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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bainimarama grabs western aid but keeps looking North

While Australia and New Zealand congratulate themselves on a renewed and 'warm' relationship with Fiji, the regime is cosying up to two of the Western world's biggest enemies - Iran and North Korea.

The bilateral relations agreement with Iran was  signed yesterday by the Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, and Fiji's foreign minister, Inoke Kubuabola in Tehran where Kubuabola is attending a summit meeting of the organisation, Non-Aligned Movement, otherwise known as NAM.

Fiji has also door knocked North Korea but the news has been kept hush hush.

Insiders say Fiji's ambassador to China and the illegal prime minister's trusted ally, Esala Teleni, presented his credentials to North Korea this week and is now ambassador to both countries.

But ironically, while the regime is aligning itself with dangerous, toxic countries, regional superpowers New Zealand and Australia and super power America are patting themselves on the back for newfound warm fuzzies with Suva.

The trio are preparing to talk up Fiji at the Pacific Island post-forum dialogue, unaware that Bainimarama has been keeping his options open by schmoozing countries shunned by America because of their covert nuclear power programmes and abuse of human rights.

Bainimarama at the same time is grabbing all the aid he can from the US, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union.

From reports sighted by Coupfourpointfive, New Zealand's Foreign Minister Murray McCully isn't impressed with Fiji's ties with Iran just when he and co have 'softened' towards the military dictatorship.

McCully is quoted as saying: "I'm not sure it's the smartest timing I've ever seen but that's a decision that others have to make." 

It would be our guess that he doesn't know about North Korea.

Editor's Note: The New Zealand prime minister, John Key, has told media today it's too early to allow Fii back into the Pacific Islands Forum saying he doesn't want to overstate the recent sofetning towards Suva. The European Union has also extended its  sanctions by 12 months, to now end September 30th 2013. The current sanctions expire at the end of next month. 

In a statement seen by Coupfourpointfive, the EU says while there has been change it is not enough to lift sanctions - a message it relays to the illegal president Epeli Nailatikau. 

7. Since early 2012 some positive developments can be noted, namely the lifting of the Public Emergency Regulations on 7 January 2012 and the launch on 9 March 2012 of a political process that would see a new constitution by March 2013 and the re- establishment of a constitutional democracy through new parliamentary elections by September 2014. Restrictions on certain human rights and fundamental freedoms do, however, remain.

8.    Taking into account the above considerations, the European Union should at this stage, adapt and extend the current policy and appropriate measures.

9.    Therefore, the Commission is proposing to the Council to amend the aproppriate measures in  order  to encourage Fiji to continue on its path towards restoration of democracy, rule of law and full respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms and to extend their period of application  for a further 12 months ending on 30 September 2013.

10.    The EU  should continue to keep a regular  dialogue  and  permanent  political engagement with Fiji, and therefore the Decision should continue to be kept under constant review.

11.    It is proposed to notify this Decision to the interim Government of Fiji, on the basis of the annexed draft letter to President Nailatikau, and to inform him (a) that the EU welomes recent positive developments in Fiji towards a return to democratic rule and encourages further steps namely  regarding remaining restrictions on human rights and  fundamental  freedoms;  b)  that  the  EU  remains  committed  to  pursuing  the enhanced political dialogue under Article 8 of the Cotonou Agreement, (c) that the assessment of progress made towards return to constitutional rule will  continue to guide the EU in the upcoming decisions on development cooperation, and that in this spirit the EU is willing to engage in the preparation of the 11th  EDF programming process, and to notify in due course an indicative national allocation in this process, while finalisation, signing and implementation of 11th EDF programming documents will be envisaged with the democratically elected government and (d) that an Article 96 review mission and formal dialogue, to be held after the successful conclusion of a credible, inclusive and transparent constitutional consultation process, expected by March 2013, could result  in a further positive review of appropriate measures if progress permits.

12.    The modifications to the appropriate measures represent a first cautious response to relevant  recent  developments  and  allow  in  particular  the  start  of  programming discussions  for  the  11th   EDF,  and  the  notification  of  Fiji's  11th   EDF  indicative allocation once the necessary decisions on the establishment of the next EDF allow. The substance of the current measures remains untouched.

In a draft letter to the illegal president Epeli Nailatikau the EU says: "Some positive steps have taken place since early 2012; namely the lifting of the Public Emergency Regulations on 7 January 2012 and the announcement on 9 March of a political process that would see a  new constitution by March 2013 and the re-establishment of a constitutional  democracy  through  new  parliamentary  elections  by September  2014.  Still, restrictions on certain human rights and fundamental freedoms remain.

"In recognition of these developments and in the spirit of partnership forming the cornerstone of the Cotonou Agreement, the EU expresses its readiness to engage in new formal dialogue regarding these developments.  Such a dialogue could be envisaged on the occasion of an Article  96  review  mission,  after  the  successful  conclusion  of  an  inclusive,  credible  and transparent constitutional consultation process, expected in March 2013." 


junta's new friends said...

While the dictator bainimarama and his henchman khaiyum are repressing Christianity in the failing state of Fiji, they are cosying up to the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran (not a good country if you are a Christian??). This gives a clear message where the priorities of Bainimarama and khaiyum are? The ISLAMIC Republic of Iran is also assisting the dictator in Syria - will the feral Fiji military being going to assist in human rights abuses there as well? Fiji is becoming a total pariah under this no rule of law junta.

Kamlesh Kumar-NZ said...

Ratu Inoke is a very efficient Minister of Foreign Affairs. He did a splendid job for Ratu Mara and Rabuka, his brother did a great job for Qarase and now he is providing first class service to Bainimara. He should be our next Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

frank cant e trusted.
election will never happen.dream on guys.
frank will do any dance and speak words to get aid and money for the regime.

Anonymous said...

What can one expect from a communistic taliban khaiyum led military junta? suck on the west and bend down to the rein of terror of the North.....hahahah....muslim cannot be trusted

Anonymous said...

Bainimagana and his crony Teleni boh did not serve in Lebanon like us most of our comrades that died in Liban were shot by the herzbollah which is funded by iran,how can they easily forget those sacrifice's,and try and being rosy with this two rogue countries.

Anonymous said...

Iran is a Muslim country who has an appalling human rights record. The Muslim Aiyarse must have something to do with this. As for north Korea, it's ruled by a dicktator, Bainivuaka must be behind this.

Fiji is desperate and losing friends so that's why the two most corrupt people are scrambling.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Fiji's new friends has gotten C4.5's panties in a bunch.

An old adage in diplomacy: there are no permanent friends, just permanent interests.

If Aust, NZ or the US are alarmed by Fiji's diplomatic relations, then that's their problem.

To be brutally honest, North Korea or Iran has not invaded any country, can't say much for the ANZUS war mongers.

As for human rights violations-news flash: Does Gitmo, extraordinary rendition, Extra-judicial killing via drones ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

New Zealand's Foreign Minister Murray McCully is a two-faced snake in the grass!

mark manning said...

As always, Fiji's future is a matter for Fijians !

Anonymous said...

"North Korea has not invaded any country" Clearly your correspondent is not strong on history. Must have been phantoms that attacked the British Army Gloucestershire Regiment during their invasion of South Korea.

PR problem said...

@ taliban anonymous
Are you speaking for khaiyum and his clan?
If so it would appear that Fiji muslims have some PR work to do. Attacking ANZUS soldiers is not a good thing to do - as your uncle osama found out?

Fijiana said...

Ratu Inoke is no PM material. He is an opportunist that will sell his mother as long as he has some thing to gain. I would not trust him one bit. Just remember that it was Inoke that was involved with 1987 and 2000 coup.

Anonymous said...

Wahid Ali-the millionaire from Denarau-ex Sunbeam Transport Checker(thats where he hooked his wife Prabha)-threw a lavish party to celebrate the 70th B/Day of his wife.The invitees were the "so called"who's who of Fiji.--eg Gates who was mixing with people with pending cases in the Court.Naznut Shameem(full of bull-making money as a consultant--ha ha).Hemendra Nagin-the ponga lawyer from Sherani--and his "wife"?--Aruna Prasad-the big flirt-I know her from Miranda House Hostel in Delhi(1968-70)-the bird brain slumbering sacked magistrate-ex Tooraki-now hibernating --the idiotic limelight seeker.What a party !!--Wahid--you should have donated the money to the beggars in Suva--instead of entertaining these nincompoops !!

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:21pm

Ok, I grant you that North Korea went over the 36th parallel. Did the North Koreans forces invade other nations,(not located on the Korean peninsula)?

US, UK, Australia and NZ still in Afghanistan after 11 years, based on a false flag incident that defied the laws of Thermodynamics.

Anonymous said...

Easy problem to fix, NZ Australia should just put a travel ban on tourists to Fiji. Then you will see the pig cook in his own shite.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rt Inoke can invite his new-found friends to come and invest in Fiji.
I'm sure you can entice them to come a build a Nuclear Facility in Fiji.
(There's the Billion dollar foreign investment you've been looking for. Ahhhhhh Jackpot!)

Both these countries are very experienced in testing missiles.
They can build missiles here and point it toward Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.
We know that Ahmedinajab has been ranting and raving against Israel.
And of course The Methodist Church will work with the present government.

Sometimes a man's gotta make a stand.
Some things are right and somethings are wrong, Rt Inoke.
You can't go around prostituting yourself to every country.

I know that Rt Inoke knows his Bible, but bugger-me-dead, I can't believe he has done this.
In the Bible, God says to Israel that whoever is your enemy will be My enemy.
Rt Inoke has just made us become God's enemy.

Interesting that God takes sides but Rt Inoke wants to be everyones friend.

I genuinely believe that Rt Inoke has lost the plot.

The sad part is he is now so lost in his own delusion and is beginning to believe in his own shit. Much like his boss Bainimarama

I hope the Methodist Church will have enough wisdom to be able to see through Rt Inoke and Bainimarama's bullshit. ( unlike McCully and Carr)

-Valataka na Dina.

("For The LORD gives wisdom...." Proverbs 2:6)
Yes, He gives it.
If you don't have it, you can ask for it.
And when He gives it , you take it.

Anonymous said...

Yo kamlesh..give us your residential address.Will pay you a visit with some mean kava...

Anonymous said...

What was the British Army doing in Korea in the first place? Were they not war-mongers? North Korea only sought to unify the country. You can't 'invade' your own country!

PM Bainimarama should be congratulated for another foreign policy success. Next, he should request North Korean assistance with developing a Fijian missile and nuclear program. The next time the Tongans encroach on Minerva Reef, we will turn Tongatapu into a sea of fire.

Anonymous said...

"If Aust, NZ or the US are alarmed by Fiji's diplomatic relations, then that's their problem."

Yes we are all alarmed at a regime that has reduced Fiji to a pauper state with a greatly increased level of poverty.

Emperor Frank Kacalevu said...



Anonymous said...

Chaudhry says no to immunity for coup perpetrators in Fiji’s new constitution

Posted at 16:55 on 30 August, 2012 UTC

The leader of the Fiji Labour Party says the new constitution should not give immunity to coup perpetrators as they are the ones responsible for political upheaval in the country.

Mahendra Chaudhry, who was re-elected unopposed as the leader of the Labour Party on the weekend, says the constitution should look closely at the role of the military.

He says the Labour Party is still developing its policies, but in principle it supports the 1987 constitution, with some amendments.

He says those involved with staging coups in the country should have a life ban from holding public office imposed on them.

“They’ve been responsible for the upheaval that has taken place in the country since 1987, they have staged all the coups that have taken place since 1987. We feel that there should not be immunity given to perpetrators of the coups, we also of teh view that these people should be barred for life from holding any public office. So we are still developing our thoughts on that.”

The leader of the Fiji Labour Party, Mahendra Chaudhry.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Australia and New Zealand can go and F each other. What do you expect for Fiji to sit around and wait for them. Or let them dictate things to us. We've gone way past that hegemonic stage. We can do things on our own now.

Anonymous said...

Well Bai doesn't look like a lame duck anymore-does he? Seem like he
knows how to swim with the Big Fish
and knows when to swim away when need be?He looks like a legit international players and appears to fits right in on that playing field?
Hey why not, let elect the man President for life, and kicked
out that useless eveli Nailatikau?

Anonymous said...

North Korea ,,,google and see its aggressions in last 10 years ,,,latest in 2011 artillery attack killing S Korean soldiers and civilians also attack on S K navy boat killing 45??
Iran - President on record that they will wipe Israel off the map,,,with what? nuclear weapons of course.
Careful Bainikaiyum,,,,you moving yourself into the US gunsights,,,,ENA BURA NA DEMU ULUKAU!

Anonymous said...

First ,,,big thanks to all who have spoken and showed themselves in Fiji during the Constitution Rec Com sittings,,,most have their names and phone number e mail etc on their submissions,,,,great guts guys!
Unlike the abusive anonymous bloggers!

Looks like the Nadi meeting organised by Bai was a waster of money,,,levu ga na cocktails and lasa i tuba time for Tikoitoga etc etc,,,nako ga na nako!

The Prime Minister, John Key, says New Zealand is not taking it for granted that Fiji will hold elections in 2014, which is why the island nation’s suspension from Pacific Islands Forum will remain unchanged.

The region’s leaders are meeting on One Foot Island in the Cook Islands for a day long retreat where Fiji will be one of the main topics.

Australia’s Julia Gillard has returned home early after the deaths of five soldiers in Afghanistan.

The other leaders will receive an update about election preparations in Fiji.

But Mr Key until the elections have taken place and the military returned to the barracks, Fiji will remain suspended from the forum.

“There will always be a range of views but from New Zealand’s perspective we do want to encourage the positive signs we are seeing but we don’t want to overstate those positive signs there is always a chance Bainimarama won’t go ahead with those elections that’s been the position in the past, so we will take it one step at a time.”

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that anything Fiji has done since 2006 "is the smartest thing".

But there you are!

Anonymous said...

@ annon August 30, 2012 9:21 PM

And how many countries have the British attacked?

Anonymous said...

A sign of desperation, does not pick and choose their allies, they take whoever will give them paisa.Maybe when all the dust settles in Fiji they will be exile in Iran or North Korea.Just make sure they dont run after fiji returns to a free be a country.Inoke is a desperate person also who owns nothing but his mouth and big polo. He also should be watched, a good sales man for the junta.

The Heckler said...

So Fiji is now cozying up to Iran and North Korea? Oh my gosh, how embarrassing and truly disgraceful! How can this ever be explained to the satisfaction of the people? What are they to think -- establishing relations with despots and dictators?

Yes, how will Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-Un ever be able to justify to their citizens their decision to establish relations with a tinpot like Bainimarama?

salanieta mokoi said...

this is sheer desperation!!! isa Viti noqu viti...what wrong did we do to suffer in the hands of this two ill minded people..bainimarama and kaiyum,, isa,, sob, sob, sob. North Korea is just so beyond my wildest imagination,, nxt ally would be venezuela, columbo.. etc..isalei o ira na noda,

Mere said...

Well, Fiji is now in fine company, isn't it? Bainimarama's 'Look North' policy is really paying big dividends now!

With its new friends, the regime should be able to make new strides towards greater totalitarianism, repression, terrorism, Islamic revolution, assassination, counterfeiting, abduction, nuclear testing, drug smuggling, taking diplomats hostage, bombing civilian airliners, missile proliferation, human rights abuses, and mass starvation.

Ganesh said...

This regime feels so insecure that it will turn for validation to anyone -- anyone, that is, except the people of Fiji.

The regime is so desperate for any semblance of legitimacy that it now spreads its legs for the Iranians and the North Koreans.

Promiscuity seldom leads to long-term, committed relationships. Sleeping with the rugby team won't get you crowned Miss Hibiscus.

Inoke Kubuabola said...

To Kamlesh Kumar-NZ,

For your information - Inoke Kubuabola and Filipe Bole were the main person behind the 1987 coup.

We all know that both were wihhout jobs and can do anything to to survive. Both always rely on the Chiefly system on crumps from the table and no one is surprise that he is siding with the regime and especially with NAM.

Filipe is condoning the corrupt activities carried out by Ganesh, the VC, FNU. Even thouh many reports were submitted to the Military Council nothing was done about it.

Just shows how desparate the non elected AG to secure their protection from IRAN and NORTH KOREA.

Are you serious enough agreeing with the muderers regime who are responsbble in the deaths of the many people in this nation?

Your logic is worse than animals.

You derseve to migrate to Iran or North Korea.

Just saying said...

Did McCully think he was the only lover for Kubuabola? Kubu is giving it to anyone and everyone he can. It don't matter whether they are black, white, yellow or red, Muslim, Christian or Alien ...only that he can 'Yes, we're in.'

Anonymous said...

Ganging up with North Korea and Iran is just cheap displomatic tactic by Kubuabola to put more pressure on USA, NZ and Aust with the hope that it will get them to fully re-engage quickly with Fiji. The regime is on an economic struggle and needs western aid in its full measure as it cannot survive with partial assistance that is coming through from these 3 countries right now. Kubuabola is a cheap political animal. He does not have the depth to formulate the necessary diplomatic strategies needed to articulate Fiji's predicament in the international arena' He is obly good at initiating political instability as he did in 1987. This is one of the people Rabuka rfeferred to as having used him to remove Bavadra's govt in 87. Kamlesh Kumar's recommendation of him as our next PM is laughable. He does not have what it takes to do the job. He cannot speak off the cuff as all his speeches are prepared for him even short ones at small cocktails.

Disgusted said...

Has it really come to this? Are THESE the sorts of friends Fiji now seeks?

North Korea went to war with the United Nations, while Iran is the most active state sponsor of terrorism and probably the greatest obstacle to Middle East peace.

Iran attempted to overthrow the Bahraini government in 1981, supported the bombing of embassies in Kuwait in 1983, and attacked the holiest shrines in Islam during the Hajj in 1987. Around June 1982, Iran dispatched more than 1000 Revolutionary Guards to the predominately Shi'ite Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. There it created Hezbollah. It also gives vital support to terrorist groups like Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command. 

That's right, these are the same groups targeting Fiji's peacekeepers in Lebanon.

Despite its pledges to support the stabilization of Iraq, Iran continues to provide lethal support, including weapons, training, funding, and guidance, to Iraqi Shia militant groups targeting Iraqi and Coalition forces, as well as civilians. 

That's right, Iran is arming and training the same groups that attack Fijian peacekeepers in UNAMI.

Iran's Qods Force provided training to the Taliban in Afghanistan on small unit tactics, small arms, explosives, mortars, artillery, and rockets. 

That's right, Iran is helping the Taliban kill Fijian recruits serving in the British Army.

Iran has provided weapons, training, and even snipers to the Assad regime in Syria in its brutal crackdown on Syrian rebels. 

God forbid thag any of those snipers will ever have in his crosshairs a Fijian serving on a monitoring group in Syria. 

Just whose side is the regime on? Certainly not on the side of Fiji's peacekeepers.

The Phantom said...

Anon@10.41am You speak truth. Suva has had a game plan and it is to score with whoever they can. It is a strategy aimed at bringing Australia and New Zealand to heel and it has succeeded. NZ is now saying it will tell Forum it is too early to let Fiji back into the fold and doesn't want to overstate its softening towards Fiji. Aust and NZ have egg on their face.

Anonymous said...

I find the following amusing and so real. The heading is about the Methodist Church but applies to the regime's suck-up policy to anyone who can be useful to it.

Govt open to engage with anyone – Smith-Johns

That was stressed by Permanent Secretary for Information Sharon Smith-Johns after comments made by Methodist Church President Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu that dialogue is the way for the Methodist Church and the government to move the country forward.

Waqairatu said the church was trying to have dialogue with government on differences in the past few years however government had refused.

Waqairatu said the church still opens its doors for dialogue.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

However, Smith-Johns said Government has always been open to dialogue with the Methodist church and any other religious institutions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.14am re constitution review ,should have heard one in Nausori by one young businessman named Nand in Nausori Catholic church,good hard facts and views and that should be published ,he did sound like one real Fijian at heart

Anonymous said...

Hilarious coming from the indiscriminate Shazza

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Suva is now mates with Tehran and Pyongyang. Recognising someone does not mean you have to like them. For example, we all recognise the right honourable gentleman the Attorney-General.

Sheikh Sabir said...

First they came for the kai idia,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a kai idia.

Then they came for the SDL,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't SDL.

Then they came for the GCC,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a chief.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Kai Bau said...

Wait right there fellow bloggers do you think that America can be fooled by small time and an idiot like Bainimarama? no way..Americans have fought thousands of wars and have dealt with more big problemsen then what we got in our tiny tin pot problem in Fiji.How many countries in the world invaded by Americans either by hook or crook.Fiji will suffer inmersely on which ever way it want to do its business aginst or for America Fiji and Bainimarama will always come out as a loser.

Anonymous said...

When you lie down with dogs like Tehran and Pyongyang, expect to rise up with fleas.

Anonymous said...

Phylosophical says...
Whats wrong with North Korea or Iran. USA and UK brainwashed people into believing communism is bad and ignorant people believed so. They are also brainwashing people into believing Islam is bad and intend to rule the world and ignorant people believe them only because they are super powers. England colonised Fiji, killed 40% of indeginous people by knowingly introduing diseases. They brought in the Indians, stripped Fiji of its resources and when they had enough, left the left overs which Fiji people are now trying to salvage. North Korea and Iran are branded countries that may start world wars with USA and England made to look like good guys. Remember when we were kids (guys that is) playing cow boys and Indians and cow bows were good guys and indians bad guys. It should be the other way around. North Korea and Iran are protecting their own interest and I dont think they have any financial or security interest in Fiji or the pacific like USA and UK. This is a non issue. We should welcome any country that is willing to trade with Fiji to improve Fiji's economic situation. Rabuka did it in 87.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:21 what the heck were the British doing in South Korea any way? Reminds of the North & South Vietnam-after all the killings the USA decided it was not too cosy to stay on nw we have just one Vietnam. Same scenario now played out in Afghanistan & Iraq-don't know when to get out but sure as day folows night it won't get better when they leave! Will that be still countered as mission accomplished? I don't think so! As for those complaining about money from Aussie Fiji didn't ask the Aussies to fund any projects-but if you must know Fiji has also told them you will do what we want done in this country not what you want to do-so far all moneys allocated to Fiji ain't getting utilised because Fiji ain't playing ball! If we only had stood up against the first coup, Yes only IF???

Anonymous said...

If it was not for the British the world would be speaking German.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10.41am.. You are right. The regime is not satisfied with the level of re-engagement by NZ, USA and Aust as it is not enough to ease the economic hardship it is faced with. The continuation of establishing diplomatic ties with enemies of these 3 friends of ours is aimed at increasing the level of re-engagement. Its really cheap and kindergarten type tactic.

Anonymous said...

Kubu really enjoying his job as he globetrots almost on a monthly basis collecting handsome per diems and other claims. He does not seriously believe in the job he does. His main interest is lining of the pockets as this man is only obsessed with the money that he can make.

Psst Psst said...

The EU statement and letter to Nailatkau shows the Suva regime still has a lot to prove to the world.

Anonymous said...

The most important issue that should be of concern to the people of Fiji is how to decrease the military or completely abolish it. There are three reasons that should compel us to do this:
1. It does not make sense having a military as we do have anything that will threaten some foreign.

2. It is an unproductive institution of the state that is increasingly becoming a burden on the economy. Its contribution to the economy by way of foreign remittance is insignificant compared to the cost the taxpayers have to bear to keep it in camp.
3. It will continue to be a threat to democracy and political in the future as there is no guarantee that there will be no more coups. Coups will continue to be at the discreation of the commander as history has taught us.

Anonymous said...

Epeli Ganilau shud be held responsible for what the country is going through now. He deliberately overlooked highly calibred candidates and recommended a naval deackhand because he wanted someone who can protect him from investigations into the Regimental Funds to sit at the top. Similarly Frank will recommend someone who he can trust to protect him from being pursued by police when democracy returns to replace just in case he may need another coup to protect him if he is pursued for CRW murders, insubordination etc. So the one who will replace Frank's man will also have to be one that can protect his predecessor and the cycle of succession will continue. This scenario would mean that the future should expect to see more coups because coups would be the only way by which army commanders will protect each other. The only solution then is for the people to rise, clean out the barracks and build a new Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I would term this as saqamua!, aka prostitute.. you got the money, i got the time!!... indescriminate screwing around as long as you pay. the sad thing is... the result is mental breakdown!!.. aka cavuka. and when that happens those clients will treat you like dirt!! please for my children sake if you want to form alliance with dogdgy countries dont drag us all into it because the momentary thrill and a few saqa moli is not worth the eternal pain. our problem, our solution. not some distant faraway country whose poor people are also suffering from lack of freedom...

Anonymous said...

Frank......marimari......sona vuce. O sa boi duh duh mai. You bakuwavivi.

Poised for Justice said...

It will be interesting to see what Hilary Clinton brings to the table since the US is so conscious of the influence of China in the Pacific, especially Fiji. Lolly scramble on for the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

Its funny to see that Bainimarama is making friends with countries that is lead by a dictator. Especially North Korea.

By saying that, he just telling to the whole world the kind of person he is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7.13pm and 11.16pm.

You are a typical half/no school military junta with no knowledge about what you are talking about.

N.Korea and Iran are currently amongst the biggest threats to global peace programmes. They are the biggest unwritten sponsors of global terrorism.

To reveal a few.............. N.Korea sends thousands of their dirty juntas to follow/silence/kill dissidents and political Actvists abroad.

Iran was a major sponsor of the late O-B-Laden giving billons of dollars in setting up training in Afghan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania and creating global terror ops. With Laden gone, they are now sponsoring Hamas big time. Their close proximity to Israel could easily see a nuclear missile fired from Tehran wiping Israel in less than 5mins.

N.Korea is dedicated to the rule of communism whereas Iran the rule of islam. You do your own conclusion where Baini is taking us.

Fiji and Bainimarama and Military Juntas siding with N.Korea and Iran could foresee the expulsion of Fiji Military Keepers & Observers from the Security Council Ops simply because you could no longer be trusted. MARK MY WORDS, THAT DAY IS COMING!!! Remember Aust is the eye and ear of the Israelis and US when it comes to Global Security. So do not F*** with them. Secondly the Israelis donot give 2nd thought about you being seen with N.Koreans and Iranians regardless of Fijis military past history of services in UN Missions.

Anonymous said...

Australia and NZ have diplomatic relations with North Korea...so why shouldn't we?


Any clever and intelligent leader will alaways look forward to new friends , new opportunities, new horizons for the country, without relying on neighbours/friends who may be inclined to bully you at times.



He can be as 'clever' as he lkes but he is still unelected and does not have the mandate of the people. The only reason he is still where he is, is because of the decrees and the RFMF.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anonymous 6:46, so you now want Fiji to follow the fickle foreign policies of Australia and New Zealand? We're to do something because Canberra and Wellington are doing it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:46, the difference is that Australia and New Zealand have elected governments chosen by the people, whilst Fiji is under the thumb of a dictator chosen by nobody but himself. Legitimate, democratic, and capable governments engaging with dictator-led international pariahs that engage in state-sponsored terrorism is a very different matter than such engagement by an illegitimate, dictatorial, and incapable government such as Fiji's today.

What will we see next, North Korean bodyguards for our own 'Dear Leader'? A SCUD missile program with which to threaten Samoa? Counterfeit currency? A Hezbollah training facility?

The Aussies and Kiwis would never entertain such lunacy. But there seems to be no limit to the avarice and stupidity of this regime.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Voceke Bocimarama @11pm. During the floods, where was your no-school hero Voceke's friends? NZ and Australia helped without being asked. Well Voceke wanted to but his bent ego was too much for his pea brain. In case you've forgotten, even tiny Nauru gave more than Voceke's friends in china.

Wake up you idiot and see the truth. You're just as dumb as your uneducated hero Voceke. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

F u Australia and new Zealand.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

F u Australia and new Zealand."

Is that a thank you & expression of gratitude for their help? I must have missed that English lesson.

Anonymous said...

So lets elect Voreqe as President for life.Look Aussie & Kiwi countries knows that Bai is no body's fool?
The man,they know has a short fuse and if you disrespect him, Bai will call you out onto the floor and either you duke it out or he'd kicked your ass?
They know that our PM is a wee bit crazy and he can dispensed immediate physical justice,
if he feels you deserved it?
He did that to Felix Anthony,after the later was
found raiding and or fleecing
the public FNPF coffer in 2006.He kicked the shit out of Felix,few kicks on the chest,buttok,and slapped on the side of the head?They both know that Bai does not take shit and he calls it,like he see it?

Anonymous said...

You hit it on the nail again C4.5. NZ media confirming your story.

Fiji's military regime has opened a diplomatic office in the world's most closed state – North Korea.

As it is the first Pacific nation to open an office in the Stalinist state it is likely to have strategic implications for a region already witnessing Chinese economic and political expansion.

The new ties will cause concern in Canberra and Wellington, but there is no indication of whether North Korea will open an office in Suva.

In a statement, the Fiji regime says Commodore Esala Teleni has presented his credentials in Pyongyang to the chairman of the assembly, Kim Yong-nam.

Kim holds a figurehead post; the country is ruled by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

Teleni was head of the Fiji Navy division in 2006 when his Fiji Military chief Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama overthrew a democratic government.

Teleni was later appointed police commissioner and while he is seen as a close ally of Bainimarama, he reputedly has ambitions to take over the military regime.

Sending him to Pyongyang may well keep him out the Suva circuit but it is unclear whether Fiji is actually going to staff its new embassy in Pyongyang City.

In a joint statement, North Korea said it was promoting relations of economic, social and political co-operation with different countries under the ideals of independence, peace and friendship.

Kim said he had closely followed developments in Fiji.

Fijiana said...

It is a shame that the four parties are stuck in the mud. A right thinking person would not rock the boat. It is in the best interest of the country to be silent. The action of these parties will only hurt the common citizens of the country.

Looking in the crystal ball, I see deregistration of all Political Parties and no new party to be formed till middle of next year. That would be after the new constitution adopted.

Anonymous said...

If Bai is not worried about NZ and Aust, why did he send Pololevu Kubuabola running back and forth between Canberra and Aucklkand last month offering exchange of high commissioners and restotation of diplomatic ties. He was a desperate man running for help because the govet coffers are drying quickly.

Anonymous said...

It's now quite apparent that my scenario titled 'The 18th Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama' is right on target. The military is using its staff to contribute comments to C4.5 designed to soften public opinion to Bainimarama's plan, which is to empower and seize the presidency and then rule for life, just as Anonymous 12:13 happily suggests. Bainimarama likely also plans to install Teleni as PM and perhaps Khaiyum as Chief Justice.

Anonymous 12:13 relishes the idea of having a thug who beats up his visitors serving as Fiji's president. Perhaps he's also one of those who wants a president to tells Fiji's friends 'F-U'. Doesn't this sound so much like the mentality of one of Bainimarama's bociguards?

Fijiana is another example. 'Looking in the crystal ball' my foot! The writer already knows full well that the regime plans to deregister all political parties in the run-up to the Constitution, so that it can dominate the entire political 'dialogue', and give its own favoured candidates (mostly military thugs and traitorous sycophants) a leg up in campaigning. Then the regime will do just what it did with Fiji's judges and lawyers, which is to administer a litmus test that will 'weed out' all unwanted parties -- i.e., those parties whose views are deemed 'inconsistent with the spirit of the Peoples Charter'.

In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if half of all of the blog comments belittling legitimate party leaders and calling for 'new blood' also originate from QEB. If this regime is so insecure that it rigged a Vodafone text-in popularity contest, then you can bet it's also got a psy-ops unit posting on C4.5 and perhaps other websites.

Well, we've got a psy-op of our own. Operation Jericho kicks off with M-Minute, a 60-second noise barrage in celebration of Fiji. M-Minute will take place anywhere and everywhere in Downtown Suva at precisely 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 26 September. Begin now to prepare. Synchronise your watches to the BBC.

You bloggers writing in from QED are welcome to come witness or participate, too. You do want to celebrate Fiji, don't you?

Operation Jericho. Prepare to make a joyful noise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

North Korea, Iran and now UAE?? Very soon we will ties links with Taliban. Fiji military to be trained by Talibans. What else to say - alah whore akbar

Anonymous said...

What's wrong in joining the NAM? There are more than 100 countries including, india, most of Asia. Some people will see everything that this refgime do as half empty.

For those of you who say Fiji is bankrupt, pls have a look at USA's debt level, not just absolute terms but as a ratio of GDP. Even most euro countries. Fiji fares must better.

Anonymous said...

Fiji bankrupt? Look at cost of living, level of wages and poverty levels. You must be the same uneducated economist that blogged before. There are none so blind as cannot see.

Anonymous said...

China non aggresion? A lot of ignorant, uneducated pro regime bloggers about. The facts:

"After all, there are important parallels, as Shourie points out, between the situation pre-1962 and the situation now. Border talks are regressing, Chinese claims on Indian territories are becoming publicly assertive, Chinese cross-border incursions are rising, and India’s China policy is becoming feckless. Indeed, what stands out in the history of Sino-Indian disputes is that India has always been on the defensive against a country that first moved its frontiers hundreds of miles south by annexing Tibet, then furtively nibbled at Indian territories before waging open war, and now lays claims to additional Indian territories. By contrast, on neuralgic subjects like Tibet, Beijing’s public language still matches the crudeness and callousness with which it sought in 1962, in Premier Zhou Enlai’s words, to “teach India a lesson”.

India’s crushing rout in 1962 hastened the death of Nehru, “a fervent patriot,” according to Shourie, who “misled himself and thereby brought severe trauma upon the country, a country that he loved and served with such ardour”. The defeat transformed Nehru from a world statesman to a beaten, shattered politician."

Anonymous said...

Aust and NZ looking sillier and sillier.

Fiji inks ties with North Korea and Iran

From: AAP
August 31, 2012 7:25PM

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AS the Pacific Islands Forum moves to soften its stance on Fiji's military regime, the pariah state has inked diplomatic ties with North Korea and Iran.

Foreign Affairs Minister Inoke Kubuabola, who signed the agreement with Iran on the margins on the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Tehran, said Fiji has an "open door" foreign policy.

It wanted "to move away from being overly reliant on our traditional bilateral partners", he said.

The agreements have also been made amid signs of a thaw in relations with Australia and New Zealand.

Tehran and Pyongyang are subject to international sanctions over their nuclear activities and all three governments share a deep hostility towards the US.

At the forum in Rarotonga on Thursday (Cook Islands time), a communique was issued to media, which said the leaders noted progress in Fiji to register voters and establish a constitutional commission, along with its assurances there will be freedom of speech and of the media when it holds promised elections in 2014.
The most influential people in Sport

Fiji has been suspended from the Commonwealth and the Pacific Island Forum since military strongman Voreqe Bainimarma seized power in 2006, and sanctions followed.

"Fiji, as you would expect have gone out of their way to promote relationships with other places and say 'hey if our old friends don't like us you friends will have us' and that's a phase we'll have to go through," New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully said.

"It doesn't change the fact that we should all be working to try and get our own relationship in this region back into a better space."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:58, I don't read you. It's not Canberra and Wellington that are looking sillier but Suva. Desperate, too.

Anonymous said...

The Government in Suva now shares a deep hostility towards the United States?

What, the government doesn't like Fiji's biggest customer? The main reason why Fiji's soldiers are still serving as peacekeepers? The country whose water purchase put Fiji back on the map? The people who are supposed to save Fiji's sugar industry and airlines and run its casinos? The main reason why all Fijians are not today slaves of Greater Nippon?

The Heckler said...

Kubuabola can call it an Open Door policy. I call it an Open Legs policy.

Ganesh said...

Heckler, ha, ha -- the regime's "Open Legs" policy!

So true! That's what we should call it from now on.