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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chaudhry: Anthony claim re FLP record 'malicious'

More reaction to the fall-out at the Fiji Labour Party delegates conference at the weekend with Mahendra Chaudhry today replying to the statement from FTUC national secretary, Felix Anthony, with one of his own.

Felix Anthony’s statement to the media titled “Fiji  Labour Party no longer represents workers” has to be the biggest joke of the year as the Party has been a consistent and diligent voice advocating workers’ rights and welfare over the years.

His statement, therefore, that Labour “can no longer be relied on to give workers a credible  voice in the hard times they are facing”, is simply malicious and dishonest.

FLP’s record in standing up for the interests of the workers and the poor of this nation, cannot be challenged. The same cannot be said of Felix Anthony’s own leadership of the trade union movement which leaves a lot to be desired.

Indeed, FLP understands that his statement to the  media is not an officially sanctioned FTUC release but the personal comments of Felix Anthony.

It is a pity that Mr Anthony has decided to air his disappointments in public. His comments about the conduct of the FLP Annual Delegates Conference in Nadi on Saturday are a pack of lies.

He came to the meeting with a pre-planned agenda but could not get support from the  delegates. 

It was he who wanted the election of office bearers deferred but the delegates wanted elections held – after all, the ADC was held after a span of three years and elections were long overdue, executive positions left vacant had to be filled.

Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry rubbished claims by Felix Anthony that he and his son dominated the conference on every issue. 

“Felix spoke the longest and the loudest. He came with a divisive agenda but failed to receive support from delegates and left before the conference concluded,” Mr Chaudhry said.

This is certainly not the first time Felix Anthony has gone public with his challenge to the Labour leadership. He tried this in 2006 and failed.  He and five other dissident members brought considerable disrepute to the Party and had to be disciplined. Felix later apologized  and was taken back but received a strong reprimand.

“The Fiji Labour Party has a lot of other more important matters to attend to than waste its time over such malicious and frivolous comments,” Mr Chaudhry said.

Mahendra Chaudhry


Kai Bau said...

Why these two idiots fighting for both of them will go to Naboro with Bainimara.Theyve enjoyed part of their time with IG whats wrong with these two.Just join hand in getting our goverment back the next step prepare yourself mentally and physically for Naboro.

Anonymous said...

The CHOR speaks the loudest! MPCHOR you and you lot are a waste of space!
Go getta a live!

Anonymous said...

Felix na ghar hai na ghat ke hai.....cmon felix get real.....u have to digest the fact the FLP = Mahen or now say = rajen....labour party regins coz of Mahen.....that's a fact of life.....if u feel u have the support why dont u form a new party... Let's see if u have the support .....are u ready to take the challenge

Anonymous said...

"Hired Delegates plus Hon MP CHOR and his extended family = FLP!

Anonymous said...

Vayeshnoi has called on a big meeting in Auckland, NZ to explain his innocence and to tell true stories on the CHOR Chordhry and how the NFU/FLP funds were diverted since pre 1990s days.

If interested please contact rajesh, Salesh and or Salen for further details.

Anonymous said...

NABORO TIME is not far. Baini-shit will not leave you this time CHORO even if that's the only and the last thing Baini-shit ever does.

Anonymous said...

Fighting for our freedom from this rotten Baini-SHIT is one thing - and we must. But to do it with MP CHORWA- we rather not! The whole cause will be undignified!

Frank said...

Mahen, please retire for the good of all.

What have you achieved in politics, absolutely nothing. Your are the greediest person in the world.

Your have destroyed everything that was so hard earned. Your son will do no different.

You will live with the curse of the opportunist for ever.

You life spent on political point scoring, on people, who tried to work for the good of the country, is evident on your own record, which is a super zero.

Useless person, good for nothing, with big toxic tongue, that had spewed vernmon like a cobra.

The day you go to your grave, Fiji will be better for it.

Kamlesh Kumar-NZ said...

Mahen dont make a fool of yourself again. Please quit politics and leave people who have fiji in their hearts to run this country. You supported Rabuka in 1990 for Prime Ministership instead of moderate Kamkamica. In 2000 you became the Prime Minster instead of Dr Tupeni Baba. In 2005 you didnot cooperate with Qarase and later joined the Military government. Please go and retire in Haryana peacefully.

Anonymous said...

Son of Indus - What disgrace you brought upon yourself and your family?? Why .. we ask why you had to stoop that low to steal from the very very poor..

Anonymous said...

YES MR Chaudhry,

FLP has bigger matters to attend to such as explining where did all the moneycollected in 2000 that you told your accountant belonged to the Indian Community (assume the victims of Muaniweni and Girmit Camp.

Paying yourt penalt and time out does not mn ownership remins yourof the entire money. So yes important matters for FLP to deal with.

Anonymous said...

someone make them disappear forever,both of them father and son..saaaleee madarchod..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, Hon. MP CHORDARI - if you would have only listened to the five wise men in 2006 - whom you so easily refer to as 'dissidents'- instead of plotting this Coup with Baini-shit - life would have been BETTER for all of us Fiji Citizens.

CHORWA you have gone wacko!

Maro Indo Guy said...

Felix its easy, the Fiji Labor Party is a family party now. Just like the middle east. Like Father, like son.. Its all a dictatorship now. Best thing for you Felix is to form your own Party, call it Fiji for All Party!

Anonymous said...

Felix Anthony's statement much better reading and more believable.

Anonymous said...

People no calling names and abuse. Best to raise matters objectively be it to MPC or to FLP. There is a need to show dignity when even making critical comments. Having said this I unconditionally apologise to Mr.Jai Ram Reddy who on hindsight was and still is a statesman and should return to lead people of Fiji in whatever capacity he can. Fiji needs good people to rebuild our nation.

Anonymous said...

Quite frightening really. Two people and two entirely different stories.

So reality is that of just these two politicians one is not telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

NFP is the only party that is left which has some credibility.

Anonymous said...

A pity no one videoed the meeting so the liar could be proved and shamed.

Anonymous said...

felix is the man.time for mpc and rpc to retire.
flp is workers party not personal party of mpc or rpc.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of wankers that only care about self gain and have no care for Fiji at heart!

Kiwilad said...

Both Felix & MP are selfish individuals without any principles as long as their intersts are paramount. Both co-operated with Baini when it suited them; now they are fighting for leadership.
Ultimately both will die disgracefully.
As for Rajen he knows all the dirts of his father and therefore, the dad has to keep him amused!

Anonymous said...

My money is on Felix when it comes to relaying what happened. His story has more detail and weight while MPC only challenges one or two things. When that happens it means they haven;t got anything to say

Anonymous said...

Release George Speight now. In hindsight, it is now becoming clear that his removal of Choro's govt in 2000 was good for Fiji. Chodo would have siphoned money away from govt coffers had he been allowed to run his 5 year term.

You go Mahen said...

Felix's statement is not the biggest joke of the year. No, the biggest joke is how MPC champion of the poor raised $3m in name of poor, then stole it.

FLP Party has been a consistent and diligent servant not of poor but MPC clan.

FLP is advocating for MPC and family, not for workers. As interim finance minister MPC cut workers' pay by 5%.

FLP’s record in standing up for the interests of the workers and the poor cannot be challenged – Hahaha, what a joke! Where is the $3m you chorwa ke aulad?

Felix comments about FLP delegates are NOT a pack of lies. We al know FLP delegates are badia bail (castrated bull) and lamu sona ghar phatu (cowards).

It was MPC who came to the meeting with a pre-planned agenda , not felix, and deviously manipulated elections.

MPC employed similar tactics before when he appointed his toilet cleaner in-law, Sachida Sharma, to senate.

WE all know MPC is a liar and a crook.

Felix and five other dissident members brought considerable disrepute to the Party - hahahah!

Its is MPC who disgraced and destroyed party and family name by stealing poor's entitlement while pretending to represent them.

Felix had to be disciplined and later apologized and received a strong reprimand.

Ok, when will MPC be disciplined and reprimanded for stealing? When will he apologise?

FLP and MPC full of rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Counting Tomatoes in his garden.. why is he worried someone CHOROed some..

Anonymous said...

Yes, bring back Mr. Jai Ram Reddy to ref these two asseoles; Or better still, have the new constitution make sure that anyone
running for a parliamentary seat must first resigned his/her position, as Union executive from
whatever Union and cannot return to
any Union official job after the election? This i think is the only way to keep these macafakas honest, forthright and sincere!

Chorwa atama maharaj said...

C4.5 if you start giving prominence to this man so called Santa Maharaj than I am afraid to say you are loosing credibility by entertaining this idiot and this blog will be no difference like few others.

Anonymous said...

Vashonoi you thief, go back to Fiji and sort out the mess you fled from. You ran away from Fiji after stealing lots of money, and now you want to form a party from NZ? I hope you will be refused asylum there and get deported. You're a joke.

Shailendra Raju said...

Anonymous 10.41 pm and 8.23am.

It is interesting you have information on Vayeshnoi, Rajesh Singh (Known to me) and Salesh Chodu (not known to me) about a so called new labour party. Your comments reflect your persona and myopic mind. No debate is required there at all. I have no association with Vayeshnoi or this new party nonsense. If you think your comments will make a difference to the bigger and more important issues at hand, you can get thrilled. It does not bother me. Cowards hide their identities and malign people but dont have balls to put their name when they defecate in public forum. Put your name next time and if you are a child of your registered father.
0221640774 Auckland

Fijiana said...

It has always been my opinion that FLP was and is a "PARTY OF CHORO" Having said that, I am still at lost as to why the locals accepted the lies, deceit and 3rd class people to be their leader.

NFP was THE PARTY with integrity, honesty and true guardians of citizens. May they be farmers or workers. Leaders such as Hon. A.D.Patel and Jai Ram Reddy you just don't find them everyday.

I hope that someone good will come and take over NFP as a leader and lead the party back on right track. That is the only party to reckon today. Not these bunch of idiots like Mahen, Felix or Qarase or Mick.

Anonymous said...

My advice to Fiji Indians - better to work with the chiefs and Kai Viti via the SDL. Kai Viti always happy to work with those who respect them.
SDL should reach out to Fiji Indos,,,
At the moment SDL is only credible political force out there but they have to fix their succession plan as Ro Kepa, Rt Naiqama and Qarase age and will retire soon,,,,,get some educated chiefs and non chiefs quickly!! those who are articulate in gelling indigenous issues and national good for all races.
As for Felix ,,,stop the grandstanding and work with Chaudry,,,,you like a bunch of kids playing marbles! GROW UP GUYS COS FRANK AND KAIYUM, & riaz at fbc ARE LAUGHING AT U while they sip their cocktails!!!

Anonymous said...

As a foreign investor who has lost serious money as a result of the coup I say NO IMMUNITY to treason.

Anonymous said...

i think a strong indian wing of SDL is called for and very timely.. rajesh singh Please.. Please come back to Fiji. We need a true Leader like you. Go SDL! GO rajesh singh !

Coup 4.5 said...

Re comments from Anon 8.23pm etc ... No confirmed information on this and certainly none by the people cited.-C4.5 Editor

Justice for Fiji said...

Typical the Aiyarsehole has jumped in with with the new political decree (see FBC). Come on Fiji people and political parties get your act together and fight this Aiyazhole

Priscilla Queen of the Desert said...

So...our Indian brothers have a lot to poke, prod and cry over. Please do it quickly and then unite with itaukei to fight the regime. Please, let's move on ... I can see the good ahead for us all in a united force to take on the 2014 elections.

Anonymous said...

why is Tauz Khan of safeway electronics and food supplier to AG seen in and out of Rajens Chaudharys office in Flagstaff. massenger ??

FLP the best said...

MPC acts like FLP is his baap ke party (father's party).
So does RPC. But than, FLP is chaudhry ke baap party stacked with chaudhry yes-men and supported by gawars (dimwitted people).

Ghar leader, ghar party.

Ratunaca said...

Anon August 30, 2012 8:57 AM - I agree with you....NO IMMUNITY to treason FULL STOP. That will see THE END TO ALL COUP.

Anonymous said...

I like to make myself clear .
I have no interest in joining another party.
So i will remain SDL PARTY member.
SDL need more Indian members and support.
United Fiji

Mahen 'million dollar man' chaudhry said...

July 28, 2010
Russell Hunter, former editor-in-chief of the Fiji Sun, interviewed after Chaudhry was charged in 2010 with money laundering, tax evasion and failing to declare foreign currency:

“When (mahen) and his cabinet hostages were released by a prison-bound George Speight (10 years ago), Mr Chaudhry embarked on a worldwide tour spreading the word about the legitimacy of his cause as an elected prime minister and raising funds for the ‘poor Indians’ suffering in Fiji as a result of Speight’s abortive coup.

"It’s not quite clear exactly how much was raised, as Mr Chaudhry received the money, much of it in cash, himself.”

Eventually Fiji Sun identified Mr Chaudhry as the “minister with overseas millions".

Said Hunter:

“As (Victor) Lal’s inquiries continued, the story took weird twists and turns. I received a visit late one night in January 2008 from a person I knew only slightly. This person handed me a plain brown envelope with the full tax records of Mahendra Chaudhry, revealing that the authorities knew about” his fund-raising efforts, but had not pursued him over the issue. The fact Mr Chaudhry was at that time the minister responsible for the taxation authority may or may not have been relevant.”

Anonymous said...

Can we also have included in the decree the following;

1. No member of the present government would be a candidate of any parties for 2014 Elections?

2. There would be no immunity for economic crimes of the present regime.

3. The members of the present regime must declare all sources of their incomes, their personal assets and assets of any family Trust created after 2006 and all investments in Fiji and abroad.

4. All members of the regime to make public their tax returns from 2007 – 2014 to the next elected parliament.

Anonymous said...

FLP is NOT a party for workers or poor. Never have been and never will be.....no need to justify this. The FAT CATS of Trade Union only worried about their well being. They are paid way above average wage in Fiji and with all the other perks. These are the same FAT CATS who chose to take up position with the military government and later criticise them. The same FAT CATS and their supporters who openly accepted various Board positions in various public sector enterprises and Govt institutions ripping huge fees and benefits. These are the same Union FAT CATS that unethically carried out their roles as responsible officers or Board members of Govt and public sector companies / institutions. They blamed NFP as a sell out and innocent businessman as corrupt and ruthless capitalist yet these FLP and FAT CATS used poor farmers like their private lobby group. Telling them one fine day to farm and grow sugercane but when the situation changes influencing them to boycot farming. Management of race relation and reconciliation carried out by FLP was a absolute failure. They had no respect from the Fijian communities and their Chiefs. This was very clear from the level of support and votes the FLP received from the Fijian communal seats. It is sad but we are only now realising how pragmatic and forward thinking was NFP...nothwithstanding some weaknesses in the 19997 constitution it was a master stroke by NFP and Jai Ram Reddy. What the hell was wrong with us to reject NFP and SVT at the poles.....i have learnt the lesson hard way and will not make the same mistake again come election 2014!!!

Anonymous said...

A 60-second noise barrage planned for downtown Suva at 7:00 PM on 26 September, Operation Jericho is still weeks away, and yet the regime is already nervous. Sources reveal that the Attorney-General's office and Fiji Police are at a loss for an effective strategy with which to prevent or blunt the effectiveness of Operation Jericho. 

Closing streets has been discussed as an option, but only if the noise barrage is localised to one or two streets only. Fiji Police will assign plainclothes police to monitor movements, especially in the vicinity of Government House, but is reluctant to act against citizens whose only provocation is 'celebrating Fiji' noisily for one minute.  

Since the noise barrage is timed for so early in the evening, a curfew is out of the question. A special decree or a more heavyhanded police presence are both ruled out for the present, as they would do little to stop Operation Jericho. They would also give the unwanted impression that the regime is fearful of Jericho's success.

The police will monitor the chartering of buses. The army will watch for any major movements on routes into Suva and may set up roving roadblocks. Reserve forces will provide surge capability, as needed, from the camps, and suspected dissidents within the armed forces and police will be under close surveillance.

The idea of a tsunami test to coincide with and disrupt Jericho was mooted but swiftly rejected, as it would only add pandemonium to what the regime hopes to depict as a non-event.

Kamlesh Kumar-Mission Bay, NZ said...

Rajesh Singh
But you were sacked as a Minister of State by SDL govenment. You sided with Bainimara and Chaudhry in 2006. Why have you gone back to SDL? Ask Ro Temu and she will spill the bean of you. SDL doesnot need you. SDL needs people like Krishna Datt, Felix Anthony,Jai Ram Reddy,Parmod Rae, Richard Naidu, Michael Dutta, etc who are educated and intelligent. They donot need people like George Shiu Raj, Chor Ballu Khan,Santa Maharaj, Shalend Raju, you and Lekh Ram.

Anonymous said...

Latest news...Fiji has established diplomatic relations with Iran. Aiyarse and Bainivuaka must be desperate. Iran is an Islamic country so no guesses as to who initiated this move. Furthermore, Iran has a terrible human rights record, and in Fiji it something that Bainivuaka disputes.

I wonder who is next....North Korea, Mongolia, Somalia?

Anonymous said...

Anon. August 30, 2012 11:42 AM

Exactly hit the nail on the head. Jai Ram / Rabuka had it right and Chaudry led the innocent farmers the wrong way. Chaudry has a hell of a lot to answer for.

Anonymous said...

Fiji does not need crooks like MPC, Felix Anthony or Rajesh Singh.

It needs people with substance who can take Fiji forward and Warden Narsey would be my choice anyday ahead of these 3 conmen.

People of Fiji need to wake up as the divide and rule introduced by the British obviously has not worked and a common vision for all is the only way forward.

Fiji needs people with integrity and knowledge to move forward with a common vision for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Anyway the three mentioned above should be sent to Naboro especially Rajesh who was feeding false but more importantly secret Government information to VB that led to the coup.

Rajesh yes Rajesh you are one of the main players behind the 2006 Coup and do not try to be like a Saint now as your aim was for VB to appoint you as Manager and Serevi as coach of the Sevens Team.

The only thing VB has waiting for you is a M16 up your arse you loser.

Anonymous said...

Enoguh already - can the Indian brothers sort their shit out? Character assasisnations is what Chaudhry was so good at - don't go there. And let's move on.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mahen was in the beginning for the workers thats when he was a Unionist later he became a Labour Party Leader and things went down hill FAST! Its not Labour thats the problem its Mahen and his cohorts he seems unable to grasp that and never will-poWER corrupts.....

Anonymous said...

This can be easily resolved. The 3 of them (Chaud snr, jnr and Felix) just need a room, 1 kg grog, rubber gloves, handcuffs, two goats (1 for curry), a 2 Litre bottle of virgin coconut oil and a long weekend. Guarantee they'll come out smiling and much closer than ever before. Seriously, don't we have enough problems with a thieving dictator and a power hungry wannabe AG/Minister for everything? C'mon guys, get your act together!

Anonymous said...

kamlesh kumar you are full of shit.
why dont you go and fight an election and prove yourself puffter.

vikash said...

Mahen you did a lot for this country . Never in lifetime there was a Prime Minister like you as said by Hon Mara. People have used you to move out of this country and open their mouth once they got resident permits the other side.
So please shut up and don't bother about Fiji , Its our country and we can look after it well.

Bullshit politician said...

Is this same rajesh singh who before election promised to donate his MP salary to the poor, but upon geting elected changed his mind?

Santa Maharaj said...

@ Kamlesh Kumar - Mission Bay NZ,

Please note that I am not going to take part in the 2014 Elections.

Nor am I ambicious politician like Rajesh Singh of SDL, Shalen Raju of SDL, Vayshnoi of FLP and Satish Chand of FLP.

So maybe you can stop using my name cooking your own books. Rest assured I shall leave the battle field to the HONEST politicians.

Anonymous said...

Those who live outside Fiji, sent so much money back to Fiji, that now drives its economy.

Kamlesh poofter said...

Kamlesh kumari, accept the fact that you're a coward who ran away from Fiji. All that came out of your mouth is shit, and I wonder if your mouth is situated down there. Return to Fiji and start talking, otherwise you'll always be a coward, so shut the hell up you idiot.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely appologise to all NFP party heads, leaders, supporters. NFP is the only party which stood for all of Fiji NOW I realise, every ones has ups and downs so NFP , from this hour I will be telling every citizen in Fiji to get NFP back , mind I have also come to know that baini and khayu is sacred of NFP not chodu party or SDL because NFP has TRUTH , WISDOM AND COURGAE



Anonymous said...

Mahen, you did nothing for the country. You were a union leader for which you got paid from the subs.

People who worked so hard, to bring all the races together, build confidence, for the sake of nation building. Its so diffuclut to do these, which is exactly what you are facing now.

You will not be able achieve anything, the best thing you can do for the good of all is to go into retirement.

Anonymous said...

kamlesh kumar mission bay has confessed that he is not a honest politician , seems you have lost all that's why supporting baini , your support could be two fold :

1. you know baini is sucking/f Fiji well and trully , you want it to go down the drain.

2. you are just another Indian who had hand in this coup.

Anonymous said...

Mahendra Chaudry managed to murder Fiji single handed.

S.Chand said...

Mr Santa Maharaj with due respect let me remind you please stop dragging me into your unhealthy and stinking political dream.Yes,I am associated with FLP which has not only local but international recognition.Its rather disgusting to say that your Fiji First Party[two men party] has no record of achieving anything apart from making unwarranted comments through blog sites under fictitious names by hiding in the caves at portman road,mount wellington.Should you require some political advise[foc], please feel free to contact me.
Satish Chand

kai bau said...

Any takers guys?If I put dowm my name to stand for the election would you guys vote for me?I want to be the President of Fiji.The first thing I will do as a president Ill clean out all the military barrack and turn it into a rubbish dump so that our kids will always remember that those bastards who once occupied that piece of land were the main down fall of our beloved country.

Aloo Matar said...

Anonymous advice for the Indian Community to work with chiefs....

The indian community have worked with the chiefs in the past.

The chiefs showed the indian community their rear ugly arse,with their pants down, when they supported the overthrow of the BAVADRA Government.

Some of the chiefs also instigated atrocity against the indian community.

The chiefs got their punishment from GOD's in the 2006 coup, when they and the GCC were kicked out for their corruption and racism by Commondore Voreqe Bainimarama.

Remember that when god gives its blessings, it gives in many different ways.

Look at some racist submissions by some chiefs and racists sdl supporters.

And you bastard have the balls to tell the indian community to work with the corrupt/racists chiefs of Fiji.

Remember the days of chiefs are long gone in the Fiji Islands.

Santa Maharaj said...

Mr S Chand,firstly I have not dragged you into any unhealthy and stinking political dream, as I have said above that I do not have any political dream, so no debate on the matter.

At least not until your FLP's success achievements since 1985 to date. while I do not want to list down those achievements of FLP to date... because I do not have to drag FLP into some idiots who use ficticious names that you allege in your comments as I am doing.

So can you please list out which comments YOU claim I have made that you are saying are unwarranted that is upsetting you and your FLP? I can then ask C4.5 to respond confirming if it has come from me.

On the other hand I have respectfully said above I do not have ANY ambition to taking part in 2014 elections and will leave that opportunity to the HONEST politicians, yet you are so vicious in your comments. I usually do not waste my time with such childish ameturist debates.

All I said to whoever that ficticious Kamlesh is that if he knows who's who.. than it is not me with his list of names that are associated with Rajesh, Shalen and Vayshnoi and to get his facts right.

I hope I have cleared any doubts for you unless you want to tell what are the comments that bother you that you feel I have been making on 4.5 when I have hardly read articles on 4.5 in the last 4 months at least.

Timoci Qio - Enjoy people said...

When rajen chaudhary was a young kid, one day he goes to his dad, Chaudhary snr who had just returned from a NFU meeting in Labasa and asks,dad “What is LABOR politics?”

Dad says, “Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I’m the breadwinner of the family, so let’s call me capitalism. Your Mom, Virmati, she’s the administrator of the money, so we’ll call her the Government. We’re here to take care for everyone’s needs including farmers, so we’ll call you the people. The nanny, we’ll consider her the Working Class. And your baby sister Rani, we’ll call her the Future. Now, think about that and see if that makes sense,”

So little Rajen, while still confused, goes off to bed thinking about what dad had said.

Later that night, he hears his baby sister RANI crying, so he gets up to check on her. He finds that rani has severely soiled her diaper. So the little boy goes to his parents’ room and finds his mother sound asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny’s room. Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father, chaudhary snr in bed with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed. The next morning, the little rajen says to his father, “Dad, I think I understand the concept of labor politics now.”

Chaudhary snr says, “Good son,now tell me in your own words what you think labor politics is all about.”

little Rajen replies, “Well, while Capitalism is screwing the Working Class and the farmers, the Government is sound asleep, the People are being ignored and the Future is in deep poo.”

Anonymous said...