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Monday, August 20, 2012

Bainimarama warned Qarase still his biggest rival - even behind bars

At home the day of his sentencing: surge in popularity.
Information from the inner sanctum shows the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama is grappling with the challenges of the 2014 election and that talk of him becoming the president instead is still very much alive.

Insiders say a special report prepared for the unelected prime minister has advisers telling him that while the SDL leader, Laisenia Qarase, is out of the way thanks to the 12 month jail sentence, there is no guarantee he will win at the polls in 2014.

In a report advising Bainimarama, advisers say he has 48 per cent of the Indian vote, 39% Fijian and 10% Others. The same report says Qarase has the support of 62 per cent Fijians, 25% Indian and 12% Others.


According to sources Bainimarama has been informed that imprisoning Qarase has led to a rallying of SDL support and a huge increase in personal support for Qarase.

The support for Qarase is being compared to the same Fijian charged emotions Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara used to ignite nationalism, that led to the Rabuka coup of 1987.

The illegal leader has been told that Fijians will be voting on an 'emotion driven campaign' which has never happened before in Fiji's election history since never before has a prime minister and leader of a ruling party been jailed.

The report says that even if the regime disallows Qarase from the elections, he will be the 'walking Mandela' coming back to revive the Fijian people.

It says Bainimarama needs a Fijian face for 2014. 

"According to the normal man on the ground conversation, if the PM contests the 2014 election he will suffer a humiliating defeat because Fijians who will control the number game in voting will not see projects done by him. They will see Qarase as a martyr, a savior of Fijians."

It says 'the illegal PM has not yet scored any major breakthrough in getting full people support to guarantee him a win in the 2014 election since he took power in 2006.'

Bainimarama has also been advised the Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaundhry is still the most important popular father figure for Indian voters. According to sources, Chaudhry is expected to poll well in 2014 if he escapes the charges hanging over his head.

"If he is jailed he will be the second Mandela which will further seal majority Indian support. This case will be a clincher and he will combine forces with Qarase from inside prison to win sympathy votes in the 2014 election."

Predictably, advisers suggest the solution is for Bainimarama to become president. The term for the current president ends in October. It is being suggested he appoint Esala Teleni  caretaker prime minister to drive the regime's political road map and campaign election for 2014.

It says the presidential role is a suitable vehicle to elevate Bainimarama to an executive authority role away from politics. 

In line with an earlier report, this one spurns the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, saying he should not run the party campaign because he looses the plot.

It says Khaiyum will continue to steal all the publicity from Bainimarama and try to build his own following as part of his exit plan.

Editor's Note: C4.5 has confirmed that Qarase is already being seen as a hero by staff and inmates alike at Korovou prison where he is under the eye of military intel and some officers from the 3FIR who have joined the prison department and are posted there. He is being kept separately and authorities have tried to remove SDL or Lau officers, who might have contact with him.


Anonymous said...

right on the button

Anonymous said...

Very true I am a Indian voter , I will be the first to vote in Qarase or Qarase connection either one man one vote , mult

Timoci said...

This must have been a class 8 home work assignment. I don't see any factual backing for this article.

What I hear out on streets is that there is a batter than 70% I Taukei and 60% Indo backing for Bainimarama. Yes, this is a number game. So go figure it out.

FLP has a minimal to zero support. The general public has at last figured out Chaudhry's con-game. The same people that could have given their lives for Chaudhry, today are ready to take his life. As far as Indo community goes, Chaudhry is insignificant.

Mumtaz Ali said...

I am an Indian voter and I will vote for Qarase but I dont want SDL to form a coalition with FLP if FLP is headed by Mahen.

Anonymous said...

48% for Bai and 62% for LQ. The maths doesnt sound right

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

casava patch runner has made biggest mistake by sending Qarase to prison , bigger than coup, long live Qarase and SDL

Anonymous said...

The Constitution Commission says it is an independent body and even government can’t interfere in its work.

Commission chair Yash Ghai made the comments as consultations started in Nadi this morning.

Ghai says the Commission is independent in the discharge of its functions and no one, not even the government, can interfere in its tasks.


Chordhary is the biggest conman of the indian community. said...

The assertion that MP CHorDhary still commands any indian support is false and mischevious.

ChorDHARY is now seen by many as corrupt, traitor of farmers who have betrayed the farmers by putting millions of dollars of farmers money collected overseas, into his personal account at Commonwealth Bank account in Australia.

Chordhary is the biggest conman former leader of the indian community.

P Tom said...

Qarase is no mandela but a racists convict who tried to benefit from his inside knowledge of the FHL to benefit himself, his family, and people of mavana and cicia.

Comparing Qarase to Nelson Mandela is insane and sheer stupidity of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

THE Fiji Commerce Commission has started compiling data on daily activities of inter-island vessels that carry passengers, cargo and vehicles on maritime routes around the country.

Commission chairman Doctor Mahendra Reddy said the survey that would be conducted for three months would see the presence of his officers at every jetty and wharf to count the number of passengers, cargo and vehicles on board a vessel.


Anonymous said...

This pig Bainiceke is running scared. He thought that jailing Qarase will ensure he will win. Wrong. He also went after Mere Samasoni. Wrong again. He doesn't have any options left and he knows it. Having guns Bainiceke does not work and you know it.

His advisors, supporters, goons, thugs etc are all scared because their saviour Bainiceke is going down, and all of them will go down with him. His only option left is taking over an elected government again, and he will dream up some fucked up reason to justify his actions. Khaiyum and co will abandon ship but all of them will be stranded.

There will chaos after the results are known and sadly, Fiji will go back full circle where Bainiceke will stage another coup. He's mad and on his way to a mental institution.

People of the Land said...

Dear All,

The first was was Sakeasi Butadroka who always speaks his mind and almost all what he fought for had been taken on board by the younger Vitians except, we do not believe that Fiji is for the Fijians alone. We believe that Viti is for all that have made Viti their home BUT special recognition must be given to the First Nations of this country Viti and this is not new. Please read the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples especially article 19, 26 and 32 and especially article 26 where it clearly stated "indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired".

PM Qarase's struggle to establish the qoliqoli Bill is within the UN document but the white guy from Turtle Island still wanted to re-enforce the colonial consciousness amongst the Vitians.

My prayer is that all the Vitians will make their submission and all that are educated to please go and make submissions. Professor Ghai is a honest and also a person of intercity. While I do not agree with the three locals we do not have a choice but front them.

All the Vitians in the inner circle of this regime will not sleep well at night after reading this blog. They have been living in denial because when the dust settles they will thank the UN, especially the former Aussie PM Kevin Rudd and President Obama who have legitimize the course for all the indigenous peoples on the planet.

This is also trying times and we do understand that at the end of the day it will be a bread and butter issue. We have seen the real caliber of our some of our educated Vitians and also our Chiefs. E da sa raice tu qo vakasigalevu o iira e ra turaga dina kei ira era yavalati rawarawa.

Thanks to those that have stood the test and stand and still standing today and you will be remembered as the real Chiefs for the people. To those that have lost their integrity you still have time to redeem yourselves.

Kalougata tiko na kawa i taukei

Anonymous said...

Hail Qarase, you have my vote come 2014....Bring it ON!!

VB & his team of rotten advisors can rot in jail next time round!!

Anonymous said...

I will never vote for the racist LQ. Baini win win the elections.he has to fear no one.
LQ can plant cassava in the jails.
The above Indian voter is a lame sona.

Anonymous said...

Indian and voting anyone not in the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

Fiji coup leader wins parliamentary seat

Share 0

Staff and agencies
guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 5 September 2001 15.41 BST

George Speight has won a seat in Fiji's parliament, 16 months after he led an armed group into the debating chamber to overthrow the government of the South Pacific nation.

Mr Speight narrowly won the Tailevu north Fijian communal seat for the Conservative Alliance, a nationalist party demanding that indigenous Fijians control politics in their homeland.

His supporters danced and cheered in the streets of the capital, Suva, as the results were announced.

However, it remained unclear whether their leader will ever take his seat. Mr Speight, who held his ethnic Indian prime minister at gunpoint for 56 days during the coup last May, remains in custody awaiting trial for treason, which carries the death penalty. He was allowed to run for a parliamentary seat because he has not been convicted of a crime.

Mr Speight's brother, Sam Speight, said: "All the hard work has paid off today and words cannot express what this day means to the cause [of indigenous Fijians] that was fought for last year.

"It wasn't easy. As you know our candidate has not been able to campaign, so that was a big hurdle to overcome."

Early results show the man Mr Speight toppled, Mahendra Chaudhry, who was Fiji's first ethnic Indian prime minister, is taking an early lead in the election aimed at restoring democracy to Fiji.

He won his district in the Indian stronghold in the west and his Labour party have taken 22 of the 45 seats announced so far, while the two main indigenous Fijian parties share 20 seats. Twenty-six seats are still being contested in the 71-seat parliament.

Meanwhile, leaders of the two indigenous Fijian parties are in talks over forming a coalition government to try to prevent the ethnic Indian minority from taking power.

Mr Chaudhry's main rival for power, Laisenia Qarase, the interim prime minister installed by the military following the coup which brought down the democratic government, also won his seat.

Mr Qarase, the leader of the Fijian Unity (SDL) party and an indigenous Fijian, immediately ruled out working with Mr Chaudhry. "I'm not prepared to work with Chaudhry. Either he forms the government, or I form the government," he said.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama make sure your porthole is water. tight to prevent it from flooding s ur days are near.or I forgot it flooded beforehand in the veitavioka patch and your bociguards too k u to the naval base to patch that porthole as being expertise .but the best patching is at naboro u luv it there they do it for pleasure n voluntary basis

Anonymous said...

Naive about Fiji

From: The Australian, August 17, 2012

THE commentary by Elke Larsen (“Normalisation shows isolating Fiji has failed”, 15/8) shows nothing of the kind. What it does show is the reality that the US blindly continues to ignore the policy lessons of its long and inglorious record of snuggling up to dictators where it perceives its interest to be served.

Larsen’s misconceptions and naive assumptions are too numerous to list but the reliance on a poll that even those in the junta take with a bucket of salt and the notion that the military has played a positive developmental role are especially disappointing.

More worrying is the apparent effect this view from Washington has had on Australian policy towards a dictatorship declared illegal by its own appeals court and which has reneged on every promise it has made to its own people.

It took Foreign Minister Bob Carr all of 24 hours to complete a U-turn on Fiji after declaring he saw no reason to ease sanctions. This, of course, would have had nothing to do with a State Department that has forgotten its ambassador’s assessment of Frank Bainimarama as a bully with whom a psychiatrist would have a field day.

So what has changed? The answer is China, whose growing influence in the Pacific has the US worried – and rightly so. It has become Bainima-rama’s best friend – or so he thinks – and the US wants to counter that by buddying up. So Australia had damn well better do the same.

But the question doesn’t seem to have been asked – far less answered – in Canberra: how is Australia’s interest served by caving in to a dictatorship that controls the media, restricts church gatherings, assaults dissenters, fingerprints all telephone owners and insists any new constitution will give the military immunity for its admitted crimes? Perhaps Carr could let us know.

Russell Hunter, former publisher, Fiji Sun, Brisbane, Qld

BA Farmer said...

I will vote for LEKH RAM VESHNOI and Mahen Pal chaudary as these are HONEST leaders to lead the Indians . Please advise where i can send donations to FLP for the elections

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AFRICA - Here we come!
Clearly if people vote for the persons who has been proven filling their owm pockets ( not forgetting Indian leaders also) like African leaders - what is FIJIS future?

Ganesh said...

Sounds about right, and the regime's secret polling doesn't even take into account how much worse things would be for the its candidates if media restrictions were lifted and a real election campaign waged.

The presidential gambit and Teleni as PM vice Khaiyum is exactly as Dakuwaqa has been calling it for several months. If Dak is right, what this piece still misses is how the regime plans to use the so-called constitutional dialogue process to beef up the powers of the presidency in preparation for what Dak calls 'the 18th Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama'.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama will never secure 39% Fijian votes as he let the people like CR, Irani Arachi undermining and harassing the indigenous Fijians at every opprtunity she got.

One of the earlier news of this blog regarding that corrupt CR, revealed how she was behaving but unfortunately as the news said, she is not removed from the Judicial Department. She is still working there as a mighty goddess who was born to wipe off the Fijians from the Department.

With such people working for the government be a help for Bainimarama to secure the votes of his own race??????? Surely not....

She is just getting Indo-Fijians to hold every position in the department despite of the fact that most of them are highly inexperience.

Fijians will realise the untimatete result of Aiarse and Nazhat's intentions of having muslims and Indians to take over the Fiji from native Fijians.

Val said...

wahahahahaha...........the dicktator having sleepless nites worrying about Qarase.

Coup, blackmail, imprisonment, intimidation, etc hasn't deterred Qarase. He's like a huge tidal wave that Vore can't outrun nor avoid and Qarase's following keeps increasing everytime Vore accuses him of something or threatens him.

We the people aren't as stupid as you Vore. We know the truth and we can read through your lies in the media and through your propaganda secretary Herr Sharon Johns and QORVIS.

SDL 2014, YES WE CAN!!!!!

Kamalesh Samaj said...

There can be no denial that political prisioner LQ would be a natural winner for SDL with support for SDL expected to be more that 80% from Fijians. It could be as high as 99% given the record of Bainikhaiyum regime acts against Fijian institutions such as the NLTB, GCC and Provincial councils. Not to mention the Methodist church. Resignation of Father Kevin Barr on protest against the rejection of the 4th wages Council order under Bainimarama would boost SDL fijan workers support. The latest census estimates says 60% of population is fijians and 34% indians. So, by 2012, this is expected to be around 65% while indians would be around 30%.

Bainimarama's hopes on indians is now over. With the sugar industry mass, no support for farmers, wages order sada,anti union decrees and other silly moves like charging Chaudhry will see him getting low indian support by 2014.with NFP poor leadership its support would remain the same of around 10% of the indian voters. ie, 10% of the 34%. Beddoes is expected to take majority of the 6% others category as is he the stand out voice. In the final analysis, the next 24 months countdown to Elections would be interesting with Bainimarama's back against the wall, any immunity clause agreed to by the constituent assenbly would thrown out by a 60% dominated parliament and made worse if FLP joins SDL to throw it out and charge all those presently fleecing taxpayers of Fiji. Baini your time would be up in 24 months rau better start preparing for a long time in naboro

Timoci said...

Anon @ 9:22 PM

Qarase and SDL does not want one man one vote. So you will have a long wait.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Qaralevu is not coming back. If Bai don't win election army hold on to power. Vacava ya sa qai rauti kemuni. Na cava ni rawata ni Yalu macawa. Ni lai kau dakai mai meda mai vala, kua ni levu tikoga na vosa.

Fijiana said...

Will the author of this article oblige and provide us the source of the statistics. It will be then only that we will know if this is from some creditable source or just a dream that someone has and just a scenario.

Anonymous said...

So, it seems 65% of all registered voters will be Fijians, 30% indians and 6% others. If SDL has 80% Fijian backing, 5% Indian and 3% others, they will dominated the next parliament without LQ as he is now out of the race. Will they give immunity to bitch shameem sisters? and other chor talibans for financial crimes???

24 months left for the talibans said...

Only 24 months to go friends of demoncracy. we have waited already for 6 long years, another 24 months is no biggi.......... after that shameem sisters should be served with nice hard ones in naboro.....hahahahah no immunity for muslims in regime only for army yes.....

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous August 21, 2012 7:51 AM

Na dakai keimami sauma me keimami taqomaki kina na lewenivanua? Boci.

Vakarau ga na suka i nakoro. Tamata kece e na mataivalu e totaki Voreqe e na vakasukai me lai tei tavioka.

Koya ga e cakacaka vakadodonu e na maroroi tiko me lewe ni mataivalu baleta ni ra tamata vinaka me ra maroroi.

Tamata vakataki iko, sa rauta ga na tei tavioka kei na vaka sasa vuaka.


Anonymous said...

some said above voter lamu sona, lamu sona is your casava patch runner , if have guts tell him put the gun down resign from military , than contest the election , he will even lose his deposit haaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

@ Fijiana 7.58am

Maybe you should ask that local statistical survey company, whatever its name, to run another one with its Aussie ally.

Or another popular text competition by Vodafone.

Whichever one does it the regime should secure 99.999% support don't you think ?

Its already decreed.

Anonymous said...

Election or No Election, we will win and Bainimarama will be brought to Justice.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

DR NIL Sharam should be sent to Naboro in 2014 for ruining the medical care iN Fiji.He will be in good company there !!

Raghwan Girls said...

mumtaz ali fark yr fada,who the hell are you to dictate on SDL/FLP Coalition. SDL doesn't need deceiters like you:SOB.

NEW FIJI said...

So much talk about "Mandela Qarase" is all coming to nought !!
The current government will have specialist IT personnel to ensure a majority vote for them via this new electronic voting. There is no way of verifying the end results of who voted who if IT guys can cut and paste the votes to the desired party.


Expect to see the same faces in power with a few new ones to give credibility to the elections.I can bet there will be a lot of NFP there due to Khaiyum senior's former role as NFP parlimentarian. My guess is that Charan Jeath Singh will be an MP since he has fed the Khaiyums for so long with employment for Sayed Khaiyum senior as his manager in Suva (property manager)


Peep into FLP submission-
Anyone with class six pass will know that Chaudari or Veshnoi can only win by fooling the poor farmers in the communal seats only-!

Our hero said...

You are our hero Mandela Qarase. The PM of our nation currently under siege by mafia thugs and cowards with guns. We will get each and every one of these scumbags....be patient all.

Anonymous said...

no truth in ths article... everthing that happens is GOD timing ..just pray hard and dont jugde...

President said...

It is impossible for Khaiyum and Bainimarama to win a free and fair election in Fiji. So what are their options to stay in power?

Removing opposition such as Qarase and Chaudary will not secure broad support for the regime. So they will have to ban the parties SDL, FLP etc from standing. They will be excluded using the well worn rationale of being racist, corrupt, incompetent and self-serving. This will still be not good enough to convince the international community and the citizens of Fiji that Khaiyum and his thugs have a popular mandate. It is therefore likely that the regime will create a constitution where a president has vast executive power, a long tenure of 10 years and total immunity. The constitutional assembly will appoint Bainimarama as president. The president will be commander in chief and he will appoint (and fire) the judiciary. The constitution will give a tiny bit of legislative power to the parliament but only under close supervision by the military. This will be Khaiyum's version of 'true democracy', a Russian style managed democracy with a autocratic president and Khaiyum as prime minister.

Anonymous said...

baini will die dogs death so assy kauyum

josh said...

Well we all have different opinions...let the elections 2014 decide for us all...

Anonymous said...

I only see Qarase as the true leader and not Chaudhary or Vaheshnoi because Qarase works within the anbit of the law and not a law breaker like Mahen & Lekh Ram who sided with the Military Government who illegally robbed this country of an elected Government.

Shiu Prasad said...

Qarase will have my vote but no to Chaudhry. Krishna Datt should go with Qarase. I dont want Fiji to be run by Talibians. At least under Qarase there was economic Growth aND prosperity for all. My advise to SDL is become a moderate party and attract high level of Indian candidates, eg Michael Dutta, Krishna Datt, Dr Brig Lal etc but not George Shiu Raj. We need democracy in Fiji. Another Indian voter.

The Oracle said...

History has shown that Rabuka swept to victory following his coup. The same, however, will not be in FB's favour. The difference is that Rabuka was viewed back then as a "savior" for the i-Taukei while Frank, on the other hand, is viewed as a military upstart usurping power to prevent his being jailed for crimes against the i-Taukei. While Frank may win his own seat, whichever party he forms will have no hope of winning the 2014 elections. Neither does the SDL have any chance of an outright win. It's already starting to self implode.
This is the time for a NEW political force in Fiji -- one that truly represents the three-legged stool - the Indians, i-Taukei and general voters - one that has Fiji at heart and not mere self interest. This is a time for new, forward-looking leaders to emerge. FB's best chances are to either (i) assume the role of President or (ii) remain as RFMF Commander. But even as President, he could be removed - because if the new Constitution retains the GCC role in appointing the President, then those chiefs who were told to go and drink home brew under the mango tree, will turn that same homebrew into a deadly toxic missile. And, if the President is to be elected, again - Frank has no chance of winning.His stupidity in giving Sayed Khaiyum unchecked power is coming back to haunt him. Khaiyum has cleverly manouvred Frank into the position of "fall guy", while Khaiyum himself has been setting his household finances in order - with the help of Aunty Nur - in readiness for an escape route to NZ. This was never Frank's coup -- it was Khaiyum's .... Frank was just the ball boy in this high stakes game of defrauding the people of Fiji. All other issues such as equal citizenry etc. were mere side bets.

Anonymous said...

bring the election on the power of the people will be then seen at the ballot box.

SDL has 90% fijian support, FLP has 90% indian support, UGP will get all other seats.

Who will vote for the junta party?

Who elected these crooks.

These thugs can run cant hide.

People of the Land said...

@ Anonymous 7:51 AM,

E dua na i vosavosa e a na gauna ese dau volitaki kina na niu- baleta ni o ira ga na tawa vuli se vuli vakavo era dau laki ta niu. E dau i vosavosa tu na gauna ya na NO SCHOOL QANIBULU. I hope you are not one of them.

You comments need to be challenged because for those people that are used to "no future mentality" will always resort to violence. We will not choose to go that path because we are living in civilize world. You are saying that just because you have the guns you can do nything that is right for you.

Biuta laivi mada na i dakai ona vakasaraga na koli da dau loveca na buina ena levu ni nona rere.

You are scared because the long arm of democracy will plug you out from your comfort zone if you are one of the muderers of the CRW soldiers.

Your mind needs to be developed through education so that it can respond appropriately to the normal issues of human societies. Ke sega sa na dua tu ga na mua.

Au kerea ga mo qai la i na koro lai tei dalo, yaqona se siaw ke iko kai yanuyanu me rawa ni ko volitaka me bau rawa kina na nomu bula.

God bless Fiji

Kunal said...




Anonymous said...

People, please do not compare Qarase to Mandela.
* Mandela was imprisoned for opposing aparthied.
* Qarase's was imprisoned for corruption.
* Qarase's politics of promoting racial segregation are well documented.
* Mandela opposed aparthied and Qarase promoted it.
* Vast difference between the two men.

Anonymous said...

Russell Hunter is caught up in the same circular reporting, sensationalism, and oversimplification of the facts that embarrassed Graham Davis. They would have us believe that Washington did a complete turnabout on Fiji, and pressured Canberra and Wellington to follow suit, because of Bainimarama's 'Look North' strategy.

Richard Pruett has already put the lie to this. As Embassy Suva's Deputy Chief of Mission, he undoubtedly wrote much of the policy.

What Pruett didn't, wouldn't, or perhaps couldn't say, however, was said very well by another reader when s/he noted that everybody is guilty of supporting dictators when it suits their interests -- not just the Americans, but Aussies, Kiwis, and, certainly, many Fijians. Maybe it's just that we hoped for more from the Americans, ignoring the fact that they, more than anyone, need to keep their eye on the strategic game.

That game isn't so much about competition with the Chinese as it is about inducing their cooperation and buy-in to international norms of behaviour. It's about finding ways to accommodate China's rise peacefully without upsetting the international security order of which the United States is the leading power and ultimate guarantor.

After all, the United States has to wrestle with the paradox of being an essentially conservative power that has long exported liberal democratic revolution but now finds itself the main champion of the status quo in an ultimately anarchical international security system. Suva doesn't need to wrestle with such issues, and neither does Canberra.

The United States never stopped engaging Fiji, for reasons that transcend Fiji. The unsophisticated interpret that as shorthand for China, but that's a vast oversimplification. The United States has sought an evenhanded approach to Fiji for five years at least.

President at 11:30 AM has what I believe is a much better read on Fiji's situation, completely in line with the '18th Brumaire' scenario I've been forecasting for so many months. If we're right, the regime foisted the present (un)constitutional dia/monologue on Fiji in order to ensure immunity and expanded powers for a newly-elected President Bainimarama.  

I say 'elected', but it won't be by popular election. What a few otherwise capable analysts may have missed is the fact that one of the first regime decrees purports to give the Cabinet the authority to pick the next President. Of course, Bainimarama and Khaiyum dominate the cabinet between them. That's one of the reasons they won't broaden the government: they want to ensure they control sufficient votes in Cabinet to hand Bainimarama the presidency without an election. And, as President, Bainimarama will also be commander-in-chief.

That's why I've questioned less whether the elections will occur and more whether they will even be meaningful. Friends, have no expectation whatsoever that they will be.

s/ Dakuwaqa

People of the Land said...

Anonymous @ 3:09 PM,
I beg to differ.

PM LQ was pursuing what more than 90% of the Vitians aspiration especially under the UN sanctioned Indigenous Rights. When some one pursue that Vitians are labelled as racisits or nationalists. Tiem out please...Iam just pursuing things that were given to me through God to my foerfathers and i need to protect them for my future generations.

The world knows that the rule of law is not existing in this country so LQ was not fairly tried and the fact that the 20 yr old rubish were dug up to justify their purpoted plot is just plain dishonesty on the part of the current judicial system.

I would specfically ask you can you keep on supporting a muduerer or a person who master minded the killing of inncocent CRW soldiers.

Something is wrong some where and this is the result of being too close with communist China a brutal /evil regime who have absolutely no regards to live. They delibaratly flooded a town to eliminate people who oppose their plan.

This is the same startegy this regime is doing now.

Confusion is always the result of such evilsh intentions.

But the people of the Land will always endure all these and come
out strong and VICTORY IS NEAR.

Me da masu ga vakalevu ka da veilomani talega vaka veiwekani.

Kalougata tiko na kawa i Taukei

Ratunaca said...

Anon August 21, 2012 7:51 AM: vacava me biu mada na daki me qai laurai na via veivala tukuni tiko mai qori? Levu tikoga na vosa ni 'o dou tauri dakai jiko. Nanuma vinaka sara jiko, dua na siga e na kau tani mai vei iko na daki qori sa na qai laurai kina vosa va'viavialevu caka jiko mai qori. Ni yavu macawa, vakalusia nai lavo ni matanitu....na neimami lavo na lewe ni vanua.....VUTULAKI!

PamutiBai said...

@ Anonymous 7:51 AM,
You must seriously think that only you fellas in the army know how to use a weapon. Boci....sa kua so.

Adi Senilagakaliniwakaya said...

ITaukei kei Viti, this is our land and all Qarase did in his entire world of a Working Life, was
to help the iTaukei. The MUSLIM Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has laws written in to be put into the Constitution by the Shameems, this you will not see till later. Isn't this a corrupt joke by the Illegal Attorney General. Paid $800,000 as his annual salary, now as Minister for Elections another $87,000+ pa. How can this be? How much are the Shameems being paid by
government or Aunty Bano Ali, check it out. Doesn't this all sound corrupt to you. everything they do in this govt. are Illegal
and therefore corrupt. The corrupt work maintained has found an illegal way to pin Qarase to their line of work - the corruption line. God bless the iTaukei of Fiji and those around the world and God Bless Laisenia Qarase.

Anonymous said...

Both LQ and MPC commanded the vast majority of support in 2006 election of almost 90% of Fijians and Indians.

Election in 2006 was brought forward by LQ/SDL because of the military propaganda then claiming the two leaders had lost big support.

LQ was supported by all Fijians, except the military, their sympathisers, new alliance, and some swing pockets this and that. MPC backbone of support comes from the cane belt, hindus, north indians, unions.

In all, i have not seen a major shift of these political landscape.

Jone said...

Folks it is "REALITY CHECK" time.
1) Qarase is convicted and is spending his time as a guest of government of Fiji.

2) Qarase will not be able to contest in ANY election hereafter for the rest of his life.

3) SDL is done after making such a ridiculous submission.

4)It's a new dawn for Fiji and there is no room for NATIONALISTS.

5) Everyone needs to learn to accept every citizen of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand people who are supporting this illegal government. Bainiceke is so desperate to hold on to power, he's running scared and he's one worried sick muthafucka. I wouldn't be surprised if he refuses to relinquish power. He will use the army to take over another democratically elected government, that's how warped he is.

I've never heard of any government leader with so many names. Bocimarama, Bainiceke, Voceke, Bainimagaitinana, to list a few. And the funny thing is, he loves these names because he is so dumb he doesn't even know that people are making fun of him hahahaha.


Lekhram Veshnoi or CHAUDARY?
INDIAN FARMERS ARE AT THE CROSSROADS whom to vote for!. Both Lekhram and Mahen promise to make the farmers richer by making those looting businessman poor!
Mahen the snake has pocketed the money meant for the farmers by the millions.!
Lekhram says he just as good at it. He just beat his best buddy $50000-00
and lots of others have been fleeced by this snake!
Can some Ba farmer pls come on line and tell us who out of the two will they vote for?
Bet you they will probably wand Chorwa to be PM and smaller chorwa to be deputy! WHAT A DILEMMA ! HARD TO TELL WHICH CROOK IS BIGGER
ONLY ONE THING TRUE_they will vote Labor!!!!

Anonymous said...

At this time I would doubt any statistics quoted anywhere because anyone who might want to answer survey questions thinks they will be penalised/victmised if they do not give the "correct" answers.

Yes the regime did not count on the backlash of Fijian support for LQ, bad call there. By the way LQ is not being held in isolation but a three-man cell. He is well and in good health. There is a lot of respect and allegiance accorded to him by officers and inmates alike. After the Frank tantrum, he called Naivalurua to order Frank be held in complete isolation and not let out of his cell for any reason. This is not being obeyed by the officers on the ground.

If you completely discount whatever statistics are being bandied about and listen instead to the majority of views submitted from the floor to the Ghai crowd, IMHO it is a more accurate indication of what, we the people think, and is the explanation of why cranky Frankie is flying into a rage and fearful of LQ. Please rememebr LQ was awarded a 4 month remission, so tick tock regime.

Remember folks its only Khaiyum's mouth that makes it seem like they know what they are doing.

Remember folks, the regime is very thin on the ground in terms of manpower, brainpower and financial resources, if they can come up with a report like this and let this influence their planning, that is an excellent indication of where the center of their universe in located. TIK TOK TIK TOK TIK TOK

Anonymous said...

Im not itaukie or SDL supporter but what happened to Garase in gail now-I will vote for him & and tell others to vote for him or his representatives in next election.

Garase is a victim of political imprisment.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that people are calling FB the cassava pitch runner. I wonder how many of you would have just wet your pants. It was war and who was behind the mutuiny. It was Rabuka who forced the soldiers to go against FB as he wanted power. FB saved FLP and so many lives.

Anyway, LQ would not be able to run for elections as he will spent another 3 years for the use of $3m of mataqali money.

I think we need a new party. Not SDL and not FLP. A new clean party with leaders for fiji.

People of the Land said...

To all our Chiefs and people of Viti.

This is the great opportunity which can be used to our advantage. A combine effort of all while still recognizing our various unique culture and tradition, we can forge a way forward in a form of a grand coalition with a purpose of defeating the regime. It happened in South Africa with the the coalition of some major groups they were able to stand against apartheid. But we need men of principle to lead especially those that have the heart for the future generation on our beloved country.

The platform must be built on universal principle of democracy and respect with honesty. There are some Chiefs that can be part of this with some religious leaders, unionists and legal experts and academics and youth groups.

We must be open to the current political leaders but they should not take the center stage.

The people of the land MUST be at the Centre of this because of its special place in this country.

But overall, we need to find a way forward so that the coup culture to be eliminated once and for all.

This is the proposal from the people of the Land.

There is a need to establish the truth and reconciliation Commission and if possible we can forgive one other and work toward a new beginning.

The future of FMF must be discussed thoroughly either we abolished it or minimize the number for peace keeping purpose etc.

We need to get the reps of all ethnic groups and reestablish the GCC with the inclusion of prominent ethnic group members. Convert GCC into House of Lords to make more inclusive.

The main purpose is to root out the coup culture and secure a better place for our future generation.

Your comments pls.

Kalougata tiko na i Taukei ni Vanua o Viti

Fiji for fijians said...

What does kaivitis want for fiji?

They have 90 percent of land, yet they do not cultivate their land and remain poor?

They have been having indigeous leaders leading the government since independence except for a brief period of one year yet they remain poor, even though their leaders enrich themselves and other chiefs?

Look at the level of corruption since 1987 - NBF, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, FNPF, NLTB and many other organisations?

May be they want the indians to go away and perhaps go back to their old traditional days of grass skirts and canibalism?

Fijiana said...

Embattled Qantas chief forgoes bonus and pay rise
AFPAFP – Sun, Aug 19, 2012

Related Content

The embattled chief of Qantas Airways Alan Joyce, pictured here in May, said he would forgo any bonus or pay rise, joining a growing list of high-profile top executives at Australian companies who are doing the same

The embattled chief of Qantas Airways …
Marius Kloppers, CEO of global mining giant BHP Billiton, at a press conference in Sydney in February. Kloppers and the head of Rio Tinto, Tom Albanese, have also turned down bonuses

Marius Kloppers, CEO of global …

The embattled chief of Qantas Airways Alan Joyce said Monday he would forgo any bonus or pay rise, joining a growing list of high-profile top executives at Australian companies who are doing the same.

Qantas is struggling with soaring fuel costs and worsening global conditions and has indicated it will this week post its first annual loss since privatisation in 1995.

In a statement to the stockmarket in June, the airline said it expected underlying profit before tax -- its preferred indicator -- to be Aus$50-100 million (US$52-104 million) in the year to June 30.

This compares with Aus$552 million in the previous year.

Joyce said the board had accepted his decision to forgo any short-term or long-term incentive payments that would have been awarded for the 2012 financial year, and to turn down any salary increase.

"It's absolutely appropriate that when company returns go down, executive pay should go down as well," he said in an interview with the Australian Financial Review.

"It has been an extremely tough year for Qantas shareholders and what we want to show is that my pay has to have a huge correlation with the profitability of the company."

As well as fuel prices, a soaring Australian dollar and a bitter battle with unions over wages and conditions that saw Joyce ground the entire fleet for 48 hours in October have also cost the airline dearly.

According to the newspaper, Joyce's pay will fall to Aus$2.3 million for the 2012 financial year, compared to the Aus$5 million he took home the previous year when bonuses and other incentive payments bumped up his salary.

He is following the example of several other high-profile chief executives in bowing to investor pressure on executive remuneration.

The heads of global mining giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, Marius Kloppers and Tom Albanese respectively, have also turned down bonuses.

Elsewhere, banking giants ANZ and Commonwealth have both frozen top executives' salaries, the newspaper said.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised some still cannot grasp the fact that LQ will sweep to a landslide win in 2014. Just look at just one single SDL powerbase the Methodist Church of which 85 per cent members are i Taukei. (95 per cent of them are voting SDL as a show of resentment against regime for all the church has gone thru since December 2006. With Kanailagi, Lasaro still very influential, it's a foregone conclusion for LQ and SDL. Then look at other iTaukeis in Pentecostal churches. The 3 major pentecostal churches AOG led by Rev Pita Cili, CMF by Rev Suli Kurulo, All Nations led by Rev Ratabacaca are supporting SDL. These 3 leaders have had visits by the army goons suspected of making remarks against the regime. Most recently Ratabacaca humiliated ending up in court on what is believed to be fabricated charges. We are then only left with the Catholic church which is widely perceived to be pro-regime after Mataca joined forces with them in the Charter process. But it is evidently clear that the church has very much fallen out with the regime. Two paramount chiefs and confederacy heads Ro Teimumu and Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama who are staunch Catholics are known to have drawn the church support to their sides. The other i Taukeis not aligned with the church which is a small minority will surely vote SDL as they will take issues with regime on abolishing of GCC, unwelcomed changes in NLTB, land bank issues etc.. Then SDL need as icing on the cake is 10 per cent vote of Indo-Fijian which it will have because SDL is likely to review its manifesto that will draw this Indo-Fijian support.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised some still cannot grasp the fact that LQ will sweep to a landslide win in 2014. Just look at just one single SDL powerbase the Methodist Church of which 85 per cent members are i Taukei. (95 per cent of them are voting SDL as a show of resentment against regime for all the church has gone thru since December 2006. With Kanailagi, Lasaro still very influential, it's a foregone conclusion for LQ and SDL. Then look at other iTaukeis in Pentecostal churches. The 3 major pentecostal churches AOG led by Rev Pita Cili, CMF by Rev Suli Kurulo, All Nations led by Rev Ratabacaca are supporting SDL. These 3 leaders have had visits by the army goons suspected of making remarks against the regime. Most recently Ratabacaca humiliated ending up in court on what is believed to be fabricated charges. We are then only left with the Catholic church which is widely perceived to be pro-regime after Mataca joined forces with them in the Charter process. But it is evidently clear that the church has very much fallen out with the regime. Two paramount chiefs and confederacy heads Ro Teimumu and Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama who are staunch Catholics are known to have drawn the church support to their sides. The other i Taukeis not aligned with the church which is a small minority will surely vote SDL as they will take issues with regime on abolishing of GCC, unwelcomed changes in NLTB, land bank issues etc.. Then SDL need as icing on the cake is 10 per cent vote of Indo-Fijian which it will have because SDL is likely to review its manifesto that will draw this Indo-Fijian support.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised some still cannot grasp the fact that LQ will sweep to a landslide win in 2014. Just look at just one single SDL powerbase the Methodist Church of which 85 per cent members are i Taukei. (95 per cent of them are voting SDL as a show of resentment against regime for all the church has gone thru since December 2006. With Kanailagi, Lasaro still very influential, it's a foregone conclusion for LQ and SDL. Then look at other iTaukeis in Pentecostal churches. The 3 major pentecostal churches AOG led by Rev Pita Cili, CMF by Rev Suli Kurulo, All Nations led by Rev Ratabacaca are supporting SDL. These 3 leaders have had visits by the army goons suspected of making remarks against the regime. Most recently Ratabacaca humiliated ending up in court on what is believed to be fabricated charges. We are then only left with the Catholic church which is widely perceived to be pro-regime after Mataca joined forces with them in the Charter process. But it is evidently clear that the church has very much fallen out with the regime. Two paramount chiefs and confederacy heads Ro Teimumu and Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama who are staunch Catholics are known to have drawn the church support to their sides. The other i Taukeis not aligned with the church which is a small minority will surely vote SDL as they will take issues with regime on abolishing of GCC, unwelcomed changes in NLTB, land bank issues etc.. Then SDL need as icing on the cake is 10 per cent vote of Indo-Fijian which it will have because SDL is likely to review its manifesto that will draw this Indo-Fijian support.

Indian Voter said...

After collecting a hefty and dubious backpay of $184,740, one would have expected 'PM' Bainimarama to spare a thought for the poor but to no avail. Regime is pro business elite. Our overpaid "attorney general" Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is always wining and dining rich businessmen. Regime is there to line its pockets first and foremost. This useless and deceptive bunch is paid with our taxes. Six years in power and they have done virtually nothing for the poor. The sooner we see the last of Khaiyum and Bainimarama, the better. They are all talk, no action. Can't stand their lies and hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this illegal government wants every citizen of Fiji to be called a Fijian yet have the oddesity to brand the indigenous "itaukei". Doesn't sound right does it? Why a different class of identity here?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Chaudhry, Qarase, or Bainimarama don't enjoy some support is just lying to himself. You can see their support in the comments sent in to this web site. So get real, people.

Anonymous said...

@ fiji for fijians 10.56

Why was the Kaiviti's way of life disturbed in the first place anyway?

Why did all the western and indian influence come and spoil the original way of life the Kai Viti way where we would only get fish we needed for today, uproot crop we needed for the day, pick fruits we needed for the day...and live a pressure free day...make lots of kids at night stress free...drink yaqona only for ceremonial purposes as opposed to the swiping that's tentamount these days to wipe away stress...

The Kai Viti has been branded lazy because they have been measured against the western and indian way...plant and prepare for the 4 seasons...get the point??? Fiji is a one season country...

Why try to enforce a way of life totally alien to the Kai Viti way, and brand us because we prefer to do things our way, the Fiji Time way...

Why do the tourist keep flocking to the Kai Vitis land??? They pay so much money just to come and appreciate the real Kai Vitis way of life....Yes, relaxing by the beach and eating and drinking all they want, some having gone further to buy and build luxury till their demise on denarau...

This is what the Kai Viti were brought up with and lived happy lives in the process of having it, until bills and payments arrived, the western and indian way!!!

That is and was the Kai Viti way, the smiling and happy faces that visitors flock to experience for themselves...until the western and indian way was forced upon us!!!

The way forward, allow the Kai viti in his land, to have his say! Maybe then, we have a truly Fiji for Fijians, or Viti for Fijians...

Anonymous said...

Ok people time out! Ok first off i'm not in the habit of trying to attack a true Fijian Nationalist like Qarase-i knew him well? He was a gentleman and his life focus
was Fijian Nationalism-he'd sing Fijian praises, from sun-up to Sun-down,24 hours a day,7 days a week,
and so on and so on? That is Laisenia Qarase, and don't ever tell him that Fijian can't do this?cause he'll picked you up,cut you down,and tossed you to the trash just to make his
points be known?No doubt that the man has done an excellent job running our country
since Frank Bainimarama, appointed him illegal interim Prime Minister, during the 2000 coup.Fiji
Indians were scared of the man, & why shouldn't they, since he had master minded, a business corporation-FHL-which in no time,appears to be taking over businesses which Indos regard as their own?The FHL was been used to buy up businesses and clean out the trashes. But as popular as he was or still is,I don't think that
You can't really compare Qarase with Manadela-there is no comparison. Qarase hasn't fought a freedom war
like Manadela? He hasn't taken out his gun, to really seek for his peoples freedom? has he? You can't really compare an orange with a Banana,-Orange does different job to your system than the Banana.Qarase is a creator of things, he would be an excellent Minister of Finance-but not as Prime Minister.He would be an Excellent Minister of business and industries-but not as Prime Minister? An excellent Minister of
Fijian Affairs-but not as Prime Minister? To be a Prime Minister a
man or Woman, must always be ready to put his/her life on the line, to defend and protect the people's constitution, at all cost? He failed to do that!We are where we are, because Laisenia followed Fijian
protocol, instead of protecting our
constitution? Same thing for Chaudhry and Tui Vuda! A Prime Minister must be tough,decisive,and always ready to defend his country and constitution? They all failed to do that????

Anonymous said...

find the full report here:


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Laisa.

Ben said...


SDL FOR 2014!!

Anonymous said...

If the regime were to follow Qantas' example, it would have to forego its own salaries, given the country's poor economic performance since the coup.

Anonymous said...

@Fiji for fijians 10:56, Didn't your mother teach you to stop minding other people's business?
What Fijians do with their land is their business.
Might be more profitable for you to stop poking your nose into other people's business and just mind your own business.

If you talked about the government I wouldn't have corrected you because that is definitely your business and everyone elses business.

On to a related subject - It bothers me how some Christians say they should just pray and not get involved.
This is everyone's business including Christians. They should be activey involved in getting the right government ie one voted in by the people.
For some Christians to say they should just sit back and wait and just pray for whoever is in power is unbiblical.
And for some Christians to say that it is not our job to correct the miscarriage of JUSTICE by Bainimarama is also unbiblical.

Where did this teaching that a Christian should behave like a dumb Dodo bird sitting on the fence come from?
It is definitely not in the Bible.

The Bible, time and time again tells us to choose a side.
No such thing as choosing to sit on the fence and praying.
That's an example of a prayer that will never be answered.

As long as you have breath, every Christian must demand Justice of Bainimarama.
That is everyones business.
Whatever the penalty is for Treason , he must suffer it.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

It appears my namesake in his previous posts has a strong dislike for the FLP and it's leader. He chooses personal attacks on the FLP and it's leader to further his vendetta. Is it because the FLP and it's leader have the support of citizens to the level they had in 1999? I would suggest this namesake to debate on substance, as this would give him a bit of standing in his posts.

Nikhil Singh
Ph. 612 0434321783

Army Reserve (78 - Present) said...

@ Anon August 21, 2012 7:51 AM

Vosa tu, Sona Levu....Tovolea!!

Anonymous said...

Ben, Chodo is the NEW SDL Leader. So watch your mouth!

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah blah........all this election and your voter statistics came after!!!!......Bottom line is this fucker conducted the coup to save his own lamu sona ass from being jailed by Hughes. Everything that came after that is irrelevant.

Congratulations to those above who remembered our fallen soldiers who were murdered in cold blood.

Politic's although necessary for Democracy, can still be used to hoodwink the people. Lets not forget the real reason behind all this.

"statistics need to be confirmed"...blah blah blah blah.......Frank ordered for the death of innocent soldiers. The fact that they are not with us, and their families are still asking the question "WHY" is evident enough!!!.....Everything and everyone that came after November 2, 2000 is 'BULLSHIT' as far as Baini's so called good will is concerned.

Right now his ass is wide open (don't picture that), that people (possibly the majority through all races) are starting to doubt him.

Well done C4.5....Your consistency is Outstanding!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon August 21, 2012 7:51 AM just shows his mentality ni vuli vakavo and opportunist like the current Government and its leadership sorry to say.
Guns will not get us anywhere but just kill & maim us

Navosavakadua said...

Frank thinks he can buy votes with an electricity connection here and there in villages, but people are not fools. They will give him a warm welcome to get the electricity but they know what they think is right.

They know they didn’t elect Bainimarama, but they remember that they elected Qarase. They know the Methodist Church has never been a threat to national security but is has been treated like a terrorist organisation.

The people don’t have to be shouting in the streets to know what they believe.They remember who they voted for and they know that this is why Qarase has been jailed. Making a martyr of Qarase is a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2

Speaking of shouting in the streets, only a little more than a month now until Jericho.

Prepare to make a joyful noise.

Pray and reflect. Whatever your religious belief, and whether atheistic or agnostic, I ask you to commit just two minutes to Fiji -- the first minute in quiet prayer or reflection for Fiji's welfare and future and the second in loud action. The minute of action, M-Minute, will test the sincerity of your minute of quietude.

Spread the word. You don't need to tell your neighbours or colleagues that you support Operation Jericho. Just ask them whether they've heard of it. That's an innocent question. If they haven't heard of it, explain what it is -- a 60-second noise barrage in downtown Suva at precisely 7:00 PM on 26 September, in celebration of Fiji.

Line up supporters now. If you know someone supports Jericho, coordinate with them. You needn't stay together, but you will want to stay in earshot. 

Involve the whole family. The more senior amongst us need to model love of country to those who are younger. Children will enjoy the merriment and long after cherish with pride the memory of participating with family in what should be an inspirational and epochal event. Pack drinks and snacks. Bring strollers. Dress for the weather. Bring cameras and telephones. Understand that cell coverage might become oversaturated by users, but many can double as cameras.

Line up transportation. If you've identified enough supporters, consider a bus charter or some other mode of transportation, but reserve it now. Best to have a back-up mode of transportation in case the first one doesn't become available at the last minute.

Shop. Lay up fuel, staples and foodstuff at home. Jericho is designed to be non-violent. The regime cannot stop it. But one should be prudent and cognizant of the fact that regime agitators could try to use it to justify repressive measures, emboldened celebrants could take impromptu and unauthorised action to destabilise the situation, and/or patriotic elements within the military and/or police could seize the opportunity afforded by Jericho to conduct operations of their own, perhaps designed to restore democratic governance. None of these scenarios is likely, but since we still have time, we should prepare for the possibility.

Select your noise-makers. We aim for a tsunami of sound. Think creatively. Don't rely on a single noisemaker. We want a wall of sound at every frequency. Consider bringing amplifiers, boomboxes, whistles, drums, biscuit tins, air horns, etc. Beware that the regime could try to confiscate some noisemakers, for all the good it will do them. If nothing else, yell. It's only for 60 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 2

Bring watches and synchronise them to the very second with the BBC. M-Minute kicks off at 7:00 PM Suva time PRECISELY.

Watch the weather. Be prepared, if need be, for the possibility of rain showers. Jericho goes forward unless a sizable storm threatens.

Plan your position for M-Minute. Decide what level of visibility you want. Do you want to stand with a group and carry banners? If so, be aware that the regime could move against you for 'illegal assembly', even if your stated purpose is simply to celebrate Fiji. You will then want to plan to re-assemble at an alternate site should the need arise to suddenly disperse. Do you want less or even no visibility? Drivers, honk your horns. In the pandemonium, who is to know with certainty which car is honking? And who can say with certainty why you are honking? Structures like alleyways and car parks aren't very visible and will reverberate. An open window, backyard or a rooftop will work nicely. The army and police can do nothing to stop Jericho, but if you feel too intimidated, just assume a position with less visibility.

Reconnoiter. Visit your site in advance. Consider the optimum vantage points for propagating the most sound across the longest distances. Note various routes for entry and egress. Consider the availability of parking.

Plan to arrive at your self-appointed site a bit early. You will want to allot extra time to deal with various contingencies such as heavy traffic, closed streets, police cordons, unexpected crowds, etc. You will want to be ready to launch at the moment M-Minute arrives.

Consider sending your recordings of M-Minute to news agencies or posting them on youtube.com and social networking sites. Expect the regime to portray the event as a big 'yawn'. Be prepared to give your own testimony about M-Minute to friends and family.

Expect a miracle. Keeping faith with God, keeping faith with other Fijians, and keeping faith with yourself -- by such recipes are mountains moved.

Together, Operation Jericho. Downtown Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 PM.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Kai Bau said...

SDL or no SDL as long as the qoliqoli bill and my LAND USE RIGHTS are retain in the submission and the constitution thats enough for me.As a true fijian (taukei) 1.You must have land or qoliqoli (Vanua)2.must be from a clan who have all the Fijian traditional structures and part of that structures are our fijian CHIEFS
3.your Tradition and your culture to identify you(know who you are).
Remember we dont need education,money and politics to be part of the above.Not even to know how to write or count because we got our own way of counting and writing which is totally differ from the western ways of doing things.We got our own calender year and we got our own Fijian architect and shipwrights who are highly qualified according to our traditional standard.We got our own medicine which is free and our own doctors.Our carpenters and even our fisheries officers are well qualified to our traditional life style.We have been in existence for thousand years governing our land and our people.Whats wrong with being a true Fijian indigenous fighting for what was handed down to me to look after hundred of years ago by my forefathers.Bainimarama and to you parasites to these land which I call Fiji better leave it alone or for you parasites better go back to your mother land.Fiji is within me and no one will ever can remove that Fiji from me.Never,never will.

Josh said...

You're right Navosavakadua.The villagers are not fools, they know whats right from wrong. They will get all they want from bainivuaka & co but come 2014 they will vote for SDL !!!

Caka tale jiko vei cei na ka qo

Anonymous said...

Ka dina qori Josh. Kai viti e dau galu, Ia qai lai macala ga ena veidigidigi. Keimami sa vuli na kai Viti.
Me kau laivi ga na immunity clause Ia mera veilewaitaki kece na vakayacora na vuaviri me tekivu mai na 1987.

Anonymous said...

CALLS have been made by the vanua of Vuda to remove the position of prime minister and all responsibilities to be handled by the President and the vice president.

Presenting the submission of the vanua of Vuda to the Constitution Commission at Viseisei Village, Ratu Tevita Momoedonu said the vanua of Vuda also wanted the Great Council of Chiefs and the three iTaukei confederacies to be abolished and the government initiated Land Bank closed.

Ratu Tevita, on behalf of the vanua of Vuda, said another submission was for the iTaukei Land Trust Board to be under the umbrella of the Ministry of Lands and all its officials to be civil servants.

He said the vanua of Vuda had also unanimously agreed that all the Roko Tui in all provincial iTaukei Affairs Board be removed and all responsibilities managed by the provincial administrator. Ratu Tevita said the parliament was to be renamed and known as the Legislative Assembly.

"Our submission is for the position of the prime minister to be abolished and all responsibilities to be taken care of by the President and the vice president," said Ratu Tevita.

"The President and the vice president to be elected democratically by the people of Fiji and the two with the highest votes to take up the posts.

"There should be compulsory voting registration for all Fiji citizens aged 18 years and over and it should be made mandatory for all to elect the President, vice president and members of the legislative assembly members.

"The 71 seats in parliament should be abolished and replaced instead by 26 members that will make up the Legislative Assembly."


if you think FLP and its leader have the support of citizens to the level they had in 1999?
SEE A DOCTOR MR SINGH. YOU THINK INDIANS ARE THAT STUPID? GUYS LIKE CHAUDARY AND VESHNOI HOLD NO RESPECT AMONGST INDIANS WITH THE EDUCATION OF CLASS 6 AND ABOVE. The ONLY support will the the poor uneducated farmers who think Chaudary will release the funds that will help them.
Mr Singh- YOU THINK CHAUDARY WILL GIVE THE MONEY THAT RIGHTLY BELONGS TO THE FARMERS? In my opinion- he wants to make more from them!
Lastly Nikhil- remember a saying YOU CANT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME

Josaia said...

Those enlisted as new recruit in the Military should undergo some form of training like what is happening in the British army because this will broaden their knowledge and make them literate

paula raqeukai said...

there will be no election 2014 if there is no commission of truth and reconciliations for Fiji....we MUST first find out all about the causes of the coups 1987,2000,2006,2009 and compensate the victims and reconcile the culprits with the people of Fiji before we can have a clean Fiji to move forward....otherwise we still have the coup culture until the return of the Messaih...Jesus Christ...where we will ALL be tried for our doings in this world...God Bless Fiji...

Mesake Lave, Ba said...

Mesake says,
It is very painful to see that commentators still do not grasp the truth about the situation on the ground here at home. The statistics published in this article are all but made up to stir up discussion on a topic that we here in Fiji know for a fact is not true.
The people have spoken their minds in the Constitutional Review submissions and the fact is that this government has done what no other government in Fiji's short democratic history has. It is correct to note that there were injustices committed against the people during or immediately after the post coup period in 2006, but the fact remains that the government has stood by its word in providing for the basic needs of the people first and the eradication of corruption within the civil service. Now I may be open to criticism here but as a tax paying citizen of my beloved country I feel that this government is finally doing what the Mara, Rabuka, Chaudhary and Qarase governemtns' should have done during their terms in power.
The government has put the needs of the people first and foremost, seeing to it that basic clean water, roads and electricity is made accessible to the grassroots people, and this includes squatter settlements and outlying villages.
We cane farmers can now purchase fertilizers at much more affordable prices without the extra tax and levy. Lorry owners that cart cane to the mills have been exempted from paying road levies.
Roads are now being upgraded into the interior of Viti Levu to give access to villages in the upper Naitasiri, Namosi, Navosa, Ba and Ra. In Vanua Levu, major road upgrades in Bua and Macuata, including the Hibiscus highway in Savusavu are but some of the major improvements brought about by the government.
It is sad to note that we choose to comment negatively without considering the very plight of the people that we claim to fight for.
Grow up everyone, Qarase is not coming back. A better government will be voted into power with new younger faces of the new generation who are not clouded by the politics of the "old guards".

Anonymous said...



southern swingers...

Ganesh said...

Ratu Tevita is a stalking horse for the regime. This is a hint of where Bainimarama wants to take this.

Expect him to be appointed acting president by the Cabinet, which he himself controls. He'll then ease into the role of President-for-Life.

Dakuwaqa was right. The 18th Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama.

Kai Bau said...

The Vanua of Vuda was part of Fiji when those chiefs ceeded our beloved country to the Monarchy under the signiture of a powerful Chief during that Time.They do not hold any power and they are subject to other stronger Chiefs but all of them are subjects to who ever signed on their behalf.Most of the yasayasa vakara were non existence power base during that era especially from the Nadi Ba provice including the Ra province.None and again none of the chiefs from those province were the signatory of the deed of cession because they are subjects to other powerful Vanua during that time.That is why the Vanua of Vuda and Momoivalu are barking like a mad dog because initially they are of non existence indigenous part of Fijians.Once they wre lost but now they want to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Word from inside the inner circle is that plans are in place to award Bainivuaka an honorary doctorate from NUS. His new title will be Commodore Chief WankWank Dr. Voceke Bainiceke. And Ganesh is also pushing for Voceke to be appointed as a visiting professor of bullshit.

People of the Land said...

Ratu Te Momoedonu does not have the integrity expected of a traditional leader. I am sorry to say that he is so blinded to the reality of issues that we as a an ethnic group hold dear. Vitians who by virtue of their traditional status in our Vanua who wish to speak for their Vanua must command the respect of the people. It is about time that Vitians must learn to look beyond their own interest and take the birds eye view of our common purpose for the sake of our children. Can some one else speak on behalf of the Vanua of Vuda. E sa cicila dina ni da rai yani qai present my of Taukei Sawaieke. I am speaking in terms of moral integrity that must be uphold by our so called Chiefs.

Keu vosa baleti kemudou na wakaqu au kerea mo dou vosoti au.

But again the People of the Land will have to speak against such people as we will not condone any thing that will divide our people because of the short sightedness of some Vitians which can be later used and justified by the Regime.

Keimami vakavinavinaka tiko vei kemuni na vica na noda turaga ko ni se tu dei tiko ka sega ni vakayavalati.

I am sorry to say that a good number of Chiefs have already sold their soul to the regime because they were nothing ga in the first place..era sa rui yalo wai.

E da sa raica tiko ena gauna oqo o cei vei ria na turaga era a kawa dina ga ni turaga ka sega ni a vakayavalati kei ira na viavia turaga era sa mai vakasausataka na i tutu rokovi vakaturaga ka dau drodro mai kina na lewa matau, rakorako ka dei me vinaka kina na vanua raraba.

Kalougata tiko na kawa i taukei kei kemuni na noda Turaga bale.

Anonymous said...

To Nikhil Singh- check your stupidity levels-
You must be one of those idiots who believed Mahen when he said he resigned from the Frank government. A month earlier a Labasa Businessman disclosed the Chaudari got the kick in the butt and had to jump by a certain date or he was to be pushed.
Yes before that date Chaudary said he resigned (AT HIS OWN DECEISON)hahahaha. You and those farmers Ba must be the only ones that believed Chordhari!
CHECK your stupidity levels yet again- A month B4 coup the Qarase govt announced in parliament that they were investigating a member for stashing millions overseas.
His importance to hide his millions was more important- he did not give 2 hoots if the coup was marketed as INDIAN COUP or the wrath the Indian community faced if this coup failed. INDIANS CAN COUNT THEIR STARS FRANK WAS STRONG or because to this one shameful bastard they would have paid very dearly.
What a so called leader!

Josaia said...

Mesake Lave of Ba is one of the beneficiary of the current Government and that is why we have the coup because people would like to benefit instead of sweat for their money.

for roads going to the interior, that is the job of any Government and SDL was doing that too!! and they were allowed to continue....all this roads are in their development plan and a Government works according to plan and the plan comes from a feasibility study conducted. its not the no plan kind of Government like the current Government and with no plan, all they will do is get loan from here and there and I believe this Government breaks the record of excessive spending and loan which will be for all our generations to pay.

On top of that, there is no AUDITOR GENERALS REPORT FROM 2007 ONWARDS because of misappropriation of fund to people like Mesake Lave.

Fijiana said...

The wait goes on-----------Will the author of this article oblige and provide us the source of the statistics. It will be then only that we will know if this is from some creditable source or just a dream that someone has and just a scenario.

Anonymous said...

Mesake Lave

Thank you for such wisdom.

Ni vosa tu me vaka e dua na kai Burotukula?

Anonymous said...

"In a report advising Bainimarama, advisers say he has 48 per cent of the Indian vote, 39% Fijian and 10% Others. The same report says Qarase has the support of 62 per cent Fijians, 25% Indian and 12% Others"

[48+39+10 = 97]


What is the problem? hahaha.......

Anonymous said...

Ok dakuwaqa where the frieken hell
were you? I've been banging the Kava ni Bisikete for 30 seconds and
i couldn't anyone else near me? The cops came by to ask me if i was going crazy? I said yes, that i thought it was the vakatawase, the
cops said to cut the crap since
i'm disturbing the neighbors? OK
people that idea wasn't a smart one,so try another one?

Anonymous said...

Your take regarding the two failed political leaders to win sympathy votes in the next Elections is far off the mark. I believe at the end of 2013 with all the excitement of the Elections in 2014 people will tend to forget about the two convicts. The only place they would be remembered is in this blog sites and in Fiji's history;probably under the headlines...FIJI'S CORRUPT LEADERS OR FIJI'S WOLVES IN SHEEPSKIN! I appreciate the views of Qarase and Mahend Supporters in here,but,this is my view.


Anonymous said...

To the person who labelled Qarase as a racist who did things to improve things only for the Mavana & Cicia people, who are you ?...If you want to disrespect Mr Qarase, that's your right, but how do you know that what he allegedly did was for the Mavana & Cicia people only. What he does is for the good of Fiji & its people, be it i-Taukei , Indo Fijian or whoever. Long Live LQ

Anonymous said...

what about bringing in illegal Chief Registrar as the Prime Minister for 2014 election.

She will be an ideal leader for Fiji??????

god save Fiji


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:26 AM and 2:34 PM, you are two examples of how innumerate the people in Fiiji are becoming under this regime. Not only do you not understand math, but you cannot read a clock or a calendar either.

Operation Jericho, Downtown Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, 7:00 PM precisely.

Dakuwaqa is closer than you think

and getting closer.

Anonymous said...

I got it!!! The Miss Fiji dance performed on the world stage told a story of Fiji's history.
Vakaloloma was not an owl but a chicken, dressing up as a chicken is a representation of our beloved PM and the dance was that of him doing his Cassava patch dash.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa holly molly, i screwed-up
got the wrong date 26 of September?
Why the frieken hell wait for so long? Hey, buddy if you gonna do something lets frieken do it now?I ain't waitin, i'll give it another go!
Hey guys keep your good ear to the ground, if you hear my Kava ni Bisikete, rattling do the same? You guys with Dakuwaqa can frieken wait
and do your Jerico in September? Power to the people! Look the cops
is kinda ugly and mean, but i think
i can out talk this mother, if need be i think i can outrun him to
as well? But i'm pump and ready to do something stupid just to rattled the PM and his troops?

Kai Bau said...

Bula vinaka to the People of the Land,
There are too many Chiefs in Fiji nowdays and probabaly you will remember that old sayinf"sa curumi uciwai tale na bula dina vaka turga baleta ni gauna qo sa ra lasika cake mai eso na turga lalai ka a ra dau vaka rorogo vei ira na vei turga lelevu ni noda yasana.Ke o na taroga se o cei na turaga levu ni noda yasana ni raica ga na soli kei Viti se o cei so era a sign ena soli kei Viti ka sign taki cei.O Vuda qai rogo ga na gauna nei Bavadra.O Moemoe donu e dua ena kena i vosavosa vaka viti e sega madaga ni dua e raica na yadrei tamana ni ra soqo na turaga dina kei Viti....qori eso na turaga e ra sa tekivu volitaki keda na kawa i taukei baleta e sega na nodra tikina ni ra soqo na noda turaga dina.Ni na rairai kila beka na tikina au vola koto ena dua na noqu i vola ni levu na vanua ena yasayasa vakara me tekivu mai Nadi.Vuda Lautoka,Tavua kei Ra wili kina na yatu yasawa era vanua vaka rorogo vei Burebasaga kei Kubuna ka ra a sign taki se ra soli yani ki Igiladi vua na marama bale na Ranadi ka sign ena vukudra e dua na turaga au vakabauata de rairai koni sa kiali koya tiko.Dua na gauna mai vakalailai ki muri qo era vinakata mera tawase tani mai na i wasewase qori kara via cakava nai ka va ni matinitu ka vaka tokai ira na matanitu ni yasayasa vaka ra.Dua na vosa e qai tukuna vei ira na turaga vunivalu sa bale ko ra sega ni ra vakaduria rawa kina na nodra matanitu me yacova mai qo.Sa rauta me tatavasavasa tiko o Momoedonu baleta ni sega na nobna tikina ena teveli ni turga kilai e na noda vanua.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:29, more power to you.
Come Jericho, you assuredly won't be alone.
Be of good courage, armed with the grace of God.

Anonymous said...

kai bau, sa dua la na ka na viavia tiko ve iko, turaga levu se turaga lailai, you're all equal before God whom your ancestors came to accept grudgingly, se kuca?

If you look back at history of those so-called chiefs whose status' were frozen in time by the very act of cession, you'll find they had simply acquired their chiefly status' through force, violence and cannibalizing their fellow Fijians, nothing to be proud of, really.

It's time to keep the likes of you in museums, you don't have a place in a modern, pluralistic Fiji. At least in there, you can continue whining about some lost dynasty-whatever.. and bear in kind that YOU have NO LEGITIMATE CLAIM over the rest of Fiji except your own tiny compound.

Anonymous said...

Jericho - what nonsense, it will all come to nought. If you want results, then you must play them at their game. Guns against guns, if it means Fijians against Fijians, then so be it. History has shown us that the great battles for freedom have been won the ugly way. These half-arsed ideas need to be replaced with proper guerilla warfare without any political or religous affiliation.

Timoci said...

Lekhram Veshnoi is now hiding in NZ after he screwing his friends out of money. Yes, he will make a good replacement for ChoorDhry. Since Choor will be in Naboro. But again So will Lekhram Veshnoi. He will be arrested at nadi Airport the miniute he gets off the plane. So he will have to be PM of the jail together with Qarase and Mahen.

V for Vendetta said...

@9:26 PM, then Bainivuaka will be Naboro's President-for-Life.

If he doesn't hang first.

V for Vendetta said...

@7:55 PM, you may be right, but even I would like to see something like Jericho tried before any resort to violence.

Bainimarama should hang, but he isn't worth any one's else's blood.

Kai Bau said...

Anonymous said...
kai bau, sa dua la na ka na viavia tiko ve iko, turaga levu se turaga lailai, you're all equal before God whom your ancestors came to accept grudgingly, se kuca?

If you look back at history of those so-called chiefs whose status' were frozen in time by the very act of cession, you'll find they had simply acquired their chiefly status' through force, violence and cannibalizing their fellow Fijians, nothing to be proud of, really.

It's time to keep the likes of you in museums, you don't have a place in a modern, pluralistic Fiji. At least in there, you can continue whining about some lost dynasty-whatever.. and bear in kind that YOU have NO LEGITIMATE CLAIM over the rest of Fiji except your own tiny compound.

To Annon about the Chiefs,
Kemudrau ke o iko e dua nai Taukei o sega ni kilai iko sa rauta me vaqori na nomui tautau ni vosa.Au sega ni vosa tiko baleti God gonei au vosa tiko baleti ira na noda turaga kei na cava nai balebale ni nodra sign taki na vanua au tukuna tiko ena deed of cession.Se bera madaga na gauna ni dua na koro se vanua e lai valu sa na tu oti na nodra turaga ena veigaunisala se yavu era a buli kina.So beka ena kedra i rairai,so ena vanua beka e lako yani kina,etc,etc Well if you are not proud of where you come from and the tradition that copmes with it than you must be a dull and a very bitter person.I knew very well that people like you will react to my comments because that is a normal typical Fijian attitudes now days for some one like you and Momoedonu who are of no existence position in the museum era but like to bark like a dog now.I did not mentioned about laying any claim over the rest of Fiji but the facts remain that the Nadi,Ba,Tavua,Ra and the Yasawas were ceeded and signed off by a prominent chief which you should be asking yourself why and who rather than trying to ignore the fact.

Anonymous said...

hah @ kai bau clinging on to his version aka "facts" of tradition ...calling other Fijians as "non-existent" says all that we need to know about "dull and bitter" mongrels like you, kai bau.

Of course, everyone is very proud of the vanua that they each hail from, where they also do not recognise or know you esp. with who you're trying to carve yourself out to be..

It is time that you quit whining for some lost dynasty that suits your vested interest to a T but yet whose tradition does not even allow you to come in here into cyberspace and converse in the way/manner that you're doing! Viavialevu na tautau ni nomu i vosavosa koya gona gonei ena vakarautaki talega yani vei iko.. Tobo tale tu o vandamme.

People of the Land said...

Can only focus on our current political situation. The political landscape and contexts has changed dramatically. We need to focus on our common purpose and those of us that are well educated in our own specific field must try to give good advise to our Chiefs and people. Interesting and challenging times ahead. We need to forge that Fijian unity and protect our culture, tradition and resource.

Modern states always introduce policies to dilute our culture and things that we hold dear in our hearts through economic driven policies etc for the economic growth which will only benefit business people/private sectors and fly by expert.

We understand those prominent chiefs of the past the big three after Ratu Sukuna. That does not mean that we have crucify them,. Ratu Mara, Ratu Penaia and Ratu Edward were leaders in their time and thank God that we have them at that time.

Past can not be changed and it is really unfair for any person to hate them.

Even Rabuka and PM LQ also deserve recognition.

The challenge to all Vitians and indigenous people in this country is to work out the way forward. This regime MUST not be part of the new Fiji because they have to face their actions as a man. They must be tried through the International Court in the Hague.

Ki vei keda ga na i taukei au kerea me da duavata tiko ena noda valataka na dina kei na dodonu ka ra a soli bula kina na tukada mai Varanise, Solomoni, Maleya kei na tokalau e loma.

Vei kemuni na noda turaga, ni tu dei ka vosa doudou...ni vosa taka na vosa ni yalomatua me rawa ni dei kina na yalodra na nomuni tamata.

Kalougata tiko na kawa i Taukei kei kemuni na noda turaga.

Anonymous said...

@Kai bau......au Kerea mo dou bulia mada na Turaga vunivalu......get yr acts together before u talk......

Kai Bau said...

To Annon about the vunivalu..
Iam just an indigenous Fijian blogger which I identified my self with the name Kai Bau.It does not in any way gave me the right to be part of that party.Sa kua soti na siosio taka na buli ni Vunivalu baleta au sega ni vaka i tavi kina o au ka sega kina na nomuni baigani o iko.Lako vei Tunitoga lai tarogi koya baleta ni sega ni dua na betena vei iko na buli ni vunivalu.Sauma madaga nai dinau ina FAB baleta qori na butako mo lai tu i vanua tani qai kodro tiko mai va koli.And to you my fellow bloggers the name Kai Bau does not in anyway connect me to the Vunivalu or the Bauan natives.Probably the comments I made against Momoedonu and the vanua of Vuda has caused some bloggers to connect me to the Bauan people.That was the fact that cannot be denied and we the fijians indigenous cannot move forward if we do not have any history behind us.And that fact was part of our histtories which we should be asking ourselves why and who reperesent which Vanua in signing the deed of cession.Tui Cakau?,Kubuna?,Macuata?,Lau?,Rewa/Burebasaga?,Nadroga?,Kadavu?,Bua.?....those are some of the Vanua that their chiefs signed the deed of cession.....but who signed on behalf of the vanua of Vuda and the rest of the yasayasa vakara?Once you people (specially the indigenous) Fijians understands that... than the coup,the fijian politics etc,etc will be understandable to you or else people will be like Momoedonu barking like a KOLI.

Anonymous said...

@Kai bau.....who gives a shit about cession day.....Fiji lives to regret that day......before cession all chiefs who were installed were equal.....cession brot in different class of chiefs which shud never have happened....if big chiefs were really big chiefs.....than why is there no vunivalu for 23 yrs....look at Lau ..!!!!!!!!!!E SEGA GA NI DUA NA TURAGA LEVU KEI VITI. FULL STOP.............NO MORE BLV......SA RA TU GONA I VEI NA WANT TO BE HIGH CHIEFS!!!!! ha !!!!ha!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Kai bau......o viti e Manu DUI tagi.....na Turaga e kilai ga Mai e na Nona Vanua.......why should the cession determine the classes of chiefs?????????if u don't know anything on this subject than I suggest u butt off.....kua ni vosa e na dua na ka o sega ni kila.....have a nice day......

Kai Bau said...

To Annon about chiefs kua na jealous taki ira dina na chief......vosavosa ga no dua na tamata lolovira nomu turaga qori vaka kina o iko siosio.....hahahahaha sa sega ga sa kua ko gona qori caka tiko kina na coup sa sega ni kila na kai Viti na vanua e dododnu me cava kina ka vosa kina....drau bula ie

Anonymous said...

Kai bau...tikolo o iko.....sega nomu qele....sega nomu Tamata.......kaisi o iko!!!!!! The truth hurts huh!!!! Sorry beka!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Kai bau
E sega ni dua e jealous rau......the truth remains n will never be altered....our God given right ....levu ga na via via Turaga tiko.......did u forget to take yr alzeimer.s pill???????

Unknown said...

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