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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beddoes: Fiji Islanders unless itaukei

 A small sample of some of the estimated 300 submissions that is keeping the Constitution Commission (pictured above the day it was sworn in) busy.

Excerpt from Mick Beddoes personal submission:

Chapter 1:    The State

Section 1:    Republic of the Fiji Islands
Amend to read:    The Fiji Islands is a sovereign, democratic state

Section 2    Supremacy of Constitution
Retain    (1) and (2)

Section 3    Interpretation of constitution
Retain    (a) and (b)

Section 4    Languages
Retain    (1), (2), (3) and (4)

English, Fijian and Hindi have equal status in the Fiji Islands

Section 5    State & religion
Retain    Although religion and the state are separate, the people of the Fiji Islands acknowledge that worship and the reverence of God are the source of good government and leadership.

Make appropriate amendments to this Chapter to incorporate the following recommendations from
Pillar 2 of the People’s Charter for Change:-

Chapter 2:    The Compact

Section 6    Compact
Section 7    Application of compact

Make appropriate amendments or add to the 12 points of the Compact so as to incorporate the Shared values, vision and Principals as recommended in the  People’s Charter for Change FOUNDATION FOR THE COMMON GOOD:-

Ø   Equality and dignity of all citizens
Ø   Respect for the diverse cultural, religious and philosophical beliefs
Ø   Unity among the people driven by common purpose and citizenship.
Ø   Good & Just governance
Ø   Sustained economic growth
Ø   Social & economic justice
Ø   Equal access to the benefits of development including access to basic needs and services
Ø   Merit based equality of opportunities for all

Chapter 3:    Citizenship

Section 8:    retention of existing citizenship
Add sub section 8 (1)    All citizens to be known as ‘Fiji Islanders’ and our Itaukei
Known as ‘Fijians’
Section 9 to 20    retain

Inert a new section in this chapter on dual citizenship as follows:

Dual Citizenship is permitted provided that the holder of dual citizenship is:-

i.    Not eligible to vote in Municipal or National elections
ii.    Declares all earnings in Fiji and pays tax on those earnings
iii.    Does not actively seek paid employment which would displace a local from work iv.    Loses the right to the dual citizenship if convicted of any criminal offence in Fiji.

Chapter 4:    Bill of Rights

Section 21 to 43    retain

And add a new section to incorporate recommendations from as follows:-

I.    Only a duly elected parliament can waiver or restrict any of the rights outlined in Chapter 4.
II.    Any elected member of the executive [cabinet] parliament, senate, or member of the judiciary, civil service, police and military who supports a group that has usurped the authority of an elected government, to waiver or reduce the rights of the citizens as laid out in this chapter will be guilty of the offence of Treason against the people.

Chapter 5:    Social Justice

Retain and strengthen this Chapter by inserting where appropriate recommendations from Pillar 2 and
Pillar 8 of the People’s Charter for Change covering:-

Ø   Develop a national moral vision for the common good
Ø   Conduct national interfaith dialogue and sharing of spiritualities
Ø   Promote shared national values through the national education curriculum
Ø   Ensure teaching of the vernacular [Vosa Vakaviti , Hindi]and comparative study of major religions
Ø   Promote multi cultural education
Ø   Phase out institutional names that denote racial affiliations
Ø   Promote national vision, narratives, rituals and symbols. One national anthem to be in the 3 languages; flag ceremony to be observed in all schools and important state functions
Ø   Review and revitalize the National Youth Service Scheme
Ø   Eliminate racial categorization in all government records and registers

Add a new section to deal specifically with Poverty and the inclusion of the recommendations of Pillar 8 [Reducing Poverty] and a specific Section to protect the pension rights of pensioners.

Excerpt from  submission by Ro Felipe Tuisawau, Chief of Rewa Province
Recognizing and reaffirming that indigenous individuals are entitled without discrimination to all human rights recognized in international law, and that indigenous peoples possess collective rights which are indispensable for their existence, well-being and integral development as peoples,
Recognizing that the situation of indigenous peoples varies from region to region and from country to country and that the significance of national and regional particularities and various historical and cultural backgrounds should be taken into consideration,
Solemnly proclaims the following United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a standard of achievement to be pursued in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect:
Article 1
Indigenous peoples have the right to the full enjoyment, as a collective or as individuals, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms as recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights law.
Article 2
Indigenous peoples and individuals are free and equal to all other peoples and individuals and have the right to be  free  from any kind  of discrimination,  in the exercise of their  rights,  in particular  that  based  on their indigenous origin or identity.
Article 3
Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
Self determination is a human right for we the Fijian people to elect our own representatives in Parliament. We oppose any move to to do away with Fijian Communal Seats in the Provinces.
Article 4
Indigenous  peoples,  in  exercising  their  right  to  self-determination,  have  the  right  to  autonomy  or  self-government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing their autonomous functions.
Self government and autonomy is exercised via the Great Council of Chiefs, the Provincial Councils and the Tikina Councils. These institutions must be revived, upheld and strengthened. Fijians and their institutions must evolve towards self government and autonomy.
Article 5
Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, legal, economic, social and cultural institutions, while retaining their right to participate fully, if they so choose, in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the State.
We have a right to maintain our own chiefly, traditional, provincial, tikina and cultural systems and to evolve and review these ourselves without state or non indigenous interference.
Article 6
Every indigenous individual has the right to a nationality.
Fiji must have a national identity and could be  “Fiji Islander” as we are now called the Republic of Fiji Islands. The National Anthem could only be in the Fijian language because obviously we are in Fiji and not England.
Article 7
1.  Indigenous individuals have the rights to life, physical and mental integrity, liberty and security of person.
Indigenous rights activists must not be victimised and labelled as racists. Such actions are simplistic and counter productive. However, open discussion of the concerns of Fijians as indigenous people must be encouraged. Since the coup of 2006, Fijians have who have expressed concerns about their rights have been victimised and their human rights abused. The elected representatives of Fijians indigenous rights activists must not be victimised and labelled as racists. Such actions are simplistic and counter productive. However, open discussion of the concerns of Fijians as indigenous people must be encouraged. Since the coup of 2006, Fijians have who have expressed concerns about their rights have been victimised and their human rights abused. The elected representatives of Fijians have been removed by the gun, harassed, assaulted and still continue to be thrown into prison.
Recommendation: The above to be resolved via a National Consultation Workshop.
Excerpt from submission by Ian Simpson
I believe and propose a State sanctioned One Party State. Up to date, elections have cost $30 million plus which equates to $6 million dollars on a year to year basis in a 5 year election cycle. I suggest that $6m can fund or nearly fully fund a state sponsored party in a  democratic structure that engages and gives the whole populace a permanent and inclusive say in the governance and administration of our country.
I think we should have 4 year election cycles within the One Party State, to run for a 4 cycle (16 years) term, before the people may hold a referendum to continue or discontinue with a One Party State.
I also think that participation should be built on the basis of leaders of 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000. With an estimated 600,000 voters, this will give us 60 representatives in the National Congress. This system should avoid the party from being hijacked by any one special interest group or ideology.
Not in any way to pre-empt contributions on the development of the structure of a One Party State, if the people should adopt this proposal, I would like to make a couple of broad suggestions at least, just to give a feel for what is possible. Our National Congress, does not need be limited to 60 seats. I would propose an additional 40 seats or more for a balance that would be drawn from, say one each of the 20 District Guardian Councils (more on this in a separate submission – essentially these are de-centralised district Public Service Commissions ), a number from business, professional and civic organisations, with maybe a rep each from our two Cities. The Central committee, or equivalent of cabinet and other structures in the executive or administration of government can be addressed at a later stage, lets for now stay with the broad strokes of my proposal.

Beddoes' Constitution recommendations
Covering letter to Commission
Speaking notes on GCC
Constitution submission FTuisawau
Ian Simpson CCSubmission


Anonymous said...

BLV has never been independent.
They endorsed SVT in 1991.Than gave support to Geogre Speight.
In 2001 they gave blessing to the SDL.
And who can forget the high pedestal they put the father of all coups Rabuka on and made him the life member of the august body.
get a life people who want these chiefs come back.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is should be given some sort of prize by the world (UN)for being so unique in making , abrogating, amending constitution .

Anonymous said...

Is this the same micky mouse who still owes debt to NBF. Pay your loan first as its tax payers money that went down the drain.

Druavesi said...

WHY? Whats the point? What gains that group who insist in 2 names has by dividing the nation? No country in the world have such nonsense.
If one group was gaining/losing something by denying others the proper nationality then one can understand.
THIS REQUIRES LEADERSHIP! the whole world calls Vijay Singh a Fijian. WHATS WRONG WITH THAT?There is ONLY ONE man who is the leader that will do what is in the best interest of the country-ITS NOT QARASE/BEDDOES . tHEY are clearly putting self before country and as for Chaudari-letS wait for his submission- I EXPECT HIM TO BE THE WORST

Anonymous said...

Professor Dr Sri Yukt Satendra Pratap NONE_DONE is all smiles for the camera.-the publicity seeker mango chutney short story bullshit writer from MY-GAIN-YAH !-ran away from Fiji in 1987 in a sari with his relative Rishi Shankar-another coward.-a nobody in Canberra.-BOCI in Fiji !!

Apisai Tora said...

Qarase, Bainimara and Mahen
Chaudhry all should be charged for treason. In 2000 Qarase became the illegal PM for 2 years. Mahen supported Baini in 2006. We need new blood to lead new Fiji. We dont need Ayiaz, Riyaz and Aziz either.

Anonymous said...

Mick is playing politics already. He knows he won't be able to win a seat in the next elections as he can count on the kailomas for their support to get him pass the finishing line first. Hence, he best bet is to lure and entice the fijian votes.

He wants reserved seat for people like him because he is more equal than others.

Mick will call a black man white if he can get his vote.

He wants to portray himself as a clean guy but the truth is that he sent many of his workers home. He is making heaps but he has yet to pay his NBF debt. One must ask why.

Mick, stop playing politics for once for the good of everyone.

People of the Land said...

First thing first. Sort out the issues of the Vitians as mentioned by Ratu Mara and other Vitian leaders. This is a simple common sense and I could not understand why people still pushing for the dilution of the what Vitians hold dear to their hearts. Respect the first people of this nation and all will be fine.

The people of the land will always protect Viti's unique culture and tradition.

I am sorry if this is very straight and direct to all of you who still hold the colonizer's attitude.

There is no two ways about it. You all need to learn to respect the traditional owners of this land.

There are billions of Chinese and Indians and kaivalagi's in this planet. Vitians population has not even reach half a million.

Wake up guys...we need to protect our unique cultures, resources etc because globalization is just another form of colonization.

You guys still can not understand that the Vitians are fighting for their survival and this fight will have to be mounted with intensity every time we are being threatened.

Coup will continue if people do not respect and give special recognition to the traditional owners of this land, the people of the Land.

Kalogata tiko na kawai taukei in vanua lomani o Viti

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

The indigenous people of Fiji should not have to fight to be heard in their own country. Neither should they apologise for wanting to be recognised as the first people of this land or for wanting its language recognise. Come to that, neither should they be ashamed to say they would prefer Fiji to be a Christian state. Fiji is messed because people will not give indigenous Fijians their due. This is the same in countries worldwide - Australia, New Zealand, the U.S, Canada and Africa, where the indigenous people have been forced into defending itself from being accused of nationalism.

Anonymous said...


Your statement is all that is wrong with the nationalists. You claim you are just "fighting to be heard" and just asking for your "due". You are not asking for equality but instead you want to have everything and everyone else can go to hell.

To compare indigenous Fijians with the truly deprived indigenous in Australia, Canada and USA is laughable. How can you lot not work it out that in those countries they do need help just to be equal to the rest of the population and protect their culture. That is not the case in Fiji, you just want to have everything.

The justifications I keep seeing from people like you just seem so eerily similar to those put forward by the Nazis in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Vilimoni Nacewa said...

Fiji should use Nz's example.eg Maori is given promience everywhere in NZ,eg the places and prominent institutions are named in Maori. Likewise this should be done in Fiji. Fijian should be made compulsory for all in students in classes 1 t0 six.Likewise the indian people should be helped by the state to migrate to greener pastures like Australia, New Zealand, Canada,UK and USA. Let Fiji establish Land Tribunal similar to Waitangi Tribunal. There should be a race-relations conciliator. There should be positive measures eg guranteed scholarships for iTaukei students, guranteed jobs for iTaukeis in Public Service, majority senior positions tagged for them. This will help to bridge the gap and inequality between tghe iTaukeis and other races.

Anonymous said...

People of the land
There are billions of Chinese and Indians and kaivalagi's in this planet. There are also billions of AFRICANS! Are you denying your heritage- U R AN AFRO NEGROID FROM AFRICA. Like Indians in FIJI whose ancestors came from India or Chinese whose ancestor came from CHINA or Kaivalagis whose ancestors came from Europe your ancestors came from AFRICA!!!!!

Kamlesh Kumar-NZ said...

Where is Jai Rawaan Reddy nowdays Is he hiding in NZ? I thought he was the leader for the poor indians. What is he doing in NZ when poor indians need him. In his prime time he never supported the great late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara on many things. The great late Sir advocated Government of National Unity to him many times but he didnot take the opportunity. In 1987 he became the Attorney General without contesting the election. He became one of the most hated politician that time. He changed his tune when he realised that Mahen Chaudhry was not a pushover. At least Mahen is in Fiji and still voicing his concerns for poor in difficult circumstances. Mahen never left Fiji for greener pastures although he was given several opportunities. Kudos to him.

Anonymous said...

Priscilla Queen of the Desert
For your information the Taukei ARE NOT the first inhabitants of this land! THE LAPITA PEOPLE WERE!
Also even if they were (THEY R NOT) so what.
If humans settled on the moon only Neil Armstrongs family should decide with what religion or who only they can be called moonies just BECAUSE (Lutunasobasoba) ARMSTRONG LANDED FIRST?

Anonymous said...

we are the real Fijians.Other races live in Fiji or born in Fiji should be called Indo Chineese,Indo Indians etc. Yes we have our rights the Indigenous Fijians on everything on our land.
No one should bully us.

Anonymous said...

The indigenous people of Fiji are Fijians or iTaukei. The other races are visitors who will never be called Fijians. Indians, Chinese, malaysians, Iraqis, Filipinos etc have no say in such matters. The indigenous people have the right to decide on issues relating to culture, traditions, official language and so forth.

The visitors should be glad that they are citizens but that's where it stops. Maintain the culture and traditions of Fiji and move forward.

Anonymous said...

Priscilla Queen of the Desert
GOD DID NOT give the moon to Neil Armstrong or his descendants just bcos Neil landed there first and God DID NOT give FIJI to Lutunasobasoba or his descendants just becos Lutunasobasoba landed there second (NOT EVEN FIRST)
BUT if you insist the ONLY Armstrongs are MOONIES and the rest of the inhabtants on the moon are MOONLANDERS- see a doctor at St Giles- U NEED HELP

Anonymous said...

Baap ke garnd, barchod, ulucous,thickos being carried away with all this election crap in your face and current blogging responses.

The milking has intensified behind the scenes ! (distraction and a new focus). Bottom line in everything is $. Period.

Hence immunity in any new constitution, cos no payback required cos of immunity from proscution. Just ask daylight mahen choro ! actually he is 24/7 chooro, 7 days. Ask the real farmers !

Radiolucas said...

@ People of the Land

"I am sorry if this is very straight and direct to all of you who still hold the colonizer's attitude."

I don't think that "colonisers", whomever they might be, would have ever given a crap as to whether who was called what.

I am not sure why anyone really cares about this - whether or not someone is called iPod, iTaukei or iPhone, does not make any sense because I have never heard ANYONE call themselves or anyone else, iTaukei.

The regime's decrees does not mean that everyone will do what they say they should. Frank and Aiyaz have decreed themselves PM, President, Lord Underwear and King of the Cassava Patch - but that hasn't exactly meant that everyone calls them that. We call them what they are.

I prefer Mick's submission - Fijians for Fijians and Fiji Islanders for everyone else (including myself). That suits me and I cannot see why anyone truly, honestly, gives a shit otherwise.

Call yourself what you want - the real test is whether or not anyone else wants to call you the same thing - isn't that right Frank?

Sitiveni Magaitinamu Rabuka said...

I should have been shot death or hanged by my balls for undertaking T R E A S O N. But because I was set up to do the coup by Mara, I got the backing of all the racist GCC members and was pardon

Guess Who I AM said...

I was coached by Mara magaitinamu and Penaia Bocilevu to carry out the first coup

To keep the ruling elite tongans and fijians from cakaudroveto continue ruling fiji I was conscripted to carry out the coup in 1987.

The then commander of the RFMF, magaitinamu Nailatikau, who is Mara’s Son -IN LAW , was fully aware of this plot, and was sent to Australia, to buy a vessel for the military. So when the Australian government offered the Bastard Nailatikau, troops to quell down the rebellion, the magaitinamu refused.

This bastard is still enjoying the perks of a senior public officer at the expense of the taxpayers in Fiji.

Now I realised that I was used in this process and I fully apologised to the indian community in fiji for abusing them and taking their rights away during this process, however they never accepted my apology.

I should have been shot death or hanged by my balls for undertaking T R E A S O N. But because I was set up to do the coup by Mara, I got the backing of all the racist GCC members and was pardon


Anonymous said...

@ Priscilla Queen of the desert 8.53pm

you hit the nail on the head....

Also, Vitians must be given the last say in determining their destinies, and yes...why should the Vitian have to justify their existence in their own land!

Anonymous said...

totally concur with anon@8:27. Mick the d..k is totally playing for the indigenous vote. How can we trust a guy who wrongfully sacks his bus workers who are still on strike outside his office after 10 years? Who can forget the complete fool he made himself when he tried to jump on the popularity bandwagon by asking for a life pension for Ratu Mara's widow Lady Mara soon after his death? Have some blinking dignity man. It amuses me to see him call himself leader of the General electors. i am a "so-called GE" and mick is certainly not my leader. A perenial fence sitter,makes no firm stand on anything and jumps on the bandwagon where possible. makes you wanna puke, these self serving pollies do.

People of the Land said...

@ Druavesi,
The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was introduced in 2007 and affirmed by 144 nations excluding the big four US, NZ, Aus and Canada. By Dec 2010 the big four joined the rest of the world and the last to affirm this was the US in Dec 2010 after a special conference at the White house organized by Pres Obama.

The declaration does not attempt to give the Vitians and other Indigenous groups with a set of special or new human rights but it provides a contextualized elaborations of general human rights principles as they relate to Vitians peculiar historical,cultural and social circumstances.

So Druavesi it does not matter whether we have two or 100 sets of identities... that is not the issue. The issue is the special place and recognition of the indigenous people of this country followed by their rights to their resource as in article 26.

Please try to educate yourself on global issues.

Kalougata tiko na kawa itaukei

Defender of Democracy said...

@ Anonymous August 22, 2012 8:27 PM.

I don't think a cheap short at Mr Mick Bedoes is justified. Mick is a season politician and he is expressing his democratic rights when making political or religious comment. You are saying that Mick should not play politics. Mate this is Fiji NOT China or North Korea.

Pls try to differentiate democracy from communism.socialism or dictatorship.

You are in a wrong country.
I suggest you apply to migrate to N Korea or China before 2014.

Anonymous said...

Call all Fijian citizens Fijian. To differentiate indigenous Fijians, call them indigenous Fijians, i'Taukei, ethnic Fijians, Vitians, or even Fiji Islanders. But all citizens should be called Fijian. That's already the international practice anyway.

Anonymous said...

Druavesi, you are 100 per cent right. Beddoes wants two Fijis and that makes him unfit for public office. We will always be weak as a nation if we are not unified.

Priscilla, you are the kind of person who makes civilised people cringe. You are 60 per cent of the population, not 100 per cent. You have no right to force your views on anyone.

Think about it. It is your attitude that brought us Bainimarama in the first place. I think you are a danger to democracy with these opinions.

get cracking said...

The identity of the iTaukei is already secured under legislation relating to land ownership and other relevant legislation. The problem is the Ministry of Fijian Affairs have been too lazy to educate the iTaukei on their identity and rights.What ongoing education programme for the iTaukei have they provided in the past, providing now and planning for the future. Ministry of Fijian Affairs officials have to be blamed for the current ignorance of the iTaukei on their rights. If we zero in on what these officials are doing today what we are likely to see are a lot of talanoaring, raucous laughing, grogging and generally waste timing despite the efforts of the Military to instil discpline into government paid iTaukei workers. Let's stop pointing fingers at others but point it at ourselves and get cracking. God is already up, He never sleeps but how many able bodied iTaukei males are still grog doped ? How many are even planting a bele or a tavioka or a dalo a day ? What about the talatalas and vakatawas in villages ? Are they awake at dawn or are they hung over from grogging too ? The iTaukei leaders at all levels need to reform their ways and fast.

Anonymous said...

get cracking
iko dua na tamata lasulasu,,,
how come suvavou issues, minerals etc still state owned and exploited by foreigners etc without due regard for original owners???
Thats why the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples must be legally recognised in Constitution,,,,,
dua na kai viti lialia bavulu o iko!

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

Governments worldwide have come to realise that indigeous people have certain rights as the first settlers of the land. They are even making apologies to them. What everyone has difficulty with is the recognition of those who arrived after - whether they were brought to that country as workers or slaves or came of their own volition. We are all entitled to feel we are from Fiji but it is not 'Nazism' to want to ensure the original people of the land is considered.

Anonymous said...

The world sees itaukei as Fijians, Indo Fijians as Indo Fijians and Europeans as expats.

Anonymous said...

72 seats in parliament ... 39 for Fijian, 26 for Indian, 1 for Rotuman and 3 for minorities.

worht looking at.

Anonymous said...

I can see Legal Aid Sunil Sharma in the picture---Wow !!!----Legal aid is now also for the Rich---Probate taken out for Rich connected people by Legal Aid Commission---daily ads in the papers----for rich people--all free paid by the poor taxpayers. Shame on you Sunil Sharma--another corrupt idiot needs investigation .

kai solomoni na kai suvavou said...

suvavou people are not fijians,they are kai solomoni,do a dna test on them,they look diffrent from the fijian native

Josaia said...

I suggest, we get the old constitution back, there is nothing wrong with it, but only the people who are afraid of prosecution that are rocking the boat now.

All citizens are evenly represented in parliament according to their numbers in population statistics. I dont see any discrimination or any racial biases in the set up.

On affirmative action programme, I believe there should be a broader study to determine actual figure on the ground like percentage of each community (Fijians,Indians, Others) that are poor,and percentage that are above poverty and can be broken down to their income threshold and age.

The name change is politically motivated as their is nothing wrong with our identity but for other community apart from Fijians shall be called Fiji Islanders.

I believe the current leadership will succumb to any pressure to have fake equal rights because of being scared of facing the court on death related charges of CRW soldiers and he should be reminded that this type of cases can still be open after 20 years where by relatives can still bring it up in the court of Law.

That is why, VB will let go of any institution that AG feels is a threat to their existence and painting a picture that any white dominated country would love to hear based on the word discrimination but nothing of the sort is being done here as the 1990 constitution is very fair to all.

Anonymous said...

I recognise my family are guests in your country, even after three generations. Thank you for giving us a home and a place to earn a livelihood, which we hope also has prospered Fiji.

Call yourselves whatever you want. Call us whatever you'd like, as long as it's polite.

We wholeheartedly reject Bainimarama's treason, and we are ashamed of our fellows who support or supported him.

We will join you in Operation Jericho. We hope it spells the beginning of the end for these traitors and a return to rule of law in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Annon@August 23, 2012 8:20 AM

"72 seats in parliament ... 39 for Fijian, 26 for Indian, 1 for Rotuman and 3 for minorities"

Only 69, where is the other 3?

Fijiana said...

Scrap Council of Chiefs, suggests Vuda


The people of Vuda want the Great Council of Chiefs and the three confederacies to be abolished totally.
Presenting the Vuda submission to the Constitution Commission yesterday, Ratu Tevita Momoedonu, who holds the traditional title of “Taukei Sawaieke” told the Constitution Committee that the reason why the people of Vuda wanted the three confederacies of Kubuna, Burebasaga and Tovata abolished and likewise the Great Council of Chiefs was that both promoted discrimination within the iTaukei people.
He also proposed in his submission that the provincial councils be replaced with provincial development councils and other races to be included or be members of the councils.
“We propose that the provincial councils be replaced with provincial development councils and other races to be included or be members of the councils,” Ratu Momoedonu said.
The proposals are:
• That the position of Roko Tui within the provincial council be abolished and that a post of provincial administrator is to take up the responsibilities of the office of the Roko Tui from the various provinces.
• That the allocation of funds from Government be diverted to the provincial administrator, to take care of the province and the development.
• That all regulations that are enshrined in the provincial or the iTaukei Affairs Act to be abolished and that membership of the tikina council to be abolished as well.
• That all the provincial councils in Fiji be abolished together with the provincial levy and that the Government of the day to take care of the provincial development council.
• That the sale of whale’s tooth (tabua) to non iTaukei be stopped.
• That there should only be one ministry of lands, that will look after all native land, particularly the iTaukei Land Trust Board, state and crown land, freehold land and the traditional fishing grounds (iqoliqoli).
• That the Land Bank also be abolished and TLTB officials to be civil servants and the TLTB should be a government body.
Ratu Tevita also touched on the money derived from the traditional fishing grounds, changes brought about or the abolishment of the iTaukei Land Trust Act and also participation of women in the legislative assembly.

Anonymous said...

)Sunil Sharma (Legal Aid Head_) is helping all his relatives and friends get legal aid to take out probate--the rich who not entitled to legal aid.Poor people who apply for aid are rejected and given the run around.Shame on you SS.Govt also misses on revenue because legal aid does not pay stamp duty.Helping the poor---my arse !!

Anonymous said...

anon at 9.58. That is just unbelievable. Three generations Fiji born and you consider yourself a guest????

You are bloody wimp, tau, and no friend to Fiji or the i'Taukei. The more you suck up to them, the more they will treat you like shit.

These idiots need to be educated that no one race in the world has the right to lord it over others. The days of primitive savagery in fiji are long over. Wake up to yourself!!!!

josh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Governments worldwide have come to realise that indigeous people have certain rights as the first settlers of the land. They are even making apologies to them.HOW EVER THE TAUKEI IS NOT THE FIRST SETTLERS OF THIS LAND- The Lapita people were.
So the question arises-INDIGENOUS?
TO WHICH COUNTRY-like Indians ancestors came from another land (INDIA), your ancestors (LUTUNASOBASOBA )also came from another land (AFRICA)

Anonymous said...

To all non itaukeis reading this blog, u may think that Frankie will give equal rights and opportunities to all fiji citizens ??? Demudou sara, he's an I taukei and will always want Fiji for the itaukeis...yacana ga vakai vola..what's happeng on the ground is totally different I.e its still Fiji for the real Vitians (itaukei)..take ur views and shove it up your asss ..!!moce!!.salammalekum!!LOL

People of the Land said...

All Vitians must ensure that we have a common purpose for the sake of our children. I understand that people are very angry at times because of the incompetent and the malua culture that we have. We tend to blame our traditional leaders and those Vitin elite at the time. At one stage only three provinces were doing well and recognised in their leadership skills and knowledge. That does not give any person any right to hate them. Viti is still developening and to any attempt from any of us to divide our people is not on. E sa veiwaki tu na nodra ...baleta o ira na noda marama era kauta na veiwekani. Pls do not try to divide our people vakavo ga kevaka iko kai Madarasi.

Our forefathers went to fight for our freedon in France, Solomons, Malay as well as our unity as a social and cultural group.

A cava moni mai vosa beci taki ira kina na noda Turaga e ra liu yani ... they also may have their own short commings but pls lets respect one another. E dua e vosa ca taka na Turaga na PM vakacegu. This is not on guys.

I have positing the UN declaration and that in itself will make people who hate us sick and if they persist one day they pack their bags an live for their mother land. The choice is yours and the Vitians will always tiumph over evil. Our forefathers have proved this many many times.

Kalougata tiko na kawa itaukei

Anonymous said...

Ni vosa vinaka na non Vitians (kai tani) de na qai tau vei kemuni na sasa ni coup qo. Laivi keimami na kai VT me me keimami veisa vosa tiko.kemuni tiko mada ga vakamalua kua na viavia levu tiko na vosataki keimami..deo ni qai BOKOLA taki..LOL

Anonymous said...

The Fiji that we are working towards is one that includes everyone here today but noting those the regime has now deemed itaukei.

Frizzy Head said...

can annoymous at 10.54am calm down??? and stop splitting hairs - where are the ,apita people today, eh??? the fijians are here and that's who we are talking about

Kai Bau said...

To Druavesi,
Iam proud to be called a Fijian and also to be identified as the same.I cannot see why some of these Idian origin from mother land India wants the same identity as me.Whats wrong with them being an Indian....arent they proud to be Indian or what they are ashame of being identified as an Indian.I dont wanna be identified as an Indian of Australian or New Zealander?Do I look like them? or talk like them?I prefered all of us on paper to be identified as Fiji Islander just like Solomon Islander or something like that or even Somalian or Bangladeshiam.The earlier missionaries always identified us Fijians well before the INDENTURE labour era .Why cant we create anothet national identity for these new Fiji rather than trying to identify us with a name thats been with us for more than hundred years ago?It took you and Bainimarama only 12 years to be manupalated and sell your ID to the dogs.So if you prefer to be a dog then you will die like one

Anonymous said...

@10:54, as long as you allow yourself to be led by the nose by traitors, who are you to call someone else a wimp?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of camels with their noses under the tent, that's what the proposal from Vuda is. It would demolish all institutions of the vanua or place them under the control of the 'government of the day' -- i.e., illegal and illegitimate regime. This is another piece of regime treachery, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Who is this people wanting to be called Fijians.. Please! Chineese,Koreans,French, Tongans, Sanmoans, Do you want to be called Fijians too

People of the Land said...

Some people will never appreciate the accomodative and receptive nature of the Vitians. You just have to look at the minorities in India, Pakistan, middle Eastern countries and in Muslim nations. I can just imgine the amount of bullying tacticks a small group of less then half million people will get from the host contry and cover up as well from those countries.

People who continue to force their issues on the indigenous people of this nation are always fearfull and insecure and they need a firm and constructive identity. It is an identity crises really. People of the mother land does not recognise them and they actually blamining Viti for their issues.

Again as I always argued and will continue to emphasise that Viti belongs to all of us but special recognition as stated in the UN Declaration for the Indigenous Peoples must be fully embrased by all esopecially in artice 26.

Someone is telling us that we are not Fijians. The name is also importnat to the Vitians. We can always work out how to live in harmony with one another.

Pls respect our Chiefs and our leaders and the regime will one day come back to its senses whne no one is behind them.

Kalogata tiko na kawai taukei

Anonymous said...

Two Idiots need the boot--both Sharmas--1) NIL Sharma for ruining the medical services 2)Su-NIL Sharma------for ruining the Legal Aid System.

Anonymous said...

@Guess Who I Am...

The dirt frothing out your mouth bespeaks of the filth that is inside you. Please refrain from the demeaning name-calling that you have resorted to and humbly prayed to God that He forgive you for using obscenity and strong vulgar words at His children.

Be a worthy adversary. For when your foe respects you in some way, you have won a part of the battle.

For me, even though I do not approve of what Bainimarama, Khaiyum and Nailatikau and their supporters are doing, I will oppose them fair and square in the right way.

There is a reason why many of us indigenous Fijians will want to still be called Fijians.

In many legal papers such as land ownership etc., the indigenous Fijians had always been called Fijians. Confusion will arise when we will be called by some other name/s. That greedy and cunning people of any other ethnicity will take advantage of this confusion to deprive the indigenous Fijians of what had always been theirs. is the fear that dwells in them. This is not at all about racism but it is about identity, preservation and protection.

The name iTaukei means "owner". We have always called an owner of a shop of any race "iTaukei ni Sitoa" or any business owner of any ethnicity, "iTaukei ni Bisinisi". Thus the name "iTaukei" is not appropriate for an indigenous Fijian who might just not have anything to own.

An indigenous Fijian who does not own anything can also be called "iTaukei ni Sega". This name can also be attributed to any person of any ethnic group of similar status. Thus they are the same "iTaukeis" in that respect.

Kai Cakau.

Anonymous said...

Tevita Momoedonu a traitor amongst
the Fijiand tribe!Staying true to
the historical impostors whose ancestors cause the Separation of
the Fijian Tribe. The village site
is known as "VISEISEI"they decide
that they didn't want to follow the
the main tribe to Nakauvadra? Here
we are again,isn't it strange, that
Chiefs from Veiseisei continously try to break up and destroy Fijian
progress and or developements-Why?
Lets just ask, were they true and genuine Fijian tribe or were they
installed by our ancient enemy,before our voyage, for the purpose of destroying our Fijian race? The traitorous traits
were very prominence with the last
3 Veiseisei Village leaders:1-Bavadra-he sought Vulagi support to
breakup Fijian progress; 2- Iloilo-
he advised Bainimarama to pull his coup before he tossed out the people constitution; 3-Momoedonu-
blockhead is asking for the destruction of the 3 Fijian Confederacies,the GCC and the British Parliamentarian system? OMG
what else is next?

Anonymous said...



Jone said...

Guys calm down and accept the fact that indigenous people of Fiji are Fijians. Indians, Europeans, Chinese etc are visitors who have adopted Fiji as their home. The indigenous iTaukei have every right to promote and conserve their culture, and if it means making Fijian the offical language, so be it.

In NZ the Maoris are the indigenous people of the land, and others are called New Zealanders. In Australia the Aborigines are the indigenous, yet the rest of the population aren't known as Aborigines, they are known as Australians.

In NZ the official languages are Maori and English, and NZers don't have an issue with that. Come on guys, you visitors regardless of how many generations you're talking about, must accept the fact that you've adopted Fiji as your home but you must respect the wishes of the indigenous people. Move on and channel your energies into voting Bainivauaka out as he's damaging Fiji.

Anonymous said...

With the current buldozing attitude of FB, I now believe what a Filipino Catholic Priest who use to stay in Nabua said. He actually predicted more coups for Fiji. The last one would be the bloodiest.

Now, no right thinking citizens would want that to happen. But FB's and Airse's action will surely pave the way for that to happen.

Anonymous said...

momoedonu, didi you know how the 3 fijian confederacy was formed??
tru concorin of the great warriors , you only conquor 5 village in vuda area, tui vuda, king for only 5 villages

Anonymous said...

heh he he ,,,now u coming around frank to show your true kai viti colours,,,,,
good boy now u get the immunity
& the others are kai what???

iTaukei are the Kaiviti: PM

13:44 Today

Taken from/By: Report by: Apisalome Coka

The i-taukei community will be known as the Kai Viti says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

Bainimarama made the comment after concerns were raised on why all citizens of Fiji are called Fijians.

He says calling citizens, Fijians is to unite us together as a nation and remove racism.

The Prime Minister says the i-Taukei must not be moved by this name as they are the Kai Viti, the landowners.

Bainimarama says those who are trying to take away the name Fijians for all are trying to bring back racism in the country.
Rate this:

Rate This

Anonymous said...

Sa How come no Kaiviti in the commission, I mean Itauki, I mean Fijian, aaaare, you know what i mean. Looks like only Talibaan and Palaangi here boy.

Ratunaca said...

August 23, 2012 10:54 AM - that kind of shit talk is exactly the cause of all problems. FYI we are no longer 'idiots'and you're correct; those days of primitive savagery are long, long gone otherwise your shit face won't be around now. Nobody wants to 'lord' over you. All we want is to be recognised and treated fairly in our land...I'm sure that's not too much to ask!

Anonymous said...

I see most people in here still holding grudges against Rabuka. This must be kaidia. Don't take that grudge to your grave bhai.

Anonymous said...

Momoedonu is an opportunist, just sucking up to Frank in the hope of getting a job with regime. This guy is very unopopular in Ba province, well known for stirring up trouble at Ba Provincial Holdings Company. Just trying to steal Isimeli Bose's CEO job. Tamata macawa.

Anonymous said...

I cannot see why some of these african origin from mother land AFRICA wants to deny the same identity as me.Whats wrong with them being an AFRO-NEGROID....arent they proud to be African or what they are ashame of being identified as an AFRICANS.I dont wanna be identified as an NIGGER of Australian or New Zealander OR USA?Do I look like them? or talk like them?I

Anonymous said...

jone @3 13PM
iF HUMANS SETTLED ON THE MOON, EXCEPT FOR NEILS ARMSTRONGS FAMILY ,EVERYONE BORN ON THE MOON ARE visitors regardless of how many generations you're talking about, must accept the fact that you've adopted the moon as your home but you must respect the wishes of the Armstrong people.
GOD GAVE THEM THE MOON hahahahahhaaa
iF THIS SOUNDS LOGIC TO YOU- that people born on the moon after anunumber of generations are visitors to the moon and ARMSTRONG FAMILY OWNW THE MOON- see a doctor at STGILEs , u need help

Kamlesh Kumar-St Heliers NZ said...

The racist Nationalists and Terriorists on this blog have now shown their colours by saying Fiji Indians are guests in Fiji. To you all from 1987 to 2006 what did the iTaukeis achive from Nationalist governments of Rabuka and Qarase and their affimative policies. Majority Fiji Indians dont want to stay in Fiji but they dont have much choice. Look at the success of Fiji Indians in NZ, Australia, Canada, Uk and USA. Can you please ask your Nationalist Leaders to repatriate all Fiji Indians. Our people in 10 years will be better off then what they are encountering everyday in Fiji. Look at the productive lands confiscated by your Rabuka and Qarase governments. They are full of bush, jungles, etc. Fiji Indians donot want to stay in Fiji but they donot have any choice.

Vuda King said...

I feel sorry for people like Mr Tevita Momoedonu. I could not believe what I read on the News Paper to day. For the people of Vuda to endorse that submission is a clear reflection of the caliber of people behind the compilation of that document. To me that is not from the Vanua of Vuda.

We all know that Tevita is an opportunist and is now dragging the Vanua with him to the drain.

Sa dua na ka vakamadua au qai raica. E da saga tiko madaga oqo me da duavata na itaukei me rawa ni dua ga na domoda e na vukudra na noda kawa qai vosa tale mai e dua na turaga macawa, dau yalewa ka a tobo mamaca ni a kucuva e dua na marama ena gauna e Roko Tui Ba tiko kina. E a kucuva talege e dua na marama qasenivuli mai Namaka Public School.

I must state now that he is opening a can of worm where the people of Ba will now have a go with each other.

Sa qai dua na turaga boci vakataki ira ga na lease tiko ena nona qele.

Jone said...

Ratu Tevita Momoedonu should be congratulated and recognized for his openness and forthrightness. There is no substitute for fairness and forward thinking.

The West has been the forgotten child of Fiji. We have been treated like a " step-child for too long. Enough is enough. Let the West rise. We are the economy powerhouse of Fiji. It is our hard earned $$$$ that keeps Fijian Government alive. What does East, Central or North have to contribute? A BIG Zero.

Moce Mada.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Kamlesh Kumar-St Heliers NZ,

Qai saraga sega na isa!

Moce Jo

Kai Viti said...

@ kai bau

My my, it'll be interesting to see what a mongrel like you actually looks like.. Why aren't you back in your cave? Tamata macawa.

Anonymous said...

Fiji media blamed for fall of democracy

07:34 Today

Taken from/By: Report by: Roland Koroi

The Fiji media shares the blame for the collapse of democracy in 2000 – which also led to many people accepting the coup.

This is the view of political commentator Thakur Ranjit Singh, who’s written several papers on the media and says there’s been a major shift in reporting in recent years.

A former Fiji resident with a masters in communication studies who now lives in New Zealand, Singh studied the Fiji media for over a year.

“The media was fanning their racial hatred, that’s why that when, on the 19th of May 2000, when Speight staged the coup, there was no public outcry in favour of democracy, because people had been brainwashed that that was a government that deserved to go, irrespective of how it came into power.”

But since 2006, and restrictions imposed under the Public Emergency Regulations- Singh says better reporting has emerged.

If it wasn’t for the controls and the push for the media to get away from the racial conflict and other conflict srories, we wouldn’t see all those good stories coming out of village’s, how people are struggling, how they sweated to make sure that their children graduated, the people stories.

Singh believes to improve local reporting, real efforts must be put in to schools that groom journalists, and news editors and journalist themselves need to be more responsible.

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh- yes we are on the way out as we do not want our kids to live in the environment the country rolls out for us. Mind you we must agree 90% of the Taukei are wonderful people with big hearts and know that Indians are harmless to them. Its the 10% some of whom are on this website even today promoting such nonsense as Indians will TAKE their resources etc.

That 10%,s future generations will get what they deserve. I feel sorry for the future generations of the 90% godfearing people. They do not deserve the AFRICAN beast coming home!
In the next 25 years the Indian population will be expected at 14.3% should the current trend continues. FRANK KNOWS THIS WILL LEAD TO ECONOMIC DISASTER with the tax collected will hardly support even a basic hospital, leave alone the massive civil service! He is trying his best for FIJI but what happens when he is gone? SAME OLD COUPS OFCOURSE BLAMING INDIANS and on and on

Anonymous said...

Interesting debate here. SDL played the race card in their submission and the result is in this blog.

I feel sorry that our itaukei brothers are mistaken that we want the land and rule fiji. The coup was done by FB and supported by the predominantly itaukei FMF. That's the fact.

Indians have suffered in the prewvious coup but continue to toil and live in harmony. They continue to invest and if FRCA can collate data on tax, I am sure they would be paying approx 2/3 or the tax revenue even though their population is only 1/3.

I have very close fijian friends and even family members. A number of my very siblings are married to fijians. We must remember that for most of us, our priority is to put food on our table, send our kids to school and have a roof over our head. But politicans like to use the race card to incite hatred and cheap polical mileage.

We want to fiji to be a christain state. I don't have a problem. Having been to a christain school all my life, I hope we will practice the teaching of Jesus and remember the 10 commandments of Moses. If we don't, then we are just using religion to camoflouge our real motive and will be no different from the fundamentalist muslims or hindus.

Lastly, lets look at Fiji and ask why we are not what singapore or malaysia is as in 1970 we were at the same level of economic development. I feel that our past leaders have not taken us forward for their focus was on themselves. MPC has always used the race card, used the poor farmers for his selfish agenda. We must elect the right leader for Fiji where we all can live in peace and without fear of losing our identity.

driver said...

What will happen to the bus industry then if the iTaukei takes over? Right now thanks to the current regime's advocacy of multiracialism the bus service is the envy of the rest of the Pacific. Who will provide the fleet of buses for funerals, rugby matches, church services, schools ? Let's vote on it. Who do we want to run the bus industry ? The experts or the wannabes ? Let's be sensible. The iTaukei do some things very well but running an efficient bus industry nationwide is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Anon@8.04 and kamlesh Kumar...is that all you two can come up with? As for anonymouse, what's the moon got to do with Fiji? Geez dumbass you're one stupid person. Accept the fact that the indigenous people of Fiji have every right to put forward submissions regarding culture, language,land etc. I suspect you're one the visitors, so suck it up and get in to your empty brain that you'll never be regarded as an indigenous Fijian. Period. Take a chill pill you two. As for kamlesh, do you call yourself a Maori because you're in NZ or a NZer? There's a difference in case you missed it. Go for a swim at St Helliers and cool off dumbo.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 851pm
What will happen to TLTB.? What about the landowners? no money as land rent! The land renters have left.
MY family left after listening to continuous jibes from a Marika Garikau of NLTB. And lots of others continuing to influence owners NOT to lease out land.AND THE CONTINUOUS call for ALL land to be native as 92% was not enough.
We could not see a future for us

Anonymous said...


Fijiana said...

For those that are asking why no I-Taukei on Constitution Committee. Is Taufa Vakatale is I-Taukei? Am I missing the point? All my research shows that she was first female I-Taukei Deputy Prime Minister of Fiji.

Where did I go wrong?

Timoci said...

My friends, let's a new trend to show the world that we the people of Fiji can live in Peace and harmony. Instead of say "Bula" or "Nameste" Let's say "Bula Nameste".

I want to see how many people on this Blog are forward thinking rather than backward illiterates.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words, in coming weeks the regime will endorse Tevita Momoedonu's proposal. That's because the regime wrote it for him in the first place. We'll then know Momoedonu is a traitor.

This is the time to note who the traitors are amongst us. Call it Phase I.

Phase I ends 26 September.

People of the Land said...

Anonymous @9.27pm,
I heard this same message every now and then that we supposed to be like Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. That is always the view of people who derive their identities from outside because they focus on other nations where they measure development.

Development at what cost?
Our environment, culture and tradition.

We should not measure ourselves with other nations. By what does economic prosperity do human being?

The rate of development must naturally reflect the social readiness of people.

Overall. I am satisfied with our development because we are still in control of our resources. I do not care what economists are saying. No body knows the Fiji only the God that create the Heavena and Earth.

We are Fijians or Vitians NOT Malaysians, Chinese, Indian, etc.

Look at the magnitude of pollution in PNG mines and I hope Namosi and Bua mines will not end up in court. The Bua provincial council was also concerned with the environment deprivation in Nawailevu.

Our development must be measured with the social readiness of our people and not with development in other countries especially Asian countries.

Kalougata tiko na kawa i taukei

Anonymous said...

Hiho there silver!to those of you hardcore fijian nationalist-i say this to you all- THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES FOR DEFENDING WHAT
IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS??? To all you "VULAGI" screeming your frieken
blockheads-off, from abroads- i say this to you all- AU RE VOIR!!!May you all find what you're lookin for? Fiji remain the land of the Fijians, whether you like it or not,
we are the custodians of paradise and there's nothing you can do to change that? you can call us the second people to land here,the afro
negroid,the monkey or any other bull-shit you want to come up with,
just remember we still own this gorgeous piece of real estate and theres nothin you can do about it?
May you live long and prosper where
ever you've migrated to?

Anonymous said...

Fijians are fijians and Indians are Indians..its only the wannabe types like Aiyaz khaiyum are the ones stirring the pot on these racial issues cause they think that they have been educated overseas they come back to fiji with a lot of innovative boidada ideas for better future fiji my ass..In fijian we say..Na Kai idia na Kai Idia tikoga..na kai viti na kai viti tikoga..In simple it is fijians are fijians and Indians are Indians..now is that crystal clear or do you guys want me to elaborate on that??..Whatever people try to change a simple fact that it would always stay that way..ACHAR??

Coup 4.5 said...

Our thoughts: when we see this line up of whos whos in this image, we ask that same question everyone is asking- what criteria were given to have such an unbalance group of people working out the intricate details of Fiji's constitution under diktatorship rule. How fair has this group been selected? Ghai is a credible gentleman globally, that we know. What about a rpofile of these group Are really five laywers including our once famous young Suva bomb maker in post 1987 coup, Khaiyum Aiyas Saiyed who is the king-pin in where Fiji is at now. We wait for the day when we get to hear both these two main players in this Fiji saga. take the stand in time to come. 'One day Mafaatu'!!
Na Dina


Fijiana said...

Protect the iTaukei

Maciu Malo
Thursday, August 23, 2012

THE people of Vuda want the rights of the iTaukei to be protected and not to contradict with any other rights such as human rights.

Presenting submissions to the Constitution Commission at Viseisei, Ratu Tevita Momoedonu said the culture and tradition of the iTaukei must be protected at all times.

"It's the responsibility of the Constitution Commission to look into the Bill of Rights and to protect and safeguard the culture and tradition of the iTaukei and not to entertain or allow other rights that contradict the iTaukei rights," he said.

"We also propose that Legislative Assembly to first obtain two thirds of all iTaukei landowners registered in the Register of Births and Deaths before amending or abolishing the iTaukei Land Trust Act (TLTA)."

Ratu Tevita said women should be encouraged to take part in the Legislative Assembly election and take up posts in provincial development councils. He said all districts should have an old people's home to be funded by the government and to be looked after by the women's and men's association, youth and religious organisations on a voluntary basis.

Ratu Tevita said Fiji should be known as the Republic of the Fiji Islands and all citizens be known as Fijians and the indigenous people to be known as the iTaukei.

josh said...

@10.24 pm

What u meant was - if indians land lease isn't renewed than landowners will lose out on the land rent? Theres so many potential on our land and the owners have the right to do whatevr on their land. If you wanna dispute any land issues, return to you motherland INDIA. Or Js do the honourable thing - get the f out of our country and take your indian tribe with u!! None of us indigenous invited u to stay in fiji paradise in the first place!!in your face!!

Anonymous said...

The constitutional commission with all due respects to its members should gather the peoples recommendations and put these through a properly constituted parliament under the 1997 constitution for approval before the recommendations are made law.
The 1997 constitution should NOT be replaced as ruled by the courts of 2001 and 2009.
Any constitutional amendments should come from the parliament through the peoples' representatives.
Any body who wants to lead must contest the elections, including the current ministers.
Anyone who wants to serve in a public office must come through a fair selection process and be appointed on merit, nothing else.
Ambassadors must be below 55 like all other civil servants, not 65-70 like one.
There should be one rule for all not 'some are more equal than others' [Animal Farm]
The more rules, the more complications, the more irregularities. Let's have one supreme law, the 1997 constitution, and no more please!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A Fijian MP is calling for the country to change its name to Fiji Islands.

Mick Beddoes has made the call in a submission to the country's Constitution Commission.

He's told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat his country should have the same naming conventions as the Cook Islands.

"The Fiji Islands is what we are," he said.

"We became a republic because of a coup - wrong connotation there - but we've always been the Fiji Islands."

Mr Beddoes also says the term Fijian should be reserved for indigenous Fijians, with the rest of the population referred to generally as Fiji Islanders.

"I always maintain there should be some more recognition for them," he said.

"Until we have a collective conversation about a name some time down the line, under a democratic system of government, I think we should stay away from trying to use names like Fijian."

Mr Beddoes says decisions about naming have been made by the current military regime.

He says his concern is not with the names chosen, but the process under which they were decided.

"This is not their role, nobody gave them a mandate to proceed to make all these major changes," he said.

People of the Land said...

The 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of of Indigenous Peoples was only aired on Fiji TV once in 2007. The reason is very obvious because it was a threat to the PLOT by Khaihum to marginalise Indigenous institutions sucha GCC, FAB and also change their names because names symbolise historical and psychological significance of these isntutions to the Vitians as they are emotionally attached to these institutions. Vitians. So, this was a well ochestrated plan by Khaihum who is just like the Cobra under the cover of the CHARTER.

Article 19, 20 and 26 specifically post great threat to the Regime and our people especially the Military Council do not have the power to remove Kaihum. Powers bestowed upon members of the Miliraty Council are being curtailed and now their hands are tied and they should have acted earlier. Teleni, Driti and Ului should have acted and executed their counter plan when FB was in NZ. Now all will be part of the Hague Tribunal.

Khaihum was being well advised from within the inner legal circle of the regime including the two sisters, Gates and some Mullim lawyers and some Hoteliers.

After they have established that then they have to control the media and pls look back to 2007 regarding Media decree and other things. They have embark of major proganda by sending their own to villages like Kisoko and them but all failed miserabally because villagers as usual will always want to see some tangible help etc and the regime end up making many unfulfilled pronises aputting Civil servants on the spot light and frustration. The baleme and shame game has been going on and many of our dedicated civil servanst were threatened and soem have heart attackes etc and especially within the the Ministry of Education and Health because their fundes are now bwing manipulated for proganda and Bole and Sharma have to seen to be very busy. Again Bole and Kubuabola were the main people behind the 2007 coup. They know when theb dust settled they will be in ail or face the firing squad together with the top 12.

Vei kemuni kece sra na noda esa kena gauna me da laki solia na noda vakatutu ia me levu na focus me tiko en UN Declaration article, 19, 20 kei 26. Ke donu tiko na plan nei Khaihum na nodai nuinui ga na document mai na UN especially article 26.

Na noda i nuinui bulabula ga na Karisito o koya e a tekivuna na noda vakabuta ka na vakacavara talega.

E da masulaki ira talega na noda e ra tiko na matanitu me soli vei na yalomatua ka me ra kila na cava na lawaki kei na cava na dina.

Kalogata tiko na kawa i taukei kei kemuni na noda Turaga bale.

The Phantom said...

We are a long way from resolving this issue and is Frank really helping? And can't he bring anything else to the table other than blaming it on racism.

The i-taukei community will be known as the Kai Viti says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

Bainimarama made the comment after concerns were raised on why all citizens of Fiji are called Fijians.

He says calling citizens, Fijians is to unite us together as a nation and remove racism.

The Prime Minister says the i-Taukei must not be moved by this name as they are the Kai Viti, the landowners.

Bainimarama says those who are trying to take away the name Fijians for all are trying to bring back racism in the country.

Anonymous said...

fijian fight fijians for greed /power/glory.
why blame the indians.
fijian armies did all the coup from 1987/2000/2006.
if all indians live fiji than what will happen .
i bet my life fijian will fight fijians as they did before in cakabau era.
fijian used indians as scape goats for thier personal agendas.

People of the Land said...

@Anonymous August 23, 2012 7:56 PM

Ethnic idenity is built on unique cultural and traditional artifacts and behaviours etc that are being constructed over the years. Fijian identity can only be seen and experienced in Fiji NOT in India or Europe or Australia. In involves unique languages, dialects etc that differentiate Fijians from other groups.

What the regime is doing now is trying to introduce policies of assimilation and integration that left the First Nations (Fijians) fundamentally uprooted, marginalised and dispossessed.

We will not succumbed to this I m sorry. Gues who will always win. The Fijians.

Anonymous said...

People of the land,

I think you mis-understod me. I never said itaukei should be like the malasians or fijians. I did say that in economics terms look at where they are? The only way fijians will prosper is not owning the land but putting that to productive use.

Also, I am not sure if you have been to PNG, but pls check your facts about pollution there. There are mines in australia, canada etc and see how they manage pollution and the environment. I understand, the royalty from Namosi would be around $500 to $700 million. Just imagine what it can do to help the fijian people. I am it help the people of Namosi.

Kai Bau said...

To Anonymous and Kai Viti
Africa? whos from Africa?the origins of Fijian never in any History of scients book ever proved that we the indigenous Fijians come from there.All I know that Iam a member of a land owning unit and registered in the VKB.Im not African so I cannot elaborate further on that.
To Kai Viti bula Tau....
Please do not waste the Australian goverments money by feeding you freely without any work.Sauma nai dinau ena FAB.

Anonymous said...

It is perfectly clear that my fellow fijians that want fiji as christain state want to relegate others to be second citizens. How unchristain is this. Why can we preach from our home as majority of prisoners are fijian christains.

A coup against indian dominated party is legimate as it has the blessing of some churches. What irony.

People of the Land said...

@ Anonymous August 24, 2012 12:19 PM.
I refer to your statment below,

"I did say that in economics terms look at where they are? The only way fijians will prosper is not owning the land but putting that to productive use".

Your are dead right there. The UN declaration protects us as in article 26, "Indigenous peoples have right to own, use, develop and control the lands, teritories, and resouirces they possess by reason of traditional ownership. or traditonal occupation or use, as well as those which they have otherwise acquired."

Development and land ownership are synoymous issues and must be approached with wisdom and not merely through eceonomic develoment for the sake of the capitalist few.

The value of Bauxite in Bua is estimated to be $4Biliion dollars.
Governmnet receive about 2 million a yr for 20 yrs and land owners will receive one and half or 2 million.(These are my estimates through inside sources but pls soem one must confrim this figure)

This dirty game needs to be stopped if my figure is correct.

No body knows the deal under the table since there is no transparency and accountabilty.

Ni yadar na i taukei ni yau bula sa rauta na moce kei na yalowai.

Kalougata tiko na kawa i taukei

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau

Then do you think your ancestors came from? OR DID THEY FALL OFF THE BACK OF NOAHS ARK?
B4 you reply- LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

Anonymous said...

People of the land,

Where did u get the $4b valuation of tge bauxite? My calculation is no where near it. Suggest that you cross check your figure. Check deposits at other sites in the world.

Kai Viti said...

@ kai bau, o cei beka na nomu tau, tamata ulukau! Sega ni dua e mai kilai iko, get back into your cave, you self-serving, piece of crap!

Anonymous said...

It is true that Bai and Khaiyum are trying as much as they can to weaken the indigenous Fijian institution for when this institution remains strong, Bai and Khaiyum cannot have the strength toS further their own selfish ends by illegal and evil means.

Rt. Momoedonu perhaps may have been colluding with Bai and Khai or he may have been conveniently weaving his way into their favour.

In the 2000 Speight coup, Momoedonu was "conveniently" absent from parliament and thus was not detained. Did he know or was he not aware that Speight was going to act that day? If he already knew about the 2000 coup, who informed him? Was it Speight or Bainimarama?

He later became Prime Minister just for one day. Is he or is he not receiving government pension for being a former PM? If he is, then where is the fairness and justice in not allowing the legal PM Qarase to receive pension too, which he rightly deserves?

These are some of the questions that are popping up the minds of many who seek only the truth.

Kai Cakau.

Kai Bau said...

To Annn @2.11PM.
I dont know where they come and never in anywhere been proved scientifically and historically where they came from.All the rumours that are floating around now are either tales or myths which can be orally passed down by our forefathers or been blended in traditional mekes lyrics.Even the mirror cannot revealed where we came from and why dont you ask Daquwawa to look it up for you or go to the internet to find out?Why you are so concerned of where we come from because that is out of the question whereas we can go back as far of where the indenture untouchable laboureres come from.But if you ask those girmits sugar cane generation none of them can exactly tell us in which particular village in Tamilnadu state or other part of mothere land India theyve been plucked from or which caste they belong to.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous August 24..2:11pm
Do not generalize your racist comment....whether we come from Africa...or notes irrelevant...the fact that our ancestors have settled here for thousands of years gives us the right to be called the landowner@Priscilla the difference between the first person who landed on the moon and those who landed in Fiji ...is that Fijians landed and settled and created a culture... The moon landers have to return home...although Reseachers are wondering what happened to the Lapitas...and considering the facts that the Polynesians are the descendants of the Lapitas...now...researchers also found out that the oldest of the Polynesian languages is the Fijian language...what does that infer about The Fijians...and the Lapitas

Anonymous said...

@Kai Bau

O kemudou beka ga mai Bau dou qai mai Aferika.sa rauti kemudou saraga ni dou self proclaimed King of Fiji tu mada ga.

Kai Charlatan said...

No kaivitis in this photo (maybe one but she has no pulse). There are however a lot of kai charlatans!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it ridiclous that the valur of bauxite is put at $4b. What inside source are you talking about my friend. Pls do some research on bauxite. Its not diamond or gold.

What is the qualification of the inside source. If that was the value, it would make all the sense to setup plant in fiji.

The problem with us fijians is we are stupid to believe that our land is worth gold or oil.

Lastly, I heard people talking about pollution with the PNG mine. Ask fellow Fijians who have been to PNG mines. Being anti IG does not mean we have to be stupid and blind.

No Qhare said...

Indians are so envious of Fijians cos the bastards know that they can't call India home. They will do anything, particularly, calling Fijians....nationalists or racist.....to justify their hunger for a place to call home.....NOT!!!!
If your name is not in the VKB.....forget it man and just be a vulagi.....Kaila!!!!!
Oh, how it must hurt.

No Qhare said...

@ Anon Aug 24 10.08,
Come on Rajesh. Make up your f#$ken mind. Stop flipfloping around. Your writing style is so obvious, for f#$k sake.

Anonymous said...

I agree with People of the land because one has to also take in consideration the environmental cost and hidden damages to the ecosystem that will never be replaced by the superior human mind.

Also pls take it into account the declining bauxite deposits all over the world.
Yes, environmental especially the dumping of chemicals in the rivers.

Anonymous said...

They all look like those creature's from the muppet show or puppet's....Good cast don't you think? We should also have a waxed edition from Madam Baini's wax works. A Bollywood material in fact in the making....You be the judge.

Anonymous said...

"Our land is worth gold or oil".

Our land? Land only belong to the indigenous Fijians ONLY not other ethnic groups.

If you are an indigenous Fijian you will know the value of our land will not be negotiable as it will cost billions and billions of dollars because it was meant for me and my future generations guy.
Cultural identity is also derived from the land. All my being is connected to the land and qoliqoli. Now tell me-how much does it worth. Thank God for the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples and all citizens must educate themselves and their children about this document.

I know it is very hard for people who are not indigenous to understand our emotional attachment to our land.

Land cost more than oil, gold. silver and the combine salary of all the working people in Fiji.

Is that enough Guy?

Anonymous said...

The first Fijian, Lutunasobasoba, was brought to Fiji by the Lapita people to work the sugar cane fields.

Anonymous said...

Kai Bau asks me whence came the Fijian. I might as easily explain whence came the dove, the wrasse, and the hibiscus.

The real question is not whence the Fijian came, but whither the Fijian goes -- not who we were but who we will choose to be. 

Not only the indigenous, but all of the people of Fiji are suffering from a profound crisis of identity and conscience. We are rapidly approaching a critical moral juncture in this great national crisis. 

That juncture has a name, a time and a place. Its name is M-Minute. Its time is precisely 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 26. Its place is downtown Suva. 

M-Minute is a 60-second noise barrage in downtown Suva to rally Fiji. I invite you to join us. 

M-Minute is part of Operation Jericho. Like Joshua and the Israelites at the Battle of Jericho, we will blow our trumpets and raise our voices, and we will enter into our land.

Let the army and police try to be everywhere in Suva at the same time. They are powerless to stop us. Even if they moved to arrest us, what could they charge us with -- disturbing the peace, for only 60 seconds, well before 8 p.m., by too loudly cheering Fiji?

Let the soldiers and police hear our numbers and draw their own conclusions. Let patriotic elements within both forces now prepare their own contingency plans for that moment. 

Understand that, having fallen amongst a band of thieves, the nation of Fiji now lies robbed, beaten and prostrate beside the Road to Jericho. Those we might have looked to for succour -- our officials and the church, the vanua and the lotu, our Pacific friends and our Western allies -- would all rather cross to the other side of the road than to help Fiji in its pitiful condition.

Will we do the same? Or will we be like the Good Samaritan, acting in mercy and compassion to lift, heal, and restore Fiji to dignity?  

Let each of us search his own heart and conscience before answering, paying no heed to the choices others may make, but preparing only to give an accounting for our own choices.

Resolve that when M-Minute arrives, you will be ready. Spend one minute now in quiet prayer and reflection, of heart and conscience, to fix your courage to the sticking place. Then prepare to join us for M-Minute. It will be one minute and one minute only. Do not expect another. 

If we remain silent, we will ever more be haunted by the knowledge we shirked our patriotic duty and moral responsibility to Fiji. Peering ahead, we can already see our future, and Fiji's, to be a dolorous descent into a valley of perdition, where more coups and absolute dictatorship lurk amidst shadows choked with the reek of injustice, corruption, poverty, bloodshed and despair.

If, instead, we seize the opportunity of M-Minute to clamour in support of Fiji, it will mark a moment of national and personal pride, and even glory, when we and the nation turned to begin our winding ascent along a hopeful new path of passion, atonement, reconciliation and salvation. 

Together, Operation Jericho. Downtown Suva, Wednesday, 26 September, precisely 7:00 p.m. 

Prepare to make a joyful noise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

The Phantom said...

Comsideration must be given to itaukei so we can move on. Does not mean our Indian brothers and sisters will be forgotten - in the past we have not know how to make this work. Four and a half coups down the road and we know better. Let's start with voting out unelected government and voting government of our choice.Yes we can.

Kai Bau said...

The Fiji Labour Party says there is nothing wrong in engaging with their once bitter rivals, the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Levanivanua – SDL, National Federation Party and the United Peoples Party.

Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry says he sees no reason why we cannot be united.
Thats the way to go guys.Lets form a single party coalition just to take these bastards down the IG and the soldiers.This is what Fiji is waiting for.Lets form one party to topple Bainimaramas forceful hold to the goverment....the motto is to topple and send them all to Naboro and we can sort out our diffrence once these evils are inside.These is what Fiji really need for us to be form one party coalition and we all move froward together freely.Not to be moved by a dictator.Bainimarama will shit his pants if all the party form this coalition.This is the only way we can throw the Fiji Military out of power and straight to Naboro

Anonymous said...

If Jericho fails, don't expect any other mass movement to succeed. It would be a real setback to Fiji's democracy movement. It would then be left up only to individual actors inside or outside the military to rid us of these traitors.

Before any resort to violence, better if we gave nonviolence an honest try with Operation Jericho.

Churches, labour unions, and NGOs, organise and prepare your people for Jericho now. Help us spread the word to the villages.

Anonymous said...

I see that 'Sarka Kuto' Nandan has been peddling his views instead of listening to the people. His mine is already made up. He will do what the regime wants, the shameless self-promoter. There is no need for commissioners to give a running commentary on the proceedings and playing to the public gallery. the commission is already a charade. What a joke. It has no credibility.

Anonymous said...

Lutunasobo someone wrote was the first fijian to plant cane, unfortunately he did not know what sugar cane was.
After reading all the Blogs comments,it seems some people who are not living in Fiji presently, fijian and Indians are very bitter. The fijians especially who are hiding and feel very nationalistic should have the balls to go back to their vanua.When you meet the Fijians in the city in overseas they cannot look you in the eyes,they seem defeated and frustrated and ashamed that they have become like outcasts in a foreign land!!
I feel sorry for them, their behaviour is so calm as they seem to be closed up and realise that they have equal rights to everyone else and have to abide by the law of the country.
The Indians who have left Fiji should not voice any comments as they are far better off in NZ, Aust, USA and canada.
For the Indians who are in Fiji and have no intensions of leaving the country should work with the natives and should cease what they should be reffered as.
Prior to all coups Vijay Singh put Fiji in the world map and was known as a Fijian-then no Fijians complained. Why now???

Anonymous said...





Kai Bau said...

Hey Annon about Lutunasobasoba??? he got no time for planting sugar cane because he was a professional Navigator......I may suggest a few questions for you to ponder:Why and where the very first sugar cane indenture labour came from? What caste?We the indigenous love and proud to be Fijians;...... why your grandfather agree to come and work in the sugar cane farms in Fiji in the first place.As I have mentioned wethe indigenous Fijians did not in any way part of your existence in our land or your transportaion from India to Fiji but we were so generous that we offer you our land.What about if the other way round if we the indigenous go to Indian can your grandfather give us land? no,no and never... we will all end up begging for food on the street.Indigenous Fijians migrated oversea for various reasons just like you.Before you try to run down indigenous Fijians always remember where you come from...the poor or the poorest country in the world.As for Vijay Singh its better for him to be identified with Fijians because what else they he can be identified with? Even you living in NZ you cannot be identified as Indian because you are not.And agin cannot be identified as Fijian because you are not....the only identification left for you is others same catergories as monkeys.

Anonymous said...

So every one living in Fiji want the priviledge to call yourself Fijian? You no longer want to be known as Indians or Europeans and you're going to lose that identity
as we moved on-right? Like you're
going to stop speaking in Indian,you're going to removed Indian movies,plays,religions and languages.
You're all going to speak Fijian,sing Fijian,dance Fijian,Learn Fijian language in schools and lets make Fijian the
language in Parliament,court etc?Let's advertised in Fijian?
Let's make our TV & Radios programing in
Fijian. Now can you dig that?Now how come the Chinese is the only community that are not complaining or making any demands?
They don't want to be anyone else but themselves-Chinese?

Anonymous said...

There are no Fijians within Fiji.

No Fijian say "i am a fijian" ulukau

Where you from......kai cava iko. Rewa? Cakaudrove? se cava?
dia, solomoni

One American to another...where u from buddy? California, Texas

Indians of India are Indians outside of India....within India, no Indians...all are different, from Karela,Gujerat or whereever.


Under the British Colony of Fiji, the British Raj did not want to be Fijian, they were very much English.

and they certainly did not want the locals getting ideas of brotherly fraternity. If there had been no World War 2, more than likely we would still be a British Colony.

Look at it as a cost of becoming "independent"...40 years later.
Everybody gets to be called a Fijian, ooooh, what a terrible thing. No such word in the Bauan language, or in the rest of the itaukei languages and dialects.

How about we change the name of Fiji to Viti, then all the people of Viti and the world will be known as Vitians. problem solved.itaukei can be called Fijians, problem also solved.