12:33 AM

I see hoe ignorant you are. Read the Bible and learn few things from there. It is fools like you that has made Fiji and us ITaukei fools. On Sunday likes of you go to church and after the services, throw stones at animals and go to stores and steal.


Anonymous said...

Chaudhry pretrial conference to start today

The pretrial conference of former Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry is expected to start before Justice Paul Madigan today.

Chaudhry is charged with three counts of breach of the Exchange Control Act and he has pleaded not guilty.

The first count against Chaudhry is in relation to the failure to surrender foreign currency, where it is alleged that Mahendra Chaudhry between November 2000 and July 2010 retained the sum of AUD$1.5 million for his own use and benefit, without the consent of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

The second count is in relation to dealing in foreign currency where it is also alleged that Chaudhry lent AUD$1.5 million to persons without the permission of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

The third count relates to failure to collect debts where it is alleged that Chaudhry having the right to receive a sum of AUD$1.5 million from the financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand, caused the delay of payment of the sum, in whole or in part, to himself by authorizing the continual reinvestment of the sum together with interest acquired back into the financial institutions without the permission of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The pretrial conference of former Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry is expected to start before Justice Paul Madigan today.

Chaudhry is charged with three counts of breach of the Exchange Control Act and he has pleaded not guilty.

The first count against Chaudhry is in relation to the failure to surrender foreign currency, where it is alleged that Mahendra Chaudhry between November 2000 and July 2010 retained the sum of AUD$1.5 million for his own use and benefit, without the consent of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

The second count is in relation to dealing in foreign currency where it is also alleged that Chaudhry lent AUD$1.5 million to persons without the permission of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

The third count relates to failure to collect debts where it is alleged that Chaudhry having the right to receive a sum of AUD$1.5 million from the financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand, caused the delay of payment of the sum, in whole or in part, to himself by authorizing the continual reinvestment of the sum together with interest acquired back into the financial institutions without the permission of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

Trial Starts today.

kite flyer said...

@ The Heckler
Jone provides a classic example of the kind of nutcase one should avoid like the plague let alone alone engage in a rational discourse.

The Heckler said...

Kite flyer, it's sad but true. And I was so looking forward to Jone explaining to us which book in the Bible says "This government is better than the Nationalist government of SDL." Is that in the New Apocrypha being put together by the regime, with such titles as 1st and 2nd Voreqe, the Gospel according to Aiyaz, and Frank's Letter to the Rotumans?

Or why he says that I'm making iTaukei into fools. He doesn't even know my ethnicity. I'm not making Jone or anyone into a fool, nor do I need to advertise that he is one.

Proverbs 12:16 backs up your own kind advice: "The vexation of a fool is known at once, but the prudent ignores an insult."

People of the Land said...

To Baulevu Chief and the likes.

To bring in personal issues of people in a public forum like this is not on. Another anology I am posing to you now is you can not explain to the public how you do your own personal business in the toilet either you carawai or use the toilet paper. Can we talk about issues of great importance to Viti. If you really have that deep connection to this country you will be part of the new process of rebuilding this great country. If you bring in those personl issues against any person and in this instance you have crucified one of our traditional chiefs and you are encouring a culture of hate against our felow citizens. The best thing for you to do is apply for your paper overseas, migrate to China esopecially or India in particular. I doubt you will never go back to your mother land or China.

I would suggest your constructve contribution to the debate.

Fijians will remain Fijians or Vitians. This has been embroiled in the hearts and minds of the People of the Land but again we must come togther and talk about real issues.

Do not use Baulevu-This is part of the vanua that belong to another tribe and mataqali.

I hope my suggestions do make sense to those people out there who subcribe to those sentiments.

kalougata tiko na mataniti itaukei kei kemuni an noda turga bale ni vanua.

Ni veilomani ka veitokoni tiko me lesu tale mai na duavata in kawa i taukei ni Vanua.

Anonymous said...

Those who attack people on personal level are sick and have such a bitterness that cloud their views... If you cant contribute real issues-just SHUT UP. Better to be quite and......

Anonymous said...

Before anybody point at C.R or accuse her,just think all the good deeds she has done for the betterment of Fiji and to the Judicial Dept.
She has been laboring for this country and achieved many things during a short period.

Anonymous said...

Don't think Fijians are like monkeys, but they ARE being led by a bunch of simians.

Anonymous said...

Barely one month after this news, it is revealed that the corrupt, abusive Chief Registrar is indeed kicked out from the Judicial Department and going to ruin more lives in her country by Monday.

Hei Fijians, get together and make a loudedest applause you can make in this moment to celebrate the much needed down fall of this abusive Sri Lankan bitch who was a menace to the Judicial Department.

You big ass woman, you are kicked and no more welcome in Fiji.....

Coup four and a half, big thank you for publishing accurate news all the time.

Unknown said...

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